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Full text of "North country wills; being abstracts of wills relating to the counties of York, Nottingham, Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland, at Somerset House and Lambeth Palace 1383"

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1383 TO 1558. 

^ublU^iti for t^c ^otittg bg 





At a Meeting of the Sdbtkbs Societt, held in Durham 
Caatle on Tnesday, December Srd, 1901, the Dean op Ddrham 
in the chair, 

It was reaolved. 

That a volume of North Country Wills from tho Registers at 
Somerset Hoaae be edited for the Society by Mr. J. W. Clay, 




Tub SuifTiiift:: ;^uoicty lm& pnuttid u good many 
Yolumea of abstracts of Wills, more or less full, from 
the registries at York, Durham, and Richmond, wliieli 
its members seem to have appreciated. 

There are. however, many wills of Northeni 
persons proved in the Prerogative Court of Canter- 
bury, which are now at SoTiiorset Houee, and a few 
in the Library at Lambeth l*al»oe. 

These till lately havt- not bfen thoroughly 
examined, probably on account of the great labour 
in looking through so mnny manuscript calendars. 
Some few were printed by ('anon Kaiua iu"Testa- 
raenta Eboracensia," * and some short abstracts are 
ill Nicolas' " Testament a Vetuatn," a book which 
came out as long- since as 1826, but which is now 

Fortunately, about fifteen years ago the British 
Record Society undertook the task of bringing out 
a regular index to the Somerset House Wills. 

'Bmkkjiibiii-y. KlixiLbcth, 



Bcuk/abaijib, Dieliard, 


Hoc 11.1, 

Ol**^''iu^i'(>, AmbrniKi, 



Pynelej. Tboimis, 



Grayslocke. Dame Kliyulnth. 



I'aJnie*. Guy. 



Itmimiii. ('luirle-i. 



.. I«4bi-1. 



8i>Ki|ie, Lady MHrit^ri'l. 



,, Sir Hich., 



,, John. Lord, 


Hon IP, 

„ Luily Aimu. 



,, LwljEliii.. 



Took. John. 































Mr. J. Challenor Smith, F.S.A., the then Superia- 
teudent of tlie Literary DepartnieTit., edited the first 
volume, from 1383 to 1558. Two more huve since 
been issued, contiiiiiing the work to 1604. Siuoe then 
it has got on very slowly, but is still progressing. 

This voliune confaine full abstracts of nearly all 
the wills of persons living- iu the counties of York, 
Nottingham, Durham, Nortliumberlaad, Cumberland, 
and Westmorland, comprised in the first volume of 
the index, viz. to 1558. 

There are at Someraet House many will* of 
persons living in London and the Houth, who had 
some connection with the North. These were often 
clerics who had changed iheir liTing:8, and younger 
sons who had left their pateroal homes, probably to 
try and mako their fortunes iu Loudon. They ofteu 
mentioned the places where they vvei'o born, the 
churches wLere their relatives were buried, the 
friends they left behind, and their properties in the 

As it has been impoaaible to print these in full, 
brief abstracts have been inserted in an Appendix, 
containing the references to the Northern Counties, 
wliicb no doubt mil be of interest to the topof^rapher 
aud genealogist. 

It only remains to say that the early Latin wills 
were copied by Miss Stokes; for the rest the Editor 
is responsible. The iiudergroimd literary room at 
Somertwt House is not an ideal place for copying 
closely- written MSS., particularly in the winter months, 
when tbe electric light is much used, so an occasional 
slip in a proper name may perhaps be excused, 

John Wm. 

* --•* ■ 



[Marc!h«, 9.] 

Ego, Robertus de Faryng-ton, prosbiter indi^uus Lich- 
feldenais diocenis, canoniciis ecclesie Beati Petri Eboracensis, 
6t rector, licet indigaus, eeclesie parocbklia de CroftOD, ejuR- 
deni LiclifeldeiiHis diocesis, expectana omni tempore seotmdiim 
voluntatem Ci'i^aloris diem in quo vyniet niunipio irea, saiiiiB 
meatu, die Sabati, in crasfcino Annuncincionia Beate Marie 
virgims (Marcb 26), a.d. 1401, cotido teatamentnm meiim. 

Le^ corpus mciim i^epolieiidum ubi ridebitur melius 

executoribua meia, et ubi melior niemorin de me poterit 
hftberi. Volo quod debito niea CTeditoribus meis aiognlis 
qaibus teneor per^olvantnr, ot residuum omaium bonorum 
meorum, expendendHin Becundiim iutencionem meam qanni 
doolaro eis vive vocis oroculo, lego ordinncioni execntomm 
ineorDin gecundum voluntatcm tneam antedictatn, et omnia 
bona que remanent ultra expsndantur fidelitsr in oporibua 
caritatis pro anima mea.* Ad istud autem t-estamontum 
meam fideliter exeqnendum meos fftoio execiitores, videlicet, 
niagist-ruui Willebuum de Farynpton, fratrom inenm carisai- 
mUDi, et magiatrum RobGrtum de Hodiraale, doctoree tbeologjo, 
dominum Henricnin Malepaa, oanonicum Liclireldanaem> con- 
jmictim et diviaim, oraus eoB pro Deo ut taciant fidetiter 
cum expedicione pro aniraft mea. Datum in hoBpicio meo 
in parochia Sanoti Dnnstani West, London., die et anno 

Consequenter a.d. 1404r-S, meusis Febniarii die ddcimo, in 
quodam camera infra rectoriam de Crofton, dominua Robertas 
de Faryngtonj licet eger, sanus tamen meut«, magistro 
Willelmo de Paryiigton, fratri suo uterine, dedit dispoai- 
cionem omDiam boiicmm suorum iid faoieudam sicut pre- 
dictuB magieter Willelrnus noverit ejaa voluntatein, sic 
asserena, Frater, tu novieti voluntatera meam et scriptiiram 
mcnm scriptam mana mea propria, do tibi disposicionem 
omnium bonorum meorum, at ammodo ordiues do illis proot 

* Here a, clause u omittfrd to the effeot they are to dispose aa tb«; would 
answer heiow Ood, ota. 


melins nttsti. yolnutatem moam, quia nunc relinqno mDodam, 
et nni)qiniAi intcrmittnin me cum tomporslibua. Scribi feci 
aliritin- ji}- abeoncin tun que volo quod ri'spiciaH, que volQeris 
admire ad<luii, et que votueris Hubtrahcrv nubbrahas, in nomine 


■. .'•^'- [Proved 33 Muoh, 1404-2, by Iha cxoontora Diunod, tos«Uwr 
'. '•* trith the dodidl.l 

19 Jan., 1407-8. 
da Sclby, in ffrailu 
meum eccU-aiflsticc 
parantam tncoruin 


IMsrclifi. IS.] 

Willclmun filiiiH Johannis de Kscr^'k 

aaui^rdoLa.U constitutus. Legxi oorpun 

eepultiire de Selby jiixta aepnlcrnm 

Lego pro niortimrio meo pront moris 

est. Lego ad quindeoim liuras cere eoieiidas pro quiuquo 

cercia indo facieudie et circa corpus meum coiabureaaia, 

prout tiioris est circa corpora dofunctorum, suQimam pecunie 

CompetBHtem. Le^o ad distribuendum pauperibus ville de 

Selby inagjs indigentibus necundum discrecionem esecntorum 

tostamcnti nici o a. Lego capellaao parocliiali de Selby xx d.; 

domino Johanni do Shirbura, capellaiio, rj s. viij d.; ouilibet 

capellatio alleri veuienti ad exeqnias meaa et oraoti pro 

anima moa, xvj d. Davido, abbnti do Selby, xiijs. iiijd., et 

domino priori ojuadoio, vis. viijd. Dompno de Cresseby, 

monacho, Ivi a. viij d.; cuilibet alter! monacho nioDasterii de 

Selbyj iij e. liij d. Item predicto domino abbati et conventoi 

do Belby unain oupam cum cooperculo deauratam pocderafcam 

outn foliis vtoearum. Moaaateriu de Selby utBam cappam do 

MDTio aureo de Lukes. Clerico parochiali de Soiby, vij d. 

Clerico Bcclesie majoris de Selby, ijs, Magiatro Willelmo 

Cay, XTJ d. Ad pibnticiam ctinonicoram de Drai, liij s. iiij d. 

Ad pitaiiciam monialiiiui da Apl^ton, xiijs. Wijd. Magistni Ade 

de Ordine Fratrum CarmeleDainm Ebor., xiij a, iiijd. Fratri 

Ricardo, cuusocio, vi h. viij d. Fratribus de Ordine predicto in 

Ebor. XX8., et Fratribus de Ordine Predicatornm ibidem, ixs., 

eb Fratribua de Ordioe Minorum ibidem xx s., ot Fratribus de 

Ordiuo Sancti Augnetini ibidem, xx a. Leg'u ad ^bricam cathe- 

dralia eceleaie Ebor., xis. Item, pauperibus hospitalis Sanoti 

Iieonardi Ebor., xiij s. iiij d.; ad fabricam acclesie niinoris de 

Selby, xxv-j s. viij d.; ad reparacionem viarum in Selby, xiij 9. 

iiijd. Beatrici, sorori mee, Ivj s. viijd., duodeoim alnas panai 

line! novi, et nnam togam da skarluto, furratam cuin bya. 

Agucti, que fait uxor patris mei, xls. et iinam de 

MiiutrevilerSj furratam com bya, Jolianue, anciUe mus, xvs. 

et unam togam aiiaplicem. Ricardo, aervienti meo, Ivjs. viijd. 

et nnum equum ^ay cum cella et freno. Thome Bryan iUas 



qoattior marcAS quae Alicia, mater sua, michi debet. Willelmo, 
filio fratris meL decern libr&a boiie mooete, ut irint in custodia 
domiiii Johannis de Burgoyii, capelkui, ad ininistraDdam 
eidem Willelino proiit opua fuerit eidem. Jolianai do Bnin, 
T] B. viij d. Ecclesie mi?e Sancte Feticitabis nnum veetimentiim 
integnim cum pertinenciis suis de panuo aureo contexto cam 
cerria et leporohiB, et uoam cappam de bloido satio, contestam 
(sic) cam Hteris X., et duo gradalia. Ad diatribiiendum 
pauperibuB parochianis meis ibidem centum solidos. Diinitto 
priori Saacti Nicholai io Gxoiiia totum dobitum in quo michi 
Wnetur, et lego eidem priori, vj s. viij d. Cuilibet monacho loci 
predictij iij ». iiij d. Volo quod executores uiei liberari faciant 
eidem priori omaes calicea sues que (de) babeo iu custodis 
tnea. Domino Roberto Pejrntor, capellano, xl »,, et uoiim cipbum 
argenteum cum cooperculo, preoii sxs. Domino Jobanni de 
Biirgojn, capellano, c 8., et uiium ciphum argenteum cum 
cooperculo, precii qoatuor marcaruiu. Johanue d« Bikbury 
C8. et unum ciphum argenteum cum cooperculo, existentem 
apud LondoQ. Jobanni TaTercer, avunculo meo juniori, cs. 
Johanni Tavemer, avunculo iiieo Bsniori, xiij a. Jiij d. Uxori sue 
unam togam de siarleto, dnplicatam cum oarde. Isafcelle Scut, 
iiJB. iiijd., et unam togaiii dupHcem. Domino Regiiialdo, 
arunculo meo, xsb. et unam togam de worated. Dimitto 
eidem domino Reginaldo et Beatrici, sorori mee, totum debitum 
in quo michi teneotur. EmmeBotiller,iije.iiijd. Reginaldo filio 
Jolmnais de 'WhytBiore, \vj s. viij d., ita quod aint m custodia 
domini Jobannis do Burgoyn,ad ministrandum eidem Beginaldo. 
JobaDDi de Whytmore, vj a. viij d. Ricsrdo de Roudon et 
Jobanne, osori sue, uaum cipbum argenteum cum cooperculo, 
precii xls. Aticie, fllie eorum, unum cipbum argeutenra cum 
cooperculo, precii duaruui maroarom, vel dtiaS mai^as pro 
eisdem, et unum par de bedes de corallo cum uno anulo de 
aaro appeudeote vel vJ3. Tiijd. pro eisdem, secundum libitmn 
sue Toltmtatia. Willelmo de Wessyngton, vj s. viij d. Jobanni 
de Latbos, iij s. iiijd. Johaoni Hasand, iije. iiijd. Ricardo 
de Draz x b., et Margarete, uxori ejus, unum par de bedes, 
Tfll iij B. iiij d.; et Isabelle, filie ejuadem Bicardi, uaum filet com 
placa do argento, precii iijs. iiij d., vel tantam pecouiam. 
Domino Luce, procuratori meo, xla. Magiatro Willelmo 
Tallame, capellano meo, xx b. Domino Paulo, capellano, 
xiiJB. iiijd. Clcrico domini Jobannis de Scbyrbum, vj d. 
Willelmo de Scolowe, ij a. Elene filie Isabelle Scut, vj b. viij d. 
Alicie filie OHveri Burdelea, iiij 6. iiijd. Matilde Watson, 
iijs. iiijd. Quoad xliijlL xiij a. iiijd., in quibus Ricardna 
Hoide micbi tenetur per flcriptum snum do Statute Meroatomm, 
dimitto eidem Ricardo x li., sub tali Lamen condicione quod 


ipie solvat domino Roberto Peyntor predicto xxli. xiijs. iiijd., 
et ad certoB diea congruoa xijli. siij s. iiijd., ut prediotuB 
Kobdrtus diaponero possit de pecuuia. predicfa pro anima moa. 
Quoad xxli. xiijs. iiijd., in quibua Tliomas de Selby, manoag 
in Caieys, michi tenetnr taiD per scnptum sutuu tibligatorium 
qtinm super tina furrura de Ijovor, uiio ^lodiu, et una Bona cum 
argorito ornatn, micbi per ipsutn invadiatis pro quinque marcia, 
de siimiim aupradicta dimitto eideiu Thome vij li. vj a. viijd.; 
sub tali tamen coiidicione q^ood ipee solvat execiitoribiis [meiBJ 
xiij li, vjs. viijd. Isabelle, uxori Thome Smallwood, sorori 
meSj illud mcstmgiuio in Selby, jacenfi in vico vocato Mikilgate, 
in quo predicti Thomae ot Isabella iiiaiieiit, tenendum eidem 
Isabelle ad totani ritam snani, ita quod post mort&m ejusdein 
Isabello predictum meaana^iTim romaneat domino RoliBrto 
Payutor supradicto, ad vendendum tam care quam pofcorit, et 
pecii^iam inde peroipiendam pro anima mea in pins usua coii- 
verbat. Predlcfco domino Robertu, «d rttparacionem edificiormn 
in dicto myauagio existentium, cvj s. viij d., et omnia Ula 
tenementa in Helby que GriBtiaua de Chestre tenet, et que 
habiii de dono patris raei, ad Tendendum tiito post mortem 
ejuadem Cristiane, et pecuniam inde porcipiundam in celobra- 
cionem uiiasiimm convertant ^sw). Eideni Roborto vjli. xb. viijd. 
qnoB doniinus abbas de SeUiy micbi [debet] in poraolucionem 
riginti marcarum in quibns Job&nnt'S de Bivue michi per 
BCriplnm Bunm obligatur pro abbate, ut disponat pro anima 
mea. Volo quod idem doniinus Robertus per sa ordinet 
nomine executoris pro omnibus bonis meis infra diocesim 
Eboi". existentibus, et predictua Jobannes de Burgoyu et 
Johannes de Bikbury per Be orilinent infra provinoiaiii 
CantuaFionseni ; non obstante quin ipsi doniinua Jobannes et 
Johannee transmitli faciaut predicto domino Roberto unque 
Selby omni celeritate posaibili tantam Bummam pecnnio 
Anglioane ut moa voluntas plenarie potent adiinpleri, et 
libei'R.ri fnciant predicto domino Roberto omnes cartas, et muni- 
menta tangeticia teiiemeiita luea infra dioceatm Eboracensem. 
ItenijVciloqaod iidemdominusJohanneset Johanneseniantunmn 
lapidem marmorium pro sepuloro meo in quo aculpetur ynia^o 
Beate Mario Virginia, sedentia in sulio, tenentia Filium in brftohio 
ainii^tro, ad cujua pedes fiat ymago eimilif! eacerdoti genu- 
Bectenti, tenonti inter manus uimm cedulam conacriptam ciun 
hiis verbis, Jesu, Fili Dei, miserere mei. Re». lego [csecutoribua 
mms] ut ipsi inde di^ponant pro anima moa; proviso tamen 
quod duo partes oorundem bonorum per prodictiim dominum 
Bobertum apnd Selby, nbi corpus menm liuraatum erlc, in pioe 
" poterint converti. Sigillxun meum apponi feci in toati- 
preraissorum. Hils teatibuSj Ricardo do Drax, 

^H aaos poi 

^^L moniam 



Johanne de Brun, Ricar^o de Upton, Jolmnne THvemer i\e 
Selby, [et] aliiH. Datum apud Sulby. 

[ProTed 17 March, 1407-9-1 

[M&Tcbe, 111.] 

8 Sept., I44'8, 9 Hen. IV. Robertiia J3rayton, clericUB. 
Corpiis meum abicuuqiie Dens pro eo disposuerit sepeliendiijii. 
Item, vo]o c|uod Willelitiu* Kempe, fratcr mens, ot JohaauB, 
uxor ejus, habeant oiiiLia terras et tenementa mea com 
portinonciis in Bray ton at Selby, a,(l vitam eonindemct altflrius 
eorum diucius viventis, ot cenluin Holitlns in pncnnia nmiicrHbii, et 
omnia debita et catalla que iniclii debet isle} eisdciii Willelmo 
cjt JrthniiTie plenarie rolaientur. Rem. Willelmo Mneenlde ot 
herodibua do corpore auo procreatis. Kt qnod idem Willelmus 
Mascalde liabout similit«p omnia terras et tenementamea cum 
pertinenciis in Barley, Kiifeld, et. London., et in suburbiis 
ejnsdem civitatiB, sibi ot heredibiis i^iiiw dp corporo .suo 
procreatis. Rem. Willidnio Kempe, fratri meo prcdiclo, et 
heredibuw de eorpore Buoexcuiitibim. Rom. Juhnnni Masoalds 
et heredibas de corpora suo exoiintibua. Rem. Blenc, (ilio 
predicti Wiilelmi Kempe, et heredibiiB da eorpore buo 
©xenntibiin. Rem. Thome Braytoii et heredibna decorpore sno 
procreatia. Et si idem Thomas obierit sine berede de corpora 
8110 procri!, tunc terre et ton, prodicta per executorea meos, 
si tunc auporstitcB fuerint, aliotjuin per executores illina aie 
ultimo moriontia, vendantnr pro anima mea et pareatum 
meorum et aubtiabus iiifraiiicriptoriim et omnium iidclium 
defiinctorum, diaponiintnr et ordinantur, proat eia melius 
videbitur fore Eacicuduni ; ita BOmper quod ijuifmmque pre- 
dictor um Witlielmi Kempe, Willelmi Mnacalde, Joliannia 
MasL^alde, Elene et Thomo BraytoHj Tel ejus heres, qui terras 
ot ten. predicta, sen ciaxiniain partem eomndem, primo per 
decern, annos prosime po3t decesnum meum sequeutesj vg\ per 
alif[uam partem temporia iUias, obtinebit, in%eniat interim de 
redtJitibiis ot proQcuiB onrundem terrarum ot ten. proven- 
ientibus unum ydoaenm presbiterum, ad divina celebrandum 
pro anima mea predicta et parentum nieornm predietornm, 
apud Brayton, vel Romenoy, vel alibi, per diapoaicionem 
executonim predictorum. Etsi ad alterum predictornm EJene 
et Thome Brayton terre et ten. predicta in forma predicta 
aecidorint, tnnc iitertjue eorum, qui sic ilia obtinebit, per ocin- 
Himile tempus per so hujuamodi presbiterum Beparntim 
inreniat. Et ut iatA onera predicta, prout superiua doclarantur, 
debite compleantur, ipses Wiilelmiim Kempe, Wilielraurtl 
Mascalde, Johannem, Elenam, et Thoniam, et eorum quemlibet 


ad quorum ret oajus eonim maoas terre et ten. ilta eTenerint 
onero, et, quaDtum iu me eet, obligo, sicnt coram Deo inde pro 
me reBponaero voluerint infuturo. Dicto WiUielmo Kempe ©t 
JobaDDtfj (ixori ejus, nltrn dicta legata sl'x nmrcas. Willelmo 
Masoalde predicto decern librae, et ei pardoDO totam aDDuitatem 
Boam, qiiam miohi reddere debet certis annis jam futuris de 
toDcmentia suis in Barloj. Fredioto Joliauiii MasciJde decern 
libras. D«cam honestis paupenbus virgiuibiis equaliter apud 
Brayton, LondoD.,ot Romeney, ivd luaritagta suk, decern inarcae. 
Cuilibet tenencinm ineorum infru Londou. et Enfold flnimm ad 
me contingeutem pro uao qaarterio aoni de tenemcntis que 
Tel quod de me tenet, quam volo ois penitiia dimitti ut orent 

Kj anima mea. Cuilibet ordini quatuor Ordinum Fratruni 
ndiaensium, decom sulidoH. Utrique prisona de Newgate 
et Ludgate Lundon. decern solidus. Prisone de Flote, xg. 
Ulriqne prisone de Mareschalcy et de Banco Regis in Sutb- 
werk, scilicet, paitperibus prisonariis in prisoois predictis dis- 
tribueodos, xld. Cuilibet hospitali de Sancto Bartholomeo, 
Bedleme, Seint Tkomas Spitell, et Se^iit Maryspitell, scilioot, 
paaperibuB ibidem diatribuendoB, xxd. Fiibrico et emeudu- 
cioni cUiori ecclesie de Yetari Homeney sxs., et corporis 
ejusdeiii ecclesie vjs. viij d,, et ut pro aiiiiiui. luea orent ibidem 
in pulpito per tres aniioa prosime sequerites post decessuin 
lueuni. Eidem ecclesie et parocbianis ibidem unam casulam 
de nigTo de novo cum etola et fanono et apparatii, precii xxx 8., 
de novo faciendam pro nno albo quod in eadem ecclesia nunc 
remanet de stauro. Pauperibus ibidem parocliianis diatri- 
baendos, xiij s. iiiid. Item, Tolo quod omnia debita et 
rcdditafi] aretro ad nospitalia Saucti Nicholai et Sancti Jacobi 
Caleaii de tempore raeo, exceptis debitis qua Bicardus 
Oldyogton, Willelniaa Orwell, et Johannes Amoree, micbi 
[debent] per obligacioneB de certis terria et teneuientis 
m Calesiu et Squiimg;io ibidem oxeuntibna, pertiuentibua 
rcparacioni et emendactoui dictonim bospitalium, disponantur 
ot dispeodaQtur. Item, volo quod do debito quod Rogerus 
Hillom micbi debet in redditu annuita.tis et alias mutuo, 
quadraginta eolidi eidem Rogero, si de residuo satisfaciat, 
r«Iaxentur. [De] residuo vero boaorum meorum volo qaod 
per diaorecionem execuborum meorum pro anima mea dis- 
uonatnr, sicnt Deo et eia placuerit; quos quidem executores 
facio Thoraam Haxey, clericum, Tliomnm Brayton, liem-icom 
Maupas, clericos, Willelmum Kempe, et Willelmum Maacalde, 
et Willelmum Laoe* superviaorem et adjutorem execucionis 
testamenti predicti. In cujua rei testimoniam preaenti acriplo 
meo testamentario tigillum meum apposui. Datum Loadoniia, 


C0DICILLU8 RoQERTi Bkatton. llcm, lego E^udem Willelmo 
' Kempa et Johanne, uxori ejus, siunmas ceotuiu solidornm et 
sex marcarum predictoriua, et sexderuu marcas dhn. ultra 
snmmas predictns, quo continet in toto xxli. Willolmo Lane 
et Eleae, nxori ejua, xli. ThciriB Braxton, decern marcax. 
Will&Iiuo Brajton, fratri guo, qoinqtio marcas. Johaoni 
Motte, xiij s. iiij d. Joliaiini Mallyng iinam togani de blodio 
siagDlanij et iij 8. iiij d. Coidam capellaao, per duos aunos in 
ecclesia de Bra/ton pro aiilma iiiea cclebraturo et pro auimabiu 
parentum moornmj xli. Itom, volo quod qailibet po8so««or 
iterraruiii et ten. meoruin in London, pro tempore suo iiiveDiet 
^■nntun preabitenim ydoneum, divjna pro anima mea et 
animahus predictis celebraturnni per decern aniioa contitmos, 
de proficoia tcrrarmn ot tea. prcdictonim, proaC in tcatamento 
inde confecto pleniaa coutiiietur. Thome Brayton omoei 
libros moos legem terro tangeutes; omnesquo Hbros ecclo- 
siasticos nieos volo vendi c6 pro anima mea dispoiii, Wilk-lmo 
Lane omnia utensilia mea taogeucia coquiuam. Alia vero 
utensilia, bona, et catalla mea quocuiique volo quod yendantur 
et pro anima- mea dispoiiantur sin& dilacionc. Itom, volo quod 
duo trentalia miii»Hrum fiunt pro anima inoa et> auimabus 
parentum meomm die sepiiltare corporis mei. 

(Will proTetl bdtnru MuEtpr John r«rch<>. tho oonittiisvaTy. on 31 Ma/, 1449, 

ADd ftdminismtioD granted to Tbomu firKj-ton.J 

IMBrohe, 33.] 

28 Oct., 1410. JoJinanos Bewail do Wymppeton. Corpus 
meom ecclesiastice sepulture in capella vel in cimiterio Beate 
Mnrie de Wymppeton, et cum corpore moo uDum animal 
noraiae principalis cum cella et freno. Domino Boberto, 
vicario de DutiLam super Trent, iij B. liij d. Cuilibet capellaiio 
eristenti ad exeqaias in«a!4, iiijd. In cera comburendas circa 
corpus meum in die sepulture moo et in scptiino die duas libraa 
cere. Fabrics ecclesie de Dunham dinudium Imsselli ordii. 
Ad opuB eapelle de Wymppeton dimidium bnBchelH ordit. 
Executores ordino Agaetera, uxorem meam, et Johaonem 
Sewall, fratrem meum, ut aolvont dcbita mea et disponanb de 
bonis meia proub melius vidoriiit expcdiri. Et si quid 
residuum fnerit bonorum raeorura volo ut dicti executores mei 
aubveniant iiliis meis. Tliia testibua, domiuo Roberto, vicario 
do Dunham, WiUolmo Aaserlya do Wyrsoppe, Johanne Hoigh 
de Ragonhjit ot aliJH. 

[Frovod IG Uay> 1411-12.] 



[Lambeth WiUs, Beg. Anutdel, ii, I9iii.] 
In Dei nomine Amen. Ego, WillGlinua Roos, rector 
eoclesii! parochialis de Welfciirn, in bona rneinoria men toudo 
teBtanmtitum meum apud Wolburn preilietum xi}°"' die Maij, 
A.D. 1413. In pHmi's comniendo HiiiTiirra nieam Deo Omni- 
potenti, Beate Marie Virgini, et omnibuB Sanctis, et corpus 
meuin legu ad aepelienduni in caiicello ecclesie mee prodicte. 
Item, lego primo et prinoipalitor lit debitii mea solvaiktiir. 
Itum, logo Johanni Puuldon, capellaiio, v^ d. Item, lego 
Willeluio Edwey, capellano, vj d. Item, clerico parochiali, 
iij d. Item, lego ad diepoiiendiiin panperibua parochianis 
mois, tibi invoiiiatur maxima neceasitas, ij s. Residuum vero 
omciium boiioruui mooruiu ac umiiiu michi debitu unavtuu 
fracttbus (lutumnalibiiK ae aliix comoditatibus et proHeui^i 
quibnscuimpio, ad dictam eccleaiam meain usque ad syno- 
durn Micliaelis proxime futuram t|ua,]iterciinique spectaiitibns 
provenientlbua et pro Venturis, de quibuft tcatari potero dp 
jure vel coiisuetudino, lego executoribus nieis nt ipsi linbeaiit 
ct ditipoiiant pro aniuia mea eb pro uniinabim oninium fidellum 
dofiuieturniiij pruut nielios sperent Dl'o phiccru et aimiw m«a 
Baluti pxpediri. Hajus autem testsiineuti mei Johannem 
Davy, vicariiLrti ecdeBie parochialis de Estadeiiliaiii, et 
Johaunom Ruborb do Wollebuni ordiiio, facio, et eonatituo 
oxocutorea ineoa. lu eujuB rei testuiioiiiiim prcacntibus 
ctigUlnni meum appusui. Dut. die, loco> et anno Domini 

[Proved la A«b«sI. (1430),] 

[Lonibeth WUls, Keg. Ohwhele, i, 281.] 
In Dei nomine Amen. Ego, Mieliael do bi Pole, comes 
Sufiolchie, primo die Julii, x.v. 1415, et aimo regni regis 
Heiim-i quiiiti post cunqueatmn tei'cio, sanau et <?orapos mentis 
esistena, iu hunc modum meum con do testaiuentuin. In 
primis, lego animam moam Deo Oimiipoteiiti, Beate Maiio 
Virgini, et onmibuB Saiict-is, ct corpus meum aepeliendnm iii 
ecelesia donius Ordiuin Cartut^iengiB juxta Kyngoston snper 
HuUe, videlicet, Inter tumbam patris et matris meoriim et 
altare ibidem, abHqiie aliqua tumba super me perficienda; set 
super me ait una. petra bassa, si in partibua boriaUbiis me 

"Son ot Michael ia In Pole, Bret EatI of BnSolk, and Outlicrine, daughter 
of Sir iohn WingfidJ, kai^ht. He n-a^ at the siege of TTorfloar, nnil died tb«re 
IB Sept., 141&, bs'iiti! buried nt Wiiii^iielil, M.I. He marriod Kathri-ine, diLU^rlikr 
of &ukI) Bta.ff>>ril, secoiid K&il of SItiSord. They boil t£ituu Michael, thud 
Earl, Bliun ftt Aginooort, and Wtlliani, (ourlh Earl hbA fint Dulte, wboee inll 


deceilure cuntigerit; ut, fci alibi infrn return Aiiglie me 
ooiitigerit obire, tunc in ecclemn coUee^iata de W^iigfeldt 
vidolicnt, in parte borinli aharis BeBt« Marie in Gadom ; ot si 
oxtra rognuui Auglie cmitigurit nit; in fata dcct-dcn;, tunc si 
corpus meutn ve) oasa. niea. in Aii^liam inferautur, ut dictma 
est, apnd Wjnigfcld, sepeliantiir. Kt IrRo pro mortnario m«o, 
ubi me contigcrit sepeiiri, nieliuH animal meiim. Item, \ego 
Katerino, nxori mee, unum pai-vuin libriim cum tabuus 
rargent«i& et dofiurati»> cum uno dindoinato, qui nuper fuit 
iComitiEt Stnflnrilin, patnH nm. V.t lego uideni unnm magnum 
primariitm, biiboiulum ad tcmiinnm i?ite suu. Et voln cjuod 
poet mortem eiiam dictus primarins detur heredi ntco, et ipse 
qoi erit heras onercnir quod idem primnriuK rcmuncnt bcrodi 
Bao, ct sic de hcredc in hercdem qtmnidiu Deo placuuril. 
Item, lego coUegio de Wyngfwid unnm vextimentum do ulbo 
panno anrcifcexto cum toto appsiratu et pertiiieiiciis Riii«, 
videlicet, tribns capis, ii tiiniciili^, una Camilla, tribns amitis, 
tribuK itlbia, tribus sfcofiM, iij fanons, ij auti.'rcl<itbifi cum 
j fmntt'Uo, ij pilewca, j cylour, ij curtynij de Tartaryn, et 
ij towelb'a. Item, iogn filio men unum parvum primantim, qui 
nnpcr ("nit .Tohannis, fnitriH mt'i, cum nno niiuin ci. ann 
ymaginc auri Btatc Marie Virgiiiis, ot cuilibot alk'ri filiorum 
iBomm Ht filiarum moatum unuin aimlum cum bonodiccione 
nea. Item, lego predictc Katcrinc, uxori mvr, manrriiim 
meam in Kjngcston super Hutle, vocatnm le Conrtbalk', ot 
omnia alia fcemiB, tencmeiiLa, rcdditus, ut surricia in djcto 
Tilla tarn in dominico quani in reversiotie, ai qne sint ad U>r- 
minum vite vel annnrum, cum omnibus pertinoiiciis suis, faaben- 
dnm ad totam vitani snam naturalcm ; ita quod post mortem 
ejusdeni Kiitenne ])rctlicta iiianurium. tenv, t*?iiciuenta, rt^dditus 
et servicia cum suis portinanciis roctia htredibns meis intcgru 
revertantur, tciienda de capit«.libiis domiDiii feodi per Hervicia 
debita et cuntjueta itupcrpctnum. Item, lego residuum omnium 
boiiorum meonim ubicumquc inveiitorum, predicte Kat'erine, 
tiaori moe, dominu Edraundo do la I'olc, chivftlor, avimcnlo 
leo, dominu Waltero do la Pole, militi, Ji)liiin»i Starierton, 
Roberto de BoHod, Thome Krampton, Bdmundo J>rHry, 
Eicardc) afc Hoo, et lloberto de Herclon, clKricis, Jubniim 
Glenham, Jehanni Wode, et Roberto de Bolton, armigeriBi 
quoa ordiiio exocutores meoa ut faciaiit pro aiiima mea prout 
eifi melius vidubilur expodiri ; voleng qULKl ipsis qui ceperint 
snper 36 adminiatniciunoni istiiis teatamciiti nrmuiicrentnr 
sofecienter pro expensis et laboribus snis. In cujus rei 
teatimonium buio presenti tosUtnonto meo aigillum meum 
apposai. Dat. die et anno sopradicHst. 

[Proved S Nuv., lUS. bj Knthuriua, Uta lalict, vlih iiowoi rowivod.J 



[Muche. »3.] 

LotidoD., 8 April, J416. Jobannes Prophete, decauus 
Bboracensia. Lego corpuH ineiiin puti'id\mi, ecclesiastice 
eopulture tradcuduiu infra caucelEiun ccclesie mee prcbondalis 
de Leygbtou Bosard, aut in ccolesia iiiea de Ityngwode^si iofra 
proviuciam Uantuarionscra dec«daiu, aut io eccleaia Beuii Petri, 
Tel in eccleaia men da Pcelinton. Volo (|iind do Ij li., qiias da 
bonis doDiioi Bicai-di Felde recepi, xx. uiarce, per ipeum legate 

Sro reparacione prebande de Lyme in ecclesia Saroaburiensi, 
icte prebeode solvantur; et quod residuum pro satuta aaimo 
dicti Ricardi distribtiatur, illis pocuDiarum sammts compiitatis 
quas feci distribui ([uataor capclJania. Volo quod x niaree, 
quas recepi de magistro Johannc Lyuton, pro anima Johanoiit 
Wynter capellaui ia uaus pauporum erogandaa, per cxccutores 
meos panperibus erogeutur. Lego eccloKio de Kyngwode 
missale meum unacum calico meo deaurato. Elizabothe 
Deticoiirt et Margerie Edolfe, neptibus meia, cuilibet earum, c ». 
Volo quod pro ecclcsiiB et capellis ineis, tarn decanatua niei quam 
alibi, v08timeii,ta sen alia oniameiita provideantui-, Fabrit;y 
ecclesie flerefordennis, ub canonici ejusdem ecolesie oront pro 
anima mea, x marcas. Vicariis chori ibidem, v li. Fratri 
David Hay de conventu Fratruin Miiiorum Herefordie, os.; 
et, contemplacione dicti fratri^ David, dicto suo eonventu, xl s. 
Conventui Fratrnm Predicatorum ibidem,3;la. Vicario ecele&ie 
mpo prebeudalis de Loyghton, xx s, Cuilibet (.-apeliaiiu ibidem, 
et cuilibet capollano capellamni dependencium ab eadeiii, 
vJB- viij d. Domino Johauni Boseliam, xx marcas, Cuilibet 
capellano mccum in meo Kospicio commoranti, iioii promoto, 
cs.; set dom^ino Edmuiido Lege xli., et cuilibet promoto cs. 
Domino Ritiirdo Hull© et domino Ricardo Rede, cuilibet eorum, 
C8. Jolianni Felde, nepoti meo, c marcas. Rogero Plonfelde, 
juniori, xx marcas. Waltero Ayleston, xl marcas, jjro eo 
Bpecialiter quod a raultis retroaetia tempopibiis miclii fidele 
serricium impendebat. Willelmo Hewale, x li. Cuilibet 
valetto meo, qui michi plurimis atitiis deservierunt, cs.; set 
Thome Marshall, x marcas. Cuilibet de gromis meis, xl s. 
Cuilibet pajetto meo, xiije. iiij d. Magistro Rogero Here, 
consangnineo meo, ce.; volens quod Hiblia sua, quum miclii 
dedit ad terminum vite mec, sibi retradatur; alioquin, ipso 
defuncto, traditur (sic) proximo de consaugninitate sua qui 

* John rmpbeie, pieb«nil&rv gl Maltoii Mnaor, 17 Uuvh, 1386-7, lill 
Bl Ifaroh, liOU, wboo he quitted it (or the )T«bau() «l I.«fghit(Hi Bazzard. both 
In Lineoln Cathedral ; denn of Uerelord, 7 Not.. V393. in whloli CKlliedr«,l he 
also hflli3 pMlKintin, all of which with the deaoery he revignait wheji he boeune 
d«ii,D ol York in 1407. H<> hnid Iha prebends o( Bagthorpc (ltOft-14iejl acd 
Lu]StoIt(140i-1407}, lo York Min«toi. 



fatnib clericua. Kog«ro Floiifeld aeniori, eonaanguinoo moo, 
et axori sue, c». Dominu Jolianni Brokehol^H, c&. Kcclmie 
parochiiili de la Strondc, xls. Domino Roberto, capellano 
meo, portiforium meum, si nulluu] habeat tempore iiioriia moo. 
Thome Mason de Hereford x marcaa, in reconiponsficionem 
dampni quod ipso suslinuit occasiotte cnpetlu Hancti Johtinnis 
Baptiete. Vo)o quod magiater Thomas Kelde, nepos meun, et 
Johannes Cheser, seueacallua hospicii nici, liberani liabcant 
facuitdtem emeiidi qiiicqiiid voluerint do bonis meis, et B0« 

^ooufttituo execntores meoa una cum doiiuTio Ricardo Rede, 
capellano do Rjngwodc, maestro Jolianiio Bosehamet Koberto 
tiare do comitiLtiU Eboraci. Lego Willelmo Wctewnng, C9. 
Postquam dobita mea pereoluta fuerint volo quod una contaria 
fundoLur pro anima iiica [etc.]. Uiis testibus, doniiiio Roberto 
EllyBma[n ?], Jolianne Foldo, Johanno Goley, nolario, Thoma 
Wycton, domino Edmundo Gylberd, Lego doinine Johanne, 
domine mee de CoUhain, iinmn ciphum ooopfirtTiTn d^nratnra. 
Roberto ^onge ac conventiii buo Fratriini Minoruin Londiiiiia, 
xls. Volo quod ma^ater Johannes Carlton sit unus do 
executoriljus meis. Macfiatro Bri:iiio Feyrfax uimm ciphum 
argenteum coopertum. Magiatro Willelmo Driffeld, vniarcaa, 
Thome Wycton, camerario meo, xls.; ita qaod pit prodicta 
Bximraa coutentu* pro lecto quera vendicaret in foodum. 

Codicilliis. 18 April, 1416, Lego amico meo, domino 
Wilielmo Donne, xls. Willelmo Bakpiiz, antiqiio eervionti 
meo, V marcas. Quia inagister Robertiis Rosemund pro suis 
ItUiB obsequiia michi pluries impensis, accuDdum discre- 

'cioaem executorum meorum, reinuiieretur. 

[Proved i May, UU.] 


[M&rchn. 86.] 
2 Sept., 1416. Willolmus de Waltham, canonicua eccleaie 
Eboraci. Lego corpus meum ad Kepeliendum in eccleaia 
Lincolnie juxta Hepulchrum avunculi mei, domini Johamiis 
RaveoBer, nee super cadaver menni poiiatur aliqiiis lapis njai 
pavimentum ipsias ecclesie. Epitaphiam, Toro, meum intilu- 
letur in lapide ipsius Johannis de Ravenser hoc modo : Hie 
jacet dominus Johannes de Ravenser et Willelmus, nopos ejas, 
etc. Fabrice ejusilem ecclesie Lincolnie, c marcas, Fabrice 
ecctesie Eboraci, xl li. Fabrice ecclesie BeTerlacen»is pro 
constmctione fenestre orientalis in chopo, xl li. Domino 
Johajiai Daniell, fratn huspitalls Saucti Leonardi, xxa., eb 
cuilibet Eratri dioti hoapilalia, xld. Et Alicie raatrifamJIias, 
vj 8. riij d. Et cuilibet alii sorori ejusdem. domofi, ij a. Et c s. 



diatribuendoii inter paupcre^ ip&iua H^spitalui juxta eorum 
indigonciatn. Cuilibet domiii Fratniin Mendicanciuni in 
Ebomoo, Bevei'Iaco, Hull, Lyncoliiia, et Oryiiiesbyj sx b. Patri 
meo xl li., cui sic providealiir de boiiis meis cjuod noii egeat. 
Fratri Jobannt I'arych, v iniircnB. Capolliniis cantaric, Tocatc 
Kaveniter clmiiritpe, xl s, Kidern cantarie rnagiium portiforium 
quod fuit Uicftrdi de Kavenaer, et raisBale niagiinni quod est in 
ciistodia palris iikm et fuit domini Jobamiis dp Ravenser, jic 
iiiium bonum vcBtimentnni, ac cu-licein, pliiolas, et paxbrod 
urfi^titi, que Beverlaoi ©sistant. Fabrice ecetesie del Algar- 
hirk, xU. Commuiiitati ville do Waltham, xli. Ricardo 
MaudHoii de Walthatn, xIb. Jolianne filEe Henrici Thomasnn 
do eadein, xx s, Roberto Qranesby, xl s. Kicholao Wall, x! s. 
Johaime Je Waltham, coiisaiiguiiiee inee, uniiiii ciphum argen- 
teuiu cuopcrtum, [ormatum ud modiim calicie. Et sorori domini 
Williilmi Dioiiisso, xls. Capcllaiio qui tnecniu niorari con- 
tigerit tempore mortia meej iv marcas. Willolmo Grico, clcrico, 
breviarium nieiun versus (jti'c) Sareaburiensis cum integro leclo 
meo qui est Beverlaci. Re^iiialdo (xatford, xxli. Johainii 
Wandeaford, xx itiarcaa. Willylmo Howthorpp, v marcas. 
Jobanni Man, ca. Ricardo, coco meo, r marcaB. Johuniii 
Nyghtyngale, xl 8. Johamii de Coquina, xl s. Cob kook, xl a. 
Thome Brian, iiij niarcas. Jubanni Uyghtoii, xxvj'b. viij d. 
Roberto Laseil», xxv^s. viijd. Willelino Tole, xxs. Roberto 
de Coquina, xx a. Jobaiiiii dv Stabulo, xx a. Eccle»ie niee He 
Algarkirk meum aiitipliunan'iiin iliicleiiij si moriar rector iltius 
ecclesie, MfljjHslro Kicardo de Holme iinnm boiinm ciphum 
deauratiiui et coopertiim. Domino Roberto Claydoii qucmdam 
cipham coopertuQi, formatnm ad modum campane, quern micbi 
donavit. Magistro Waltero Cook unnm bonum ciphum 
deauratuai. Petro ilirford, xx luiircas. llonricu llnrbiiry 
unum ciphum argenteum, precii vniarcaruiii. Tlioiiie Laiigdalo, 
X inarcas- Patricio, fratri suo, v marcaa, et eoruni niatri imum 
ciphum argenteum ot cleanrntnm. Domino Thomo BelbyjiiiJ 
marcas. Domino Stophaiio Percy, v marcns. Dou)ill0 Ricardo 
Blakboni, unum ciphum, valoris v marcarnni. Magistro 
Roberto Langdaia, v marcas. Coustituo dominum Robertum 
Ragonhil), clericum in cancellaria domini Regis, dntninum 
Johannem Tachwell, peraoiiani in occlesin Bererlacenei, 
Willolmmn Gato, clorieuin mooni, tt domiimm Robertum^ 
Semar, capellanum, exeoutores uieoB; et guperTieorem, 
dominum Symoneni Gauutsted, canonicum ecclesie Eboraccnaia, 
cui lego duas ollas argenti quaa emi de executoribua testamenti 
domini Willeliiu Dionisse. "Et volo quod in predicta ecclesia 
Lyncobiie fiat anus obitua c soHdorom annuatnii pro aniraabns 
domini Ricardi Ravenser et Johannis de Ravciiscr. Scripta 



sant hec apad Donynj^on. Hiia toatibas, magiatro Stcphano 
Popc^'j canonico capelle Beate Marie et Sajicturum Angelorum 
Bboract, tlomiiio Tliuina Belby, peraona in eccleeia Gboraoi^ 
dominu Juhiiiin« ITanielton, capellanoj Willelmo Outliorpp et 
JohaDiie WiiudsaturiJ, litcratia. 

[Codicil:] 5 Oct., 141G. Volo ut Collegium Regium Canta- 
brigio li1>ron liabeat infrascriptoa, viz. lecturam domiiii 
Joliaiiiiis Andi'co in antiqiiis, in ij rotuntiiiibas oxaratam, et 
■poculum [nc], ot Spoculuiii Jadiciale in duobus vulunitnibus, 
sttiram JuLannis Androe suptT re^nHs juris in papiro, 
Johanncni dit Lyinuno super f'lenientinia ; et quod niaglster 
Petrns Ilirford habimt Bibleam moiim; et quod intei'pretaciones 
ot Pfl&lltiriuni executores mei scribi faoiant iii caduui, qnjim 
quidem Bibloam, poit dccussum predioti luagistri Petri, volo in 
eccloHia Beiiti Jubannts Bi^vurlaci rDinanore. Ktrvolo quod pre- 
liotaa PetruB liabeat Phiiretnini Bonaventuri »d totant vitam 
Fauam, et quod reiiianeat [ut itiipru]; et uinnes alius librrm mens 
juris oivilis et cnnonici in occleeia predicta pcuianere, Volo, 
oDiiim, uuod d'jininua WillultriuB Bele, rector eculesie de Hirby, 
Lincobiio dtocGsis, Bit unus oxucutoruin meorum. Modo pre-. 
antiljUK diacretis nris, domino Johanne THchwell et Willolnio 
jond', capellaniB, Eboracensis diocosis, umgistro Willelmp 
Cotyngham, notario publico. 

[Provoil T 20 Hovcmbci folloTln^.l 

[UmcIio, 39.] 

26 Mail, 1417. Thomaa Gra. Sap. nbi Doo placoerit. 
Item, volo prinLo pt prinnipaliter qnod omnia dubita mea qne 
nlicui debeo fideli et compwtMiti inndo pcrsolvantor. Et volo 
quod immediate post sepuliuraiii iiicani oxcentnres mei faoiant 
ex meliopi modo quo poteriiit porquiri de aaiictiBsimo pntra et 
domino noBtro papa tiniim anfliciDntem dispensacionem de 
□uodam voto meo, <|uod nuper feet, ad obleudum Saiicto 
Jacobo in villa de Compostetla in Galioia intra regnum 8pR.nio 
onnm qnadrantom aiiri, nondam por ino completnm, et quod 
oblatus faerit dictua tjuadratis ymagini predicto. Item, volo 
jUod immediato post deccssnni nienm ])er qiiatnor dios quod 
rosdecim capellfiiii do (}!i[ititor ordinibus Fratrnm Meudiciin- 
cium Ebor. in csipella Saiieli Johannis Baptisto, in eccleda 
Beate Marie Virgini3 in Cantelgatein Rboraco,canient Placebo 
com lo Dirige fit missam cum nota de Requiem in cmstino, 
Bingulia diobua predictis, pro anima moBj parentum, fratrum, 

* Probftblf 90Q of Tlws. OroB, LonJ Ua.yor of the Citjr ot York, vboie will 
ia Bt Yuik. iliilod -20 Mfty, piuvud 8 July, 110.S (mo Torkthire Archmalogieal 
J'nrmti, XV, 186). 



sorornin meoraln, et pro animabus qulbus teneor« ac omnium 
fideliuui dtifoncturam, et quod quilibet ordo dictornm quataor 
ordinam liabeat vj s. vj d.; et quod quilibefc frater capellanaa 
post missam suam colebratam habeat, iij d. Item, volo quod 
octfliTO die poat Hopnituraiii meani quod treadeeiin capellani 
ydonei et hoiieati du dicta ecclesm, «i perquiri pofcerint, cele- 
brent Placebo cum le Dirige in nocte precedente, et quod 
tempore celebracionis inisse parocbie quod uniis dictorum 
capellanoruiti ad altare Saiicti Joliaiinia Baptists predictum 
in crastino cetebret unam inissain de Sancto Spiritu cum 
iiicuiuriu mortuoruni, et quod alius dictonim capellauornm in 
diuCa uapella, poUatis campania, celebret uimcn aliam miisam 
de Requiem oum nota ad altare predictum viij" die predicto, et 
quod tereius capellanus dictorum tresdecim capeUaiiorum 
celebret terciain miaaam eodem die de Trinitate, vel de Saneta 
Maria, ad altapo predictum, pro aniina mea et animabas pre- 
dictia; ot quod dicte tres misscj videlicet, una de Sancto 
Spirita sine nota, secunda de Requiem cum Placebo et le 
Dirige cum nota, et tercia de Saneta Trinitate vet de Domiiia, 
de singulis octavia diebns in octavoa dies per nnom annum 
integrum proximum post deceaaum metim fiant et celebrentur 
demote et ad honorem Dei pro nnimabus, predictis. Et quod 
singulis diebus septimanarnm anni predicti dno capellani 
dictorum tresdecim capellanorum habeant per annum viijs. in 

?ccHnia, ac panem, vinura, et ceram, de custubus mei predicti 
'home, pro celobracionibua raissarura ad nltare predictumj et 
quocieiTS qood aliquin dictorum capellanorum ae abseataverit 
fib aliqoibns missa sou officio predictis, per eum seu eoB cele- 
brandis, at snpradictani est, qnod tociens perdnt j d. de dictia 
Tiij 9, Et Tolo quod dicti denarii, ei [sic) perditi, ae tresdecim 
denarii de bonis meis, per executorea meoa sint pauperibusj cecia, 
eg«nis, seu incarceratia in civitate Eboracenai distributi singulis 
predictis octaTis diebua, durante anno predicto. Item,volo quod 
Bint ardentes ad altare Sancti Jobannia Baptiate predictum 
tr^ ceree singulis octavia diebus predictis et tempore celebra- 
cionis Placebo cum le Dirige et omnium aliarum missarum 
aupradlcfcarum ; et quod clericns parochialis dicte eccleBie 
habeat pro putsacione campanaruin et illuminacione cemrum 
predictarura singulis diebus predictis vj s. viij d. pro anno 
supradicto. Item, volo qaod quodlibet altare in eccleeia pre- 
dicts in honore Domini nostri Jesn Christi, Beate Marie 
Virginia, ac illius Sancti sen Sancte, quo illod altare eat 
omatom seu edificafcum, habeat nimiu frontale cum panno pro 
eodem de novo factum et ornatum, pi-ecii omnium v marcaTum ; 
et volo quod snmma altaria in eccloaiia de Wodenderby et 
Howeby {tic) sint omata honeete in fonna pradicta; et quod 
quilibet cap«ll&nuij continue celebrana in eiadem ecolesita de 



"Woodenderljy et Haweby, Imbeat xx d.; ot quod quilibet 
eorum cdlebret iinara misRam do Sancto Spirihi et totam 
officium mortaornm, »c unam miesam de Sancfca Trinitate vel 
de Domina, iu eccleriis snis pro animabos sapradictis. Item, 
volo quod execatoreB mei solvant fabrice ecclosie Catbedralis 
Eboracensis xiij a. iiij d,: ct fabrice eccleaie Beato Mario in 
Castelgate Ebor. xiij a. iiijd. Item, volo quod si contiiiKat 
aliquam decimam sou qQhidecimam domino regi lafra daos 
primus annos proximoa post decesBum meum de pai'ocliia Beate 
Marie eapradicta fore persolvendam, quod qailibet parochianua 
dicta pnroebEe qui solebat solvere xxd, vel minus de anliqiio, 
quod executores mei plene solvant totam hujuamodi summani 
pro Bingiilis parocbiania predictis de bonis mei* ; et quod pre- 
dict! executores mei Sdeliter soWant bujusmodi dccimaa pro 
omnibns tenentibaa meia in parocliia predicta. Et volo quod 
quedam petra mannorea, prccii iiij li., sit empta et positn in 
ecclesia predicta supra corpora parentniiinieorum. Item, volo 
quod WB,lterus Askcham, feoffatas meus io omnibus terns ot 
tenemeutia meia iu Howeley in comitatu Loycester, immediate 
post decessum meum, si me mori coutig«rit in viagio domini 
nostri regis nunc proposito, Deo mediante, in regno suo 
Prancie, faciat statam domino Johanni Gra, militi, fratri meo, 
et beredibus snis, in omnibus terris ot ten. meis predictis; ita 
semper iit dictus dominua Jobaimes solrat executoribuB meia 
XX roarcas, ad perimplendum meani ultimam voluntatem. 
Item, volo qnod diotua Walterus faciat statom Roberto, fratri 
meo, et beredibus de corpora suo le^time ppooreatiB, in 
omnibus tenia meia in Wodenderby in comitatn Lincolniensi. 
It-em, volo qnod omnia terre et tenements niea in ci^itate 
Bboracensi et in auburbiis ejuBdeni integro remaneant dicto 
Roberto, fratri meo. Residuum exeout^ribiiB meis subscriptia 
ad disponendum pro anima uiea in piia usibua, etc. Hajns 
aatem testaraenti mei facio meoa executores, videlicet, 
Johaunem LanghoUn et Willelmnm Bamby capellanmn. Et 
lego eidem Jobanni pio labors auo xla., et eideni Williolmo 
Barnby xxTJs. viij d. In oujua rei toatimonium, etc., aigillam 
meum apposui. 

[Proved 8 Nov., 1117, hj tha eieouton HAined.] 



[Marobe, SB.] 

12 Junii, 1417. Johannes Hovyngham,c!i.pel)anuBnominato8, 

lioet tanti mimeterii miniater indignus, fnturo viajfio domini 

•Jolia Flovyngliam, called in Le New (Fiuii. iii, 308) 'Hooynglmni,' was 
oollatod to the di^'nity o( the U'abdeaooQrj ot Durliam ia Noveiaber, 1406, and 
Wts ntifiod !□ bis oOiM Apuil 19, UW. 




nostri regis ipsios ore r«gio ftscriptus, tauti iustaiitis pericnii 
meditacione conteritaSj etc. Lego corpua meum ecclesirtstica 
sepaltai'e, si de prope cintatem London, dteni niicbi extremum 
imiiiere coatigerit, in ecclesia, conventuaH Sancti Bartbolnmei 
justa dictam civitatem ; sin nuteiu infra dioceaim Diiiiet- 
men»«m auperveniat miL^lii terminus noviseiraus, in ecck-aJa 
mea parochinli do Esyugton dispono cadarer meum Imjusmodi 
tumulftiiduni.* Si vbfo occurmnt miclii fatalia in aliis partibua 
a pretaotid locis plmimam dJetautibua, voto quod reficribat 
locum sepulture unit execiitoruni muoniin quern present-em esse 
tunc in morte moa cAntig^eritj seu, nullo presente taliter 
executure, disponaiit de loiro Mepulture Imjusmodi amici qui 
assiatent; ita tamen quod parochiaJift ecclesia, infra cujua 
parochiam decessero, port-ione sua debita non fraudetur. Lego 
dicte ©oclesie convontnali priori^ao et fratribae ojusdem, ei 
infra ipsura uccleaiam (jorpiis meum sepaliri contigerit, ut ipai 
devotum in «xequii& et inissa inoa fonorali obaequium. 
irapendant, et me per aiiimm continuum [post] diem mortis 
niee proxinie aeoudutem in suis orncionibns noniinatira et 
apecifica eonimendatuin habeant^ necnon anniversanum menm 
cum exeqiiiifl et misaa in craatino, prout moris est, complearit, 
decern marcas. Lego ecclesie mee de Eayngton, pro factura 
nmua veBtinienti principalis fum una capa et apparatibua 
diacono et suhJiaf^ono canvenieiitibua, pro summo altari 
ejuadem ocpleeio ordinandi, xx mnrcaa. In rocompensam 
uiijus oapellani celebrare soliti in quadnni eantaria, quftm olim 
occupabat dominus Johannes Calcrofte in dicta eccleaia de 
Esyngtou, ad exhibendum uninn capellanum per trienniinn 
cootinuum ibidem jaxta niorem aniiquuiii, preter porcioricin 
sive penaioneni unniiam vj marcarum quam idem capellaiiuK 
debet petcipere de rectore dicte epclesie. Eidem capellano 
taliter ibidem singulis annis triennii hujugmodi xij marcas, 
juxta ordinacionem magietri Thome Lees, decitni cccleBiu 
de Awkland, et magistri Thome Tnrige, alias dicti Clerk, de 
Elvett, ita tainen quod executores mei sint quieti ab omni 
accione contra eoa niovenda, ex eo pretextu quod per triennium 
proximo jam preteritum nullum capellanuB in dicta eantaria 
divinn celebraturns per me exhibitns fuerat. In fabricam 
dicte eeclesie de Bayngton x marcas, ita tamen quod parocbiaui 
ipsius eeelesle in inquisicioiie super repanicione mansi sive 
domuum rectorie dicte eccleaie et aliorum locornm ad archidiu- 
conatum Danelmenscui speotancium, conaidenmtea graves 
siimptun quoa contra reparac-ionem dictorum domorum, edi- 
ficiorum^ et locorum eirogavi, sub debita moderacione deponont, 

*B«<iu«Bt to St. Bartholomew'! (or nuktaea omEttej. t^ot"!'*- 



et ipEos ad quos spectant infonnent. Ad diBtribueiiilum iDtcr 
paap&rea piLroeliianos diets cceleaie de Eayiigton, vll.; intor 
pauperea teiieutesdo Nuwioii ArL'bidiauoni, xls. Uoi beretuils 
ibidem commoranti, xi d. Ad npua et faclumm unius resti- 
meati integri pnncipalis cum ca]»a [elc], pro summo altari 
ecclesie mee parochialia de Walgral'e ordinandi, x raarcas. 
Inter pauperes parocbiamis ejusdem ecclesie, v inarcas. Ad 
factiiram uiiius veatimvnti, nd sumtniini altare ecclesie Soncti 
Petri in Westcbopo, London., deHurvituri, cs. Inter pa,upL>r8B 
■parochiaiios ejusdeni ecclesie, xla. Fabric© ecclesie do 
iSedelscombe joxta monaster! uin de BoUe, Cicestrensis diocBBis, 
xl a. Fabrice ecclcBie de CoIIamsted Abbatis juxta lledynge, 
WjTitonenais diocesis, v marcaa. Pro vestimento, ordinaiido 
per executuros mcos, deaervituro ad gimuriam altare eccleaie 
collegiate do Wolvorbaniptoii, WygorueiisiB diocesis, v marcas. 
Snmmo altari ecclosio Saocti Laurencii in Veteri Judaiemo 
London, pro decimis obUtis, xl h. Summo altari ecclesie Beate 
Mari« de Arcubus, London., xl s. Fabrice ecclesio cathedralis 
Sancti Petri Ebor., in ineinoriani sepulture patris et inatria 
meorum, qui ibidem recumbunt tumulati, cb. Ad distri- 
biienduiQ ititt'i- pnupores tcclesie de Skipwlth, xl s. Summo 
altari Bancte Marie de Stanyngbam pro decimis oblitii^, xxs. 
Cuilibet capellaiio dlctarum ecdesiarum Sanctorum Laurencii 
et Petri in Westubcpe, si aie iufra dictam civitatem moK cou- 
tigeritj qui exeqiilia meis in sero et in mane in miaaa inter- 
fuerint, xsd. Volo quod confestim post mortem moam 
solvaiitur abbatui (tie) et conventui du Bfwalaiida,* Kbtsra- 
Ctinsis dioccais, xij marce, et quod ipsi habcant commondatam 
animani boue memorie Galfridi, nuper abltati.s eluHdera loci, 
animammeam, [etc.] Item.TOloquod restituatureisdem abbati et 
conventui unus libellus qui vocatur Tabula matris, quern babui 
ex liberaciono dicti magistri Qnlfridi, qui quidcm liber dimiasua 
est apud KKyngtou. Volo qnod teuementa que babeo in 
Eboraoo Htatim poet mortem mpam r*>raanoiint Willelmo et 
Roberto, fratribus meia, juxta voluntatern patris mei defunct!, 
ita tamen quod Jobaniia, mater dictorura Willolmi et Robert), 
teneab per totam vitam suam tenementum ilhid quod modo 
tenot ex conccssione mea. Ordino quod teneraentura menm in 
villa de Hugate remaaeat Wultero, filio ejusdem (sic) Bcbiiundi 
de Thwenge, ipso vivente, et quod dominua RicarduH Wlverston 
faclat feofofari {sic) dictos Edraundiiiu et Walternni. Johnnni 
Kirby, filio Roberti Kylbume alias Mercer, de Kyrkby Mor- 
S^de, ili.; qaaa volo liberari dominis Bicardo Wlversfcon et 
Thome Dale, ad melius proficuum dicti Johaunis. Roberto, 
patri ojnsdera Johanma, xls. laabelle, aorori dicti Roberti, 

■ Bf land Kbbey, 




XK s., ot nnam tog-am cum cap«cio de liberatia meis. A^eti, 
fills ejufldem laabelle, xxs. Juliiniue, uxori quondaia p»tria 
Qiei, xla,, et unam toguiti furratam CTim eapuuio de liberatia 
meis. Feretro Sancti Tlioine Canfcuariensis, xl s. WiSlelmo et 
Roberto, frntribna meia, si li., sub hac coiidicinne quod hujus- 
modi Bumaiu sulvetnr oisdem in pienam satiMFactionem 
pociiDiarinn quas sibi prytenduiit deberi de redditibus meig 
Bbonu'i Hitiiatis. Kateiitie, uxori Willelmi, fratris niei, nnam 
Konaiii deauratuin, que ewt in quadam tiHtula inelaaa iutra 
qiinTidam cistam majorem, d()|it>»itam penoa mu^istniia 
Rnbcrtnii), vioarinm dicfce pcclysie Santrti Laureiioii, infra 
mansuin vioarie sue London, exisfcentemj et xle., et iina.m 
togam fiirratain .sive foderatara de melioribus liberatiB meis, 
cuin capucio duplicato. Domino Thome Dale, capellano, 
Bibliain nieaTn ineliorem quo iiieipit in folio die in Aetibns, ot 
calicnm raeam et patenarn in quo aolitiis ministFraro dmna, et 
portiforium meum de ueu Ebor., iit commendatas habeat 
anitnas doniiiii Petri, quondam de Gylling, efc pabris et niatris 
moorum. Domino Thome Newtnii, capollano, xl 8. Maestro 
Willwhno Bryght, reotori cccleaie Sanoti Michaelia Corahulle, 
London., unam xonam deauratam cam corpora vii'idi, que eHt 
in quadam pnrra cistula infra quaudani majorem ciKtam, infra 
domam hospicii mei London, fiituatum, ut reuiiltat niiohi de 
offensai ex eo quod contra volnntatem auam tenui penea me 
librum sunm, qnod intitulatur Qorliam, copiandum. Ricardo 
Wlverston rotuhim devocionum et aiiam peciam argenteam 
insculptam. cum cooperculo argeiiteo, babenfem imam raagiiam 
kuop argentenm in summifate ejuHderti. JoLanni Swan, 
servienti men, o s. Thome Minora, sprvienti meo, totiim ilium 
appaTalum armoram queiu emi ad oniatimi et annaturatn 
corporis ipsius Thome in presoiiti viagio douiini nofltri regis, ot 
sis. Johanni Freston, xxa. Willelmo, cocomeo, xxvjs. viijd. 
Gilberto Bradschaw, xx h. Roberto WalhuII, xl s. Nioliolao 
Dixon gladiuin meum. Domino Henrico Kays librmn meum 
ilium, qui vooatur Speculum Cuvatomm, quem dimisi in 
cualodia sun. Joltaiiiii Swuu lectum cmn tapeto, qui erafc 
Thome MydiUou, miacuiu j blaukett, et dut liuthiamina, et 
[oum] aliis ^uperleclilibus quibus soleitt ipsi dormire. Johanni 
Freaton unam togam de medely, lyned cum rubio hukerani, et 
capucium duplicatiim ejuadeiii. Domino Thome Dule unam 
togam com eapucio de mni-ry groyned cum duplicato capuuio 
ejusdem et furura, et libellnra sermonum quern composuit prior 
quondam Sancti Bartbolomei, quera comparavi de Kioholao 
Haw, ©t est libolluM in papiro. Volo quod Nicholaua Haw, 
reddendo executoribns nieis xxa., rehabeat si sibi plaeaerit 
librum illnm qui intitulatur Gorham super M"atheuin. Waltera 



Eyner, xs. Domino Waltero, capellano an.t.i<|ao, celebranti 
in ucclesia Sancti Petri in Westcliep, London., in remunora- 
cioneDi antiquoruin aorvicioruiu, xx s. Marjerio [«(c] Ciaveryng, 
xIb. Kateriiie,8orvientiJulifluo Walton, xxvjs.viijd. Rogero 
Gardim-r, xl d. Jolianni Baker, xld. Uxori mag ifitri Thome 
Clerk alias Tange, miuin lectum cum oortimB, ]>alB[l cum viridi 
et rubio, qui e^t in cuatodia ejiisdeni. Di^to lUiigistm Tlionie 
unuiii libellum qui iiitit.ulatiif Bartlioloinetis de oasibug. 
Hemittu Hoberto Belasees dc xxxvj li., miubi per ipsum debitis, 
Mftglstro Thome Lees unani poeiara argenti deaurntam, cLased, 
in bona forum. Residuum vero omnium bonoriim meorum 
post debltd uie-a soluta lego et dispono primitus ad exliibi- 
oionem trium capoUanorum per tvea annos ooutinuos proximos 
post mortem meiim — et WaltcruB [sic] si bona mea sufBciant 
— diriiia et ndssas celebnitiirorum, qaorum nuns celcbrabit in 
loco sepulture, st tamen infra regimm Anjrlio me sepelliri con- 
tigerit, alioqain in eccleiiia catbedrali Eboraci ad altaro 
proxiiiimu monumenta patrisinei; secunduui vero in i>cclei*ia 
parocbiali de Esyiif;ti>n ad ultare cantaiie quam quondflJU 
occupabat dominu-s Jotmiiues Calcrofte ; tercium vero in 
ecdesia parocliiali de WaMegTave ad nliquod altare collaterale 
ipsiua Bcclesie 4:[uo celebrabunt pro animabus WiHelnii patris'et 
Johaniie matria meonmi, Agnete sororia, dominonun Rogeri 
Waldeii, episcopi quondam Londonie, et Willelmi Bulkott', et 
epiacoponim fundatoruni dicte cantariein ecclesia de Esyngtoii. 
Constituo executores metis dnminos Henricum Kays, Robertum 
Wonibov7ell,Ticarium dicte ecclesie Sancti Laorentiii, Ricardum 
WulTi-raton, reolijrem ecclesie de Beford, Tbomain Dale, 
capellanura, et magistrmti Thomam, dictum Clerk alias Tango, 
de Elvett, Donelmi. Et volo quod librl mei sn])eriu8 iion 
logati vendantur. Ofdino Huperviaoreni bononini meorum, 
infra ppovinciani Eboraceiiaem existoncium, magistrinnThomam 
Loe3 dccanmn. Ecelefiie do Esyngtun meum magnum miflsale, 
nuper a Johaimo Bojee per nio coinparatum. Bcclesie do 
Waldegrave meum novum portiforium magnam, nuper eciam 
mediante dicto Johanne Boyae per me uumpaTiitnm. Quia 
luibeo penes me iinum parvuni itiissalo ex accummodato domini 
Johannie Wytte alias Qwhyte, rapellarii, celebraiitis in dicta 
eccle^ia de Kayngton, volo quod restituatur eideni. Halieo 
eciam iinum libellum domini Ricardi, rectoris sancti Petri in 
Woatohepe, LondonJia, qui intitulatur Vogeciua. Hiis pre- 
Bentibua, domino TKoma LeTen, capellano parocliialis ecclosie 
Saneti Petri in Westchepe, Gilberto Bradschaw, Jobanne 
Freston, Joliaane Kirkby, Johanne Swan, dommo Thoma 
Burton, capellano, Eboracensis diocosis, Roberto Waboll, 
Segero de C'rekynbekcj clertco, Colononsis diccesis, et domino 



Thoma Newton, capellano, Oovenlreiisis et Lichfeldensis 
diocesis. Logo ad distribueudum pry auiinabus magiatri Petri 
Pjker^'ng et Thome Midiltou, quoiidiim Merviuntis meij x! s. 

[Fnva] 11 OatotMr, 1417.] 



[Uaroke. 4£.] 

12 April, 1419. Robertus Manteld, prepoeitas ecclesie 
collegiate Boftti Johannie Beverlaci. Stp. in ecolesia siiprii- 
dicta coram altari Sancti Leoiiardi in iiiedio are ibidem, et 
foveam mee sepulture cooperiri cum uno lapide marmoris 
deconti, solummodo ob revorenciam ecclesie et iion causa 
cadavoris mei miserimi. Volo quod funeralia mea absque 
pumpa fiaiit absque profcelacione teTiiporis, et quod in eisdom 
aeptern pauperea tunioia de nisseto vol nigro iuduantur, qui 
portent vij fcorcbeos mediocria ponderis qiios lego remanere 
summo altari ibidem ubi mo aepelliri coiitigerit. Item, lego 
quod omnes faniiliares mei infra doiiium et esecutores mei 
vestiantLir iiigi-o pauno; et quoddi« gepitlturomce dintribuantur 
in ii-illa Beverlaci, ve! alibi ubi me mori contigerit, inter magis 
indigentea couvonientes in aopnltura mea, x marce; et cubheti 
paiiperi lectuali inFi-avillam predictam, ija.; cuilibet capollano, 
pepsonaliter existonti in exequiis jneis, cujuscinnqiie coudicionis 
sit, qui celebrare voluerib eodem die iniaaam de Requiem pro 
ftiiLma mea, ij a.; cuilibet eleritio ipsius ecclesie Beverlaci, 
iiiteresseiiti et septem psalmoa cum tetania dicenti, sij d.; 
cuilibet fratri de coiiventibas de Hulle, Beverlaco, Bboraco, 
Doucastria et Lincoliiia, in sacerdocio conatituto, nt tres luiBSus 
de Requiem dicant, xij d. Volo quod distribuantur inter 
pauperea tencutes do Wellwyk, Levoii, Walkytigton, et Dalton. 
et aliis magis iiidigentibus infra ppepositurani, xlb. Jolianni 
Calere de Ordiiia Minorum, vel, ipso mortuo, alii capellano 
ydoneo et honesto, ut celobret per quiiiquo aunoa pro auimabus 
Ricardi de RiiTonacre, et Nichotai de Loutb, et domini Joliannia 
de Wendlyngburgh, ac magistri Roborti de Bererlaco, canoni- 
coruin quondam ecclerie Beverlaci, xxv marcas. Cuilibet 
domai Hoi^pitali habitaut' cum leprosis in Eboraco, Beverlaco, 
et Ilulle, vj s. viij d. Roberto, hermite Sancfci Bgidii in 
BuveHaoo, xIb. Domui nionialium do WilberEoaae, ils. Uomui 
monialium de Kylljng, x\ a. Cuilibet moniali do Watton, 
que diospa voluerit inmodiate poab mortem meam utium 
psalterium pro aJiima meam, ij s., ad earum privatum 

* ThBH i* n full ft«count of provost Robert Mnnfl'eld in tixa Severity Chapter 
Act PaftJt (Suctnra Sraiiat}). nvlii), ii, p. Ixnd, and in the Memoriait of Sipon 
(SurtWB Sooioly, IxxviiiJ, iii, 304. 



Ufium. Johanna Bossall, moiiiali da K^ll^'ng, si me supei*- 
vixorit, xIb. AHcie, sorori mee, v nmpciais ot motiurBin 
VHccaui lactanteni quain habeo, in partem vetoniiu veeti- 
m en to ruin mponiin. Matilde, surori mee, r[iiicrjiiid pertinet 
camero liieu do Welwyk, ot quiwiuid pertiuct uuie ibidum cum 
Integra uoquinn, et vetorem aulaiii lueiim cuin uosturtM, apud 
BeverluiCTim cxiKtentibus, bordiatis cum riigro panito. Ecclesie 
Kburaci pro cupa et aliis petendis per capitulum, xxlL, Jtii ut 
execiitorcs mei pleiiariaiii hiibeaiit adjuiiiistracionem de bunis 
iiieis. Nove fjibriee tuiube Saiicti Jobniuiis Beverlaci incept ur^, 
si iioii perfccttro tameii in vita mca, xxli, Fabrice ojuBdciii 
ecolosie pro capa et aliis requisiti^^, xxli. Lugo novaui ua»uluui 
meum cum allio et amitta,, mlseale mBiun de usa Kboraci, 
calicem et corporaa, que Buiit apud Beverbicum, eecleKie da 
Wollcwyk. Antiquum portiforium meuni, quod habui da 
executoribuBWillelmiGartoii, logiieeelesie Beverlapi,poiiendum 
in aliqno pablico loco ubi ctipellaiii et clerici pottintit hubi^re 
acceKSiLui ad eiiuduni. Jobaiini Ward^v inaruub ut oret pt'O laeo. 
Li eveiitu quo successor nieua prepositua futurw vigors utatur 
ill recepc-ione impltmetiti, tuiicvolo quod cmne Ktaurum ineuin 
vivum ot mortuuui lu inaiieriiH infra preposituram Beyerlaci 
veiidatur, ot cxecutorcs iiiei siitJsfaciaiit dicto succeasori nieo de 
ccsvij li. riij d. in pecuiiia setunduni quod capita appreciantur 
in regietro et;c-lesio. Et quia in edilicBcionu prepoKiture ot 
prebendo Sancfi Jacobi eencio me Bufficleiiter fecisse debitmn 
meum, non est intencionis mee quod exccutores mei aiiquid 
ultra solvant pro reparacione succeBBuribuB uiei(<. Lego in 
maritaciono ijuinquo paupcpum virgiiiniii per diseretionem 
douiini Willdmi de Santon et manus dumini Jubuuuiii Beiijng- 
}io)mu, XX li. Imprisonatis in gaula arcltiepiricupi Kboraci, si s. 
Johanni Yorke, quondam servitori meo, xiijs. iiij d. Ad 
maritagium Matilde Moujiceux, xxli. Volo quod feoffati mei 
in tenementu meo in Sermonereslano, London., et executores 
mei veudant dictum teiiementum carius quo poterint, quia 
excessive dodi pro eodem, non minus preeertim quum pro cc 
marcis, et quod L^um ilia summu certi deteiiti in Ludgate vl 
Newgate, London.^ pro niodicis euniims, deliberentur. Ecclcisie 
Beverlftci librum vooatuin Para Oculi queni babui de Roberto 
Louthorp. Yolo quod omnia bona que fuerunt domini Henrici 
Cliderowe, capellani, existeiicia in custodia mea, dantur 
pauperibus, et pro illie que deBcinntrolo quod unus capellaimtt 
conducatur, ad celebranduni pro anima mea in ecclesia de 
Hakenay per unnm aiinnm, de boiiiti meis exi&tentibus apud 
Hakenay. Ad maritagium filie Agiietis Dene, x marcas. 
Willelmo Blakoatou de Newbald, Petro Broune, et WiUelmo 
Brouuo, fratri ejus, etrelicto Willelmi Wtarrome de Skitteby, 



cuiiiU^t. (iurimi, JtJiJH. iiij d. Yolo tjuod cxuaulDrcti doniin! 
Hicurdi Rjiveiisen) reliabeanb almarioliim, etaiis in iiiferiori 
Cftinoni men iJeverlaeeiiiii, iiifrn, meam prebeiidam, et xl h. iid 
tlistribuenUura pro itniiim niea. Lego xviij Jibroa juria 
civilJK et eanoiiici, tjiios sLccumodavi revertsndu patn, Rii^arclo, 
Kuffoiiei episcopo,* Roberto Monuceiut, coiisanguineo ineo, ut 
cum tiietdem exeroenl scolao, et post ejus mortem vendantur 
et precium eoriuii disfcnbuatur in oporibus caritativis. Capel- 
tnno, iueliiso Beverlaei in domu Hniicti Nicliolai, xls. Lego 
qnod eniaiitur tectnuliii jn'o vij piiuperibuB iniJIgeiitibua viUe 
Hevui'liici, I't i[nod alii aeptom panpereH vefctlnrLtm" tiiiiici« 
prolixis do ruseto, et septem pariii aobuiaruio, precii pam xij d., 
ill provincia Eboraceiisi. Volo quod executorcs mei infra 
Tillam Beverlaci et extra infra pai-ocbiaiu itiquireiit diligonter 
de septem pnnperibus lectualibHS et niftgis indigentibus 
ittriu.'«()ue sexua, at Hinyiilis dictoruiii paiipertiiii t-i'c electorum 
distribuant Fiep linnmatim vd. durante uiiu ;liiiio iiitegro. Lego 
quod do D marcia, reciiperandia da esecntoribus Thomo 
Arandole, iiuper archiepit-copi Caiitujiriansis, c 11. dclibert'ntur 
per iiideiituram priori doiuus CiirtuMeiitsis Londiiuis pro fabri- 
cacione uiiiiis celle pro iiiio iiioiuLL-bo, constniendG ad finein 
orieiitalom novo cfLpollo ibiilem, edificsmde ad fineiii cliori. 
Volo quod quiiirpio LoiieBti saterdol^s tioiiducautnr iid eeli*- 
branduin in ftolesia Bi-verlaci per quinque anuos. Domino 
Willelnin Huniby iiniini de gi-wnia meia lialfsyde, existenteui 
Loiidiniis, cuuj furrura in ea Ji-m et cum uiio cupucio de uigro ; 
Ot portiforium jnenni de usu SareBburiensI, quod inii de execu- 
tonbuitdoniiai Kobcrti Burstode. Doinino Thomo Sprotlounara 
tie gownis mpis, tuliirem, peltitam, ouiii uno ciipiicio de iiigro 
largo, portiforium mcum vctua do ueu EboracJ el xls., ut sit 
solicitus in exycucione testmuenti niei ad preeeptum execatoruiii 
meorum. Et rolo quod predictus Willelmus Horuby et doniiiuis 
Jobaunes Chanioll aint auxiliaTifces cum exeoutoribus moia. 
Volo qnod celcbroiitur duo millia missarum de Requiem infra 
ciipHtatem Londiiieuaym. Do bonis nieisj exiatentibus in pro- 
vincia Caiitaarif-nsi, lego Roberto Darcy, si oims ©xGcntoriB 
preaentis testuuianti in s© susceperit, novum cipbnni meum 
argenteum et deauratum cum cooperculo, staiitetn, dc opere 
t.>rto, et unam aquilani in smnmitate, et mellorem equum 
metuu, et s li. Domino Jolianui Ridtr, supersiaori presentie 
teatamenti lui'i, robam meam nigrain cum collobio et capucio 
furrato, ct uiiam peciam argenti cum cooperculo mcdirtcriB 
pondem. Domino meo, Ricurdo, Londiiienai episcopo, pre- 
ciosam Bildeam meam qiiani babet ex presto, ut fideliter Bol%-nt 
executoribus meis totum debitum quod michi debt't, quia per- 

* Uichuil Yongc, Ushop of Ilocliaslar, lW7-ldl9. 


didi de firma &na de Orset pluH quuni c itiniruii. Doaiiiio 
Jolianui Ronth, militij cxccafcori moo, xx H., et ciphum meum 
iQagnum argonteum, staiit^ni, ajiud Beverlacuiii; domino 
Johaiini Tathwell unam de robU meis cum una pecia argenti 
raediocris ponderis et x marcis. Volo qnr>d universa bona 
mea non legata vendantur per executores meoa mercatoribiis 
et non doiuinia tetnpomlibus neque BpiritualibuSj iiec eoruni 
ministria TiolentibuB, Bicut fieri vidi in vita raea. Facio 
executores ineos, dommum Joliarmem de Routfc, mllitem, 
Eobertum Darcj, domiuiun Johanncm TathwoU, peraouEDi 
ecclesie Bevcrlaci, et magiatrum ThomaiD Barghe. Et dicio 
magiatro Tlioino lego pretiosum librum nieum Decretonim et 
X mai'cai*. Et supervisores, videlicet, in provincia Caii- 
tuariensi, dominum Jobannem Rider, rectorem ecclesie de 
Stone, et de dictis bonis aliis ubicomque existentibus, dominnm 
WillelmuQ) de Santon, prscentorein ecclesie collegiate Beati 
Joliannis Bcvorlaci, ctii lego meliorem capam meam nigram 
canoTiicaleni, et duo de melioribua amiciis meia apud BeTer- 
lacum, emu meliori suptrpelliee et ca. Capellano cantarie 
meo Sancto Anne nnatn parvam peciani do arreys, blodeam, 
intestam cum yoliiciibuB, unani tabiilam iiieani loeiiKaleii], 
plicatain, de Sprucia, et almariolum, sttiiiB in caniora sua, ad 
usum eiiiB et Buccesfloriini *Uf>rum. Hiis testibiis, dnmiiiis 
Kdinutido Barde et Boborto Hohiie, personia ecclesie collegiate 
Beati Jolinniiis Beveilaci, Tlitmia Sprotley, capellnTio cantarie 
Sancte Anne in ecclosia prcdicta, et Bicardo Sntton, capellano. 
Datum Beverlaci. 

Iniplementnm capitum etaori et vivi et mortui, dimittpndi 
in cessione cujuiilibet prepositi Beverlaci infra preposituram, 
vol preciuin eorundem in olcccione decedentis, et sicut ego, 
Robertiis, a predecessoie iiieo rccepi. In priinis, de affris 
dimittondis in divcrsis maneriis itij, precimn capitis x s. 
-Unde suinina xxj li. Itt'in, de bobus iiij^xij, pzecium capi(i« 
X ». Unde siunma xlvj H. Itotn, de vaccis et tauris iiii", 
precium capitis viiJB. Item, de bovetis xl, preciam capitis 
vj 8. Item, de bovieulis et juveiiculis xl, precium capitis iiij h. 
Item, de %*ifculis siiperaiinatis xl, preciam capitis ijs. vj d. 
Item, de porcis, apria ot suibiis iiij", precium capitis ij b. vj d. 
com exitibus uiiiua siiis, si J>abeat apud Weliewyk, quorum 
ij apri, viij sues, itera, de multonibuK dc, precium capitis 
xviij d. Item, de oribus matricibua cccclx, preciam capitis 
XV d. Item, de cjirectia ferro licatis x, precium pecie xiij s. iiij d. 
Item, de carnois cum totia attiUlis xj, precium (jmiiiuui iuter so 
xxiiij B. Itera, de baiijicibua ferreis ij, preeium pecie iij 8. iiijd. 
Bumnifb totalia precii ccxvij li. 



Do qaibua dimittuntur in diveraiB maneriis pre]>aslturo 
prout soquilar. In iiiaiiorio, videlicBt, de Wiilkyngton. In 
priiniH lie iLffrisTJ, prufium inter »e xls. Item, de bidetitibus 
cccu, preeium capitis ix J. Siimcmi xllij li, vjs. viij d. Item, 
do cnrcctin ciiiii hcniiis ad vj aSruu j, et de canicis cum attilliis 
totaliter ij, precii xxvjs. Tiijd, Sununa xlvijli. xiij s. iiij d. 
Item, in manerio de DHltoii, do affris xij, precimn inter ao vj li. 
Item, du bidoiLtibiis d, precium inter n« xlvli. Item, de pnreis 
sx, prucium iiitLT mo Iviij h. viijd. Item, ibidem tres tnbutu 
uiuusaW fuin vj piiribus trescellrjriim, iij longe fonmilie ut ij 
ciu-to, j dresajngbord, j laortur, j plumbiLni in fornaco pundciris 
IK petrarum. Preciiim umniinn int-or sb xiij s. iiij d. Ite:ii, 
j ciliciuni, precii viij s. Item, de ouvia j, precii v s.; j parva 
CU7R, precii ijs.; j cova, precii vj d.; j Icymlyti, precii vd.; 
j pannus voutilabri, precii xvj d.; j sportji ; ij veiitilabm, precii 
xij d.; viij scntelli. precii iiij h.; j mudiiis iiovii» cum j pek, 
precii xviij d.; j cribrum coin ij rideles, precii viij d.; iij furco 
JiumlieSj precii ix d.; j vaiij^, precii iiij d,; j sbovell, precii ij d. 
Item, j furca feualiji, precii ij d.; j carecta ferro ligata, precii 
xxiiiJH.; j alia carecta fL-rro ligata, precii xlijs. iiijd.; 
j tumbrellam cnm nova rota, precii xe.; iiij harpices, precii 
xxd.; iij carucD cum attiUiis, precii vij a. vj d.; iiij paria trace, 
precii sv] d.; iiij culcrc-z, precii xvj d.; ij cordo lunge cum 
ij curlis ctjrdis, precii iiij d.; j cella pro carecta, precii vj d.; 
j berobarowe, procii ij d.; j situla, precii svi d., una precii vj d.; 
ij scale, precii xviij d. Summa lix li. ij s, ij d. 

Item, in manerio de Middilton do affria v, preoium inter so 
Is. It'em, do porcis v, preciutn inter ae xij s. vj d., precium 
capitis ij s. vj d, Itom, j carecta cum hemes, precii xxxe. 
Item, ij carace cum totis attilliis, iiij bercis, j buash' lignia 
ierratis,* v ventilabra, j amoll', j sporta, ij venliiabra, ij furco 
fenaleB, j tribulum, pi-euium luter ae x a. Snmma cij 8. vj d. 

Item, in mauerio de Leven iniiis iatiriis, precii vij s. Item, 
de taunolis uqus, precii v a. Item, de vaccis xl, precium inter 
BO xviij li., et de aliia vaccis xl, precium inter ae xvj li. Item, 
de vituliB xl, precium inter ae Lxa. Item, in jnmentJa ij, 
precium inter ae xxxij 9. viij d. Item, de bidentibus cccc, 
precium inter se xlli. Suinma Ixxixli. iiijs. viijd. 

Item, in manerio de Northburton. De affris viij, precium 
inter se iiij li. Item, de bidentibus cc, precium inter so Ixiiij e. 
Item, j carecta cum Eerro ligata, j tumbrellum cum rotiB et 
attilliis, ij caruee, precium inter ee xxxs. Suumia xxiij li. xb. 

Item, in manerio do Rydyng. Do affris iij, precium inter 
3cl 8. De bobos iiij, precimn inter Be Ixiiij b.; j carecta ferro 

• Written :-lign' (err*. 



Hgata, alia anda, ij careute oum ouiuibus attUliis, premium 
inter sc xxxB. Summa vjH. xiiijs. 

Snnima totalis ccxxj li. vj a. viij d. Quv. sunt in inanibns 
predictorom Johannis et Kageri firmariomm. 

Et sic in superpluaagio iijii. vj s. viij d. 

Item, in manerio do Wellewyk nltnk et prefer purcollas 
suprascriptits rumanet iu inlf-jm sLaiiniDi mortuum et vivuiii 
de Wellowyk prodieta una cum omnilsiis ibidem uxistentibus 
dispoDundis secunJutn vellc Dei pro salate aiiime mee. In 
quo manerio in feato Sancti MicbAuli?, a.d. 1418, Etierunt de 
bidentibiiB, in primis dimisfiis in manerio de Wellowyk, in 
manibng doinini Roberti de Raven, vicarii ibidem et firmarii 
ejusdem maiieni, viceeiuio quiuto die ApriliR, a.d. 1410, re- 
assumendis quandocumf|_ue in cessione, etc. In primis de 
oinbus inatricibas in marisco iiij*'™, et cum totidem agnetis 
lactantibus, preciuni capitis ovia et agni ij s. iiij d. Suinina, 
xxxij li. xviij 8. Item, du hurt&rdis, multonibus et gcldenchep 
\™ et V, precium capitis ij.i. Summa xli. .vs. Item, do 
bogges et boggetls «c boggaatres xiij"7J, preciuni capitis 
XX d. Huninia xxj li. iij s. iiij d. Itom, do drapez ubntratis 
xxxij, pTeeinin capitis xitij d. Suuma xxx'\niJB. iiijd. Item, 
de vaceia lactanlibus xij, cam totidem vilulia, precium ciipitiii 
vaoce et Tituli sij s. Snmma vij li, iiij a. Item, de vaccis non 
lactatitibiis viij, precium capiLia xs. Summa iiij li. It«m, de 
boviciilis (|iiatiior aunuruni et juvencis cum vitulo v, prycium 
enpiti» xs. Summa Is. Item, de iij juvencis cum vitulo, 
precium capitis viijs. Sumiua xxiiij b. Item, de boviculia 
bienoalibuH ij, de javetieia biimufilibus iij, de tauriolis bieii- 
nalibus iij, precium capitis vj a. viij d. Summa Iiij b. iiij d. 
Item, de vitnlia auperatiuati» xiiij, ijuorum vj maecidi et vij 
feminine, preciiim capiti.'S iij s, iiij d. Summa xlvj ». viijd. 
Item, de affpia iiij, j albu-s vcoiitus RoUcKton, j niger iuagnu4, 
j grieeus t'ccus vucatuB Mupe, precium omnium in grosso iijli. 
Item,de jumeiitis libcrutis pro implemciito v,qaciruiii j vocatuH 
Birdeastyii senior, precii xx a. Item, Birdeastyn junior, precii 
xxvj 8. viij d. Item, in grossls jumentis, precium ciipitia xx ». 
Item, ij fcIicB biennalea, precium capiti;^ xij s. Summa iiij li. 
xs. viij d. Item, de jumentis gentilibus sibi liberatis in 
cuHtodiam, )ii omnibus costagiis ad expensas ip«iue Roberti 
firmarii, absque boo quod tract^nt ne ponautur ad trabenduni 
nitsi neeesHitaa id dcpoecat in autumpno, sub tanien aventura 
ipsiuK Roberti propositi, et liberandos eidem Ruburto jn-eposito 
cum voluerit UioSj quinque, Summa iiij'^'xiiij li. xriij e. iiij d. 

IProvad 10 July, U21.} 



[Murdic, 46.] 
Vigilia. Omninra SiiiicWrutn, 7 Hen. V. (31 Oct., 141it). 
KobertuB Tlireak, cUricus. Lego corpus meum ad gepelifndum 
in cccle»ia Iteafce Marie do 'I'brest, in nuadaiii papcTfa Sancte 
Anne,in Aictiieeclpsiiideiioro constructn. Quod quidem corpu.^ 
inourtiikloct)(]uoiiiurtiius{uoro,TDl<i tjiK.dLabeatqualibtt nucte, 
nbi ill aliqtm ■'cHo^ia poa&it reponi per iiitotein, uiiuin Placeto 
el DirigCj et quoil quilibot presbiti-r, exrqiiiis ilUs interesseus, 
habeat sos deiiarios et premissa in nmne, et sic do die in diem 
et irncta in lioctem quoiisque pcrvenerit illut quo dictum corpns 
meum requiescet. Cui'ibet Ordini Fratnim in dtitate Londtrn., 
XX s. Volo quod Roburtus Middiltoii, magister capelle Hanctc 
Triiiitatis supor le Clianiell in eivitate Wjntoneiisi, solvat 
Ricurdt* InkepeiiiiP, armi^ero, ss li., in parte redempciouis sue. 
Alicie, RHe dicti Kitiardi, ad inaTitagium bquui xx inarcas. 
Willflino Grey, consanguineo meo, x marcas, ita quod relaxet 
executoribus meis totain t^talum &uum in cBTtia teneinentis, que 
nuper adquisivi in inari^cu du Plumstid, vocatis Tliortiee. 
Willelino Warde, iini cloricoruui meoTuni, x marcas. Willelmo 
ScardebuTgb, c s. Thome LoTeabam, c s. Juhanni Laugtord, 
cs, Willelmo EInt, liijs. iiijd. Jnlmnni Kympton, Henrico 
Suthiveil, Joliamii Goaehyll, et Willtlnio Waynflet, cuilibet 
eonuH, xls. Roberto Tyerswell, v niarcas, duns vaccas, et 
tmuin oquum, prccii xiij s, iiij d. Tlninie Grygg, unani novam 
logam, et rolo qnod habeat omnee exitiis terrarum snarum, per- 
ceptos a teuipare soisiito earmidem in iflnnus meas hucuaqur. 
Magistro Hadulpbo Selby unam ppciam argenti, deauratam, 
coopertam, quam nupcr babui de doiio d<^<uii)ie SybilU-, uuper 
abbatisse de Berkyng dir-functe. Abbatie Westmonastenensi ad 
celcbrandum pro aiuvia mea in die sepulture mee.dii'pL'nciidas 
juxta diipogicionem pr^fati magistci Hadulpbi, x marcas. 
Alicie Kympton, consanguinoe mce, optimQm meam togam 
furratam. UeciUe Tumor, consanguinee inee, unam do togis 
meia furratis cum by&abia. Uemitto Waltero Tumor, manto 
dicie Cecilie, medietatein tocias debit! quod mii-lii debet. Rogo 
Nioholaum Dyxon qnod omnia teuementa, in quibue ipso 
unacuin aliis ad opus menm extat feolTalus, et preclpuo iu 
comitatibus Surrie et Kaucie, vcndautur, et alia te-neni^nta in 
villa de Thresk, et prtipe illnc, ant certe adrocaciones ecclt!- 
siarum, ad valenciam si libraruin per annum, perquirantur et 

■AocorJing to liis bmas, whicrh in etltl on th» floor of the anntli niple in 
Thinik CliLirvli, Itobert Threak, rector oJ Mnrkct BoBworlh and King's llemeiu- 
bruicar in tlie Escheqaer, .lied ot\ 17 kal. I>im:. (Nov. ]6J, 1411). He wns £ollnto(l 
la Uiu rector; tif Market Uoawottb en Jud. i, HOJ \\'orkekiTe Arelutraloifical 
JotinuiJ. ivii, 311). 



appropriaiitut- in dotHcii'iiem c-aiitnrie nice in dkta ecclosia de 
Tfarosk. Volo quod execiitores iiiei solvaiit q»oliI>et anno tribus 
capoUamSf diviiia cetebruturis in capollu cuntarie niee predicte, 
▼iaelict^tj uiii principuli eorutii c ». ]K>r unnniti, alii voro 
cntpollano t] niarcuH, et tercto ritpoiliiuo, videlicet, Thnmo 
Skayle, vj iiiaroas per aniniia, (jiioimque cantaria predicla 
plenaric funilata fuorit; proviso sempei' <|iio(l taiituin (]ua.ntuin 
terra predicti I'hoine Skayle liereditarie valent ppr aTiiniin 
Quolibet autio durante rJta sua de dictii suuumi. 8cx marcitnmi 
deducatur. Gt poatqiiani dicta ctiiita.i-ia plenarie fuorit fuiidat^, 
ordino quod qnilibQt capellaiius habeat decoiii marcas per 
annum el hoapicinni auum, dicto Thome Skayle excepto, ([iiem 
70lo quod eit contentuij de atip«ndio 8uo superiun aaPif^iato. 
Et HI (j^uid auperfnerit de oxitlbiiD vftloris dotiici^mis predlcte 
ultra auimiias predictas, volo quod remancat ad repiimctonem 
capelle siipradicte. Nicliolaci Dyx<jii aulaiti niouni du tapyser 
werk cum toto apparatii. Ad dijitribuendum inter m&ps 
pmipfreH paiucljlriiiu« parocliie mep de Bosewortb, xx uiarciia. 
Ad erogandimi piiupLTibaa diu exct^uiarummeanmi sx mari-aa. 
Conatitiioi:xfcutoi'i:siueosNiL-ho]num Dixon, Johaniicni Whitby, 
Willeluinm Wardo et Tliomam Levealiam, clei-icosj Itica-rdiim 
Acton, Johanneni Tliorlethorp, Tliomam Phelyp, ciericum, 
Thomam AVandosford et Jobamicm Langford. Supervisores 
vero hujus testamenti mt"i liogeruni Salveyn, chevaler, ct 
Willelmum Kyiiwalnicrssli, clei-icum. Hiis testibns, Jacobo 
Kjitittt'sford, aniiigero, TWnia Stokdale et Johanne Orwell. 
Nicholao Dixon umun portifoiium, videlicet, illud quod 
Johannes Buggelcy miclii legtLvib apud Boaewortb, si pla- 
ccQcior eibi fuerit quoin illud quod babot; ct loctum mcam dc 
woratude rubco et albo cum salutacioni! angulicu. Tlionn: 
Leresbain portiforium in custodia predict! ^icholai cxist^ns. 

[Frorad B Uae., HIV.] 

{Miitffae. 49.) 
April. II, 1420, 8 Hen. V. Robertun Pudsay, armiger de 
comitatu Kboraconsi. Sep. in eeclcsia prioratus de Wyrsopo, 
ai me infra regnum Anglie obire contigent, Itum, vola primy 
et principalitor quod omnia dobita men, que ulicui de jni-o 
deb CO, fide I i et conipetonii modo pBTSolvaiitur ; ct rjuod inu-o 
expense funernrie fiant hnmili raodo sine pampa secundum 
orainacionemct diacreciunem execntorum meorura. Uem, toIo 
quod fcoffiitl mot in omnibus torris et ten. aois cum omnibus 

*Otu> of the FadHjs of Dollon b; BolliuiJi He do«i not appear lo lk« 



Uwrum port- uuiliujscuuquu, i|ue liiiboo in uuiiiitatu bark' uJiquo 
raocio, inmudiatu post moum decessum faciaiit Htatimi suffi- 
cieutem in lege RicarJo Pudsay, fratri moo, in et do omnibus 
et xiiigiiHs terrifi et ten. mipradictis cum amtiibuH eorum pt-rt.; 
Iiiibondis et tfiioiidi« ppofnto Ricardo Puiisay et licrcdibiiB do 
corpore suo legitime procrwitia, touundis dc cHpitalibus domiuiii 
fuodi illins per atrvic-isL iiido dubitu et dt; jure consuota. Rem. 
Jobanni Pudsn/, nepoti meo, et heretlibus de corporo suo 
lo^timc procreatie. Et si contingat preFatum Joliaiinoiti 
Pudsay sinu liurcde de corpore suo legitime procrcato obirc, 
tunc volo miod oiiuiia aiipnulk'ta terre et ton, fidoH ©t com- 
peteuti mono vcndmitur per fxeuutures meofi supraacriptos, ni 
\'oIo quod tola pecunia de eadym veiidicione proveniens et 
recepta exptmdaiitur [sic] per dictos executorcs meos in elp- 
mosinis at miesis celebrandia, no aliis operibns caritntis, 
secunduin coram diacredonein, (j[iiitmdiu durnrL* volafrit, pro 
anima men et itnhtinbu^ quibut^ teneor, hc iininiiLbus pareutum 
ot lumL-Factorum nieoniiii, ac omnimii fideliuni defunctorum. 
Ricardo I'udsay, fratrt meo, viginti marcaa aterlingoruni. 
Bli&abellio Ciinnsfeld, cognate mee, ad maritngiimi siium, 
viginti marcBS sterlingonun, si ipaam maritari contigerit; et, 
si contingct profatam Elizabctliam ohire ant^criuaiu maritatn 
fnoritjtunc volo quod predicte viginti marce romaikeaDt Johaniii 
Pudsay, iicpoti meo. Priori et convcntiii de Wyrsopo viginti 
marcas aterlingorHm, ad orandum spft-ialiter pro animabud 
Thome Ncv-yll, doinini de Founiyvale, et lait-i, dicti Roberti, ot 
aliorum proscriptorura. Ecelesie de BoHon unum vestimentiun. 
Ecclesic de Stanwyke unum vestimentum. TL.ome Beiuftt, 
aervienti meo, centam aolidoH aterlingorum. Residuum vero 
omnium bonorum, jocalium, et catalloruni meomiii superiiiH 
noil legatonim. do executoribua ineia aupniSfriptiH, ad dis- 
punendtim et distribuendum pro anima niea. et aniinabDs 
predictie in elemosiuis et aliis operibus caritatis, quamdiu 
duraret [/tic] voluerit, eisdem modo et forma quibus ipai 
voliierint nt ego faceroni pro i->ia aut aliquo ipaorum. Exeeu- 
toros meoB, videlicet, Galfridum Loutber, Ricardmu Pudsay, 
fratrem meum, «t Johannem Pygot. 

[pTovpd U OoL. 1420, hy Bichard Paiaej and lohn Pygott.] 


[Murabe, 19] 
10 Jalii, 1420. Ricardiis Petyr, rector eccleale parocbialia 
de Pateryngton, BboracensiR diocesis. Sep. iii eancello fci'lesiQ 
mee predicte in medio cbori ubi lectionua leguntnr in 
diebus festivia. Ad fabrioam ecclesie mee predicte, xU. 




Lego meum, ■nopinn gradale ad uauin chori ecclesie mee 
predicte. Domino Tlioma Framicpjrs, ail celeWandum pm 
anima meo. of animfibiia Johaniiis Petyr ft Lucie, uxoris 
Bue, parentuni uieoruin, et pro anitna JohainuM Mascalle, 
in ecclesia mea de Piiteryngtoii, et ad dicendinn trentale Beati 
Gregorii cum ol)ser\'atioiie iriodi coiisueti, videlicet, xxx miasaa 
cum totidem plenis obHequiia iiiortuonmi pyp unum annam, v «., 
illo anno atatiiii post mortem meam iiicipiens. Item, diiohn^ 
capellanis viijii. xiiJ3. iiijd , ad celebrandimi pro aniinn moa in 
occtosia raeftj cnilibet eorum capiciiti per annum vj isiarcan 
vj s. vii] A., qitoriim umis sit doininiis Johannes Maya, [si] vival 
et celebrare potent. Domino Johamu Duy, ut babuat aiiimam 
meam in iiiemnria, xa. Item, ad diHtribut'iidum inter jmuperes 
parochianof meos x! s., ultra fslemoBJimm facieTidam per execu- 
torca raeos in din sopiilture mee. Ad diatribneudmn riiilibet 
pauperi, capere volenti eleiiioainam, j d. in die sepulture mee, 
xls. Ad pxpeiisaa cirea funeralia mea in die HepuUure, 
vjli. xiijM. iiijd. Coilibet capellano exiatenti ad Placebo et 
Diriye, et in misBa Bepiiltun^ niixj, vj d., et cuilibet clerico 
existrpnti in servicio predicto, ij d. Dnmino Thome Frauacey,s 
jiipam meam lougam de blewmedle emu foratura in endHni, et 
duos libros de papiro, coiitinentep diversos bonos ^'ernluneB, et 
alia bona n"tabi1ia,et Huperpellicium meimi aiitiquaia. Domino 
Jolianiii Moyw jupatn meam longam de redmcdlo de libovata 
domini arcliiepiscopi Eb<iracensiH, earn j pnlclie* do Ktacbwt et 
scunienlif*t eidem jnpe pertiiiente, et capieima (le blewmedle. 
Johanni Stiirne (ate) de Cicestria et ejus iixori yj eoeliaria de 
argcnto, et j tas»am cum covercle de argento, poitderis xls. 
vel eircitor. Uxori ejusdem JolianniH Ifctum meiim antiquum 
cum testa did' colour, et iij curtynos de redwyrsted, et 
ij "blankettz de albo pantio Hibernico, et ij linthiaminaj ot 
ij pylwoti, et pelvem meam .seciindanani cum lavacro. Eidem 
JoKanni Same jiipam meam nigram bene foderatam eum 
grey, et caplcium de stargon. Marg-arete, sorori mee, unum 
oovorlit ot j eoopurtorium leuti 1>lodii eulori'f, et ij blankettz de 
albo panno Hlbomico, et iiij lintliiamina, et j materas et 
cotlobium raeum de rnsnet. Domino Thome Tolyte, eapollano, 
m«nm parvum portiforlum et par cultelloriim cum manubriis 
de maser', beno deargentatis. Jotanni Tolyte de Oiceatria 
jupam meam foderatam cum martryns. Uxori Jolmnuis Sunic 
nnimi niappale ot j manutergium de Paryswerk. Uxori 
JoLaimis Tolyte xonam meara de corico nigro cum rosia de 
argcnto deauratia. Portiphorium notatuni eccleeie parochiali 
de Amhurlo; et j veHtimentum Himplex, valoi-ls xls,, j vestl- 
raentum, videlicet, j easulam et ij tunicles et j oapam de una 

' Fpitotie. 

f Perhaps itackio. i Ptjsalbljr an error tor euiiicuiu. 



secla, et parnraai std iij aulit's et iij auiicez, vuloi-is x inarearum, 
ecclenie parocbiali Beatii Murio de Burn el), ^'urwycoii&iii 
diocesi-s. Parocliiali ecclme Simcti Patricii de Trym, MjileiiHiN 
diucesLs, unam puHiplioi-iuiiL iiotatum, \al(iri» viij marcarum, ct 
j maimato, valons ij iiiftrcanim. Uicardo PayiiP, faniulo nieo, 
xl s, ultra viipoudiuni i^uiiiii, ct jupum nicam ad eciuitaiMlum de 
Muster vil I er», t>t uapk-iuni mi'tirtii aiitk|iiiiJii de nigro, et gladiniii 
iiioiim, I't pyiviiu ineji.Tii rutiuidaiit, et j coverlet et j iiar com- 
mune de lintbiamiiiibtui, et ij blankettez que fneniut JuhaniiiM 
Wliyte, ct j uiauuttTgiiiHi breve do Deiiaut" , et jupam meaiu 
virldoni cum capicio de eodem panno. Domiuo Tlioiiie Jordati, 
vioario de WestVttm, basidardum mcttiii ciuii aiyento deaurato, 
et supyrptflliciiim iiiouui novuiiij et libruiii ftllium vocatum 
Boiktsveiituram, qui iucipit J^'eh'to gmu, in quo libro est 
Ap(jc:ilipsis et Paris dy prebmidis, ©t m«oa L-uffes iiLaguos de 
iiigro panno foderatos cum scuniculis, et iij uultt-lloa moos 
ill una vagina, cum mHiiubrii;^ nigrii^ deargentatis, et meuin 
optimam capiciuiu de muvoymedled. Item, ogo Rioardus 
Petjr, canonicQH Menevensis, lego fructus et omnia alia 
emoluuientci probeude meo in ecclosia Meiieveni;! micbi debita 
in illo anno quo me mori coutigerit, duniino Thome Wolaston, 
precentoi-i ecelesio Menevcii'sis, ibidem meo procuratori, ad 
diKlribuenduiii inter cauonicos ct iiiinistros ecflesie Menevensis, 
preaent«8 in obsequii» meiii in die sepulture mee seu obitua mci 
ibidem teneudi, cum eidem protura.tori meo de morle «t liac 
Toluiitato mea iiiiiutuent, videlicet, oub liac forma. In 
primis lego eideui doiuino Thome prt'ccntori princi paliter, 
ubsoquias mcaa et altani mitisam de Eequieni in crastino dioenti, 
pro laboribus mua oitfa fuueralia niea ibidem, xxs.; cuilibet 
canonioo in obsoqiiiis meis et missa predictis exietenti, ij 8.; 
ot cuilibet vicario preMbitoro ejusdem ecclewe in toto sorvicio 
predict© prosenti, et eodem die in missa aws. mei memoriam 
facienti se (nic) pro anima mea nii»sam celebranti, xij d.; et aliis 
miuistria ejuadeni ecclesie diatribnat idem doniinue proccntor 
pro anima mea jtixtu morem ejuaJeni ecclesie, in obaeqiiiis 
canonicorum abaencium mortuorum observatum. Et tunc si 
quid renianet de pecuniis pro fructibus dicti aiini debitia, volo 
quod expendatur circa funeralia mea, et quod dietribuatur inter 
pauperes. Reaiduiiiii omniuin bonorum nieonnii le^o in dis- 

fjoeicionc donuni Thomo Krauncejs, capellani, Jobannis Stunie, 
tterati. et Ricardi Pajn executorum meorum. Et ego 
liicarduB, rector ecclesie de Patoryngton predicta, lego dictia 
executoribos meis animale ecclesie mee predicte, scu fructna 
ojuadtm, secundum couauetudinoni occleeie et diocesis Kbora- 
censia miclii debitoa, 81 me mori contifirerib post festiim fiancti 
Mftrci Evangelisto, obscrTaturu a tempore cujiis contrarii 



memoria homimim non exiatat. Conditum est hoc meum 
tostmneiitmn apud Westham et sigillo meo «ignatum. 

[ProveiJ li Kbv., in tha year nboveaaid (1430)-] 


[Marchu, So.] 
26 Oct., 1420- In ttie nam titf godp, I Sir Bogor Salwajm, 
kiij?gth,inaky,q Tiiy testament in thi« maiicr. ftirrtt I wyt* my soiilo" 
to Uode aiiiijthty, to our lady soynt Mary, and tfl all y' seiiiHex 
of hewin, and my bones t-o he boriede in y^ gr^y frurras utto 
Yorke. Also I will that thor wlipre my hones shall he berydc, 
bo B flato stoTi off marbill, ewyn with the pronde. Also 1 will 
y' y' forsaid frei-es haiie all my gownes off c'oth off gold and 
off sylbe, w' nutyn y* fupres, AIsn I will -y'' y" same frcrs taut? 
xlli. for to synge and pray f<ir nii\ Also I will tliiit ilkon ffff 
the other thre ordora in -^orkti hiiti*.' x marc. AIho I will y^ my 
wyffe hane all my hottsholde boly, with v*l]i. tbat is in liir 
handes. Also I will y' ther be ordeine for byyiige oil londe for 
Jobii Salwayii my non, ccccli. Also for y* manage off Alinon 
my d(jughtir, ccpc mare. Also for the mariage off luabellf my 
doughtir, ccc marc. Also I wilt y' my fader dettis, and my 
modere, be paidu off my goodf?^ that in in the C'oillors or in the 
femiors handea off my rent ; and if any tenaunl be so pouer y' 
he may nought, for poaerteo, pay his femie that in owing*, 
I will y' ther be nought reseyued off hym but y' he may 
resonably pa,y, and y'^ y" roiuoiiaunt be forge^Ti. AJso I will 
that 80111 goode man be ordeiao to goo tor ma to Jherusalem in 
pilgreniagp, and as far us is cost is les*> than L'li. in commyiig 
and goyng that hit he gewyn for my satilo to poure men wher 
most allmoBe is. Also I will that Richard Chace hano v marc 
off monee aud a bay horw y' was Cierard my eon ; William 
Lister xxli., Thomas Fairehild xl marc, Acris Mersk xxli.; 
lifctel Petir, hard Maiduy and x marc, and y' AcriB Mersk haue 
the grey geldyng; Gerard and John my brothir, liard botfller, 
and a aorede horatr y' waB bought off Henuden, and j'' Coward 
my brethir cheae. Also I will y' GrerardJ my brodir have xl li., 
and Thomas my hrothir a place in Diiffeldo, turmyn off tia 
Hue, y' I purchesede off John Pu'thorpe; and after the dese^e 
off hym, to turn itgayn to the reght haiert* off me. Also 1 will 
y' Sir Robert Shuttesbroko, knyiight, haue y* sorde horH ; and 
litill Hang tho hoby, and xIr. aboveu hie hir. Also I will that 

*8ir Soger Sulrajm (it Hajswe]!. oo. Torlc. kiilght, woa sob of Sir Oecard 
Salmon, of Hikntwell and Nortb DalScId, and iniirrleil a (luu)(bt«r of Sli Robert' 
Bilkiii o( Bwioi!. (See pedigree. Surctt^ DurltaiH, ir, lid.) 

j Will as Julj, 1429, U) bo buried at Swiiw. (/>«. Mhor.. i. tlS.) 

^He maniBd k^n^a Wt|a)tuD, Lndj' of Croidolo fu (|iia ijttlvln ol CroxdiUe). 



Frost mo«s find litill Eobyn, ilkon off t]iem, hauo xls. Also 
I will y*- t'omfri'tlfi, skyiiiiKr, oE Yurke, be paied of v or vj li., 
vrbedir blmt hit bet for furrcs y'' my lady my moder Icnowea off. 
Also I will y' William Tropniell, taillor, of London, and ITiiut, 
brodderere, be paied of their billes for niakyug off a linerej of 
iiijTi. Also I wiU that Henry Loiiude haue a blake goan 
fiirrod -K*'^ ftines, and a habirgonn of mylciu, opyn befor, y^ 
RicLard Stell haues in hys kepytig. Also I will y*^^ ziff any 
fieruaunt of inyn htiue labord for me in my countree s&n my 
fader died, j^ they be resonably rewardid aftir the seruica y* 
they haue don. Also zif any noan can aslce any dete off me, 
obher be euidenco, or that they be crBdibill persones, I will y' 
they be paied. Also I will that Elyn Saluayn, my brothir 
Gerard doughtir, liaue xl mai-c for hir mariage. Also I will 
that Gerard my brothir tiaue a newe fare of martira and 
j haliirgoun of millon. Alao I will y' Johan my brothir haue 
1 habirguan of GeSBerani. Also I will that the nonne that 
Kepid me in my seknea banc ij nobles, and y* ther be zif into 
the hous that she wonnt's iiij rx a. for to syng^ and pray for me. 
Also I will that Thomas FaarL-hild liaau as mycli moneo as he 
may purthesy hym xl s. be «or. AUo I will y'' all the ffumim 
that J haue, be sould and doon fur mj sanle. Also I will y* 
C'hat-e hauo a habirioo of myne. Exeeufcora of my testament, 
1 will and ordeino Piers do la Hay, Gerard Saltiayii, Robt. 
Rodeston, S' Nichol Dixwou, clerk, R()bt. Cawode, Kobfc. Day, 
Richard Clmce, and Tlioinaa Fairchllil, to whom 1 glff and wit 
y* roaidae of al y* good and eatoll y' I haue, y*" they ordeina 
and dispose bit in aich wy3 as may be most meritory for my 
soule, as they will aunswero be-for gode on dredfuU day of 
doom. And the snrveiors of my teatamenti, I will and ordeino 
William Kylwolmerssh, clerke, and my wyfe, wyttneasyng 
William Phillpo, chtualer, Richard Wudevill, William Lister 
and other, aluo I will that William Liator hauo aa mych of 
monee as the aorde hora in worth y' Shott-esbroke haoo.* 

[Probatutn lail aeptimo <Ii« ineiisis Mareij uuuo domini mUeainiO 
Dccoxiii''" et comiiiisHa fuiL ailiiiiiiiDtiriiuio uhliiIhiii iionnriiiii JicCi dtfaacti 
Ilicari]o Cliiice ct Thume Piiarclijld exccutoribuB in >Iiato tefiUmenta 
tiOTiiiniiti>i,et linbent oA r^xliibendum iiLVvntarium citra festum Pentecoati 
[iroiiiiiura inni futtimm-J 

[Lambeth Wills, tieg. Chicbde. i. 382.] 
In nomine Rumme et Individae Triaitatis, Patris et Filii 
et Spjritua Sttiieti, Amen. Bpo, Tlunna.*! Haxey, thesaarariug 

* Thin wtU ha» alfto lieen printed En The Fi/tij Etirtiegl Enoliih ^yillt in the 
Court of PnibaU. Londitn. by F. J. Furnival, In the Early Engliali Teat 
Booiol^fl pubticnlionn. 



ecolesie Eboracensis,* per Dei mieericordiam sane mentia et 
corporis, scifjns nil morte ccroius, nil hora, mortis incercius, 
timenft mortis peritulnm, cum fiuemlibet, vcHt, nolit, ingrcdi 
oportefll portas ejus, iiesciens quid sit ijoichi future dies 
paritura, cogitaiiB tie Riipremin Pt nuime mee saltiti cupienii 
providore, nolens deiiedere intestatus; nd laudem Dei Omni- 
potontis et honorein Beate Marie, iimtris ejiie, et omnium 
Hanctoruin Dei, tie me ipso, rebus bnnisque raeis, michi a 
Deo follatifl, meum bio facin et condo t,estameiitum meum. 
In primis. In manna tiias, Domiiie, comniendo spirituin 
meum qnem tu proprio sanguine redemiati. Item, omnea 
injuria.^, qiioeuuiqiie inudo et n quilju^cumqne michi illatas, 
remitto, volons ct precipiens quod dabitu mea, in papira mea 
nigra iimnu nu-a projsria scripta, pk-narip et festine solvantiip. 
Et si aliqiioni vid aliqiios defraudavi V(?l injiiste tractavi, hi 
velit vel velint super hoc jurare et bone fame sit tpI sint, 
per ttianos extoutorum meonitn inferius nominandonini jnxtR 
discrecittnem volo quod restitnantur. Item, lego corpus meum 
ad HopGlitmdiiiu in ecclesisi entliL-dmlia Boati Petri Ebor,, ubi 
meum sepidcruni ordinahmi cat. Item, logo pauperibus paro> 
chiantH de Lastoii, juxta neceesitateB, inter egeiioa djatribu- 
endoa, xIb. Itt-ni, in forma predicta lego parochiains de 
Teniyn xls., parocldani-s de Bemynstre xls., parocliinnta de 
Kampt<)n xl s., parochianis de Meelton Roos et Scamell)j xl s.; 
Bryngton, Bitheni et Weston, ix marcas ; Crauley, xla.; 
Houden, xl s.; tenentibua de Baniby, xl h.; Upton, sis.; paro- 
chiali firme de Edyngle, xla,; pnrorliie de Kyrtlyngton, xx «. 
Ifceni, lego vieariis et alii,-* ministris chori eccleaie Lichfeld- 
ensix xla., chori SamhorionaiH xls., chori Lincolniensis x\s., 
chori Ehoraci xl 9., chori Suthwellensis xl s,, chori dv 
Hoadene xle,, chori Beverlaci xla., chori Ripon xxs., inter 
vic-arioB et a,[ioB minintroB predictarum einglarium ecrleeiarum 
predict' raDionabi liter per ahquem executorum meorum dis- 
tribQeiidos, Item, k^go ad distrikiiendnm inter pauperes 
tonentes insulo do Haxholme, ot precipne de parochia do 
Haxey, x marcas. Item, lego cuilibet moniali de Brodlioline 
unam vaccam vel xiij s. iiij d. pro vacca. De reaidiio vero 
boiiornm meorum hie non legatomm toIo qnod executorea 
mei, videlicet, mngister Johannes Gilby, rector ecclesie de 
Kneaalle. dominua Rogorus Marcant, rector ecclesie de Laxton, 
dominus Roherttia Semor, aubtheeaiiTarius eceleeie Ebor., qaos 

'Treunrer 1418-35. He ^aa buried in the Minsler, iii a tomb, witb the 
infiariptittn, " Hia }&«» jAhnnnea Hftse<;, quondani tbuannLriua hliaa eosleBle 
qui otiitt 21 die menaifl Jantmrij as. D«m. 14S4 cnjce huime propltietai Deas. 
Araen." (Drftke'e York, 603.) Mrs. ETeriW TJiomhjll. in har wfll 1707. directed 
payments to be made on Haxey's tomb ia (he CtLth«drBl. 



now executorcB ot bonorum dispositores constituo ut ipBi 
ndant et fideliter diKponunt pro me, sicut Teliiit respondere 
cor&m Sumiuo Jadice, et perimpleinit voluntatem raeam 
clarius, de niana mea propria in nigrn ]>n.i-vo papjro scriptam. 
In cajus roi testimonium siffillmu mcuiii apposui apud Suth- 
welle, die Snncti Micliiujlia nrchaiigeli, a.o. 142-1, et regni 
regis Honrici Scxli post conquostum An^lie tercio. Item, 
lego cuilibut execatornm ineomin, admiiiistracioisem testa- 
inenti capienti et fideliter perimplenti, x marcas et unum 
cipbnm argenteuin coopartum. 

IProted la Mnroh, H94-S. And admiaistrivtiuii gcanUd to the exMutaw 
aftmed, in the person ol Sir Peter Kcyeton, rector of the parish lihurch "delpyk"* 
Id the oltue ot the Cathedral ol Vork.] 


fLnffonnni, 5,] 
1 Mail, 1426. Henricun Lounde de comitatii Eboracensi, 
armig-er. Recomraendo corpus meuui ad sepeliendum in 
capella Beate Marie Virg^inia in ecclcsia de Cava in insula de 
Cave in oomitatn predicbo, inter altare efc lavacrum ibidem, 
Siunmo altari cjusdem ecdosie, pro docimis meis oWitis, unam 
vestimentiim. Dyonisie, eorori mee, x marcas sfcerlingoruin. 
Johanno CoiiTtenay, x li. Ad inveniendum unum capellanum 
ad celebrandnm ad altare Beato Marie in eapella prL='cIicta per 
nnum anmun intognim pro anima mea et animabua Johannis 
Mjrndrom et Johannis Jalby, et animabuH omuium servientum 
roeorum qui mecum in partibus tranamarinia in guerris domini 
Regis ibidem interfecti hiernnt. Willelmo Fawle, vj s. viijd. 
Volo qood executoreg met de toga mea optima faciaot unum 
Teatimentum, illud sic factum volo quod deliberetur cnstodibus 
opens ornamentomni oecleaio predicte. Willelmo Side? de 
Southame, xIh. Jolianni Hawkeswell, sxsi. Ad cooperiendtun 
le ateple predicte ecotesie do Care cnm plmnbo, ita (juod 
parocliiani pro anima mea eiorant, et nomen meum in regiatro 
eua imponant, x marcas. Custodibua ecclesie parocbialis d© 
Emulden mmm aliad vestimentum ad eiorandum pro anima 
mea. Johanni de Lounde, clerioo, Sliomeo,^ goblettee 
de argento, unum lectum de rubeo worstede. Petro de Lounde, 
ceo marcas et 7j pecias argenti, und© una cooperta. Predioto 
Petro, filio meo, omnia ilia terras, etc., in villa et campia de 
Bprotley in Holderres in comitatu Eboracensi, que nnper emi 
de RoberttT Warrant. Meo3 facio executores predictmu Petrmn 
de Loande, fiUum meom, et JoliauueuL dc Lounde, Eratrem ejua. 

* St. John del VjIim. 

t The IinuDiIa were o( Soath Oiive> There was n nnoniuiient to Sir Gerard 
dn Lounde there in H90. 



Testibus, Willelmo Sutton de Lond[onJ,barbeiir,Joliaiiuo Toller 
de eadem, taillor, et. Hicardo Borewortb de eadeni, hoatiler. 
Johaimi de Wytherwiko, famulo meo, t marcas. Iticardo, 
famnlo meo, vJ8. riijd. 

[Pl07«l e (Mky , H'Hi), by the suid John Lonsde, "ffitli powcc 
reserved, ela.j 

[LaffoniLm, 10.] 

23 Ang., 1428. Robertus Helierd, armiger, do Scflldby, in 
comitatu Kboraconsi, Sepeliendum m ecclesia jirioratiia Ueatc 
Marie Overey de Sutbwerk, ooram ymaginii Beate Marie, juxla 
hostium capelle Beate Ma^rie ejusdem ecclesie, ei me ibidem 
mopi contigerit. Priori dicti prioratuB, pro dicta sepidturn. mea, 
quinq^ue luarcaB. Pardono Ricardo Pykeryiig, militi, iiepotl 
meo, illaB sex marcaH quaa michi debet; et tego eidem oniiiii 
peciamargontiouiiicooperculoai'gen(.i,precii quatuormarcBimn, 
tbI duas planas peciaa argemti ejusdoni pretii, ad eleccioiiem 
ipsius domini Kicardi. Pardono Thome Fell de Eboraco, 
pbapman, illas sex marcas, etc., quas michi debet. Fabrice 
ecclasie de Scaldby, ita qaod anima mea habeatur in perpetua 
memoria inter benefaetores ejusdem ecclesic, quinrjue marcaa. 
Rectori ejusdem ecclesie, vj s, riij d. Clerico ejusdem occleaie, 
iije. iiijd. Domino Johanni, capellano meo stipendini"io, sex 
maroas. Willelmo WresiBI, serYientL meo, ultra feoda sua, 
xl**a. Ordino qaod Isabella, nxor mea, solvat xxxijli., iu 
noanibus'meia romanontcs ile bonis domiiii Roherti Trays, aliis 
coexecutoribna ejuadem domini. Logo domino Roberto Hilton 
meum libnira galiicum de Romanc' Ros'.t Meam facioexecu- 
tricora prefatani Isaballam, et ejus Bupervi»oi-L>m prefatum 
dominum Robertnm Hilton. Datum apnd Suthwerk. Volo 
quod idem domiima RoljertuB Hilton feoffet Jobaunem Helyerd, 
fibum memu, in certis terris in cnmiUtii Eboracensi, annuatim 
ad valenciain centora sotidorum, ultra terras per me sibi prius 
ordinatas. Tesfcibus, Thoma Denton, cive et mercero Lon- 
dinienai, domina Elizabet Lovell, Tbonia Cooper, scriptore 
liters (sie), curato de Sutbwerk, et Cristiana Hawkeaworth. 

[pMved S Sept.. 1428.] 

■ I'uuHtbl; Sir Rutii-rt HJHjard, lent., of Winnstebl. wlio married Maude 
Lov«t1. mid had b; ht-r » soti, John, who dtod mtboal iiiXO«. 
fThe Ttacuaaiil ot the ItoM. 



{Lwnbeth Wills, CliioUek, -Waft.t] 

In noun de la Seint Trimtu, trow perwrneH ot uno Dieu, 
nous Jobaii, due do Norff', Couute MarBBcltall© de Notyng- 
hibm, Marosfliallo il' En glotev, Seigniour de Moiibray, de 
St'^ftve, ot d« Gower, facoona assavoir an tmitps gentK, qnre 
Bont et euapres aerroiit. que ceato nostro eutler et ilarein 
volimte en forme qen suit, custiisaiioir, ijb per ton nustre 
treahunure iini:If et jiier en Dieii, Henry, Cardinale d'En- 
gletere, par noun Henry, cvosqe de Wynchestro, Thomaa, 
eveaqe de DnroHme, Simonde Felbrygge, cliivaler, John 
Preslon, Richard Sloresacre, et Eobert Soiithweille, soiont 
seisoz en loure demesne come do fou simple en le manoir 
de Neusom ove toiitez ses appurtt^iisLiintz en le coante 
d'Evervryk et do pUisoura autorus (sic) manoira, terres, teno- 
mentez, rentez, revorsiouH, et semces ove lonr appurtenauntea 
en dirersea contox d'Engletere per vertii diiiio nostro chartre, 
a eux et atitres ore inoT-taz per heeiice de roy iiostre 
sei^^onr qi fuist Henry le quint fait, portant date nieame 
noetre chartres le 9 jour do May liiii tiL-rce do mesme le 
Boy (1415), et sur celle iiustro chartru on itosspssitin et- 
HeiKim dez ies ditz enfeoffi^z, eions relpssoz et quiet clnincK 
pur noa et noz lieiraK tout noslre droit et clainez que uous 
avona en touted nianoiTs, terres, tenemotiteB, rentez, i-everniona 
et services auiitdifces. Et combien que noa ditz clmrtre eb 
relesse estoient faitz simpleniont et r!liik condicon, nicnttnmns 
nuna volons et prions a lea ditea enfeoffez qe si Dienx dc 
noua face sa mercie et nostre almo de teste inoiide paHaera, 
qilfl, et chcGCum de eux, facent et faco estate a Kateriue, 
nostre tres ame compnyne, de toiitK loz manoirs, terrGB, 
tenementz ove lour appurtonanntz deina lialo d'AxKohne, 
conteniiz en le dite feoffeidont, sufPrent et sufFre noa generalx 
attornez et deputez, en ceste nostro volunte desoubz nomea, 
lever, uoiller, i*t receivre toutes Ies i^saez, profitz, et com- 
moditM quelconqufl, aeurdanta do toutz lea antters manoira, 
terres, tenementz, rentz, reversions, et services ove lour appur- 

* John, 8th Lord Mcwbray, 4th Earl of l^ottingham. and 2nd Duke at 
Norlolk. wa,a Bdcouil son of iJia 1st Duke uf Niirfoik b_v hie seconfi wife 
Elizabeth, sister ol Tlionii(.3 Fitz.iU&n. Earl ot Ammlel, Ho was born ir 138'J. 
He sucoeedntl bm brother. Thomas Manbra.j, 3ril Enri of NottiDghani, wbo 
was bobeMlfiil in 1105 tot hie sLare in the insnnectiou Q^alnat Hoary lY. 
He wils ivt tlie siege ot Hnrtieiir and in the Fr(>ncb wftru. Hi? ili^d 19 Oct., 
1 m, and bequeathiHl his biidjr to bo buried in the Ciat«rfliaTi priory in (be iele 
ol A«holine. Hia wife whh KatherinB, daughter of Kiilph Nevile, Eart of 
WeBtmotland. She alterwftrcls married Sir Thomas SLrangveaya. Joha. Lord 
Beau moDt. and faurthty. Hiv John VVodville, brolht^r-in-law (it Edwa.rd lY. at 
thti ae" "f nearly eighty. (See Dictionary of NaiifuaL Bingraphy.) 

f Tbcro ts u luiUiur will ul Lauibetb, OhitihcLu, i, 436, wliidi tollows. 



tenaiinta en le dite feoffemeiit coiitennezj na fine el oiiluiit 
ovesqe icelx do payre et agiccr tea iioz dettea quelx per 
eaoript on dne exaiiiinacioii i] piuTuiit trtmer eetre per nous 
dnez aachun persons vivaiit ou morto deins le roialnie 
d'Engletorrt* on paralllourn; et ovesque leels ist-ues, profitz ot 
commodites plonair' faire restitucioii et greede quaiiqo iios 
avona mcNt'iilt et. a asciine pei"SQiie encontre coiieieiiB ot 
droit, Kt auxi diimosner noafcre corps jagqes a, uostro piiore 
de Newenliaiu t*ii Iti counbe de Bedd', en le quele nous 
voilloDB Dioux devant eatr© enterrea quole part© que noua 
dertions. Et apres ceo nous voillons et prions uoh ditez 
enfeffoz qe de les ditoz issues, profits, et cooinioditez ila 
anifi-ent nos ditz genet-alx attomez Batisfier et agret'r [07. 
dettez de nostro treahonoore eeigniour et pier, qi foust 
Thomas, due de Norff', et fair araesner et reporter en Engle- 
tere les oaaea <lu corpa noatre ditz Beiguioar et pier, qe 
uiiqore reposenfc a Veiijs pur son delta, et niesines les osses 
entprrer en noetre pricre de Charterhouee deins nostre lele 
d'Ajcliolm. Ovesqe niewneB les issuez, profites, et coinnioditeK 
aecompler nogtre volimte et extent touchant le dite priorie, 
quelx Toluiitu el entent renialgneitt par divers lee diteK 
Prioar eb Covent, etiselez do nostro graimdc seal, ct sem- 
blablement nvearjne les ditez isHneJi, profitez, tit CHmmoditex 
satisfier ct agruor les duttt-z de treshoncmree dame et mere 
qe feiist Elizalietli, ducheMae do Norff*, et de nostro trea 
amee frioro, qi feuat TliomaB, comtc Mareschallo. [Heye 
follows gpecial prnuiKion re manors and lands in Norfolk and 
Suffolk.^ Et pur acompliaser et en execuoion inettre ceate 
nostre volnnte par la giirvieu et advya de le8 honourablea 
piers eu Dien, Johan archevesquo d'Hverwyk, chaunceler 
d'EngleteiTe, PJiilippe eveaque d*Ely, et Wanter, sir de 
Hungreford, tresorere d'Engleterrc, on lune de eiix. Nous 
avona fait par icestes Richard Hastirnges, chivaler, Esmondo 
Wyntour, Roger Hunte, Nicholais Conyngeaton, Gerrard 
Maynell, RoberC Southwell, et Johan Alman, joynfcement et 
sereralmen C tioz generals attorneys. En teatitnoignm de 
qucle clioMB H L-este preneot darein volnnte tripartite avous 
fait mettre noatre seal. Done le xij jour de May, Ian du 
reginn le roy Heiirj.' sisme puis le conquests iSeptiHrae (1429). 

* Hec est nltinia voluntas domini Johaniiis, dueia Norffolchie, 
cuniitis Mareacliallij et de Notyngham, Aiiglie mareBcalli, elc.| 
facta apud Kppewurtli, decimo nono die mensis Octobris, anno 
njgni regis Henrici 8exti undecinio (1432), videlicet. In primis 
qaud eorpns snnm aepelietiir iii ecclesia Cartusiensi infra 

*i'ruiW at (utl lenglh in Nieholi' Ba;-B.1 Wllln, 26e. 



iiiHuluui tie A-xeliolmo in comitn-tu Liricolnie ot qaod omtiift 
dcbilu »iuiL ex c-atnllig suih int&gris i^oWaiitur. Tteni, quod 
cidtnina Kntfrina, nxnr dinti dnimni duciM, habuat oumia rasa 
8U«, aiiresi, iit^t'ntai, hivo deaurata, at" oinnm nllii oi-nainerta 
aarea, argeiitea, wive (ieaumta, «c omnia alia bona inobilia sun. 
ot ratalla, dehitis suis jjredictis |iIpno persolutis; preter qaod. 
illiid argciiitiim hivc aiirutii ciiiiu.Liiin, exifttt^iii^ iith'a nianeriain 
de KppL'Wortli teiii)n_irL- uiortis predict! duiiiiiii ducia, quad 
inter KcrvientoH oju«dt'm dumiiii uucis aecuiidiuii Jiticrociowem 
diute dnmine Kalcriiii> post inorteiii dicti doitiiui dacis par- 
ticipabilur j et prefer quod oniuKH to^o ditti domini ducis^ 
tempore mortis una iiifi'a nianerium predictitm exiateiitiw 
diHtriburiiiliir iiiiirr Htrrvieiites ])pedi(.Ujs aocuiidum discrecionem 
dicte doniiTie Kateiiiie. Bl qiiod predicta doiiiina Katerina 
habeat utl tirrmiiium vitu ^iic mauenuin de Eppeworth m 
coiiiitatii predicio t'uui suis jM^rtiiiwiciis, ac omnia alia terras et 
tenomcnta, redditu^, reversioiiea, et servioia, pascua, pastura*, 
aquaK, vivaria «ive pine-arias, chaeeas, warennaa cum suis 
pertinciiciie, ac omno8 alias commoditates predicto domino 
duel &ive alii ciiiciiniqwe nomine dit-fi dnmiin ducie, aivB ad 
opus saum iid'ra insutam prfdii-tam pertineueia sive epcct«ncia. 
Item, quod dicta doiiiina Kuteriim habuat ad tenninum vibe 
sue omnia itiaiiuria dicti domini ducit), etc., infra coniitatum 
Bboraci. It^in^ cnstolhini lioiiorin Rivo dominium de Breinbrp 
infra comitatuni Suseexic- Item, omnia caatella sive nianeria 
infra terrain de Gower in Wallia cum eiiis pertiiienciis, ac 
dominium de Gower. Item, quod Tliamas Newniarche habeat ad 
termiimm vite am* officium senescalli manerii de Eppewurtlie 
cum vadiis antiqius. Et quod Johaimea Dautre, armiger, 
habeat ad terminum vite sue decern libras argenti, aniniattm 
percipiendae de manerio de Fonifptttt' iii couiitatu Norffolchie 
ad duos anni tenninos. Item, quod JuhaiuieB Pecke liabeat ad 
termiuum vHte sue ciistodiam parci de Lopham in cotnitatu 
Norffolchie cnni feudia aiitii|ui8. Item, quod Johannes BaBset, 
anriiger, habeat ad termiuum vite sue quatuor denarios per 
diem •. . . . et quod Thomaa Hide habeat ad terminum vite sue 

trea denarioa per diem * Item, quod oranes servientes 

predicti domini ducis, habentej? littoraa suas patentes de 
njiquibus officijs sive feodis illis concessis, habendis ad 
voluubatem dicti domini ducis, liaboant, et quiUbet eorum 
liabeat, eadem officia sive feoda ad terminum vite eornndem. 
Item, quod dicta domina Katerina esistat capitaliR executrix 
testanienti dicti domini ducis oum omnibus aliU porsonis 
oxocutoribiis in ultimo testaniento dicti domini ducis iiominatis; 
(jxoepto quod Edmundus Winter non ac iiitromittat d^raciono 

■Slonks U(t In the orlglool. 


execaciotiia dicti ultiini tcstatneuti. In cujutt rci ttistimoniuiu 
predicUis dominua Ji>bHiiiiti!i, dux, huic present! ultima voluii- 
tati 8U() sigillum armuruiu suorum appoauil. 

[ProvcxI 14 Fubruiu;, liS2'a, b; the exectitrix iiuncid.J 


[Ldmbcth Willa. Reg. Chichote. i. *18.] 
In Deinomine Amen. Sept. 1, &.d. H29. Ego, WiUetmua, 
Karleolensis episcopue^ sanns mentis et plene Hciencie, licet 
egritadin© corporis ag^v&tua, condo teetamentum meam in 
hunc itiudum. In pnmia, lego animam meum Deo, Beate 
Marie, tt ODiiiibim Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliondura in 
ecclesia panmhiali B<'ate Marie Karleoli, videlicet, in quadam 
cantaria fvindata in honorc Sancte Katerine ; «t pro exhifoicioo« 
unius capellani celebratiiri in eadeni cantaria viginti librae, ita 
quod dictiis cnp^llaniirs percipiet singulis annis nltra fructws 
uicto caiitarie qi]iiK|UB marcaa, qiiuusque dicta sninina xx 
libra.rum totaliter expendsitur ; sub ea tamen condicione quod 
talis ordirietur capellajitis in dicta cantaria seeiiiidum dispo- 
sicionem oxecutorum m&orum qui celebr&re ibidem poasit 
in anima mea in forma siipradicta. Item, lego ecclesie 
cath«drali Beatt- Marie KarlooU unam ymagincm rcsurroccionie 
de argento. Item, Fratribus PredtcaUiribuM et MinoribuH 
Karliolensibaa xiije. iiij d. per ©quales povcionea. Item, lego 
Hugoni, consanguineo meo, esistenti London., ouiTiia tierrRJi et 
toneraenta meo-iu Shirjnton, quehabuideThoma Bekyngham, 
sab ea condiciuae quud dictua Hugo vuliierit iu ommbujt rt-gi 
et gubemari secundum consilium et urdiuacionem domini 
AJexandri Cok^archidiacoiiiKatlBolensiB; Bt, si continga.t quud 
dictue Hugo, consaugiiineiis meua, noluorit regi vel giiberaari 
seciinduni coiiBilium et ordinacioneui dicti doniiiii Alexandri, 
tunc volo quod diota torre et tenementa vendantur et dia- 
ponantur [secundum] ordinacioiiem et dinposicionenisupradicti 
Alexandri domini archidiacom.t Item, volo quod Kobertus 
Wraby babeat fimiam dictormn ten-arum et tenementurum per 
spaciuiii trium annorum pioxiine eequencium, sub ea condiciono 
quod voluerit gubonian secundum consilium pretati domini 
Alexandri. Item, lego cuilibet generoeo servienti michi xls. 
Item, lego Siraoui Marbery v niai-cas. Item, Joliainii de 
Chatnbre v marcas. Itcm^ Johaimi Wod v marcas. Item, 
Johaniii Burton ile. Item, Willelmo Matbew v marcas. 
Item, Katerino, Borori mee, de ornainontis et vestimentis meis 
ad valorem x niarcnrum. Hec omnia fiant, ai iieri potcrunt, 
debitis mcis primitns persolntiB. Item, lego domino Roberto 

* Wiltiiuu Bocru^w, Diabup vf CmIuIc, llSa-9 ; tiuiuJtttod Uom JBuisiw. 
t Written -d'ai A." 



SomerootOR porvura caiicem dcauratum pt antiqn[tj]m porti- 
phorum (su) ineiira. Item, domino Jutmuni vSiwarde porti- 
pborum [ik) lueiim novum. Item, domino WUlehno Croxton 
capeliftno iinuTn aniiliiiTi aareiim. Item, magistru Johaoni 
Daltoik uiiuRi anuluin aurtum f<ocuiidarinm. Item, domino 
AJexandro Cok' iinum aiiulum aureimi cum saphiro, qnem 
habui ex dono opiscopi Liiicobueusis, et sex coclearia argentea 
et deaurata et otnneR UbroH meun de jure caiionico. Et 
residuum omninm bonoruni meorum do et lego prenoininato 
domino Alexandre Cok, archidiaconn Karleolensi, et doniino 
Roberto Somorcotoa, ad disponendnm eccutidum diecrecioneni 
auam, et eoadem dominnm Alexaiidruiii et Rabertiim ordino et 
constitao executores moos. Biis toatibua, ma-giatro Johaime 
Dalton, domino Johanne Colby, domino Johanne Sywai-de, 
Simone Marbery, Johanne Wod, Roberto Wraby, Thoma 
Bromfeld, et aliis, 

[t^oved 10 Uvah, 1129-20, hj Itobert Somercotes, wilh puwer r^SQrrad.J 

[LuHctiani, 17.) 

Die S. Andree (30 Not.), 1431. Johannes Hertylpole, 
rector ecclesiarum de Bjngham et Sondore. Lego corpus 
meum ad sepeliendum in cancello altorius ecclesiarum PTC- 
dictarum, si prope atteram eorundem per xv miliaruin decBiiim. 
Ad faciendum ozec(uia8 meas absque ponipa in distribucione 
panperum, xl li.* Cni capellano in ecclesia de Gaynesburg per 
tmum annum, ot nm alio capellano in dicta ecclesia de Brygliam 
(*tc) per qnataui- annos mlssam de Reqaiein singulis diebus 
Lune et Veneris celebraturo [etc.]. Cuilibet capellanorum pre- 
dictorum apiid Weston ot Gayniesbnrgh vij marcas, et apud 
Brygham, x niarcas. Lego Roberto, fratri meo, xx li., unatii 
peciam argenti emu coopertoriu, super pedes staiitfm, dnas 
polvca cum laracris, unum lectum meum de worstcde paliatum, 
unam lungam ciatam nigram, et aliam novam apud Sondoye 
{sic), duo magna rekkes, et ij magna verua, in casu quo decedam 
ante ipsiim. Johanni Gunby, armigcro, unam peciam cam 
coopertorio cum yraagine Sancti Johannia Baptiate et uuam 
aquariara deanratam. Hugoni Helweys unam parvam peciam 
argenti cum coopertorio et xls. Thome Smyth, clerico, unam 
parvam peciam deauratnm cum coopertoriu stnntem,et duasaliau 
pecias deaaratas de una Borte sine coopertoriis. In diBtribucione 
pauperum parochianoruin de "Weston, c s. Summo alCari 
ibidem j missale et unum veatimentum precii xij marcarum. 
Summo altari de Melles unam oapam precii c s. Pauperibua 

* Lu^; ui Carthuaiiius of Loodsn, etC', omitted. 



ibidem c«. dietribuendos. Fabrice eoclesie do Brjghuin ct 
capellrnifiB] ibidem, xx li. Paupepihus partichianis ibidem. 
X murcaa per Hupervisiun Willelmi Stapilton et Alexandri 
MeiTOr. Ecclesie cathedra li ile Horford uiiam capani prpcii c s. 
liccicsio de Gayneaburgb luium vestinientum precii x umr- 
canim. Abbati de Glastnn duas pbioUisdeaiiratas- Willehno 
Dent, sementi moo, unain niiigniiiti poctani argpnti dc mniieta 
Pareys emu cotjpwturlo, ot imam iibiim peciam ergenti v,«m 
coopertorio, et unatn nUnm deaiiratam cum coopertoiio, do 
quibiis cotnmuiiiter sorvitur; nnum IpctiUH integrum do 
woratedo ciun coopertorio de bokeram, jti qnu jticeo, j niatcrns, 
unum boil urn covei-Iyte cum tapite de opere tapster', ij 
blanket-tea de fustian, duas carentinillas, trin paria linttiia- 
minum, duo manutergia bona, duo coverlytz, ij ciiiidRlahra de 
auricalcct, miam ollani eneam, uiiam pat^Uam aeciuidani pcist 
magnam, vj discos, vj salsaria, vj piirapsidrs, et nnum clifiurjjrur 
de electro, duas andtuiaa ptirviLB, j cu.|jburd, et omnia scahclla 
luoa apud Londunias, j trucliiam, imuni frixorium, j cult(>lbtm 
porroctmuj tria vcma fcrrca, vj ■eusshynys, dun batitjueris do 
worstedo cum toto anbirict de worstedo de le parlour, inmiii 
olliim tlectrimim, j eathedmin longflm, ac Jtxii., neciioii umtm 
pelvini rotuiidam pro rsisurti, ct aliain polvim cum lavacrn, 
unnm ci»tam meam, fcrro undiqiie ligatani, ufc aliam cistam do 
Flaunders, que aunt apud Wewlon, xij cocliaria argtsntca, 
j magnum aalarium argeiiteiiJi) cum coopertorio, de quu michi 
cotidie aervitur, et ij bordelotbys. Janyn, servioiiti moo, 
X marcas, etc. Ricurdo Hodak* de Giiyiicsburgli, capeflann, 
quatuor uhtas bont panni lanei niui. Lego omnea abas togas 
meaa et j cisiiridem fun-unitam, inter paupercs scohiruH 
Oxonionsea graduatos diatribuondaB, Alicie, iiiiper [?«iori] 
Walton, fratris mei, xls. Priori do Caldewol], piitrono mro, 
X li. ill auxibum ruparaeionis olau^tri siii. Wiilebnu Preatwyk, 
clerico, unum magnum salarium argcuti cinuc(Kipertorio,et duaa 
olta^ argenti. Niebobin Newton, cl^prico meo, cs., unam peciam 
deaarntam, Tocatani Gourd', et lectiiui mciim de tapetoria 
quern emi de executoi-ibus Ricardi Colinan, Jobaiini, cognate 
meo, sxH., ad inveniendam ipsum Universitati OxonJonsi vel 
Cantab riggienai, unum librum de Piipilla oeuli, unnm Hbrum 
de diversis tractatibiis, ct aiiud de Omeliia Sancti (Jregorii, 
i misaale, unum calicem, unum corporale et unum veBtimentiim 
mea apud Londonias. Volo quod pRalterium meum gJosntiuu 
vendatur alicui personi {sic), plus offeronti pro eodem, et do 
pecuniis inde provenieutibua ibi eeu vcstimcnta. mea emantur 
et ecctesia de Glaynesburgb imperpetuam {ate) raemoriam pro 
anima mea et Johanuis Spryngthorp donentur. Et dictoa 
Willebnum Prestwik, Thomam Sraytb, Niobolaum, Robertum, 


ut Willo'mum Dent, oxeciitores iucvk facio. 'IWlibii*, Johanno 
Frank', Johaniio Mftnyltoii, itiagistn) Nifhulao Slokys, 
Nicbolao WjinbiisaKo, Roborto Montcr. Patura Londmiis. 
[trovea 17 Nov., 1432.] 

Xlil. THK WILL OF UOUKKT ITI'/IlUini, JtltillDP OV I.011D0H.* 

[LuDbcth Willi, Ucg. Chichelo, i, 457.] 

In I>ei nomino Amen. Cum breves dies hominia sint et 

at)ii(l Deiira xoliim sit iiuniBrii.s mensLiiiii ejus, Qui inpreteribiles 

vite torminoa cunnlituit tn ortal ibii.s uiiiver.'iis, ne, oiim vonerit 

qimai fur dies Domitii sonneritque nitchi U'rribilia i\}e mortis 

clangor, cailucis ct momentancie oxteriorum curis cogatur 

animtu iinjilicari, ego, Kobfrtas, iniitilis ecclesid I^mdimionMia 

minister, vocatus episcopus de apeciali eanctiesimi domini 

Eugenii dii'ina proviJeiicia pnpe quarri licencia, vive vocis 

oracnlo tnJchi data, condu te^tatnentuin meum et nK-am rolrni- 

tateui uUimaiu per bunc moduin. In primiH, li^gu aiiuiiam 

mcain Doo Oinnipotcuti, oreatori sao, et Ejus misericordie 

infinite, corpustiur meum aGpclitindum, si in Angli» vel prope 

nd trea dietiia me mori cyntigerit, in ectlesia Sancti PauU 

.XioodoD., supra choriim ante jiiagniim altare, si non per nie 

iCOutiDgat priuK fabricari do novo sedi'm episcupalem, eiib qua, 

|eo casu, sepiliri, si cougrue fieri pttLerit, volo et opto. Item, 

Tolo quod poat funeralia mea que, salva lioneatate ecclesie. 

Bant nee pompose, de nmnibus bonis ineis priiiio debita niea 

?or8olvantur plenarie. Item ot po-st hoc, lego ecdesie Saneti 
auli Loudon, initram et omnia insignia mea puntifi faba preter 
Biiuium meiim poiititicaleni, quern super capsam Saneti 
Erkuiiwuldi iigi ut ibidem romanere inipevpetiimn volo, de illo 
anulo dice quern a domiuio Venetorum habui. Item, lego eidem 
ecclesie vestimentum cum apparatu diaconi et subdiaconi que 
a domino et patre me'i It^gata habui. Item, si anteqnam ad 
Basileamt veuero, vel aut^^tquani t-quoa iaeu» aut remisBro aut 
veudidero, me mori contiiigat, lego cuitibetfamiliariummeorum 
equum quem equitat, et cuilibet scutiferu xls., eurbbet valutto 
vigiuti aolidos, ac ouibbet inferiori servient! meo proprio 
xiijs. iiijd. Item, lego Willelmo Egnianlon portiphorium meum 
parvmn et mians miasale, ao unum nppnratum misse pro 
sacerdote, et Hbrum qui dicitur PupiUa oculi. Item, lego 
magistro WiUeirao Klot Bibliam raeam minorem. Item, lego 
eidem librum qui dicitur Siimma Oonfensuritm, ac parvuni 

* Boo at Benry, (third) Lord PhzlitiiTh of narenswortfa, hj EliKabelli 
Mannifln, Wcchm at Tnndeltl. MbbIbt of KinK'n HaU, flftnibridge. Chancdlor. 
Bishop of Loadon, 10 Sopt., 1431. Uuried in St. FauI'b Cathudi*]. C^^ 
Ilietioiiari/ of National Bio^/rapki/.] 

tThi) Counfit «1 BiUc ml frotn 38 Juljr. U31, t4 Maj, 1413. 



libelUiiii, j^cilicot. Mores Benodicti. Item, lego mag^iatro Roberto 
Galyon, (;jinpellario moo, UQum ciphum argonteum et deam-atnin 
coopertiim, ot limpliiitoriiiiu deftomtiim pro aqua. Item, logo 
magLStfo Thome Mopdon.eeiiesLmllo liospicii mei,umtm iiasMiimm 
8CI1 pulvim cum aquarin de argcnto, uimiii cijibuiri »rgent«UTn 
donuriitum cooportuni, iiDaui caiiieram intogruni cum lectn de 
viridi. Item, legd Willelino Hi>lgraye,civi etdrapwrio London., 
SdeliHtiimo amtco et Bcrritori meo, unam csimevam cum luctu 
integram de riibeo, uiiarn ollam argenttiam, unum ripbiim 
argenteiiiii cooportuin, et xx li. Itom, Ipgo Matilde, iixori aut*, 
nnum ciphuiii argenteurn coopertnin et xij cocliaria argeiitea. 
Item, lego domino Fitzhugli, fratri meo, lectiim mouni do 
tapstriwcrkc rum leonibus et pelicano siiporius, Item, lego 
surori mce, iixori ejus, par preciim de corelLo cum gaudys tie 
auro, et optimum anuliim nieam. Item, lego cuilibet sororum 
mettrum unum aniilum geminatam. Residuum vero bonoioim 
meorum do et logo magistro Roberto tialyon, tnagistro Thome 
Mordon, WilleltDO Egmanton, Roberto Danby, et Willelmo 
Holgrave, quos con.ititiio liujuH inei testamenti et moe ultime 
volnntatift executores, lit ipsi de eisdem bonis disponant pro 
ealutc aiiime mee in missis et elenioninis ac aliiM piia operibus. 
Id cujus rei te^dmoniuni koc preseiis teijtHineiitum meum manu 
mca acripsi et sigillo meo signavi. Dat, Oovorrie, xv Junii, 
A.D. 1434. Item, lego Roberto Banby prefafco uTium [eiphum] 
argentoum cwopertum, vocatum thu lipXle, et ad foxraam cainpaue 
fopmatniD. Item, logo librarie comrauni Universitatia Caiile- 
brigie Texium Morfiliuiii PhUosopkie. Item, Oodcton super 
quaiuoT libTo* senteneiarum. Item, lego ecclesio Christi Cmi- 
tuarie e^posicioncin dr PatrtlV titter Itbriim Numeri et Ruth. 
Item, unum aulare seu HppHnilum de rubeo worstode pro aula, 
que vo(.^atur \je iahlis vel tnisoriccjrdia, in qua comeduiit monaelii 
carries, videlicet, extra refectoriinn. Item, logo Galfrido frati-i 
meo, militt, vj disco's nrgeuteos, iij saUaria, unam olUim 
argentoam, uuum ciphiim argenteum deaiirfltum cnopertum. 
Item, lego magiatro Waltero Belt librum de Pastoribux, 
Omelijx, Dialoifig, d super Caiilica, in uno volumiiie. 

(ProTwl 13 P«b., li3o-6, hj tke exeAatom lUUiMd.] 

{Liillenftm, ao.] 

6 Nov., 1435. Robertus Frende de Houeden, canoiiicus. 
Lego !id eccleaiam Bea,te Marie de Waltham sumrao aliari 
unum librum miasale, calicem, et meum veatbnentuin sacer* 
dotale, in honore Dei et Beate Marie, et antifenarium (aie) 
meum remanena in choro ejusdem ecclesie. Do unum gnidalo 
ad eticlcsiam in qua baptizalus f oi. Du Rlcardo, cousanguineo 



raeo, nni exec ii tor nni nieurum, (jiiitiiii iltii li'iiL'iii(>nta [iuh hubeo 
iiifiu duiiiiiiiii. do Houedeii et Cotiiesse in Dumiiatu Ebor., ftC 
oiiiniii ilia tenempiitH que descondobnnt jure hereditario in 
partialis Hustralilms, videlicet, in villiL Tocata Brenaby, et 
omnia carucas, plnustra, carectaavum Huis teiiementia (nc), tani 
cum equis qu»in cum bobiis, apitd Waltbfim ct Cctnosse, et 
oraniii utileittiii, moa apiid Hnufdmi et Wiilthmn. Jobanni 
GargniVL* j cnitLTiiin fum cuoportomi nrgeiiti. Roberto 
ConnestBbli' unaiii abain peciaui cum ooapei'torio de iirgento. 
Stepbatin, servit'iiti meo, pro ainj bonu servicio niichi facto, 
K li. Jithnnni Sharp, iiieo faniulo, x li et anutii gregiura eqoimi 
dim sella. Willebiiu Gye, clerico meo, x jiiarcaa et alium 
equum meiiiri, bay ccilnria, cum sella. Willebno Astby meum 
portativum iite luiiiistram fieri BHcerdotem* pru Rua diligcnti 
labore [in] infirniitatu mua, ut ut ipsu diliguntur (piutidiL'! pro 
me ad Ucum oraret. Ricai-do Lavorok de Houudeii, eervienti 
meo, xIb. Willebno Kesteron et Agneti, uxori ejus, xls. 
Thome Laayiig, sei-vk-iiti meo, vj s. viij d. Besiduimi bonorum 
meorum du Jobanni Gargrave, Roboi'to Coiniestable, et 
Bicnrdn predicto, executoribus meis. Datum apud Sonnynges. 

lE'mvad Id Dec, 14^5, by Itii^lijLrd Arueeby, kiuHrtuLn ot the (leceaeed, 
wttli iHiwLir I'esti'vtia, uUi.] 


alius CLABK, OF MVOS. 

[Bous, 16.] 

I Mart'li, 1440-1. Couimisaion insued to John Almayiie, 
kinsman oE tbc deceased. 


(.Boub, IS.] 
1 1 Marcii, 1442-3. Robertas Liimbton de Lambton in 
episcopatu Dunelmensi, geiitiluian. Sep. in ecclesia domi 
iratrum Camelitftrum Londiti., juxta sepidturam Willeli 
Lambton, patris mci. Fabrice ejiisdeiii ecclesie, x\s. AdJ 
inveniendum unum capc'llainini,Fratrwiii Carmelitanun,ojusdein' 
doinns, ad celebrandum in eadem ecclesia per uimm aiiiinin 
integmni x marcag.t Lego societati mee in Furnivales- 
jTine, London., sx s. WillLOmu Warner, civi et cisBori 
London., et Criatine, uxori cjua, c a. Perdono Jobanni 
GrymstoiiB, civi et pellipario London., debitum quod inicbi 
debet. Johanni Hitte, servienti BJus, noper Bervienti meo, ss 8. 
et meam zonam de sei-ico, hemesitam cum argento. Jubauiiej 

* Me m'ifltr' fieri aac'J'. 
t Iiei;a«i»« to Ht. Dnnstiui'N-in'I'lat* strata, and 81, Andrew's. Holbcta, omitted. 



uxori raee, cli., et omnin hiistiliiioiita, ntensilia, pt necesaarift 
aitle, camere, cotiuiue, ot piiivcrie nieu, in Lambtou, tarn m 
jocnlibui) quam iu aliis rebu» quibuiicmnquti, oisduui epectan- 
tibus, mea maxima pc;fia argoiiti stanto coopprta tantuinmodo 
excepta. Jnhaniie Ki'therntaynhagh' vidue, x li. Tlifuiie, Hlio 
ejusdeiTi Johamie, x 11. Ciiilibet fratiiirii ejuadein Thome, xla. 
Pardoao ouUibct tenencium meoruin Uitiim debitum quod michi 
debet. Joharml Wright, servieiiti meu, de Lambton, c». 
Johanui Tomson, xl 8. Oda.rdu TouiHon, ix a. Roberto Paper, 
xls., et meuui uquuin iiigrum mnnnciilum. Thome Taylor, 
siij s. iiij d. Mai^arete Forster, eervionti mefl, xls. Mar- 
garete, hlie '[blanh] Hucbeiisoii, xiij a. iiij d. Alicia Wrjgbt, 
xiij B. liij d. Roberto Bratiiigliaia et uxori ejus, xla. 
Odardo Sjmson, aervienti meo, x li, et meuiii bawdryK iirgenti. 
Willt'lmu Dryclj-ff et uxori ejus, xx a. Cuilibet fiHoloruin 
iiieonmi, vje. viij d. Sinnmo altari eccleeie de Cheeteb in 
spificopatu predieto, xx s. Cuilibet capellano ejnsdom 
eccleeie, ad esurandum pro aiiima inea, iij s. iiij d., et ntriquo 
clericorum psLrofhialiaai ibidtiin, xxd. Ad inveiiiondmn utiuiii 
capellanum €ol«bratiirum in preclicta ecclesia di3 Ohester per 
tres annoa integros, xvj li. ThomaBine Bothe, t: a. Ahoio 
Larabttin, sorori inee, tain pro parte mea cjiiam pro toto legato 
ppr palrom mt<iiia eibi fiiL-tOj e li. Jolmmii Lainbton, fratri 
irieo, iiiiliti de Rodes, c marcas. Willelmo Lambton,* fratri 
meo, XX li. Perdono Thomo Lambtun, fnitri meo, totiiin 
debitum quod itiichi debet, et lego eidem, cb., ot pradictain 
peciam meam stantem. Johanni Nicol«oii, clerico meo, xxi^. 
Roberto White, xxs. Pordomt tTohaiini Solet eb Henrico 
Smyth totum qaod michi debent. Quoad omnia animalta 
mea, per me q«iuii8CHiiq[ue prestita, do eadem ea liabentibuB ad 
indo faciendum suam hberam v^lantatem. Thome Poiicher, 
civi et nurifabro London., x maruaa. Bosidnum omnium 
bonorum ineorum do executoribna meia ad diBpoiiendom pro 
anitna mea; et facio meos execufcores predictum Willelmuui 
Lambton, fratrem meum, Johannem Borell', gentilman, 
Kobertum Milno, clericnm, et predictum Odardnm Syiusoii ; et 
superviaores istiua testamenti, dominum Wiltelmuni, Linculnie 
episcopuin,t et Radulphum, dominum de Cromwell, theaau- 
rarium Anglie, 

[[^ved 9 April, 1448, by the sfcid William LwBbton-] 

' Son f>f William J.^mbtan of Luublon. He (ii«d nithont JMue. Jnm liia 
brother, wba euoBaedsd liini, tbo Earl ot Sarlum dsHoends in direct male line. 
f Williun Alnwick. 




[Qoiju. 19.] 
17 Jnn., 1168-7, London. Petrus de Tastur*, prepnsitn.s 
ecclesie collegiate Bt-ati Joliannis Beverlacensis, commeiida 

finiintiin meam Sanctissiine Trinitati j B^atis Michaeli, 

Gubriuti, Uaphaeli, et oinnibuii sanciis et arctiangelis, priiicipi 
apo^tolorum Petro, doctori genciam Paulo, Beato johanni 
Evangelist*, Jacobo et Aiittree, ceterisr|ue Rpostolis et evan- 
g-elistis, Boatin Stephano, Laiirencio, VLnccncio, Satumino, 
gluriositi marliribus, et toti curie celestimri ciTiuni, cum Deo 
jiig-iter rei^itanc'iuni. Volo corpus lueuin sepefiri deliere in 
©ccltsia Beati Jacobi de Garlektiitbe, Loiidun., et hoo si 
contingnt me obire in civitato London.; hoc excepto ^iiod, bi 
oontingat me mori in iloino Ordiiiia Fratrum Heremitaram 
Sancti AiigTuttini, volo omniniodo sepeliri in ecclesia ipsonwn 
Fratnuu Luiidoii. Sed si cuntingat me obire in aliquo bene- 

I flcioriun moorum, tano ibidt>m volo aepeliri ubi conhnget me 
decedere. Voli» quod, die sepulture mee, sen postqiiam cito 
noticiiL moi dccossus ad ciecntorcs mooa poi-venerit, distii- 
buantur in t'Uiiii((sini?i,BXfMjuiL'i,t-'t Jiiiw uperibnM,ix !i. Fratribus 
do Ordine Prcdicatomm, London., xXH.t VliIo quod 6ant 

'exequie mortuorum dio tiicesimo et fine anni primi cjuo fnera 
defunctus in loco sepulture mee. Nolo tamen qnod fiant 
expynne iiiutildR pro aliqua pompa umndana, sed solum pro 
ministris eoclesie et De^i paup«ribus. Volo qnod ematurunum 
apparamentmii sacerdotale, quod Anglice appellatur a svte, 
videlicet, tros cape, duo rocheti, et alia necessaria, ad valorem 
XX li., et quod detur eccleaie mee de Leighton fiusard. Gidom 
ecclesio miasale mcum optimum, pro quo solvi xij morcas, at 
remoneat perpetuo in dicta ecclesia. Volo quod eioantur dno 
antiphonarii ad valorem viij marcarnm, et ambo dentnr ad 
HBrvicium ecclesie uiee de C'liartliam in Katicia. Volo qnod 
ematnr unnni missale ad valorem x marcarum, et qnoA detiir 
ecc'ejtie de Cliartbam. Willelmo Pyiit-ii, sorvituri meo, xli. 
Domiiio Haymundo Bernard, pre^bitoro, meum portiforiom 
alias portuoHH, pro qunsolviviij uiarcas. Item, ordino quod calix 
mens dctur ad aerviciuui ipsiub ecclesie in qua corpus meam 
contigerit sepeliri. Johanni Gaiicem, servitoii meo, xvli. [etf 
mclioreni lectuiu meum cum imo coopertdrio de tapiesaria, 
quod habeo in domo, cum curtinie meis ©t sobreseu melioribuM, 
[necnon] mium oipbum deauratnm, stantem supra fcres pedes. 

' P«ter T&ster. ile&n ot St. Savien, Baideau:^, was oollatecl to tfae provofltr; 
ot Beverley bj Aicbbixhop HevilLo on Hepl, 29, 14'jS ilitg.. Qt/jruit iftvilU, 
to, 3cl]. There in an o.ooounl ul him in tKe BevcrUy ChtipUr Act Bavk, ii. p. xcl. 

tLcgBolcs to the trlnre of nil the other orders in LQDdon, and la thu 
prisoners o( the King's Benoh PriBon, etc, 




qoem emi ab iixore Willelnii de Lima. PhiKppo de In Plassa, 
serTitori myo, xli. Volo quod in BccIeHiu. in qaa contiiiget 
corpus menm »epeliri ordinetur unu« presbiter, qui ibidem 
sorviat in diviniM otEciis per spaciuni quinqin? annorum, datie 
preebitero hajas^modi pro singulis aniiia x marcis. Volo quod 
in ecclp«ift raen di? Cbartliain ordiiietiip nnus sticerdos qui 
ibidem per triennium residoat et eidem eccleeie in divinia 
deservittt offiniiH ntincum aliis, ita tameii quod duobus priinia 
aniiiH celebret in predicta ecclesiai et tercio anno dumtaxat 
eelehret in capella. de Horton, ab ecclesia supradicta 
dependent!; ct Imjusmodi proabitero singulis annis dentur 
X niarce; et in boc preferatur presbiter saus serrlena apiid 
Charthnm. Ecclesie mee quondam Sancti Jacobi de Garlek- 
hithe, London., xsb'., guas volo expendi in reparacionibus et 
omamentia, eidem ocolesie nec&aaariis; prime solutis tamen 
decem libris c|ua« dicta ■ecclenia michi debet ex iiiutuo pro 
reparacione cantarie vocate Oxenford. Georgio Bnshett, 
servitori meo, xxii,, pro gratiiitis serviciia per ipnuiii michi 
impeiiais. Item, plus unam obligacionem Thome Fox. Item, 
volo quod eniatur units calix deauratus, pmideris tiium 
marcarnm de Tn>ia, ad aervicium Dei in ecclesia mea de 
Westbedwyn, in comit-atu Wiltabitie. Volo quod frater 
Nandinua, Ordinia Hereniitarum, nacione Bm*degalensi, babeat 
de bonis meis iiij nnbiliJi. Willetmo Gassias, scolari, nepoti 
meo, Hbram meuni Deoretornm, Decietales, Sextum, et C!e- 
mentinai^ meas melioK's, [ot] xx raaroas. Willelmo Persdon, 
semtori meo, x niarcaa. Wiiielmo Barbor, servitori meo, iij li, 
Willelmo Pwtitt, servitori meo, iiij marcaK. WiUelma Drury, 
aemfrori moo, xlft. Servitori meo, Gilberto, xx a. Ricardo 
de Beverlaco, servitori meo, xs s. Ricardo de Kancia, ciiHtodi 
equormn meonim, xxs. Volo quod Bic-ardus Cbaniok, pner 
meuH, teneatur fid scola« gi-atniiiatiL'aU's per bienniuin expenait* 
meis, et qnod nutriatur et vestiatur honeste de bonis meis, dnm 
tamen fnerit in servtcio meo tempore mortis mee. Henrico, 
coco meo, xxs. Facio execntoree meos raagiatrum Thomam 
Kent, ntrinsque juris doctorem, Willelmum Essex, rememora- 
torem domini nostri roffia, magistruni Guilielmnm de Lacuna, 
juris canonici batratlarinm, donnimm Raymuiidum Bornard, 
presbitenim, et Jobannem Gauceni servitores meoa. Rogo 
tamen eoa quod si aliqua bona retttant, complete iato men 
t^stamento, qood habeant respectum ad benefieia mea in dis- 
tribucione ipsorum et ad pauperes Christi et ad servitoi-es 
meos. Volo quod de bonis Bartholomei de Albornia deutur 
XX li., intra bona mea exiHtentes, reverendo frafcri, Dominico 
do Scog'nmanno, magistro in theologia, ad orandum pro aninia 
ejoadem Bartbolomoi, Ordiuii Heremitarum Sancti Aupustiui, 



ail quotl fnt'ionduiii coiiaeiiait ATniineu Bertet cotixocufcor meufi 
ill bonis dicti Bai-thulomoi. Magiatco Guillelmo de LiipiinR 
lilinua numm BibHe, ad orandiun pm aiiirna iiiea. Raymuudo 
KiDuen, moranti Calesii, x li, MGmtirandnm quod de bonis 
Bartlinlnniei de All»eriiia delittemvi doiriinn de Keridnll, filio 
domiiii capitalis, dum idpin doniiniis do Kendall erat Loiidoii.j 
1 marctiB, ut miclii Tidetur pro bono paciB ot confiruincione 
bonorum jirt'diL-ti Bai'tholoiayi, quia prediL-tiia dominus de 
Kendall prctpadobat «(! Iiahcrc iiiteifi<pe in huiuemodi bonis; 
Buper hoc titmen non sum certiis, eed dubito aliqnsLiido an pro 
conseiTacione boiiormn nieonim qwiii idem duminus de Kertdalt 
a me inteiidebsit petere mutito pocuniaa, eidem domino 
rdelibeniTerini predictas 1 marcas, hinc esfc volo qiind de bonis 
meiK propriiti distribuantur pro salute animainiin predict! 
Bartholomei et mei ipsins I marce. 

[Proved 13 July, 1*67.] 

[Luffemun, 85.] 
27 Mar., 1448. Agnoa Stiipilton, vidua, imper uxor Bnani 
Sfcapilton,inilitiR. Logo corjjus mcnm acpelieiiduni in ecclesia 
Fpntnnii Predicatomm in eivitnte Eboracensi juxta Bepnlturam 
dicti Briani. Priori dicte doiiiua rniarcaa. Ad disbribuendum 
intor pauperes die aapnltiiTP moe, xxxiijs. iiijd.t Fratribus 
Ordiiiis Augustinensin in Staunford, xa. Cuilibet fpiatnor Ordi- 
niim Fnitruin in Lincolnia,vJH.viijd. Citilibct domomm vocata- 
riun CliarterlioHne-s in Anglia, xxxiijfl. iiij d. Miuistratori et 
Fratribus domua Sancti Roberti in Knaslmrgh, sz s. Jobanni 
Tyinble, oapellano, vj a. riij d. Johanni, capellano in capella 
Boate Marie Magdalene in Ebornco, vj a. viij d. Jonanni 
Witton, capellano, siij a. iiij d. Ad dintrihuenduni inter 
viginti alioH capellanos, vj a. iniid. Fratri Johamu Orre de 
duino Fratnini Predicatorum in Eboraco, vj a. viij d. Fratri 
Johauni Tlmrlowe, vjs- viij d. Abbatiaae de Donii«y, unam 
crucifixem («wr) et unum Hbrum de Frensshe. Monialibua de 
Synynghwayte, xx s.., et libruiii meum vocatnm Bonaventure. 
Monialibua de Artliyngton, xxs. et librum meiini vocatum 
Prik of congnence. Mouialibua de AyBahehnlt, xx 9. et librum 
meum vocatmn Ohasiifitjng of goddeachildem. Monialibua de 
Nunne Monkton, xxs., et libntm meam rocatam Vice and 

'Dfto^hUr and heiress of Bir Jolin Oodard, itn-d widow of Uir Brian 
Stapletoa ot Carlton, nlia died 1417 And vv^a buri«d in tbe Chnitfb e>t the 
Fridre Preachers Rt York. She had n son Sir firiftn. s dnnghter Elizabeth 
who murried Hlr William Plumpton, and a daughter Joan vim married Str 
WUliatu liiitleby. 

t Le|juQi«i Lo olher trUta omllbed. 



Virtues. Domine Johanno Ynggelby, fiUe laee, anam mantu-H am 
furratum cuin meiiyvero, duo optuoa men capue)&, j burbe et 
j kerchief ile k>Tape et j orymi!!' kerchief. Ma-tilde Wadesley, 
snrori mee, iiieam optLaia.[u togam fsirratam cum meiiyvere efc 
meain tjeUam cum novo apparatu. Willelmo Pluinptou, militi, 
uniim libruni cum Oriaonx. Boberto Pliimpton, filio ojusdem 
WiUelrai, iinum magnum yverycombe. WiUetmo Pluiupton, 
filio dicti Willelnii Pliiiapfcon, meum magnum psatterium. 
Margareto IJarel] ununi par de tyres cum diiobas paribus de 
tidges, et nanm parvaiii cistam coupertaui cum piiiino operato 
in le stole, Jsabelle Pliunptoii, imam latam zonum de nigro 
serico, ganiiaatam cimi argento deauratu, ct meaui parvam 
tnurram. Agneti Plumpton, un&m nigram zonam, gamisatam 
cum argento deaurato, unuin Ubriim de Frenssho. Elizabothe 
et Jobamie Plumpton nnam zonam de blodio et anam zonam 
de nigro serico, gamisatas cum argento deaurato. Agneti 
Ynggtjiby, tneum primarium cum duobua clapsifl {sic). Elene 
Yiiggelby, raouiii librum de Frensshe de Vita Sanctorum. 
Katerine Yngelby decern opei-a de peerle. Johanni Yngelby 
nnnm par prtoum de argento cum gaudeia deauratis. laabelle 
Thwate unnin par precom de coral lo oiim gaudeis de auro. 
Magistro (Jeopgio Plumpton unimi anuium de auru cum 
ij yraaginibu3 in eodem. Elizabetbe Bekwyth nnum eor de 
auro eiiitmeld cum blodio et iiigi-o. Domine EliKabethe 
Maadesley tinam flBmmiolam de lawne, unam de Rnynes, et 
daas de sinal barbes, et unum anuium de auio cum yroB-giae 
Trinitatia. Facio executorea raeos dominam Johannam 
Ynggelby,viduam,eti Brianum Stapilton^miHtHm, filium moum. 

[PiDvei 1 April, 1448, hj Sir Bri^n Stapillun, with pawet NHrved, etc.] 

[Lambeth WiUa, Beg. SUffoi-d, no.J 
In Dei nomine Amen. Die Sabbati, xxAriij* die mensis 
Decembria, a.d. m''cccc"'"xlviij, ego Robertna Roos, miles, 
filius Wiil^lmi, nuper domini de Roos, etu., compos meutis et 
sane memorie, condo teatamentiim raeiim in luinc modum. 
In primis, lego meam Deo Omnipoteiiti, Bente Man©, 
et omnibus Siincfcis ejas, et corpua meum aepulieudum in 
occlesia Beate Marie de PipeweLIe, in diocesi Linooloie; ad 
caJDB honorem dicte ecoleaie Beate Mario do et lego uaam 
magnam erncem argenteara et deauratam, et duo candelabra 
argentea. magna cum duobu^ Golia argenbeis, simul cuia uno 
veatimento aacerdotalij diacomiK, et subdiaconali, videlicet, 

• Probably son of Willium, Mventh Lord Koos of Helmetoy. and Miirgaret 
Aninila! ; aoil brother of John, eigbth. aiitl Thoiniis. ninth Lords. 



panni aarati rulisi ooloria. Item, lego diote eoolsHie ejuB^em 
abbathi© pro colebracione miasaruni et observacioue dierum 
obltUB mai xs:*' li. Item, lego ecclesie cathedrali Cicestreiisi 
doo torticia magna. Item, lego eccleaie Beate Marie de 
Buthwyk unam eitalam pro aqau lienedicta. iiiipoTienda, 
ridelioet, de argento, cum uno aaperaorio pro eadpm do 
argento. Item, volo ut eiiit xxiiij*" panperes ntiviter v«stiti iid 
portaudiun xxiiij"'' luminaria de cera. Item, lego aftcerdotibus 
ad celelirandum et eiorandum pro salute iiiiirae mee xxx**li. 
Item, lego ad distribuendnin inter pauperes et piua usiib 
Tj li. liijs. iiij d, Itein, lego servientibns meis, ofRciariia in 
hospicdo meo aecandum grnium et condicionea eorundem per 
diacrecionem et viaiim exwcutorum meomm c marcam, et volo 
quod feoffati mei in manerio meo de Cxayton cuia pertinenciis 
teciant tstatum executorihus meis ut ipai perimpleant Tolimtafcem 
ftt intension em nu^am quo ad sntjtentacionein filioruni meonim. 
Item, Folo et ordiiio qnod oraniji. dobita mca vera et probabilia 
ante omaia persolvantup. Residuum vero omnium boTionim 
meomm Qon legatorum volo et (sic) diapouendiim juxta 
opdinacionem execaconim meorum pro miaais celebrandis ae 
pro Bustentacioiie et aiibvencione filiLiriim mooruiii, videlicet, 
Henrici et Joliannia, at Alianure, filio mee, et in aliis piis 
aaibiis convertendum. Hiijui^ autpm preaentis teBtameoti 
ordinu et conetituo Annam, usorem meam, unacum aliis 
exeoutoribus aubscriptie, qooa moos eonstituo esecutores, 
videlioetj Nicliotaum Haeey, Johannem Merberj, Robertum 
Weaeahain, et Willelmum AuBtyn, armigeroa. In quorum 
om.nium testimonium huic presenti testamento meo aigillum 
meiuu appoaui. Hiis teatibus, doiniuo priore prioratus Beat© 
Marie do Suthwyke, Roberto LatliTmry, armigero, et domiuo 
Johaane Clerk, capellano et raoltis aliis. Dat. die et anno 

[Pioved 3S Jkd., 1448-9, and afterwarda 9L Feb., 1448-9]. 


[Lambeth "Wj]l3. SUflord, 1896.] 

In the name of y' Fader Son & Holy GooBt, ooii God in 
three pereoues. Be it kiiowen to al Cryaten men that these 

• Yonnijef son ot Michael de U Pole, seoond Earl of SaSolk. and Rotheriiie. 
(laaahlei ol Hugli, aeooiid Eftrt of ataffiird. He ancceedad his bwiUier. MidiaG], 
third Barl of Bnflolk. who was slain at Agincoiirt, aged I^. Be was in ihe 
Preach wais, aad hroiiKhl over Margaret ot Adjoii to Gni^luid. He wi^ cieatod 
Uarqais of SofTolk, 11 Sept., 1441. and Duka of SaColk, 3 Jnl^y, 1448. 
S.Q. 1491. He wM impeacboj and banished for five years, bat was behended 
on bia way to the ContiiieBt in a small hoat, 2 May, lioO. Baried at Win^jfleld. 
He marriod Aiiuo, daughter of Thomas Chancer of Ewolmo. widow of Tboiuas 
Hontacute. fi>urth Earl at Siiithary. (See DirtiojtAn/ of Sational BiogTaphij 
kad Hope'* OatUt PUtn.) 


presenter slial hercaftur hure or hoc, tbat 7, William de Ia 
pole, Due, Mar<^iJo«, auci Krle of Suffulk, in good liele of mjr 
body and in my good mynilc y" xvij day o( Juiiyuerj the 
xirij"" yero of kyuge Henry the vj** (1448-9), and of oure 
lord m'cu(;cxlTitj, make my testament in the wyiie tbit't folweth. 
Firat y bequetlm my g'lule to ye hieghneitsd and mercy of 
liym that made il and l; so raervousely bought it with bis 
preciouw hlode, and my wrol^lied body to be bery&d in my 
Charterhouee »t Hiille, where y wol my ymaji^e and etoae bo 
made and the yinagi> of my best belu^od wyf ijy me, she to bo 
thero with mo yf she lust, my said aopulturo to be made by 
her discretion in ye aaid CliarterhouBB where she shal thinke 
best, in eaaa be yat in my dayes it be not mode nor begonne; 
desiringe, yf it mfl,y, to lye an as the maayeit that y hare 
porpetuelly founded there for my eaid beat beloved wyf and 
mo may be daily songen over me. And also ye day of my 
fuDoralx, tho day of my bcrieng, that yo charge thereof bo 
byBette upon pore creatures tu pruy for me, and in 00 pompos 
nor pryJe of ye worM. Also y wol yat my londea and goodea 
be djspoaed after that that y have diajiosed them ia my Inst 
wille of ye date of these presentez, and only ordeyne my aaid 
bast belo7od wyfo my sole execntrice, heaeebing bor at ya 
reverence of God to take yo charge upon her for the wele of 
my male, for above al the ertlie my ainguW trust is mooBt in 
her, and y wol for her ease, yf ahe wol and oUea nought, that 
tihe may lake nnto her such on periionne as she lust to name, 
to helpe hor in yexocution yerof for her ease, to labonre under 
her as sbo wold cammmidc hym. And last of ol with the 
bleasiag of God and of me, oe hcrtely na y can yeve it to my 
dere and trew son, y bequetho belwcne liyni and hie raoder 
love and a! good accord© and yove hym hor hoolly, and fur a 
remerabrawnce my gret bftWa to ray said son. Writen and 
aingned with mjTi hande and name, and seaJod with ye Bealle 
of rayn armes, ye xvij day of Jauyacro ye regne of kyng 
Henry y" Sixtc, and vo yoro of oure Lord abovesaid. 

[3 Jane, 14£0. Commission Imucid to llob«it WoUe, bivobolo; ol law, rwtor 
ol Ewelme, anU Itobart Takyll. M.A., reotor of Mcrwh, te proro ihe 
ftboTv will. 
OertMraU ol Buob proof in Rwolmu PuriHli Charoli. 3$ JaiM, ftnd grant or 
admiatctniUoii to Alice, the raliot luid eiKCUTrU Domoil, aniet the scftl »( 
Jotin Slokcs. fttcbilfiaoon of Elf, cUkWd 30 June, 1460.] 


[W»ttyB. 13.] 

Sept., 1450, JohannoB Mareschall. Sep. in capella 

eccleeie Bente Marie in Hlk de Kyngeston super Hull, prope 

Bwpulturaiu j^atria mei, ai me ibidem mori coutiguriti si autem 



mfra ciTitatem London., volo tjood corpus menin sopeliatur 
infra capellam Reato Marie in Online Fratmni Minorum 
London., videlioet, prope yniafjiiiein Beate Marie, in muro 
boreali ojusdem cu^ielle. Magi.stris (xodard et Kiry, utrique 
©orntn, vj s. iriij d., at orenf. pro anima mea. Cnilibet frntri 
ejnsdeii] Ordinis qui nfFuerit sepiiluire inee, iiijd. Fftbrico 
eootosio Mario Ma^daloue, apiid tiaom do Oldefisshestrett*, xx 8., 
ut rector vol pnrocliifttis itrcnsbiter orofe pro me. Vfilo quod 
tenomeutuin meum in Hull vendatur et quod duo capelUni 
oonducantnr pro inlario eompetente ad celebranduni in capella 
prodicta in IJall, qaousque monela tulaliter vxpendetUT, pro 
aQimabns Willelmi Wyuon et Agnetis, axorie sue, pro- 
fjfonitoram mconim, Rioardi MRrosenall, patris inoi ot Elene, 
Qxoris sue, inatris moo, ot Affnelis et Alicie, filiaruni eJHsdeni 
Willeiini. Roborto Dalohoii*o v uinreasi, et unani togam 
penulatom. Sunmio altori ecclosio Mario Magdaleoe predicie 
pro decimifi obUtis, xxb. Fabrice BJu^dem ecclesie, xxa. 
Capclluno psrochiali ibidem, iiJB. iiij d., ot onilifaet cap'Ollano 
ejuadera ticclenifl et clerico, xii d. Ad distrilmenduni inter 
paaperes parocbianoB, xs. Operi Sancti Pauli London., 
vj s. viij d. Capellanis et clanois Fraternitatis de Jeau ut 
celebront pro me, vj s. viij d. Maffistro Bory, dootori 
Auguatineimi, vj «. viij d. Duobas capeUaniH de \e Obarnell in 
cimiterio Sancti Pauli, iitriqne eorum, vi s. viij d. Fratribns 
Predicatoribna Oxonie, ut orent pro me, lij b. iiij d.* Oouslituo 
executorem uieum pi-efatum Robertuni 
[ProTcd & N«T., H71.J 

II R. nij 
Da ' 



7 May, l^*!. Dominus Thomas Thraston, rector ecclesie 
parochialig de Rokeby. Sep. iu cancello ejuedem eccleeic. 
Fabrice de Rokeby, xl 8. Domino Willelmo Bosse, x marcas 
et omn&8 Ubros meuaet uuam criunuimm oiTErenteain. Nicholao 
Cawkj meaiu rabeaiD tugain de scarlet- Item, t^aatuwr 
Ordiuibuti Fratrum, xx b. Jobanni ilowette, xX3. Willolmo 
Howette, vjs. viij d. Jobanni Wykus, vj s. viij d. Coilibet 
filiolo meo unam ovem. Laurencio Deyston, vjs, viijd. 
Roberto Gt1bflrte>, unam vuccam aex solidorum ucto denariorum. 
Jobanni IVbney, unam vaccam sex solidornm et octo denariorum. 
ReBidumn vero omninm bonnrum meorum do domino Willelmo 
Bosse, capellano parocbiali do Rokeby, ot Tbome Thruetoa, 
filio Simonia TbruBton, exeontonhns mein. 

[Prond M Nnv., IU4, hj Tbomu Thraiton, vitb ponvr rtacrved, etc.] 

* tiegfteioii tn T<cin<lflii Priiini, «te.. Dmilted. 




[Btohon. 96.) 

26 Aug., 1458. llobertuB Thawiteti, clericus. Sep. ia clioro 
ecclesie CoUepate de Aukeland Sancti Audree. Sainmo 
altari in eadem RccleHiR ninini Te«itiTiieiitiim de noro. Suinino 
altAri 8iuicti Cuthberti ibidom unum misBalo. Ordino 
revependom in ChriBto patrem ot dominuin Willelmiiin, 
ElioasOm episcopum, ac Uonricum Thawytca et Jlicardom 
Thawytea, fratreaiQeOB, execntoresmeoBin panibu.^ nuxtmlibnii 
et partibua boretilibuB. Hiia teatibas, domino Roberto SyuiHori 

et domino Johanna Blakwel] capellanis, ct Ricfti-do [ 

blotted and illegible . . . . ] cU-rico ot multis nliis, 

[Prored M Oct., 1U0. b; Itkharcl Tbawjtu.J 



[Oodj'a, 26.] 

21 May, 6 Edw. IV (1466). *Heni7 Brounfleto, Icnyght, 
Lord Vesaey. To b© buriod in llio churcb of tlio Wbyto froreB 
in London, wherof and ot uUe th« orduro of tbu narav within 
the reulam of Engluud, I, the sttid Lord Vuitay, urn ui-iiiuiuall 
foundiiof, in suche place of the same chnrche to be ourieu aa 
by thadnyce of TboniRs Rj-ppllingliam and WilHiun Rylaton, 
two of myn exeoutourtt, sbulbe moat thought oonvoneat. To 
the hous of tlie said Frores in London, x li. Vo overy 
ordure of the frerea in London xx d., thu wbirli ubiUbu nt my 
berialL Alsn I will yat myn. exHcutourH puwurJ my survuuutc'H 
sucbe as buppen to be with me at the tymt^ of my delb, yiit ■» 
to saye, every gentilmim X raarc, and every yomaii v marc, mid 
every grome xxxiija, iiij d. To Mawde tbo wife of 1'homaft 
Gowsell,vmarc. I make myn oxocutonrs Thomas Rypplynghnm, 
William Rylfiton and Jobn Ftmiby, Hum tymo my Hurvaiiutj tbo 
survivor of tbe H&mt!, Sir Simon ETulboiu, parson of 
Bletsowe, sum tyme my chapleyn. I will vat ull tbo lord- 
Mhippe^ loude, etc., I to my use been Huiaed of, v^ ia to wit 
the maners of Lonsbourgh in the countie of xorko and 
of Brompton, Aton, Malton, WellfMn, Suttou, Wivobhorp, 
Wykliam, Brounfltite. and Bardelby in the county aforesaid 
shall remayne to my doughter Margaret and to thu hoiros of 
hir body, and aa to all other my lordsliippes, etc., which at any 
tyme were myn iu feo simple, as In North Cave, Clif, and Ctif 

* tiiimmaaed to Ppirliiiment 31 Jan. , lUft. His wila vine Bleanor. daughter 
ot Willium Liipd Filzbugh, His Jniughior Murparel wsb vrile o( Jolin Lord 
Clifford. killeiil ntTowton.and mothnr Of tha ■'Slie]i!i6rtl Lord." Bhe aluirwnnU 
utaniwl bit Lancelot Tlirelkeld. He mAiried lunt Joiui, dAUtjhter of TliomM 
HoUand. EnrI of Kent. 


WightoTi, Baruoby, Pangfosao, Bllerkur. Bratittngham, FazfiG 
Weton, nJsthorp, Loosboutg'h, Holino, Broinpton aDd Qatoforth*^ 
shalbe sold. And br to aDe oilier my lordiibippes, oto., m (lie 
manor of Wymingfcon in the couatie of Bedford and atlo other 
my landea in the ooiinties of Northampton, Uodford und 
Bukkynghain, as by me at the lyme of my deth doth hu,p|]OU 
not to be soldo slialbe sold by myn e^ceciiiniifH. And aji to a 
corteyn tenement in Kyiigeston iippon KuUe bo also sold and 
that uawell all the revenue and tho money for the ealle of all 
the said lordsbippea, e1«., bo postreyned and disposed for the 
wole of my soiile, as in chantres und otlier werkss of ob&rite 
accordinif to my last wilte to thora declared. I will yat myn 
execiitjurs pny to the paraonae of All lialow the tytla for the 
obiacon afore forgoLeii and unpaied by me iiij miirc, also to 
the reparacon of the same church xls. AUo to Alhalonren the 
more xIb. Also to the house of Peroby a pasture called 
B^flete and my loitd in Drew^toii in the couitte of York. I 
wille that myn executours do ordeyn vj prestes perpetualle to 
bo tounde to siu^e for uy soule, my fader and my moder, o£ 
the which vj presloa 1 will that iiij of tliem be ordeyned to 
BUig for my soulc and the other too of the same vj to sing for, 
the soules of my fader und my moder in suuhe place as I have 
afore this tyine declared to myn executoiit-.-). Witeiiesees, Rauf ' 
Rylston, Tliomas Rypplyngham, and William Rylston, etc. 

(ProTod U»t JiLn., UCS-D.] 

(Godpn, 31.] 

2 Oct., 1470. Dame Eliaabebh Welles, lady Wellea. My 
body to be buried in tha church of Frerea of our Lady of 
Dancastre, where the body of Sir Robert Wellea, knyghl, late 
my husband, Meth buried, or ell where by the discrecon of rayn 
executorji. And after that my body be buiied I wol that all 
my dettpsin which I am rightfully bounden that they be puied. 
Also I biiquotb to the prwr and corent of the saii^ t'rerea if ray 
body there be buried so that they devoutly pray for my soole 
and the soule of the said Robert and all Cristen suule^, x ti. 
And in caas my body l>e not buried in the said oliurch of Proros 
thanne 1 wdI that ye same x li. be disposed aswell for my 
buriyng where my body shall happo Li lyo as other wise by the 
dinorecoii of rayn exeoutora. I bequoi-h to Alice Walton, my 
geiitilwoman, a guwna of blewe furred with grey, a peyr of 

' Dauchtor of Jobs Boanshier. Lord BeirnnrHi. She marrioA Sir Roborl 
Welles, qrho. vvitb bk talixet. hciT<i WiLluuRbh; nnd Wiillai, vtte eieauted b^ 
EtlmiTd IV in 1469, (ot relwUion. Abe vim buriod al tha IkrmeUUi ViUitt, M 


tyree of gold, a gtirdill of white damasic werk hameyged with 

silror and ov«r giltj and iu tuouoy xx a. To Thomas Taraay, 

gentilinan, a oroBBe tind iij amale cLeynett of gold. I wol tliat 

Sir WilHnm, chnpeloyn, have for tiis salary to bym by my dieu 

at tbe feat of Saint Migliell laat passed, xxsvj a. viij d. Also 

that luyn executors fyndc hym to syng for my soule and for 

llio snules of my late huNlmnii and all Crist^n people pRHeid to 

U-od by half a yer« next ray decesse at uarisli cburch of S»int 

Botnlf at Boston, paying liym for his salary xxxvj ». viij d. To 

William Seidell xls. ovor his wag-ea, a irnito bangyng for a 

beddi), that in to anye, a celour aud teiitour with curteyns and a 

fetherbed with a boUtor. To William Kjna, my aervaont, 

xrvjs. viij d. over his wages. To Thomas Ualkyngton, my 

serTauot, xiiJB. iiijd, over his wages. The residue of all my 

goodes I yeve and bequeth onto myn execiitorB, so that fchey 

dispose it for my aonle and the aonlaa of ray said hnaband una 

all Criston people passed to God as to them t<1iall seitiL' moust 

to the pleasiir of God nnd profiite of my aotilo. And 1 make 

myn execntors my gooiie and gracious lady and inodir, Damb 

Margery, Lady Bernera, and my brother. Sir Humfrey 

Bowgchier, kayghfc, the said Thomaa Touruuy and William 

Senoell. F&rthennore I give aud require all the pBrsones 

which been enfeoffed in tbe lyvelode late of my said husband, 

that they see that his debtes. be content in as goodoly haat oa 

they can. 

[Proved 8 Ool.. 1470.] 

[Godyn, 31.] 
2 Oct., 1470. Uaoie Jane Nevill, widows. To be buried 
in the chapell of onr lady within the College of Warrewik 
whcr the body of Sir Herry Navill, knyght, late my houMbond, 
liettht buried. 1 bequeth unto iixvt said college for my 
burying, and that the Dean and Chapitre devoutly pray for 
my some and for the bohIps of my said houehand and alle 
criijten people passed to God, ij gownos of blewe velvet, 
therof to make a vestiment and copes, on of whiche gownas 
belongeth nnto the body of my late hou&bani, and that 
other to my eelfe, with ten markes in money. I wol that 
myne exeoutours finde a preate in the said cha'pell to singe 
for my soule and the aoules of uxj late hoosband and alle 
crieteyn people passed to God by iij yeres next a£tre my 

' DftUghtor ol .Twhn Bourohier, haii Bexaen, und widow of Bit Henvy Nevite, 
knij^ht, vibo WB9 sluiri at Edged, Dear BfirLnry, 14tj0, r,^,, iinri biiriul in tUe 
BcftbrhnTiif ChHiMl, Warwick. He wiia sun oi Ckoree Nevile, Lord Laiimcr, 
tiiixd DOS ot Boljili N«vtle, lat Bftcl at Weatmorluid, b; Jofui, danghtat of John 
of QauDt. 



decwaoe. To be diapoaed in ahueaat' v uiaru. 1 wol that as 
ioaahljig tbe x li. aiie tn be jmieil iittc the fest of 8euit 
Martyn the Rit^ahop of nn obligiicon of c markes, in wMcfao 
iny ^oud lord and fader is bound unto Sir Robert Uanby 
and other, be disposed abonto the perfonnyng of my teata- 
lueut. Also aa touching the iiii'^xiiij li. to me due of my 
jointoi- atto (Iio fost of Si^int Micheli be disposed by myne 
executourM. Tu I'hilippe Godmerston, my gentil womjin, a 
long blak gowiie furred with blak boge, a blak girdill of 
damaske ^rerke harneyned with ^ilrer nror gilt ana u flour 
of gold with an emenind. To Richard Mounford, my ser- 
vannt, over his wages nud the money I owe hym, xle. To 
John lJpad>ih.-i,wo, my aervaunt, over his wages, xls. To 
TLomas Wriglit, uiy serviuiut, xx ». To William Rudde, my 
s&rvaunt, xis. To Nicholag Gaydon, xiij 8, iiij d. To Johanne 
Wever, my nors, x s, 'I'o my fi<*od and gracioua lady and 
moder, a ryng of gold with a gret d3raimDnd. Cnto my 
brother, Sir Uumfray Bourgchior, knyght, a rynge of gold 
with a floure de lice of rubieH. To ray brother^ Thomas 
JJourgchier, an ouche of gold with a diamond, five rubies, 
and two perles. T-i Dame Elizabeth, lady Wellis, my suHter, 
a flowrc of gold with a rubie and two half perlea. To my 
aoone, lord Latymer, my wedding ryiige. Aiid the residue 
of all my goodes I bequeth mito the diapo&icion of myn 
executouTS, to be disposed for my soule and the soule 
of my late housbaud. 1 make myne executouru, Hh' tTohn 
Bourgctier, knyght, lord Berners my fader, Dame Mai^erie 
his «'ife, my luoder, Thoraaa Boorgchier, my brother, and 
John Bradahaw. I wol that Sir William, which I fiiide 
nowe at Oronford, that he ther be founde fulle with my 

Edes by ij yores next. I bequath my criBume gowne of 
e threde and lawne to the College of Warrewik to be 
Dosed for a corpaa, and my crisoine cloth of fyne threde 
to the church of the hospital! of Wel!« for a corpas, and 1 
wol that two corpas caces be made for the said corpas. I 
bequeth a ringe of gold with table dyamond to be offered 
at the ahriue of Semt Thomas of Caontbiiry to the honor 
of God, and that blissed martir, Seint Thomas, To ThomaB 
Wright, a blak horn. To Richard Mounford, my hora called 
Garnott. To John BiudHliawe, my beat standing cnppe, with 
a cover. To Alianore, my long gowtie, furred. To the 
parson of seint Marie Magdalene atte old Bash streete ende, 
e, oruse of ailver. To Himtele wife, a ring of gold, with 
a jftcyut. To Alice Walton, a pnire of tyres of gold, with 
mnobe blak silke therin. To Thomae Nevill, my son, my 
grete primer. 



XXXVI. TBI WILL or JOHN fAniTOOK, OF lllll.t. 
[Watty*, l-J.I 

25 ilaivhe, 14>73. Jolm I'ayntour, of Kj'iijf«wliiri (ipint 
Hull, of the dioeea of York, moreuvcr \yaun iii t<xtjnmiiM in llm 
towne of Sandwicb. My hdy lu bo buriwl in tlin tOtiM<i<)i 
yardo of Saint CliiimtiiitcK in Sandwicli. Tii llin vu>ikr, aiiil. 
To the chuFi'h werk(«!t, vj i. I wyll Uiul niyii oxiniulor ^tv« tiif 
DU) DQto men mid woiuon in tbu duy of itiy liiiriiiili-H in liitnlii 
and a]e unto tbe valew ut* iij h. I lii<(|iit)ili tiiit.n iliu |iiiim' 
woman, my serrauiit tbftl kepitli me, uboVv In r vrn^t>f), ij n, vJ iI, 
A.lao I will that my ij bi-osHhyx '.vc^K ■'> t'l>>< kii|pii)|{ nl' tint wl( 
of John Aiiatyu of Luudun, liiiiliiuunf(ur, tliu IjoI 1:4)1* of Ittulii lio 
delivered of my bftquuai by tliu hiiinU-H of niyii uxociihiui* itntu 
Marfmrutjthedou^hterut John Auntyn,tiitd lMt*i>L)iiii'dniiHb(«)M<l 
I will ttiat it be deliverod nntii Marconi, tbu diiuulilor of lt<itKM'l 
TaTerner of Drypojll sidu bcHJde lliill, uf uiy biMjumtl in lyli« 
wise to pray for my noiilo- AUo I Liiiquulb tlint my wlf« liitVB 
part r«3onable of all tay^oodet pertoynyii« to liir iolf or hi 
hir Jionahold beyag in Efull. To Tbumad HttHtiHiy vj ■iWur 
apones and a covoryng to a bed of tapiitry worko, IVi Davy 
White a pair of bedea. To Roberc Uarun, tlio ixitio of tho 
Gracedieu, xs. To liobert Dyer.Xd. To John Lot-l,xi«, 'l\i 
the hoye that was with bym, x n. TIlr nvin-iiliiH of all my 
goodea I give unto Nicboluu Wawiior, William rowtiotir, tlolili 
Anstyu.ttntl Henry Nuvt'll, inyn exucutourtt, tbu-t dioy nnJayuu 
and disposo fur my aoule ao they woll answer afi'Pi* tlu' liitfb 
Juge in hevyn. Witnease bornff I Mitt iintn my kouIi'. Wrytluii 
ate Sandwich the day and yoro aforeeaido. 

[Prorwl 16 Fob.. 1473-t.] 

[LoBB". 18.] 

8 Oct., 1488. Richard HiiwHon, mcMor, citMOii and 
alderman of Loudon, To bo liuriod in our Lady chnpoU within 
the pamhe church of Saint Mary Ma^dnlouo m Mtlkstroto of 
London, before the ymago of our LiKly. To llic hif?h aiitur of 
the parish chureb of Alholwen in Huny Lane wliorof 1 was 
late a pariehon, sxs. I beqiieth v mark to bn bt'stowod in 
byng of Slime ornament and Uj be gevyn in the worahip of God 
bo the parish chorcli of Saint Andrew of Friaton by the water 
in Yorlcshir, I boqiioth iij li. vj s. viij d. in bying of sum 
ornament to he gevyn unto the pariah chnrch of Allbalnwon at 
Caatelforth in York shii*. To be disposid amonges pour mnidon^ 

' Ho iniiat h*i'e Ipeao n younnar roprabar ol the family of Bn-wsoii of i'"r)riloii, 
whosQ ]jui.ll|;ifee ie in Qlov^'e Vitilatiuti, 361,1x1 tiianAlQC dues not tliere appeu. 



manage, pour housliolders, and pour poople at Poantfriet, 
HlurbuTDj PriatoQ and CBetelforlh iu York ahir and thoraboute, 
sxvjli. xiiJK. iiij J. To be applied in a mending of Very 
bri^e aad CatelfortL bri^^6 and high weis, xx li. To Isabell, 
my wif, in name of hpr part and dower of all my g^oodea after 
the QSQ of tlie cite of London all my hu.shold, my plate, my 
liameys and myn array belonging to uiyn owen body onely 
oxcvptcd. To Averyj my eon, oc li. To Obri8tofir,iny si>u, cell. 
To Juhn, mj sun,cuii. To son, ccli. To Klizabuth, 
my doughter, ccli. To Alice, my dougliter, ccli. I wi^ll tbat 
Isabell, my wif, shall liave ccc-li, to her owen nse, that other 
cccli. shalbo disposed anionge^ my brethren and Bisteryn aad 
amoQgea my pour kynnes people, and other cccli. egnlly be 
devyded amonges all the children of my brethren and aisteryn, 
and other cccli, in ma.rying of pour maidens, relevment of pour 
persoues aiid poor hoasholders, in amending of high uoyous 
and ienpardonii weyes and in otber werkes of mercy. To 
my broder Robt. Rawaon xxli. To my brother Jamys 
Rnwaori xx mark. To my broder Henry Rawaon ix 
mark. To my suater litiaabeth Shawe xx mark. To 
my HUHter Kateryn HiHhworth xx mark. 1 will that myn 
executors shall yerly geve a certeyn porcion of money to my 
suatre Elene Aylemer, to Iier owen, unto the tyme that the 
summe of xx li. be uuto her fully gevyn. To Richard Aylemer, 
my Buster Elyn Aytemere son, my godaon, x li. To every other 
cmld of the same Eleue x mark. To every childe of the 
children of my brother Robert Rawson i mark. To everich 
of the children of my brother Henry Rawson t mark. To 
Johne Baxster, my snster doughter, iijli. vje. viij d. To the 
aone of my auator Elizabeth, iij li. vj s. viij d. To my euster 
Margare Fisher Iij li, vj b. viij d. To my godson John Fisher 
3cla. To my godaon Richard Fielior xl 3. To everich of the 
V other bretheryn and austeryn of the same John fislier and 
Richard Fishei", xxe. To John Fisher, late alderman of London, 
to ihentent that lie take upon hym the execucion of this ray 
testament, sxvj li. xiij a- iiij d. To Nicholas Lathell, gentilman, 
tf) the same entent, xxvj li. xiij a. iiijd. The residue I woll 
ehalbe divided into two egall partes, whorof I woH that 
Isabell, my wif, shalhave unr parte, and that other parte shalLe 
egally diBpoBcd auiorigcs my children. I make Isabell, my 
wiff, John Piaher, late alderman of London, and Nicholas 
Lathell, executours. 

(Proved 28 Oct., HW.] 





[UillM, 8.] 

John Pykyrton, otherwise e&Uod John Malpas. Dnto tho 
churcho of Oarlton in Lyndrik, my hora. Also to my burycll 
and to poup folkes, vja. viijd. To Sir John Wpoo, pariahe 
prest of tho same ehiirche, TJ a. vnj d,, for lo my or cause tiO be 
said XX maiuei) for my swrnl. To John White, vj a. viij d. If 
the chuiche m*y siiffre and my lord that I serve as I suppose 
he wull, I wiild [.hat John Whito and Mawd \m wife hnva t-he 
bngandyries u.nd salett and other stuff for my kepiog. And 
yf my lurd take y' stuff than I wold that he gave unto tho SBid 
John White my waj^s that is owing nnto me- I wull that 
Richard Hart of London shall tnk« c sterlinges in a kiat in the 
hoaae of Aimble Benstede at the Towr hUl and devyde it 
betwist my brother Uiigli and my gustre Alice. And wher I 
promyaed xxb. to Al [aister] VVullia for tho getting of ixli., I 
wull that ho hare uoue therof. Also a pair of shetes in tho said 
fiiohard UartoH house to he yevon unto maistres Johane Rider, 
dweltiug with the Duches of Norfolk, Also I wull that my 
atnS that is at Marworth in Kent be yeven 1,o William 
Horwopth. To my brother Hugh a blak gowue. Tho residae 
of my gooiles I put to the will and disposiuiun o£ Richard 
Hartj myne executor. 

[ProTod ai Jan., 1467-8.] 


[MiU«. SO.j 
30 November, l-i8&. Herry Hudelston,* of Comberland, 
sqaier. My body to be bnricd in tho pnrrij>h chupoh of 
Seint Sepulcre withoute Newgato, in the eubiu-bie of LondoD* 
iu sumo place thor convenient, by the diecrecon of rayn 
extjcutours. To tho high aiiter of the same ehurcK, xij d. 
To the auter of Corpus Chmti, xijd. To Kobert G-rene, 
citezin and girdeler of London, my long gowno of tawney 
fuprnd with hlak booge, my longe gowne of blak ehamelett 
furred also with blafc booge, my diinne gowne oE tawny 
ehamelett furred with booge, and all my Jornetf of white 
aud grene diiniask. To the "^viin of tlio same Robert Grene, 
a litili cToas {?j of gooldo IinrnyHod with siluer, a .■jmall paire 
of bedis of corall, with gaudeos of silver and gilt, and my 
smale goold ringea. To Agnes Browue, doughter to the said 

•The Hudleaton !ftmi!y pocsepaed Milium, po, Ctimbadond, (or i. tungthy 
perio'l. The tsEtfttnr's name dasA not ttpponr in tho podigrM in Ptuitftgcnei 
HftrrisoQ'B HUtorr/ of Yarkthirt. He would bt n jonnesr Ma. 

fA tidit i>f olokk. 



Robertes wife, a. paire of be*ii» of caleodi.ii^ve with gaiidees 
of silver nnd gilt. To Sir John HiidleRton, knyght, my 
fador, a goold ringo, wliicTio my luily iny muLifr gaf me. 
To Horry Dykes, my sorvaiiuL, a gowTio of tawny furred witli 
lilak booge. To Nicholas Dykynson, my servauat, a longL' 
guwne lyiied. To George Dykjnisoii, my Hervaunt, my gray 
nmheliiig gelding. And 1 wi! that the Deane of tLo Kinges 
Chapell have my white ambeling hors or gilding if so be 
it be hia duetu or riglit, or eh hit be disspoBid by myne 
oxeoutour. To Katine Kron (?) a silver epone and xijd. in 
money. To John Skelton, hofitiler, a paire o£ blak hoain 
and a dowbk^tt of wliile saraonott. Tho residue to the aaid 
Robert Grone to perform my will and to distribute for the 
helth of my soule. I make him myiie executour, and Sir Jolin 
HudleBtoiij knight, my brother, superyisour, 

[PtOTfid IS Deaemb«r, anno supradioto,] 

[Vol, m.] 

8 Aug., 1490. StepbaniB Sliotton. Lego eccleeio Beati 
Micliaelis de Berefrido nieiim optimum animal^ vel alias 
secundam usum civifcatia Ebor.; duas libra.a cere circa corpuH 
meum comburendas; cuilibot presbitero eiistenti ad exeqmas 
mens, iiij d. Usori Kadulphi Gray unam togam de i-iolett. 
Lego iiiinm togam blodJam Johauni Moore, Bervienti meo. 
Radalphu Gray du teiiemcntis laei^ in Barwyk, an n. Johanne, 
uxori mee, unam torietueutuin in villa Ue Carbruke, Residanra 
Jobanne, uxori mee, et Jobanni, filio meo, et facio prodictam 
Johannam et Radulpbum Gray, consauguineam meum, 
executores mooa. Yolo tamen quod dicta uxor moa omnia 
bona mea, ab aqua de Trent versus austrum existenlia, 
administret per be, ct dictus Radulpbus Gray administrot 
omnia bonn mea a dicta aqua de Treat versus bureain existentia. 
lliia testibuB, domino Willielrno Sowerbj, oapellanOj et 
Cristofero Harner. 

[Pfovoil 23 Nov., Mill,] 

iDoiieSl., 7.] 
13 Sept., H'JL Robert I\trtington, one of the clerkoa u£ 
the remembrauncera of the treaourerg parte in the kingis 
eacheguier at Westminster. My body to bo bnried in tlie chapoU 
of our Lady withiu the monaHtary u£ 8ainb Leonard uf Strat- 

■ The tostntoT does not appau in the podigrce iD Glaver'« Vi«ittitti>n 
(p. &61,Fciat«iEd.). 



ford at Bnwe m the countie of MiddfleaoxJ. And 1 woll that 
mjn extroutorB hereunder writcu do ordeyne and caase to be 
taaHo over my buring place in alJ goodely liast nfter my 
decesae, tliat is to say, m tlie wall uf the said chapell of oat' 
Lady, aanygh unto my body iib they goodely may, « tombe of 
marble after their diBcrecicms, with as goodely acd conveuient 
werkis aa they can or may fur and wil.h the Home oF xx maro 
st[erling]. Item, I bequolh to the high aalter of tJie parissh 
church of saint C!emi;nteB beside Ciimiilwke atreote of London 
whor I am pamshei- fur my tythea and duties forgoten, X£e> 
To Sir John Aylemer, Dnfaomie of the same parisah church of 
iCaintCiumeiites, xxK. Tn tbc iVateroile of Suiiit Kaleryut in the 
Said rlmrcli to have my uoule pray fur, xl a. 1 bequoth towurdet) 
the ULiking of a Doiv cldcko in the church of Saint Clementes, 
XX H. To Felice thy wif of Roborle Doketj xU. I will that 
myn exfcntours ordeyne ati honest prest to pinge hie masse for 
my senile, tho sonles of my fader and moder, within the chapell 
of ouro Lady withiu the inonaatery aforesaid, und during xx 
yeres kepe an obite for my sonlo, whiuli obile I will thor bo 
Bpi;ut yerely to my lady prions ij a,, and to every other lady 
xvj d,, and to every preat in the monaetery of Saint Leouardcs, 
iiij d. To the cterke ther iiij d., and I woll tter be expendid 
yereiy at the obite in brc*d and ale to the relif of eiioh usshalbe 
at the obite, xij d. To the collego of Howdeue in Yorkeabir a 
Bute of veatymentes of cloth of gold of tlie price of xlU. To 
thftbbote of Stratford towardes tlie reparacon of his wallen, cs. 
To every monke of the name place beiug preat at my decesBO, 
TJ a. Wij d. To every monke being no prest, iij s. iiijd. T 
pardone to the abbote and eovent xxviij li., wlierin they stand 
bonnd unto me under their iwale. I woll that myn executors 
do cause to be laid apon the buryog place of my fadre and 
modre in the college of How dene, before tlie fonte in tlie church, 
a stone oE marble of cunveniont leiight and hred of the price 
of c ft., and do ordeynu a good prt'st to sing his masse and other 
devine eorvice for my fadre and modr« soules by the ttpitce of 
ij yerea in the said college, paying to the preest yerely TJli., 
and do ordeyne against the day of my buring to bryniit! aboate 
my body xij torches of wax. To the mending of the high way 
aboute Nfile ende and White Chapell withoute Algate, sis. 
To the reparacion of tho new hoepittill of oure Lady Saint 
Mary withoute Biashoppisgate, ob. To maister Pollen, one of 
the chaiions of the same place, to pray for my aonio, xla. To 
every suatre, vj a, viijd. To ray lady priorisse and eovent of 
the monastery of Saint Leouardee, to be dtstri1>uted amonge 
them, X marcos over c mfirc they owe unto me. To tfie 
jrigrease o£ Chealiunlie in the caantie of Hertford, xx a., and to 



every lady iij 8. iiij d. To the vepnraooa of tlie paria&h churcH of 
Di-ameley in the countie of Middlesex], 8. [Many bequtata 
to servants.] To Margaret Lucas, my saater, x inarcB, my be»t 
bedd with al] tliaparell, my stoudiug capp with a cover of 
kailTor parcutl ^U, ij saltes of silver with a cover, und a 
covt'riiig of a hedt! of tapateiy werke, Tn William Portington 
a standing cnpp uf ailver parcel! gilt with talbottes at the fete, 
xij apones of silver with luiiydeiis hede« on theudi« and xli. 
in meney, a fetherbed, a puire of sh&tes, a paire of blnnkcttes 
mod a coverlite. To every of his children v niarce. Where I 
have in plegge of maiatres Hattecliffo, widow, a stonding 
capp, aud a pece with a cover of ailver chased with rosea, I 

ive them to her To the chapoll of oure Lady of 

jkelton in Yorkshir my litle chaleis of silver parcell gilt. To 
Margarete I>iicas, my Buater, my beet maser, a gowae cloth of 
blewe. To William Portyngton the ij* maser, a salt of ailver, 
ft gowne cloth of violet. To Maister Doctor Lichfeld, chaun- 
ceUer with my lordea, my best gowne clobh. The r»?aidne of 
all my goodea I geve to myn executors to dispose them as they 
shall seme best for the helth of my soiile, and I make executor* 
maieter Robert Lytton, maigter Richard Licbfeld, maister 
William Wyld, and Criatofer Smyth, bruer. 

As to the disposicion of my landes in Skelton, Snaytbe, 
CarlBton and elliawhere, I woU that William Portington have 

my landes in Sbelton, Snayth, and CaJ-lton which wer late 
ly fadres, ond if It happen the said William to decesse withonta 
heiroB I woU they remayne unto the next heiros of the kynne, 
and I well the said William have all iny laudea that I have 
purchooed in Honedene. I woll that Robert Donyngton have 
all ray meaauago in Hawton in the countie of Lincoln. 

[ProTed S8 Ool., UW.] 

xLit. tbe Will oe- rBoifAs {jlabdli, or lokson. 

[Vos. 7.] 

10 Aug., 1493. Thomaa ClarslI, gentilman, citizen and 
grocer of London. To be bnried in the chnrche yerde called 
the parrlono chnrcheyerde nf Beinfc Powle in London besyde 
the tombe of Denne More ther.* I will that Margaret, my 
wif, have the first parte aft-yr that the cnstome of the cilie of 
London will geve hit her, and I will that the yong enfannte of 
my body be geven that ys within the wombe of my wif, if any 

"Tharo wae niBo one ffrent Cloister an tlic norMi side of tfaa Ohnroli, 
nviioniriff «, Pint o( Cjrontid, ot ohi time, ciiilcd Panlou Ohurcli Tnni, whereof 
tlomAB More, Dciun ot 3. Pitul's, iian cit^^cr the llrst Builder, or n most special 
Benetaot&r, and wu buried tlisre." (Slew's Lvitdvn, i, 6iO.| 



Mche be, have the second part, and the iij''' parte I woll that 
mjne executors dispose Cor my sowle in vestinentHS and copes 
to be gevyn to Rotberhani charcbe and Hownier churche and 
other cfatirches x myle a houghtj and a bUke clothft with a 
wight croase theron made and a male to caiy hit yo. I 
bequeyth to the seid church of Rotherham my clothe of Arras 
of the paaayon of our Lord, to hang a fore the rodelofte ther 
as long as hit will endure, and my steyned clothe of the bateJI 
by twene the lord Skallys and the Bastard, to pray for the 
sowtes aforuseide. Item, » vestment of whight damaske 
with my anaes upoa hit and with the grocers armjB apoane 
(he Bame. 

[Proved 4 Muroh.] 



[Vot. 4.] 

Robertiis Mason. Legu corpus rneum sepelieudiim coram 
imagine Beati Criatoferi in navi ecctesie cathedralis Beate 
Marie, ubi pamvi ab antiqao sepulciiram. Fabrice ejusdem 
,©ccle3ie, C8., «t xl marcas pro exeqaiis meia per decern auaos 
_" iter niinistroa ejusdeui ecclesie dividendae. Pro luminarihus 
die obitus mei cum continaacioiie dieram sequenciam, et pro ' 
trigintali settundum cnugnettidinem ecciesie predicte, vj mareas. 
.Ad diBtribuoiidum inter pauperes, xli. Domino Edwardo Luke, 
^inonacho Smicti Aibnui, x marcHS, et Willeliiio Luke, fratri 
ejuadem, Tj m areas, et ista fiant aeciiudum discretionem Bororis 
niee, matris eorundBm. Roberto Benyrg, pauperi ulerico 
domestico meo, ai ad sacerdotium [se] dispoauerit, xxU. A4 
maritagium Johamie Haroby, postqnam niipta est, in pecaniB 
rel estimatione iocaliura, x li. Ecclesie parochiali de Giatyshede, 
X marcae iid emendum vostimonta, ut. hunorificentius Deo in 
dicta eecletia dL-serviatur. Canonicia Deo serTieotibue in 
ecclesia con7entuali de Alnewyk, cailibet xx d., et abbati 
ojusdem monasterii, iija. iiijd., ad ceiebrandum missas pro 
aniraa mea prope locum sepulture, xxli. Cnilibet famulo meo, 
preter stipondium smim, xxs. Cuilibet pauperi boBpitalia Sancti 
Bgidii, int^esseiiti exeqniis meis, port«nti cerpos circa funos 
meum, die sepulture, togam nigri colons, xij d. [precit]. Omnia 
cetera bona raea do Johaime {tie) Taylor, civi London., 
Roberto, abbati de Alnewyk, et Roberto Stevenot, ■capellano, 
quos meos axecntores facio, et ordino dntninara Henncum 
Peroy, comitem Northumbrie, hujoa testament! euper^Tsorcm. 

[Prowd e Not., 1498.] 

' BsudoH the oIKce ot orohdeMon ot Norlbtiinberlaiiil, Maaon %■»,<! preocntor 
l^f Lino^, iti which catbodrn] he wna butieil. 



[Vm, 15.] 
DmTcreis et eingulis presons testomontum hujusraodi viauria 

innoteacftt per proaentes qtiod probns vir, Jolmmios 

Sotelijll, de pamchia de Stdkfnston, Lincolnienais diocesiH, 
armiger, (iom viiifc, defunct ub, 22 Jtiiiii, 1493, aiium teatia,- 
metitum fecUj vidolicot, qund prenoriiiiiatus Jnliannes corpus 
eaum devote leg&t^lt iu capolltt Sanoti Botulplii in Stokefaston. 
predicta, jnita eepulturam patris eai gopoliendum furo. Legavit 
Qomiiio principalis sui carafco ibidem cuicuncjue pro tempore 
exUtenti prout eat moa patrie. Dtsdit suramo alt-ari eceleaie 
paruchiatis de StotofaetoQ predicta pro decimia auie ohlitis 
lij B. iiij d.; ecclesie matrici B.V.M. Lincoln., sij d.; fabrife 
ecolesie de StFokefasfcon, ix d.; ecclesie pai-ochiali de Beton^ 
xxd. Res. Tjlizabethe, usori sue, domine Anne, matri ip-siTiR 
^ohaiiiiis, Huborbo Sotehyll, Henrico Sotebyll, (lerardo Sotehyll 
Heiirico Sotohyll, fratribaa auis, Jolianni Harrington, et 
Willelmo Babflthorp, armigerie, ad disponendum pro aalut© 
nnimu nup donavit, et [eoadoni] coiistituit osecutores, Pre- 
sentibus tunc ibidem discretia vins, dominis Willeimo Taylor, 
TBcfcore occlosic parochialis de Aetoii, Richardo Burcjie, rectore 
ecclesie parucliialis da Stokefaston.Tlnjma Bereryge, capellailis, 
et zlm. 

[Proved 7 oat., 1494.] 


[HoIgraTe, SI.] 
The xv]"" FebTuarij, 1505-6. Henry 8othy II of StokefaBton 
in the eoimtie of Leycestre, esrjayer. My body to be buried in 
the house of the Grey Freera of London if it so shall happen 
that God of his mercey doo sendea far me within the said citie 
of London. To the same house of Kreeres for my boriall tlier 
to be hitdd and to thentyiit that they shalbe boniide to pray 
forme, my fadcre soule and all Cristenaoijlea yaroly daring the 
liff of Johane, my wifE, xxs. T will that ther be distributed 
amonges the convent of the eaaie at my baryall, Dirige and 

* Tbe teaUtot beloageil to & jouaeer bmnoh cd tiiri S^tLull faoiilf, ol SothiU, 
near Dewsliutj. The senior line endud la an heiiesa wto corrieJ Urge oet&tva lo 
the Saviles of Thornhill, which iire now ti luffTflti'?i> poaaession of Lord 
SttWle. There U a will of John SothiU at SothiU in Tttt. Ebor., iv. 168, with 
(Mipions sotcs hj Cauou Itaino, wiLb short extracts Iroui this wLU. The teiMtor 
^e«itis to bftva been non of Henry Sot.hill, n lawyer, by Ajiae, duaghteT of John 
GoyTiUe, nl iStockliistoii, co. Leicester, and liis famUy kept up their nonnecllon 
<ritb Yorkahiro. His wife's will folKiws, 

-f Son c( John Sotblll IWIll No. xuv) and Elizikbclh Plitmpton fWill 
No. xLvi), Hii miitTied Joan, daaglitor i>( tbo w«ll-kuow» Sit Kichnra Empson. 
B^hier he hud tvn HftiiRhMra, Joan who married Sir John Cons table of Einnlton, 
&Dd EllK&beth, Sir William Urnr;. 



masse to be doon hy theyin, vja. viij d. To be distributed 
amongDS poore folkea, la. J will that Johaae, my wif, yvrly 
diiryiig lior lyfF kepe an obite for me of Dirige and masso of 
Kequiem witliin my poriashw Church of Stokfaston. To the 
high awter for my tithes forgoteu, vj a. viij d. The residue of 
all my goodes I geve to Johane, my wif, to doa with tbeym as 
to her shall semo (nost best. I will that my wif have a.11 my 
londes in Ardyslowe in Torbeshire for time of hir lyf. I make 
myn executors Johane, my wif, Sir Richard Emson, k ny ght, and 
John Hai-yiigton, usqniyr. Mumoraudum that thopo be dettes 
that I owe. Unto the Kynges good grace xli., to oon RtiberL 
Bewyk iiij U. iiij s. viij d., to ThomnB .Sothill for tho bcyng of 
a chief rent in Ardysley xli., to thu underbiiyly of royaltio 
of the duchie within tlie precincte of Stokfaston ijs. viij d., 
to John Lytloy ij a., to myn uncle Henry Hothyll Hi, for the 
performance of my grandames will. 

(Frarad. IG May, IGOfi.] 

[AJeaae. 10.] 

Dame Elisabeth Sothill. My body to be buryed at tho 
Gray Freeres at London in that same place that my sone Henry 
Sotehill 13 buryed, and my hort to be tako out of my body and 
buryed at Stnkfastrm by ray housbnnde. I beqneth for my 
mortuary to Seint Johnp. To the church of LinKoln xxs. I 
will that my brother iii lawe, RoheH Sotehill, pay to the 
manage of my doiighter Elizabeth aB he hath promysed by hie 
feith and truthe of the dett that he owith me a oli., and the 
residue of det I forgave hym afor God and man. I will that 
Johan Sofiehill, Robert, Thomas and Arthur, uiy aonnes, have 
acording to the will of my honsbande, their father, x marc a 
pace in the manor of Clifton in York, and v marc to my son 
Gerard, their brother, in the same manor. I will my sou 
Gerard have the manor of Ashleye to hym and to his beires 
for ever. I will that auch landes as I have in Hakenbyo and 
Stanethwaith in the shire of Lincoln and Uppingham in 
Rutland be eolde toward the con tentacon of my brother 
Hesalryge for th'arearge of covenanntea of the mariage of 
my donghter Anne. I desire ray doughter Johan Sotehill, for 
all lovo and kyndenea that have been betwix hur and me, to 
take the diapoaicon of my donghter Annes joyuter. I will 
that my sua John Sotehill have of the tandes of myn 
enheritaunce in the manor and town of Gresnyngton and 

* Dauglitcr smd uu-h«ire9s of William Plimpton ol Plnmpton, and widow of 
John Soihill of Btookfoston- 



Sleton to the yerely value of i H,, for terme of hia lyfo, I will 
ray son Gerarde have in the same towu v inarc yerely. I will 
that my doughter Elizabeth hare v marc to hur mariage. I 
win that my son Heeelrige and my doiiglifcer, hiB wyfe, haro 
all my stuff at Stokfastoo. To Kateryne a payr of shetes and 
a lawuy gawne. To my cosyne Beatrice a payr of bedshethes, 
and a counterpoynt at Sir John Rooclyfee. ItPm, that my stuff 
ther be devyded among all my children, Kxeciitors, John and 
Gerarde, my sotmeg. "Witnesses, Robert Sotebill and Beatrice 

[ProTed at Lameliith. 17 Feb.. 1606-7.] 

[Home, 1.] 
The xj day of August, H96. Edmonde Talbotte, eaquier. 
I will tbat my body be buried in the ohnrcli of the IVerVB 
Prechonrs next Ludgate in Loniion, and 1 give to the com- 
moualtie of the same place xl s. I will that I have iij 
bretherne of the same religion to sing and pray for my 
Bonle by the space of an hole yere, to ecbe of the ij xls., 
aad for the wages of tho thirds brother Hij s. iiij d. To 
the master priour of the same place j olde noble of golde, 
to the same master prior ij s. To master Pew x »., and to the 
same ij s. To every broder of the same place being in the 
habite, xijd. I beqiieith ij vestemeotea withe myne armes 
theruppon to the awtera of Saint Peter and Saint Domynyke 
in the said chnrche of Freres Prechonrs. To every of these 
oburcheSj Yorke, Bouthwell, Beverley and Eyppon, iij a. iiijd. 
To the glide of Corpus Christi at Est Retford xxs. To theawter 
of oure Lady at East Rtitford a vestyment with myue armea 
theruppon. To the gilde of oar Lady x s. To every other 
gilde in the same ehurcho of Retford iij g. iiij d. To my auster 
Anne xJ 6., or olles my leeet sattes. To my suBter Jenett my 
flatte gilte peaae covered and pounced. To the reparacon of 
the parishe church of Blast Retford xxs. To the same chorcli, 
for Ihe sepnlore, the covering that they have there of grene 
velvett with myue armes theruppon, and a paynted clothe to be 
above it. To the cemen profite of the towne of Retford, xxs. 
To Richard Brooke, my servannte, iij li. vj s. viijd., and 
j mattres, j bolster, j payre of shetes, j payr of blankettea, 
ij coverlettes, and somme laten and pewter, with snche of my 
olothes as myne execntonra aliall thinke moat according. To 
Robert Hall, the preste at null, vj s. viij d. I will there be 
disposed amonges the children of John Talbotte, to pray for 
my soule, x s. I will that the priour of the Charterhoua of Hall 
have ray letter of broderhode of the Baid hoiise and vj s. viij d. 



in money, and every broder witbiu the same bouae iij a. iiij d., 
on condicion that th© priour will suffer theme to diBpose hit to 
theire pleanre, and I pray thomo to say for my boqIb, the soale 
o£ Margarete, my wiffe, and all Clirifitea soulea placebo and 
dirige and masse of requiem by mjte. Also I will that the prionr 
of Moante Grace, the priour witliin the He of Axholme and the 
Bevalle, every prionr have xij d., and every broder within the 
same places viij d,, and every novice iili d. I will the prior of 
Fereby have xij d., and every chaaon viij d., and every novyce 
iiij d. I will the prioresso of Heiiyngos have sij d., and every 
nonne viij d., and every prest viij d., and every novice iiijd. 
To Jaraos Jjyyeaoy and William, his broder, to either of theme 
XX 8. To Margery Lenols a girdell of grene damaske with 
gilte hornesae and xs- in money. To master Richard Lcasy 
AD olde noble of golde. To my cosen, Eltxabeth Bardeaby, 
vj ». viij d. I will that GiUes Talbotte, WiUiara, and Edmonde, 
his brethern, have s markes yf it may be spared. To Sir 
Richard Pole, to pray for my soiile, iij a. iiij d. To Edmnnd© 
Wyndbam and Edmande Warde, my godchildren, to every of 
theme a apone of ailver. To the house of the Anstyna in Hull 
via. viij d. To the Wbite Frerea in Hull vs. To the curettes 
of Blithbiirgh,WilloughtDii,Gra.igDbam iijd. The residae uoto 
my broder, Nicholas Talbotte, the which Nicbolas I make 
my executonr. Also I wiEl that snche londea as I hadde by my 
Fader lying in Sladeboiini Wodebonae in the coiintie of Yorke 
be at the will of my said brother Nicholas. Theao vritnesao, 
master Peter Erne, Doctor of Dyvinitie, John Reynoldes sod 
Bichard Batersby. 

[Proved 25 AHg..l«S.] 

[Home, 17.] 
15 Uay, 1497. Agnes Gower of Eatgrenwict in the 
coantie of Kent«, widdowe, late the vrif of Edward Gower, 
laite of Beverley in the conntie of York, eaquier. To be 
bnried in the chnrch of Saint Mighell in Croked Lane of 
London, in the channcell before Saint John beside my two 
children. I beqncith for my eepulcre there to the churche 
wardens and masters the same of is. To the fraternite and 
brotherhod© of the Holy Trynite in the eao;e charch, vj a. To 
Agnes, my donghtFer, oon of my heat gownes, and to mysnster 
Thomaayne my tliirde gowne, also to Margarete Strete my 
fourth gowne. The reaidue of all my goodea I give to my 
sttster, ThomasyTi Seby, whomo I make myne execatrice, and 
Robert Odibam, citesen mercer, coexecntor. 

tProvedasOol., 1*97-1 


LHomc. 34.] 

In the nmne of oure Loi-de Jealtu, Aiueo. I, John, Viacoanto 
lorde Wellia, ancle to the Kyiige, onre soveraigoe lorde, and 
brodru to tho rig'hb uoble piyDcOs, Margaret, couutea of 
RicjliBtnoad, natural) and dero mudre to oure said soveregne 
lord, beyag of goode and hole meniory,y* viij daie of Pebrnary, 
the yere oE oure Lorde God 1498, and in tlie xiiij jere of the 
regno of our aajde eoverayiie lorde, make tbJa my teetament. 
My bodie to be buried m snche place as [to] tlie kjnge, the 
quene, my lady, his moder,aitd my lady, ray wife, shalbe thought 
most coiivenyent, and the coslis and charge of the same burying, 
the obsequyea, maaaes, funeralles and all oder thynges therto 
convenyeufc and cecessana. And also I reinyt the raakyng of 
my tumbe to the ordro and diacrecionn of my saide soverayne 
lady the qaene, my lady his modre, and my wife. And after 
these charges and costis aforesaid bad and doue, I will that 
all the dettia nowe by me dewe or to be dewe be treuly 
contented and paied. Aud I will that to the honour of 
Almighty God in the auTter afore which my hodie shall next 
lie my executors shall deliver a pair of candclstickes of silver, 
a maaso boolce covorod with cloiho of goolde, a cbalea of silver 
and gilte, ii vestameut of blewe yelwet enbrodered with my 
armea, n pair of litle cruettas of silver and parcellis gilte, and ft 
orosse of silver pfarcullj gilt, which I will do remayne there to 
aerve AJmyghty Gud with for ever and in noo oder place. Also 
I gevB and bequethe to ray dere beloved lady and wife Cecitle, 
for terme of her liE, all my castelles, manors, laudea and 
tenemeutee, asweli suche as I h&ye purchased as all odre 
daryng only her life^ whome I trust above all oder, that if 
my goodes aud catallis witnot suffice for the performance of 
this my laste will, that she will theitne of the revenues of the 
profittea of my inheritance perform this my laefce will. Also I 
will that, a preste be fouode for ever n.f tei" my said wifes decease 
to eey masao daily for my Bowle aud all CVisteu aowles at the 
gaid aultt'F of the yerely ruvonuoa of my purchased 1ande9, 
aud oder which my eaide lady hath promyeed me faithfully tu 
purchase to the eamo entent if my saide purcliaaed laudes 
suffice not therto. And I will y' .suche residue as shall fortune 
to be of my goodes that my eaide dere beloved lady and wife 
have tbeym to her owne use. And I make executora the 
saide Cecill, my dere beloved wife, and S* Rayuold Bray, 

■John WelioB, nrGiit*il Visoouat Welleg 1 Sept.. 1487 (non ol Lionel, aiith 
Lord Welles, who vine slain at Towton n.nd liiirleil tn M^thley Uhurob, and 
Margaret Beurbamp), K.O- Died B.p. il Feb,, 1498-D; burieil &t Weithninater 
Abliey. He mtirriffrj Lndy Ceoily Plantngeni't, duuightor o( Edwunl IV. 



(nyght, aud in my luooiSte luiuiblv wist« beeeche my said 
BOTemyiie lorde the kyng and the quenes grace, my lady the 
kyngee modre, to be aaperriiioiirB. 

[Pmed 82 June. 1490.] 


[Loege, 10.] 
2,7 June, 1481. Williiiin Haatyiiges, knyght, Lord 
Haetynges. And for aamoch as the Jcyiig of hia abiandainilt 
grace for tlie trew service that I have don, and at the lest, 
eoteadid to have don to hie grn^e, hatli offred mo to be burled 
in the collegge or ohapell of Saint George at Wyiidesor in s. 
place by his grace fieBigned, in the wliicK college hia higbnOH 
ys difiposid to be buryod, I therfor bequeth my simple body 
to be baried ia the seid chapell, and will tbat ther be ordeyned 
a tumbe convenient for me by my executors, and for the coBtes 
I bequetli c mark. Also t will that myn execntura diapo,Bt> to 
tile ministere of divine service and fiiiieml observances the 
day of burying and bo the per knyghtee ther present the same 
day, and in other dedie of a1nie» by ther tliscreuon, xx li. 
Also I -will that in all goodly hasfc after my deceae a juell 
of gold or sylver, to the value of xxli., to be gevyn to the 
deaue and chanons of the chapell to the honour of God and 
for a momoriall for uie. Also I will thiit my feoQes gyf 
landes and tenementes to the yerly value of xxli. to the 
deane and chanons, that thei shall fynd perpetiietty a preste 
to Bey diiyJy masse at the aiiter next to the place wher my 
body shalbe buried, and ther to pray dayly for the tinges 
etitato duryng his lyff, and iifttfr his deth for his socle, for the 
aoules of me, my wyffe and for all criaten t^oules, after the 
forme and effecte of and ordinance for the same preste by mo 
or mjTi exeoutoFB her after to be made, and that the same 

* EUest sqn of Kir Leaniu'il Hastings rrf BliDg«ti}' (S^e hie will, T«llataenta 
Vetuitj. 37D) by Alioe, dun^hter of Lori Camofi. Oiand ch&mbeTliin to 
Edward IV nt the buttluof Barnet. Saddenl; ebugod 04 treuon I^Riohanl HI, 
uid beheaded &t the Tower 14 Juuc. 11^3. Buried tn St. O«on!e'a. Windaur. 
He mMTied EKherine lUughtei of ItichHrd Nexiii-. E»rl ot Sa!i»bnry. widow trf 
WiUuun, Lord Bonvile and HarriDgton. The will of hin widuw llU'g. Holgiavo, 
fo. 7), datfld Nov. 22, 1503, IS Henry VII, and proved lUieh 2,' lollowiDg, it Id 
tlicee terms: — " Kateijn, Iwlj Hwiingea, widow, late the wil of Willimn, tntc 
lotde H>stui;;c«. Mj body lo be buried in OoT Lad J chnpfill within the chorohA 
6f Af^ah^br de !e Zouch^ betwene the ymage of our Iftdr ivnd tbn plnw ksveood 
lor the vtcares gmvo." Bequeats to George. Karl of Shtensboirjr, Mid to my ladj 
ol Stireiubntj, to god Edward. Lord H&*liags, WMB Biohuj and William, ■ister 
PiUhDgh. daughter Hungerfnrd. son CiearH^ HaBtLnxii d»D^l«r Anne Haatlnga. 
oepliew William Ferrers nnd niece hie wtfa. ni«<« ^okwliv. Bzooators, Cedll, 
maiquys Dor?«tt. widow, Owrrge, earl of ShnuBbunr, ana Aose, Iub wile, mj 
dangler, Ldwsni, Lord Hastings, Itiebard and William Haaling*, Mqolnu, n)7 
MDl. [ProTod 2S Mareli, 1501. j 



presto have Hij li. yerly of the seid xs li. at the festes of Saint 
Migbsll hj v\vven porcous, lind the sshol- ileaiio aiid chaiioiiB 
■hall daylj fynd to the same preste and hia successorfi for ever 
brede, wyne, wax, vestmeotes, buke, chalis and all other 
ornementes neceasarj for the aante preste for the tyme beyng, 
and shall kepe a solempnc obite yerly in bbe seid ohapoU. 
Alao I woll that myn executors gyff to the deane and 
ofaauous ij vi^stmenbea, ij aiiter clotbis, a ma3»e boke, a 
ohalia, a paybrede, and ij cruettee of sylver to be o&eupyed 
by the seid preste. (bequests to the abbey of Sulby, co. 
NorthamptoQ, Leicester, the church of Asaheby de la joch, 
■Coveiitre,)* Also I will that niyn executors gave to my sister, 
Bame Elizabeth Domie, c mark. To the mariages of my 
neces the doughtres of Juhn Brokesby cc mark. To the 
manage of the doughti'es of my broder Ferrers c mark. Also 
wher George, erle of Shreweabury, whoH ward and manage 
to me ys graunted by the kinges lettres pa-tentes, hath marled 
Annej my doughter, I will that yef the same erle dye, as God 
defende, bofor any carnall knowUch betwene the aame erle ajid 
hir bad, that than Thomaa, brothit to the same erle, take to 
wyff the aame Adiio yf the law will auffre ytt. And yef yt 
happ the same Anne to dye, as God defcnde by for carnall 
knowlieb betwene the seid erle and her, ot aftier the deth 
of the same erle betwene her and the seid Thomas had, 
that than the warde and inariage of the erle and his 
brother by sold, and the money bo emploied for the per- 
formyog of this my will. Also I beqneth to my said doiighter 
plate to the value of I mark, and bedding, chamberyngee, 
and other stuff to the value of c mark. AJso wher I have 
the ward and mariage of Edward Truasell, I will that by 
myn executors hit be sold, and the money be emploied to the 
performyng of my will, and yf my brother S' John Donne will 
by the ward I will that be bo prefyrred therin befor any other, 
and that he have yt better chepe than any other persone by xl li. 
Also I will that my feoffez of the manors of Bewik and Tbuptilby 
in Uoldernes in the counte of York, Bolton Percy iu the shir 
of the cite of York, t.he manor of Barow and the hundred of 
Framland in the ■coaute of Leycastre, the manor called Ever- 
ingham in thu eounte of Notingham, the manor of Fynchley in 
the oounte of Midd [leaexj , the Rape of Haatioges in tho counte 
of Sussex, and of all my other londes in Bewik, etc., shall suSre 
myn exeoutpoi's to bake thiasues thorof unto the tyme that thei 
havo performid my will and paid my dettes. Also I will that 
my feoffes of the mauora of Lamley and Bleseby in the coanta 

* TluB will hfl.3 beeu also oopted in Tietamtnla Vetuila, wliete a fuller MOOQUi 
of tbeM beqaests is glvsu. 



of Notinghain, the manor of Drakenage in the couiite of Warr'^ 
the manor of Sutton in Holdemes in the coants of York, mak 
estate to Richard my son wtien he comyth to the age of iviij 
yer, and for lak of i$sii to Williom ray son, and for lak of ysan 
to the heirie nmlx of my fadera Ijndi, und for lak of issii to my 
right heires- Aiid I will my fooffea of the maner of Amall 
in the counte of NolinghniDj the manors o£ Klekney, Litle 
Asahby and Brentin^horp in the ccmnte of Leycestre, make 
estate to my sone William when be commyth to the age of 
xvii] yerea, and for Ink of isan to Richard my aone, nnd for 
lafc oE issn to tlie heires malx of my faders body, Riid for lak 
of isBU to my right heiree. And I will that iny wif and, niter 
her doth, thother niyn executors have the goveruaile of my ii 
aonys unto the age of sviij yer. AUo I will that my ij 
sonnys hare plate to the value of cli., and eyther of them 
ebamberinges, beddyng, and other stuff to the ralae of cli., 
and they to remayn in the kepyiig of my wiff and myn 
execturs to the age of xviij, a.nd then to be delyvered tn aither 
of them or to ther isau. And yef oon of them by for that age 
dye withonte ysau, this parte thut so dyeth aswcll of plato as 
for ohamberingea eo rcmayne to his brothir. And yf both 
dye withoute iasu, then the seid plate to be disposid for my 
aoule, and the chamberinges, bedding and otbir fitnf by 
avynly devyded betweno my wiff and myn herez. Also 
I woU that my teoffez make estate to Kateryn my wiff 
of the manor of Stokdaubeney, Wilberaton and Satton 
in the counte of Northampton, the manor of Edmonton 
in the counle of Midd[le8ex], the manora of Kyrhy, Lubbes- 
tborp, Bramstroii, Bagworth, Thornton and the parkes of 
Bagworth and Kyrby iu the conute ot Leyeest!-©, the manors 
of Weiborn nnd Aslaby in the shir of Lincoln, and all my 
other londis in Stok, ete., to Kateryn for her lyff afl long as she 
IB tinmaried, so that she releae her dower in the aeid manors of 
Bewyk, Thnrtilby, Bnrow, Bollon Percy, etc., and in all the 
londis nasigoed to my ij yonger sonnys. I besech the kingis 
grace to take governance of my son and heyr. I make myn 
Oxecntors Kateryn, my enttrrly belovid wifT, myn eldiat aon. 
Sir Edward fjasltngeu, knyght, Sir WilHam HuMee,knyght and 
Cheif Juge of the Kingea Bench, Richard Fygot> oon of the 
kinges eeryauntes of the law, and that Sir William Husee and 
Bichard Fygot have eyther of them xl li. I make the right 
reverend fader in God, John, bysshop of Ely, my good lord, and 
ftleo John, Lord Dynbam, my good lord and cosyn, surveyers^ 
and to have xl markes. Arid in witnes that tnis is my lart 
will, I did write this clause and last article with my owen 
haudes at Loudon the xxvj day of June the yer of our Lord 



God aboveseid, and in tlie yor of my soverayn lord Kyng 
Edward the liij"" ssj, whoee good grace m the most hnmble 
wyae I beeech 60 be good and tender graciouB lord bo my soule, 
to be good mid grncioiis lord tn my wif, my sou and inyn heir, 
and to all my cliildren, whom I (jliarge iippoii loy blessing to 
be tni soguttos and Hut-vaiiutea to you. In the yer of my 
BOTCrayn lord Kyng Kdward the iiij"" xxj. 

[Proved 19 Aug., 1488. Administration by Lady ICnterine. reliot,] 

[Blamyi, 39.] 

Tn tlie name of Almighty Jlieau, Amen, ihe xfiij''' daye of 
Marclie, 1501-2. 1 Ricltaide Uai<tiiige8,knight,LordWiUoughby, 
make my will. First I will my sotile to Almighty God and 
to otiFB Lady Seiut Mary and anto all the Seiutes in heven, and 
my body to be bnried in tbe Grey Freres in London, in sach 
place within the qiiere there or within the vestry chapell o£ the 
B&me Freves where as is moost conv&tiahle, and maye be ordrade 
and agroede by rae or niyii executors and the wardeyn and 
his bretherii of tliis saine. ttem^ I will to the pa-risshe church of 
Seint Gyleas, to the high iiwter there, for tythos imd oblacons by 
me afoTB this tyme forgoten, xiijs. iiijd. Item, I will that there 
be diaposide aboute my bnriallea and other fnnerall expenses 
for the same to be doon, an c marker or more and leas as may 
he thought moost convenieat by the discretion of myn 
esecutor.H. Item, 1 will to the Greye Freres for the breking of 
the groimd nnd laying o£ my said body within oone of the 
places afore reherned, and n toiiiube to bo made for me 
according' to the saide aggrementee, sxli., and they to praye for 
luy aoule, Itenifl will to the iiij ordre of Freres in London iiijli., 
echo oon of thorn to have xi s. thereto to bring me to the 
grownde where I shall lye the said daye of ray buriall, and to 
8yng Dirige aad masse of Requiom on the morowe within their 
saide plapes and to do a trentall of masaea for my sonlo for the 
same. Item, I will to the seid threy Freres xx li., they to soy a 
d&illy masse for me x yerew next, and immediatly after my 
decease, at such an awter there as my body shall fortune to be 
buried by or afore. Item, 1 will that my dettes be paid snrh 
aa shalbe duly proved, and if there be any wrongea by me 

*Bon at Sir Leonnrd Haatinga «( Blinftsby and brother nt WUlUm, Lord 
fiaettaue. who «ra« beliE'iKlcJ bj Bicburd HI, He insirrieil Jobn (telict Of 
Bichntd PiRot. who»e will is prioUd in Tft. Kiur., iii. 295), dunglitor al 
Sir HiohApd 'WellGs. Lcird WUlfiughJiy, osnealod hj Kdwird IV. Ho wiwi 
aninmoned 15 Nov., 1483, lu Lord auslmas nt Wullns, but he also culieil himault 
Lori Willoiiglibj'. Ho had. sin an\y ion, Anthonji. who prudnMUiaDd liiiti, mid 
diad withopl iiwue. His wife's will JoIIowb. 



dooa r will tbey be paid and coateot bv the discretion of myn 
exe«atours. Item, I will to Dame Jolisnc, my wif, the residue 
of all mj goodes, and hir I make my wile executrice, and she 
to hare the dispoaition of the fiame, aod I will that John 
Treswell and Henry R&declyf be coodjatours with hir to helpe 
hir, aud I will that either of them bare xli. nbure tbeire 
resoDsble costes. 

[ProT«d 6 Oct., ia».} 

[Holgran, 28.; 
19 Mar., 1504-5. Jaoc UayKtrnges, wedow, late the mf <'i 
Richard Hafctyngea, Knyjfht, Lord Willonghby. 1 bequeth my 
»oulo uDto Almighty (tod, my creator, maker sad Savior aod 
Hedemer of all the world, tn our blimed ladjr S«rnt Uary the 
Virgyn, his moste gloriuus m'>der, aod to all thu aiAy company 
of heren. My body to be burii^d in the^ oonveatoall church of 
the Freers Minora within Newgate of London, in tJbe rawto 
therti made purposely for my said lord myn huabaoH and tno. 
I will that there be spent aboatfi my bariallev aod funerall 
expeaces, and in other deedes nf aJmefi and pitie for riiy soute, 
by the discrtciua of myn ezecuturi, cb. To the ittj unJera of 
Freer* of London, that is to sey, the Gr^' Kreerm, the Blak 
Frocrs, the Aoatyn Freers, and the White Fnun, liij li.,to avcry 
ordre of tbeym xxs., to thenteal that they «ball pray for my 
soole, aod that every ordre of the said iiij orders null xyriK 
placebo aod Dirig* with nuMM oj lUquUm by note, and u 
treotall of tusmc* for nr acmla aad Um amIm of my said lord 
fknd hosband, of Biebard Pygotto aoak, aonityine my biulMm), 
my children and frendes aoaies, and all eriat«n kouUm. I 
beqnetb in lylce wise to the CrowcltJd Freen in lyni'Ion ix u., U> 
thent«nt that they thaD d«o tenfore I Imvo wilM lim ^Ahirt 
mj orden of Freer* tn doo. To tlie Preen Min/ira af'/raaid a 
erosse of silver and gilt with Mary end John au'l -Air l^y al 
the foot« of the croew. T« tlie Omrtmht/om at KherMt, xl s, 
To the ChartcriuMNe in Liru^m, iijli. tjji. riijd. to tiM 
ladyea and bTetbem of Byr^, iij b. rij*. riijd. To the tj 
Ancrceeee at BtesfcypfM^nte and »l WestMhister, xr t., that !« 
to Bsy, to the Aama of Biasboppisgale s a.. Mul Uj iita A ii*-m 
of Westmttucer t e. To the Ajsdcer in IxfoAm, to all Ut »ffm 

'VuB^Htrttak U^^WtflMl^Wils^dy^aiidiMn'tff IfJMjM 
WiuMi Wbo wsb Mv flHBvni hj Evwtfl It w$f lMMVMMMR« MI9 IMffPM 
ink BtAaid PfM*. airtMSi *l ttm. a anl m^ mmtrn t UmpH. «!» "m Ur%» 
pmMtarlBttslaaKii^alTwMba, Ui«fl,M Aert. I4«(>, ••- ^ovka^ 
M LmAos. n Jms. mm. mU at YaA, f te., MM, asf «» |>rtM*4 la TtM. 
tOor^ iu.fW.gba ^nM ■■>■«/ MM UMMtm*. Im4 WMm m4 
WBlooghbj. vlMS «tt hM M *•« ^^ 


NO&xu coimxRy wiu.s. 

a trentall ot tuaHsea, x a. To the Freere of Northallerton, xl b. 
To tlie aiilter of our lady chajieil in Northftllerton a vfistmeut. 
To the chiircli workea of tJie same parislie church o£ North- 
allertou, XS8. Unto every ordre of the orders of Freers in 
York, zza. To t-be honsc of the Freers in Richeniont in the 
norlL Qoantrey, xss. To Sir Lawrence Butler, preeet off 
Poules, xl 8. To Sir 'I'homas Forman, preest, xx s. 1 will that 
every of my aervavinteB shall hare half yeres wages. I will 
that niyn executor shall kepe my household with the Bervaun1«8 
till the feat of Seynt Migbell tharchaungoU next comyng. To 
EliKabetb Jerard, rli. To Thomas Rudy, my servaunt, xIh. 
To Thomas Lawday, xxs. To Mao-, my BBrvaont, xxs. To 
fituuuchu, my servBunt, xiijs. iJij d. To Sir William, my 
chaplajTi, xla., to pray for my Boule. To Sir Olyver, my 
rCbaplayn, sis. To Ric. Caleston, godson to my lord late my 
btuband, si 3. To Kdward Caleston, my godson, xl s. To 
the bretherhode of our Lady in tli» Quere in the parieshe 
ohiu-cb ot Seynt Mary Woolnoth in Lomliardstrete of Loudon 
to pray for my soule as a benefactor of the Bame fraternytie, 
lis. To the high Awter of Seynt Albona in Wodeatrete, 

5] 8. viijd. To the ohnrche workes of the said church, xxs. 
the priorea and covent of Clerkenwell, xxxiij a. iiij d. To 
John Cresawell and to Margery his wif, and to Johane his 
doughter, my goddoughter, x marces amonges theym. To 
litle Thomas, my childe, xl s. To my butler vj b. viij d. To 
page, my 8er?aunt, vj s. TJij d. To William of NorthallertoH] 
my serraunt, vj a. viij d. To the boy of my kecliyn, v] s. viij d. 
To Jane, my Bervaunt, siij b. iiij d. To the Charter hous of 
Mount grace, vjs. xiijlt. iiij tl. As to th^ diBpusiciun of all 
that my manor of liomanby and all other my lond«H within 
England, I will that myn executor shall sell all the same, and 
with the money, if it can be, pro^-ide vj preeetes, that is to 
say, iiij of theym of the ordre of Freers miuoi-e, wlierof iij of 
theym to syng for evermore in the Conventuall church of the 
Freers minors within London at the awter before which the 
body of my lord and bu&band. lyeth buryed, and the other 
preest of the said iiij preestes Freers to syng for evermore at 
Clerkenwell at the awter before whiche the body of Ric. Pygot 
late my husband lyeth buried, and oon preest, a nionck of 
the Charterhoua at Mount grace, to ayng for evermore iu the 
monastery of Mount grace for the soules afoxsaid; and the 
Tj*' priest to syng for overmore for the said eoules at the 
Cnauntry foanded by my fader in the pariahe chtirobe of 
MortballoTton. And 1 will that it soo be provided that the 
said vj priesteB abalhave yerely for ever more among tiheoi for 
their salary xxx'' markes, and if so be that conveyncntly it 



lot "he WoHglit tu eUtfCt*) tu Iiavu the vj preestws, I will tliitt 
'ttUL the money comyng of the sale of the in&nor, lauds, and 
tenemcatb's shalbu bestowed by myu executors for the welthe of 
my souiti after their discrecions, Itom^where the foreaid Richard 
Pygot willed that eertayn manors, loudes should be sold by 
me, and wher us I have tn&de sale of partoa and parte I have 
not sold, 1 will that my executora shall sell the same yet not 
sold, and the money comyng to be diepoeed according to tho 
last will of Bic. Pigot. 1 will that Henry Ila.tcliiT shall have 
his foe of V li. yeroly, and ovor that I bequeth to the aame 
Henry xli. upon thecottdicon thjit the aame Ilenry shall aide 
my eseoutors for the perfoTmance of this my will. The residue 
oi all my goodes 1 geve unto myn executors the which to doo 
and dispose in deedes of almes for my soide as by their diecro- 
cions ahalbe thought moat to the pleaanr nf God, And I luakt! 
M* William Atkyaaon, doctor of holy divinitie, il' John 
OaJeston, bachiller of holy dyvimtie, and Gilbert Caleslou, 
citizea aad ^Idsniyth of London, myii executors, and I bfsquoth 
to every of my executors xx marces; and overseer I make 
John vntler, doctor of holy divinitie, freero of the ordro off 
Freers Minora, to whom I bequfth xx markup. 

[Prottid 7 April, 150fi.] 

[B«)Ui«tt, 87.] 
4 Nov., 1506. Edward Hastynges, knightj Lord Hagtingee 
and Hungerfurd. My body to be buried, if I dye in Loudon 
or within xx'^' mylea of the same, in the college uf Wyndeeor 
nyghe to the tombe of my lord, my fader, whose aonle God 
pardon, if it may be conveuyeutly, and ellee I remytto the 
same to the disorecion of myn executors or to aiiche ua 
shallave the rule aboat me att my departyng by the oversight 
of the Erie of 8hrouabery,t lord Steward of the Kyiiges most 
honorable housholde, and of my twoo bretheru if they be at 
my departing. Also 1 will that an hoDOst preest be pnisided 
to ayng and praye for my soule and the soiiles of my Fader and 
moder, and all other my frendea, in the chapell or churche 
where my body slialbe entered, by the Bpa<:e of seven yores 
nest enauyiig, and the same prooat in every weke shnll aay 
plaoebo, dirige and cocnondacion» with masse of Requiem on 

* Boa of WiUiam, Lord HAstinRS, onjoleii bj Riohnrd III. lie w«s Mooni] 
Lord Haatmga of Ashby de la Zmiuh, to whioii diptiitj' lif aactioedeil in 14S5 ; bal 
bftving roiLrriod Mitry. tiaiiglitar nnd beir of 'lliooiria Hungerfurd, aon (md Loir ol 
Bobert, Lord Iluiigsrtoi'ii , rtud Moiiaes. ho wns aummoncd to ParliMnent u 
Lord UmiKerlord in 14H2. &nd died in 1,507- 

fHe miuriad bbe lenMlarit tdster, Anna Uttatmjs. 



the raorowe for my soule and the uoulea above rebeiiiid and 
iitlier oryaons aud prayers, imd that the same preat have 
yorelie x markes. Also I will that during the i^ame timo an 
ubile be kept tu the same chiirche where my body shalbe 
entierod. Also I frill that the lust wili of my lorde aiid fader 
be performed iu every tiling*, and I will that all ray dettes be 
paiod and my servaiiutos wages. And i£ my wif and my »yn 
will take upon theym the adinyoiatracon of my goodes and 
within ooa yere fynde sufficient suertiez to the aaide lord 
Hteward and to my broder William Hastynges to pay my 
dettes and to porformo this my will, then I will they ahalhare 
ill! thtaauea and profittea uf all my londoa, and for the 
redemyng of the manor of Fyucholoy charged as appereth by 
cudenturez made betweene me and S' Thomaa Frowick, kny^ht, 
Chief Justice of the Common Place, and also for the redemyng 
of the raauor of Welford by indenture betweene me and 
Thomas Jakes and Richard Sftohewereli. And if my wif and my 
sou refuse to performe my will, then I wull that the lord 
•Steward and all other my feofff^z ahalhaTO full autoritie to mako 
sale to such pereons as they shall thinke good of the manors 
of Welford within the oonntio of Northampton, Lubesthorp, 
Wistowe and Bramston within the countie of Leyceatre, Bewj'k, 
Atdeborougb and SHugbery (Sfiiigshy) within the countie of 
Yorke, aud with the money to pay a.\\ my detles and performe 
my will. Also I will that my wif enjoye for the terme of her 
llf all sucho manors as I have appoynted for the siiertie of 
payment of ccrteyn somea of money due to the Erie of Derby 
for the manage of my lady, his. wif, my doughter ; provided 
tbat if the same Erie be not contentid of hia money at the 
dayos of payment, that then the said Erie may taku thiasues of 
theym according to such covenaantcs as I have made, and after 
the money be paid and all my dettes paide, and my will per- 
formed and my fadei-a will performed, my wife to have the 
manors duryng hir lif oonly. Also I will that my broder 
Richard Eastynges have oon aunnytie of xx^' markes by yere 
owte of my lordeliip of Tboriietou and Bagworth, not oonly 
to hym, but also to my lady his wif, or to the longer living of 
theym. Also I will that my brother William Haatyiiges 
shalhave tlie stewardship and baylUfwick of my lordships of 
Thorreton and Bagwoi-th and the Iceping of my parke of 
Bagworth, yelding occomptea of the same. Also whore as I 
have grannted to my broder William oon aiinuytie of xx markes 
by yere, I putt it to be in the choise of my brother whether Lo 
will have the annoytie or ellei* my feoffea to make unto hym 
an estate owte of suche my laades as be ehall tbiokc moat 
profitable. Also 1 will that all my »ervuantes shalhave ;v 


quarters wages. Also that ray 8ervauiito& awaytyug upon me 
at tliis tyme ad London after my dath have all the rayment 
Ijelongycg to my body. Also I will that William Lolle have 
tlio house which he dwetlebli yu in Asahby. Also I noil that 
the executors of uiy lady and moders have yerely xlli. of tbo 
manorB of Bagworth, Thorneton and Lubesthorp unto suche 
tyme as tho s&mv oxecators have receyved aHmoche money 
toward the payment of my lady moders dettes. I ordeyne my 
wif and my son executors, and the lord Steward to be 
thoversear, and if my wif and son refuee I make my twoo 
brethern my executors. 

[No dfite of proof.] 


[HolgravB, 22.] 
In the name of the Holy Trinitie and of onr Lady Seynt 
Mary, and of SGint John the holy Evangelist, Amen. The 
XTJij day of Juyn the yere of oiir Lord MV and oon and in 
the yere of Kyng Henry the vij"" aft, the conquest of England 
xvi, r John Holme beyng of hole mynde & goode diapoaicion 
ordeyne and make my last will. I geve and will ray soule 
to Almighty God end to onr Lady and all the Satntee of heven 
and my body to be buried in the chnrche afore our Lady. 
Also I geve and will my beat beeat tojnyii cura present. Item, 
I will to the high awter wher I am bnned for tithes fnrgoten 
not duely tended, t a. Item, I will to fhp high awter at Alburgh 
for tithen forcgoten, vj 8. vii] d. Also I will that there be xxx^' 
raaeaea doon fur me the morow aft. that T am buried or within 
three dai^B aft. if they may be doou, x s. Itoui, I will that ther 
be geven lo poore folkes at my buryall, sis. Item, to poore 
folkes at Alburgh where most nede is.ixa. Item, I will that n 
preeet eaye for tiie my dues in the weke placebo dirige and 
cotnendacitm and masse every day by the space of v yeres, 
xxiijli. TJB. viijd. Item, I will that there be v tapers made and 
stAnd afore onre Lady and there to bo kept the aaid space of 
V yeree, and at every doble feat aad Sondayes to be light, 1b. 
Item, I will unto the church whore I am buried, xiij a. iiij d. 
Item, to the churche at Alburgh, xiij 3. iiij d. Item, I will unto 
my doaghter Marye if so be that John of Moor wedde hir 
when he cometh to lawfull age, and he will make hir a lawful] 
Joyntor of xjcli., I will that she have in queyne plate and 
household to the value of c raarccs. And if so be that he wedde 
hir not and she wilbe rewled and guyded au hir raoder will 
have hir, I will that she have cc markes to hir mariage. Also 
I will that my broder William Holme have x markes of aueh 
dett afl is owyng me iii Holdyrne^. Item, I will that Richard 



Knyuetfm of Bradley hnre v nijirkes. Item, I will thM my 
serv&iinteeB bum x\s. Ji^lt ajuouges llieyici. Also it is my 
will that my wif be iiiyn executrix and to have the dispoaicion 
of my goodes. And. tho Eesidim that leWtli my will fulfilled a« 
come and catell, household queyne and plaW, my wif to have 
it. It. I will that Ric. Kiiytietoii and my brollier William 
Holme be overBieps of tliys my will. In wittnes horof written 
with myn owne Iiaiid at hhefeld the day and yere abovesaid. 

[Proved 1 Deo, . 1604.] 

[Blamjr, 6.] 

19 Jan., 1501-2. Hicardne BjTd, caiionicuB residenoiariuB 
in ecclosia Collegiata Beatomm Petri et Wilfridi, ac reetor 
ecclesie do More. Lego pro mortuario meo optLmuin. bovem 
apad More secundum UBimi piitne; Johanai Byrde queradara 
annuatim [me) redditum xl eolidomm, ex[e]iiTitem de terrift 
meis infra pnrccliiaTii de More; WiUelmo Foi-ster octo aeras 
prati, jaceutee in carapis de Meretou [nc], et iiij acras terra 
araliilis iu Morton predicta, et nncm tenementnin. Volo quod 
dominus Willeiraus Rawe, cnpellanuH, ha beat sufiGcientBrn 
exhibicionem in universitnte Oxoiiii per spaeinm unius anni, 
et quod dominus Willelinua Whixley, capelisima, preaentetnr 
ad eccleaiaiQ paroehialem de More sea ad ecclesiam de Soldon, 
utramqne earimdem maluerit habere, vigore prosimHTum advo- 
CBcionum earandom miohi et ceteris mecum adiuaotis con- 
ceesariim, prout pef btteras Biiffitiientea inde confeotaa pleniua 
apparet. Facio exeentoros meoa Rieardiim Croft, Johannem 
Byrde, et Willelmiini Korater. lliia teatibus : Thoma Back- 
house, prebendario prohende de Stanwig^g-' in dicta eocleaia 
collegiata Riponenai, ac rectore cliori ejusdem, domino Eoberto 
Whixley, capellano, et miiltis aliis. Dt> Thome Forster et 
Alicie Peyen' nniim tenementinn in Stanlake, equalia porcioni- 
bii8 inter eoadera dividendiim, cujus quidem lenementi fimia. 
annualis extendit ae ad decim solidos. 

(Pio»ei 10 Mar.. 160t-S.] 

[Adeanc. as.l 

7 Jan., 19 Hen. VII [1&03-1}. John Thwaites of Hardyng- 
ham, in the countie of Norfolk, escuyer. To be bm-iad in the 
chupell of oar Lady within the chni'ch of Hardyugham. I 
will that Agnes my wif, if she lyvo sole and unmaried, have 

* Prebendac? of Bhacow, Ripon. Maiidat* lo Indaol 21 Aug. , 1484 (Fowler'i 

iffmiji'lai* of RijHwi, Surtecs Btiriclrj. fi, 341). 



the manor Tliwatee and other lundes in tlie tuwaes of Kykde, 
Scolea, Roydnn, Newson, Byngle and Aekewith in Torkesbire 
to tlie valup of xl markea hy yere. I will that my feoffu/. 
suffer iiiyii execiit-orM to have profittea of iity niRnors, londes 
in Denton and ANkewith in Yorkeshire, and tlierof to conlent 
ray dought^re their manage money, that is to say to Margaret, 
Thomaaen, Elizabeth and lillyn,cU. to eche of thoyni and more 
it it may he borne if they be maried by tb advise of my wif 
and myn other executors, a,nd I will that myn executors have 
the said lundeti in Denton and Askewitli for xxiij yerea. 1 
will that my eone Edmnnde hane all my londes in thetowne 
of Thirkee in the countie of Yorke, and for lacke of yssue to 
reniayne to Antony my aonne, and for lacke of yssuo male to 
my son Criatofer, and for lacke of yean© male to the right 
heirBH of Thomas Tliwates late my son, nowe dede. I will my 
son Cnstofer shall baive my landes in the towiiyw uf 'I'olston 
and Clifford in the counfcie of Yorke. I will that the right 
heirea male of me nnd my Sonne Thomas uoive dede shalhave 
all my londes in tlie Lutie of Yorko and townes of Newcastell, 
Smeton, Holdenshir, CoUyngham and Bardesay or ellea whcr 
in Yorkeshire. 1 make executors my *velheloTed Agnes my 
wif, Antony Thwaites and William Eyre, gent., and I pray 
doctor Urawyk, Arcliodecon of Nurff', to he superrisour. 
[ProvMd 7 M»y, 1607.] 


[Adeanc. 10, ] 
9 Sept., 1505. Henry Skern, of Waltham. My body to 
be buried wher that it shall please God, and I will that my 
best hors goo for my mortuary. Also I will that there be 
three trentalles songen forme aa shortly as they can be conve- 
nyently soingen aftfer] my decease, wher of oon of them I wold 
the Blake Freers of Hull shuH syng for me, and to have xs. 
for eytjgyng thorof, alao I beqaeth theym xiij s. iiij d. to pray 
forme and myn ancestors their fouuders. The Becnnde tr«ntall 
I wold that wor songfi at the Grey Prcers of Grymsby, and they 
to have is. therfore and xiija. iiijd., the which I bequeth them 
to pray for me. The thirde trentali I wold were eonge tor me 
at the Blak Freers of Grymeaby, and they to have is. tiherfore 
and xiija. iiijd. to pray for me. I will that every preat beyng at 
my Dirigo am] also at my buryAll that syngeth ma»se viij d,, and 
every clerk ij d. To the church of Waltham vj s. viij d., and 
XX a. to the peyntyug of the brest of the Koode lofte, AJso I 
have vj a. viij d. in my handes which waa bequest ther to by a 

' \aoordiD2 to a peiigtea ol " Skema it PorHngiita" in hi'ti't Kift'lalimi, 
p. loe, Poster Eilition, he mitrriatl Ann, dftdghter of WlUiam Luk^iitile. 



man oE London, the wliich I will bo content. Also my fader 
in law, William Langdall, bequest xl s. thereUt. Alau the which 
my broder Wavisor, my brother Hauby, and I most of con- 
.acience see that it be content in somuch as we bad parto of 
10 goodes, and so 1 will that xiij s. iiij d. be paide for me ther 
'to my parte of payment of the said rl s. To the church oF 
Scarthuw, iij s. iiij d. To tho chuToh of Bageeley, iij s. iiij d. 
To the church of Bradlay, iij s. iiij d. To S' Robert Qadden, 
vicar o£ Bondeby, iij a. iiijd. It., vj 8. viij d. to the church 
of Bondeby, and ther for to be praide for every Sonday 
in the pulpitt. To our lady werk of Lincoln, xxd. To our 
lady of Soutihwell, i.vd. To my suster, Dame Marget Skem, 
vj 6. viij d. To thy cbanons o( Watton vj s. viij d., and to the 
nones vj a. viij d.,and to the high auUer of Watton vj 9. viij d,, 
beaeohing my lord and all h\s brethren that it ever I offended 
them that I may have absoluciou and forgiffnea therof. I 
bequeth myn unkyll Richard if he bo on lyve att that tyme, 
my gowne furred with white hugie. To John PattansoD, my 
aervaunt, the grey geldiug that was Screelyhieg, and my 
Kendall gowne, and my doblet of tawney worsted, and a pair 
of my buttes. To Edmund Skern my best hors, nest my 
uorBpresLmt that he will take, willyng hym on my bliseingfl 
tn be gnode and kynd to his moderand sithens to hia brethren 
and snaters. Wheras I have made my cosyn. Sir John Norman- 
dyll, and other feoffea in all my landes iu Yorkahire, I will that 
xli. yerely of thiasue of my lander diiryng the hf of that 
yonger son or doughter of myn that shall fortune longest to 
lyve shni be disposed as hereafter ia specified, first I will that 
Richard Skera have of the xli. xxvjs. viij d., and that AVilHam 
Skern, my son, Thomas Skem, and John Skorn, yche of theyra 
to have xxe. duryng their liffee, and as for Robert Skem, my 
youngest son, he shall have by inheritaunce by his Qioder, 
wbiehe goeth to the yongest son. To ray suster Alice xxli, 
and rny gowne lyned with auten of Ciprea. I will that CliKabeth, 
my doughter, and Mary have yelie of tlieym sjth. I will that 
my broder Sir John have yerely xx s. to he be beneficed to the 
benefice of the valor of x !i, by yere. To the maister and his 
brethren of Seynt Leounrdes in York, xxs, To the Charter- 
howae in the yie of Axam, xiij s. iiij d. I wdl that ther be a 
precst founden to syng yerely att Hottoii Crawncowik, anil he 
to syng for my fader and me, and my fader in lawe, William 
Ijaugdall. To Robert Uatwaite, ray beat amblyng foill or other 
fnill that he will choyse. To Agnes Stern a conpill of mylk 
keen. All myii other goodes to be at the rewie of my wi£, my 
brother Robert and my broder Edwarde, whom I make myn 

Improved mi LiuneliUb 7 Au&, IMS.] 



[Adeane, 7.] 
31 Jan., 1605-6. Robert Keyle. To be buried, if I dye 
wibbiii ij mylea of Beverloy, in Beverley Mynater, or elle8 as it 
forttmeth by the diacrecion of tnyu executors. To our lady of 
Lincoln to the Red arko, xls. To the freers at the grease fote 
at Lincoln, x li. To either house of froers within Grymmyaby, 
xli. To the noneB ther, xli. To the uonoa of Stokbyswold, 
xU, To the house of Urfurthe, xli. To the houBO of Fosse, 
sli. To the howee of Gookwell, sxli. To the house of Grene- 
feld, X H. Soo that iche of thiea houses do for my aoule, my 
fader Thoiime Keyle, my modcr Margaret and my wif BliKaheth 
by thadvise and assent of myn executor. I will that Margaret 
Keyle, called my dougbter, have to liir maridge or to hir pre- 
ferment xxvij li. liij s. iiij d., and that the said Margaret be at 
the diapueicioQ of M' John Hall. I will that Elizabeth Keyle, 
callid my doughter, have to hii* mnriage xx iuarke-8. I will 
that at my buriall be xiij bedemen, yohe cion of theym having 
a gowno and a lionde after the discrecion of myn execntor. I 
will that ther be iiij daies kept for me, that is to aey the day 
of niy barial! dirige and masse, tbe vij"* day also my monaths 
myiide ill like wiae, and at nyn yeres day aftfer] the sbjuo forme, 
and at every of the foraaid daiea peny dole. Item, I will ther be 
xiij torches ordeyned agensb my aaid buriall, and the xiij men 
that bere theym till I become to the churohe and till I be 
bnried, and soo ou the iij dtiiee tolowing, and then the torches 
to be disposed by the advice of my said executor. I will that 
Jenett my battler have xls., and itihe servaunt in my house 
aft. XX B. And my londea to bo sold by mjTi executor, which 
I ordejne M"" John Hill, and my kinsman, Nicholas Upton, soo 
as they may see the better for the diaposicioii nf the aaiil 
goodea and landes uubequetlied. Thies beyng wittnca, Edward 
Barnby, Nicholas Barnhy a-nd John Pax, Sir William Orme, 
with other. 

[Proved 19 Mn.T, 1G04, nt Lnmehltli.l 

lAdcMie, IS.] 
4 Ad^., 1306. Alicia Cathorne de Notingham. Lego 
oorpoB meum eccleeiaettce sepulture intra eccleaiam beate 
Marie de Notingham ; raenm optimnm animal nomine mei priii- 
cipaJifl nt moris eat; fabrics ecclesio beats Marie, vj a. nijd.; 
honeBto presbyfero, vli. legaliH moneto at effuudat dirina 
aervicia pro aniuie iiiee »a.lute per unum annum integrum infra 
eccteaiam predictam ad discretionem Magistri Johannis AleAtrc. 
BosiduolD omniuin bonorum meorum oiagistro Jobanni Alestre 



arcium mficistiro aiiein hnjus lestamenti faciei mourn exeoutorom. 
Hiia testiuufl Rirardo T«venier, cleiico, maestro JobnuDU 
^ortb,aTcium magi^tro, et doinmo Koberto Lyth. Datum apud 

[Proved 3 Dm.. 160S.] 

[Bennett, 30.] 

15 May,1509. Thomas Pylceryng, gentUraan, of tteooaiitio 
of York. My body to be buried in the Grey Freers witbin 
Newgate, in the citie of London, in the ambulatory befom tbe 
choer. I will tliat tlio foraatd place have for my burying xl a., 
and the covent to rt-tobo my tody tf> tbeir place. 1 beqiieHi to 
the covent and place to bave a broder bejrag a preeat, signed 
hy the wardeyn of tbe covent, to syng duly masse tha space of 
an hole yere for my aonle and for the soule of my graond- 
moder, x marke. Also to William, my son and beyro, to have 
a bason and an ewer of silver under that oondicon that he 
fyndo and atabliaalie in tho foresaide coTent by the space of xx 
yerea an anniversary, that is to aay a Airigt with a masse aong 
by note to be coutynually dooe on that day that I shall departe 
owte of this world for me and my graumlmoder, paying for 
©very anniTorsary rj s. vii] d. And if William my bod will not 
be agroable to fulGU this condicon, then I will tnat the bason 
and the ewer be sold by myn exoeutora. I beqneth unto my 
dougbter Margaret xl li., to be paid of the some that M' PayrO'^ 
fax aervaunt oweth me for my aonnya mariage. To Jane my 
aervaiitit, if it aball forimie hir to have a child, sli., to the 
fyndyug and noplsehiag of the childe, and if the child departe 
owte of thia world son after that it is home, then I will that 
the forgaid Jane, if she be good and of vertnose dispoaioon, to 
have X marke. It., Anthony my son, begoton by tbe said 
Jane, to purchase a legitimacioii and to helps towardes his 
fyrding, x li. It., to either of my ij donghters to their fynding, 
V marke, and they to be at the gnydiag of the said M' Fayre- 
fax. And I will tliat Antony be at the diepoaicon of my gostly 
fader, frocr John Horvj'e. It., to freer Henry Weller, ray 
chapleyn, s a., for saying of a tretitall of masseB. It., to eche 
of my aervauDteB, TJs. viij d. And as for the rosidew of my 
goodes, 1 will they be at the diaposicon of M"" William Payrefox 
servamit and Walter SKerwoode, whom I ordeyne execatours. 
To eche of theym, xls. And I will that freer Herrye, ray 
gostly fader, wliicli kuoweth my eonscisnce, will and mynde, 
be overseer, and he to hare x s. 

[Proved M July, 1610.] 


CBennoU, 34.] 

15 NoT.j 1509. Hugo Dacre sacerdos. Lego oorpita meam 
sepeliendiiin secundum discretionetn honorabilis viri Cristoferi 
Dacre et Magistri Johannis Prudde; ecolesie parochifkli do 
Satkjll, xxvj luarcaa ; cuidam Hisjiaao nomiue Lupus, v 
dncatos; executoribua Edwardi Strangwya, iiijli.; domino moo 
Bemper honoraudo Thome iratri meo antiquisHtmo xij li. qnas 
michi debet. Volo quod Criatoferua, B^icnndas frater meuB, 
Hnbeat XX uobilia, et Pbilippui!, frater meus habeat xx Dobilia. 
Leji^o Magistro Johanni Prudde]iaao tneo xx nobJlia et 
mediara partem de vasis meta argenteie, togarn optimam cum 
ciuctura oruatu de auro, et bursam optunam, auniilum optimum 
oiiiuia volumiua inea ; cipliumque ddaiiratiim com coopertorio 
quern mater michi dedit tempore uHirlis sue; sorori meedomioe 
Kalerioe Fitzhug-he, iiijli,; sorori maedomine Anne Strangwya, 
lii li.; Ricardo Blakbora, yH,; Euberto Sliare, vli.; Johanui 
Hilton, TJi.; Ricardo Wilkynson, xls.; Henrico Calmeraye, xls.; 
Bicardo Harrys, xls. Volo quod dielribuantur pauperibus tu 

girochia de SakiU, iijli.j apwd Kyrke Oawald, iiiU.; iipud 
acre, iij li.; apttd Wemme, xls,; anud prebendam de Nether- 
bory, xls. Lego domino Edwardo Metievenei Epiaoopo togum 
de akarlete dupliBatam cam daniasko; Willelmo ab Water 
doctori, meam togam ni^ajn penulalam cum marters ; JolinDne 
uxori Willelmi Prudde, xxb.; niitrici.xx s.; Abbaoie de Laner- 
coat meum optimum lectisteruium vulgariter a Counterpoyot. 
Volo quod sacerdos celebrot pro aninin raea et anima friftris 
mei Humfridi per spacium »eptem aunorum. Reeiduam 
boDorum meorom do Cristoforo Dacre et Magistro Jobanni 
Prudde quos ordino meos oxecutores. Hiia testibua: JohuuuO 
Hilton, Henrico Calmeray, Ricardo Wilkyuson, Joliarme Bell, 
Bicardo Harrye. 

[Prorcd 80 Jaou^rj, IBOU-IO.] 


[Beaoett. M.] 
11 Dec., 1609. William RicbardsoQ, of Fiirrel»ftnk, within 
the pftrisshe of Kyrkby Londygdale. To be buried in cristen 
bnryall where I shall decease. Unto the high aulter of the 
pariaslie cliurchej vj a. viij d. I will bbat oon trentall be doon 
for me, and to dispose in bred unto poore people xiija. iiij d., 
and to preeates and clerkoB xiijs, iiij d. Unto Sir Hogho 
BfioaBQ X 8., to Bay a trentall. To Sir Henry Neleson, of Trynitie 
Chapelt, X a., to aey another trentall. To tteynold Manuoahed, 

* 6oQ ol Humphrey, Ajgt Lord IlfLfire. niid h%\yi\ tan. 


of fieynt Martyns Chajtellj xa., tn nej aitother trentall. To 
the'reparacon of the church where my body ahalbe buried, 

a"' 9. iiijd. To my saster Mabell, v luarces. To my auater 
argaretj v markes. I wilt that my moder hftTe my farmold 
duryng hir life if alio will have hit, and if she will not have 
hit, I will that she have of ray goodes 7 marke and all hir owne 
goodea. I will that Margaret my wiffe have of my goodes 
IX li. and all the household staff. I will that my son Thomas 
have of my gnods x marke, and John my son other i marke. 
Also 1 will thBt Jamys Richardson, my broder, bo myn executor, 
to gader up my dettfis iiud pay my deltes, and my wif to be 
with hym oxecutonre if she will, and they to have the residewe 
of my goodes and eutallss not beqaethed to dispose for the 
helth of my aoule. Witnossee, John Garaelt aud Sj-raon 

[Proved i Feb.. 1509-10.] 

[Beiiaclt, 27.) 

25 Jan., 1509. Adam Brabazon, late of Alerton. My body 
to be buried in the church of Seynt Mary in Stamford. To 
my BUBter laabell, that gold and silver that she halh of myn 
and also my lond in Hardby, Wykeham, and Catewell for hir 
life, and after hir decease 1 will that the londes remayn to my 
brodor Brabazon, to John his son, to their heyres for evermore. 
To the Rftide John, my brother William son, s markea, which 
John Cranmare, of Haflocktun, oweth iiuto mo, also \x quarters 
of malte. To my broder William a place in Alerton which I 
bought of a mau of London, and another place in Newerk 
which I hadde of my master. Peers Staynaford. To William 
Hokyrby, s shepe. To Chrisfcofer Ivys, a hora or vj s. viij d. I 
will that suohe lond as I bought of my maiatroa Staynford, my 
broder William shall hoII jtt an fynd oou of my brother 
Alexander children at the Bcole aalong aa the money thorof 
endureth. I will that my brother William shall fynde a preeat 
att Estwoll for terme of ii yeres, to ayn^ for my sonle and my 
fader and my modsrs aoules. The residew I geve to William 
my brother, which I make my executor. 
[Proved 24 April. lolCJ 

[Holder, G.] 

Margarets Suffolk. Lego corpus meum sepiliendnm Inter 
Minorissas cum spooso meo; Magiatro JohaQoi Pechy, militi, 

• Thia seeina to be the will ol M«rgwet Soropo, widow of Bilmvirif! d« la Pole. 
I £arl of SnfTulk. wlio waa l)Ehflnd«<) by H-'iiry Vll in 1.518. iiia wile is cRlled in 



oiiuila vaaa argeiUea vel p]al<e que veneniut psr maims illiua 
de partibuti uUramariiiia et tria gilt gobbletea cam coopertoriis 
et unum M. (sic) of dyamondis ; ejus uxori nuam togam furred 
■with lepardis, ot iiuuin par prccolarum de auro; Doctori Stan- 
diasbe imnrD ciphuni (!e argento deanrato; filie mee inter 
Minurissas untim cipLum stantem ; aorori mee comitisso Oxotiii 
sanctum Michaelem cuiu perles et lapidibiis pr6[:iosis; sorori 
mee Geniyngam uovam mappani et uovtitii tualc ct duodecim 
nattyns of gyloaer warkia. Item, aorori mee Anne apiid 
Berkyng a syhier potte with ij eyris ; aorori mee Bruys unum 
cipbuiu stantem de argento deaurato; sorori Sent Clero all 
my perle ; sorori mee Gernyngain nnam novTim par liotliia- 
minura et aliud par sorori mee Bruys; Item, all myne olde plate 
hoc eat residuum menm totnm of plate chejiiM Joyelles and 
other stnff to be sold and disposed for my aoule. Lego famule 
mee Margerie miam optimam mappnm pro menaa oimi tnalibna 
et napkyns de eodi-ni, tria paria liiithiamlDiiin de holond next 
to the heat ; eedem Margerie my truaaing bed oi ni9S«tt and 
reed' with a comiterpoynt of the hyrtb of our Lurde ; EUzabetbe 
Hart duo paria lintniamtnum nnva de Holond et imam novam 
peciam de Holond cnm dnodecim phiissbems of beyond see 
warke. Item totidem Mftrg^ric fanmle moe; my ij tmasing 
bedia to my cosyn Pe<;by et duo pariii dt- fnstianis; Roberto 
Wryghte imam catht'dram et nmim lectum de plumis and a 
oowrae counter poynte et nnmn par He hlankettcs. To Stanley 
uniim lectuni de plumis ot imnra par de blankettea with a 
course coiinterpoynt. To Bekensawe unum lectum de phmiia 
et UDiim par do blankettes with a course counterpoynt ; to 
Stanley, xl a.; to Archer, xl a.; to Parys, xls.; to Wodhouse, 
xl B.; Johanni, xx a.; to Crayforde, xx a. To tlio cooke and thb 
butte]er and the horse keper cuilihet ipeorum, xs.; Katerine, 
SB.; Margeri**, iiij H. and a kyrtell of ruasett aatten; Elizabotho 
Hart, iij li. and a. kyrtell of blake aatten. Item, ad faciendum 
ve&timenta inter Mmoriasos a nyght gowne furred with btacke 
coney et aliam togam de uigro velveto ftirred blake, and a 
tawny gowne de velveto. Item, xl s. pr(i uno scolare; Doctori 
Stmid)'98he xJ b.; nnam annulum with a dyamond Magistro 
JohaDui Car, militi; a potte with ij eres to my lady Caltropej 

ihe pedtRtce of Do la Pole in Froat'e lIiiU, and in the Diethtian/ 0/ NdtfoMl 
Biography, tb« dau^tbter af Riebftrd, Lord Serope, but it ftppeara more lilce)j %h& 
WAS thu (laugbtDr at S-ir Eit^hard Serajie, of Bentiuy (enn of Ihe (ourtli nnd 
brother cl tho fifth Lord Soropc), whinse will is printed in r«f, Kim'., lii, 297, 
lot the following reasons ; — Hir Uichftrd Scrnpe hnd. nccpriiing to Canon Baino, 
oiftht dattghUrB, of whom Eihikbeili raflirioJ Jolm de Vera. ^ItiiUiL-iilli £ar1 at 
Oiford, Maj-; miiiritid Sir ndward JcniiitKiiam, aud Jane luarriud ThooiBa 
BcttwuD. TiiB teBtatrii tueot'ODa theae tbiee sUters. Curiouel; tiiivugli, MftrgMNt, 
th« leitfLtriz.ia not nuned amonget them in tb« pedigree In tbo t^crope and 
OtosrsDor roll. 


to Mnrg-arcd my gorliJoughtor, xl s.; Oeur^rio Hall, xi b.; Totom 
residuum bonorum ujeoriim ad dispDaiciouem exenintoris mei, et 
pro exBuutore meo ordiiio consangiiineuiu meiini Johannem 
Potihy militem, et Doctorem Staodisahe superviaoreia. 

[Vravti 16 Maj-. 1515.] 

tMainwnring 33.) 
28 Jan., 1515-16. Roger Baty oi Rughole, in tlie jiiiriBhe 
of Banton, in the cotmtip of Westnicrlande. To be Liiried 
withiu the parishe clmrche of Charlton, ia tha diocca of 
Caunterbnry, To Marg.irptt, nij wife, nil my goodes. I will 
to my wife afber my deceaau, my manors of Roughole and 
Itobertl)y with all other my laudo within the counties of 
Weatmerlaniie and Cumberlaiide, and after tie decoaso of 
Margaret to oiy brother John Appulby a-nd to th« heires of his 
body; and it it happen the fiaid John Appulby to decosse 
withont issue, then I woll the matiorSj londes, Ac, shaJl remayne 
to the right lieires of me. The residue to my wife Margaret 
and to my brother John Appulby, executoors. Witnesses, Sir 
Geffrey, curat of C'barletcm, my gooatly fader, Charles Jjan- 
caster, Hugh Falowfelde, Thomas Gybaou myn host. Mores 
Kydovren, Edmaod Broke and other. 

[Proved 19 Mitrcb, 1531-2.] 


[Holder. 36. J 

30 Nov., 1516. I James Strangaysah, esquier, being oi 
goode raynde, ordeyne this my present testament. First I 
reoomend my eoule to Almig'hty God my Savior, Redemor and 
Maker, and to his most glorious moder Saiict Mary, the virgya, 
and all the holy Bayntes and companye in hevyn, and my body 
to be bnryed afor the most bliaaed figure of oure Lady behynd 
the high auLler withiu the monastery cbircho of Sauct Mary 
Overy, in the burugb of Suthwarth, nere the citie of London. 
I bequeth to the high aulter of the churche of Sanct Thomae 
Hospitftll in Suthwark, for ray oblacous forgoten, xijd. To 
the brathered of the holy Triuitie within tlie same churchej xij d. 
To my sorvaunt named William SUoIaton, beside his wages, 
xl a. in money. To every one of my servauntes, xx s. I wyll 
that Maet[er] Bisshop, Chnnon of Bainct Stevyn Chappell in 

• Son ot Tlionmii Strim^nyi;, hj Elinfw. tlbnghter of Walter Talboyt, ■nd 
jjrandaou cf Hneer HtranRways, who was a younger brother of Sir Jamea 
fllranEwaja, of Whorlton, Judge of the Common Pleis. la flou>er'$ Wiiitatbrn 
]i« U aai«l to bnre married Eatli«rEiia, d&nshtM of ihe Counteai oI HuntloT'. 



Westmiubter, havt uj U. paietl hym by myn executors. The 
reBicIuL- o£ all my goodes I gyve unto my dere beloved wife, 
Lsdy Katberyoe, after my dettes paied, whiche I make sole 
executrice, she to di»pf»te the eanne after her discrecon. I 
frely geve unto the said Lttdy Katherjne, my wyf, aU tLo 
annuyte of xijli. that 1 hold by putttib, and also all the landes 
that comyth to me by luy good and dere moder, Elynor 
StrangTiysb, wydowe, of the yerlie rent of xx !i. in the citie of 
Salifibiurvj or within the countie of Wilteshire or elliswher. 
Thies witnesses. S' John Hothom, of the religinuM brethem 
of Saiot Thomas Hospitall, John Chyeeahyre and Robert 
Flemyng, notary. 

[Proved 9 Jamiary. U16-17.] 

Lirn. TUM WIU, OP sis. THOMAS page, knight, Of KBNTAL.* 

[Ayloflc. 4.1 

In the niune of God Amen. Be it knowen to fi.1 meu that 1 
Sir Thoiuas Parre, knyght, hole of mynde and havyng parfibe 
Temembraunce, thanked be Almighty God, the vij"' day of 
NoTembr, the ix'^ yere of our so\-amyue lorda Kinge, Henry 
the VII]^'' (l.^l7j,ordeyn and make by this my present wrytingf 
my te&tamenC and Inst wille of my manors, landes and tene- 
mcntes and hereditamontee a« of my goodea and cattaUM 
in inaner and forme folowing, Urat I beqnt^th my aoule bo 
Almighty God and onr lady, Saint Mary, and to all the holy 
company of hevynj and my hody to be buried accordyng to 
nay degre without porape or pryde, within the Blak Freres of 
London if I dye within xjc'' my lee of LoDdon, and yf I dye not 
within xx" myleg of London that my body to be bnried where 
myn executors shal thinke moost oonvienyent. Item, I will 
tliat all my recoverera and fecitft-es and all suche pereones their 
beirea and Hosignes that stonde and be or herafier shalbe of 
and in all auche maners, londes, teneroentes, rentes, fermea, 
rentes, charges, franchesea, liberties, advousons, and all other 
herriditamentes with their appurtenences, which I or any other 
to my use have within the Realme of Inglond which late were 
my father, Sip William Parre, Knyght,and to me be descended 
in poasBSBioii or m use as heire to my s»id fathtrr, bhall stande 
anu be tbtirof ueased iramediatly after my detli to the use of 
Mawde, my wyfe for terme of hir lyfe in full recompence and 

*Son of Sir Wtllinm Parr, Lord of KctailftI, hy SUcabetli, dftusliter of t)io 
fifth Lorj FUihngb. Ho was MosUr of the War^B aaJ Contpirolkr to 
Hoary VIIL Ho m&rried UMdc, da-agbUr n.nd hciKaa oi Hir Thoinns Grcon. of 

Bou^htoo, CO. Nortliiiiii|iton [whose will followsj. Ho died 33 NoTeiiibsr. UAH, 
uitt waB boripd in tbi? BUcik S'narg Chnrcb, k-ttriiig a. son William, cranti'd Lord 
?an Bud >Iatqui'i ol Nortliajnpt:in , and two duugiitets, Katherine Parr, wil» 
.of Hear; Vm, and Aiir«. wlia mturM WilliBm Hrrbort, Earl of Pembroka. 
His injitintio ^u nwrtnic wu Uikeu 4 Jaauaij, 1518-l{t. 


BfttuEicCiuu of liir dower of and iu all other my manors, laiidus, 
tenemdOtM and other koridic&montee which I have or any 
other to my one within the realme of luglond. Also I wille 
that ff my said wyfc do marry aod take a hasbond after my 
delh, or j*f ray said wife after my deth doo recover and have 
hir dower of any other my manors, tandes ahd tenementes 
other then T have afore appoynted by this my will to my said 
wyfe by writte of dower or otherwiBe, that then and from 
theuafurth the iuterest, title, Dse and pusseaslun of my said 
wyfe of and in all my said manors^ &c., which wore my said, 
fathers sbal cesae and determyn except suche manors, &c., as 
wore my said fathers in Grenchedhey, Strykotond Rogers, 
Orttnuryge and in the borowe towuo of Kendall, whicbe I 
euppoae be of the yerely value of one liuudred marceB, which 
1 will my said wyf have only for toroie of hir lyfe. Also I will 
that myu executours shal take the profites of my manors, Ac, 
which I lately pui'chiLSt;d, and also of suche manors as Ibto 
were in variaunco botwono ma and the turd Scrope to the 
yerely yidue of xxx poundes. And also that myn execufcoura 
shalhavu suche londeH and t-enementes as 1 have in lease of the 
Abbot of Saint Mary Abbey without the citie of York onta 
the tjmo that my said executours have percjved, recj'ved and 
titlceD, or myght lawfully percyve, receyve and take, the sume 
of viij uoundeH, which snme of viij li. I will be evenly and 
Bgally devidod botweno my dcmgliters Kateiryn and Anne 
towarde their manage and to marry them with all, and yt any 
of tliem dye before they be maryed, than she that overlyteth 
lo have the whole viij li. Alao I will that yf my said two 
doajfhtera or any of them be my heiree or my son hoirea afore 
they be maryed, that then they nor none of them ehalhave uoo 
parte of the said viij poundes, but I will that it ahalbe bestowed 
uppon copes, veatDiMit08,chalise6, and other ornamentea necee- 
Barye and convenyent for the house and chorche of Gervys, 
where I am founder, a.s it shall be thought best by myn 
exeontomree and the abbot o£ the said honso of Uervys for the 
trme beyng. Item, I will that yf my wyfe marry after my 
doth, or yf my wyfe dye before my wille be perfonned, or yi 
my said wyf recover ut have hir dower of other ray manours, 
&c., then 1 have afore appoynted to hir for terme of fair lyfe, 
that then myn exeontoiirs shall bake the profites of all ray 
man.0P8, Ac, that were my said fathors, Sir William Parre, 
except suche londesas I havoaforo appoyated to ray said wyfe 
for terme uf hir lyfo, which 1 havo aforo suppoaecd to bo of 
the yaroly value or c inarcos unto the tynio that this my will be 
or onjjht lawfully bo performed. Item, 1 will llint yf my said 
doaghtera be nob myn beirus nor my sonno boires tut in a£or- 



a«id, that then one hundred poiindea to be bestowed upon 
oopos and veBtmetites and other tliingcB oecesearye to be 
gevyn to the said liouse o£ Gei"vys all shalbtt thoiig-ht necessary 
«.nd conveoieot by mjii executours, and myn nrmet! and ray 
wyfes to be aett upon theui> and yi they or any of tbem he 
myn beires or my Monne heiTos, that then the said cli. to l>e 
partie of payment o£ the said viij poundes. Item, I will that 
a gilt orosse be gevyn to the parisuhe chupcli of Kendale, of 
the 7ahie of xl inarocB. Item, I will there be bestowed uppon 
the ehnutitery of Kendale ore hundred marees, aa myn execn- 
tourn aliall think luoost convenient. I will that my servnuntes 
Rowland Tlionibiirgli have after tbi; deth of his fader, for 
tenne of hia lyfe, tlie fosterahip of the olde parke of Kendale, 
with like fee as hia father nuwe hath. And that Edward 
Middelton sbalhave the office of parkHhip of Ravynsworth for 
torme of his lyfe, with like fee as he nowe hath. Item, I mile 
that my cosyn Richard Duket, the yongcr, ehalhave the same 
ferme that he nowe hath, called Garnettes house, for termo of 
hia Ijfe, paying the old rent, without fyne or ^easome. Item, 
I will that my aervauut John Waruian have duringe his lyfe 
xxrjs. viijd. onto of my purchased landes. Item, I will that 
Edward Mountagne have ituring Iils lyfe ii] li. vjs. viijd. oute 
of luy purchased landes. Item, I will that Kateryn Willoughby 
have during hyr lyfe iijiu vjs. viijd., goinge oiite of the landes 
late in variaunce betwene the lord Sorope and me. Item, I 
will that my servannt John Barmeton have for terme of his 
lyfe iijli. vjs. viijd., goinge oute of the londca late in variannce 
betwen the Lord Scrope and me, tteni, I will that my consyii 
Jervys Strykiond occupye the same office that he uowo liatb, 
and with like fee as he nowo hath for tenne of his lyfe. Item, 
1 will that James Rokosby, myn auditor, have during hia lyfa 
the sa-me fee that he nowe hath, so that he contynue stitle 
auditor onto my wife aod to my sonno when lid cometh to his 
full age, and the said fee to be goinge oute of my purchnsed 
Llftadea. Item, I will that Chri&tofur Johnson have all suche offices 
rss he nowe hath, and with like fee for terme of his lyfe, going 
oato oi tho landes late in variaunce between the lord Scrope 
and me. Item, I will that all my houshold servauntes, both 
men and women, have mete and drynke by the spaoe of one 
quarter o( a y&re next after iny decease, yi they lyst to take it 
ther as myn osocutoiLps shal appoynt. Item, I will and deeire 
my wyfe and my sonne that they shal take ray said housholde 
aervauntes and their servioo afore any othoir aslong as they do 
that they ought to do. Item, I will that my wife have my 
fermo of the Key daring ray yeres yf she so longe iyve. And 
yf she dyt' within my terme, then myn exeoutonrs to have the 



Haid ferine iluring the residue of the «aid yerm after hir 
d«ce«se to perfoiirme my will withall. Item, 1 will that my 
brother, Sir Williaui Parre, kiivght, have diiriiig the nonage 
of myn hctro all ^ncho lond«e and tenemcDtea as I have of tbo 
Kynge in ferine for yeres in Kendale, if the aaid Sir William 
»o ]ot}ffe lyve ; and when tnyn heire coraeth to fnll age, then 
lay imid hi>ire tn have the reKidne of ray yeres tliat tlien sliall 
remayn to his owne use. Item, I will that if I have a yon^r 
»onne, that, lie shall liavf wheu he come ov »lmlde come to the 
ago of xxiij yores, nil my purchased londea and tenementeB, 
and uU the laudea that t&Lo were in variauucQ betwene tbe 
lorde Scrope and me, to hjm and to liis heires males of his 
body lawfully begoten. And in tho meane tyme myn execii> 
tnim to have the profites therof to the performaunce of this 
my will in manor and fnnue as in this my present w'Jle 1 
hare declartsd. Item, I will that the College of Jetlingburgb 
shalbave vj li. xiij a. iiij d. to pmye for my moders soule and 
mjn and all Christen Ronlei4,nnd the same money to be beetowod 
for the weltli uE the said College. Also I will that my sonne 
William have my f^eat cheyne of gold which is worth cxl li., 
which I wolde l»e kept towarde the charge of liis lyverey. 
Also I will that niy sontie William have my aignet that the 
Kyngea g^race gave tne. Itetu, I will tljat myn lieire have, 
after my wille performcid, my said forme that I have of lease 
of tbe Abbot of York, with all my atock of cafcell that I have 
gojnige there nowe. Item, I will that yf I have any moo 
doajfhtera thaji two, that thon my wyfe shall iiiarry them at 
fair owne cost and chargea. Item, I will that all my recoverers 
and feoffees, and all other pereones that nowe stande aeased 
or berafter shalbe seased, of and in all such manors, Ac, 
wherot I b&Te declared and made my will of, shall sfconde and 
be eeased to tho perfoniiauce of this my will. And that tbe 
said recoverere and feoffees and every of them shall graunte 
by their dede soiBcient in the same to every of the said 
pereones to whom I have graunted and beqnethed any fee or 
annoytio, the said annayties and fees for temie of their lyvea, 
with clauses of diatreBSO tu be contoyned in every of the said 
dedes in the same londea and tenementeg where I have 
appoynted tht; same animyties and fees to be goyng out. Item, 
I will that the lilak Freres of London have x marcBS, and the 
White Frerea, tlray Frerea and Austen Freres, to every of them 
xls. Iteoij I will that all gi-auntea by nie made by patentea 
to Maister Davet and to all other personea, that tbe said 
personee shall enioye and have the same gmiintea according to 
the tenure and effect of my writing to them made. Item, I 
will that there be cu marces of money of suche goodes ai I 



wveby (his my will betjucathoiJ to ray annnc, whicH on marces 
I will ghalbe bestowerl to tlie mariaire of my doug^hters and to 
help to mftke up the snid auine of viij poumlea, because of the 
aatd lotides before appoynted is but uf sinal viUoar for the 
levying of th© said viijli. Itenij T ntt^rly renonnce and forsake 
&1I otber wille and willys afore this tyme by me made, and 
afferme fchia to be my laat wiUe and testament. Item, I ■will 
that the residue of all my fjoodes and cRtalles, plate Bud dettes 
after iny wille performed and afore not bequethed, iiiVinll egally 
and indifferontly be devided betwene my wyfe and my sonne 
and heire. And my ssid aonoes part-c to be putt in ftave 
kepinge for him. And of this my present will aiid teetamenb, 
I ord&yn and make myn executours, Mawde, my wife, Doctor 
IHiastall, Maiater of the HoUea, Doctour Meltnn, and my 
brother, Sir William Parre, knyght. In witneese that this ie 
my will I have potto my seall, yeven the day and yere ftforeeuid. 

[Proved 37 JMUory, 1517-18, by Matilda, relict, md Sir Wm. P&rre, knight.] 

[Thower. 13.) 
Dame Maade Parr, widowe, late wife of Syr Thiimas Parr, 
knight, disccaaid, the xx day of Maij, 1529, make by tliys my 
present wryting my laat wyll. My body to be buryed in the 
Blacke Fryers chnrche of London, where my huahond lyetbfl, 
ii I dya wytbin London or within twenty myles of London ; 
and if I dyo not within xx miles of London, then my body to 
be buryed where myn executoars shall tbinke most con- 
venyent. Item, I will there be bestowed at and aboate my 
burying oon hundrythe markeR and not under nor above. To 
every of the foure orders of Fryers in London, fourty 
shillinges. And it I be boryed at the Blacke Frjers in London, 
then the Blacke Fryers to liave thre poundea six ehiilinges 
eightpence» or elles but xls. To every of the Fryers of 
Northampton in the couiitie of Northamptoa, xx a. And 
wheras I have endetted my self in divers great Bumes for the 
preferment of my sonne and heire, WiHyam Parr, as wel to 
OUT soreraigne lord the Kinge for iiie manage of my said 
aonne as to my lorde of Essex for the mnriage of my lady 
Boucha, doughter and heire appamont of the tiaid R!rle, && by 
indentures made bytwene the gtime ErJe and the lady Mary hiK 
wife and me nioro at large it apperithe, and for the ghure 
payment of the aame Erlw I and divers of my freiides stond 
bounden joyntly, and also I and other stonde bounden to the 

• Widow ot lb« abovs Sir ThomM Parr, ol 
tiuirum WM taken S Oct., 24 Heu. Vdl (1JS3). 

Sond&l. H«r titquiiftio juit 


U80 of oure lord tlie King for Mucbe somes of luonay as I owe 
to the Kinges liighnes for the manage of my said aonne. 
And also I am indebrid to Sir Thomas Boruw, knight, for the 
mAi-iHge of my dnughter Katherine, and for ao mnchc as 
my raynde ya that my said dohtes Ktinlde be truly paid, I wyll 
that my esecutoura ahallmve all my goodes, cattell, loascB and 
fermoB toward the payment of my debtes and for the perfor- 
nmnco of thi« my wyll, and after that then all the residue be 
ordererd as hoiiifttar folowjthe. And in caas th^e mariage 
botTren my aonne Willyam Parr and the said lady Boaclia 
tBte not effect or be dissolved by death, diBagreiuynt, warde- 
ahip or otherwise, I will that all such eommea of money as 
shalbe repaiod be bestowed in mnner as folowith. Also I 
bequeth to Aniif my doughter, over and huside my Lusbonds 
beqnestes, plate to the value of fower hundrytb niarkea when 
she comyth to thage of twenty yorea. And if my eaid donghter 
Aime dye before she be marysd or "before she come to thage 
of XX yores not marryed, that then her parte by this my wtU 
shall remayne to hor siister, Katherine Borowe. Item, I will 
that if my aaid two doughfcers dye before my said donghter 
Anne be mai-yed, and before the said plato be deljverid to 
them, as ya afuregaid, lyving my said aonne Wyllyara, that 
then my said aonjie Wyllyam have all my plate and juelles 
appointed to uiy said donghter Anne, he paying for the same 
twoo hundrethe markes, which monay I will shalbe best-owyd 
in finding uf acolers marying of maydyas, and in eapeciall my 
poore kinneswjanen, and in other deades of chantie. Aiid if 
my aaid sonne Wyllyam die without issue of hya body, and 
my said ij doughtere dye before they bo marjod and before 
the plate be to them deliyei-ed, I will that thoniie my hrothei', 
Syr Wyllyam Parr, knight, sbal have asmocbe plate of myn 
68 shall amount to the some of one Imndryth poundes to pray 
for my husbandos his brother soule and myne, and for bis 
ilftbour as being myn execntonr. And the residue of my goodes, 
yf my aonne and doughters dye, be given tor the welthe of my 
bnsband&a eoule and niyn and my husbandoB poore kjime and 
myne to have parte tlierof, as tu Alice Cruse and Elisabeth 
Odell eapecyally, every of tbem to have at the lest oon 
hundrythe li., to otht-r my poore kynne as ehalhe ihooght best 
by thadWae of myn executoure, and then the house of Deny 
to have one hundryth markes therof. And then the Religious 
of the Fryora Obeervauntes in England oon hundretho poiuidea, 
and to otner poore houses of Holigion as Bhalbe thought beat. 
And if that chaance bappin that all my eaid children dye, 
then my cousyn. Sir Wilbam Fitzwilliain, knight, to have oou 
huiidritb pouodes, and Edward Mountague to have oon 


himdreth poundes. IteiDj I will that all my peerle stones, 
tablettes and brooliee, bracolettea, beades and riages ogally 
shalbe ordered by inyn exeontom-s iu such fonrme as aball 
appere by a cedwle henmta annexed. Item, I will that myn 
executoara shall finde my doughter Anne mea.te, drinke, 
clothes and all other thiages to ber necessary tyll sucbe tjiae 
as she be inari'ed, except she be beire to niy sonne. To my 
cossin Alice Cruae, forty poundes. To my cossin Elisabeth 
Odellj foiirty poiindes. I will that ray doagliter, Katherine 
BorowB, havo nftcr my debtie paid my beddo of parple 
satteyiie panyd with clothe of golde^ and in like maner tu my 
doughter Anne my bedde of greno tynsill and white satteyne 
erabrotberid with Mae velvit, and to every of my doughters 
competent stuff for yche of them for a bedde, and to yche of 
them a, payer of fine camericke sheeties. To my donghter 
Katberine Borow my beadea of lignnra alwcys dressed with 
gciulde, which the said Queue grace gaiie ine. 1 will that 
Edward MouTitngiie have yei*ly six poundes thirtene ehilUngeH 
foure pence; that Mawdci Appowell have yerely three poundes 
vje. viij d,; that ray eoaain, Thomas Pykering, steward of ray 
house, yerely have fyve markes during hia lyfe; that Leye 
Brayc, my servaunt, have yerely foarty ghillingee, and Honry 
Anynson iiij markes; Clemens Pay widdow, xx a. To the said 
Thomas Pykering, twenty poundes in money. The residue I 
gyve to ray sonne Wylfyam. I will that myn apparrell be 
made in veatnientea and other omamentea of the churche, and 
to be gevyn to Malteby, Kegworth and Nonyngton. And I 
ordeyne executonra my good Lord©, Catberd Tanetall, Biashop 
of Loudon, my welbeloved sonne, Wyllyara Parr, and my good 
brother, Sir Wyllyam Parr, knight, Edward Monntagoe, 
James Laybonm and Thomas Pj'kering. To my said lord of 
London 1 bequethe one ring with a table robyp, and to Syr 
Wyllyam Parr my ringe with an emereld, and also a cbayne 
of goulde to the %'alue of xx li., or elles twenty poundes 
some other way ; to James Laybonme vj li. xiij s, iiij d., 
and to Edward Mountague a salver of siluer. T will to 
my doughter Katberine these parcelles, *}j perles of ijs. 
a peace, xv and vj perelea of iiij d. a peace, a crosse of 
diamontes witb one perle banging therat, an eine of diamontes 
with tbre perles therat, xviii diamontee aett witli Fryers 
knottes, a flouro with bales and a perle therat, a ring with a 
great paintid dyamont eett with blacko amell, a ring withe a 
table diamoiLt aett with blacke amell meate for my litle finger, 
a payer of hraseletten cbayne fashion with ij iacentes in them, 
a payer of beades of coral t with white crossesj a tablet with 
pictonrs of the kiage and the qoeane, a payer of greate bcudea 



of niutlier of perln, » Hmnll flntte chejn tlie oon link emunoled 
io black and the other withoat, another small ftatt cheyne 
without enaniell, a pair of beades of lignam, a litle ring with a 
poyntid diamont sett with blaoUo ouamell, a tablett wyih 
reliqais. Memorandum that my dought«^r KatheryDe tiBth cer- 
toyne parcclles of this hir bequest in her hande aa appcrythe 
by a byll cndentid be hir and mo. To my doughter Anne j^ 
and X perles of ij i. a peacn, ^, pearles at iiij d. the peace, a 
Kaiherioe wheale of dyamontes witt iiij perles sett in yt, a 
mollett of dyatnontes set in iruircgolde nnd one perle at yt, 
a Houre w* a nemorode and a ruby and one perte h&ngvng 
tberat, twoo ringes with ij table dyumontes, oon sett in wliite 
eniunell nod the other in golde, a dyamont aett in etaro with 
one perle at yt, a shorte natte chayne with blacke onamell, 
another smikU ch«yno with black enaniell, a tablyt with u 
picture graven of Saint Gregory, a payer of beades of goldo, 
a piiyer of beades of mother of perle with a pipe of golde 
rynyng thorowith tbera, a payer of beades of iaceiites with 
white acriptoroa and beadea of golde betwixt them. To my 
lady Bouaer a rose of diamoates and rabyes, a ring with a 

Soyiited diamont sett nl\ in gnldvj n riog with a long tabill 
inuiount sott in black enamell, a. ptiier of beHdes nf white 
oomli gBiidi*d wilh gold©, a tablet witli a poace of tboly croBse 
in yt. To my eonne my branelet chayne with one great iacent 
in yt desiring hym to were yl for my sake. Item, all my 
borders of Pares workys I have disposed them to my doughter 
Katherine. If there reraayne any borders in my handee I will 
them to my donghter Anne, and for all other juetles 7 will 
that they gee to the performaace of my wylL 
P?[or»d 14 I>«o«mbftr, 1031.] 

(Ajlttflc, 90 
13 April, 1518. Christofer Lacy, citoswn and grocer, of 
London. My body to bo Imried in the cbarchyardo of Saint 
JIlBgnae the Martir next London Brigge, where I am pftriahe- 
nSTt beeide the body of VV^illiam Lacy, late my sonne. To the 
high awtorof the eaid chnroh, iiJB. iiij d. I wiU that all my 
gnodeR, cattulles and dettes be equally derided into thre 
partes, wherwf otie parte I be(|uetii to Elissabeth my wyfe, 
and the Kecond parte to John, Agnes and Margaret, my 
childem, and to the infaante beinge bi the wombe of the said 
Bliisabeth my wife yf any be, and yf it happen any of my said 

■Ona ol tli« Umil; o( Lftcy of Bmulij^, ti»tz Bulifax, a branob of the 
CnuDwell ^Ihom Tiaeji!. irlin proh«>bl; had gone loniak* hi* tortaneln London. 



childern to dye or they shall come to lawfull age or luariugL-, 
then I will thiit the p&rte of hym or her fihall remayn to toe 
other, and the ttiirde parte to rayn executours for the perfor- 
tnatince of my wille and testement. To my brother, Thomas 
Lacy, xla., ami I forgere him xxj a. which he oweth me. To 
Sir Bdwarde Lacy, my brother, my scconde violet gowne 
fnrred with hlak hog^e. To my brother, Richard Lacy, my 
blak gowne lyned, with saint Thomas worsted and my best 
partplot of hiak velwet.. To John Vjnceiit and to my aaster 
Agnes, hia wife, a gowne of russet furred with blak bngge, a 
doblet of blak sart-t-net, and in rnouey xiijii. iiij d. To Robort, 
my servaont, iij li., which iij li. I will he dolivered to hyra nt 
his ooniynge oate of his termes, and I forgeve him one yere 
of hia appren tiehode. To John Lacy, his brother, xx8. To 
Hogh Lacy a dagger with a gilte hafte. To Stephyn Fetb> 
well, my servaimt, a pece of ehamlot, price of xviij s., which 
was delivered to Maister Mononey eervauiit, and in money x s. 
To myo Aunt Thomson, viije. iitjd. To Elyn, my mayde, 
xiija. Jiij d. To Anne Browne, my worst jaket of tawny 
ohamlet and in money vjs. viij d. To Thomas Chererell, my 
ailver pece. To Richard Fletcher, my best jaket of tawny 
chamJet. To Thomas Lameman, xiijs. iiijd., and to }m wife, 
vjg. viij d. To John Wilford, x«. To Richard f^dsawe, my 
jaket of tawny worsted. To Mother Kaylc, iij s. iiij d. 'i"o 
John HasteJer the younger, a doblett of tawny stamyn and a 
jaket of tawny Saint Thomae worsted. To Agnes Hasteler, 
a r^iige of golde which myn Aant Tomson laide to pleage to 
me. I will that my bowes and myn arrow©* be devided 
amonges my companyons at the disposicion of my wyfe. To 
Ehsabeth Hall, vjs. viijd. To John Savell, in money xx s., 
and xtiij e. whiche he lent to Ambeler of Wakofeld. To John 
Palmer, taillor, a doblet of sarsenet sieved with rnsset. To 
John Walden, iij f^. iiij d. To the parishe churche of Halyfaz. 
a cope of the value of xl s. To the awter of our lady uicro, 
an awter oloth both for above and bonetli of Brngoa aatyn, 
to the valour of xss. To the chapell of Middy&ley, a veat- 
mcnt of the price of xvj b. viij d. To the parishe church of 
Sprydlington, a vestment of the price of xvja. viijd. To 
Thomas Logh, Humtyme ray fadera senraiint, yf he be lyving, 
vjs. viijd. Towardes the makyng of roodo lofte in the 
parishe church of Saint Magnas, xla. To the brcthorhede of 
oar Lady and to the almea in the eame church, iij torches, 
that is to Bey to either of them twoo. To John fcttyte, grocer, 
and to his wife, to either of them a newe blak gowna of v g. 
the yarde. The rotddue of the iiij** parte to Kliiabeth my 
wyfe, execntrice, and her coexeciitonp I make John Haateler, 


baberdaaehor, niid ovoreoora, Jolm Wattea, grocer, and 
Richard Piuiull, morcbftunt taillour, and to every of them xs. 
and a new blak irowue of v a. the yarde, and to every of their 
wyves a new blak gHwne. 

[ProvMl at Lunehlthe IS Bla,^, 1518, by the fxecntors.) 

[Ajlofte. 18.] 

18 Apriell, 1S18. Damo Jaue Suddilaton, widow, and lato 
wif of SjT John Huddilstoti, Ictiyght. To be buried within the 
moTiaaterio of Heiliet afore the image of our BleBsid Lady of 
Pitee, anil within the cliapell of Seint Nichi>lasj whei"e as my 
tomho is redy made. To the moder church of Woraott, vj s. 
viij d. To the ordres of Freres in Worcet and Gloucet, every 
honso TJ 8. viij d. My will is thfit my aonne, John Hnddilston, 
have and ke|)e hytn self content with my gift of ij goblettes 
of silver, parcell gilt, a salt of silver, parcell jfilt and pounsed, 
ij boltes of silver and vj apones of silver, which plate was 
gyven nnto ma with oder by the testnmest of my lafce hnsband 
his fader at his manor of Millom. To my gone Symou Hercortt, 
knyght, ij gobletes of silver, a salt of silver pounsed, twoo 
holies of diver and vj spones of silver, in kepyng of my lord 
Abbot of Hcilea and his brethomc. To the aulter within the 
chapell of Seint Nicliolns an aulter clothe of pin-pill damaeke 
and twoo cnrtana of sarsinet to the same aulter frenged at the 
endia, an other aiUter clothe of piirpill damai^ke and a chales 
with the paten, n corporas csas of clothe of gold with perlis in 
yt, a masae booke, a crucifix and twoo lynen aiilter clothes, 
with twoo towelles, a pax of silvci" and ij cruettee of silver, 
all the hangynges within my chamber and my bedde that 1 
lye in, with cnrtana, with twoo pillos of downe. To the same 
church, ij gownes of black velvet and a gown of black saten ; 
to the vestre a chaste. It is my last wille that all my landes 
within Yorkshire excepte Baynton goo to the right heirea of 
the Hercourtea after my decease, wherin ray hnsband. Sir John 
Hoddilston, dyde no wrong in his lyf lyke as he teat«fied, and 
nlfiO therof bad remoraae at his departyng, and of his saying 
therot I recordo me to said lord Antony, now abbot of Heilis, 
and Thomaa Sallay, now prior of the monaatery. And as 
concemyng Baynton, it is my mynde yt ahuld goo to my said 
Sonne, Joha Hoddilstou, for terme of }ua lyf, and after to 

* Duniibtvt nnd coheir of Sir Hilee Staploton, cf laghiitn. She appcsn to 

hnve mairicil Srst Sir Chrietapher Hbrcourt, and aecondly Sir John Huddlcstoa, 
Ol UUlum, no. Caiahetlaml. 

f? Bales, ft Cbtercian s.bLe,v In GlouccthireUre. 



rotorno to my right heiros of the llercourtes for erer. 
Whereas in^ sonne, John Hoddelston, had a feoffement within 
my iordehip of Coteraton of the yerely value of xlli., to hym 
and hia fii-st vnt and to their heires of the gift of my husband 
his fader, that feofeinent was made witUoute my consent, and 
I never dyd ag-gre ihemiito. And this is my will, to have it 
reformed and reserved to my heires of the Hercourtes. I make 
Richard abboti. of Wynchcome and Wyllm. Tmcye, esquiBr, 
exeeatoTB, and Antonye abbott of Heilis, aupervisor, and for 
clifire paynes I shall gyve unto them in my lyf the tliyug they 
sIihII kepe them content withall. And the reaidac of all mj 
goodes I will it be bestowed in charitable dedes. 

[Proved 10 .Tnii«, 1JII9.] 

[Ayloffe. 20.] 

25 Jail., 1518-19. Leouarde Midilton. To he baried afore 
onr Lady in the Blacke Frorie. To sister Jonu xl b. and that 
at my brother gave hir with half the beddea und beddyng 
and all other hoasehold stuff eicepte plate, 1-xxx shepe, vj 
bnllockes, vj silver sponee with the pece that maiBtorTliweytos 
hath and a masor. I will that Jane my iiece have xx nobleg, 
twoo boddea, 1 shepe, vj bullockea, I will that Edwarde my 
coByn have oon of my copya called Stalba and my Bueter an 
otheTj William Rudston an other that he dwelles inne and 
Jano an other, that Edwarde have xl a. in money, that William 
Rudston have iij li. and sx eliepe and a cowe that he hathe. 
I will that the Abbey of Shape have xl ii, to buyldyng of 
theire atepnll, that a preat have x marces to syng for mo oon 
yere, that my brot.her William have x inarces, Richard v 
marces, Charles v marces and Elaabetli my suster fyve marces 
and my nece Katryne fiyve marces; also that Seint Katrjmes 
hall have vli. to fowiide a dirige for iiie for ever. The rest I 
put to thti diatribucion of William, Doctor Ferrer, M' Rayiiold 
Baynhrigg, and Roland Bachows, executors. 
^oved 37 Aug.. 1519.] 

[Ayloffe, 23.] 

22 Mar., 1518-19. Brian Walker, pariBhoner of Kirkby 
Kendtill, at thia tyme heyuj? in the pamslie of Newport I'aiiell 
in the Dioces of Lyncolnu. To be boned in the chnrche of 
Petir and Paule of Newporte aforoBttid if I fortune to departo 
the world i4t this tyme. To the moder churche of Lyncohie 
iiijd. To the moder churche of Yorko xijd. ^or the 



rupnmtions of the chtirclie of Newporte xi] d. To Syr Henry 
Key, cliniinlrv prest at Nowporte, sijd. To Thonrns Sampson, 
psrisHbc c'k-rto of Newportw, viij d. To Tiiomaa WillianiBon 
aud to [Clisabetii^ liin wif, which bt- my ost tiiiil imlen at thi» 
tynio, for tlicire liiboura and esement of thedrp chamliers uow 
in my aekeiiCB, xiija. iiij d. To everj* childe and aarvauut of 
the mid Thomas WilliRnison iiowe within liis house viij d. To 
John Yiipoin, oHtelsr and sorvauiite to the snid Thdraati, ijn. 
To (Tames Jenkenson my sm-vauiit, which is present with mv 
at this tjine, x H, of raonoy. All such dettca ns be ln=twe!ie 
James Long oE Lecoiihussard and me, if I fwrtuno to departo 
B-t. this tyiue I do forgyve hyra tbem, and if 1 fortune to lyfe 
tho naid Jamus to pay them to me. The residue I gyf to 
Sybell Walker my wif, iiiyn executrix, to fulfill this my last 
will and to dinpose as slie thynkes best for my soule nud all 
Criaten houIqb as my oder te»rameat which my wif lately had 
playnly Bliewith and declareth. 

[Proven] 18 Nov,. 1519,] 

[A)-!o0c, 8-i.J 
8 Dec, 1519. Brian Andrew, chapman, Kendall, dwelling 
in Kondall towne. My body to he buryed within the churche 
of Honstou.* To the said churche v^js, viij d., for my grave. 
To every aulter xij d. To John Andrewe, my eune, szvj li. 
xiijs. iiijd., my wife to havii thu aaid money tn fynde sufficient 
surtio to pay my aune when he is able to occupy it. I bequeth 
Alia Andrew, my brothers duiiKlitor, xjit nobles that her father 
bequothed ber, also a close called Kllerbanke for the apace of 
my termes of xj yerea. To Apnes Docray sjli. of lier owne 
goodes, redy money. To Kendall Cburcbe, toward a newt- 
veabement, xxs. To Mathew Nicholson my newe chamlet 
jacket. To John Miehell, ray premise, xU. and an horse, The 
residue of my goodes to Joliau Andrew my wife, and to 
Richard Andrew my brother, and make theym myne execu- 
tours and overseers, Robert Waller and Mathew Nicholson. 
In witnesee, Thomas Draper, picete, Richard Wekea, Thomas 
Heyward, John Allwod, et multis aliis. Item, I beqneth to 
John Allwod a satteyn dublet clothe. 

[ProTfid Sfi Au«u9l, ICaO.] 

[AjloSe, 8U.] 

3 Apr., 1520. Robert Horryson of Kingiston upon Hull, 
merohattnt. If it pleoae God my body to be bnryed in tho 



Triiiitie Churclie of IIiill in the north Ue at tie feete of 
maister Laught, and to be roiigiu for with the greate bell, 
havj-iig dtriyf and mnnse with note for niy eoule witli all the 
freers. To the reparacous o£ tli© Trinitie Cburche xli. To 
the ch»pt>ll chnrche xx a. To the vicar xl m. To evtlier of the 
freres in Hull xl&., they doing vij yerea after my disceas onea 
a yere dirige and m(taae with note foi- my soul*, ray frendis 
>toul«g, and for all those that I have fared tho better for. To 
(trery inassendewe in Hull ujs. iiijd. I chargo Katherynmy 
wife, whome I mako niyn oxecutris, that I have a preste to 
singe for my soule, itiy fi-eynden sonlcs and all those soule^ 
that I Lave fared ttio better for the space of x yerea, and he to 
have yerelye vij markes, and 1 geve to her full power to 
dispose my ^oodea after lier wiridom. Also 1 make aupervisor 
John Cole, the vicar of Barton upon Hnmber, and he to have 
X markeB. To the reparacon of Saint Botolphe Chnrche in 
Skirbroke in Lincolrisliire there I was borne vli. To SaJiit 
KatherLn Chapell in Haltfiete haven xxs. To the orosse of 
the saide chaptll xxvja. viij d, in the same bowne. To the 
causey that gothe from SaltfUete haven to the cburche il s. 
To every ooti of my wives ciiildren v li. Also 1 will have delt 
for ray soule by peny mele iiij li. vjs. viijd. To Coi-pcH Chiisti 
Aulter a table of overse worke, price the same xxs li,, a.nd the 
story to be of Corpus C'hi-isti. Also I will have a c<ipp bought 
for the Trinitie Chnrche, price thy same slli. To Richard 
Browne of Skidbrofce sis. und a ^owne. To the Staple 
Chapell within our Lady Churchc at (,aleifi x li. to a vesteniont. 
Tu Jolni Kowse, to Agiiea Kow«e, to Isabell Rowse, tn 
Mnrg-arete Rowse my euster children, every oon of theyme x li. 
To Edward Daltun ij of tiiy heste saites with oon cover, also 
my beste nntte, my beste Kilted pace. To John, Robert, 
Katheryn, A^cs Nedall and Jenet, to every oon of theyme 
XX s. To John, Robert, Thomaa and Edward Ualton, snmies 
to Thomas Dalton, to evei^- of theym x a. To my wife ij tene- 
mentes in Salthouse latie, she doing an obyt for my soule and 
al) Christian snnles iiij s. by yere for ever more. AIho to my 
vrife my tenamentes in .Saltetlete haven the tymo of her lyfc, 
and after her deecese they to goo to John Rowse and his heires. 
AIbo bo my wjf during her life a crolte called Scdyko 
crofte, and after her dihcoas it to goo unto onr Lady gilde in 
Skyrbroke, they dooing an obbet yerely of iij 9. iiij d. for ever 
more. To Syr Williinn Jackson ix a. and oon of my gownes. 
To Richard Meykky my san^n gowne furred. To John 
Hamouncl a gowne lyned or furred. To Edward Dalton my 
best cremiaen gowne furred. To John Chapman xls. To 
Riihard Sail X8. To 'Waher Treme xxs. Witnes, Thomas 



PiHin, jiarisbp preste of Hull, Jolin Coolc, vicar of Burton 
upon Humber, William Jackson, prcosto, nnd John GToffltli, 


[Proved 2* Sept.. IMO.} 

[iybffe. 18.] 

24 Feb., 1518-19. Thomas Babyngton, of Dethykf. To 
be buryed in my parish chnrch of Ashover, near my wif Etlitli, 
but I will not thnt the fcombe which I have made in the clinroh 
of Ashover be broken or Inirt far my cjLrkaH, but that it be 
leydo nero the Batne, and over that place that I shall lye in a 

le with a aoripturo aftor niyn executors myndea to be 
l&yde. The residue of all my goodes not bequethed I will 
that myne Bxecnlors dispose amoiiges poore people to pray for 
me, and in exhihioion and fyndyng of poore scolera in both 
universitios of Oxenford and Cnmbi-ygc after this ranner, that 
every scoler of xv acolers, besydes other e^iolers that I kepte 
before tynie, liave yerely xxvj 3. viij d,, cbargyng them to 
praye for the soulos of Sir John Babyngton, of Chilwell, 
knyght, Henry Babyngton, doctor in divinitie, my souie, 
Thomas Babyngton, Edith and Margery my wifes, John 
Urmond soule, Syr Robert Gregory, preat, A all Christian 
Boiilos, and MaJstsr Henry BiiUock to have the noniinaeion 
of the same scolers, iind to liave for his labor xIb, I make 
myne erecutors Antonye Knbyiigton, my sonne and heire 
appai-aunte, Maister Rauff Bnbyiigton, clerlce, George Cha- 
wnrthe, esquier, Roger Orenehall, and my aonne, Syr John 
Babyngton, mipei-viBour. 

[Proved 30 Jane, 1JI19.] 

[Kogeti, 311.] 
IS Feb., l.>:J6-7. Anthony Babyngton, knight, Whor&aa 
1 corenanted to leve my somie Thomas suche lundes as I ga?e 
in joynter to hym and Kafcherj-n his wife, the donghter of Syr 
Henry Sacheveiell, knight, landea to the valew of cli., wherof 
Dethoke and Lntchurche to be parcell, saving x\ H. for jojmter 

" Tha BfLbiogloii fnmilj aevia lo tiave Bpranf; (rem Noithnmbetlnni], and to 
hsiTe Nettled in Nattingiiamthlre, und nftarwardi in Derby»hire through the 
marriftee with the haireHB ol Detliidk. Thomaa Babi[i(;too waa SIierifT cif Dorby. 
sUrfl and NotU. 1498. He married Editha, ilMghlpro( Itjilph KiUherlwrt. of 
■Nnrbury, nnd died IS Miircb, l.ilS, beinji buried at Ashover. Frimi his ftftli nan 
HBmphroj deaoeadnd the Babiugtiona of Rothle; Tninplo. Lord MikOftuliiy'ii 
ieaaala Micnuton. 

t Son flf TtiamA* It<tbin)itoa, whose will bAo b^m Already (pven. 



of Dainv Katlierni \ny wjrfe, and x li. for evei^'.yenger sonne 
for the termo of thoir lyffos, I will my sfiido jnle-hftve my 
manor of Kyiistoii & ul my lundus in Kyuston afid Tlimpley, 
ID the oountic of Nott., for lier life. 1 will my Bonne -Goopge 
hare for hid lyffe x li. out of the nmnors of Lutohurolic and 
Ashovor, and v li. fur U-nne of lyffe of Joliu Babyngton;.-luB 
brotlier, and all my landos in Sutton Bonyngton in tho coualld 
of Nott. and Kegworth in the cuuntie of Locostre. And hj.' 
my Sonne Barnard [ beqnethe xli. owt of Lutchurche or 
Ashover for life, and ili. for tho terme of the lyfe of John 
hJa brother, and nil Tiiy landoB in Puxley in the ooantie of 
Derbye. And to Jolm my aunnt> I give all my liitidDS that I 
})ui-ehased of Richard Stanhop, his fader in lawp, in 'IVyswell 
and Ramptcm. To my sonna Thomtia all my hitideH not before 
bequetbed and the reversion of Uudea appoyuted to my wife, 
& my yonger aomies George & Barnard a basyn aiul ewer of 
silver, a cnpp, a gobiett, ij suites with a cover giltt; as my 
father left unto me. And whearo I hudd bnt iij buddcs left 
me I will be have vj fether beddea, vj mattresaea, and to every 
fetherbodd ij blankettes and a coverlett and covering, and to 
the other bedded ij coverlette», and all the formi:H, bordee, 
trestles, cofers, presses at Dethek, and the carpet of turkey 
warke, with other bnttry & ketchin ataffe, and xij oxen, xij 
tye, oiiia huudreth of wedder shoepe and as many of owe 
sheepe, and my bull at Ribar and Anbovt'r, saving to ino & 
myn executors the ooro leade and black warke at the same, 
and I give my saide eonue all my woodes, and the ring that 
was my mothers wedding ring, and the ring that was my 
Others eignefc, whiche my fnther bud me leve to my heire for 
so moche il waa old Thomas Babyngton bis ring, that maried 
the heire of Dethek, and ao deaier my somie to leve the ring 
to anche as pleas God to be bis heire. The reaidew of my 
goodoB, except my ooro teade, too boles of browne egge, and 
barrel! egge, I geve to my entierly helovyd wife, dame 
Katheryn. And as for oore leade, too boles and my dettes, 
I will ^halbu employed in workes of marcy, and specially in 
amending high wayea & bridges, and that the bridge called 
Ages bridge in Kynston be made of stone, and a cawsey or 
bridge to be made in the medow of Kyntiton towardes Keg- 
worth bridge ends in snche maner that traveUng m«n may 
passe at a floodd there withowt damages. Wyfe and sonne 
John execntoura and my sonne Perpoint and eonne Markam 

CPnmd a Sept., 1B8Q.1 

• •■ • 
'• I-vSrtk country wills. 


•. ■*.* I)V KINOSTON, CO. NUITS.* 

**., ' [DjTigolcy. 14.1 

_._S^ pfpt., 1537. DiLiiio Kateryii Babyngton, wiclowc. Into 
vQji-v^ Sir Anthunj liHib/ngtou, knyffhtj decussed. I will my 
•ti6<|y be bnriod in tho nowe cHapell of the chorche uf 
'•'•^JC^ngestoii ill the ooiiiitie of Nutinprham as nygh unto iny 
. '. hoRbotide as rany be. And that ( l>o bmuglit unto my grav^e 
and buried as aburtly u.i) in as cuuvctUL-nt tyioe as may bo 
after my doKOaa, luid tbat my executor dispoaao niito poiiro 
pitoplu for mo at my buriull us he shall thinlte coiivonieiit. 
Also I will thut my executor do fyuyslie the chKpell which I 
have bogoiine, (i-nri that he cause to be made our t-ombe o£ 
aleblaater stoiio over my husbondo and me in thi> arcTia 
betweiie the cbauiii:cl] and tliu siiid chapel!, and do fyudo one 
proest to singe for my soulo and my liusbuiide in thu church 
of Kyugustoii by the sjkico ni one yere next after uiy decesse. 
I geve uuto my di.ughtur Merkbain my xyuge with the saffurs 
in it and my ryn>;e of the fyve wcmndes, and half a doattyn 
silver spones with the maiden bede on them, and one of the 
henginges iu the parlour; and unto her doughter Anne 
Markham my small cheyii with a tabolett of golde, pprlu and 
Btone to henge at it; and unto iny doughter Elizabeth 
Perpoynt oua of the hangiiigeu in tlie parlour ; unto my sonne 
John two velvet gownea of my liuabondoM, the on fiurryd and 
the otlier lyned, and twou jakettt's vwlval, oiis with slevt-s and 
tho other without eloves, and my beet goblott oi silver with 
the I'ovtT to it, and twoo mlver saltes doble gilt and one cover 
to them, and one gilted spoue aud my liusbondcw cheyne of 
golde and the henguig Jit the bencho in the hall; and tmto my 
doughter S&ach& his wile my blak velvet gowne aud my orosae 
of golde that heng«8 at my cheyu, ana uiito hex doughter 
Jtary my flowere with the baleya in it ; unto my eonne Georwe 
my secaude best goblett of. silvefj one gilted spone and half a 
doseyn silver sponys with the lyons on them, and viij oxen 
and vj kye, and one of the hauginge?) in the pailoure, and 
twou hundretli ahepe to goo at liia forme at Bygging for bim; 
and unto luy doughter Elyii his wife the edge uu my pustit of 
goldsmytheii werke and perlo aud my peare of beadcB of modor 
of perlo, and the rynge that she was maryed with and the 
rynge of beedes in recompence of a ringe I toko from hur ; 
unto my sonne Barnarde my thirdii best goblett of silvor, one 
giltod spone, one of tUe bengiuges in the parlour and my lease 
for twoo bnllvB in Belper warde, and yf he bo contonted with 

* Dftui^brr of Sir John Panun. tSooond vite of Sir Anthon/ Babmgioa. 



that that I Lave iltiou at Hartus. Haye then 1 will mj eii'L-utoui' 
paje hym twenty poundes in money at hia full a^e, and j-f he 
.be not so contented then I will he have uvo parte of tliat 
twenty poondea. Also 1 wilt thai my executour doo make a. 
juste accompte unto my some George and rnito my sonne 
Bamardc of sachc money ua belon^th to tbem over their 
fyndiDg and to coutoufc them thw uamo according to my hoke 
of accompt of my brother Sayton hiind writing. 1 gevi: unto 
ray sonnu Markhani ray husbondes silvBi- cup doble giUt! with 
the covar to the same, and to my nece Mary Wellya mya owne 
silver cupp doble g-ilte with a cover to the same, and to my 
nephew Sir George Griffith, knyght, another silver cupp doble 
igiltewith a cover to the 8am«, and other thre silver cuppea 
I wille shalbe beetowed in making a ehaleia to sorre the aulter 
in the said newe chapelt at Kyngston. To Thomas Babyngton, 
parsoa of Gotham, one father bedde, twoo mattre&tiea with 
shetea, and all other thinges mete for suche beddesj and oon 
jieat broche, twoo pottes and oon kettell of xvj galouB. To 
ny servaunt llumfrey Dulnnautun lialf a liundreth of share 
wi'dder hoggea and to Thonius Coke twenty ewe hogges. 
I wilt that my executour doo paye unto Philip Pereaon twenty 
markes which was beqneatod to him by his father and deliTsred 
into my hande» to kepe to hi!« use, and do make a juste 
ttccompte to iny nephewe, John Griffith, of auohe money as my 
husbonde and I have roceyT«d to his uae by the bequest of 
hia father. I geve unto the said John half a hundreth of 
share wedder hogges or ewe hogges at hia pl^asuru, towardes 
Betting up of a stock for him. I will thiit my executour do 
raake a juste accompte to my nece Margaret Griffith of such 
money as my husbonde and I have receyvod to hir ubl' by the 
bequest of hir father, and to satisfie hir. I geve the said 
Margaret my cheyne of golde, and to Margery Okor my 
gentilwomau thro kye, and to Agnes Haafiarde twoo kye and 
to Eiyne Sayntandrewe one kowe, to my anster Sayton my blak 
gowne of clothe furryd with conye, and to Sir John CreswaJ 
xg. for a trentall, and to Sir William Babyngton other s s. for 
a tirentall, and to every oon of my servaunt yomen a angall a 
pece, and to every one of my hynde servauntt'a and eei'viiig 
women oon twynter calf. 1 make my Sonne John my fool 
executour, and my nophewe Sir George Griffith and my coayn 
[Humfi'oy Welles my overeeera. I will every one of my 
[overseers have tentie marker and my brother Sayton fyve 
FULarkes. The residue of my boiiHholde goodee not beqnethed, 
wollo, come and pUitu oscepted, be i-galiy dovided in foure 
partcK, and that my sonno John have the iirat choice, my BOnne 
George the seuande choice, my sonne Barnarde the thirde 



ohoioe, HJid my nece Marguret Griffith thy fuarth parte. Ani3 
where as my huaboiide Sir Anthony Babinglon by his will 
declareil that all his nore leade and blakwerte and bwoo boolys 
and all his dettes ahulde be bestowed in workea of mercv and 
in amending of hiprh wayee, and specially that a cawsey xniildc 
be made torn Kyngeeton imtn Kegworth brigge, which 
cawsey I havti bt'g'oiiiiy to makti and as yett is not fynyshed. 
I will that my execiitoiir have all my wolle, leade oore and 
blak werke unaolde, and all the reaiduc of my goodes not 
beouethed, sliall bestowe them in making of the said cawsey 
anu other werkes of mercy according unto his father's will. 
Witnesaes, George Babyngtou, <?squier, Barnarde Babingtou, 
esquierj Hanificy Wellya, esquier, Huinfrey Dukmanton, 
gentiltnan, Roben. W hitwortli, Sir John Croawall, chapleyn, 
and other. 

[Proved ao Fell.. I637-8.J 

[Ayloffa. ae.] 
3 Auft-., 1519. Dame Joyce Percy, lato tho wif to John 
Hobne, uecwiRed. My body to be buried in the parlahe 
chnrche where it ahall please Almyghty God to calls mo onto 
his mercy befoiG the image of our Ladye. My best beaj^te for 
my oorpspt-esant. I will that xxs masses be said for my eoule. 
To the hye aulter of Anbrough is. for my Eorgotc-n tythee. 
Also I will at my buriall day be dalto unto every comer 
willyng to receive almes jd., and to all prestls and elerkea at 
thf diecrecioH of myne executours. To Seint Peter Gnylde of 
Anldbroughc vj h. \'iij d. To nure Lady Gnylde of Auld- 
broughe vj s. vhj d. Also 1 will that a secular prost be hyred 
to syng" for my husband is aoule and myne and all oder of my 
fryndea the apacie of x yeris, and that he ahall save thre 
tyraes in llie weke duryng the aforsnid yeris dinge and 
c-omendaeion for our eoules and all Christian aonleB. And every 
day wlien he is disposed to Siiyo mastse to prajo for us, (or the 
whiche lie shall yorely roceive and take of myne executours 
vij marc and v tapers of wax to be brennyng afore our Lady 
in the ohnrch every Sondaye and doble feastes duryng the 
ternie of x yw\^. To the makyng of the Roodo loofte of 
Auldbrough Church x marcos. tjuto the afui-osaid chapell of 
onr lady of Auldhroughe iiij kyen to he at the dispoaicion of 
our ladies gild bretheriij so that thai kepe a atokke to that 
entent to uphold and aupport the chapell of onre ladye, and 

* Thert; docs nat a&pm anything known ol thin Iniij. Probably she ws* ths 
Beoontl witc ol Hir Kobnrt I'croj of Scotton, oomptroller (« Itlohud UI, bIaui %X 
BosworUi (kcq BoaUi't ATi'n. Qtnl., nftrlcian Souiol;, ST^]. 


every yore to doo a dirigo and a viasse fur my soule, and to 
give xd, to I poors bouIIbs. To tte Lady Chapell of Auld- 
brouglio a vestimont of blacke velvet cremysyiie and clothe of 
^Id. To our Lady oi the aforetJiiid chapelt aii Aguuw of gold 
with viij perliK. Also I woll that the iiij mother charcties of 
Torko ycho oon xij d. 'i'n the freris minors of WesLwodd in 
Beverley a cope of tany damaske broiidered with lylty flouree 
to the entent that they shall every Fryday when thoi kepe 
chapitlre :i.iid pray for theire bsnefactours to rehersse thes 
names followyng and to be wryteu iu theire ^eneriill recoiiien.- 
daeon perpetually: Dame Juyso Percy, Noruian Wasbunio, and 
Eleabeth father and laother, Richarde Serkeld, Syr Kohert 
Percy, John Holme, Elynour Wyndaine vel Crops, and Daiaa 
Anne the Coimtes of Shieusbury. Also I gyvo my d&ughtar 
M&ry More xx marc sterling, also to my sonne More and 
Mary my doughter 1 gyre a fttaudyng cuppe with a cover 
gylt, ij Bylver bnlles, a salt of silver gilt with a cover, vj silver 
spones with achis in the endes, thro gilted spoues, my best 
fetherbed, a paire of fustianes, tlie best couatL>r paynte of 
Tordur, oon counter poynt of saye stayned, a borde clothe of 
diaper wai-ke, ij yerdes brode and vj yurdea long, a long towell 
of diapur virarbe, iij fync napkyiigea of diaper and an odcr 
napk^ii fyne, a paire of shetia of tbre bvedis, ij paire of ij 
bredia and an half carpott, a crosae of gold with tJiree 
diaiiiaiiles and a perle tangyng at ytt. And if it fortune 
other of theyiii to cloparto, all tliis stuff to remajne to my 
godsf^m Thomas More, itud If he departe to my godson Robert. 
To my godson Thomas More xix marc. To my sonne Robert 
IX markes, and to Frances x markes, and to John s niarkes. 
Alao I gyve if Gode eende hir a doughter, yt to hnve my name 
and to have xx markea. I bequethe Edwavd Holme it God 
fortune hym to be a prest to syng the foresaid x yere and 
have that aa is aforesaid vij marc, yf not whomo the execu- 
tours will. Also I gyve hym a, fetherbed with the bolsterj a 
paire of blankettes, a connter poynte, six silver spones, a 
ailver pece, vj pairs of shetet), a borde clothe of twyllo warke 
ij yerdia brodo, and obher ij borde clothes, a gamyssho of 
peauter vessell, iij caudeli styckea, a basyn and a lavetj 
ij pottee and a posnet, vj napkyns, thre fcowells, a sparver to a 
bed of whit clotho, a blewe mantellj a horsse, vj kyno, twoo 
oofera vigilato ot orato et legenda aurea, also a masse booke, 
which masse booke after his dethe I wyll that it reniayno to 
the ohapell of oure Ladye in Auldbronghe, To my servauntes 
beyny goodo and trat! a yoroa wagin busydes tht-ire covonantea. 
To hym that is my prest at my dopartyng an horsse and a 
yere is wagis. To Klsabeth Bobson if she be with me at my 



dopnrtj'nK a fotherbed with a bulattir, a paire of blankettee, a 
paire of Sietes, ij bredia and an hali, ij paire of leneii shetis 
ij yordie brode, a paire of harden shetea, n aperver of whyte 
with B coverlete. Also it is my will that my sunna Mure slmll 
have my ferme of Lenwyke, iiccording to the indonture betwijt 
ray Lord Hastingea and me, with tlie st'icke theruppon. I 
make my eseciitourH mj doughtpi* Mnry More, Edward Holme, 
my jfodfioiiQe Johu Thurpp, and Robert Garthome and eytler 
of them twijo xs., and my soiiiio John More overaeBr. The 
rehidue of my goodas I will myn executuura dispose yt as they 
thynka beat. WytnuiiaoB, Nicholas Helliotson and RaaU 


[Proved 8 May, 1620.] . 


[UKDwayryiig. 22.] 
In the name of the Trinitie, the fivder, the Sonne and tlio 
holy goosr.. I Richard Cbolmi'iey, knyght, the xxvj"' day of 
December in t\ui ycru of our Lord God, 1 52 1 , make this my 
will- First, I eoiiiitieiide my soule to Alaii^hty God, our lady 
Saint Mary, and to all the holie c<jmpany of hevyn, and I will 
that my body be buried williin the chapell of our hliBsed lady 
of Biirkini^, heaidea the Towre of Ijondon, on thoder side 
iigayn^t where Sir John Kysley, knyght, Jyeth buried in the 
Kame chapell, yf the maister aud wardeyns of the said uhspel 
will tbernntd ngre with me or with inyn execiitoiira. And yf 
the said maiater nnd wardeyns wtdl uot agree that 1 sihall theru 
lye and be buried, then I will my body be buried in tho 
church of the Crossed Frei-t-a besides the Towre of Loudon 
before the imagy of oar Lady in the same church yf the priour 
of the said chiirchc will so be contented, or elles in some other 
convenient place within the said church, as I or my said 
exeoutours with the assent of the snid priour of th© said church 
sJial appoynt. And I will all my dettes be paide. And 1 geve 
to my brother Koger Ctolmoley of my plate to the valu& of 
one hundred puundes, to be delivered to him by myn oxecu- 
tonrs. Item, I geve to my said brotlier my be.-iit choyne, which 
is abouto the value of viij li,, to pray for me. Item, 1 geve to 
Dowlce Striklond, my wifes dnughter, eight acore ponndea be 
me before grauuted toward her mariage, besides the illi. that 
the Maister of the Rolles must paye to her for the sanip 
entent. Item, I geve to my oosyo, EicLard Oliolmeley, ten 

' Sub or John Cholmley, ot Ool^toQ. Ha viia of Tliointou uii the Hill uiiij 
Iiieiil«Diiiit of the Tower of London. He had nn i!!s^;i[iiiiiti« mm, Sir Hofinr 
Cliolmlej. Chiet Juttice. Be is saiil to hftTe iiiiinkcl GtiKaVtli NrvJlr, af 
Thornton litidge. Uis bralhut, Sir lt<>i^, u'ub uacti&Lor gF Ihr Whitby line. 



nwpkes to bringo hyni home iuto his cuutrey. Il«ra, I will 
tliat cvfry of my servaimtes, aswel men as women, being in 
honshulde with me shall have their wages pmrfc, and over 
fchab every of thuyiii shiil have ohl- half yores wag-ea more. 
Item, I gevo to Willi&m Cholmoloy twfiity poundes. Tt^m, I 
will that myn exROutoiira and all my siiid SLTvaunfci's shalhare 
lilak gownea, and my buriolles to he tiuon after lli« djscrocion 
of myn oxeciitours. Item, I will that Thomas SewcII, luy 
servauiit, shftlhavo every yere xl a, during hia lyfe aaiongw as 
he willo abide in service with my said wife, and nhe to paye 
the sanip. Item, thp residue of all my goodea 1 g«va the 
Liua to Elizabeth iny wife to pray for my ROiile, praying her 
I mnunher my tioule as she shall thiiike beat. Item, my liidy 
Salisbury oweth to rae a hundred markes, for the whicli ahe 
and luy lord Monntacu ben boundan by oblif^acion. Item, my 
lord Mountacu, For his charges, eostea and ft'LS, oweth tc» me 
Ixxij li, iiija. iiij d., for the which he ih also boutiden to uie. 
Item, my Lord of Bnrgiivenny i.iweth to me lixij M. for like 
thinges. Item, Sir John Savage the younger oweth U> me 
vijli. Item, Sir William Skovington, knyght, oweth tu me 
tweiity poHddes for satisfacliem of pavt tlierof I have 
recoy\ud two bttrollos of horse shuus and thirty shepe skynnes. 
Item, I have in woll att Caleis to the value of a linndred 
poundet^ in a utock. Item, I owe to ono Mattok twenty 
poundes, to one Bole seven poundt-K. Item, of this ray last 
will I make my wyfo to be my principall execHtricB, and Sir 
Henry Wyat. Sir John Daunco and Sir Richard Broke, 
kiiyglitee, and my aaid hruther Roger to be executors with 
hir, and Maister Lovell to be survepor of my testament, and 
he to have xxli. for his lftbom-^ and every of my aaid execu- 
tours to have xli. for their labours, and my wife to have the 
custodye of all my goodes. 

Iiem, ae to disposicion of my manours, landes, tenementcs 
and reversions, first wker beforu this tvme I declared and 
willed the manor of Thornton upon the hille, Wykton, Hesell, 
in the countie of York, BIynoolgoe in the conotie of Cumber- 
landj and Foraett In the countio of York, and all my londes in 
Thornton upon the hill, Wykton. iilyncolgoe, Hesell, Beverley, 
and Forsett to Elizabeth my wife for tL-rme uf hir lyfe, and 
after hir doth to remayn to my said brother Boger and to the 
heires males of hia body, and for dofaulte of wuclie iaaue the 
remayndor tn Richard Cholraeley, of Cholmeley, in the ooimtie 
of Chester, which ben ahoute the yerely valiii! fnuro score 
poundes xj s. And I willed yf my wife wolde have any of my 
loadea in Stowgwye iix tho coimtie of Cambrige, or in Kentj to 
lleve asmoch uf the other befor remembrod to hir appoyuted 



of tlie aaaie value to be at liir plmifiur. And atl the residue 
of all my manonrB which I had in Ing^Iond, C'aleis or Barwik 
I willed to my said broder Ktiger and to the heirea maloa oE 
lii£ body, the remaynder theroT to Richtird CJiolmoIey and to 
the heirea males of bis body, the remaynder to my right heires, 
except londos of the yerely value of xsli., which I willed that. 
Roger Cholmeley of Lincolns Iiino, my sonne, shuld have to 
him and to hie hoirtis males, and for defaultti of iaaao to 
remayji to my watd bi-otliw Roger, and also eseejjt loudcs to 
the yerely value of xij li., whicli I willed ehalde be for to have 
a preet to Byiige for me, luid to have an obito or amiiverfiary 
kept. And fotat^moch »s sttho the s»me declnraeion of my 
mynde imd willo I have cnnsed my feoffees to tuake Bfttatea 
by dedes to me and to my said wife of certeyn tnaiLour», aud 
where I did covenant in considemcon of maria.Q'e betwene me 
BJid my aaid wife that my said wife sliuld have the said manor 
of Thornton upon the hille for the terme of hir lyfe, therfor 
nowe I well that my said wife shalhavo as well all the same 
manourB named in the said dedes and also the manor of 
Thornton, and after death of hir to the use of me and nijTi 
heiresj and after hir death 1 will that my aaid brother Roger 
shaUtave ali the same manunra, and for dcfautte of iaaue to 
Richard Cholmeley, and for defanlte of issue to my right 
heires. Item, I will that estates be made to a citison of 
London of my londea in the citie of London to thintent that 
he, by the advise of iiiyii executours, gevo the same to the 
malster and wardeyne ot the chapell of onr Lady of Barkyng 
besides the Towre of London, to thenteut that they shall 
tynde a prest to eyiige aud say masee in tlie said chapell to 
pray for my soule, my vrifes eonle, my trended soules and all 
ChrtBten soulea, and to Lave an obite or anniverBaiy there 
yerely yf the aaid malster and wardeyns agre with me or myn 
Bxecutonra that I shall be biined lu tlie said chapell on 
thodersido contrary whore Sir John Rysley, knyght, lyetb 
buried in the said chapell. And vf the said niaister and 
wardeyns will not agre, then I vnll be bnriod witim tho 
churche of the Crossed freres beside the Towre of London 
before the ymage of our lady, yf the priour of the same place 
will be so contented, orelles in some other convenient place 
within the same church, and that then the eaid priour and his 
covent ahalhave tlie foreaid londes in London to theyni and 
their ancceBacura by the devise of a citizen of London forever. 
In witnesse wherof T have sett my seale in the presence of 
Sir Itichard Broke, knyght, and oae of the justicea of tlie 
Comen place, and Robert Laward, of the [lariahe of Alhalowen, 
Barking, with other moo. 

[E'roved S4 Mo^oh, U31.] 



ma. THB wHiL or kichard asdbew, op kesdal.* 

fBodfelde. 16.] 

1 Dec, 1522. Richard Andrewe of Kirkliy in Kendall, 
Chapman. My body ho be buried within the parishe 
oinrch of the holy Trinitie in Kendall. To two pra&tes 
viij li. to myniator for my soute and all Christian scales 
ill my said parishe clnirch of Kendall the one half, 
and "within the cliapell of AJhalowea in Eirkby in Kendall 
the other half, the sitid ij preHtos and places therfor 
appoyntod aa aftci' folowoa. To the pnyiiient of tlie coopos 
last bought iij s. iiij A. To Sir Hobert iieilengharn, knyght, 
my blak horse that is att Caaterton and my baslturd awerde. 
I will tbat Sir Robert Wilson, preest, shalhii,ve for to synge 
for me (me yero in Saint Georges lofte iiij li. of the said viij li. 
I will that Sir Robert Makrotli ahalliave that other iiij li. for 
to synge for me one yere in the ea-id chapell of AUmlowes. 
To Ilenry Blande my best jaket. To Robert Dokwray my 
doblet that is foresleved with velwet. I ■will that my cosyn 
Thomas Warcnp wife shalhave in rule and kopinge Alice my 
"brother doughter. To .John Andrewe my brother eonne my 
heat hoi-ssG except that goeth to the church. To Thomas 
Warcop the nest hors. Also to have in mynde that I lo7e in 
the handes of my said cosyn Thomas Warcop wife and there 
as I have assigned hir to take it up where it is owiuge to me 
in maner and foumie folowinge to the full snme of xx li. that 
I receyved for -John Andrews and Alice my brother children 
of their bam partes ot goodys which I will that she paye theym 
or make them to bo paide whan they shall come to lawfull age 
in maner folowinge, that is to witt : To the said John rx 
marces and to the said Alice xx''' nobles. Also I will that if 
■one of them depart or they come to lawfull age that that 
^lyveth to have all the hoole sume, &nd also yf that both 
departe and g-ou to God than 1 will that the said snme of xx li. 
flhall remayn to the enid wife of Thomas Warcop and she to difl- 
pose it for iny noule, their aonlea and all Christian aonles. Also 
I will that tho' said Thomas Warcop wy£e shall receyve Buohe 
dettes of myn that is owyng to me for to fill ont the sume of 
KxH. for my said brothers children, that is t-o witt, of John 
Batman, Chapman, xia., of Hobaon and John Miohell iiij 
marces and also of Bryan Abbey ssxvs. Also I will that 
Mabell ray wife shalhave the choyse whether she will have and 
stande to and be oiyn executrix and liavo half both of all her 
goodcs and myn equally or ahe will stande to and have xlt. 
and all hir billea that I had of hers at Southampton that lyeth 

* ?i'(fbftbly a brother oE Bnan Aodiew, of KaniUl, No. lzbo. 



with Thomas Hnleway. I make inyn executonrs Sir John 
(Inmet, fcliat tlwelleth in the South, pri-fst:, and tlic snid AHcp 
my brothops* (inii^hter, and 1 geva to t!iG aiiiil Sir JoKn that he 
inay pray for luy senile v iiiHrcof. Al«o I hertely besuehe my 
giioclp insiistipr Sir Roger Bfllenglifim, Iftiyght, or ellos who ho 
levL'8 behyiidi- him in his romo for tie love of Alrai^lity God 
tie he hatli hvii apofiull goo i tiiiiist&r to my fader, to mo and to 
all my brethern thfit he w -11 take the labour upon him to be 
superviaour of this my will, and to have for his labour fyvt> 
marceB. I will Thomaa Warcop and Thomas Striklaude be 
BU])erriBoups with hijii, n.nd aitLor to have sx a. To the church 
werkes xls. All my gi?odes iinbeq uothed I geve to John 
Andrewe and Alice, my brother- children, and yf thtiy both 
depurt then the rosidou I geve to Thoiiiaa 8trikland and 
Thomas Warcop w-iTe. Heroof witncsse Christofer Sa4eler, 
Robert Joppon, Piers Bateman, Thomas Dokwray and James 
Bradley, with other moo. 

[Proved 2S Jw., IS3S-4.] 

[BodMao, 7.] 
The xiij day of Aprill, 1523. I, Richard Robeby, knyght, 
make my last will. First I bequeth my soule to Almighty 
God, to the glorious Virgyn Mary, and to all tlie company of 
hevyn, my body to be buried in tbe church or chapell of 
Saint John Baptiitt within the SaToy in sucho place as shalbo 
doviaed by myu execiitoiira. Item, I bequeth lowarde the 
helding of the churche or chapdl of our lady in Bererlcy two 
hundred poundes, wherof I hjive delivered a ci'rt.t>yii same of 
money to the use of the sii,id cluni'li m pavtie of payment of 
the said two hundred poundesj as in the church bookeB there 
more playrly doth appere. Item, 1 will I hat myn executoura 
shal cause to be made a tombe iu ilie hospital] of Savoy 
afomaid where my body ahalhe buried after their diacrccion by 
the advise of my supervisours. Item, I will that mjii 
executoura shall fynde a preat in the same hosp tall of Sftvoy 
by the space of twenty yeres after my decesse, and the naid 
preat to Imve yereiy for his stipende teiine marces owt of my 
landes in Cotingham in Yorkshire. Item, I will that there be 
kept for my BoiUe in the aaid hoapitall of Savoy the apace of 
twenty yeres after my decease an yerely oblte the d«y of my 
baiiaJl, and the maister, brethren and austere there for the 

' Ron of .Tohn Bukeby. of Bnndnl |Wi!l Ttft. Ehor., v, Ul), aoil btotlioi of 
tUe Arehbisliop ol J>Hblin. Ho wiu cornptioUcr to Ciirtliniil Wolatj. Ho WM 
buriftil in tlio Savoj Chapel, as n!ao Wfte his wife. Stow lujii lia dWti 37 Ajiril, 
15'2S, and Duma Jaae Ihv 15lii. 



le beyiif? to hnvo yspply during* t}i<> same lymo for keping of 
the sail! ubite xiij s. iiij d.,to bi' distributed arnonges iheiu by the 
diauretjioa uf the miiister there then and for the tyioe heing. 
IIbiii, 1 will that al! my landes in Cotiiighaui after the daceaae 
uf Oami> Jane Rokeby my wife bSieiH rptuayriG unto Richard 
Creke somie of Rubert Cruke and to the heires of the bodie of 
the said Hiphurd lawfidly begoten, n.iid for lak of heires of the 
said Richard tu remayn to the said Robert Creke fader of the 
same Richiird ttnd to the heireu of tbu said Robert Creke forever, 
provided nlwey that out of the Bauie hindcB in C'otingham be 
paidu jerely aswell the said salary of tennc tnarces unto the 
preeat that uliall synge for nie in the said hospitall of Savoyo 
during the forsaid tenne nf twenty yeres, as also the xiijs.iiijd. 
for kepiiig t»f tho aaij obite yerely. Ttoni, I iitakc Dame Jane 
Rokeby my wife and Robert Creke, gent., niyn executoura. I 
make maiater Bryan Hygdnn, deane to the metropolitan church 
of York, and maister William Holgill, chaiinter of tlie same 
ohurche of Torke, supBrvisourH. In the proaonce of maister 
John Ricarde, Boctour of DivinJt* and Deane of the cathedral] 
church of Dublin, nmiBter Thomas Wadeboaso, bachelor of 
Divinitie, Sir Richard Gerward, preeat, Thomas Neve, notary, 
|ftnd John Wright^ baker. 

forasmoohe as the lyf© of mftn is in this wreched worlde 
ahort, Tinoerteja, aastahle and transitory, it is ucceaeary and 
requisite for every good true cristenman to provide, foresee 
Bna to ordoyn for the lyfe CTRrlanting in hcTyn, I therfor, 
Edward Stanley, knyght, Tjord Mountegle, of (lie order of the 
garter, being hole and good deliberate and parfite niynde 
and memory, and of clere understanding, lawde thanlces and 
praise being to Almighty God, my maker and Redemer, 
remembring the good and nwete intellect of these ceiitences, 
' Memento Tiomo qnod cinis es et in cincreni reverteris,' and of 
this, * Domini tue quia morieria' I'^ic), willing while reason rnlyth 
my mynde and quietnes in the membres of my body of my 
temporall goodea sumwhat for the heltlie of ray aonle to dis- 

■ Bom alioiH HfiO, beinK l.he filth aon of Tfaom&g Stanley, first Enrlol Derby, 
by Elenaor, daaijhtoT ol Bii^ibarct Xuvile, Earl ol SaliEhury. He whh at Flodden. 
K.G. Snoiinoned 2a Nov.. 1514. sb Lord Manteagle. Hn married firet, lilizabetb. 
daaghter of Sir Thomnii V&ughon : secondly, Ann, tlnnghtf^r of Sir lobn 
HmTLiiKt'ju, kai^jht, of Horubv Cuatlu. wLo it&a »laia at WiUtefield. Whttftlct^r 
mnntioiis o rc^iort tlji»t he poieoned Iho nrmt.- Jjt'ir M the HarritiKt&na. R« <'iod 
6 April, lii'Jit, and wai 3uaou«ded hj hl« aon Thomae, eeaand Lord Montcuiglu 
(see DinHonary o/ National Btutjrapliy), 



poaso, ordeyn, make, dispoaee and enstablisBhe this my present 
teatament and last wille the v*"* day of Aprill in the yere of 
our lord God a thouaande fyve hundred OJid xiij" (15231. 
Hnd in the xiiij*'" yere of the reigne of Kyng Henry the viij"', 
in mftn&r and fourme as Iiereafter ia expreased and written. 
First and principalljj I gave and bequeth my scale to 
Almighty God, tli© glorious and holy Trinitie, to our Lady 
Saint Mury, inoder of mercy, Haint Margaret, & to all the 
saintcs in hovj'n, my body to be buried in the newe chauncell, 
to be made at my costes and charges, in and with all cx)nve- 
nient hast, at the east onde of the chapell of Saint Margaret 
at Homeby. And I woll that myn eioeutours ondernamed 
bestowe nnd eipende in and aboute the walles, byldinges, 
ireiiwerk, gliiase and coveiyng of the same newe ohauncel 
the sum© of an hundred marcea, and more yf it ghail be seen 
reqaiaite to my oxecutotirs. The same chapell io he dedycate 
in the honour of God and of the blessed virgyn Saint 
Margaret, and in case 1 departe this present lyfe before the 
holowing of the same chapell and chapell yarde, than my 
body to bo fur the tyme hnmate within the pnorye churche of 
Horneby, and forthennore will that on the nest day after the 
dedycacion of the same chapell my body to be exhumate and 
transferred, with the consent and assent of the pryour there 
whiche hath granted me the same, the case happenyng in his 
daies, ard of other having interest, and soe to be brought and 
buryed within the newe chapell foraaid. Also I will that my 
execatourg ordeyn and caQBe a convenient marbell stone to be 
laidu apon me, with an yraage of cooper and gilt gniven in 
the aame, and with vj scochens of myn armys i.vith scripture 
therunto necessary, orellea to layniyhodyin a standing tombe 
there with an image in groos coopL'r and gilt thonippon an 
shalbe most agreable and aeinyng to the chaunccll, and myn 
helmet nnd armes to be sett npp, orelles this otherwise to be 
devised and ordei-ed by my said esecntors and at their dis- 
creciun, and in aaraoche as they may advoide the pompe of 
this wreched worldo, and for this same to bestowe the enme of 
an hundred marces more or lesse as shalbe aeen to my said 
execntoura conveniient. Also I will that my executoura cauae 
my funorallea to be ordered and dnon after and in like manor 
and fourme as other barons of Eaglond being of the order of 
the garter have be used and nccui%tomed to be baried, that is 
to fiey avoyding pompe and raynglory of this worlde, with 
blak gownea to my servauntea, my children and my frendes 
an (*ha.ibe by myn executom-a appoynted and devised the day 
of my buriall with dooyll and diatribacions amongeft pour 
folkes aud other in almes the said day of my buryall, and for 


tlie wamc to bpstowc the snme of an hundred pomides or moi'e 
as shalbe seen to my said executors. And I will in case my 
body be firet biniiate at the prioi-y, that tbea tlie day of 
removing of the Hniiie, myu execiifora cnnse matsc and iHrige 
to he doyn for my huuIc at Saint Margarettts Chapel, aud fcbfii 
to gevo in ulnies to preostea, elerkes and poor fulkes as to 
thej-ni ahjilbe thought expedient. Alao I will that xxiiij white 
gtiwnt's bu gpvyii to xxiiij pour honest men to here torches 
and to do other ee-rvice the day o£ my said buriall. Also I 
bequest to every prest snyiiig masse n.nd doyng senrice the 
day of my buriall for his iabuiir viij d., and to evei-y clerk 
iiij d. And feither, I will that nt day Maister Iticbard 
Beverley, prior of the blak freies of Laucastre, or in his 
absence an other Doctoiir of Diviiiitie, he provided to make a 
eermonde, and to have for his paynt' and labuur xx s. To the 
abbot of Ci'opton xls., and to thu covent othfr xls., to pray 
for me. To the abbot ajid covent of Cridtall sis. To the 
abbot and covent of Jorevaux xxvj ». viijd. To tbabbot iind 
covent of Foneusc v marcea. To tbabbot and coveat of Sallej' 
xls., and a velwet cryniayn gowne of my wyfe and ladies to 
make a vestment. To tbabbot and covent of Cokersandc v 
marces. To the prior and covent of Lancaatre xls., they all 
to pray for my aoulc. To the prior of IIoTDobj, cLapleyn 
within the caatell chapell of Horneby, for my corspreserit antl 
mortuary and for my wyfea mortuary, yjU. xiijs. iiijd. To 
euery one of my foure mnder i-hurebes, that is to sey Saint 
Petir of York, out lady of Southwell, Saint John at Beverley, 
and Saint Wylfride of Rippon, vj s. viij d. To my parisbv 
ehurche of Mellynge, for my tithes, oblacions and offerandes 
unpaid and negligently forgotten, xx s. To the priour of 
Honieby, for a generall absohicion of me and to pray for my 
soule, my wifes soiiies, and the soules of my cliildern, x!9. 
To the mooat excellent prince and my soneraigne good Lord, 
King Henry the viij"", & small gold rynge with a table of a 
diamount viij square sett in the same, and an hundred poundes 
in gold, besechiug Ma grace to pray for my aouJe and to be 
good and gniciona good Lord unto my sonne and beire, to my 
ftervanutes and to myn executors. Also I beqiieth unto my 
Lord Cardynalls Grace n gold rynge with a poynt of a diajnunt 
sett in the same, and twenty ponndes in golde, heaechjng his 
grace to be good to myn executors and favorable for the 
con6rmaciou of my chauntrye, bedehoiiae and freescole to be 
had according to the tenor of the Eoundacion therof. Also I 
will the aame founduciun hi3 inviolately in every parte kept 
and porformed,afl though it were in this my preseat tefttamenfc 
hooly insorte and writen and according to the tenor therof. 



Tn every oF these parishe fliiiTclies xxs., iiiul a. kowe to ^iio 

Ui their cliorclio werkcs for their ornamenteR UTid ligtites as 

ahalbe thought moost iiedefull by the churchwardeytia : Lan- 

Oftst^r, Bulton ia I.oneadale, Htilton, Mellyiig, TiinHtall, 

Thorneton, Warton, Whittington, Inglelctn, Hentham, Olape* 

ham, Horton, Tiilehaiii, Shiaebtitirn, and Claglitrm, To the 

frerea of PrestCTi, to pray for my smile, xiijn, iiij d.j to t.he 

frerea of Weryogton, for like prayer, xiijs. iiij (1. I will that 

yorely myn obite bo kept with diriffo ani maaae in the day 

of my departing, at whiehe obite I will that the prior of 

Homeby hare for his labour xij tl,, and sij other preestes 

every one of thorn iiij d,, and Ihat yeroly there be iiewe lightes 

inailo and sett abniie tny gritve or tombe the day of myn ubito, 

to the vtilor of xiij lb. waij and the obit tu bt> made Rocordiiig 

to the tenor of the foundacion of my chauntrie, with diatribu- 

cion to pour people, and at the same obite to expenda yeraly 

xsvjs, viijd. Also I will that n»yn oflicers and aorvauntea 

being oflficed under ma dnring my pleasure eontynue and 

eiiioye their ofRees exf;i-pt n\>Ti execntoiiri* prove them not true 

nor siibstanciall for the performance of this my will and for 

the wctill of my Bonne and heire, alao that siicie patcntes as 

I have made for ternie of Ijfe may take effect. I will myii 

exeeutonra paye ah my dettes and take all dettes due unto me. 

And whei'e as I am in siiytt at the comon place before the 

King^a Justices tht-re at the E^iigea suto for the snmo of 

cell. sxxixB. vd,, I will that Sir Rii'li;ird Tempest, knyght, 

content and paye unto my executours the same of fonre 

hundred thirty and sex ponndes which I delivered hiiij of 

tmat and for diucrao consideracons as he and other knowetb, 

and then that with all ch'ligence contentacion be made to my 

said Boiiernigne lord the King of the satne ccli. xixixw. vd., 

and the residue to remayii to myn execntours towardes the 

perfonrmance of my will. And where also I debvered for the 

jakettes and condytli money of two hundred soldears to go 

northwardee to my lord lYeasorer in the moneth of Marche 

last past foiirty ponndes, whiehe my aervaunt John Ajihocll 

hath receyved of the Kingea 'PreaBorer of his werrye at the 

nowe castell upon Tyne, I will that Nicholas Tempeat and the 

said John Aphoell retayn in their handos xs H. of the same 

equally to be devided betwone them towardes their jakettes 

for the said werrys and their eharges susteyned in that 

journey, and the other xx li. will to bo paid to myn exocutours. 

I will where aq John Standlslio and Rant Bradshawy ar 

indotted unto me in diverse sumea, they pay the same to my 

oxecutoura. I will that every one of myn esecutourst, uiy 

cbilder, my servauntes and Frendes, have their legacies as I 


have appn^nted unto tlieyiii as hereafter foloweth, wliiche I 
enteude to deliver with mjji owne bandea or 1 departe this 
present lyfe. First, to nijii executours, whom I make the 
right honorable and my aingulcr good lord, Thomaa Darcy, 
kiivght, lord Darcye, lord Menyll and lord of Knaith, Sir 
John Hnssy, Sir Alexander Radclj*ff, knyghtef, Laurence 
Htarky, squier, and Richard Baiilce, gentikaan . My lord 
Darcy to have my coler of garters and my best George with 
stonys belonging to the same, my ij best lytber horBses, my 
lytter and all thinges perteynyng to the same withe a cover- 
yng of tawney tynscll and greno velwet, and to have the 
femiytig of the newe parke nt Breretey and the manor place, 
with the deinajTi landes at Shafton for the terme of nine 
yeres, pa>*ing the fermes tht^rof according to hifl leace ther- 
uppon made. Sir John Htissy, knyght, to hane a salt of gold 
with the cover, and a gray horae that I bought of Kauf 
Arosmytli. Sir Alexander Radclyff, knyght, to hare a gowne 
of Tnyti of sadde rusBet velwat, furred with blnb bogie. 
LuLurencB St*rky, squipT, to have all hi^ plate whit-h lyes in 
plego in myn handes f^r foiirty ])onnde«, and to be diachar^il 
of the said xl li. 113 my beqneMt; and that the said Laurence 
ahall enioy all such gi-auntee as I have made unto him, and to 
be my depiitie steward, ajid to my somie at Cokersaiid Abbey, 
PBtByn^Tig to me and my sonne the fee. Richard Banke to 
haye an aniniytie of ten marcea by yore owt of my lordship 
of Brereley in Yorkahii-o, and also to enioye his lease of 
uerteyu londes at Brereley, Henunysworth and Shnfton. My 
childer : Thomaa my sonne and haire to have the residue of 
all my goodea not be(inethed, my dettes paid, my fiinerallea 
with the foundfteion of my chauntrye, hedehouse and freesoole 
fulfilled, and Goddes blessing and niyn. Edward my bastard 
aoniie to have xli. vid. for teriuc of Ills lyfe owte of my londes 
in Bosley in ClieBshire, so tliat he be teithfidl to my sonne and 
heire. Thomas Langton, aquier, Baron of Walton, and Eliza- 
betii hia wife, he to have a jerkyn of blak satten furred w"" 
libertes, and hia wyfe a gowne of blak vehvet. Edward 
Langtou, fionne and lieire of the said Thomas and Eliiiabeth, 
my godsonne, vj kyne to be putt to som frende of his for 
encrease to his proEte. My servaunt Nicolas Tempest xli. 
John Apbowell xli. (Other bequests to bailiffs and servanta.] 
And where as I have cngrosed the foondocion oE my chauntrye 
bedehouse and froecole for two prt-stos, one clerk and fyve 
bedemen, 1 wjll that myn executoiirs susteyne all charges to 
accomplisshe the same. A nd where aa I the said Lord 
Mountegle, by my dedc the last of Marche the xiij"' yere of 
King Henry the viij^'', Iiave enfeoffed Edward Stanley, sonne 



id heirtr n( TliomftB, Inst Krle of Derby, Henry StanJpy, 
^sqiiipr, roiiiic of the snmc Inst erlo, in ['firtftyn of m;r Umdi'ji, 
it is my will, nuver by mo to bo clmimged, tliat my said 
feoffees shall eontymi© tlieir estnte in all the premisayea to the 
U80 uiiiiorwvittcn for thn niatiibliHslieuietit foiiiidacion.of my 
8ftid chauntrje or lioKpitall, bf*di>how«G nnd fi-oaolo. t bequi'th 
to the ffildtj or fratemitie o£ Jesu^j founded within the pariahe 
church of Ijaticantrc to pnjy for my «oule, the soales oi Anno 
and Elizabeth my wifes, my childer soulee and ai! my frendes 
sualex. To the two wociati's VTith thy prior of Horneby vJR. 
viijd. I will that Jamos Andertoii, mcpiier, shnll miioyo his 
office of crmstabliaship of ray cnstel! of Korncby. I gave my 
Sonne Sir Thonina Stanley, person of Raddiswortli, tind Mary 
Radclyf, widowe, my 1)aat»rd childer, Goddea bleejiing and 
myn, and to be ^niowhnt rownrdod at the discreeion of myn 
execiituurs, so that tlic said Thoiiift* drawe him to sadneasc 
and vortiio, and the same Mary lo be of honest and good 
ditiposicinn, and to be content with the order of my executoura. 
And alao where' as the prior and covont of Montebretton 
clajTiip of me of olde eiigtume a back or a soor ag-aviiat Mary 
Magdaloya day yerely, I am contont they have the saine bj' 
thandes of my keper there for the tyme beiiige to prsiy for my 
aoule. And theso to recorde Richard Bevei']ay,df)ctor, Thonias 
EvjTigton, prior of Homebye, Geffrey Itfdmayn, Frannces 
Murley, Thoniaa Cpr>ft, Alexander Parker, Hugh DyconBOH, 
Nicholas Rarden, Olyver Thomson, Thomas Twisailtoii, 
Huiiifrey Wynder, Robert Parker, liiehnrd Ppicok, and you 
all pre8ent> I pray yo\i be g'oode and lo\"ing to my aonn. 

[Proved 2S August. IS24, bj Laarenoe Stark;.} 



[Bodlelda, M7.] 

In the name of God, Amen. I, (Jeorge Hamerton, in good 
m^Tide, loved bo Almighty God, aeyng this transitory worlds 
and also myuding by the grace of Jesu to goo over the See 
with the Kinges grace and the Qiienya grace, mynding to sett 
such goodea and lajides as God batli sende ine in good order 
to the pleasure of God and my soul©, and for the heipe and socor 
of Elizabeth Hamurton my wife and John Hamorton niy eldest 
sonue, Roger Uamertoa my serunde sonne and Ciistaas 

* Qeore« Hamerton, who tprang (torn tbe family at [IclliK«ld PmI, iipp«ai-4 
to hftve lived (it Monkrniia, rfuitli*rsl<iiie, Vorksliirw, nnrl At I'lilboroogh , Kiiisev. 
Hu Qnuricd EHZFtlinth Jc ]\\ Moore, and had Jnhn, wliu Kuciji»tdi<d liim tit 
Monkroilis, Itoger. biirisd at FtmttieFstoaa 19 Mnr., 1507-0, an<l Cuiutiuice, «bo 
marrictt) William Frost, ol Ackton, and Prancis Wontwonh, 



Kamerton my <3oiighter. the t.hirde Aay of Maij n. tlioiisando 
^vc liimdred and fcweiitie. First 1 bequeth my Boale to 
Almighty God, !o our lady Saint Mary and to flll the Saintes of 
hevjn to praj for me to Ahiiiglity God, my body to be buried 
In the holy church yf it please God to tftko me to hia mercy 
beyonde the stu, and yf I dye ia these parties to be buried at 
Piilborcmgh in my chapell, and X iviU that my wife cause a 
tombe to be umdu nnd myn annati to be Mtt theron, and to 
kepe It prest oon yere to syiige for my soule, my wifee soiile, 
my fud-er boule, my moder soule, godfadevs and godmoderB 
soules, brother soules and auster aoules and all Cha-istiaii soiilca. 
Also I will that Eli/.abeth my wife have all hir goodea that was 
hurs by the gifte of John Onley, and also all tho landps that by hir, and jlIbo of my landcts in Hemonbe and Bolttiiifelde 
ill Yorkahiru that I havo gev_J^^ hir tu hir joj-ntour, and after 
the decesse of hir to reinayn to the right hcires of rao. Also 
I will that Elizabeth my wife, yf she mary not, have the rule 
of all my landea in Yorkabire and in all other places daring 
the nonage of myn hcires towardo thi; mai-riage of Custance my 
donghter to the helpe and fyndiiig of John and Roger my 
sonnea to the scole. Also I will that my wife deliver or cause 
to be delivered nil mygoodes in Monkerd and the best fether- 
bed with the bolster that is at my park at Morlemer with all 
the stnffe belonging therto, and the best silbe sparver and 
coimterpoynt that is at Biilbornugh (sic) to John Hamerton my 
Sonne yf he lyvo to hi^ full ago of sxi yeres, and yf ho do not 
to Roger Hamertoii my soniie, and for defawte of Koger to 
Custance my doughtevj and for defawte of hir to Thomas 
Onley. Also I will that all my other goodes at Mortemer and 
at Sonthiambeth and at Southwork ahall be departed, tho oon 
parte] to Elizaboth my wife and the other parte to bo dovidod 
at my wyfe discrecion the oon half to Roger Hamerton and 
tlie other half to distance Hamerton yf tbey lyve, or elles to 
the which that lyvetb (if myn owne children, and if it please 
God to take all my children then all my goodea to remayn to 
my wife or tlieym that she will geve it to for to pray for us 
or hir children that she thinketh beat and mooat necessary. 
Also I will that all my goudea, cume and catall in any place 
in. tho South parlies my wife shall have it with all my dettes 
to fynde hir and my children with. And I will that my wife 
take over oon hundred marker out of my landea of Pomfrett, 
Montred, Arksey, Fedorstone, Pryston Jaklyn, Fryston 
Bywatcr, Acton, Hull, or any place that 1 have landeu in in 
Yorkshire not beyng my wifes joyntmir. Also I woll that 
Roger Hamerton ^halhaveall my londestliat I have purchased 
in Sussex or that I ha?e purchased in any shire except 



Yorkshire, when he cometh to full age of xsi jeres, and for 
ilefawte of heires to EliRabeth my vnte the terme of hir lyfe 
and tiftor thd decesso oE hir to the right holies of my body, 
and for defawto of them to John Onley, and for defawte of 
his heires to the right heirea of Elizabeth my wife, the which 
I make myn executrix. Also I will tlint my suster Elizabeth 
Hanierton have x\ s. yerely owt of my landcs, and aho to 
govc xiij s. iiij J. Lu the frerea of Pomtret yoroly in alines to 
pray for thu soilless of my fadep James H&mertoii and Kateryn 
my moder and me, with all my lirothers and susters, and ail 
ChrisHfin ijoiiles, and they Co kepe a solempne dirige and masM 
on Saint John Pertlatyns day yerely forever. In the preaenco 
of Thomas Onley, Sir John Saltwiph, Humfrey Bathon,and 
John Lyng. 

ThG xxi" Any of August, 1624. George Hamerton, esquier, 
of Pulhorongh. My body to be buried aFore out lady of pitie 
in the Blak Fi-croH of Arundell. Also I geve for my mortuary 
as the use of the cuntrey ii^. To the high awter of 
Pulborongh xxd. To the forsaid blak frerea xl b. at the day 
nf my burial] and at the day cjf my monetlies mynde other 
xls., they forto have my Konle in a perpetual memory. To 
maister John Sauhevercll ix b. To Sir Henry Bullok my 
gotttly fader xxa. Itemj I ^v^ll tliat Sir Thomas West, knyght, 
to take the paynea to se my childeni ordred, and he to have 
ihem duping their nonage, and tliey to have snche thingos hk 
ttppcrith by my will at London, and Roger my somie to have 
all snc-he landes an 1 have purchased sithon I was; maried. 
Also I desire him to he good mai^ntcr and father to Cuatanco 
my doughter, and tn oi-der hir for my sake aw he wolde doo 
oon of his owne. Also I will that Sir Thomae West, knyght, 
have the governance of snche goodes as I have within the 
South piirties, lie lo heipe my children with all ae my trust is 
in him, Tina doon I will that my will which is in London 
shal stonde for my laat wille savyug that Sir Thomas West, 
knyght, sliall be the chief executour iis my wyf tslmlde have 
ben yf whe had eurvyved me. WitncBees, John Sacheverell, 
clerkj Henry Bnllok, clerk, and William Laster, with moo. 

[PiOTod la Nov., I52L] 


[Bodleld*, a9.] 

John London. 27 May^ 1525. xvij yere of King Henry 

the VIIT. I make myn exocutonrs my mother Elizabeth 

London, Kateryn London my wife, and Lawrence Hollande, 

willing that echo of theyni to have ef luy goodee xls., and I 



or(Ieyii Sir Hugh CljJruwc, oveiscur, and I Ijeqiicthe to him 
XX s. I woll that Elizabeth London, my mothei", have to hir for 
tonne of hir lyfe my manor place ol Sowth Cave, with all 
tho londen which she hath of my leoe. Also I will she have the 
profitc of the fiiire in the market, profite of the courten. Also 
J woll that Kiitoryn my wife hsive te hir for tenne of her lyfo 
nil otJier laode^ iLiid tniiomeDtes, reutus in 8out-h Cave excopti? 
suoho asBi^iied afore to my niothor. All the residue of my 
londcs in Northo CWe, Hotouij Newton, Beverley and Beswyko 
1 woll that Ka,tury]i my wifu havo for torme of hir lyfo except 
londes In the holding o£ Thomas Eedlioru and Kay bis wife in 
Bt-ywike, wheroE I woll that myii exeoutourK take prufito xij 
yeroa to the mariage of my donghter Kaf^aiider, yf ahe dye or 
kKu bo niariod than I woll that the said money bo doiivured to 
Otiwolde Loudon, aud lie to eiitro unto the said londes at tlie 
endo of twelve yeres. And yf it fortune my mother or my 
wife to dyo before the feast of Saint Feter called Ad'^'incln. 
whicte shalbo in the yere of our Lord God a thonsando fyvu 
hundred and xxxix, than I woll myu osocutore take the profites 
us they or either of thein were eeascd of at tho day of their 
doth on feaet of Saint Peter to theutent they shall have tho 
thirde parte of the profites to their owne use, and the other 
two parttia at the said feast of Saint Peter to be delivered to 
Oswolde London and Kaaander London, and yf thoy bo both 
dude on that day theu it to be dovided amonge my brethren 
and snsteri^. I will that thero bo tbre trentalleB t^aide for me 
at places where Scala celi in iu Loudon, For niy mortuary 
my beat bea,8t. To raaister Crowolie ji. tawny gowne fniTed 
and X 8., to Fawkoa Lyons hande and to his wife xiij s. iiij d. 
To every oou of my brethern aud sustcra vj s. viij d. Tlie 
residue of my goodes uxcept a modiey tawuoy gowne, a rusaet, 
a, doblet of dauiaske, a doblot of satyn whiche I woll Oswoldo 
my Sonne have, my wyfe whalhave to the fynding of hir 
children, the costes of my buriall ouly to be accompted therin. 
'fhflde men beryngo witnesse, William Aleyn, William Crowche, 
Robert Mustyaus, lliiiit Solby, Water Frost. es(|uier, Sir John 
Spryngliam, preat, and other. 

[Proved 28 No*., 1535.] 

[Porole. 3.1 
Rauf Swillington. The ij" day of July, 152f). To be 
buried in tho Temple C'hurcbe iu London. I will that f4eorge 
SwilUngton my iievew shall after the dethe of my wife have to 
him and his heirpH all itiy londes in Dryffolde in the eountie of 
Yorke that I did purchaae of Sir Henry Owen, knyght. Alao 



I gevo to tlio aaid Creorgi^ quu hundred marcea in mtmey, aTso 
fonrty ponnda-^ for the piircLes of Harpers londcM, also three 
gabletti*s pnrcell gilty, with oon cover mid two saltes parboil 
gilfce, with oun cover a,iid tltre npoiiys wliiclia I had of my 
Lady Greseley, und the residue of my plate I gove unto my 
wife. To Elizabeth my uece oon hutuli-od iriiirces to Iiir 
inariago. To every doughter of Kateryii Hiik-ottes my wifos 
doughtci- X li. to their miii-iage. Also I will that I have a 
stone in the pEirishe churohe of DryfTelde whera I was boriiG, 
witb the jmage of my father and his iiij childern, after the 
Eormo of Bai-on Boclyff hath in tlio Tompla, Btid there yerely 
to havo oon annivcTsary for my souk- iiiiid the Moules of my 
auncetours. To every huuye of freres in London and at the 
Charterhtmse there and to the freres of Grenewich and 
Iticlit'inoiid, to every of them xx s. To evory huuau of frores 
in Cuvenfcre xx s., and to the Cliarterhmiae there xls. Unto 
my wife my skarlett gowne and my skiirlet cloke, and all the 
residue of my apparel I geve to my nevye George Swillington. 
I make niyn executoura Elizabeth Swillmgton my wife, 
William Bubthorp and my bnithur Sir Peter Swillington, 
pi-c&t. Theae witnesse, Sir "Wilbam Qicnyiiborowe, pront, 
Robert Wood, Evorord Pahner, Thuma^ Parvlyn, surgyon, 
and William Cherteseyj grocer. Also I will that Sir William 
my cLaployn huve thy advowson and fL^rme of tte chapell of 
Saint Tliuinas Tliapoatell and Saint Anne in Boswopth during 
his yerea. 

proved li Feb., 1526-B.] 

LPorohe. 33.] 

13 Jan., I52fl. John Clytton, per.soii of Berwyke in 
Ebnetlfi. 1 beqtioth my body yf I dye in London to be buried 
in the Bla,k Freres of London, to the whtubo pliice I gave rx s. 
To the prisoners of Newgate x s. To the prisoners of Ladgate 
V 8. To the poorest prisoners of the two compters in either 
houae ii] b. iiij d., and to the poure prisoners in the Marshalaee 
and the Kiiiges henchej in either house vs. xls. amonges 
poor people. Unto William Newholde, keper of my bolce, to 
tbeTitont be ehalbe trewe and diligent betwixt my maister and 
mo and myn oxecntors in my rekenyng and accompte, 
iij li. vj 8. viij d. To Sir Olyver Itiidde my two longe gowiie», 
the best save my newe gowne and my short gowno, my blak 
oh&mlet cotu the furr taken uwte, and a tawny L-haudet jaket 
lyned with blak coton. To Antony my sL'rvimnt iijli., and to 
either of my other two eervauntea xl s. To Edmonde Uolmim 
vj B. viij d. To the puoreHt people uf the purishe of Burwike 


"ill Ehnette xU.; oE UWale xxs. To Kauf Nevell xls. To 
evory of tb© childre being alyve of Robert Redo and Willjam 
Rode, late of Nowcastell upnn Tyiie, vj s. viij d. To Sir 
TKomas Arthnrcs, chsiuntrie preat of Saint Cuthbert, in Suint 
Nicolas CIiiiivli of Newcastell, xx s., prii.jiiig and c-harging liim 
that iiiy house in Bailly gate m Nowt'astell that .sointjine was 
Sir Thomas Benauii iiiyu uticlL^, soiiiftyniw chaiiritry preat of 
Siiiiit Owtbord, be dolivered unto tlic right and next hcire of 
my saidL- iiucJe, To maister Myles Speucer, Ductor of both 
lawGB, ray biggest turkos sett in a ryng of golde and ray small 
emerodp aett in a rmge of gold^e, the whicbo maister Myles 
S]iDUCPr, mnieter ThoiuiiM Clerk, my Lordo of, brother 
J(jL[i Ranwyke, (.-ito/ii-ii iiiid bruer of Ijonduti, and. Henry 
Bell, citezon und merchdinit taillor of London, I make myn 
execubours, and I give every of my said executoura xls. The 
residue of all my goodes I hooley g&va unto my execntops, 
tlicy to distribute thum tifter their diacreciona. These being 
wituesi-e, jnaistei- Milea Spencer, John Eanwyk, Henry Bell, 
Syr Olyvor Rudde, atid William Newbolde. Item, bequethed 
by me nuii-etowtirdeslhe mending ii,ad reparacon of ToUiiigton 
iaao ill the coantic nf Midd. xls. 

[Proved 12 Jane, 1529.] 


I, Sir Henry Wiloughhy, knyght, willing most principally 
tho honour of God and welCh of my soule, and to bo rwmombrid 
and praiti for after my doeeas, and which and seeiindarily 
desiring the welth of my thre sonncs, John, Edward, and 
Hugh, and other my children, make this my last wille, indeutud 
the vij'' day of Maij, in thoxx yere of tho reign oof King Heniy 
the viij*'' (1528). First I beqiieth my sonle to Abnlghty God, 
his creature, my body to bo buried at Woollatoii, ie the church 
of Saint Leonarde, in the eountio of Notiiighani. Also I will 
that myn executors fynde a prest, and the same preet to bo 
named and put in the said service by Sir Robert Perot, oon 
of myn exeentora, to singe for my soulo iniincdtatety after my 
deceas, my father's aoule, my mother's, and my fonre wifes, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, Elyn, and Alice, by tho apaco oE xx''' 

* Uou of Idilnetli WtUougbby, Eaij., of WuLlatL>n, co. Kotts. He lutLivJod 

ilmt Mvr^ai'et, ilutUKbtei' uf Sir Bobart Markham, of Colh&m ; s^coiiillj 

kEIizaboth, dangliWrof ThoaiiiK BiiTRh, relict of BiohW.T-nrd Fitihngh ; thirdly 

£lion, dau^^htci' of Kir Joliti Eijertaii, of WryDliiil; and fourthly A.ti(ve, daughter 

at Wallers or Walters. Qo was made a Kuij-ht IlftiiiiL'i'pt at the battle 

■of Stoke. His jountjesli Bon by hin tliirtl wile, air HurIi, was a B«a oupUin. aaij 
in 1653 trioil ho eenrch tor a nniUi-ettst iiat'iaiif^c to ItiiliB. but pcrisLcd in llie 
atlompt. See bis. tiln iu Ike Dklioiiari/ of ^ittiuiial Bhiijra,iik!/. 



yerea, in ttu chtijitjll <*f tl'f chun-hu of tSaint Leonarrle nil 
WoUatoii, f^eviiig to Iiyin for liii^ saljiry eight niarcoa ui uioiioy. 
AW) I (viM ihivt inyii excL-iiloiirs gove to the priscms lu 
Notinj^hnm and Ware, to ov«ry prison house xxy. in money 
or vithile iifttr tlic mtcj mid to high waiea, and in alines to 
my ncighbonrs iib thev tliinke convenient. To ovcry houee of 
frcrca obsLTvuuiit-us in Kugloiido x s., and to the housu of 
Newark xia. to pniy fur my uoulo, and (o uvypy Chartorhotuo 
xiij H. iiijd. tt) say truiifcallert fur nie imd to pray for me as a 
brother of there roHgion, To every of my mt'nyalJ servanntcs 
tbat hrtth dwollid with mc by the space of thre yorra before 
oon hole yoi'oB wiiges liy a yere to pruy for my aonlo. Also 
I will itud chiti'fcii uiy Sonne Jehu yf uiiy man aue to hyrn for 
any londen which I have purchased, and if it uiinnot bo duely 
knowen and proved that ho hath rig'ht thi-Tiiiito and that my 
title tht-'rin waa nut good and suro, tlisit thon my sonna, by the 
oversif^ht and advisu of my lord hisHhop of Eseionraiid my 
Sonne in liiwo Antony ii'itharberd, knyght, oon of the Kinges 
JuBtiees of his common pleaco, or ot)ter thnt is myn executors, 
that he or they rcstora the said loiidee to the very owner or 
rufunipcnse tbeym in euch maner that they fnlly luid well 
Content for the aiune hmdes. I charge niyu executors that 
they rocompen»e alnmiiur of jjersonen that tlier can 
kaowe or have prove in writing that I have oneuded 
or wronged by my daies in my lyfcj and in my 
namo to doHire thfym of forgeveuea ami pardon. Also 
I will that myn excL-utour« have the miinora iif WoUaton 
and SiittuTi Pusaoz und Cusfciill, and all my londpH to payo my 
iLcttoti, and aftfr that John iny sonne have tliw said lordf-hippes, 
landes, to hym and to his heires according to his olde title of 
inheritaunce. And 1 will that after my doceas and dehtes 
paido my sonne Edwarde have for terms of his lyfe hindos to 
the yerely value of fourty poundcs parcell of my manors to 
bo ftBstgued by myn execntourH, and I will that xl niarcea therof 
shalbe for the ioynter of Anne, nawe his wife, after bir deeeas 
for torme of hir lyfe. And after their doceae 1 will that my 
eonne John have all the Inudes, and in defaute of isaue the 
Temaynder to the right heires of me ... I will thnt Hugh 
Willughby ray aunno filialljave nil my londes in Mappurley in tTie 
fuantio of Durhio, and Brokistowe and Basseford hi the eunnCie 
of Notiughiini, and a pa.rcell of londc in Walaall in the countiu 
of Stafford, to hym and to bis heires upon eoiidicion that if 
ho obteyn londea of the yort'ly vaUic of foarty poundcs late 
of the uiheritanneo of John E^erton, eequier, dyeesaed, hiit 
jfraundfather, orellos to be promoted by manage to the yerely 
value of the said sum, that then tho said londea to remayn to 



my sonno. Sir John "Willoiigbby, iiud to the tieires of his body, 
ftiul for ilffawto of irjeiic to tlit right hcircs of lut). Also I 
will (.lint itll micli sunies as I in my lk>f slinll ppoiiiyao bo 
bouiiden to paye for tlio mariagc of Mary Ila-rbotellj rloughter 
to my doughtui", Jiliiu UurbiotuU, which be unpaid tihalbB 
leviod of the renta of the miinora of WoUatoii, Coj^sall, Sutton 
I'assez. I will that idl my, juoIleB, and nil my slii£ti 
that 1 hiLTO liad by my wife and by any of my iinuolurBj or of 
myno owne iiiiikiug or gott-higf, bo valued and ki?|»fc for tlie 
purformanc-B of this my will. Also I will ttiat nil such somes 
at my sunna Bdwnrd Fylton owith Lo mo by rwison of n 
obligacon for the ropayment of tlio inliLTitauii>co ilcaccndod to 
Mary Wite(?),oou of thu dou^hters and hoiros of Richard 
UarbotoU, that my iwimo John shall receyvo the same sumes 
of money to tha uae to piircliaso nr byo a mariai^o for my gonne 
ilugh WilloiighbyCj iE the ^amo lliigh wilbc K^JcJ by my 
some Johu, or elles the same somes tu bo despoasod fur the 
weltUe of my soule. I vtHI that all my inhousbolde Btailo 
fihall reraayij as heirtiloniea that be at Middeltom or WoUaion 
.to tuy Sonne Joha or to suche othor as hereafter shall forliuie 
'to be heires of tho said inheritamice being of my blod, and 
that they shall not alien nor putt away nor sell noon aor aoo 
parcel! theroE whether of tho said manours they jdiall think 
better to abide, dwell at their pleasari?. 1 will that all tho 
omatnentea belongjutj to my chapell shall hooly remayn to my 
chapell at Middetton or in tho chapell of Wollaton whersoever 
of the same manor my snune John err suche other as shalbe 
heirea will abide {Annuities tu servants.) 1 mako inyn 
executors my soum- Juhn Willougliby, knyght, my souiio in 
Lawo Antony Fitzherbert, knyght, 'I'homas Fitzherbeit, clerk, 
Doctor of Decrees, Rauf Cantwell, clerk, Doctonr in Decrees, 
and Sir Robert Perott, ciork, and to every of them I bcquoth 
fyve marces, and I will and beSKcho my lordo Bisahup of 
Exetoor to bo tho euporviaour and ovoi-aeor of my will. Theae 
being presont, LunrenL-o Woodnot, gontilnian, (Jahriel Harwike, 
gentiliman, William Egerton, gentilimaa, Richard Kgerton, 
goDtilmau, John Brendwood, yoman, Richard Byton, cum 
tnultia aliis. 

[I'rovwl I July, 153B.] 


[Jftnkyn, 6.] 
18 July, 1528. John Constfthtc, Deane of tho Cafchedrall 
Churche of oar Lady of Lincoln. First I beqiiethe my soulo 

• Third son ol Sir Kol>crt ConstuWe, of Flanibofouph , by Agnus, daujthter of 
Btr Boger Weiitwciitl);. Tfis uvpbuw. Sir MurtuBdake Consbible. was uu-e (it the 
oomm&adera nl Flodden. 



to God Aliuiglity, uur blUsfJ Iiuly hia iiiodur, Siuiil Mary, aiid 
to all tUa blisst'd cumnflny of hcrtm, humbly beaechmg theym 
t.(> pray For inft. Ana my \nn\y to he buried within tho snid 
Csithednill Churcbti iti tot." "body of the sume nygh unto the 
aepiiltiire of Maistor (Jeorge KiLnhiigh, sumtynie Deano of 
Lincoln, nnd 1 liorjuctth to our lady werkos of the i^aid choroh 
for my buriall there xls. Also I will that peimy doole to be 
govoii to poHi' men the day of my buriall. Alao I bequethe 
teuiie puundos for uiy obit.u in tliB churche of Lincoln, to ertTj 
uf ibo fouru orders oi fruroii within tho citiu of Lincoln x s., 
and they to don onn obite for the lieltho of my soiile. Also 1 
will tuniie poundes for a stone to be bought and to be laide 
npun mo wliei'o t fthjill bei linriod. To every of my sorvituntoe 
hia qiiiirtor wii^is. Thu restdnti' of my goodi36 I gevo to my 
nevuwB Sir Robert Tyrwhit, Sii- M»rr[iaaukt> Cunstnblo, knyglit, 
Miustor RiWaid Darby, Archdeacon of Stuwo, John Muuson, 
i;aquier,Thomaa Lyiowo, clerk, whom lordeyn myo executoiire. 
ThosL' witneasi'Sj Sir "Waltt'i" Irylond, prot'st, Thomas 
Gro»aingtoti of tlie oitie uE Lincoln, Alderman Richurd Burgh, 
and Ririiard Laiigdaile, gontilmau, with other tmoo; geven at 
Fyskcrtou nygh Liucoln tho day and yere abovesaid. 

[Proved 27 AprU^lSZe.] 


[Jaubyo, 4] 
U Mar., 1528-9. Walter Fronte, esquior, of Wostham in 
the diocos of London. To be buried in tlie cluirclio of 
WpKtham beeidea my wife. Unto the higho awter there, iiij e. 
Unt<i our lady of Alhalowes there, iij s. iiij d. Unto 
our lady uf Pitie thersj iij p. iiij d. Unto every liglit 
contynually fonndo and kept in the said churche, xrj d. Unto 
two hundred pour men and wiumen of the parishe, echo of 
trhem, xij d. Unto the moriage of twenty ponr maidens, oeho 
of them, vj b. viijd. To be gevyn niito x%'iij my pour bodmen 
every woke, ix d. I will that myn oxecutoiiri* every Lent by 
the spiiee of fyvo yeros goTO in poaae potage at the monastery 
gate of Htrnli'ord to pour people to the value of vs. Unto 
the fynding of an able preest to «ynge in the ehurclie of 

• Son ol ThoinaB FruBt, o( Bevcrlej. whoeo will (with his (utlier'i;) in prititeil 

fn 'ffiit. Ebiii:, vol. iii. U37, hy Rliztibeth (probiililj) AwyiLB. His diiUKblor 
Marttnret married JoscnUnB I'eru.y, jounKei^l son nl Henry, (ourUi Eurl at 
NortliumberlBiicl. Tlieir iutiih arii on n litucli uml in HiiniLiI Cliumh, iimr 
Wttli^ficM. about whicit the Intc James 1''ow!di', P.S.A,, guve au iatiTcatiiik' 
ftOVOuiil in the Yoi'kthin AixIwolnyifnS Journa', vol, i, 1H3. The tcBtator hiul 
much iii'ojifcty al, Fentber stone anil Bsv-etIa^. Ho IiAd srvcrnl bTotliorB, John, 
uTolidoieon ol Essex, Ho bp it, rector of 'rhornhLll. tuid Williiiiu u[ Acktun, whoM 
, wlU ia printed is Teu. MUar., vol. vi, p. M. 


WeRtlmin by tlie space of fyve yeres every yere fjve marres, 
to make an able lyviiig for an honesfc preest, with the fyvo 
marcfs of tliB gifte of William Heywartl of the saiiio piifislte, 
and if the said Willitim dye within tlto apace of fyve yeres 
tliJtt tlian T will that the said preest doo singe in treiitallea for 
my soale and Jo>in Rookes soulo and all Chnstian aouks till 
the said fyve yeres be full complete. I will that Sir Walter 
Fi'osto, my kytismau, doo sinjije find occnpie as is afore reheraied 
in innjier and stiine for the said fyve marces. Unto my soime 
Percy my birk velved gown furred with foynes, and also a 
cotfl of tawny velvet with a plackerd. Unto my aoniie Percy 
Jind to my donghter Margaret, his wife, in pLite to the vnhip 
of twenty poiindes. Unto my said doiighter Margaret my 
cloke of scarlet, hrodered with blak velwet, my tawny gowne 
of velwet lyned with lilnk branched damask. Unto Edward 
Perciy, my sonnes sonne, my jakoLt of tynsyn satyn, and it to 
be kept to his use till he lie able to occnpye it, and if he dye 
I will it remayne to my doughter Mai-giiret, hh mother. Also 
I will of twenty ponndeM that William Heywiird of Wostham 
nowe doth owo uiitu itio of the whicho I elorL'Iy forgive the 
said William. I gevo unto Kichard Freysfoii, esquier, my 
kynnBamtin, a cupp to the valure of vjli. or better. Unto 
niaiater Archdeacun of Essex, my brother, twenty ponndea In 
plate, be it more or lease, whieW he hath in bin handes, in 
reeonipence of and for dwelling in lii.s house belonging to hia 
office, upon thia eoiidiciiun, that myn executourn may have the 
ordering of all such goodes now being within his said liouso 
according to euehe promys aa lie did make at tht' biiriall of 
my wife, hia auster, before liis fi'endes and niyn. Unto the 
said maister archdeacon a cnpp of Hilver and gilt in vnlure of 
vjli. or there aboutes. Unto my cosyn. Sir Waller Froate, 
in redy money fyvo poundoa. And whore as my brother, 
maister Jolin Froate, bequethed unto one lady aultcr in the 
chnrche of Fchherston in the shire of Yorke twenty ponndea, 
I gave the name twenty poundea which come to my haindea to 
bo paid to the same use there tn the ehnrchwardens. Unto 
mai&trea Anne Wheatley, my sntiter, fyve mnrcoB over and 
besides whiehe must have and hath dnring hir natnrall lyfe, 
xxvjs. vii] d. of (innuytie. Unto tlie uhurcliwarJeyns for the 
tymo being of Kirketliorpo in Yorkshire, vjli, xiij h. iiij d., to 
coiilynue the obite for my mother thero. UlLt^i my lord abbct 
of the monastery of Stratford ray ryng with a stone called a 
saphir, which I proniysed and gave unto him at Cristmns 
before my death. Unto my said cosyn. Sir Walter Froste, my 
chalya, two crewettea of silver and fplt, and a bell of silver, 
with a vestment and all that therto belongith. Unto maister 


Robert Parter, ricsr of Westliain, a coffer wlit'rin nijii evidence 
dotli lye. Unto Sir Iloger Woode, parishe preest of Weatham, 
four* brodo yardes of bUk clothe for a gowne. The residce 
of all my goodce I geve unto my said son Percy, Margaret his 
wife, and Sir Waltt-r Froste, preeat, my kjTmeanian, whom 1 
mflko myn executors, and my said lord abbot of Stratford to 
he HiipcTvinoiir. 'ITitwc witnnxsKH, thabbot of Stratford, William 
liny ward, Thomas Parker, John Byglond, Robert Soowe, 
Sir Koger Wood, Peter Wfiye, with many other. 

[Proved 6 April, ISas.] 

[Thpvier, 7. ] 

16 August, I53J. John KudRtone, bnyplrt, citizen, an 
alderman of the cittie of London. To he buryed in the 
chiirehe yarde of Saint Mighellea in diniehill, where I am 
now a parochinn, that if to eay in the vaiilte being under the 
crosso and pulpett there. All my gnndasinerehaundises, plate, 
jucllcs, redy mony, debtefi, and eiitiill shfvlhe devided in three 
eijnan portions, o£ tiio which I give unto my right welbeloved 
Dame Drsida, my wiff, oon thirde parte, 1 gire unto Robert, 
Jtihii, William, Jane and Elisabeth, our childem, to be 
dfvidod nmoages thc-m, a second third parto, foraarayche as 
Etii»ii', my dougliter by my fnrst wife, hath had bur portion 
before by reiiBon J have pn'ftirred the said Emme by manage. 
And tliR last parte of the same I reserve to myeolff for the 
accomplishing of this my will. I he(|uethe unto my wyff all 
the tenno of yeres of tho great messuage in the pnrishe of 
Saint Migliell in Cornohill, wherin I now dwell, and after bar 
departing I will that the terme of yeres shall remayrie to the 
pnrsonmi and wardeyiis to thonly use of the same chnrche. 
To the high aiilter vj s. viijd. To the eharche for my 
sepulture xl e. Towarde-s the reparaciones of the charoh 
wurkes of Saint Edmondes in Lombard Strelo foupty 
ahillinges. To the every house and covent of the fyvo orders 
of fryers of this cyttie, the hlacke fryers besides Ludgate, 
the gray fryers, the AnsljTi ffryers, the whyto fryere in llete- 
hStrete, and the crowched fryers, foiirt-y tihillingos. To the 
^nonnea of Mynoreaae without Algute fourty aliilUngaa, To the 
amendment of ihe walles aboute the raonaatei^e of the nonnes 

* Tounger aoii ot Bobert Rudskm, o( Hnylon, ao. York, by Etizabijlh Tticla;. 

He mnrried Uranln, dnnglitcr ot Sir Itnbert U;rniultc. The nunio of tliw Arst wite 
■Jenotitientioneil in Glnver's VUiiiirtm. Hpwas Lord Msforot Ixmtlon 1529. Big 
KinniiUio, tiiktn 1 Octolier, 2* Hpd, VIII. s«jii he itieU 2fi Atigiwl, 33 Hea, Mil, 
Itoucrt, his Hon and heir, being eiitfien yeuij old. llJec Uli;>vc['ii rMJCitiliuii, 

Fosjtei; l::d.. p. 136.) 




of Dertffird in the cnimtie of Kent twenty pmind. Towaniea 
the niariage of syicty pnur maydeTia ss li. To everiche of my 
gudchildenie iij s. iiij il. To everyche of the coTentes of the 
fryera ubst'Tvauntcw, Grenewiche, Richeiiiond, Canturbery, 
Nawark, Stmthumpton, NewcBstell, one longwoHen grny clothe 
of the price of v ninrcoa for every clothe as it shall cost me iii 
Blackivelball of LoDdon ovpr and bcsydea fclic chargen of the 
workemanship. To the frsteniytie of the ppoestes of Pappy 
twenty shiltinges. To the frat^myte of Saint Nicholas o£ 
parryahe clerbes tenne ahillingea. I woll be said i:i the 
pftrryfihe churche of Saint Mighell three treigntalles of masse, 
and I beqiiethe xxviiJR. Tnwai-des tJiexhibi pious of powr 
acolers not benyficed in eyther of thiinyversites of Oxforde 
and Carabrydge thoro sttidying in holy Dyvinitie fyften 
potindes. 1 will niyn exGciitours ordnync one of thenglyehe 
brelliren of the covent nf tho crossed fryera to say masse at 
then of thaolters of Scala celi in tho coiiyentcall churche 
there by tho space of fyve yeres, and therfnre I be<piethe 
twenty poiindea. J will convenyent lootlis of citrto coles, the 
sackos to be wele fylled with good eolea, to be distrihnled unto 
pore housholdera in the parr^shes of Haint Michaell, Saint 
Edmoudes and Saint Niclias Aeon by Lunibarile streote, th6« 
weke next afore the foaet of Crystmas, fur sxx carte loodis 
of colis. To eveiy woman and mayden servaiiut twenty 
shilliuges. To my COnsyn Robert Radatouo ooue huodrythe 
marccM. To my iiephewo Walter Kondstono twonby poiiudes. 
To my couain Blenor, now the wyfe of Grogory Wylliamson, 
akeynner, fourty marces. To everyche of the childerne of the 
said Elenour foui-e poundsB. I pardon tho said Gregory 
which he owe ine. To my suster RliKabethe lenue pnundes. 
To everycho o£ the childomc of my hrythera in law uud of 
their late wyfea my austers, that is to say of Margaret, Dorathe 
and Eljsabethe, fonre poinides. To my right wclbckiviil Syr 
Robert Dymok, kuight, my wj'fes father, a blacks gowne. 
To my lady prioros of Dertford a white habit. To either of 
tho doughtors of the late Lyon Dynioke, my wifes uncle, a 
biacke gowne. To evoryche of these pwrsonneaeTisujTicr/rhoinaa 
Davy, skinner, nnd his wyfe, ray consyri*, niitl Alice Holgill, 
Tyddow, and John Dentnip, skryvcner, clothe for a blaeke 
■gowne. To Braiincliia wyff, my wyfc3 kynswoman, fourty 
shillinges and n gowiie clothe. To every power hoiisholdop in 
the parryahea of Saint Mighellos, Saint Bdmoudea and Saint 
Nicholas, xij d. To Edward EJington, draper, twenty ponn^es 
and a, biacke gowne. To iho wyfe of Sampier, clothworker, 
foiiPty shillingea and a gowne clothe. To the power prisoners 
in Ludgate, Newgate, tho MarahalUeo, and the Rjagoa beach. 



in breode zxs. To ihuse of tliu cumonulu-e uf tfaonorable 
crnfte of Drapers of LondoD^ of whome ] am a membre, my 

ifreiit wliit» HtiLtiiliii^ cupp nn d cotpi- nf gilvci". To EHRa1>etfae 
L'resnuP, piofeased noiine at Derlfurdf, a liaiijt clothe white. 
To ovopych (tff lipntripo Mnrshnl!, Mnrg'Hret Moiintenoy, and 
I'Vlicu, Bumtyino KCiililwfjinnn to my lady <if Salyfil»m-y, nowe 
noDiies, a white Tiabit. I will x-viiij uew torches for myne 
exeguiea, whicho sLalbc liuldeii by power ltoti><]LQlders, and 

unto Gveriobe a gowre of blncke cotton. To the parryslie 
oliurche of Saint Mart-yii iu Hcyton, where I was borne, a 
coiipp nf IjIiio velvet, with my nnme and aroies to be 
uuibrudcri-fld, of the value of four uouudea. To the pour 
hiJiiHlioldt-rs 1!! ileyton fourty sniltingos. To Gregory 
Wyllittraaon nnd ray cousyn Elenour his wyfe a blacbe gowne. 
'I'o evHpycht< of Mayatcr Wylborne, M' Bayly, Maiater Rauffe 
Dodiiier, kiiyghtce, Nicholas Lainberd, Alderraaa, and Sir 
IjBurancP AylniKr, Unyghc, a blacke gnwne of vj a. viij d. 
ovL-ry yiirdo. To everyche of Wylliani Brothira, Thomas 
iVrpuint, Anthony Burgh, Drapers, anil lleiiry Barton, 
Sltyniier, a blucko gowiio. To everycho of loyae apprentices 
ant] HervannteM a blake gownt\ And wlieras certcynu my 
frriidd-'n luid Iheir heiroR atond aeaeed to myne only nso and of 
iiiyii lit'iri'H ill rtiaiiour8 landos in Uolctcrces in the counfie 
n\ Vni-lie, ill the oyttio of London, Okysbridge in the conntie 
ol' Midd., and Owiulell im alleawhere, I will all my feoffes 
flhatl ettoiid soasod unto thueo of Ursalu my witf, unto snohe 
tyiiio SB tny right hoyro main Hhalbe of the full age of xivj 
yprtJB. And after ttiy hcira Hhnlbe of tho full age, that all 
my londos shall romiiynp unto my next heire and to his next 
heiro raalo, mid for dofaiilt of [leiro malo of the surname of 
KiidMtoiie 1 will all the loudia unto my nest and right 
hoirpB goiLornll, and for default unto ray right heii'^'S. The 
rcaidiio of all of thirdu part unto my childeme, I make 
Ui'ftiila iny wyff, the right wop&hipfnll (Jristof er Askne, eityzin 
and ulderinan of London, and my nephew Nicholfis Roudftlonc, 

rW^uire, my esecutoures, and I geve everyche of them twenty 
poondos and a blacke gowae. To the said Nidiolaa Roiidstone 
my hollow eilver bsssin, whielie I occupied at my shavinge. 
To Dorathie, the wife of Robert Venables, x li., and to hnr 
Honne, in}* godsonne, iij li, Oversecrfl I ordeyne the worshipfull 
Rr. Robert. Dymok, kuyght, my wyfe» father, and John Baker, 
Hucorder o£ the L-yttie nf London, aim I give either of them 
ic'tino poniiduR, and to tho eaid M' Recorder iniil his wyf, 

'pilliitrtif thuiii a liJHoku gowne. Witnesses, IIiighi> Wols^he, 
Ui'9)jor>' Willialilltunt John Hitter. 

[I'roved 3!l Heyl., IJIfll.] 




(Hogen. 15,] 
20 AugOBt, 1 531 . Lady Lueyo Brawne, widowe, late wife to 
SirAntunyBrowiie.lcnyght. Tobelturied within the monastery 
of BieLattijl- whore inj lorde my father ia buried. I will that 
there shall remayne and be in the lodge at the parVe of 
Bagshote contjnually durinfr fH the tyme my sonnoe. Sir 
William Fitzwilliam and Sir Antony Browit, knyghtes, 
slialhave the oSioe of ciisloilye tind beping of the anid parke, 
six of my fotherbeilea, foiire uiattereases with iMilst'^rB, 
pyllowes, blftiikettea, shetee and coveryiigt'S necesBarye to the 
same for the lodging, ease and profite of my eaid sonnea whea 
and so often as they shall happen to come and lye at the said 
lodge for their ploasnro and recreation. The roaiduo of all 
my hooHeholde 8t.u£Ee I gevo to my sonne, Sir Antony Brown. 
To ray doughter Elizabethe^ CoiintesHO of Worcester, to pray 
for my aoale, a paire of bedys of goMe with teniie gawdies. 
To my doughtfr Qaaooigne, the wife of Sir William Gaecoigue, 
knyght, t«a pouiidoB in money and ii standing eupp with a 
cover o6 silver and all gilte, to be delivered to hir at hirmoost 
nede and for hir reliefe. To every of my servanntefi oon hoole 
yeres wages. To Thoma-s Bone, my servanot, xl h. To the 
freres obaetvanntes of RiL-hemotmt and Gmiiewiche, to either 
of tliem fyve marke.s. To the aaid monaatery of Bisham, yi 
uiy body bo bnHed thertt, vjs., to pray for my Boule. I 
bcqiicthe that myii esccutuurs bhall canse to bo saido a trentall 
of masses in the couventnal churelie of tlie crossed frerea in 
London, the fiame or aa nere to the same tyine as they may 
that my body shall be buried, for my «onle, and the prioiir and 
COvent to have xIb. I will that myn execntoars ahall fyudo 
8om honest preeet to syuge yerely by the apace of fyve yerea 
after my deceas in the monabtery of Bisham to pray for my 
Bonle, the soutes of my lord my father, my lady my mother. 
Sir Thomas FitOTPilliara, and for Sir Antony Browne, ray late 
hnabandes, and for the sonle of John Fitzwilliam of Adwike, 

• Fourth daaghtcT ol John Nevlle, Marquis of MontflBU, by Iwibel 
Inigolilt'stborpe. Blie njarried firal SirTbomns Fitzwiltiniu, of Aldwark. nbose 
will it printed in Tru. Kbor., iii. S47. Tljey had Thoinia, oi Aldwark. John, 
olwn at Plodden. nnil Willintn, Rarl of SoiitbMiiptDn. K.Q., whoso will foilowa 
in ihiH volume. She murried eeooaJly Sir Antboay Browne, Staadard Bearer 
ot Englund ami Constalile of Caifiis, whu died ISOS-ti. They liitd Sir Anthony 
Brown&, E.G., of Buttle Abbey, who had the niooiiatLTJes ot Biiyhara mid 
Co-loelo on the death of his half-brother, the Kitrl of Southsmpton. Sir 
Anlboiry the second died 6 Maj'. 1543, haiDK biiriiid at Batlle, and hud a loii 
created Vlscoitnt MoDtagu. 

1 Her (ether, Uiu Mur^nii, and haf nnole. ths Ewl of Warwick. th« Idng 
maker, were both bnried at Bi«hani Abbey after ItiG battle ot Baniet. 




wliclie gavo mo all ho had, find (or all my Itynne and frondes 

and all Clirinliaii sciiilt^n, thf sume prest to liave evyiy yere tonne 

mnrltes. 1 mil that my feo£Ees shalbe seascd of the manonrs 

(if Itarwaye in the couiitie of Cantebridge, of R^iwherdoottea 

in Wiltoabire, of Wodfolde in the aaine countie, of Shaldford, 

HradstoD and Alfolde in the eonntie of Siht,, of Estney and 

Kvpraley in the coantie of Sontht,, of SBottosham and 

Chiirchwardpo in the countio of Norff., of a ront of xxij s. in 

the manonra of BjsingBtoke and Bottewell in Wilteahire to 

the use of me, and after my decesse the rentes shalbe taken 

by myn executours to the p&rformaimL'e of my toatament, and 

affer then the said manonrs shalbe to the nse of Sir William 

FitKwilliara, knyght, my sonne, and dame Mabelljliis wife, and 

heires of the same Sir William ; and for lack of the heircs 

nhalbe to the nse of Sir Antony Browne, knyght, my sonni», 

and for lack of heires males to the use of the right heires of 

mo. And also of the umnour of Wieambreux in Kent, of 

Alveley in Essex, of rente in Ba-ssingbone, Fordhnin in 

Cambridg'L', Braduton in GUmcestr., to the use of wie, and afteir 

my deceaa to the nse of Sir Antony Browne and heires, and 

for lack of heires to Sir William Fitzwilliani, and for lack to 

the right hoires of me. Item, where by auctoritie of the 

parliament, the xxxj Marche, xxij Henry the viij", it is 

enacted that Sir William KjTigeston, Sir Edwardc Gnldefurd, 

and Sir John Gage, knyghtes, shall holde to the use of mo and 

t'f niyn heires all the mansion places and precinctcs vf the late 

monasteries of Bogham ah. Bergham and Cjilcoto in the 

coanlie of Susees, the manors of Beghani, Calceto, Snlhani, 

and Bonine, tlie raanoui' of Lerenahothe in the parisbe of 

Horamandone in Kent, and other lands in Sussex and Kent, in 

recompena of oon anniiell ront of fyve hnndroth markcs to l>o 

had ill the tinges exchequer. I will the isBUoa shalbe taken 

for the performanee of my will, and after to thuse of Sir 

William Fifczwilliam and Sir Anthonoy Browne, my aounes. I 

wille that all thos person nes whiche stand seasid in oon meswage, 

one croft, and Ixxx acres of lande in Cusworth in the countie 

of Tarke, late in the tenonr of Richard Hanley, and lande in 

Lincoln and Nottingham, and in any myne of ciylc in Haugh 

in the parriahe of RowraerBsho in the said eountiu of Yorke, 

shall etand to the use of me, and after deoesao to the 

Eerfnrmance of my will, and after to the use of Sir Willian] 
'itzwilliiun and Sir Antonny Browne. The rosidewe of nil 
my gooiJea to my said soones. Also I will that Sir Richard 
have a goblet with a cover gilto, and hifl brother Sir Ellis the 
fellow of it whieho h without a cover. To my nece Hiirluaton 
(V !»t™nding cap with a cover gilt©. To Jonane Forde, xls. 



To Aiiue Bemerd x) s., and to ThomaH Catler foar nobles, mad 
to Margery Ambroa a gyrdill with «orte« of golde damaifce 
liarnised with silver and ^lt«. Witncmwin. Sir Edwvrde 
Guldefordo, Thomns Davell of Scotncy, TTiocnM U urden, Ucnry 
Parker, Thoiufts Bungate, Pet«r Llojd, n-riter of this wilL 

[ProTtd M Jbiw. ItU] 


[Tbower, 111 
20 Jvme, 1932. Baff Hedworth, jiarsoD of Stanfcld. ia 
tlie countie of Nottingham. To be bnried within the chnrrhe 
yar.1 of Stanford,t of the weat $id© of the qnore, ft pftrta of 
my bodye to lye within the wall of the said qocre. To tht 
church of Normanton towards* their boylding, xx s. To a 
preest, for vij yeres, iij li. xiij b. iiij d. by the yere to tax maana 
in tho churche of Stanford. To the ij coreotM of iLe white 
and gray frercs of Nottiogbam, to either, x n. To the w ar den 
and h)« hrethern of Dertlm collefrp in Oxford mr ij f/Mmol 
Sliver, and they to reniayn U' their place for eTer,IIieiy to pray 
for my soiile liy nnme everv day after dyitner and wpor at 
their grace tyme?. To the clmrche of Stuuford ij iie, and to 
N'ormanton aa moche and ij bevBa nf bees. To the churche of 
Reinpslon and \S'"eaterloolteJ and Satton oon qoarier of malt 
and uon heve nf liees, to the chnrcfae of EMeffiocfce{ oob 
cowe, oon quarter malt, oori here of bees; to the cfcarchs 
of Ijoughborow, xiij 8. iiij d. To cTory peraonae of StaafDrd 
uid Normanton ij d. beindca their dole, and to ereew 
child tliat I am godfather to oon heyfer or irja. Tiijd. 
I will that my execators shall rtcere of Gabnrll 
Armstrong in the countie of Notingham, iiij^ li., that 
so receved I will they pay ii to the wanl<rns of tke 
observanntes freres of New Cn^tell npon Tyne, »nd th* taid 
wardens to pay over to tht-ir brctbem xx Ii., and to their ordre 
of tho gray freres of Newarke xx li., and zx li. to other ij plaeea 
of their ordre provided that the said frerea shall pray for rav 
aoule, my fathers, mothers, my sufiter Denys Boolea. I will 
that Cnthberl Hedwurth, my brothem sonne, nhalhaTO xl b, and 
a colt. I will that all the maydens to the nombar of xx**" 
within the bysshoppricke of Derliara shall have eToiy otn 
vj 8, viij d. towardes their mnriage. Wliereas [ irnre enfeaffed 
ifly lorde Hastingex and other of my landeM in the counties 
of Notinghain and Leic, T will they trtand seaaed of Hke 

* He was pTobablj one at tbe HedwrnilM of tha oontttjr «r DatfttfUB, of wkleh 
faEQity Ur. Uarlees hu prinU><l tevenl {ledlgnM. 

t Slftnlorion-Scftr. ; W«t Lwkc. BmV Imht. 



premysses for the performniico of this my will, provided that 
my siiater Bleaiior sliall Lave the selling of all the premysscs 
dnring her lyf only, oxcepfced a L-lose, aisu provided that all 
tlie tandes in Rempskm aiid llaughton that my feoffca shall 
8t}i,nd seasi j to the use of MargaTet Richmond and Margaret 
Hcdworthe. I will to tho aaid Margarett xl li. I will that 
iiiyii executours shall fynnysshe loy purpos for the settiJig 
forthe of iij oF the next of my kyn to their lerning according 
to their tenor and meaning of a drawght wrybten annexed to 
this my will. The renidue to bo at the disposition of Klenor, 
my sustetj Stephen Marlar, the prior of Snncte Leonardes, 
Stanford, Ruhort Feruhani of Qnerne, nnd of my coayn Nicolas 
Vanse, executors, and master S' Richard Sacheverellj knyght, 
and master Bauf Sncheverell, his nephew, myn oTeraears. 

[Proved S9 Juno, 1532.] 

(Pynnyng, 14.] 

16 Sept., 1532. Hewo Ahitt, servauiite to my Lady 
Margaret Dowglas, hole of myiide and sicke in boddy. Fur»to 
I beqneatlie my soiile to Alliiiighty God, my body to be 
bnryed withyn tho parrysho churcbe of our Lady of 
Fomfratho. To the mother clmrchc of Torke foure pence. 
To my Sonne Robert Alatt my proferte of my house yn 
Todington. To my suater Jane twenty sliillyngOB. To my 
BnHter Margarott Merton twenty shillingeB. To my Buafier 
Jane thurtene ehillinges foiirt! pence. To my son Robert 
Alatt ray grene cote and my bucke akynne duhlett. To my 
keap fyve sliillingos. I will that there be a trpntall of 
moaBea soonge for my aoiile. I ordeyae my brother Richard 
Alatt and ray brother Gilbert Alatt to be myne executours. 
I will that my oulde maiater, M' Harve, be aiipervisor of this 
my wilt. Aiid the reaydewe of my goodeti my brethern 
Richard AJatt and Gilbert Alatt they to havB, and dyspoaae 
for the wealthe of my aoule. Thies being witnes, Sir John 
Stevenson and Thomas Barker and John Stanger and Jiubert 
Say and Thomas Candler and Richard Berde, withe diverse 
ool^er moe. 

[Froved 9 Sept., iSU.] 


[Thowtr, 22.] 

8 Oct.. 1582. OhristoferWylftonne.parsonneofWfllkingstonet 
in the countie of Yorke. My body to be buried within the 

" He sBuma to have been iilso Reotor ol Tewin in HertforJaiiro from 
1 Muc, 1608, to Uin death, 20 Nov., 1532, 



cliaancell of my churcL of Wiilkington nEor^aid l>efore the 
Image of Alhalowes. To tlio metropolitan churche of Torke, 
iij s. iiijc]. To tlie fuurc orders of freres in Beverley and 
Hull, to every of them, x h. for a trigiiitall of masses. To my 
cliui'ch of Wiilk ingtoii twoo 7estinunU?s, thoiie of yelowe 
volwet B-ml ttoUier of blue satten with & redde croai>e and a 
corporaxwilh the ame of clothe of goldo. Alao to mychurcli 
of Tewiiig a ycBtmont of yelowe dainaske with a white crosse 
of clothu of golde, a Liurporax with a case of white clothe of 

folde, and u great chest to ley the veafmentcs in. To Alice 
yweli the worst fetberhed at Tewliig with a iiiatteraK, a 
bolstar, a covcrlett, a great kctill, and a. poanet. To the church 
house at Tewing my best brasso potte, the grttiat kefcyll with 
a hriiiidoritb. To the high aulter at KillwallgiiyeJ oon oorpomx 
with the case, the ooii side of clothe of golde and the other 
side an Image of our Lady. To tha houae of KiUwallguys a 
counter with the covifring, a cupbord, twoo joyiiud stolyn, two 
joyiied formos, a pairo of great cobbyrons, a basyii with an 
ower, a atone morter, a dripping panne, a grydyron, the 
huiigingcs iu the hidl and the parlour, and twoo halberdes. 
T(i niaister Kichard Wilaon, my scoler in the brode yaUes at 
Oxford, my best fether beddo at Towing with a bolster, a 
pjllowe, a pyllowbere, a puiro of blankettes, a covtring of a 
bcdde of vordour worko lyned with canvas, a longu gowne of 
scarlott, the fore quarters fmred with f^>J^les and the hyiider 
(|uarter9 lyned with sattyn in Sipora, a long gowne of violot in 
giayne that i.s with S' Henry Hylle at London, and itiv liest 
sarcenot typett. AJso I be(|aeth to a preest to pray for my 
scult', my fftthor and mother and Sir Robert Hopwood soules, 
by the space of oon yere, at Watkington, v li. Also I will 
that myn exccutonrs pay to my brother miiiator Robert Wylaon 
xsxe., and reeuyTe of hyin a silver salt with a cover parcoll 
gdt, a goblet with a cover and a Hatt pece. To Sir Heiii-y Hyll 
a bagge of bhik velwet, with ryngc of silver and gUte. To 
Kaufe Wylson my riisaet cote and a doublet of cliamlet, and 
to his wife a longe gowne of murrey lyuod with worsted of 
St. Thomas. To Sir John Tomeon, my preoet, niy best shortc 
gowne, a nowe bonott, an nldo snrconett typett and a donblet 
of chamlet. To Robert Wjleon of Kyerhy and his wife twno 
ahorte gownes, ooii of scarlet and thotbef of blak cloth, both 
lyni'd with blak cotton. To Sir John Tomson, parson of 
Lookington, a iongo gowne oi scarlet, the fore qaarters lyned 

f Walkbetoo, in the mkpenUke of nowd«iiBhire, two And a. hoJf rnilos trom 

I Piiilmlily Killin^woltlioo'e, in the (isrisb of Bisbop Burton, whiin there WM 
At) auciuut boapital dcdiuatitKl to St- Mary MSB^Aleoe. 



with blak Baroenut and beliiude with aattun uf Sjpers, To 
Mm-gar&t Mawudeliy, for liir wages ii Eonge gowiiis oE cryrasyn 
lyiied witli sattyn in Cypors, my beat fethefbcdde vnth the 
sparver cif doraex and ihe curteyna of the eaiiic, u puiro of 
blankettos, twoo paire of slietes, a pedde coverlet with 
castillua u£ it u£ yclowt;, a buleter, ii pylluwe, a piLLre of bellyd 
oandolsticki'ti uul tlio buul, half a. grbniysb of vusscll with a 
oburgor. To tha inarc maidens, to every of them a kurcheif 
ololh. To Richard Wylaon, my servaunt, u doublt-l of any and 
iny chaiiJot jakot. To WiJIiam Soiburne an olde doublett, u 
paire oE hoso aud a pair of sboos, also to Ihe Rhepaid a paire 
of cai^teii horn, ik ruseet capp, a pait-e of shoes, and o litill 
candelstick. To iitle Ricliard Wyleon a yurde of flutlio that 
is lyfte of my cloke. To every preest being presoiit at my 
dirigo and ma«s« the day of my buriall, vj d., and tu every 
other persone, viz. man, woman or cliiblo, a penny. Also I 
willo that rayii executonrs shall bestowo tho viii*^ day of my 
buriall or eilen tlie xxs." day fyvo poiindos. To Sir John 
ToniBou, pai'soii of Lockingtou, to Sir Heury HiUe, one of 
the vioara uf Saint Martyos at London, aud ti> John D^wg-hty, 
of Walkingtun, to ovory oi theui xiij h. iiij d., whom I doa 
make mya executonrM to diapoaao the residue of my goodes 
by thadvise, contient aad agrement of Maister William Holgyll, 
t^Ierk and chaunter of the metropolitan churche of Yorke, and 
Maister Robert Creke of Beverley, thelder, whunie I name to 
be suporvisuurfi of this my lust will, and I buttuethv Maister 
William HolgiU a litell ringe of ^o1de with a i^tono in it, and 
to Maister Bobert Creke a cupp gilLe with the cover. These 
being witnesso, Maisler Juhn Butlur and Richard Wylaon, 
notariea, and S'' John Thomson, pi-eoBt. 

LProved 19 Deo... 1533. by exeoutore.] 

(HOEGD, 17.] 

[No date.] Thomas Monghurabere alitcr Thoraas Wilson- 
To the high an Iter in tlieparrishc churchoof Cawood, vjs. viijd. 
To Sir Kobort, the parrishe preest uf Pawood, vja. viijd., 
whiche he hath lu his handea. To Hugh Williams, the clerke 
of my lordt^s kitchen, my beet horse. To Doctour Laurago 
my golding that I liad of Skireif. To William Kill my 
Bwmbling nagge. To Thomas Thornbtona wif, my hnstos, 
XX s. Unto Elizabeth, her maide, x e. To thodre twoo 
maydena that dwelteth w"' Thomaa Thoraeton, vj s viij d. 
bstwent them egally. To MaLster WhiUing, itj Ii. vj i. viij d. 
Tu MaisLer Hewetb und to Maiuter ^''illonj siij ». iiij d. ugally. 


To Belchcp, my servamite, xx 8. To William Potycary, 
rJ8. viijd. To Tliomns Clorkos wife, ssd. for a pot of ale. 
I geve mj best ritige tu my tordea grace tiiy maUter. To 
ii' Thesaurei", my lordca grsce brother, my beet i-ingo uexte 
tliiit. Tu Belcbtre, my survaunte, my riding cote, ij payer of 
liosoii, iij shirlca, twoo cappes, my dowblot that is upppn my 
'llucke, and the residew of all m^ii a,npan'el1 tbat I liavo here I 
gev© to my bediellowe, William Giriiiigton. To Middoltona 
wife, my susters dtLUght-er, my bargayii aad aurrendrc that I 
have of Koger Buitoiij of Wiatowo. 1 j^eve also to the said 
Myddelton wif, my suiter daughter, my bargayrie of tbo 
ferme holdc of Kipsix hall, whichc 1 had of myn bedfellow©, 
William Girliiigtoii, unto siicbe tyme as my bedfellow, William 
Girliiigtyn, doo pay her fyvg poundes, and thuii ho to have il 
agayne. To Brian Middelton, William Browghe, and William 
Girlington, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. a peace of all snche dettos as 
Tliwirina IJuTiiiett owuthu by statute. The realdewe of the said 
deblia, tbe wluohe the said Bennett oweth mo, I gevo to Brian 
Middeltuiis wif, my suster daughter. I geire to Brian 
MiddcltotiH wif my rioges and jewelloH unboqoeathod, or tbo 
monney that they lye for. It., I guvc all my upparrell at 
London, w"" my howsohold staff and hoddiug there, to my 
hrithcruo and to other of my kynnoafolkea, and to be devided 
amongst tlicm, I gove a precxt to singe ti liole yere at tho 
cliurche wheras my father and mother was buryed, imd he to 
pray for my Howle, my father and mother howIsb, and atl my 
frendes aowles, and he to have for his atipende and wage for 
the said yare, iiij li. xiij s. iiijd. T4> ThomuH Thornoton, my 
eignoi. of my fiiigor. The reaidew of my goodes 1 gove to 
Middeltoiifl wifo and to iny twoo britliern egally. I mttke myu 
cxecutoar Bi'iari Myddcllon and William Brnghe uf London, 
and William (iirlington, my bedfellowe, they twoo to dispoaao 
all my goodea according to this my last will, and tliey to see 
the same trowly porfonrmed ns thoy will make answere before 
the face of God at the diiyo of judgemeufc. Witnes, Sir 
Henry Wbitting, phesition, Sir Unbert Gierke, pariahe priest 
of Cawood, Anthoony Hewer, BololitT Aimye, with othesr. 
[f roved 5 Sept., 153-1.] 

[HogGn, 17 and *».] 
28 May, 1534. Sir Williiiui Fitawillium,* tltolder, of 
Milton in the couiitie of Northampton^knyght. To be buried 

" In tlie pedij^reo in Hantor'n Smith YorkMTt it is stated that ho wm wn oi 
John I'itBwillljim (n yiiiitiKc son of Sir Jo!»ii Pitswilliam, of Sprotborough), by 
Ellun, diiQglitcr o£ WiUiaui ViUieca, <tl Brokesby, ao. Loiceator. It doea not 


in the new cliainice]! att Marliam which I have of laic cawsed 
to be made and uuwiy cdifiod thor, oud I will that myne 
exacutours ciiUHg n tombe ut murble to be mads with a 
scnpturc mskingo mencion of my namo. To the churcho- 
wurdej'iies of Saiicte Petirs churche the poore fomty 
shillingeBj to the chucchewardyiiee of Theydou CHUiLon in the 
Rountie of Essex hmrije shilliiiges, within the clmrche o£ 
Sancto Thomas Apposttill to thoiu that hathoraoat need© fourtye 
nhilliDges. To tlie iiij orders of frerea in Stamfford, if thoy 
be nt my bnriall, Eoure pomides. To the mariages of poore 
maydens, it hundred poutide» amoiigest my tenauutes iu 
Northampton and Esaox, or within the citio of London ; also 
1 remitte all suchu poore creatures as be in my dett whos 
uames apperithe in my vij'^'' booke of dcbtes under whose 
names I have writtoa these wordes, Amore dei Eemttto. And 
where I have govyn to my right dero and welbeloved wife, 
Uaine Jane Fitzwilham,* fur terino of hor life, the iiiaiioui-a 
Henniiiallea, MsiydoUes, MtirshalleH, Arnewayes, in the 
conntie of Kssex, of the yerelit; value of one hundred markea 
for hir joyntour, I will that ahe shall have the same. I will 
the said Dame Jaue my gilte basonne with the ewer of silver 
and gilte, twoo gilto creweses, two Ittle gilte ignites that were 
her owno, twoo gilte tiponcs, twoo white driucking crewoscB, 
one with a cover, vj whit© sponea, a croaso of diHuiontoB 
whiohe 1 gave to hir, twoo aipiaro crosses o£ golde with hur 
apparrell, fyve hundred inarkoe uppon eoiidifon that she 
permitte Robert Dontior, esquier, to oceiipie the maimour of 
Eythorpp. Also I will that Dame JiUie Hnall have pesseBsion 
of my incasuago within the parrlshe of Sincte Thomas 
thapostell wherin I now dwell for hir life. Tlie reeidewe of 
my Btufte. hanginges, napry, bras, pewter, &c., to be divided 

itMte it it was be or bis father that went Rret to lioadon, but «t any n-lo 
Sir WiUiun was a. Buccassful m^rchftnt nml matle ii large fortune. He becimie 
niHBtei q( tlte MercboDt Tailors' Coiupany^ nntl uii uldoriimn. und treaj^ui'cr to 
CardinnJ WdIbo;. He bauglit in 15(l>lt Mitloii Manor, co, Kui'thivmiiLim. He 
married Sxet Aon, <luui;UtGi ot Sir John Hn<A'ce, ^iJ vih<}u\ a son, Sir William. 
progenitor ol the prv^ont En.rl Fitzwilliam ; sedoudiy Mildred, daughter of 
Sir R. Saokvilb; ajid thirdly Jana, dftoghler ot John Onnond, He died 
9 Aog., ISili, tBing buried at Marholiu. 

* Ae stated above abe iq saiA to have hoan daughter ot John Omtond, but 

nhn iDust have been pruTidusly miirried to Dynlintn. H«r will is at 

J/indon. 17 Jiia.. 1510-1. Duma Jane Fit^iwilliiim, To ba buryed in tlie 
imriahe church ot Seyut Thninns AppostJle in the myille ot the tju^er. George 
Uyohnnj my eldeat soonc. Olyver Djrham my sonne, Edward Djnham ray sons. 
Alice DyiiViara, Aiuic Dyiihibui, Mary Dynh^rti, EliziLhttli Djnhtuni, doaghtcrs. 
Jiaa Djiiha,io, (Jeorgt Dynbam the younger, Elciior Wnlltr, Isiibull Lunnforct, 
Acnca Jenjs my luayde. John Foil my diaployn, WilUtim Smyth my scnmuijt, 
Rtohard Moitno my steward. {Other urvantt.t To piwiahe ehntclie of 
Wftddofldon in BukltinghitmshjTe, voatiuout. Coeyn ffiohrird Saokvylo, Proved 
23 Oct., 1S'12, (Spect, LO.) 



iiito twoo partes, wliopof tlicone parte I gciva to Dtkitic Jano, 
tliofclier to HichiirJ FilKwilliimi, my sccniiiiti soiiue. To Witlittin, 
mya eldust souno, tliruu himdrud niarcen, my bt'sl carpett and 
cudshiaiie biilfi; covurcd with iIoIIib of gcldo, tnj glltu chalice 
■witL [mteiit and paxc of ailvfr, my Imriits und cuotes of fence 
m my gnleiy chauilier, my crosse of gooldo with a ruby io thti 
lliyddes and aott alrowLo with thry diamitunteH uppuii condicioii 
10 to kepe it in renieuihiinuicc; to pruy for my Buwleand never 
to departe from it wliilest he levith, my twoo greatoat square 
baltOB, my Hattuyot! gownc furred, ray dainaako gowne furred, 
my best bhickt' gowno furrodj and one of my dowbJettea of 
black sateyn, and iny russet vwlvit jackitt, all siiche etuffo of 
houshoMe plate, cattail, gray no in my intviiiioiir place of 
Alilton and ftayucs pai'ke. To Hit-harde, my Hecoutide tKJune, 
my best three gubletteH and twno white pottos gille, my 
aecoude gi-eata uarpitt, my cliamblet (^['uwiii: furred, my lieflt 
btacke gowiie lined with sarcotiot, my duwblet of blanlco 
sattej'uc aud my jack^tt at tawnny aatteyne. To Christofer, 
my tbirdu suiiuo, fyvc huudrud markefi, one greate potte of 
silver and giltc, twoo white pottos «jt" silver, a fethurbed, n 
bolster, a L-«»VKrli'tC, twoo blaiikettes and a payer nf shotes, 
my night gowiie fiin-ed, my dowblett o[ woitratod and my 
jacket of wiirated. To Fraunces, my fourtlio soniie, twoo 
white flagaas, a fetherbedd, a bolsttr, n (iovcrlctt, twoo 
blau II kettle's, aud a payer of sheetea. To Thomiis, my tifte 
sonno, throo white bowlce pounced, a fetherbedde, a bolstur, 
a coverlelt, twoo blankettes, and a payer of shectes. To the 
poore scolera within the nniversities of Oxfoi-de and Cambridge, 
fourfcy ponndes. I wilt myiio oxpcutoiirs within one yore 
bestow on the making of tlic liigli way bL'twcne Gaynes parke 
and. (Jliigwel fyftje pouadea, and that other fyftye ponndes to 
be bestowed by thadvise of the Reverend father in God the 
Abbot of Thorney lu making of high waies niglie the cliappelt 
called Sawtry chapell. I will my cowaeii, Hiiitiard 
Waddington, shalhave the custndye of Tlioimis, my Noiitie, my 
cowsen, Richard Ogle, tho yonger, of Fraiinccs, tuy Sonne. To 
Elisabetli Brudncll, my dowghtur, wif to Thomas Brudnell, 
oaquier, twenty poandes, a badon and u ewer, a standing cupp 
gilto. To Thomas BnidnL'll, my aoii in liiwu, my boat turre of 
martens which is in my best velvit gowno, and to my dawghtor 
his wife my three seconde boat boollus, gilte pounced. To 
Anne Cooke, roy dawghtor, twontye poundes. To my dawghtor 
Mary twenty pnuudes, a bason and a ewer, a standing cuijpe 
with a cover gUte, the thirdo best which ia mdy delivered to 
John Shelley, my Boanc in lawe. Tu my good lorde, therlo of 
Wiltoshtre, my richo roos of diamountes and rubies, boBechiug 



his Ior(ioMlii|) to be good lortle uuto myn executuurs. Tu KUjn 
MiJwai-de, my kjuneswoiimii, fyve poandfs. (Bequeete to 
nerettntf.) 'lo Sir Ricliardt! Smilhe, jjarrishe preest, tennu 
i^hillingf. Tu Roger Uenham, my wifes aoniie, teniie pouades. 
To UlIo Clirislua, my sonnt William daughter, forty Bhillinges. 
To tlie priures Hiid covoiit of Clurkiuwell, toiino poundes, to 
hnvc n flirigo ami rniiSBt". To iho mamborniid Wiirdoynes of tlio 
folowsliipp of nierchaiitile tailoiir^ hi the oittie of Londou 
ooo oE my beat standing gilttJ cniipes, for a peqietuall 
romtimbmuQue there lobukepte lu their ha.!!. Tif June Dunhnin 
fourty »hilliDg«». To my irivl-w John, tho soiiiio of Thomas 
Fitawillium, my brother, ten marces. I make John Uaker, 
recorder of huiidoii, Aiituony Cooho tho yonger, L'squier, 
Jtichiird Waddiiig-tini aud Richard Ogla tho yoiiger, cxecutoura, 
and ovui-secT Sir William Fitzwilliam, knig-ht, ti-easorour of 
tho kiiigCB huwBoholdt), lUiU to have my three bust gilte boollea 
with a cover. John Baker shalhave t"wi»o greate gilte pottos, 
and Aiitouny Cooke hfty markea. The residew into twoo 
partuH, thoiio half amongest my childerne, the othor parla to 
my poors kiiuiesfolkoii aud to the poore and nedu. 

Codicil, hist July. Tu Christofer, my sonnB, one whilo 
pott of silver, matche unto that to hiia at'or bequethed. To 
ThomaB, my euune, a litle sake giltis whiuho was govyn liLm by 
hib god mother. Wheras I had gevin unto my fotme William a 
croasa of goldy, now I will fur diverse conaideraconneH that 
Dame Jane, my wife, ahalhave tho saidc croHso to hir uao uppon 
conditon that she shall yor«ly pay during tenne yerea forty 
shillingosj that is to nay, twenty »hil1inges jorely unto my boh 
William and twenty ahillingca to William, eldest sonnc to said 
Bonne William. I will that my pocc of fyne lynnen clothe to 
be divided betwene Dame Jane, my foure dowgbtcrs, anil 
Anne Wadding-ton. To Dame Jane my best gewne of blackc 
velvifc when the furre is taken out, and ahe to were it for vay 
sake. To my soone William, my new single gowne of 
Balteyne, never woren. To my cousen, Richard Waddingtoo, 
my ringe with a turkeaz. 

[Proved 5 Sept., 15X4.] 

(Crumviell, 4.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. 1535. I, Itauf Carre, of Nowecasteli 
upon Tyno, niorcbaimt, doo make my will, Furst, I pivo my 
bodie to be bored where it shall pleas Grod and my freiides, 
the dayo of my buriall xa. for a trentall of masses, to every 
ordro of freers within thia towne a lode of wbete. To my 
Biatir Elianor five markea In money, or els in wares of a 



ruttuuttblt' price. To my eistir Anuo ij ti., in like manor. To 
my brutlior in luwo MiLthue Baxtbur, :uk1 Edirarde Baxttorj 
eitlinr of them a slep of silver weing tone grotes n. pece, also 
1 f^ive my aald bretherne in liiwo a nother u£ tbeiii, u lougii 
bnwo withe all my sbafias, Matbewe to take hia cbose. To iny 
brother in lawo, Jobii HothmJ, my foxu furred jrewno. To 
Bartilmewe, my eervjiutit, my sad tiiwiiy gowiie furred with 
black bvge, fourtie lihiDiiigi!) ia wares or dettes that bee 
payeable. To Jiele, my servaunt iiiayde, xiij a. iiij d. I will 
the reate o£ ray goodos be devided to my wif ujid my children, 
and «he to have the order of the saiil goodes and childi-on 
duriiijjf hir wydowhode, and at such tyme as she shall maryo 
then I will that my i-liililren and there port-ions be put in to 
sucbe frc-ndos handia as vrilbe bound to brinjcr them up and 
deliver them the maid guodes at xxj yerea uf aige, at the sight 
and by thadvise of my grondfalher and iriy father in lawe, 
whiolie I miikeauperviHoursuE thismytlede and will. My wif to 
have her feoffament aiiri tliird of all my liindes dnring her lif, 
and for the rest of all my lundea I will iheygoo to the helping 
and bringing up of all my children to myn eldeut oonae bs or 
xxi yoroa. 

[Provud n Feb., 1S8G-7, bf IsabcU, rdJct.] 

(HuKOii. 3Q.] 
Apr., 1585. Bartilmewe Wastnea, uF Wollatfin. To bo 
buried in cristen inaus burial]. To the parson of WulUton 
for tithes and ohineonB, xa. To ray suater, being iinmaried, 
vjli. siijs.iiijd. Tomyhrother Georgeschildern.vjli, xiiJH. iiijd. 
ei^ually. To Margery Shrygley, dougliter tu Thomas Shrigley, 
of Lyobctelde, vJ8. viij d. To Anne Mylaborn, of Ecclesa.!! in 
the countie of Statford, vj a. viij d. I do roloaso Walter 
Savege vja. viijd., John Bowdo as for vj a. viij d., that they 
may pray for the helthe of my bouIo, And the residue of my 
goodcs not geven I geve to Henry Zoucbo, gentilman, tliat ho 
may order them for the helthe of my houIo, and the eame 
Homy I make my solo oxeciitour, and my brother Georg 
Wastnes .'^iipervisonr. fn witneSj Sir John Sniytli, John 
Gowde, Riehard Ilakcr, and Edward Cnutoii. 
[Proved n Ma/, U86.] 

IDyngoIey, IG,] 
21 May, 1536, James Johnson, elerk. My bodie to bu 
buried in the pariajie church of Thirsko, Also such goodes 

* There ie a pedigree at WaetaM gf Bedoa in Uui Vinlatuiv. of ltiA\w^\iAv^- 
(Uulciou Booioty, It, CS.) 



uad stutTt- ua I tkiivo IcfU.* utiil nut djepuuaed I wilt Jolin 
Bowitiaii liball bringe me fortli witball unci dispoase for my 
snulu tliu day of my buriiill, ami yt any thirige remaj-n oE my 
Baiil goodos then I will that the said John shall doparte imd 
clieptiaso it betwixt him aad my powre frendcs after his 
diBcrecioti. Wittontis, Kdward llanforth, Baily of Thirake, 
and Bdwiirtl IJiiccuii, witli uthcr. 

[Proved SI May, 1638.] 


15 July, 1536. TLoinaa Piirrando, dnipiT. of Lundou. 
First ] hptjiiotho my aoulo to Almighty God ray Cmiitoui'j and 
to our blisaod Ijady and to all thu hollyo company in lievyn, 
my budy to bo buried in Saint Micholl in Coi-nehill church- 
yardu. 'I'o the high awtcr of tKo churuh to the mayntonnncc 
ot the lij^ht atore the blissed Sacranitmt vs., and to saint 
Anne Ijrotliurhede xx d., and to the buaniti liglit and Saint 
Katpryns iij g. iiii d. To the mending of ihv waye where inoont 
iiedo ia next to London, x:la. To tho making of fchu kawaej 
in Skypton, from the huuse whora my father did doparto till 
ye come to the churchj xls. Tn Mawdo my suater twenty 
poundea, and to every brothar and snater iij li. vj a. viij d. To 
evory servannt in my lionee xl h. To James Vykers twenty 
ponndes, and unto Maistrcs Premaa twenty poundcs. Unto 
riiomas KuyKht, Kobert a lul Bliaabotb. the uliildreu of Wiliiani 
Knygflit, thrPSCi>rR puundos, so that they save my executoura 
kairuelett a^enttl every nian and make no nioro claymo of their 
father.-* gmodes. Unto I31yn, my maide, iij li. vj s. viijd. and 
u jfowiiu. Unto tbu DrapLTs hall, sot- t]iat they make Hichard 
luy brother froe, fyvu poundi>s. And mito my landlord and 
the lovont of Saint Mary Overeys xls., so that thpy lett my 
brother Richard remayn in the house as tenant. And the 
reat of my goodes, catallcs, jaelles or dettes, my will fnlEllcd 
to be egally devided in thre partes after the laudable cuatonie 
of the citie, ono parte to my welbtloved wife Anuos, and 
an{)ther to Andrewe my Honne, and my parte unto my brolhur 
Kiuhard Farrande, Ike which 1 oideyii my fall oxt'Ciitonr to 
receyve all my dettes and payo my dettea. And if it Jiappeu 
lo call to hia mercy Andrew© my sonno aforo ho come to 
lawfull age or niariage I give the lioolt) and For tbe more 
suertie I will that my brother Richard ahalhavo both Androwe 

* Son of ftab«rC Fermnd, oj Bkipton. Uis bTotbor WUltom vfM one ot tha 
exooaWre at Hvnrj, seocind Earl ot Cumbnrlund, and aneeitar of the Fwrands 
ol Skipton, Cftrlton, niKl Fluby. (S(« Ougilalo's Vitiiitlion.] 



and bifi partfi in his kepinge till he come to lawful! age or 
manage. Maister Richard Travys, Richard Stansfeltle, 
Willinni Hilton nml George Croiiho, overaeers, and I geve 
them xl a. u pece and a bluk gown. 

[Proved 12 Jun., 1537-8.] 


[Cnunit-fill, ft.] 
10 Aug., 1530. Margaret Reede, wydowe, of Kewcftstell 
upon Tyne, late the wyfe of Tliomas Reiide, niarckiiitn t, 
deceufled. My body to he Imryed in the piiriaahe churcihe of 
Seint Nycholaa afore the aiilter of Sayitt ThoinsH there. To the 
reparacon of Seyiit Georj^e porche within the eaida churche 
us. To every order of fryers within the towne xs. To the 
vj alniea howses, to every one of them iij s. iiij d, I will an 
abill preest shall Hinge for my 80ule at the aniter of seynt 
Thomas during thre yeres, and I give fop his salary xiiijli. 
To my poor neghbora vli. To Thoinas Reede my aonne the 
tenement wherin I now dn dwell, with all the implemontva 
in the halle, that is to snye, on payrc of overse hanging-es, fclirc 
cnnntai"s, aon coberd, on yrun L-hyninay, oim dosaen of 
quishens, on fethiTliod, my best saiilt witli a cover sylver and 
gylte, xiij sylver sponos with the appostelles, one silver peee 
pounuod. To John ReeUe my soiie a, hundred markea, of 
eatont that he sliiild provyde hyniself a lionse nnd a. futherbedJ. 
To William Reede my aonne a tenement in b. streate called 
the Clothe Markwttj whorin John Ratelyfe now dothe dwell, 
ail maner of implementea belonging', a hnndred uiiirkes, on 
fetherhedd. 'l"o Klinour Reads uiy doughter one hundred 
niarkee, one doasyn aylver spones of the maydeiUiedd, one 
garnyssha of pewter veasell, a kichynmayo, ij pottes of braaee, 
ij pnnneK, TJ table clothes, vj towellea, rj payre of lyiinyn 
ghetes, iiij payre of harden shetea, one nest of eomptercs, 
ij chestes, two dosayn napkyns, one twilled towell, and 
iij pillowea with coverynges. To John Orde iny snne in lawe 
one gilt pece with coveringe and ij lawe peces parcel! gilted 
that! bought last at London. To Henry Orde xx li. To -John 
Blenkyashopo my eone in lawe one sylvor saiilte, one pece of 
the fassion of the boll. To John Blenkynshope the yonger xx li. 
To John Ratelyfe my aonne in lawo and to his children xxxli. 
To Isabell Patenson, doughter of Thomas Fateiison, merehaunt, 
tenne markefS. To George Sybby my brother one silver pott 
gilted. To Robert Lame my brother in lawe one sylver peco 
that I bought of George Taylonr. To ray brother in lawe 
Henry Penele xla. To ray snster, his wyfe, my best gowne 
bftt one. To Nidiolaa fi'enele, my eervauiit, v ti. To Eliuabeth 



Olarkson, my sorviiuiit, xl s. T foi-give CKristofer Carr and 
loy L-owyn Kliauljc'tli, liis w^'f, Riclmr*! Tliotnaon my conyn, all 
aiic'h cloltoa aa thoy uwe to nio. To Johaniiott Btiwyeke ray 
nci(», thrud yardea nf tlio best brodi? clothe nowe being© in my 
shoppti, one half yarde of velvit wiUi as moclie worsted &s 
will lyiio the same. The rest of my goodos I give to John 
Ordd and Thomits Reade, whmne I make niyn esecutours to 
dispoa^'e for the heltlio of my soiile. Wyttnee, Sir Robert 
HyxBoniiOjparishc proost and curat of Siiyntc Nicholas churche. 

[Proved IS Jano, IBa?.] 

[Crumwell. 8.) 
In the name ot God, Amen. The xxj dale of October, 
1537. I, Thomtis Reade, uiarchaimte, of Newcastell iippon 
Tyne, make my wyll. To be buried in Saynte Njodaachnrche 
within Sainte Geurge porche. Unto tLe viear vja. viijd., 
rilnu fur my laye atone vj a. viijd., and to my curat and the 
panHhe dark vj h, nij d. To thu saide porche i»E Sainte George 
for rejiaracoiis xx s. I will my two bretber, John Retido and 
William Reade, lie my executours. I will my brother John 
have full possession of nil my Inndes that my father did give 
ine, and more, iij a. iiij d. by yyi"L> wliiche I purehased uf my 
cronyn Robert Greme, of Anwyko. To niy brother John Reade 
my flnth shoppo, with nil tlie dettes and money ])ertynynge to 
the Haide shojtpo syns my mother departed. To my brother 
John Orde my best gowno, and to my sinter, his wyf, my beat 
licilt. I will that my brother Orde puie ont of the aside shop 
to my suater Klianore Ivj li. vj s. \'iii d. To my brother 
Blenkinaopp and his children xxJi., and to my suster, ]us 
wyfe, a gowno nnshapyn, and her best pyn chest, lier amber 
bf<adeiH and her be^t crokoa, and to hym self my next beat 
gowne. To my brother John Ratclif and his children xx li, 
nnd a gowne to hym self, and to my siieter, his wyf, my wyffes 
best sylver beades. To my suster Eliimor, tfi her mariage, 
XX li. Also I will that my execntours give to my susters 
doiighters Eliz. Patenson xl li., and if it ehannce the said Eliz. 
ahuld departe or f^he be maryed I will the bequest shati corne* 
to John Reade, William Reade, Elianor Rede, and to all my 
austerfl children by evyn porcione. To my nncle Seilbe my 
be&t jacket and my best doblet, and to my ancle Lambe my 
next beet doublet and jaekut. To my coayn George Clerkesoii 
ehildren, of Anwyke, xx"* innrkes, To my servaunt TLomaa 
Clurkson xxli., luid to my »ervaunt Gtiorge Clerkson x.l». 

* He ftppears to ix Hin of Mnr^carivt Itcadc. wboic will iirceedea this. 

HORTH coinn*RY WIU-S. 


To my cdsyn Rli?,. CtcrksnTi my kecliyn chymney, and to my 
ctisyii Nicolas Fynkill iiij li. Tu my seiraiintH June xxvj ». viij ii. 
To my servnuntc Anne UcHoIl xnj s. iiij d. To Thomii?^ Kode 
xl 8, I will thitt a jiri'st shiiU ulnge for me and my wyf by tlie 
space of iiij yeres, and he to hare for his salary every yore 
iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. yerelie. To iiiy Imither M' Meyre xix s. yj <I, 
iind ct>rtaino sugoi- loves that ho owght mo, for to make a 
riiig^e with. To my siister Maires my best (leinyte and all my 
wyffes gownes and kyrtilles to thiise of my wif [ste] and my 
nannt Byrd saving her tawnye gowne to my coayn Anne 
Baxter. To my siistor my wyft« ringcs, with ft ringo to my 
naunt Fenkyll, and to my aunte SEilhy mul to my auntL' 
Lnmbe, avory onp of them, on. To my brother John Koade 
the Bouse that f dwcilid in, with all im [ilementes hs it now 
stflndes saving tho gt»re within the counters choatea and 
cupbordes. I give my aniite Fiiwdon xxvj s. viij d. I will 
my brother M' Meyre and my brotlior John Owrd shalbe my 
auperviHorH. Wytnei^aes, S' William Hox«tuii, puritiho preeat, 
(Joorgo Selby, Thoma'^ ClarkeeuTi, merehauiitea. 

[Prove,! S Jan., ISST-a.] 


[Cruinwell , 13.] 

Ricliarde Anderson, of Newpasloll nppon tyne, merchaimte, 
bequfth ray sonle to Almyg'htye God, to our Ladye Siklnla 
Mii.ryo, and to all the Raintes of hovyn, nnd my bodye to be 
buryod yn Saynto Nicholas KyrUe in Newcnstell, or els whi^re 
God be pleased to wyaslie me, or els in the next kyrko where 
God wysshytk me. Also I make my sonnu Kdwurde my 
exBcmtour of all my goodes, and I will that my wife slialhnve 
the thirdo parte of my goodes besides my legacyea, and that 
is this: farst, I give to my bvother Peler Aiidei-son sevyn 
poundes in moneye, aad he to have his f redom or els my t;oodoa 
to make hym free. Also 1 will that my mother shall have liir 
fyndyngo if so be shoe nede of my goodes while she tevyth. 
I make my gossyppe George Borrell and Cuthberti' Kllyson 
Bud Joho Kllyfion Bapepvisor*, (ind I givft to them tlire ryalles 
in golde. To my twoo suster .\x a. a pece, and to my brother 
Edward Ander.^'OD xxe. And I pruye my gnsijippe Georgo 
Borrell and Cuthbert Elly3on and John Kllyson for to see that 
this my laat will perfomiyd as hereafter ya wrytten. Wrytten 
tho furst dayo of September, the xxix"" yere of Kynge llenrye 
the eight (1637). 

Codicyll, the xxvij'''^ JiinCj 1538, witnessetli that I, Richarde 
Aiideraon, ihia daye beinge visited with the viaitacon of 




Almyglity God ntt Sclkoswurth," and ciiniiot have & prest ag T 
wnlde, I putt me liolye in tlie mercye of tiod, iind 1 will thut 
my lestameiite that lyeth in my cnbbortio wrytteii with my one 
hande shall etandc a3 my last will. Atao whero as my wife 
heingp nowe with cliilde, beings fortho nf my will, I will that 
Ciitliliort Ellyson shall gevo to that cbilde suche porcon aR he 
sihftll tliynke good, niid alao for tVo ordRr of my son Edwarde, 
and of all other thitiges to llie affc-cto of lay will, lie to order 
in all caiisos us lio thynlcetli gniMl. nnd lliat he dothe T altowe 
it bi't'ore Oud. Recordes, my wif KliK. Andoraoii, my brother 
Heiiry Amlorson, Riliiiond« Veysyu, and Marg.irett Cawarde. 

[iToTctl 13 May, \^3^.] 


OF ailRRWeBfRT.t 

(Crumwell. 13,] 

Jti the name of Cfod, Amen. 1537, the xsj day of Aiigtiste. 
I, Geurgt' Brie of Shrowysbnry, Loidu Steward of the Kyiige, 
our Hoiiwi-ayiio Loi-do Ht'nry the viij"' uio&te hnnontble 
howshold, being in good htrlthe, ordeyri my laate will. Kyrafc, 
1 bpquethe my Bowle unto Alhniglity God, our Lady Sajnte 
Mary, and to all the holy company <if ht-itven, and my bodye 
to bo bnrytsd in the puriyalio ehiirclic of Shefl'eld by my late 
wyfr Dame Anne wber aha now lleth, and myn executoura to 
ca.wso myhodyt' tliithop lo he bTOught and ontioi-id aa shortoly 
an thoy canne without tarying past ij dayoB, attd witJjowte 
cHrnmoiiyoa but dirigo over eviii, iij masseii and a nymonde on 
tlie moi'owo, and poore folkea to have xi? black gownea to 
boare xxv"-'^ torches att my bniyalt, and not to be geven past, 
hUckt) gowiiea to my BeiviLnnlee, bosiJcH gownes to hu geven 
to my wyfe and her ieutlewomen. Item, I will a tomhe to be 
made owr my bodie of niarhle with iij Imageflj one of me in 
my mn-ctell of garterti and the otiier of my wyfe in her roobea 
iLiul her armyos on my right hande, and the thirde to bo of 
my wyfo that now ys on my lyftO' hands with her mantell and 
armea, the tumbe to be madu of marble an.d well ganieshed, 
iLud the expenses, coates and cbargea of the preiuysKPs to be 
borne l>y rayn executors of the yebtis, renttea and profittee of 
the manors landes wherof I declare my will for paymentt of 

* Hilksworth, Co. Durham. 

f Born 14*8. Wne with Henry VII at BoBworth. IWiiwd foraea (or the 
KinH Bt the PilKrimage of Ontte, Pied nl Wingfl&ld Manor il> July. 1338. 
llumd at KheUleld *J7 Maicli, ir.3«-V. (Sec Hutitet'A liullanislilrt.-o.U,) Hifl 
first vrllc vfM Ann, dai));hter tit Williatii. liist Lonl HiL«liii^a. nis scoonil 
Bllaabatfa, Jaughtet oC Sir Bidiaril WilIiIdii, ul Rrilh, co. Kent, wbsrs sho wai 
bumd. Hie »i>a Fntoote aucc««4ed mi fifth Eia\. 



my (I(!l(tte»t, or ellea the sfiuie to be made of my goodes not 
LequutUed. Also I will tlint ymediatly after my deceas. myn 
■oxecntora do giyu to oonv tbowsaud pi-oeHti-s, every of them 
xrtl. to Bay placabo, dirige and mtisie for iny houIo and all 
Christian aouIes,and xxt*" markes in peiiy dole to be distributed 
the daye of my bariall to suclie pore people as ahallie tlieraat 
to pray for my soule. To eirery of the ciimttoB of Sowth 
Wynfeld and Sheffeld for tythea forgotten and to praye for 
my souIh vli., and the vicar of Criche \\n., and yf they can 
prove any more to be dew I will tliat myn executors do 
contente ytt. To every of the pnrisBhe chLir«hf» of 
Soiitfhwynfeld and Sheffeld a vestemeutt U> be inudc of myn 
apparell. Tu the Charterhonsea of Bavea!!, Slieeti and 
London, every tif them xl s., and to the houses of frerea m 
Nottyngham and Derhyo, every of them xts., to say a 
solempne Diriye ami masae for my sonle. Unto the prior of 
Worsopp one 8ute of riche ulothe of golde, that is to &ay a 
coope, a vestenient, deacon and suhdeacon with orpherosses 
and all thinge.-^ belonging unto the »«aine, and the same to be 
made and shortely fynisshed att my propre (.^ostes mid 
deljTered unto thf said prior and convent there tu pray fur 
my aoole. Unto the t-hurc-bo of SliefFeld one piece of grene 
clothe of golde vrhiclie remayneth hole, and therof I will that 
myn executors shall make a eoope aiid vestement, deacon and 
subdeacon, and to by orphereiiee for the Bain© to the vale* of 
XX li. To my rl|rht oiitierly welbelovyd dame Elieabeth my 
wyfle thea parcelled following of plate overgilt, that la to aaye 
one greate crosae with our ladye and sayute John Evangelist, 
a litle crucyfix of cremory worke with relicjuos in yt, an image 
of our ladye and her soune in her arniys, ij chalices at her 
ohoiao, ij paier cf pottea vnth tlatt Talbottea upon the cover, 
ij paier of pottea with ataiiditig Talbottes upon the cover, 
vi pouncyd boUes with a cover ajid a standyng Talbott, 
V] playn goblettea with ij covt^ra, vj atandin^ cuppes with 
covers suclie as she will chuae aniongest all my standing 
cuppis, a lavor with the rose and pomegameti. iij cuppis of 
assaye such© as she will chnse owto of vij, a Balto of mother 
of perle, a paier oF salttes and a cover with the rose upon the 
topp, the small aalttes that I am now fynd with at the horde, 
a paier of new Siilttes fur the hall, a spone with a marke of 
G and T, xij spones with snuft'eronB graven upon the kuoppis, 
a spone for orengia with a Tbilbott upon the ende of it, a paier 
of coverod baayuH with mj' amies in the myddes, a basyn and 
an ewar with a talbott in the myddee, ij ale cruaia with 
atraubepys on the toppia, iij candelatickes for Boup lighttea, a 
cmae for Renysshe wyne with a cover, an ale cuppe with a 



cover that, my lady doitho drincke oon, a cupp called my ladys 
night cappe with h cover. Also I g-iTO to my said wyfe thes 
parvellefl of biIvbp and parcGlI gilte, tliatt ya tosaye, ooii jmier 
nf pottes with lying talhottca opon the cover, one quartu potb, 
vj boUes with n, rnne and a ryng npoti the cover, a plate 
for a Byse (?), a spice plate of Spanysshe worke, iij litle 
candet stick 08, a hasyn for my lady to vassho hur face, a. litle 
(^artdlestick fur a syau, ij basiiia with ewerd at her choise uwt 
of five, ft great »taiidiiig ha^jii for sti'awherys or possettes, 
iillso tht'HV parcellus of silver nob gilte, one pott tor ale with a 
talbott upon the cover, vj new ale erunys all wbico now made, 
ij pynte pottes with cover, ono dosaen sponoa with knoppis, 
lij paier of flaggong, one paier every one of them a gallon, 
the Beconde paier every of them a large quarte, the third 
paier every of them a pynte, viij new candelstickes, iiij can- 
dpUtickcs with double sowkettes, a poBsenett, a ladle, a paier of 
disghes for butter of aylver, a touting yrou with wj'ars, ij peeea 
with ij covers, a litis eatbe for ray chamber, a cha&ug dis&he 
and a gredyron, vj plajii goblettes with ij covers, ij silvar 
di^ihes that my wife did give me. Alao I give my aaid wife 
ihe pieces of hanginges of tappistre following, first the hole 
han^nges of Belm' and Brem', the hole lian^ig of Mosyses, 
the hole Iianginges of Sliepardes, the hole hanging that was 
inad(3 for my galorye and the chamber within yt at Coldher- 
harow, the hole hanging of morrene, also theone halffe of all 
SHche lianginge^ of Sayes as I liave ogally in goodiies to be 
devided, I will my wife ahfllhavo my trussing heddes of 
clothe of golde and blacke velvett and the counterpoyote 
therunto belonging, alko one of my trussingbeddos of scarlett 
witih the connterpoynte therto belonging, a tnisejTig bedd of 
crymayn vtilvett and tawny tj-nsell and rurtayna of ch-angeable 
sarceuett, and cuahyna of tawny tynsell the on side and 
thotber side yelow eatten, a trussing hedd of yelow loke 
clothe of golde with my beet gnylte for the same, the best 
trussing bedd that waa made of olde bawdek^Ti att Wyudfeld, 
oon© sparver of blacke velvett and crymsyn tyneell of 
viij tliredes and corteyns for the aame and one of the best 
count^rpoynttes of verdure for the same, ij new aparvora of 
redde and grene of the beyond tJie see saye, oon new sparver 
of redd and yellow© of the boyonde the see aayc, one paier 
of aidter clothes of crymsyn velvett and cloLlie of golae of 
tiasew, tha crymsyn velvett imbroclerid with atrawberys, one 
Tostementt of clothe of golde of tissue with all thingea 
belonging unto tho same, one aulter clothe of tawny velvett 
and clothe of golde and the vestement helong-ing unto the 
same, the one halffe of my Hliettes, napry and other lynoon 



store wlintaoever it be egally and after ttie guodiies to Ijl- 
devided, and in likewise thone halfie of all my fethorboddos, 
maitarezea, bolstars, pillous, connterpointes, coveriuges oE 
beddes, fuetenns, bJnnkottee and coverlettea tti be ogally 
divided, thone lialffe of al] my stuff belonging to ray kjtchen 
in all places what mo what oTiir jt bo, braene, peawtiii" or 
otlier, to bi! ogally devided as afore i« sftidc, all auclie horssfs, 
geldinges and kyon, bounden wayti, xiiij draught ox«n wliorot* 
ij were given unto her by Thomas Mt4]n and other xij of Hiv: 
best that she can gelt to bo choaen for her of myne owne, all 
iny atocka oE sbepe att Stony myddletou and thone hiiU'o of 
all my fiitt cattell both oxen a,nd abcepFS, nil my atocka of 
flheepe at Henlwyke. Also I give my saij wyfe after my 
deceas my ferrae of Wurtoley whiche 1 have of Thomns 
Wortlay daring my termee. And whear the Kingu bigliiies, 
by his letters pa.t«nttea boring date the xrij daye o( Mayo iii 
the xxix"' yere of Lis niigii, hiitbo grjiimtod unto me tho 
wardesbipj], cualodye and mariage of Petar Compton, esquior, 
Sonne and heyre of Sir William Coniptou, knight, deoeaaod, 
then being the Kinges wards by reason of the noueage of the 
uaid Petur, fuid allso the custudye of the miLnors of Maxstocke, 
Greate Wylforde, Litle Wilforde and Loug Compton in the 
countyn of Warwicke, and allsn of dyvora other landes within 
the foreaaid manoj's ami in tlio towiiea of Nethei'piltertou, 
Kynton, Duiftefct, Shukeborough and Herbere, during the 
nonage of the aaid Petar, whiche Petiir Compton is now maried 
unto the lady Anne Talbott, doughter of mo this miid Erie. I 
will that if it »ihaU fortune me to deceas before the said Petar 
Compton ahall aceomplishe and come to his full ago of 
xx^ yeres that then tho hidye EHzabotli, my wyffo, shall have 
aawell the ordre, rule and governaiint;e of tlie said Petar and 
Indy Anne, hia wife, aa allso the cuatudye of the said manors 
during the nonage of bhe said Petar Comptoit, and shall take 
tbo renttoe yorely eouiyng for the fyndyng and keping of the 
said Petar and lady Anne until the aaid Petar shall accompHsshe 
the age of sx" yeree. Also I wdl that my wyfe ahall have to 
her owne uae all jcwellea, ryngep, owchea, cheynes, brocKea, 
girdellea, atones and parelles which ahe nowe bathe as they 
were enteryd in a boke by perticuler parcellee, alao fouTO 
akottes eoveryd with yroii with all jewelles in the same, and 
' moneye conteynyd in the same cakottes, which monye ya 
"BipresBed in a bill nigned with ray hando, of whiche caakettea 
twoo of them be biggor and twoo smaller, also a poce of 
whitte bawdekyne conteynynge xij yardes and half of uiy 
carpetteB, alau xij cuzahiona of verdure^ wliiche I laste bouglite 
of Thomas Farraunte of London, upholster. Also I will myne 



exoeiitonTs to delyrer unto my wi£f all anuh stiifTe ns is to liir 
beqiietliBfl ym me tly fitly e after my deceas. Also I give unto 
Sonne Frauiicee, Lorde Talbutt, t'heao pnrcelles followinge of 
silvpr river gilte, I'lirnbe, a croaao of silver and giltc liaveynge 
thp paaaioii of yiiiiigia nbowte it, one ytnage of salute George 
on liorebacke, ont- ymage of sainte Chriatofer, one ymage of 
Baintti Dorothe, one yiiiftge of sainte Barliara, one paier of 
sencers, one chalice, one paicr of cmettes, une aakryngo bell, 
one paier of greatB flatt liagous with. Talliottes apon the sides 
of tbom, one paior of g-reate puttes pounced with Talbottes 
and shamefupons, one paier of potteH wrethid, one paier of 
playne pottes, v} boHea and a cover playne with Ta-lbottes and 
nhamef0rons apon them, vj goblettes with twoo covers with 
tabcttos and shamfrons apon them, one paior of litlo saltea of 
golde with aniytyee nppon the covers, one paier of aaltea of 
pnryfhEworke with Talbnttes and myiie arinya in the garter 
uppon the cover, an old saUe with a cover and a knoppe 
iippon the covor of the kyng-es gyfte, vj spones playne gilt'f 
withoute kaoppea, ime stantlinge cnppe of course ij^olde with a 
cover with a waufer npprm tli© toppe, iij Btandiiipe cuppea of 
the kynges newe yeres fjifte witi covpra, a paier of grete 
haaons with uijiie armys and my ladye my graniite mother in 
thu hottuni whicliQ niyne niicle Sir GilberteTalbott dyd beqneth 
until me, algo these parcelles of silver and parcell gilte, 
vj bolles with a cover and manehons in the botom, three 
candeUtickes for soper lightei* wrethid, also theee parcellea of 
silver and not gilte, one paier of pottea with flatte talbottea 
npon theni, X] sponos playne withunte knoppe^, vj g'obiettea 
with twoo covers pounced with inartlettoR, one paier of flagons 
of a. pottell a pcce, a ahavJngo potto, n sharinge basou, twoo 
basons and twoo ewyers, mj Uangiuges of vice and vertne, the 
lian<ringes of Alexiiunder, the liaoginges of the pr iir, with 
other foure peces that bange within the greate chamber att 
Wyndfeldo with the eaid pr nr, the pecea of hanginges that 
belmnge unto the gallarye at Wyndfylde and to the olde 
chambre there, the hole hanginges of manchoiia with all peaces 
of the same sorte that hangythe the parlour at Chelsay, 
the hanginges of course tapestne that hangeth the great 
chnmber at Chelsay, those hanginges for beddes, on aillor, a 
testuiir, and a countorpoynte of redd and whitte bawdekyn 
fur a truBsing'e bedd panyd with curteus of whitte and redd 
sarcenet to the same, and iij cussbions of the same bawdkyn, 
twoo of them square and one louge, a sillor, an tester and a 
oounterpoynte of grene and redd velvyt figuryd, panyd with 
ciirboua of redd nud grene, and thre cnashioua, twoo of them 
square and one longe, of the same velvyt, one aillor, a testoor 



and B coiinterpoynte uf blcwe and yelowo damasko and curtciiB 
of blewe and jelowe sarcenet, and thre cuashions, twoo square 
and one longe, one spai-rer of grene velvyt and clothe of 
guide with onrteriR of redd and greuene, one aparver of 
cryrasyn veKyt and black tyiisoU, il truMsingo bedd of skiirlet, 
ft coiinter])oyiitc ftud curtens to the sainu, one trtij^singo bcdd 
oE rudd and yelowe saje and curtens to bheiii, one truasinge 
bodd of yelowe and grene auye and eurtena to them, 
xij ffotherbeddes with bolnters and vj counterpoyntes nf 
vordncuB, xvj mattrea with bolsters and covcrlottus, vj paier 
of ftiatyanti, foure paier of slieetes of thro breades, vj paier of 
sheetes of twoo breadea and a half, xviij paler of slietes of 
twoo brisada, vj pillowea, all my stock of sheepe at Herdycke, 
one yron bounde waync anil twLdvc of ray draught oxen of 
the next Bortc aftor my witfe be eervid, with yokes and teinea 
to the aame, all the residewe of all my kechyn stuff after my 
wiffe have taken owte hir half, provided always that my wife 
shall have all the choise of all my stuffe to hir bfCjuethid or 
annye other bo delyveryd. Also 1 bequeth unto my ladyo of 
Northmnberlande, my doughter, one chayne of golde with 
whitte and redd namell, one standings cuppe of Bilyer and 
gilte with a cover of the kyuges uowe yeros gifte, and also 
one cuppe of asaye. Unto my ladye Dacre, my doug-hter, one 
cuppe with a cover of the kynges newe yores gifte. Unto my 
doughter Anne Talbott all the hole haiigingo that I boughte 
of Thomas Farraunto of London, upholster, coiiteynyiige 
Tij pecea of beeates and flowers, one truaeinge bedd wbicbe 
nowe lyeth in with all manner thinges belonginge to tlie same, 
and ono of my beste quyltea of turkey ailke to laye uppon the 
eame, three fetberbeddee with holsters, thre conuterpoyutes of 
verdnrea, twoo paier of fustyauB, iiij mattreB with boleterSi 
covorlittes and blankyttoa, iiij paier of shoetos of thre broados 
and a half, iiij paier of shcctes of twoo breades, twoo st*iidingo 
cnppei^ Bilrer and gilte of the kinges newo yeroa gifte, one 
hason and an ewer percell giltc of the sorte that 1 am daylyo 
find with, one paier of litle pottes gilte with talbottes uppuii 
the cover. Unto my son© George Talbott one standinge cnppe 
silver and gilte of the kyngoB news yeres gifte. Dnto my 
Sonne Thomas Dsvcre one standingo t-iippe silver and gilte oE 
the kyngoB newe yerea gifte. Unto my doughter Anne 
Talbott, dongbter unto my sonne Franncis, Lorde I'albutt, one 
standinge cuppe silver and gilte of the kynges nowe yeres 
gifto. Unto mj' wiffeB woman, Elizabeth Powell, three score 
angell nobles for hir diligente service dou unto me. Unto 
M' Doctor Talbott ono standinge cuppe with a cover of tlie 
kyogea newe yerea gifte. Unto Maister Holmoa one standynge 


[cup{>e with a cover of the kyuges iiewe yerea gifte. Uuto luy 
Boime Krauncis, Lorde T&Ibott, my tiavmye Telvyt gowne 
fnrred -with sabiiltea, my black satteu gowne Fiirred witb 
sables. Unto ray brother in lawe William Hftstyngea one 
standingo ciippe witli a cover of the kyngea newe yeres gifte. 
And whero tliere is n. loaso made unto me of the mannor of 
Wirksoppe and in ullier latiiU^s in Wyrksopjie, Tylne and 
Shiroff within the countye of Notingham, and of the mannor 
of Donnyngton within thn countyo uf Yorke, and in the 
mannor of Blackmcrc, Whitchnrche, Tilatok, Axsbe manor, 
Asshe parva, Dodington, Bnrghall, Altyngton, Newoodlionso, 
Oldo WodhouBe, HoIIyshirBte and Cheyne in Salopp, and 
Mftlburye in 4be countye of Chester, I will that myne execnfconrB 
Bball with the ronttes pay all my dettes to the kyngt* for thu 
[!iiat«4lye of Peter Corapton, esqiiyer, and for dettes to Thomafl 
Wortlaye, sa also all other my dettes, legacies and funeralles. 
Also there skalbe three prestes founden Eor the apace of 
twentye yeres, wherof two of them shall daylyo praye, synge 
anJ saye devyiie service in the parialie ohurche of Shfffeld 
at the aulttT whrro iny late wif ladye Anne is buryod, and the 
other pristo att tho chappell of our blyssed ladye of thi; 
bridge att Sheffetdo, and everye of tha three pristes and their 
ouccesao urfi to hiive eight irifirkee yerely of tlie rtMittes of the 
aforesaid© manoora. And 1 will that whiche of the saide twoo 
preBten yn llio churche of SLoffelde shall saye farste masse 
daytye att the saido aiilter I will Hhall beforo the furste 
lavatoryo of the aanie iiiaase saye ilr p-rofundi» for my lorde my 
father soule, my ladyo my mother aoule, my soiile, the soiilo 
of my late wiff Dome Anne, the sonll of my wifT dnnie 
Kiizaboth after hir departynge owte of this worldp, all my 
ckitdreii soides, myne ftuncetaurs soules, the sonles of M*" 
Eieharde Shretoiire and Sir Rycharde Rolstoii, prestes, and all 
Chriatien aunles. And ] will of the renttes in the same leaae 

; there be three* obyttea kepte in the churche of Sheffelde, and 
one anniversarye to be yerely kept in tie same church. And 
I will that iiij tapers of wax, every one of them beinge of the 
weight of five poundeB, aliall burn daylye durynge the snide 
teiTuu of twontye yeres higli masse, imitteuti and ovensonge 
and every principal! feaste and e^ery Sondaye. {Olanscs abovt 
the chits, about taperB being re-neuied,andjreeh priestx aj'pointed if 
the Heverfnd neglects, by the Prior of Worheop. SfTVants to have 
e.etrn tpagea.) 1 will and charge niy son Fratiocis that if my 
dotigltter, the Conntyea of Northumberlande, have not by 
assigmeut.ej recordie or otherwise prornosion to landes owto of 
the late inheiytaunce of hir late hnsbniide Henrye, late Krle 
of Northumberlande, deceased, as will exlende to fynde hir an 




honorable lyvinge, that llieii my saidc aoiiiic Frauncis mid hia 
teii-ies ahail give and fynde the Coantiee of Northnmberlando 
Kiejte, dryiike, apparrell and other fyndynge durynire hir 
liffo naturaH op unto suche tyiue aa she ahaJl have flome laDdea 
■whiche ahalbe to hir on bnnorabte livinge. I make my eiityorly 
■bolovyd fiouno Kraiincia Talbolt, knyglit, lordo Tallhott, my 
solo executour. Witfcuea, tldiiioiidc Mulonoux, Aiithonyo 
Novell, William Holme, prists, Thurston Woodcock. 

[Proved 13 Jaa., lfiB8-9.] 

cv. 'laB WILL OF aoBiitr jbntson, op BBANCKrEril." 
ICnimwcU. Vi.] 

S Nov., 1537. Roljei'te Jenyuuti, geiitiliiiaii, iu Dfirit(ipatli« 
withiu the bushopporyck of Uurhuui. My budyo Ut bu buryed 
within my parislie i;iiiirclio with my mortuary dewe. I will 
that I be houostly brougkt fourthu thu duys of my bury&ll at 
bliB discretion of Agiios my wyfe and hir frendes. I will that 
four© poundee be given for me the dayo of my bury&ll to the 
powrest householders within the parishe. I wyll that a pre«te 
of good name be heryd a hole yero to prEiyo for the eoules of 
me, my father and mother, with nil my good fryndes, 
bene facto I'u and good dower», and he to hare iii] li. xiij 8, iiij d. 
To Tbomaa my »oune a silver salte parcell gitte with a cover, 
and yn defawte of hym to Wilham, and in defawto of hj-m to 
Kaatf my yoiigeat sonce, and the samesalle to remayne yn the 
kopinge of my wife aulotige as she levythe and after facr 
dcibths to come lo one of my sonnea as ye abovcsuido. To 
ThomaB my sonnc a gowne furred with tojc and a lawnyc 
velvyt dnbletfr. Tn WillEam and Baaife my aonnea a salte 
pauDo for the epacu of tenne yeros etaudinge at Unmbos in 
Northumberland u in the holdinge of Qawyn Mytlabuen, and 
after the tenue yeres it to remayn* to my sonne and hoire. 
To my foure doiighters Agnes, Maryory, Ellyii iiud Brigitto, 
everyone of them xiij H. vj s. viijd. in reeompence of legacyes. 
To Agnes my wife a doaseu silver spouea marked with niaydena 
heddes. To William and He.uie my sonnea xiij silver spones, 
wid yn defawte of the elder, WJlIiaui, I give them to the 
yonger. I will that my wiffe have the occnpatyon and profitt 
of my farme huld iu ntLswi-ll of the hill aalonge as lahee ys a 
wydowe, and in caaae she marrye then I will that my twoo 
sonnes William and Raaff have the profittes of the saide farme 
holdoj and that my brother William Wren havo bothe tho 

* Son u£ WillUni Jonlacn, of Tokeileet. He man-ied Agoe», dfiushlat of 
Williftui Wien, of the Isle of Ely. Uis Bldeat son, ThomM, was ol wn-Iworth 
{eae DurhaTn Visititiov) ; hk wconil son, Willinm, wa,s a mernhiint of Kene&stic, 
and {ounded the lutuily nl Hurworlli nud Neshun Abbey {em Siutees' Ditrhnm, 

iij, 2es). 




orderjnge of them and the farmhold for their behonfo and 
profitt. To Williaiii and Raaffe my Bonaea bH my raymente 
uxGCptc the furred gowne and velvyt dublet aforesaide. 
Provyded alwaye that in case tha poronns of gnodes of my 
fowro doiightei-B aforedtiide will uxtende further then the aaide 
xiijii. vJR. viijd. a. pecc, thou I will that, all their partes be 
prayaed and l)0 pat to the iiii>&to profette ihnb iianae be to the 
prefennente of llioir uiaryngon by the Lolpe and advise of my 
Csccutoui-3 uiul BupervisourH of this my will. 1 give my loae 
of the parfioiiage of Rraancnpathe nnto iny wiffe. and all my 
interests of Whyn flawe. I will that my brother Jewel SaJveu 
have the order of my eldyst soiine and his porcoiis of lande 
whiche he shall enter unto aftev my deceas, and put hym to 
siiche exercyse of lernyoge and otherwise ns he thynketh beste, 
and tlie ovei-pliis, yf aimy thiiig'e remnyae, to be kept and putto 
ray soiiTies most profitte and Hdvantago. To John Hille xx d. 
To Koberte Marshall xij d. To Riclmi-de Coytt^sforthe viij d. 
To my nurse xijd. To William Wright a whye styrke. To 
Johan Uedley riij d. To Margaret Kyplyn viij d., and to 
Mally my servannte xij d. The reaidewe of my goodea I give 
frely to Agnes my wytfe and William and Uaafe my aonnea, 
whome L make myne executours. 1 make siipervisoiirs my 
father William Wren, William Wren hiti sonne, Jenet Salven 
and Kdward Parkyiison. Witnesses, Sir Jolia I'otter, John 
Mallom, WiUiam Kendyll, Thomas Williamson, Jamye Clarke, 
the parishe preste, the parishe clarke, with dyvers other moo. 

LProved 20 Dec. 1538.] 

[Dyngclcy. Si.] 
S2 Dec, 1537. Sampson Lorde, proaat. To be bnried in 
the chauncell of Schefelde church, if it pleaae God to call mo 
there. To the vicar of Sehefelde my typpet of taftata, my boet 
capp, a pairs of hosea, a ahirfce, and my doke. For my buriall 
there, to the church maisterg tonne sliillinges. To Henry Lord 
the good that is on the farme at Sudbury. To Thomas Lord 
my scrvaunt fyve poundes vj 3. viij d. in the handes of Heyton 
and the hole fanue of DroiitVld, my trotting gelding. 1 iiiako 
my brother Sir John Lord myn exccutour, to whom I guvc all 
my goodea unbequethed, my dottes paid. To every cliildo of 
my brothers and suaters oon royall. To be spends at my 
bwrtal! foure poundes amoiiges the preestes and poure folkc« 
at the disorecon of ray servaunt Thomas Lord. Item, the said 
Thomas Lord to deliver to my brother my best liorHSe, nadyll 
and bridell. Witnesses, Thomas Lord, vica-r of Sheffelde, and 
Maiater Lyster, parson o£ Codfurth, with other. 
[ProitS 29 Jan.. 1.5S8-fl.l 



tCnmiwell, a.J 
John Kadclyf, of NowoastiOl iippoii tyiio, inoPclianLt. My 
sodie to be bui-ied within tlic «liurcliu of Sanct Niclioliis, 
iture Saint Tkomas nltor beside my niotlior KeoilG. Tu my 
[.sons Cutlibert Iwiiiity puundeH. Tn my stmo Uoorgo xxU. 
tJnto my dougliter Margaret xx li. Tu iny mne Robert xx U. 
To mj brother Kafc Radcliff xxtj b. vii] d. To my c urate 
Sir Rubert Hexam lij b. iii] d. To inj brother Bitrtrnni vj s. 
viij d. To my euater Agnes vj 8. tii] d. To Jvhn Laudenutlor 
of Anwarp x\s., for whicha I am owing hyin. I will ii pi-L^t-gl 
to siog or saye lua&so of requiem for my eoiilc and all Christian 
Eoules for the space uf u yere after my deoens, as my executuiirs 
can gett hym. I will that Koger Shawea Bonno bo forgiven 
the odde inony that ataiidith in my boke more than IxTJ a. viij d., 
and for this IxvJ s. viij d. that ho owith me still I will that he 
ahall paie it to my uxecutours as his promiHSi* was beEore 
Raaff© Pottos, that is every yere xiij e. liij d. till the saido 
some be paide. The residue of all my gorjtles I gi?e unto 
Isaaboll my wif and Uuthhert my aonne, whome I make joint 
execnttmts. Goven tbo xj dale of Kobruary one thoiicand Are 
hundred xxxvii. 

[PiDYed 30 April, 1697.J 

[Orumwcll. 13.] 
13 Mar., 1537-8. John Wliite, of NewcaatoU upon tyno, 
merchaunte. My bodie to bo biiryed within the chmxrhe of 
Sainte Nicholas iu the saide towne boEoro the ymago of our 
hlyased ladye, whero Sir Riuhard** Boll dothu ahige miissu. 
Unto my doughter Amie a bundrud markea in monyu to hir 
maryage and all my lande. To John Kawo and my nuster, his 
wif, tenno ponndes. To Jane Lomloy, donghter to Oeorjje 
Lomley, five markea to hir marj-agu. To Bartram Ijomloy 
twenlye shillmges, and I forgive cloerly all dettcH thai hy 13 
owinge unto me. Unto John Rawe and my miid BiiHter twoo of 
my beat govrnen fjave one. To Andrews Bewyck, my (fapecyall 
frinde, a pece uf gold of tenuy dukftuie. To Sir Willinin 
White, ehapleyn, x a. To my brothor Williams twoo doughlors, 
eyther oE them five markea to tlteir mai-yago. To my 
apprentyaes and other my hoiishold BervaiintQu, overy of 
them vs. To Dame Horner a crowno of vs, 1 forgive to my 
cosen John Burghe, for hia labor for the makinge Ueroof all 
suche dottes as he is owiugo me, Alao I will that the daJe of 
my buryall whan it shall plais (iod, tho same dayo to bare 



dirige nod moase to be soiigo after the liLwdablo customa in 
Saintt) Niclidlus chore to the fawde aiid houijor of God. And 
the iiij orders of freers to fetche my bodye to the? chorohe with 
the printoB and clarkes belimginge to Saiute Nicliolas churche, 
and moiT «f them to bo rewarded affor the disiiretion of my 
wife. Also I vfilt that a preste eha-ll singe masse diiy]y at the 
awlter of our blyased iadye ftfure rehersid. All the refiidue 
of my goodea I givcall holye to Margaret iny saide welbelovyd 
wif, whoine I make my koIo execiiitricB of my goodes, she to 
dinpoaee tis she ehal) thinkQ fur the wealthe of my eoule ae my 
HpeuiaD and high truate is in hir nbove all other lyvinge. 
I'reseiite, Andrewe Bewyoke, alderman, John Hawo, William 
White, chapleyn, George Birdes wif, Dara^ Hoi-ner, and John 
Bm-ghe, maker hereof. 

tPfOTed 17 M*y, I88«.] 

[Djiiyoley. 22.] 
10 Apr., 1538. John Berwick©, of Whetelay, of the parishe 
of Doncaster. My bodie to \m buried wittiiji the parishe 
ehurche yerde of Saiicto George lu Doneustcr. 1 l>ec[iietli the 
daie of my buriall a maase of roquyem. I will that Alice my 
wife doale in alme!5 to poore peuplo witliin the towue of 
Whetelay vs. To my brother Christofer Berwicke my best 
gowue bat one, my beat velvet doidjlett hut one, one honnett, 
one paier of hoaeu nud a shirte. I will that my father Robert 
Bewieke have hia fyndyiig of my wife after my decease dnryng 
his lit', or elles my wife to gevu hyiii xl b. yeroly after luy dweae 
during hia liftj and a russeit gowiie furrod with fox, and a 
damaGke doubtett, une puier of hoHeii, and one shirte. Also I 
will that AJicG my wife have my fermeolde at Whetelcy diiryng 
hir life, and after hir deceas then I will the said farmeholde 
remnyue uiito my daughter Alice and to hir heircs dunng 
my tei-meH, and if it fortune the said Alice my dn lighter to 
die then I wille the said femieholde remayne unto my 
brother John Berwike duryng my yeris, and i£ my brother 
John dye then the said farmeholde rcmayne unto my brother 
Thomas Berwiko. Also I will that Christofer my hrol her have 
my feriiieholdo at Uoncaater after my deceas during the terme 
of xviij yeres, aud he to geve my daughter Alice the daio of 
hir manage twenty marketi, and if my danghier dye or flhe 
he married then I will that my said hrollier Christofer have it 
duryng liis lit. To Kdmoode my servaimte a gray gelding 
going in Bltham parko, and one lether doublett. To John 
Warde, of Doocastor, a lether doublett. To Edmonde my 
Hervannte xxs. Tu Oabriell my servaunte a ledder doublett 


autl leiiBC sliilliiigGs. Tho resid^iw of my goodes unto Alice 
ray wife, whome I make my exiscutrix. AIho I will tluit Alice 
my wife geve unto Alice my iloughtur tbe daye of hir marriage 
twpntye marbea. My father and iny brother Criatofer 
BUpen'iBourB of this niy will, Witnoaees, William Kawsoii, 
Richard Piistyt, and John Warilo. AIho I beqiiethe to 
Kicfaardc Piistyo one damaska doublott. 

(TroTed 9 Oct.. 1688.] 

[Cnimnell. 14.] 
1 May, J 538. Petar Bowike, of tho town« of Nowca«teIl 
upon tyne, merchauiitf. My buJie to bo bnried nfore Sainct 
Katheryne chapall in Sainct Nicolas CliuTcbe. To John 
Bewike my eldest soiine all my Ian des in the towne of 
Nowcaatle upon Tyne to have and to holdo to the said John 
and liis heires males. And yf it happen the said John to dye 
withowto yesue male, then 1 will that tho landee sliall remayne 
nnto Peter my sonne and hie heires maloa, yf it happen Petar 
to dye without «itohe issue male I will that all the landes 
remaynu to George my sunni!, i»nd for defaalt of issue male 
nnto Percivall my yongest soiine, and for defaiilte of beii-«» 
males nnfco Petai- Bewike, sone to ParcevaU Bewike, deccnsed, 
and to theires miilesj and in default of i8su6 to William^ ;iIwo 
sonae to PerciTall, and in default of issue to Ajidrew Bewyke 
my brother and to thoires males of his bodie. And so I will that 
all thi) said landea shall remayne nnto the residow of my 
brethem and to their males for OTer in raaner above wrytten 
except one tenement wherln William Bowyko my brother now 
dwoltitli, which I will beqiiethe to my wyfe Isabell for terme of 
her lyfe, and my said brother Willyam to iubabytt and dwell 
in the aamo the space of \'j yerea yet to come and to pay yerely 
nnto Isabell xliij a. iiij d. To Potar my eoane xl li., and Andrew 
Bewiclce my brother to have the custodie of my Haid son with 
the sum unto Petar shall corae to six yeres. To Goorge my 
Bonne xlli., and I will that Tliomas Patimaon ahal! have the 
cnatodie of George till xix yeres full, and then the said aiini of 
xi li. to be delivorod. To Percivall my snniie xl li., and I will 
my wyfo ahiilhiive the custodye of Porcevall till xix yeiea full, 
and tlion the sum shalhe delivered. Item, Adam Johnson 
owith to me x marcea by his obligacon. I give live marces to 
Thomas Bewyke my eorvaiinte, and the othei" five marces to 
Richard Anderson my servaimte. Wheare Edward Maxwell 

•The tesUtot hands the pudigfoe ol Bewick in Surteea' Diirluini. ii, IS3. 
From hU son Peter iJee^eoiled libc family of CI-oec Hoqm, co. ifortbunilicrlKad. 



nnd Ciilliliert Rey owe inelxli. vjs. viijd,, rgiveiiijH. xiijs, iiijc!. 
to iBubell Delahey, widnw, and her children. The residewo of 
iho dehtt T will tliat it. bo given trO five children o£ rercevall 
ttiy lutu brother, dcceaeeil, to every of them rj e. viij d., and 
UkowUe to mj snstor Nolsoiios v eliildron every of them 
vj a. viij d., ulso to ij ehilder uf EUwurd Bowike every of 
tricin vj s. viij d. T govo tu Homy Ik'Wjke and Janett 
Rewicktr, ania Androwo Bowioko, every of iheni vjs. viijd. 
Tn Barlnim Bowike a blacke gnwne with blacke bogie. To 
Williftiu Bewyke my bi-ather my ffowne of browne blow furred 
w""'' fitclies, iinrf a horsse colored baye. To my welbeloved 
brother Avery Bowike my nownc lyiied with blacke chamblett. 
All sHchu dobttes as Elizabeth Dawson iiwilli unto me 1 forgive 
her frely, mid I will she have vjb. viij d. in money. To Peter 
Bewyke, Henry Bewike, my lnollier auiiuLis, vjs. viijd. To 
my brother Bewicke, his ij KOQiieiJ, every of them vjs. viijd. 
To Kathorya Niohelson my aorrannte xa. To Williuui Bnth 
my servaimte vs. To Jamea Howrye my servante x s., and to 
John Nichelsou my servaunte vs. To Kiitheriii Selliy my 
sorvitunte va. To Thomae Bowike my brr>thor mi aungell 
noble. The rosidow I give imto my wyfe uud John my etdoMt 
aonno, whome I make inyn executors, and I make my 
Bupervisors Andrew Bowilce, Thomas Bewike, and Williaui 
Bcwike, my brothem. Hiie testibue, Andre Bewj'k, Willidm 
Bewike, John Bell, one of the clerkoa of the Cuatome bowse, 
and Tboiu&B Bowike my sorvannte. 

[Proved 16 Uiy, 1639.] 

[tojngelay, 26,] 
In the name of God, Aiuen. The vij*^ day of Jiuie, 1638. 
I, liiggram Perey, knyght, make my wiUl. First, I govo my 
Bonlu to Almighty God and to his blisaed mother our lady 
Saint Mary, and to all the holy company of hevyn, and my 
body tfj be buried within the uhurch of Saint Anne and Agnus 
in the high cbanncoll before the Sacmmeut of Siiint Aiiiiu 
aforsaid. To the high awter xxvjs. viijd. To my fiinenUl 
expenaea as my lord PreveyBfJiiH and my lord Maiour thinke 
necessary according to my powre hh my porvan tiles ran 
certefye. To my dough tor twenty poiindos, the whiche 
twenty puundes I will that my lady my mother ahalbave the 
uue thcrof with the ehilde untill she bo of lawful! age. To 
the moder of the said ehilde twenty nobles, 1 will that my 

* A younger son nf Henry Algernon fsrojr. fifth Earl of NorttiunibcrUnd. 
A leafier in tlie Pilj^imaBt o( Omci?, untl iraimsoaed iQlljRTowet.but Mterwudln 
Teleased. His daughter laatiell vnvs iUegltimate, and mnnieil in 1S4J Honvj 
Tirjnpest. ol Broughion. (Dictionartf n/Nattonal Biofrivph y .) 



serirauntes shall have th&ir wapfes paid and a qnartei" wnges 
buiiideM yf my goodoa wille extenrle. To Tristrinn my SLMVuunt 
tlie loasae of the tithe of A-iibell in tlie parUtie of Warkworth. 
To Richard Gill the tithe of Rock witli the leasse. To William 
Wright the leasee of th& tithe of Stanforth. To Hunifrey the 
tithe of Accljngoton. To John Anderson the tithe of nether 
Buston. To Hapc3*\*a.Il Galons the tithe of Renynp'ton. To 
William Elden the tith of Craft. To Roger Tnillour the tithe 
of Dnnstana, Broghranyns and Brok^'sfelde. To Roliert 
Craflforth the tith of Falowden. To Raiif Corbe the titho of 
Briiiiton. To the men afnrgfiid blak cottea. To Sir John 
Glyn a blak gown. To DiLvy Lantley thre yardea of blak 
clothe. To raaistora Hlakooll xl s. To my hoatee, Dsivy 
Capiiers wife, xx a. To maister Cawdwfdl a gown. To S' John 
Glynne xls. to pray for me. To Willisim Wright a gelding. 
To Tristraiu and to Richard Gyll the tithe of Newton l>y the 
see. To Raiif Korbat xs b. The residnf! of my goodes I geve 
to Triatrnm Rrathwett and Richard Gill my sorvaimtefi, and 
theym to bo my execiitores, and ovor^eepa of the saino will T 
ordeyn my lord maior of the cibie of London, and he to have 
a bonet of velvett with aglettt-a of golde, and my lady my 
mother a tablet of golde. I will that my aervanntoB shalhave 
my goodes diatributed amongea them at the iliscrecion of niyn 
exerutonra and overseers. Witnesses, John Glyii, preewt and 
curat there, William Elvyden, Avith other, Raiif Caldwall, 
John May. 

[ProveJ 21 Mnrcb, 1033-d,] 

[Cruiuiwell. 11.1 
21 July, 1538. John Plowghe, clarko, parson of Samte 
Peters in Notyngbani. Furste, 3 beqoeth my woulo unto 
Alniigtyo God, and my bodie to b<^' bnryed in the chauanell of 
Sainte Petera eliiirche. To the chiireho warkes x s. To my 
brother Chrtetofer Ploughe one advovrson of the vacation of 
the churchc of Sainte Peter's wliiehe I had of the gyfte of 
Thomaa Hohson, PryouT of Lenton and the coveute thore, in 
the whiche I putt as my trustye fryndes to thuae of my 
rephewe John Ploughe,* aoiinp to my said brother Chiistofer, 
John Wyllyamson, of Notyngliani, draper, Henrye Stathum, 
the maiors clarke of the same towne, and Wiliiam Wareii of 
the sHnia, baker, the whiche ailvowson I putt to kepeoge to 
John AlleuBOQ of the same towup, mercer, to bhuae and purpose 
beforesaide. To my brother Gerarde Ploughe xla. To his 

•TliiB nepbisw. Joim Pluugli. was aUo reoloi- ol Si. Paler'a, MatU^^^)^uaa^ 
Und an unllior. {See Woml'a .Uhma, i, 301.) 



fionne CbristoEer Plowgbe three pouiides. Tlie reaidue of my 
guuJeR I give to loy brother Cliristttfur Ploughe, whielio Ohriato- 
fer 1 ordeya executoar. 1 make etiperrisonrs John Allcnsoti, 
inercer, one of the Aldermen of the hurroiigh towne of 
Notjngham, and William Holenzed, clarke too maister Mayer 
of the same towne, and everye of them to have for their labour 
vjs. vitj d. Wittnes, ttoberte Lovate, one of the Aldermfiti, 
William Wartmar, aod William Holinzed, with otlier. Sir 
Nicholas Nedeham. I give to my brother Chryatofer Ptowghe 
tlie stable that I bought of Page, lyinge iiye to MaistHr 
HaMIrvggeB garden. 

[Proved la Oct.. 1538.] 

cxiii. tsb will Of daub AONEe ci.t:ber. 

[CrumweU, 16.] 
20 Aug., 1538. Dame Agues Clierke. My sowle to 
Almighty God, to our lady Sancte Marey, and to all the holy 
conipatmy of lievoii, and my body tu be buryed in the cliurche 
of Hobye by 'I'homas Aleu my husband. To the viearye of 
Willoljy n mortuary. To the cliiirche of Iloby vj!i. siij s, iiij d. 
yf they feche my body at WiUoby, or ellea not. To my brother 
William Bankea my indenturti and yeres of the paraooage o( 
Willohy. Trt Henry Soxton x li. and my yeres in William 
Moaltes ferine. To Thomas Wards t marks. To Ellen 
Banker xx'^J' inarkes. To Mfvry Waylya xx'*'' markes. To 
Anthony Walys vj li. xiij a. iiij d. To Elizabeth Walys 
xxxiij 8. iiij d. To Joane Wayllys xxxiij 8, iiij d. To Edimmdo 
Farn worth vj a. viij d. To Margarete Ai'chervjs. viij it. To 
everj' oon of my godchildren in Willohy and Hoby oou shepe. 
To Willinni Garton xx s. To Juhn Grarves vj a. viij d. Q'o Sir 
.John Wlielars sprvaiintes xx s. To every otm of my Bervfliuitea 
with ray wagesi iij s. iiij d. J will my executcnr have a blacke 
gowiie, whomy I make W^illiam Baiikps my brother. I will 
that Agnes Garton, Ellen Bankes, Mary Wales, that every cion 
of them have a blacke gowne and a hood. The residew of 
all my goods not bequethed imto William njinke.s my brother. 
Sir John Vylers, knight, snperviHor. Wittnes, Roborte 
Myddultou, Nicholas Garves, and John Robinson, cum 
mubis aliia. 

[PrOTfid 23 Aug., 1639.] 

[Dyngoley, 3(.] 

21 Aug., 1538. Robert Bevycote, of London. My body to 
he buried in the parishe kirke of Saint Laurence at Sylathom 
in Holdcrnosao. To the Sacrament of the awter xij d. To 



Sir Roltarf; Bowman, the gilde preest, iiij d. To Sir Richard 
Warton, the curat of Sylsthorn, iiij A. To MargafSt Goaaop 
my hnstes, iiij d. To Alice Poeraun, the t-ervaiint in tlie house, 
iiij d. My exociitoiir of all my gnodes I make Joane Bevycote 
my wife, at Lnadoii, that thfl aaid wife shall cliaponse parte of 
the goodea for the heltlie of my HOnle. Criatofer Brygtyffe, I 
desire you as ray trust ia to ae that I be lioneatly brought tv 
llio erthe and buried in tlie parisho clnirchp nf Sylst!iortii\ and 
cawae masx" mul lUn'ge to be songe for mo and ]mye you therfor 
because my wife is farr away. Christoofor IJrigtyff, by^l my 
wife loke in my lioiii=e, and there shaU be foiinde till my dettes 
to rae and fro mo, writing. Hoeordps, Sir Hichanl Warton, 
Sir Robert Bowman, Tlionias Hobaon, John Wylsoii, Wilb'ain 
Byrke of Silatliom. 

[Proved 14 Jan., 1639-9.] 

[AkngfiT, 9.] 

The xxvii]'" day of September in the xxs^' yere of King 
Henry tlieight (1638). I, Kichard Bellocys, oE Uenknoll, 
inakith my liiflt will, Furst, I boquoith my Bonio to (rod 
AJniyghtie, uur Liidy Saint Mnry, and to all the holy companye 
in hevTTij &nd my body to bo hnryed in hallowed gronnd. 1 
be«]neibh for fyndyiig of an honest prest tn syiig and praye 
for my Hoiile and my frendes soules the spiice of vij yerea in 
Saint Andrewes church within the parishe of Auckland 
xxviijli. To the Mounte Grace twenty Bhilling to be prayaed 
for. For fonre trtmtall of masses xl a. 'I'o peer hoiisholders 
V li. For mending of high wa,ies iijli- To Saint Andrewes 
chnch for niendyng of the loade of the body of the said 
churche and the lies of the same vj li. To my suater Smythos 
childer xl s. To my siister Huttoiis children xs s. To Richard 
Clerwax jc.*; a. To John Kirbhmn my anstera aonne xx a. To 
Ids brother, John Kyrkham the elder, xiij a. iiij d. To every 
one of my waytiug eervaniitea vj b. viij d. the pecc. To 
Thomas Awnderaon x a, To Thomaa Hogfssou s s. To ag'ed 
folkea XX8. To SirJoha Feuwicko xs. To Thomas Sotherou 

■ Sod of Tliomns Belftayee, ol Hentnowie, oo. Dufh&ni, und Murgery, 
daughter ot Sir Lanoplot Thirkol.l. He miimeii Margary, dnughter of RiohnKt 
Krrington, o( Cocliie Park. eo. NartbuiuliorSiuiil. Sho died 20 August. 13§7. 
RRBd m. M.[ , Houghton. Her will, daWiI %] Jan , 157«-7, was i}rin(ie(l in the 
nnrham Wiiit, toI. ii, 81.5 (Burloes Hodety). Their aoa. Sir WiUium, succeeded 
l>H UQcle Anthtmy who, huving liecti liLrgety implicated in the Bpulintion o( the 
moiiutiturie^, had Ncwbiirgh Tiiary granted al thu Diasulutiaa. Ttie teitatoi 
was ancestor ol a ionn line of Loids and Eai-la Fauoonberga, wbioli cairiy to »n 
oni in IBM, whet! Newbnrgh was cArtied by tn lw*ire?s to Iha present Wombwtll 
family, nnd i^ now poflsCBaed by Sir Oeorgo Wombwell, ban. 



X «. To poore maytlons injiriago xl 8. To Riuhai'd WelflOft 
xa, and tn liia wif vjs. viij d. To Agnea EiidersoTi xs. I 
will Ihiit my mother und my brotlier Doctor Bellasjs hare 
thopder and diepoeicion of my fermeliolde that I liave in 
Kjlieiiliall for thuse and proiiffed of Toy Honno William Beiluais 
unto sQch t.ymo aa he the 8nid Wilham be xsj" yere oM, and 
then iHV siiid mother niid brother tw dolyver unto my Siiid 
80iine tl>e ferine of Ripkenlisill to hla. own Iiaiides witli nuch 
ppoiiffettes 03 cftine therof. I will my mother and my brolhcr 
lhoi'd(.'r of my fermc in Woudhouses, the ordcrof the personage 
of liSthomt' in Cleveland for tliuae of my yongeat sonno 
Richard Hellnsys unto they thyiike by tliair dlacrpticms tlie 
said Richard able to occ«pie the said paiwinag^e, iiud in the 
nieane tyme to diatnbute the prrmSetes of the aarao atnoiigest 
my children an they shall thynk moat mete, and when they 
tliynke the said Uichard able to occupie the same hymself 
then to delyver unto hym thoccupacon tberof. 1 will my 
mother artd my brother have for my teriiit? of yores that I 
hfivG of the Abh&y of Duryeme, of the corue of Mykill, Clifton, 
for thnBO of my eoiiue William diiryiig my yores. I givo to 
my Ronne William xl li. worth of my best plate, which shall 
remayne at Henneltiioll ns heyreJomes. I will my mother and 
my brotlior have thorder of my ferme of Morton for thuse of 
my Monne Anthony Hellassys unto such tyme that they thyiike 
hym able to occnpie it hymself. I do give my son Anthony 
for his childea parte a hundreth markes and if my goodes will 
so amonnt. I will my mother and my brother have thorder of 
my ferme of Fathill and Bradfeld for thuse of my sonne 
Richard. I give to my eontie Richard an hundreth markea for 
hia childeB parte if my goodes will so amonnt, I will my 
mother and my brother have thordor of all my parte that I 
have by lease In the coole pittes unto suche tyme as they 
thycke that there be one of ray children hable to occupye the 
said pittes, and siiche proufetes ns ahalbe in their handes in 
the meane tyme of tie pitte.? to be for helpyug of all my 
children. I give for the manage of my doughter Margaret 
RollasyB an hundreth markea for hip childes parte, to the 
manage of my daughter Jane Bellae.'^ea a hundreth markea 
for her childes parte. I will that all suL^he somes o( money 
and rent aa he beliynd unpaied in TonstaJl in Richmondshiro, 
which aa ia assigned by Ueory Kurye and his wif Anne to me 
for repayment of certain mariage money which they receyyed 
of me, 1 will that my doughtors have it tn thair maryage. I 
will that Margery my wif ehall have for hir full part of all 
suche goodea of myne as she ought to have by the lawe after 



iny dcjeth cc martips If she can si> be content to take it for a, 
fall contont»<3on, and if she can not bo coutcut thou tsha to 
take as the law will give Iiir. I will that my aomie William 
have 1117 yeres in Feldoin. I make my inotlicr and my brother 
M' Doctor Bellaasya my full ami sole Hseciitours. 

Tliis codicUl xxiiij"' diij of MarcKo in the presence of 
Doctour Bellaasys and Master John Darell, clerelces. I will 
that my yongest aonne Richard shall havo all my fermoB 
of Lottiom within the conntle of Yorke, and of YaiTowc within 
tlie coantio of Daresmoj and Bln,terii within the countio of 
Westmorland, dniyng tlie yerei* of my leiist-s, and that my 
nuntlier Msirgnret Syinpsoii and my brother siinll havo the 
orderyng of the Eennea, and almll distribute the pronffectos of 
tlio furmea amongest a!l my childi'cn. I will my wif Margery 
shall havB the occiipacon of my femie of Morton besides 
Houghton in the coantie of Dureame to bryiig up my eonne 
Anthony withall. 

[Provad last July. 1840,1 

fOramTi'oll, 13.] 

19 Dec, 1538. Roberte Laiiie, of the towne of Newcastell 
Tippon tyne. Furet, I bequeth my Boiile to Almyghty God, my 
bodye to be bnryed within the churche yardc of Morputhc. 
To Roberte my aonne my howae after my wifes deceaii, and in 
defaidfce of hym to my eldyst dongliter, and so from one 
doQghter to an other. To William my brother vj li. xiij s, iiij d. 
To Thomaa my brother vj li. xiij 8. iiij d. To George my 
brother vj li. xiij s. iiij d^ lo Thomas Cowptir xl ». To John 
Cowper xl s. To Henry Fynkell iij li, vj 8. viij d. To Andrews 
Bewyke xxb. To George Selbye sxa. To leaboll Laine my 
sueter xls, To Katheryne Helby x b. To Eliiinboth Uitme 
XKB. To a priste to singe for rae and my wif twoo yeren, 
iiijli. xiij 3. iiij d. a yere. To the bnyldingo of Morthpathe 
brigo iij li. To Thomas Lyddoll my prentyce ixvj a. viij d. 
To William Hawo my curatt xe. The residue to Anns my wif, 
Itfjberte my Bonne, Maryon, Elizabeth, Janclt, Jaine, Beyll and 
Margerye, my sone and donghters, and the loiigyste lyver of 
them, whome I ordeigne my exeoiitonrB. George Kelbye, 
Henry Tenkill, William Lame, and Thomas Lame ahalbe 
superrisonrs. Wyttnea, Andrewe Bowyeko, William Blakett, 
Jolm Hnutley, and Sir William Hawc, my curatt. 


[CniiDitell, 10.] 
3 Jane, 1539. Brian Higdois, Deane of the Metropolytane 
bCharcIie in Yorke. I bequethe iny soulo to Atm^glitie God, 
bnd my bodio to be Imiiode in the churclio of Torko iifore the 
Rode in the aoutlie alye ■withonte pompe yf I dm at Yorke, aoil 
if I die nt UlIeskelE to bo buried in the nowe chapeUe fclieru in 
the clmrchi* of Kirkbye afore the linage of SeiJict Katei'yn, 
and if I dio at Thorneton to be buryedo in the hye quere of 
Pockelyngton aEore the Imago of Soincb IVber To Soinot 
Peters etocke in the saido churche of York vj li., whiche I am 
owing of yt synco we lent money to the Abbott of Seyuct 
Mary Abbaye* y* is dede. To Seiiict Petera wsirkes 
xiij li. TJ 3, viij d. yf 1 do not paye y'' in my lyf. For ray obbyt 
to evorj'o cniion being present at yt vj b. viij d., and to hym y' 
shall burye me n,iid do iiiiisso xiij h. iiij d., and to avorya vicara 
and eiianiitryo preat beinff nt my dirifje and masse vb., and to 
every doacon ij b., and unto every qnerester xiij d., and to y" 
cltirket; of the Revoratra of Rogar,^tona xijd. a pece. To 
Rnbte BolrjiTigar xijd. To everye on of tho Tribulara sx d. 
To every chauon dweltyng within the closBe of Yorke oune of 
my newe spoouys for a token. Uutn my fiprvaiintes on holle 
ynrs wnige from tlio pnryfiocieon of o' ItuMa last pnst unto tlie 
puriQcacon to come with theire lyveriea or moiieye for tht'in, so 
y^ tho blaeke lyvnrie which thpyo shall have at my buryall do 
stood for theire ahorte lyveriB. Unto Robte I'roBtB which 
takith no wages v li. Utito Marmaduko Wavaaop xl b. To 
Gawing Yoodall sis. To Thomas WhithouaCj Richarde Bell, 
Robert Erie, \\s. abova their wages. To WiUyam Shercroft 
xxvjs. viijd. To John Roo xx s. 1 bequeth xili. to be 
du^tribute betwise my bmther Willyam childer being unmaryed, 
80 y'' «verye onnu of his doughtera have five markca of the 
aame, ^nd unto hie oldest doughter being maiyed ou of my 
beat silver spoonya and on of my gounesj and to my sustar hu- 
mother on of my gounys. Unto my sustor Elizabeth on of 
my gounes and xls. Unto my neve [eic] Elyzabeth Cloaae, of 
Barton, xls. Unto hir sonne Thomas Strong© xla. Unto my 
coeyn Eliaabeth Burriett, of Burro, xls., and to evoryo on of 
hir childer vjs. viij d. Unto eveiye onne of my kjTismen and 
kynswouien to whome I give nothing elies, vj a. ^Tij d. To the 
churche warko of Caiater iij li. vj s. viij d. Fyfu markea to be 
distribute emonges the jioore people withiu Netitton, and 
artniocho to the poore people of Nortbkelssye. Unto M' Roble 

* Bachelor, of Broad^jntes Hall. 2ft May. IfilS.arohdawoo ot V&rk; 20 June, 
IBlfi. piTjljendarv oj ullpsteK : VI7 June, 15II>. dean o( York, A benofaoCor lo 
ieiiniiiiK. Die.1 S Juno. 1539, Faati. 19. 

NORTK comrrRT vmjLS. 


Chaloner wiffe, of Stanley, my crymayn goiine furride w'^ 
budge. I will my executoiirs do make reatitucuD for Buche 
wrongeB as 1 have done to any person if tlioyo bo provide, and 
if tlie provi; be donl»te full rotlier to inclyiie to the (lornplaynt 
than unto tne. Untu tliu iibbut a.n(I (-ovont of Whitby xl a. 
Unto the pryiicypnll and the conipanye of Brodo yate in 
Oxforde vj s. viijd., to be applyed upon the chiipell staffe 
within the chapell of fieynct John, and siij d, unto the chiircte 
of Aldait. Unto the heigh Alter nf Seynct Marye chiirche 
within Oxforde lij h. iiijd. To tlif higho ulfcer wibhia the 
chapell of Seynt George witluTi the enstell nt Oxforde 
iij e. iiij d. To everye on of ray g'ld children vj a. ™i d. 
Auiongea poors people within the parislie of Uukiiell* within 
Oxforde sliire xxs., and to the vvarke of tht Soule church sx s. 
To John Higdoii and Biyan my neveySj and to either of tliem, 
on stondyuq; goblett. To the pariahc chiirche of Kirke upon 
Wharff vj 8. vii] d. I will that a prest shall syngo for me fyve 
yeros, and have fyve poundcftyerly. I make Sir Rnbte Huyte, 
vicar of Poklyngton, John flood, and Sir Uobte Norhairij myn 
executors, tho anpervisortre inv- brother, M' Wyllyam Olyfton, 
Buhdeo.)ie of the chiirche of York, and I do give unto hym for 
his laboure oune couple o! gildyde saltes with oii cover which 
was M"" Robte Newtoiis, and M"" Itobte Chalniior, of Stanleye, 
lernyd niann, and T do give unto hyra for his liibonre vlt. 
Witnes.seH, Sir Cn'stofer Catall, viear of Kirkbyp upon Whcrff, 
M'' Thomas Loedes, William HargiOe, Roger Hornley, and 
Ilobte WyUoii. 

[Proved a May. IMO.j 

[Orumw&ll, 17.] 
13 Julye, 15:ift. Robert Dawson, of Kyllwiko Poraoyo, 
in the diocea of Yorko. To be buryed in the cUerche of 
Kyllwykepsey. Unto "William WtiJdall x quartm-s of barley, 
a raare and a foole. To Henry Dawsoiiie my brother a 
To Thomas my brother a bay geldiiige. To Alexander my 
Sonne my best gowno and ij sponea oE aylver. To John Dawaon 
my aoriiie the next best gowne and ij Bpones of sylver. To my 
aonne Tboman the third best gowne and a coto and ij eylver 
spones. To every of my ij dowghtera, Eljni and Alison's 
children, an ewe and a lambe. To John Rokysbye my godson 
an ewe and a lambe. To Robert Garbett a nother owe and 
a Ixunbe. To the cathodrali charche xvj d. To the cimrcho 
of Poghelmgton xvj d. To the ricnr uf Poghelington xJj d. 
Tv the church© of Kyllwykepaoy xvjd. To the vicar of 



KyUwykopaoy xrjd. To the amentlmfre of a hight waye 
ciuleil Kexbyo bridge viij d. Tn John Martyii a swerde, and 
to Richard Uokcsby an ewe nnd a. lambe. The residewe unto 
my vryff' and to tny soiiuea Alexander, John and Tliomas, 
whome 1 make my executouTs, Witnos, John Martyne, 
liicharde Uokysby, and Rubtrt Harper. 

LProTed a Deo.. iSM.j 

[Crumwell, 17.] 

18 Sept., 1539. In the name of the father, tto soune, and 
tlie holy goyoHte, Ainyu. I, John EUxtcm, marchiiuntG of the 
Tonne of Newe Castle upon Tyne, hole of body, doo make my 
will. FyrBt, I doo legate my soule to God Almyhtie and to 
tlie virgyn Mary, and to all the celestial! companye of heven. 
My body to be huriod within the cliurche of Seynct Nycliolaa 
bosidcs the reweatro douro, and nyghe where Willm Dawell 
is biinede, as niaye bo convenyently h&de. Also I give to my 
vicarc for forg-otlen tj-thea ii] s. iiijd. To the churche warke 
of Seyncte Nycho!a.a churche xxs. Also I give to ayxB 
preatea of Corporis Chriati gylde for beryng of my bodye to 
the grave iJB. To the other prpetes of the eeide gylde for a 
troiitull X d. a pece, and to all other preates of the seide towne 
to aey jiHalmeH and dyrige for my soule vj d. a poco. To my 
wifff! my hiiUKP y' I dwell in, with all other landoa by me 
purchased, and to her assynes durj'ug her lyff naturatl, and if 
she Htondo at sach a necessitie at any tyme diiryng hir lyff I 
will y' she ehall at hir liberfcie sell the same and put the nioneye 
taken therfore to hir ovme use for relif of hir necesaetie, nnd 
if she do not sell yt then I will y'' after hir deth the aeide 
houee and landes shall go to my doughter Anne Mytforthe and 
hir children and hoires lawfully of hir bodye begotten for ever. 
Also I will that Roger Mytforfch have for the behove of hia and 
hire children Is li.j y' is to wytt, in moneys, playte and ware, 
after the trewe rate and value therof at the discrestijon of 
myne exeontrixe. I will that Roger Mytforthe have a 
Btandyng gylto cuppe. To my doughter Anne Mitforth a 
spongede pece domy giltod, T,vith a coverynge. I will y* the 
seide Roger have the eeidc logacea before reserfid to hym and 
Ilia children, ao y*- the saide Roberta make eeale and delyverye 
nnto my wyfi' a geneiall actjnytance in due forme to be 
devysede by councell learnyde of my aeide wyff, orellea all the 
seida logacea to be voide and of none eCecte. I will y* 
Dorothe Bothe have xxVx. of my wyff yf she and hir huabonae 
will make and gife hir n geTiorall ncqnytance, or ©lies nothyng 


aL fill. 1 will that John Sjnglstoii syuge (uv mo ami my Eathur 
Dud niotliDra souUca, aud M' Joliii Uaderwoodaa aoulle, and for 
my wyves eoules, and for all Christen aoules, syxo yeres, yerly 
to have for his wages xl s., and to hnve las boorde with my wyfi 
duryiig the seide yeres. I will that my brother Roberts 
Dawell, doctor, Archedeact>a of Northumberlotide, hy {sic) my 
SHpruvysor of tliis my will, to whoni& I give a rjall. Also j' 
my brother Richardo Blaxtoimc havo towarde his lyvyag at 
the diacrescyon of my wyff. Also I will y' Amie Deyne have 
vj 8. vii] d., Agnea Laxtone vj is. Tiij d., Christofer Blasetono 
iiij markes. AJbo y' my brother "Willyam Chartseyt; and my 
sister, his wiff, have ij Angell noblee. Also that my sister 
Swynborne have a noble. Also that Mary Chertaeye, at the 
diacrescyou of my wyff, have xx U. Also that John Panteraon 
[have a uoble. Also that Nicholas Sharpraye have a noble. 
John Atkynaoiio a nuble. Agnoa Glower ij s. My wyfE my 
aoole esecutrixe, to whorae I give all the reaydue of my goodes. 
WytnesG, M' Doctor Dawell, Archydyacon of Northumberland©, 
M' Willyam Blythman, gentilman, uotarye pnblilcej M' George 
Dawell, marchaunte. Sir John Syngolton, and Sir Barthram 
Ilftrtquycke, preestes, 

(Proved 14 ApiU. 1640.) 

[Crurawsll, 16.1 
22 Sept., ISSt*. Gesorgfi Borrell, merthaunt, of Newcaatell 
uppou Tyne. To be buryed in tho churche oE Saiiite Nicholas 
before owr lady aiilter and under the greato stone nexte unto 
Mayst&r Braudlyug, and I make my exeoutors my wife 
Margarett Borrell and my cowsen James Lawson. I will that 
my wife havo the thyrde of all my landea without the towne 
according to the lawe, also my howse that I dwell in during her 
life, and after her decease I give yt unto John Bon-ell, aon nntu 
William Borroll, decenaed, my eyre, and to the heires of hia 
body, allweyse provided yi hia mother will be contente to take 
her rente of my tenementea yorely as they payde to mo in tymo 
pjiste withowta trowfaling the tenementes by hyr or anny in hip 
name, and she to be bonnde by obligation with suorties she and 
her husband, then I will that John Borrell havo the howso 
after the deceaao of my wyfo yf she will perfoumio as is 
aforaeayde. And y£ she will not then 1 will that my dowghter 
Klizabeth Lylboruo hare yt, and the heires of her body, paying 
yeroly to the howse of Tynmontb xb., and to the howes of 
Bodas viij a. iiij d., and faylyng of her yflsuo I give yt 
Alexaundep Borrell and to his heirea. To the churche warke 
and for my layre stone xx 8. To the iiij orders ot fe'^e^'&'ft.^Jca^ 



guulh bofore me every ocm of them a boll of rye. I will lliat 
all thr preoBtBB of tbu liij cliurclies go beforo me. I will that 
B prtffsta siuge for me n yere, and to have for his stipend 
vij uiarkes. Unto Mayetor Sir George Lawaon a ryoll, to itiv 
lady his wyfo a ryull. To my cowssbq JaniHS Ijawaoii a ryoll, 
to my cossen his wyfe a ryoll. To my cowasen Edmonds 
LawKfin and his wyffe a i-jr'oll. To (JiitlKi-te Bluritc and his 
wiffe a ryoll. To Jninoft Feiiwyke and hia wyfe a noble. To 
uiy cowsacu Thoiuas Laweon w noble. To George Bartrmin 
iii s. iiij d. i will thut my wyfo take half a chalder of ryo and 
Ifivu it ujipou Tliursduyii iioxto corny iig to .\x-tij of my 
iifyghbours that is moosto iiedefidlj eche oon of them a 
kciiiynp. To John Borroll, when be cumelh to the yercs of 
jcxi, vj li. xiija, iiijd., mid Kobyrt bylboi-ao lo have tbu sayde 
money in (custody, and ho tn he boinidL" to my cuiVBcn James 
LnwRon for the delyvery of tlio same, und yf yt ehulde bc» 
happen tlint John ahuldo dyo before the age of Jcvj then 1 will 
the aayde vj li. xiij h. iiij tl. romnyne to my dowghter lilizabeth 
Lyiboriic. I give Mabell tiiy oou Williama dowyhter iiijli., io 
JVlarptarett liia dowf^bter iiijli., jirovyded that there mother 
fidfyll all Buohc Hrticlea tui is before written, or vMes they never 
to have peny of this eight jioiiude. And thin might poundea to 
be pntl in the ciiHtody of Alexamlor Borrell, ami yf they doo 
noc marry before the yores of xx" of age then 1 will that they 
have their mony. And if they dyo then I will fcbufc the 
viij poundeti com to tho baudes of John Borrell, and iu dofawto 
of bis inHue to my dowgbter Khaabeth imd her heirea, and in 
dofawtB U) AJoxaiidor Borrell. To Willm Borrell my brother 
Bi>ii iiij li. To Edward drove iiij b. To EliEabetb Watson my 
brothers dowghter x «. To my brothers dowghter Katherino 
Rewellaye x a. To my son Bobert Lylbomo iiij li. To 
Alynaunder Borrell iiijli., and T will that »iy wyfe give to 
my dowghter Eliwibetn iiijli. The residue 1 roniytt to the 
dii^ereciun of my executors. Sir John Rage, proesly, Gerrard^ 
I'Wwyku, man:h&unto, Thomas Lawson of Candlyngton^ 
RKquire, Outberte Bluiite, march it nil te, with olbor moo. 
lPtov«(l 6 Nov., ieii9.] 


ICniiuwIJ. rj.j 
S Jan., 1539—10. Crietolfer Mitforde, of Ncweastoll apea 
tliB Tyiie, gentylman. To ba buryed within the churche of 
Seynt Nycolae befuro o' Ladies alter sis nygh my iato wyffo 

* K mcTcbaat nnd uMermikii of Newaabtle. Ilia (oa Obriatoplior'^ will ia 
Vrtntcd in r>uth'ii'i Willi, lot U, 80 (Surtcon' Sodeljl. 8oa nlnti ft pedigree o( 

Mitford in FUm^r't I'uiintian «/ Yorktliirc. 



Isal)t-1! fls coiiveiiyoiitly iim^e ha. To tlio vicarye »>£ ihu 
touiif fur ull my forgottea tythea iijs. iiij d. To mj sonne 
Fi-ancys My tfordd tor liia portion cxvj !i. xiij s. iiij d., with my 
liiaat; of the mnnor raansyun of Heton in tlie countio of 
NortliuiubuHoiidj but upon conilycon thnt the said Fraimoes 
sbail staud to this my will fiud beqiieet, and if he at any tTuiu 
rofuse BO to doo then I give the aaid leaaa to CriBtoffwr 
Mytfcirdt! my sonnc, and Francis to take hia iLdvauntagi; 
ollierwyse uf my g'uudi's fts the lawo shall give hym. To my 
said sonue Criatut'ei- My tfordo for his porcyou cxvj li. xiij s, iiij d., 
my dymyaaoiiH of Oviiigharn cole pyttes of Elswiko in the 
countie of Nurthuinhoflonde, Bnfcterby tiuil Kiblesworth in the 
countie of Diiresrae, duryng all such yeres as he couteynyde 
in fcliu stniic dimiriHionw. To Christufer niy Sonne ray houasu 
wliHi-in I dwt)!! within the towne of Nowcu^tell, with the collars 
adioynyng to the same, uiid all inanner of implcmentua cwn- 
toynyde. That is to seye all manuor of beddyiig, ohymtiDyJi, 
]iapry, copbordt's, chistoa, faruio vaasotl, ami all manner of 
houshold stuff, uiy plate only excepi&d. To my sonuu fiartram 
Ordo and Sibill his wyft', iiiy Uoughterf liftuu puuiiduB, and if 
Bartrani bo contontid witb the sumo 1 give to Henry Orde 
liie Bontic sxli.. aiul to hie aoniii) Rubtc* Ordo .x:cli., and W 
sache Ibsug jis my swido doughter Sibill is iiowe adiudged to ho 
with, be yfc man or ffomiiu, xsli. To Henry Braiidelynge and 
Margerett his wyfe fyftie poundes yf IJie seide Ilenry w31 
accepts the same for lua aeido ivyfes pori;you, other wise to 
talce bir advainitage as the lawe wille. I will a good bonesto 
aud virtuouae prec-at shull i»ray for the liulth of my Boulc 
dnryug iiij yores uyxte after my departyn^. and my cxeciitoum 
ycrly to pay the prest vij marckcs. I will y"- myiie oxccoutoures 
shall bye a threwgh atone and laye upon ray mother in Seynt 
Andrewoa Church. I will y'' myne exeutours shall fynde a 
preste of my coste« to syng" for tbe lieltb of tbc sowles of 
Wyllyam Shaftowo and othc-r bis frondoa durjTJg on hole yero 
after my departare, at wLicb churche the frendes of th« a&id 
Willyam Shitflowo shall name and myn cxeutours s!iall paye 
to tlie preeat for the same yere vij nmrckes. To Jane Mitforde 
my brothers dciighter, nowo boing tit London, xij h., no that 
she followe the advvse of riiyn cxecntoars in htr mariage. To 
my novcwe John MytforJo xxli., ao y^ he will roiiewe my lease 
of Heton to my aoiine Cristoffer for twenty yeres mo then in the 
fieide lease ys eonteynydo, and if he will nut do so thun I will 
llial myn execatoors aliall payo yerlya x!ts. to the said John 
my novowe duryng sx yeres in recompence of snch profittes as 
1 have taken upon the grounde of Heton. 1 will that, myn 
Dxt'ctitoura shall at my eoatos fynde a preste to syng for the 
iielth of my aoulu, of Wyget Harbotle, EB(yi>j»ii'iafc ^«i.^^'5.-«ei 



or at Oviugbiiui, during au holli^ yere after uty departure, and 
paye vij ntai'ckes for hia saluryo. To ovei-yo of teiiii poore 
huabonumen TJ s. vijj d. To ercryo on of tenn pyore mayd&as 
niaryitgo vj s, v-iijd. townrdea theire dyiiiiera in ttio dtiyes of 
tlieire maryagos. The rest of all my goodos to Crystofer 
Mytford my sonne, wtom I tnalco executoiir. I make Kobte 
Lewyn aaperriaour. Ti> my fi-endo John Lyimo twoo double 
diicattes. To my hrotlier John Mytforde a cowe, » lode of 
whoate, and a crowne. To Peter Henxysoii my aervauiit a 
rydyng jucket whorm 1 do rjd and vj a. viij d. in moneye- 
[ProTed 7 Feb., 153^-10.] 

[Orumwell, 19.] 

16 Jan., 1639—10. Robert Cremor, of Newe castcll upon 
Tyno, marchaunte. First, I beqaeitli my bouIo nato Altnyghtio 
God, to the celesbiaU company of heven, my bodio to be buried 
in the ohnrche of Alhallowes in the towne of Newecastell 
besides Seiaot Aanes alter there. To AgTies my wyfe all my 
landes for tormo of bir tyfo, after tho docesBe of my saiiie 
wyfe unto George Cremor my aonne and his heirea, and for 
defalto of auche issue onto Elisabeth Crearaor, iny daughter 
and hir heirea. Unto Edithe Sympaon my serraunte xl a,, 
tho worst of my throe beat gcwnes. To Thomas Creamor, 
goldesmythe, iij li. vj s. viij d. To Willyain Johnson, of 
Gatishede, hia chyraneye and iij peces of peuter which lithe in 
pledge for viij a., bo y' the saide Willyara do paye unto my 
execntours viij e. Uato my cuirate Sir David Tailor iij s. iiij d. 
which 1 have paide. To Eleno Colson xs. To Kateryn 
Glagge xs. To Robte Cremor, sonne of tho saids Thomas 
Cremor, xxvj s. viijd. I will y* Stcvyn Thomson, preete, 
synge and praye for my soala during oniio yere, and I give 
unto bymvh. To Lauronco Kocberabye my Bervaiinte vjli. aud 
iij li, over. The residue to Agnes my wyfe, George my sonnej 
and Elysaboth my dougliter, whom I make executonrs, and 
Aiidrewe Bewicke, uiarebaantG,Buperviaour. WytneMse, David 
Taylour, Stovyn Thompson, preastes, Thomas Creamor, gold- 
smyth, Edumnde Lambton, Richarde ClyfFn, and tjaurenoe 
Rokeabyo, marehauntea, and Edith Sympson, with other. 
[Proved 21 Feb.. \m~W.] 

[Oruiuwell. 19,] 
19 Feb., 1&39'— to. Mariory Wrenne, of Sherbiinio houop, 
wyddowe. To be buiied witlun the quyre of Mary Magdelyn 

• Thcro IB a pcdlKTM of Wrenn &! BlQcbo&lCT in DurAaM VitiMtioiu, edited 
kr Jcsopb Fostur, p. S3T. 


nygli uniu my Ittisbando. To iho bryng-Ing furlh tlio dayc of 
my l)iLri«]l xx li., wlierof I will xxxa, be given for a trontall 
of inasaea to be dnno tbo sn-me clayo, and xle. therof to be 
d«lt. to pcKire people at Bamachnsteli and sx s. to poors pDoplc 
at Aiiklonde. To an bonest presto to aynge iiij yeres for the 
Noules of my buabondo and mo and Aittbouyu my suiiiie xvj li., 
also I give for a yerly olibet to ba done fclie space of x yerea 
next tho daye after my buryall at the churche where ray 
husbondo dofcli lye yf it maye bo done there covonyentJye 
iij li. vj s. viij d., and lykwyae for the saulos of my father and 
mother and the soulee before reherside iij li. vj s. viij d. To 
the upholding of the enornamcuton of o' Ladies porch in 
Barnachastell vj s. \'iii d., to be prayed for. To the cbaruhe of 
Siiarboiirne honso ij abbas, ij amaBseZj Jj alterclolhea, and 
ij towelles, aud to the high alter of Pyttiiigtou church on alter 
cloth of foure yardee length, and to the high alter of Kellows 
church© on alter cloth of foure yardes lengtli, to be prayed 
for. To everye on nf the iiij pi-eates of the house iij 3. iiijd. 
to pray for mo, and to Sir Riclini-de Johnson of Esyiigton 
iij s. iiijd,, and to Sir Thonuts Ciitberde iij a. iiijd. to praye 
.for tne. To the buylding of Shynkley bridge, yf yt be 
buyldtde ageyne vj li. xiija. iii] d.^ and if it bo not 
buyldyde agayne 1 will tbe money to be delta emongest 
pnore people. Unto my sonn Pi'budcjs Kylyngball and my 
doughter Kateryu hia wyffe all my corno aowen and uiieowen 
and xij drawo oxon with waynos, ploiiglies and other 
appurteuances which I have at Middletou George, and 
xtj atootea, vij acowre shepe and foure going at Wynghous 
bcsid«a his awno goodes whichc he hatlie going alt Hartbouo. 
The residue o£ my moveable goodes going at Myddleton 
Geoi'ge and at Hartboae 1 will go the ptrf^rmauce of this 
my will. To my donghter Kateryii aforstiid a dowsen sylver 
Bpooaez, a sylver salte which lith iu pledpe of foure markoe, 
orollos the money yf yt be loused, a garniahe of penter veseell, 
a bason with a ewer of powter, a dowaon potagera and oversee 
coveringe and my best coanteir clothe. To my sonne Jerrerd 
Salveyne and my doughter Eleyoner his wyffe xxiij'' kye with 
theire calvo8, which I hftvo going at my inkupt at Crocdaytl, 
and a hurdreth hogge going of other my groundes. Unto my 
doughtor his wyffe a dowayn sylver sponyrt whiclie 1 mailc last, 
a garnisho of pewter vesscll, an ovoraoc coveryng, a coupbordo 
cloth, and fouro markes in money to hye a sylver ssilt. To 
my son Howlande Maddeeon and my doughter Jane Ins wyffe 
I xvij" atottes and v spoire shepe going at my iukeat at Udy, and 
'nnto my doughter Jane a dowsyn aylvcr sponys wherof vj ya 
in theiro awne handea, ij sylver saltea with a cover, a garnirtUv. 
of pewter veasell and oversee <»ver^iig%^\'i'ft.^«,o- 'iioi>HAKit'*^rf^' 



To my aoniio flcffreye a dowayn ui my liuat (itiyBabeuB, a dysper 
bordoclotli, H Gpervur uf rwl siad grenw whic lie hath ia his; 
handea, n tounttircloth, au iryn chymiieye in the Btuwardes 
chamber, a .sylvpi- siilto double gilte with a cover, ou goblett 
giltti, xiij nylvcr epouys, iiuirkit with t]i' appoetlea, nud after 
iiyiu I will the Htiid goublelte, salt and tliirtene Kjlver sponyis 
rt'DiiijTie and gu tu his uldetst ^uiiii, nnd in dutauitu, I will he 
givo thoin uiitij oiiu uE Lis Iruiidoa to praye for mo. Unto uij 
bi-othcr Clinslwller Wrunno and Uj my sun and aotiiiee WrL-nm:, 
pttber of them a riall iu goldc'. To my son Cutbarde Wrouni' 
xl a, to thenttiQtu be ahall by bousholde stuff ty tlie same valae, 
Rnd to my dmif^htor PurkyuFon xl s. To my sister Wylsou my 
Lost kirtle. To my boq Wyllyamc Wroiinu v li., vj sylver 
Kpuuys, R iiiatteresj a l'«lher hwd, a bolster, twoo payw of 
lynnyii sbuttos, iiii oversee covering lyiide, and to my duughter 
Keiidull oa inattTus, a fetliuibt'dd, a bulsUsr, a payer of 
bLnukettes, a puyor oi" tjheltes, uud oversee covoryug uulyude. 
To ray nevewe Ilauft" Wakerlyld x\s. and too sylvur spoones, 
and to eythor of his twoo brethren a kye with a calf, aod to 
evorye on of his two systers a payer of shettes. To Mathewe 
Hyude xls., i\ fely stage, and his beddyug which he Ijth iu, 
and to his suater bilyzuliL'th ii payt-r of abettwa, a gown©, ii 
kirtlo. To Autoiiye Bucke .\I s., mid to KtiufT Bucke and 
Thomas But;ke t-ither uf tht^in vja. viij J. To my aervauute 
Hoiiry Laweou a fely atagge of tbre ycrus olde and twoo wbyes 
or alias xxs. To every* Queryster within Sbarburn honse 
iiij d.j and deacons viij d. To every mun servauut within my 
howsf viij d. and ij yariles uf hardyn cloth. To everye woman 
servaunt a whye stirke. To Marioryc Blythman a whye with 
a calf, a matfceres, a. payer of hlankcttea, a paier of shcitea, a 
coverlet, a bolster. To Simon Bilbie a whie with n calfe, and 
to Robert Wren, sone of fiarmanswey Willm Wren, a wliio 
fitirke. To Willm Harryson a colto stagge or a felie, and to 
his doughter Marion a wide atirkc. The residue of my 
hon^hold »tufl' I will be equally devided emongea my thro 
donghteis Jane, Elonor, and Katerinc, saviuge that they shall 
lojvo suebe atuff and pt-rteyniuge tlie Blocke of Sherborne 
house, whiclie I am bound to do and leave at the same hooHc, 
AU the reaidue of my goodes I will ho at the ordre of GofFray 
my son, whoaue I make oxeoiitur, and I desicr Sir Itubcrt 
Itnwea, knight, and my cosiii 'I'homas Blenkonsopp to be 
eupervisuiirs, and 1 wdl Sir Ilobort IiBve for bis puynea 
vj li. xiij 8. iiij d., and tliHt he havt the manage of IsabL-ll 
PerkinBoa, and Thomaa Bleiikinsopp have xla. Witnesses, 
Sir Willm Tod«, curate, S' CittbberL Bell, Sir Robert ReHou, 
Sir Thomas Cucbbert, Sir Itajf Crawe, preiatet Matliew Hindo. 

[Pravsa 3 ApL-Ll, U40.] 




[Cromwel], 18.] 
6 Mar., 1539-iO. 
chapma,D, My bodie 


Jamea Jillysoji, of jyorlhuukloudc, 
lu l)e burieclii within tbu cliuirhu of 
Seyiite Andrea above my inestrca Lilburne 8©ttea. To tha 
wftrkes i_>f tho snide cburclio for my laypr stone iij s. iiij d. 'J'o 
the liigho iiltur of tlio seide churche for ofremiideB imd tbo 
tytlies furgotton ijs. To tho psrisho preste xij cl. To Jolt u 
Kleeoii nay Ijrother xl s. luid my bayt gavment. To Robt 
Chauraber aiy kyaeman x! s. To Mfti-gfirut Allysun ij ryidles in 
goldo. To Margartitl* Whortoti xiija. iiij d. To Kfiteryn 
Wcyght rny soiraurit iij 8. iiij d. To Jane Hlakboriie and hir 
sister ij Ijoiindu of lynu. To tbc amending tif Nowton Bridge 
yj s. viij d. To Riclmrde Stovynaoii vvyefFe a, yardo of the boat 
lyno ill the ahoppe. To tlie bmbber of Collmge for dirige and 
maene in tJio day of my bjriaH xs. To Sir John GyUys a. 
silver spone with an imago of tho ciido gilte. Tha rest of my 
goodea I give inito Einotu S(;nirgwham my doiighter cbild, 
whom r make my sole exeeutoi' to dispose sis sho tliitikcs best 
by advise of Autoiiye Rolisou mid Jolin aon of tlie eeide 

Aiitotiye. I coiiytitatu Mr Doctor , chamicetore to my 

lorde of Durosiae, Hiipervisor, and I give liyni an oldo rialle iu 
goldo. WitnesBos, jiihii Ednell, Autonye Rohsoii, Koborto 
AlaiiBun, Hiid Hicbarde Stovyiison. 

[Provod (no dnte).) 

[Spert, 8.] 
12 Miir., 1589-40. Margarett Uyfcher, wydowe. To tlic 
high aultcr of Heddyngham Costell Churche for (tirig$ and 
vuixne for my husbande sowlo, mv sowie, and all Chri.'stiiin 
sowtea, xs a. To the high aulter of the cbur^^ho of KIrea Colno 
iij ». iiij d., of Seynt Gyloa churche in Mapiilstcd iij a. iiij d. 
I will that withiu the yero oon dingo ami masxe be soiigo 
within the parishc cburcho o£ Wakefeld within the countie of 
Yorko for my somle, my fsither (uid molher sowlos, and all 
Christian sovrlea, and I give to tlio samo xx e. To my ladie 
DauiQ Marie Kingston ray ringe of gold with tlic fyve woundes. 
To M" Jan& Brewes my lardgeat payro of beadee. To my 

* It i^ (tifllcutt to Ea; who thii iaSy was, as her auiiden name dues □oIi 
npiMU'. Sir William Iljtlier. ol Ryther, marriiiil Gleanor, iJaughl,iiT ot Sk.Iohti 
b'iUwillifLCQ , of .Siifotborouyli. He hiid a joanic^r gun Nicbcilns ((jitbcr of John 
Rjther, who anoceediid to the SimicroU ostuti'), ivhiiso wife'& name is avt itixtcd 
in tha pedifcteo, Blie minlit liaru hoon thti aliove tpstrttri*. who seema to hn»c 
Imii some aonneulioii with thi» Da Vaiv ((imily ol Hoddiaghnm Ca«Io and tho 
KiWwiUiiLmB, iii;uoriliti(5 to ihii will. 



ladvc Dftrao Fraancoa Seyntclere a ryaU. To M"Kliaabeth 
Redo lier tlougliter ooue dolilo docket of goold. To Robert 
Soyntcloro liir broth er, my godaong, on oldo noble. To 
M" Ursula Bruwes late sonne oon angell. To M"" Robert 
Rochester oon imgeil. To M" Eb'znbeth Brewes ray spoae of 
sylvur with a squyrrell of theitt3e. To Miatres Klizabetli Lovell 
my sponc of sylvor with the letters of J and R at thoudo. 
To M" Jane Fithwilliam my best parllet uE Llake velvet. To 
M" Klizabsth Miche my gowno ()f blako clothe, to Miatres 
Auno Ooldingham uou payre of i^heetea. To Mysters Emlyn 
yadbyo my payre of beades of blacke jette gawded with beados 
of sylver and gjlt with awinbor abowto the gardes. To my 
Sonne John Ryther my maryiug niige, my l>uwlo of sylver, my 
two golilottea of sylver Vi-jth. one cover, and oon sovem-igii ut 
goUle and six spouea of sylver slipped. To John Ryther his 
sontio my ryng witli a rubby, aix spownea of aylver with 
knonpes of theudes and one ryall. To his doiighter EliKabeth 
Rytnor my payre of lieadee of sylver gowdyd with golde, six 
uew spoDc^s, oon ryiill of golde, and ray two saltes of sylvor 
and gilt with one cover. To M' Robert Skerue oou angoll. 
To Maryo Tumor a payre of uhoetE?a. To wydowo Porter a 
black gowne. To Elyno Nychollos one payre o£ ehetes. To 
Agnes my raayde oon kerchif. To M' John Danyell, of 
Measyag, oou sufferyn. To bis wyfo oon payre of shotteft. 
To her daughter Alice my new spone of sylver slipped at 
thende. To her doughter Anne oon kerchiife of lynyn. To 
her doughter Jane oon korehief, to Margaret Danyell oon 
kerchif and oon rayle of lynyn. To Robert Towncley, vicar 
of Messyng, to praye for my aoule, one aagell. To Sir John 
Morteyn, M' DanyolU cbapleyn, one angell. To ray sonne all 
my goodes not beqnethed. To my god-doughtcr Mary Rythor 
my ring of gold with a bocke riibboy, oon of my fotlierbeddea 
with a bolster, one long pilliiwo of downo, oon payre of 
fustyans, my coiintcrpoynt of vorders with rosea, oon payre of 
ahetes, this given after the writing of my will by reason of 
manage haddo betwixte my sayd eonne and doughter. 
[Proved 31 July. 1642.] 

[AlGUgftf, 24,] 

18 May, 1540. George Matheson, marchannt, of Kinges- 
towne upon Hall. To be buryed in our Lady church of Hull, 
or elles in the pariahB uhui'cbe where yt shall please Ood to 
call mo out of this world. I bei^uotb xxs. to byo a cauapie for 
tho Sacramuut in my cliurche at IThII. To my cosyn William 
Swan, my aervaunt and kyusman, Ixvj s. riij d. To my nophew 



Roafe Watson lx%-j a. ■viijii. To inv mm Kti^ialH^tlt Smilliit 

Ixvj a. vitj d., and to echo of hor oluldrvn \l h. To KtiiAlirlh 

WolliecVo xxTJli. xiijs. iiij d. To Mnry l^irlrvclio »xll, T<i 

my s«olor, M' Pentland in Oxford*', Ixvj ». viijd. To in-ory 

poor houBebotdor in Hull xij d. To ovory timino of iiiriNmiiidttwu 

nt null 18., ftud to the iiro8nii<»rfi lit Mull xx m. Th l!m 

ropamcotis of my nuriubc cliurctio nt Ilnll xIh. To my litnio 

ArcLebisaliop of Yot'ko my best staiiJiiin vuy witli tlic covop 

eilyer and gilto, boing in valor zx M., ami to M' A rl liiir liarro ib 

flylver capp parcel! gilt. To myn hoHt .Snin]tK<)ii Aiidi'loy xx»,, 

and OB moclie to hie wyfo i»y hoHlico. To M' linunlimlty 0110 

of myn nlo cnppe of sylver and part-i'll (fjlt,, '\'v oi'liu of iriy 

preDtyaes bein^ in my r<orvi<io xl n. Tu (trim of tny ifodnoim ut 

'But] xijd. To Henry 'I'hiiriTaflo xxh. To tlm iiiondjiig of 

echi: of the throe high wuyon from HoldornuN to lifrrorlRV luid 

Anlabyf* to Hull xxi. Tu Klisaboth His on and Ut Kolitt, 

Maters to my said wyfc, cythttr of lht.<m xl ft. Tu J'fliit M'litill 

.one of my ale ouppm nylver And j)arc«ll gilt. Tu tli» 

' manage of rj por m&yden*, to eelia of thvm vjo. rlijd. To 

tbexibicioa of six KxAen, throo At Oxford iirid f;)in* nt 

Cambridgo, to eebe of tbem xx m., And ri Ut if* d)«lribnM>d trj 

tnj lorde Arcbbinboip of Yorfca. To Autut my wyh untJ aM 

wastbooM wberia 71 a old hmtI* Asd « <Atiit Utfinnf frbrnJlrif; in 

greAte daanf^er of water wbioM lUuMUAn tn mm l^l«tfl gAftifu 

<tO]i«Uier. To Asm ssy y^yf*! aH m/ l«nHW«, l«M»M<miM< 

f nnteA^ mrneem, and fmmUM tlfcrrof t/^j fifJM am lr« mU &I1 httf 

[plaA««t and all omwmkm* ^fiftfU^^, m p)k\:^, iif»t<^^i,f^ t^t, 

and an nij dalvfaM, 8*4 f maJcn my «jrf« tttji MtMWl^rtx. 

r,ami WafaMM K«w«,«rii»li nfbn. 

....... . , , , , , , ,^.^^_ 


linmiawr. « ;fil)t^*#:t 



other haulf of my oulde piSWtor voesdl and brasae at Caldbeck, 
ami my cloke and a teatoiir pay nteil, and a newe cheyre and 
the Bpmee chest which ia in my Ktle charaber. To Henry 
Seron my servniint a fetherbedde, a boulster, a coveryng of 
tapeaterie worke, a atandyoe boed with testour n,ud curteyiiea 
of redJe niid grene, and all tlie han^yngos and a briiase morter 
with a pcstell, and a sylrer sponn nnd the cnpbord stftadinj^ in 
the jwrlor, so that his lathor and mofchwr havo tlmse therof. 
To Richard Heed, soolar at Cambridgej all my bokes not 
hereafter bequeithed, and all my rayment at Lng-hbnrowe and 
hII the lyncn gearo, a litle sparver of Dornix, nod a covsryng 
f(3P a bodde of greno silclce, and another which was bought by 
Syp Richard Gppyn, n,nd a pair of blankettea and ij pillow^s, 
find n jakofc and a doublet of cbamblet, and niy gowno of 
pewke with blacks cotton without a hood*", and my violet 
gowno withe the lioode, and tj pfdra of the best shelea at 
Caldtieck, and a bnson and ewer, And my akarlet and my 
murnij gowno, and y] aylver fipories at Lughborowc, ten 
[iniind ill iiioiioy to fyndo hym at scole oTor that money whicli 
I hadde of his in kepyng. To John Rudd, my Tvephe at 
Ijondon, a fethorhed with a bolBter, a matree, a pillowo, twoo 
oovt! riettes, one pair of blankettes, find all fchp shetes at London 
and tke bost chee^tt tUero, and a, litle lettcon wilh a coffer and 
n loko upon it, the table and (.re-sfcell.H, ij chearus, n litle stole, a 
pnire of anndyrons, and auclie bokes as he will cJioaa there, 
li formes, twentie pounde in money to fynd hym at his leniyng, 
'lo eche odd of syatep Jenet Sorons douglitcrs u sylverspone of 
those which are at Caldbecke and twentye sliilfiiigea, and to 
twoo of my syater Anuet^ donghteTs, eohe of them a eylver 
sponu and ilj li. vj s. viij d., and if all thre dye before they be 
mai'ieil then John Itiidde to have it. To the anid twoo maides 
my nnefcer Aunea doughters all the newe pewdor and braase 
VGssoll which camt' from London, &e. To my twoo syaters 
Jenet and Agnes all my pewder pottea great and small. To 
every poore house in Caldbeck iiij d. To Sir Bobert Stockes, 
my cousyn in London, Summa Antliouini, and to his mother a 
silver spono, and to his father another. To Syr Richard 
Greno, poroch prest at Iligbborowe, my blacks gowne, my 
great tihest, the testor in the parlour, surama Anthonini, 
Sermon ea Richardi, one part of t^aint Ambroae workes, 
AlLaimsius upon Poolesepistels, Theophilactus of tbegospelles, 
aurama Angelica Rymonis Jnnensii^, a ehaffyng diahe, &c. To 
Syr Willm Pislipoll, Saint Thomas snppr epiatolas Pauli and 
the bible in fouro Tolumes. To Thos. Bamyngbaia, William 
Cleri;k, Henry Fletcher, vicar of Tonne Mallyiig, John Botbe, 
books. To the reparaoons of the church at Caldbookc ten 
b]] illino'ee. The itsidue of ali my goodes to Jenel/ >lerun and 



Ajinofl RiiiKlo tiiy sust^rs pgally, and I innke Heiipy Horcm 
thotdfi- Btiil Houry Fletdier oxeciitoi-a. 

[Provei] 30 Oct,. IfiiO,] 

[Aleagar, 2T-] 
16 Aug., 1540. I, Jolin Wriglite, uf PI ugli elftncle witliin 
the parjsbe of Wellwycke, umku triy will. My body to bo 
buryed within the hallr>wid grounde. To John Wrighto 
xli, To Klysubetho Wrigbte x)f. To Charlies Wrixhte 
V mareoa. Tu John Clongb v marces. To Willinm Bucko 
xl 8. To Rjcharde Bramley, his wyfe, xl a. To ©very 
one of Richard Smytlies cliilderno xl s. To George 
Clougiio xl a. To William Pycharde xl a. To Margaret 
Hetit V marces. To William Batteraby v inarces. To Richarde 
Curie xiij a. iiij d. To tlie vycar of Wclwycke vj s. viij d. To 
Johu Archules vj s. "viijd. To Willintii Herdrnaii ijs. To 
Thomas Ciirtor vj s. viij d. To Roulond MuiTcy vjb. viij d. 
To Elyno vj a. viij d. To Agues ij b. viij a. Item to 
Elyaaboth. To Julymi ij a. To Geoi-ge Thorpe and his wiffe 
foure quarters of wlieate. To Jolin Fei-nii and his wyfe foure 
quflvtera of whete. To -lolin Poatyiie tn syiige for my suule 
vij yeres xl a. the yero, to wayte on my wyfe witbe meatrP and 
diynke. To the churche of Welwyke vji", viijd. To the cburche 
of Patriiigton v a. To the olmrche of Hollyn vj s. viij (1. To Lbe 
cbuvcho of Holmoton vj s. viij d. To my wyfe nil my plato and 
her goodes that she broughte with her. To Ilobert Wrigbte 
my eoniie nil my plate. Also I wyll t]ia.t Sir William ConBtahle, 
kulghte, Sir Raufe Ellerberj knighie, Master B;ibthorp(>, 
eaquier, and Master GryajstoL, eaqiiier, to bo sapervysora. Tho 
reaydiie noto Bobert my soiine, whumo I malce my executour, 
Wytnesaes, the vycar of Wellwyte, my i-nrnte, Bartilmow 
Thorpe, gentylmaii, WyllyaiQ Cliayre, and Joha Parker. 
(Proved i April, 1541.] 



[Spett, 9.] 

U Jan., 1540-1. I, Sir Godfray Foliambe, of Walton 

Hall ID the Countie of Derby, knight, being of good, hole and 

'AMordiog to Glovet'e Vii'itatiun, p. U.5, Johu Wtight, of Plowknd, ems 
Borvanl to King Honty Vin, cnmo out o£ Kent, and uiarrii-d Alios, ilailKhtor (tiiil 
eo.lieireaa o! John Byther. His son ILohert,, by his aeaonil marriiige with Uranli!, 
Rudiitiin, liad two soub, John and Christopher Wcislit, who wuru enganeJ in iho 
aunpnwilei' Flat nnl ln«t their lives. 

I Tlie Koljamlms wvra u, Uerbyaliiro (umiij originallj, Vittt ea.\ftft SAXti*t*»>.'«'4 
by the inurriiiBeH of the tostator"a eiaeat «m, fe Skbumi, Va fcSuM, ««^j«« ^-'^'^ 



pcrfytt mynde, iievcrLlielesse siclce in my body, cciisidcrmg the 
ntit^rten tyine of conlynnuivnce in this preBent lyfe, malfe this 
my last willf. Tuwclniig ray goodea nnd cnttallea and all my 
mnvealilcs to and fnr the pleasir of AJmyghtie God, helthe of 
iijy Hoiile and welthe of my postoritie, cliildern and servaiinteB, 
and others i»y lovers ftnd freiadea in maner and fonne 
hprenfter fnlowiiig, and eneuyiig. First I coniend and bequetli 
my sunle lo Almygbty God, my Sfivyor and redemer Jesha 
Ciisto, tliurgb w}io»e mjiroy and by the meritos ot his passion 
1 liTjat to be a saved soiile, and to our blessed Lady fieynt 
Mfiry, Seyat John baptist, aiid all the huly corapanye in hevyn, 
humbly bt-sccliing tbem to pray unfcti our sayd Savyor Jeshu 
Criste to accept the same to his bigb gracej marcy and endeles 
joyo. And my body or kercaa to be buryod in the pai-isbe 
tthnrtrhe of All Sayiit^a in and at Obeaterfeld in the Cbapell of 
Saynt George there besides ray lady my wyfe. Also I bequeth 
to niy mortuary as the Lawys tlterfoi-o made and eatablislied 
dotliG ose and roqnire. Also I give and bequeth to the 
mother churches of Coventry and Lichfeld, to eyther of them 
[Bovei-ally vj b. viij d. Also I will tliat my son Jamoe, whomo I 
'ordeyu and mate ray full and sole executour of this my last 
will, shall se ouuse and provide that my body or korcas be 
brought home to my buryall and my tuneralles, messes and 
dirigea, with all other siiftrag-es and obsequiea to be done 
and myiiistred for my soule ftnd all Christian soules, to the 
plmsuri! of God, heltho of my soule, and according as worship 
rt'i|njTL'th aftL'r my dogroe and power of my costes and 
charges. And that my awerdo, helmet with thu heest upon 
the hedd of yt, and my cote arraure to be hanged over my 
tombo and there to remayo for ever. Also I wilt that the t^o 
greatest saltes that T Tiave (exoept one) with a cover lo them 
belonging whiclie ben doblo gylt and my annes in the toppe 
with my wyffes armos, a bason and an ower of sylver parcel! 
giltc with an egle in tho myddee and a pooaye (seying it ya 
good to have a long throote), two standing cappes wlierof 
thone of tbem ys hole gilte and hatli a bell in the toppe of the 
eovei" and thotber ys parcell gilte and hatb an egle in the toppe 
of the cover, and other eerteyn jewellea whiolie lye in a chest 
atnongiat eerteyn of my evydencos that all thies except befnr© 
except to reniayn in myn howBG at Walton with my »ouo and 
heire, and La to do therwith as he shall seine beat by his 
discreasiou for the helth of my soule. Also 1 boqueth and giyo 

OD-hiirees or William FiUwilliam. ot Alilwark, and o( hie younger son Godfrqr 
lo UnrKaret Filswilliaiii. her aistw. TIil' t-lilur Uniiich having Hnd ont, tho 
prnBwut uwacT «( Aldwurk descends iai the [cuiai« tinv Iraiu Bag«r PolJAiubA, 
brother of the t«Bta.tor. 



to my Bone Godlrej a bnsoiie and nn ewer of silver parcell 
gilt, and bji other baasoii and ewer of ■sjlver parcell gilte to my 
Boa George, and to be deljvered to them twno by the diacrcssion 
of my aayd oxecutonr. Also I giVe and liequfth to every one 
of my 3oneB a velvet gowTie, that ya to witc, to ray eon James 
my tawny velvet gowiie wi'tli the fnrrea in the same. Also to 
niy Bone Godfrey a blate velvet gowiie lately furred with 
jenettes, and also tlie farr of jenettea lately being in the same 
gowne. And also to my Horo Georj^e a tawny velvet gown 
lyaed with tawny aafcteu. Also I wil! that thirty of my 
Tioufihold aervauntea, the names of wliome apperith in a 
scroll hereunto this will annexed, have every oE thtm a blake 
gowne and meite and driake at Walton Hall by the space of 
one quarter of one yere after ray deceas. And to Myles 
Colvyll, George Legh, William Dethiek, Michell l*ole, Henry 
Hewet, and Arthur Kynder, to every one of them xxb. And 
to every otlier of my yoinpn being my household servaimtes, to 
hafe every of tbein a rpwnnle after tbo diBcresBion of my acyd 
execntour over and above their wages, and to every other of my 
servauntea being out of my house and of my lyvery a bluko 
gownej and so to some other my lovers and fremles being at 
my buryall bkcke gownes aa my eayd execntonr shall think 
convennent or ols not. Also I give to Anne FoHambe ray 
doughter fyve hundret markee of lawfnll Englisho mony to her 
finaryHge. And I will that my sayd executour shall give her 
yerely vj li. xiij e. iilj d. towardes lier exhibicioo unto auche tyme 
as ahe shalbo pn.imotyd lo mariage, and that ahe shall be kept 
with suche other ireendes aa shalbe thought convennent by 
thadvyce of my seyd oxt;cutonr and other her frendes, Also 
I will that all my aervauntea of hiisbondi-j' called hynea shoU 
have meyte and drinke after my decea.s at Walton hall by the 
space of one moneth of my costes and chargea, and I betjaeth 
to every of them ij s. over and above their wages. Also I wille 
that ray Beyd sone James my aote esecutonr shall within the 
space of one hole moneth next and imraedyatly after ray 
deceaase without any delay take and reeorve the lease 
and farnie of the prebend of Tikhnll, whiche I have in 
ferme of the lato abbot and covent of the monaHtery of 
Westm', arcording to the covenantes, artlclea and granntea 
thoTof had and made betwen them and me as by ther 
indentures redy to be shelved doth appere, and that doae I will 
and also deaire my soyd Bono James that he wdlbe contented 
that my seyd sone Godl'i-ey shall occiipie and enioye the farmea 
of tthe touneshippes here after folowing, that is to wite, 
Wliiteley, Hardworth, Haaeley, Lympole, Plumtrefeld, and 
Tikbull, and ha to pays to my seyd sone James yerel>j[ iot 



Harewortli vij raarkes, £or Wlietely ix li. yj s. viijtlv ^or 
Haaeley, Lympole and Pliimtrefeld sevyn roarkes, and for 
Tj'khull sevj-B markea, and my sons James ami his execiitours 
to have the rosydue of the seyd farme, tbat ia to wit, 
Estmarkliaiii , West Markham, Lowdliam, and Walesbie, at his 
or tboir pleasure. Aleo I give to my Aoagbtev Mar]^*rat, my 
sane Oodfreys wyfe, a kyrfcoll uf blacko velvet auil n paire of 

beydes of fj-ne witli a. grene tassell wliicli were my 

wyffcB. Also I will tliat my son James have tlie urder and 
tnaryage with all snchs covemniintBs as I have of William 
A=3hnby and Joyes his wyfe for the manage of Richard 
Assheby ther aoiie and heyre, or eny other there sonnes which 
shall fortune to bo their heire and niaryed to Benet Poliambe 
my dnnghter begotten of Joane Mnniisfeld, or ellos to aiiche 
other gentilwomnw as I shald assigne, QJime and appoynt, with 
all other covenaniitea for and eoneeniyng the same. And 
also the order, rule, goveroBrice and manage of CrietoEer 
Fitzrandolf and June his wyfe, for the manage of Thomaa 
FitKrandolff their son and heire, or nay other of their sonea 
whiche shall fortune to be ther heire and maryed to Katherin 
Poliambe my doiighter begofcen &s aboveseyd, or els t-o suche 
otier gentilwonian as I shulde assigne. To th& amending of 
high wayas at Whifctiugton vj a. viij a., sit Ulgarthorpe between 
Ustoii hall and Ulgarthorpe vj a. viij d., at Sutton in le Date 
vj a. viij d. To tho rcparaciona of KIrkeby in Asshefeld church 
vj 8. viij d. I will that my household bo kept at Walton hall 
of meyto and drinke after ray decenese by tho space of one 

Siaarter of on yere. Also T will that yf my sono Oeorge 
'oliambe do raary and take a wyfo or els inhabifct hym self in 
the country or els where blmt he shall than oocapje the farrae 
of West Markham that my aone Jamea shall have, and to paie 
to my 8one James the oldo rentes, that is to wits, sevyn 
marker. And also the farm© of Harworth that my sons 
Godfrey shidd have, and to payo to my snue James the rentes 
and dueties as my soue Godfrey shuld doo with the eubsidte for 
West Markeham. The regidiie I give to my sone James, whom 
1 ordoyn my full and sole executour. This will ia sealed in the 
presence of William Newenhara, knight, John Boswell. Teste 
mo, Olivere Shaa, clerio, vicar de Est Markham, Williftm 
Walton, clerke, parson of Barlebiirgh, p me William Inskip, 
pftraon of Clown, p me Ricum Calton, p mo Edward Bonne. 

[Proved 10 Feb., lGlI-3.] 



[Spert, U.l 

16 Nov., 1541. I, Nicholaa Talbott, of Hymswortli in the 
oouiitie of Yorke, gentilmaii, luaketli tlii's my last will. First, 
7 ber|neth my soiile unto Aimiglitio God, my body to he huryod 
where il sbaU please hym that I shall tleparte out of this 
worhl. Also I will tfiat two partes of my manor of Hynisworth 
and of all other my messuages, lauds, etc., in Hynisworth or 
els where, and the profetten tberof yepely comyng ahalbe 
received and taken by Robert Sayvell, sone of Sir Henry 
Sayvell, knight, and Richard Whetley of Wolley, during the 
terme oi six yerea next aft«ir my deceanse, for the payment 
of my dettes and for the fulfilling of this my will and ber|uestoa 
in the aame. Alao I will that the seyd Kobert Beyvell and 
Richard Wlietley shall delyver to Peter Povey and Williftni 
Shelton uiy serTaunteB all auclie wages as I do owe unt4> them 
at my Jeparturo, and tu oytliur uf thyiii one liulu yores wages. 
Also 1 bequeth to eyther of thetn their iorse which they dowu 
ryde upon, their saddelles and brydlee, and to either of them 
vj a. viij d. to bero tha,ire charges to Loudon. Also I will tliet 
ell my guodea and dettes shalbe gathered by the nayd Kobert 
Sayvell and Richard Whetby, and to be pnt in save keplng lo 
thiise of Anthony Talbott my sonne in siiche place as it shall 
please the right honorable Robert, bishop of Landnpli, lorde 
president of the King our aoveraigne lorde his honorable 
couusaill in the north partica, and Sir Henry bayvell, knight, 
whom l do make aupervisuuis of this my last will. And 
also [ will that the enyd Kobert and Richard shall hare 
thair sufficient costes allowed at the discretion of my sayd 
snpervisoUTS of and for all sucke labors as they shall tak& for 
thexecucion of tkig my will. To either of them yeiely during 
the sayd terme of six yeres xl s, To every of my superTisors 
ten ponndea. I -^vill that the aayd Robert and Richard shall 

bring me furth honefltly according to my dcgre. To 

Bullocke, dougkter of Andvcwe Biillocke, my goddouglitcr, 
XX 8. The residue of the rentes of the sayd two parties of my 
landes by the eayd Robert Sayvell and Richard Whetley 
receyved during the eayd terme of BJx yeres ahalbo put in a, 
placee convenient by the aissignement of my sayd superviaours 
to thuae of the sayd Anthony Talbot my sone, whome I do 
make my sole executour, and he to have all my goodes 

•Hla Inquisitio wm Uiken 31 Aptil, 33 Hen. VIII (15421, Anthtmy, hh 
»on, DiRii bt-iiiH fourleen yenrs oW. Hi! wivh fliiu of Jolin TaJbot, lord ol the 
nukcim* at Heiimwurth. tlirougb bin vile tHalfllu. dtiuijhier luiil helroes of 
Sir Thomns Wortlcy, knight, of fleinsworUi, Thu kotnlor's son aolil Heinaworth 
to Sir TIXMniLB OArgravi- 19 Elisabeth. 


moveable ami unmoveable. Also I will that yf my sayd sone 
Anthony tteparte and dye onfc of thia worlde afore he come to 
t.hnge of xvj yerea, having no child© tlien lyving, all my goodes 
aad the profettes of the sayd two yerea nf my landes to be 
ordorpd ny my eayd snpervisoiirs. TlieBc being witnea, 
Fmiicia Frobyser, Jo. Silvester, prest, Edmod B&lne, Jo. 
Byrkes, Hie. BrntoB, n«d others. 

[Proved le Feb., 15il-a.l 

[Spert. 10.] 

31 Hoc, 1541. Roland Bryckett, of the parishe of Wake- 
fft'ld within the diucea of Yorkeahyre, ^fti-ekyn with infimij'te 
flnd sekenes. My body t^ be buryed in the churche yerth oF 
LyndBfeld[erbiiry] within the diocea of Cannt. I will have &t 
tny burying lij musses, ten preetes, a.nd every preefc to have for 
his labor vjd., to he done within the cbnrelie of Lyndsfeld 
foreaeyd. I wHU to Isabell my wyfe all thn-t her childes parte 
that she shulde liave by hei- father. I will to the same ftll her 
rayinont that I bought for her, all hoa.sehold stuf that I haTe. 
ThH residue of my goodes above not bei^iiethed, my dettea 
being payd, I will tu Anthony Bryckat and William Brickatt 
my brothers, whom I do ordeyu my execntonrs. I will to 
Anthony my brother and Isabell my wyfe in money indeffer- 
ootly betwen them xxvli., whieho some I dclyvei-ed to 
Thomas Jackeson my servaunte, WytneBS, Sir Nicholaa 
Myrris, enrat, Thomas Tykerydge, William liyrscye, and 
Jolin German. 

(Provocl 31 Oct., 1542.] 

cxxni. trk will op james lawsok, of newcastle, 

(Alan, 36.] 

28 Mareh, 1542. I, Jamea Lawaon, of Newoastell uppon 
Tyne, marchauat, make my will. Firste, I give my soule to 
AJmightie God, to our bloaaed lady, Saynt Mary the virgin, 
and to all tholy company of heaven, and my body to be 
boned withiu the porthe of Saynt John in the church of 
S«int Nicholas in Newoaatell. To the high milter twentio 
shillingei!. To the vycar of Newcaatell over (lud besides tenne 
sbillinges due unto hym in the name of laj corpspreaent 

' A merchant at NuwcaiStle. ilc married Aliue, dmigbttr of OnorgB Uerlriuii, 
ol N«w&a8tle. Hb son Eilmund hnd A son, Kir IWIph Lnvvson. uttio. Imvina 
man ieil Elixaliettii heiiess o£ Itoger Brougli, of Bttnigfi,iienr Cattcrick, i«tUca 



vj a. viij d, to pray iar my suule. 1 give unto luy aomie 
Edmoiinde Lawson mjii honsd that I now© dwell m New- 
ciistell, and my luyla with all maner of profettes beloiigniig to 
the game, to hym and to theyrea males of hia body, BXL'<>pto 
tliafc I will tbat Alice my wif during her widowehed shall 
dwell ill the same my house yf she lyste and nt her pleasure, 
and have all iniLncr of profik's, and for defiiult of ysaue of 
the forsaid Edmond*; the rftmayndre of the ssiid hoose and 
niyiiio untij George Lawatm my soiinc, and for default of issue 
uuto WiDinni Lawson my aonne, and fop default ul iaaiue unto 
Henry Lawaon ray sonne. I will that my Boniie hidmounde 
Lawaon shall have my house in Grynden thare belonging to 
the chawntrey of Saynb Thorns within the churche of 
Alhallowesj ami for lacbe of ysaue male to the said George, 
"William, and Henry Lawson. I will that Edmouude shall 
have the leas of my close called Wardellos, reniaynder t> 
George, William, and Henry. I will that George Lawson my 
Bonne shall have my house by the keywide in Neweastall, 
that William Barfcra.iii dwelled in, with a.11 the housea forward 
and backward belonging to the same, and one close that was 
George Wallee and my lease of thorchard that was the la>tu 
Awsten fryres, and for laeke of ysaoe the remayndre to 
Edmounde, William, and Hem*y, one after thother. I will 
that my wif shaHiiive my Jennebolde in KlawiWj and one eloB© 
ill the Fyrth bolonging to tlie Westi^pitell and my fyne called 
Taiiselligen, with all maner of eoriio and eatall, to dispose at 
Lor fre mil. I give that my sonne Henry Lawson shall have 
myn hinise wberiu Edward Feiiwyk now dwelleth, and the 
house that Robert Horaley dwelled in iu Grynden, nowe in 
myn handes, and for lacke of ysHue to William, Edmounde, and 
George Lawson. Provided also that I will that yf my said 
wif Alice shall after my decease fnrtuue to mary, that then I 
will my wif shall ha,fe the two honse-B that Edward Fenwikt: 
dwelleth in and the hoose that Robert Horsley dwelled in 
after she be uiaryed ^^-f she lyst during her lyf. 1 give that 
William Lawson my sonne shall have my house in Grynden 
I that belongetb uuto tho cbauutrcy i-f Sayut Thouiaa within 
'Ba.yiit Johns Church, and one honse In Westgate that 
Sii' Rolande the parriuhe prefite dwelleth in, and one house iii 
Sandgate that William Hudaon dwelleth in, and for lackc of 
yesuo male the remayader to Henry, Edinound, and George 
Lawson, 1 will that Edmound Lawson my sonne shall have 
the town© of Westmariayne with the demaynes according to 
the eiitayle, and as he haith yt, yeldiug onto mo during my 
Hi xx\'iiili. yerely, and after my deceasse luito Alice my wifi 
daring her lif tenne poundos. To George my sonne an 



Rnnuytie of xli. yereljr, to Eyntle hjiri at scole, to be !e7yed of 
tbeyres o£ Reyinond Tutturj-s in Calico unto ewche fcjnne the 
some of ccxili. due niitu me be paied; and yf my sonne 
George docoas'P, the suid aome of two liunderth and foiirtye 
{loiitidos or any jjarcell uniiayed I will my aoniic Henry sliall 
roccyvc tlio sarac. I will that William Laweoii my sunne shall 
bttvu all my It-aaes of the hutino of Saint Barlilmewe pccnrding- 
unto my Icaac taken of oure Lordc tbo Kin^, paing ant > my 
Haiod wif Alice Fyve poiiiidtrs daring her lyt provided I will 
that my suster Agnos ehalliave the raanHioii house or place of 
Saynt Kdmound and thaU of Ulstou during' ber lyf, yelding- 
crely to me and myne assignos iij li. vjs. viij d. during hep 
yf, and my saater shall leave the said house at her decoaaso 
and thalf oE TJlatou ntito my yonoo William. And J gtve imto 
William all sucht- monny and plate stuff of huusholde iitenBilIea 
there remayniiig, she having hep sufficiont lyviag out of the 
same during her lyf, w'* plate money doth apporteyne unto 
mo in recompeuso of two Imnderth pouudt'H which I layud 
downe in sate to obtuyne tho Kings gmniit that her late 
house of Saint Barlilmowd might wtande. 1 will that (roorge 
Lawaon shall havo to hynic ami bis Ueyitja malua all my 
lander in Neysbaiin, in llurwurtb, in Bardon, and in Hyndell, 
which I did purcbacc; of the Kyngew grace, and ono close 
within the Lordeship of Dynsdt^ll, the wliclie I did pnrchace 
of Mnrraaduk Siirtes, payitig dnnng hfr lyf unto my wif 
fyvc puundes, and for dotaalte of tliyaaue the iviaayndre to 
Bdmotmde, and from Eilrnouade to George. To the cbildron 
of my doughter iBaboll FenwilcB Lweiitio ponndes equally. To 
the children of my doagbter Barbara Blount x.\li. equally. 
To Robert Ogle my aervaunt a yong horse. To Ja-mes Lawson 
80ime of Edmund Lawaon my theyne and erosse. To 
M* Bewyer xx b. 

Codicil the thirdo of Aprill a tbonsande fyve hunderth xHj. 
I give my brother Thonia,H Lawson my best gowne, to my 
brother (jeorge Lawson my secunde gnwao, to my brother 
Roberts soniie my thirde gowne, to every ouo of my brothetK 
and Huaters children one aungell noble, to every godsoniie and' 
goddoughtor of myn iij s, iiij d. To my muster Agues fourtyo- 
shillingBS, to by bLr a gewnc. To my suster Kliz. a ryall, to 
make her a ring. To my saster Barbara a ryall, to maeo her 
a n'ng. To my suster Alice my fourth gowne with lynning 
and all that is in yt, and xxs. in money. To overy one of the 
late austera of Saint Ba.rtilmBffea being alyve at the tyme of 
my deooaasa vs. To every one of my boushnlde servatmtes 
dttly in house with mc vj s. viij d. To an hundreth poor 
housholdera in iiij parryshes of Newcastell dwelling viij d. 



ii pece, to be clioaen of the moat neydEull by the chui'che- 
wjirdeyns and the parrislic preatea. To ©very paor man and 
woman dweliiiig within the almesliouBeB in Newcasfcell n 
penny a pece. To either of the pryaon houses in NewcasttjU 
xij d. I will that at the day of my burial] there be xij poor 
men chosen by niyn executoura boiug poore lioiisliolders not 
able to Lihor, to bere everey one of tliein a torche and to have 
a blrtcko gowne of teu pence the yerd&. 1 -vrill that every one 
of my ■fourc sounL-s and ray two sonnes in ]a.we and ther wives 
ahali have a bhiL-ke gowno of fyve shillinges the yarde yf they 
be there put. 1 will that my brother Tlionias, jny brother 
George Lawson, and my brother George Oxerd, shall have a 
blncki; gowne, pHce xx s., and in the defaiilte or absence of 
any of them to take Thomas Myddehoo, who ia nyxt of my 
blonde. I will that all the prestes within Newcastell dwelling 
be at my masse and diruje that may conveniently bo there, and 
to have fni- there prayers in that behalf according; to tba 
cnstonie of the towne and all the parrish clerkpa in seniblnhle 
wise. 1 will that sise of my blode or next of iisy bloode 
shall bore my corps to the eliurtdi, and every one to havo for 
his labor iij a. iiij d. The residue of my goodes, my wifcs 
chamber, tuollea, and udornement and her portMsn oxcepted, 
I give to George, Williant, and Heury my sonnes equally 
emonges thorn. And o£ my will to this codicil to bo united 
I make Alice my wif and Edmound Lawson my eonne ntyne 
esecutmire, to whome every of them I give foarty aliillinges. 
Thiea being rvitaes, Richard Bowyer als. Stirley, the ivriter of 
this my testament, John Curre of Worke, George Fonwiko of 
Bryulteborne, and George Dewpp, with other. And ovorsecrs 
I umko my brother Thomas aud Gerard Fouwick, and 1 do 
give unto every of them fourtie shillingfcB. 

Mem'" that James Lawson after tlio makiug of his will 
gavo to Bobert Ogle hia servaunt tweatie nobles. He gave 
to the L'hurcheB of Saynt Nycholaa, Saynt John Alhalluwes, 
and Saint Androwea in the towne of Newcaatell, to every of 
them XX s. Witnes herof, Nicholna Burton, parson of Saint 
Andrcvves in Holhorne, his gooatley father, Richard Hunt, 
and John Tompsoa. 

[Provoi 14 May, 1B47.) 


[8iWT». 16.] 
80 June, 1542. Jenkyn Williamaon, of Dighfcon* in the 
Countio of Allorton, yoman. To Elizabeth my doiigllter, 
whicho 1 begate of Agnes Paooke, twenty markoa^ and twenty 

* DeightoQ, in AUaTtousluie. 



yewes nod twenty lambea, one kowo mid oon whyc of twoo 
yere olde. To CIiHslofer WiUiamsmi my bruUier llire kvo 
ftnd their calves, eix gymer lambys, a yonj^'e gray imire whicno 
I lent hym when I cam t.o liniidoii. 'In Ihe wife and cliildern 
of my brother Joliii Willy auiaoii, late deceesid, one kowe and 
hir calfe. 'i'o myn uncle Henry Williamson nan whito ralfe 
of o<in yore oldo. To tlio reparacon of Digliton Icirlto six 
shiUingea and eight penc*-. Ti» Sir RnburC Mawiistil, prest, 
my bnmo, my shaftfs, ^nd twenty shiUingCfi. To Syboll his 
snster oon calfe. Tn John Cotys my gndsonne one citlfte. To 
John Adamtjon and his wife one calfe. To Tboiniis CcmiefortliGj 
my sorvBunt, oon kowe and oon calfe, yF he tnke ho wife my 
enayn Jenf^t Hapenyo, and to their woddyng fom-o bnsshelles 
of wheate and fonre busshellf.s of malt hiuI twoo ewes and twoi> 
larabos. To Knthi?yyii Drtwson oon calfe. To who of my 
serviiuntes and to the norys ot rny hou-ie twon sliepe. I geve 
nnto Muiater Batya and Ma-ister Bygotte ray liindelordva twoo 
of the best yongc borsses that I have except a ycnga rone 
geldyag which I geve to Sir Rnger Bassettes to be the 
supervisoiir of my wille. To Sir Robert Bowes an aniblyng 
gmjo gt'Idyng. To Jobn Tosednle twoo whyes. To niy ijosyn 
William Tesedale, of London, an ambling wliite etiigge. To 
William Smythe, of the Stanke, one mure. To my oosyn 
Thomas Fouutans, of London, my white stagge. To Anne, 
his wife, iny goldo tinge, and to eehe servaiint in his boiute 
iiij d. To John Egerley, gentilman, of the Temple, fyve 
BhilHngos. Kxecutoiirs, Jane my wife, Margaret ray donghter, 
and Thoiuua my brother. WitnesBes, John Kgerley, Sonptor, 
John Lynde, John Danyell, haberdasher, Thomas Fountana, 
Thomas Powell, preest, William Teyaedale, and George 

[Proved 10 Feb., 1542-9.] 




ll'fuayag, 38.] 

This is the last will© of me, Tliomae, Eric of Itutlando, in 

writing made the xvj*^'' day of August in the xxsiiij'" yere of 

Henry the Eight, 1542. First, where I have the manours of 

Belvoire &c. in the countie of Lincolu, Kashon &e. in the 

countie of Leieeater, londea in Dalton and Naborno in the 

conntie of Yorke, in Carleton &c. in the eouaCie of Nortkt, 

in CoUesden Ac. in the eoimtio of Bedford, in Clipaton in the 

* lath Lofd lioH, ccoatcd BacI c-t IiutUn<l I5'i&. He oUain«rl large gmnta 
ol nbhny pro]ieTt}-. Ho wns tviao niarrlcid ; bj his eeoond wito Ele&nor, daughter 
of Sir WilllHTn I'aatou, knight, bo bitJ Uvo uoua aud fl^o dauylilure. 



cuimtie uE Buckingliain, of the yerely value of fourtye tbree 
poimdcs eight shiliingf^s peny halfpeny, manors in tho conntio 
of Lincoln of value of twenty ttree pounrlas thre sliillinges 
and fyve pence, and of thirtyo fyro ponndes nyntene 
shillinges foiire pence ha1Epcny,and oE threttie foiireshilliugies 
and nyne pence, and of tlireacore foiire poundea sevonteno 
shillings and eiglit pence, and of eight poundeB eiglit 
sIiillingoB and foure ponce, and of fouro poimdes sextene 
Bliilliiiges Hnd seven penue, and of inanours in the counfcie of 
Leiceatre of the value of twentye fyve poundas fyvetene 
ahillinges and eight pence, and of fourty fyve poundes 
eightone Bhillinges and foiire pence, and of aextene poundes 
nyntene flhillmges fonre pence hfilfpctiy fftrlliiiige, and of 
mauonre in the ooimtie of NorthL of the value ul" frmrlie foui'e 
poundea twoo ehillingea peny lialfpeny, and tho manor of 
Waraop in tho coantie of Notingham of the yeroly value of 
oighteae poundes fyve uhillingoH eleven ponce, and tho manor 
(if Orston, with the soke and londes in Oreton, Seretou, 
Ktieton, Scariogton, Carcolston, ThiirTeNm, Stauuton, and 
DalingtoHj iu the asmo coiintie, of the value of thirty six 
poundas eight ahillinges and twoo pence. And the manor of 
Howsom, and oerteii londes in Howaom, Levenyng, Barton, 
and Acolom, in the countie of Yorke, of the value of fourtye 
poundes seven shillinges and six pence halfpeny, the acite 
of the late monastery of Croxton and other loudia in tho 
countie of Leiceati-s, and the scite of the late mouaatory of 
Kivaulx in the couiitie of York, with the demeane londis 
therunto belonging, and inanoorfi, londis in Ryvaulx, Gryf, 
Newlathea, Ulthawnyt-e, and Ulwroy, and tlte graangs of 
Sproxton, Croahy, Cotani, and Newton, and londes in Byllts- 
dale, Raysdale, Hawnhye, and Skiplonie, in the waid Liountie 
of York, of late perteynyng to the said monEisterye of 
Eyyaulx, of tho clere ytjrely value of twoo hniidrelh foiii-eecore 
poundes nyne shillinges eleven pens halfpeny farlhinge; and 
the manor of Hacktord in tho conntie of Norff., of the value 
of eeventen pomides tenne shillinges eleven pens halfpeny; 
and the manoura of Holte and Gley in tho same couutie, of 
the value of fiftie and nyue poundes nyne shillingea eight 
pence halfpeny ; and manoui-s in Lincoln of tho value of 
sexten ponndes sixtene shillinges and eight pence, and of 
foaroacore fyftene poundes foure shiUingOs nyno pence half- 
peny, and of fuure poundps thretten shillinges and tenne 
pence; and t-hc minor of Storth^ayte and londes iu Storth- 
wayte, Mel borne, and Laudricknea upon the More of 
ftitorthwayte, iu the couiitio of Yorke, of the value of fyftic 
and fyve poundes seven shillinges fyve pence halfpeny; and 



tlio BQftTior of Seyton and londes of thu valno of twelve 
|)uuu(ls Htxteiiu sIiillingeH aiid thrcu pena ; unit the luaDor of 
Thorntou ia Craven and londes in Thornton, Enraby, Kelbroke, 
in the Kame couubie of Yorke, of the value o£ threttje and 
«©ven poundea tliretten eliillinges and fyve pen««; and tte 
manour of Lyutoii upon Owse and londie in Lynton and 
Yolton in the same comitio of the value of fonrtye and «ight 
pouiidis nynoteriB shillingfs and utio peny ; and the manour 
of Turnham Halo with L'lyff in the parishe of Hemyng- 
borouybo of the value of thurlye pouades six shillinge» and 
eif^bt pons; and the inanours of Kastbonmc and Ripe and 
londis in Sussex of the valuB of foiireacorc and tenne puundes 
tene ahilltnges ihre pons halfpcny ; and the manour of 
Brankftton in Northt ot the value of thnil«ne poundijs aevyn 
pena halfjwuy; und the feefenne of the niaionr and L'ominaltie 
of the citie of Lincoln of the value of thurteiie poiiiides six 
8liilliiige« and eight pence ; and loudea ia Sutton upon Trent 
in the coantie of Nobinghame of the valae of tenne poundea 
twelve ahillinges eight pens halfpeny ; and in Kylcering in 
the aarne countie of the vnlue of Heptene poundes twoo 
shilhnges and eight p«iie; and the feefenne of the nmior aiid 
cuiniiialtic of the cicie of York uf the value of fourty poundcs 
and oerteyn cotagis, oreliardes and gardyna iu the panshe 
of our lady upon Busshop hill within the said cilie of the 
valne of twenty and twoo shillinges ; and the munour o£ 
liuahal] in Walerfullfurd with thappurtennces iu the said 
countie of the yerejy value of seven pounde-s six shillinges 
eight pons; and londes in Uawoldekirke and Ampltforde m 
the said couiitio of the value of thurtene pouudes jiynteao 
shillingeti tenne pens; and in Pockley and Dudlnme of the 
value of thnrtene pouudes foure Bhillingen eleven ponco 
halfpeunye ; and ia iSproxton of the value of twentye fyve 
poundes fyvetene ahitlinges and fyvepence j and in Eastlatou 
of the value of eight poundes sixteiie fihillingve and seven 
pens halfpenye ; and in Harome with the membres of the 
value of fonrtye oue poimdes three shilliogeB eleven pena 
halfpeny j and In the lordship of HBlmosley at the caaolo in 
tho said countie of the value of threacore poundoa eight 
KhillingoB and seven pence ; and the manoup of Eaughe with 
tliappurtencee, parcell of the lordship of Helraealcy aforsaid, 
of the value of twelve ponndes thurtene »hiI1inge») and foure 
pens; and londes in Cowhowao in grave with {Jarleton in the 
iiaid countie of the value of uyna ponudeB nyne shillinges and 
threo peiia ; and in Ravensthorp and Boltbye of the value of 
thurtye Beveii poundee nyne pens halfpeny; and the manour 
of Rob in Holdoruee, mth londis in Ros, Mare, Fleto, Ulram, 



Braynsljurboi), FosseliaiUj Oldburgli, Riiigbwrgh, Wjdeiwite, 
Eyall, AtwiJce, Wassande, Bemyngham, tjrjmston, Gartun ia 
Holdernes, Yonkewike, TunBtallj Wexliam, Hompton, Homea- 
hey, Otteriughatn, Edorwike, Bast Newtoa, Pall, and Heydcn, 
of the value of flftie three poundes Hixleii shillingaa and one 
peny; and iji Boltou hi Glendale, Edale at the Caetle, 
EderBlawe, Ewaite, WoHer, Norkum, Copelonde, Shofcton, 
Bawnibiirgho, Crookehowse, HawteU, Kjlhm, Millefelde, 
Langton, Twode, Benngton, Gowstwike, Holy llonde, Homle- 
don, Buckton, and Bollesdon, ia the countie of Ncrthumljer- 
land, of the value of one hundreth twoo pouudea eleven 
Bhillinges and twoo pens ; and the soite of the lato monastery 
or priorye of Wartre in the said counh'e of Yoi-ke, and mftnors, 
loiides in Wartre, Hugget, Bishop hnrton, Newton garlhe, 
Hesillj Scorburghe. Craneswike, Willeiby, Northcave. 
Bnmbye, Hayton, Thex, Bentley, Ousethorpe, Newton nero 
Dftrwent, WheldrakLi, Kylwick Percy, Rudatotie, Prasthorp^ 
Awborn, Seyton, and the paraonag© oi Londc, in the said 
conntie, of late being parcelles of the possessions of tie said 
late monastery or priory of Wartro, of the clere valiio of 
thurfcy nyne ponndes six ahillingea and three pens ; and londea 
in Hesketbe, Haroiuyngs, ficalton crofte, Orlyaure, Brannsdiile, 
Sleig^htholmdale, and Lundcote, late parcelles of the late 
monastery of Ryvaulx; and the manoar and parsonage of 
Helmesley and londes in Heimesley, Sprnxton, Carluton, and 
BilluBdale, late piircelLoa of the late monastery of Kyrkham in 
the said countie; and londos in Braunston in the countie of 
Northt, late parcels of the late monaateryB of LyllesLull; and 
londes in Walthara and Croxton in the eountio of Leicester; 
and in Upwell, Owfewell, EInie, and Elmytho, in tho eoiintiea 
of NorfF. and Suff., late partols of the late monastery of 
Nttimeyton"; and lands in Saltby m the countie of Leicester, 
lato parcels of the lato moDastery ol' Draxe; and londcH in 
Muatono, Normanton, Knsthorpe, und liotleaford, late purceJlcs 
of the lafo monHsttry of Oulueston, which nmnera, londes, 
late parcellea of the lato niouastyriea of Ryvaiilx, Kyrkham, 
Lylleshull, Newsted, Dnix, and Oulueeton, be of dere yerely 
value of one hundreth and seven poundes sevonten sliilliuges 
and eloven penaj and the scite of the lalic inouastery of 
Newetede, withe the demeaue londea, and londes in Nowetad, 
Uffington, Tallingtou, Grnyiughti,n]j and Stamford, in the 
conntie of Lineohie, and in Ketton and Caatorton In the 
countie of Kutland, and in BottienEord in the coontie of 
Leicestru, and in Braunston in tho countie of Northt, kite 
parcels of tbe late monastery of Newsbedc, of the ywrlie viduo 


of thirtyi' and fyye pounde» antl eleven KbilliageB; and tlio 
Hcite uf tha late monastory oE Garcdoii iu Iho counlie of 
Loicester. wiLb tbo dctnuaiio londis in Garodon and Slmpaht9d 
anil the forest uf Charnuwoode, tho gntuiige of Dixle^ and 
tlie piirsonage of IJixUiy, and aleo the graunge uf Haiywcll 
haugho with londis In Halywell Haiighe, Tborpfelde, Ac, in 
tlie Mtid couQtie uf Leice^tre, and in Kuttiiig'ham, Kyrby, 
Woodhowso, and Boiiyogton, late parcels of tlie monastery 
yf Uaruduii, wf the valao of three pouBdes aeven shilliugea 
and teiitii! peiia; and the 8cice uf the lat« CoumiHTidrye of 
Iho Kngle in tlio couotie of Lincoln, and tlie londis late parwls 
of the posKeitsious of the late commamidrye uf thi? Eagle, 
and tlie scite of the late priory of Betyoyro in tlio conntic 
of Lincoln, and all the londes in Belvoyre, Wollestrope. 
Bottlesford, Mnston, Knypton, and Redinyld, late parcels of 
the late priory of Belvoire, of the yerlie value uf twenty 
and three pounds and thirtene shillinges. All which, raanours, 
loudia aiuoniite to the cloaro yerely value of one tbowsaiid 
eight hundreth tbri^acore aud twoo poundes and twenty peiiri 
OTi?r and beside five hundreth liftie and two poundes sixtunt; 
shillingee fyve pens half peny farthinge by yoro for the yoryly 
i-entesand tentbea reserved to the Kinges Maieslie. Of which 
umnoure there is assigned for the lady Elionor, Couiites of 
Itutland, my wife, for her joynter and dower of inyn 
inheritaunce and for other eon«idfrac-on9 and fara proniiseetj 
inade by the said t;oiintes8e to me the said erle, to be loving, 
benyvolent, aud favourable to our cbildreu, all my iriRnimrs in 
Belvoire, &c. Ac, wherof I had estate of inheritiinncf! before 
the twentyo day of July in the twentye and seventh yere of 
our lord the King, being in the hole oi tlie clere yerely value 
of fours hundreth tenne poimdea Hftene shillinges foure pens 
lialfpeiiy farthing. And thete is also appoynted to the said 
Counteaaeall the manoursof Croxton and Kivaulx, of the cleru 
yerely value of twoo hundreth fourcBcore poundea nyac 
Khiliiu^es eleven pons half peny fartlung. [^OtJwr landa 
imttliierated.l And immedititly after the deceas of the said 
ccuntefise I wiil tbflt Olyver Mauers,* one of my yonger 
Bounen, shalhave for tei'itie of his lyfe all the manor of 
Howaome in thu conntie uf Torke, and all my londes in 
Howsom and Levenyng. And I will that immediatly after 
the decoas of the Cauntea and after ea.i'nail knowlige had iu 
lawfull matrymony hefcwene my sonno Henry, Lurd Roe, andi 
the Lady Margart't Ru5,t that the said Lady Margaret Rus 
tihall have for Lerme of lier lyfe (be tnauour of Moltoa Boa 

"Ho dJDi] of the plflBUc 1569. 

t LaUy Uaryuret Kevile. djiujjlilur ol Italph, lib Earl ol WeBtniorlfcnd. 



in tlie coantie of Lincoln aiid londe» in tbe coutitie i>l' 
Notingliam, in aatisfacton of the fuU dower of the lady 
Margaret. And wherp tSiere is assigned to John ManorB,* oon 
of my yoiiger sonues, all my maiiour uf Thornton in Craven, 
with londes in 'rhorntnii, Eriresby, and Kelbi-oke, for his lyfo, 
I will tliat the said John slinlliave my said manour and londes. 
And where in appuyntod to Roger ManBrs,t oua other of my 
yonger sonnes, my manour of Lynton upon Owse, with londes 
in Lynton and Yolton, I will the said Roger shall Imve the 
manour and londes. And where there is assigned In Thomas 
Maiiera, an other of my yonger Ronnen, my manour n{ Turnham 
Hall, with ioud*j8 in Tumhani Hall with Clyff in the parisho 
of H enny nghurgh, I will the eaid Thomas have them. I will 
that the C'ountea of Rutland and Sir Blcliard Maneta, kayght, 
my brother, Sir John Chaworthe, knyght, my biother-in-lawQ, 
Augustyiie Porter, Henry Digbc, and Robert Thurston, shall 
have all my woodes, the acite of the eomnmundry of the Kagle, 
the scyto of the priorye of Belvoire, and of the aale of the 
wuodes and of the rents of the londes the some of . . , for 
the payment of my dettet^ and the some of threeacore poundes 
for the yerely fyuding of my thi-t-e doiighters, that is to sey 
Elizabeth, Fraances, and Kateryn, unto snche tynie us they be 
mariod, and the some of three thowsande poundes for the 
mariago of my three dougliters, for every one of theym ono 
tliowsande ponnde toward liir mariage, and the some of fourtyo 
pouiidea to the Countea, Sir Richard Manors, &c., for their 
1 ibour. 

And moreover conoemyng my last will of ray goodes and 
catallos, I will that the lady Elienor, Countes of Rotlonde, my 
wife, at her election shall enioye to her owns use all iny 
goodes, jaetlsj plate, atuffe of housholde stockos and stores, the 
Btockea and stores being annexed unto my fenne.s of Wertre 
in the couutie of Yorke oonly oxcopted, desirlnge my wife that 
if my Sonne Henry do uae and behofe liim gently and naturally 
as shalbecome a sotme to do to his mother, that then she will 
of her owne goodwill give unto my somie the moyte of my 
foresaid goodes an she apon his deserving can fyode in her 
harte willingly to gire hym, orels he to have noo parte therof 
in any wise. As concemyoge the stocks annexed to my 
forme of Wartre, I will shall remayno as paroeU of the said 
fennes forever. I make the Conntea, Sir Richard Manera, 
knyght, my brother, Sir John Chaworth, knyght, Augustyn 
Porter, Henry Digbe, and Robert Thurston, my executniirs, 

* He m&med the ivell-ktiovrn Dorothy Vernon, at Huddon, Theic deBceodiuil 

suooeeded as fith Bad of ButinDa, 

t 01 Uffiaeton, 00. Lino. Died 1S»7. 



find my viglit welbeloved Sir Tlionitut Uunuego, kuiglit, tlie 
ovcpscr of thU tostninont. Witnesses, Thomas Dysney, John 
Lielce. Tliomnji Ounnstnblu. 

[rnn-od 19 Majr. 154S.] 

KAUL Oil' K^lUTnAMl'TON,* 

(SptTt, 1(1,] 

10 Sept., 1542. William Fitzwilliam, tiiyght.of the moost 
iiobill ordra of the garter, Erie of .Southampton, lorde kop«r 
of the Kingea pryvey ecall and Cliuunoolor of the Doacbe of 
Lancftstre. To he buried in tho uarislio etiwrche of Mydhurst 
iu Susses yf it fortune me to decoaao within oon hundreth 
myles of the said charche, u-nd t will that my execnlours doOi 
cange ooti now© chapell to be creatyd and made withowt thtt 
Ha!d ehuruliL' find mmexed to the same chiirche, and that they 
do make in the 8am© chfipell a tombe for me and fur the lady 
Miihyll my wt'Uiploved wife, the simie chapell and tombe to bo 
made convenient for our e^tntee, nnd thnt they do expend 
aboute the irmkiiig' of the «atiio the some of Eyve hundreth 
miirkeB. Also I gave nnto my mooat gracious eovoraigrie lorde 
the KingeH miiiestie my great shipp with all hir takill and 
apparell and ordynaunce to bir belonging, and also my coller 
of the Garter with my be»t George bosett with di».inonde8, and 
fl tahepuncle of silver find gilte bcsett with stonos and the 
mother of pt-rle. Unto Sir Thomas Wryotliesley, kiiyt^ht, the 
Kingce f liiof Socfetoryc, the best of my gilt cuppes. To every 
one ueyug my houshoUe servaunt two years wagis, to every 
oon of my kepcra oon yeraa wagis. To poor bousholdera and 
other honest people within my walkes within the forest of 
Wyiulewore iinJ in other placps whiche ! hnve wichin fours 
mylea of my nianryou of Guldeforde one liiiiidiuth poundes, to 
be distributod for my soiile and for the soulos of my father and 
mother and itll Clirintiiin smiles. To my mistrr OiiMToyne, wife 
of Sir William Uii'^eoyue, knyght, eerti-yn piipcfjlles of my 
plate to the value of twenty ponndes. J wille that the plate 
to the value of oon hundreth markes, whiehe I hn,v<i in my 
ciistodye, for the use of my cosyn Thomas Harvye, be delivered 
to him acoording to tha will of Sir Nicolas Harvye his father. 
Where as I have granuted to Mabill Browne, dx)nghtor of my 

• Younger ion ot Sir Tliamas FiUwiUiiuu , o( Aldwaik, nflai Roth»rhun. by 
Lucy, (lau^hlcr at John NeriU', Marquis Montagu (9«e her will in thin voliimfl). 
He was lir"iJj,'lit tip witL Hwiry VIII, naJ kniglitct] InlS. Ha liccnmir trpMorcr 
to Cnrduiixl ^VuleiFy. uud allex lua iiaf^oitaat person at tLc Court and Lotd Hiifh 
Adininkl, Ua ditxl OotaWr. IS43. He DuvrtieJI Mftbci, d»UK)i(er ot Hviir^, 
Lord Clifford, but ilicil without iaaim. when the pserKgc beoamo ostinM. 



brother Sir Anthony Browne, for the preferment of hir 
mai-iage, one annytie of oon hundreth poandes by yero owte 
of my iiiaiiours of Cowdraye, Dunmere, Bovyate^ Sharpe and 
Waiibroiigh, and hIbo of other l&.ndcs parcell to the late 
moimstery of our bKssid lady the \-irgyn of Wifverley in the 
Countio of Surrey, or to the late priory of Eaborii in the 
Ccumtie of Sussex at the time of Suppression and DisBolution of 
theyiii for the terme of four© yearee next after my dethe. I 
charge the lady Mabil] my wife and siiche as shall fortune to have 
the lands that they doo well paye to the said Mabell Brown the 
aniiuytie. I wil! that a bill for the payment of twenty pounds 
whidho my t'osyn lady Katheryn Hennarg-e, wife of Sir Thoinas 
Henna^e, kiiyght, owitli rae, be delivered to hir in discharge 
of the same xx li. To Jaraea Dyer the best of my gilt tinieys 
and tenne pomidps. Unto my cosyn Elizabeth Burgh, wife of 
Thomasi Burglit, twenty marbos, and to everj* of hir dougliters 
umnaryed twentye poundea, and to every of hir sennes tenno 
poundes. To my nephew John Cutte plate the ralue of oon 
hnndreth markes, sij fetherbeddes with alnianer apparel 1 
wherof TJ bedilea to be of the best sorte and other six to be 
of the menne aoi-te, twoo beddea of ailke and hangingea for 
six chatnbros ot the best that was his fathers or my Aunto 
Scropea not in thia wille beqnethed, f will that every 
gBTLtiJwomnn that phall fortune to be in service willi the said 
Lady Mubel! my wife shall have six pouiide's xiij 8. iiijd. 
towardes hir nmriage over and besidi.^8 hir twoo yert^s wag^a. 
To my nephewe William, the lord Herbertli plnte to the ralne 
of oon hnndreth poundes. To ray cosyn Thomas Uarvy oon 
hundred pminden. To my coayn Margaret Folyambe oon 
bundreth niarkes. To mai&ter Hennage of the Kinges pryvey 
chamber a gilt cupp with a cover. To mnister Anthony Deny 
□f the Eing«s pryvey chamber & gilt cupp with a eover. The 
Besidne of all my goodes, plate, money and jpclles I geve to the 
Lady Mnbell ray wife, and I ordeyn th(i same lady Mabell, my 
welbeloved brother Sir Anthony Brown, my lord RubrcII, Lord 
Adrayrall, and Sir John Baker, knyght, clmnncelor of the first 
fruytos and tenthca, to be my execntourp, and the Kinges 
maiestie Lf it shall stands with his graces pleasure to be 
overseer of the same, moat humbly heseching his higbnes. I 
will the Naid Lord Adinyi-all and M" ChannceUor to have every 
of tbeiu fourty poundea, and my brother* Sir Anthony to have 
fonre jiecos of my richest hanginges of arreya costly wrorgbt 
and myxto with golde, for their laboura. And furthermore 
ni case all my goodes with the revenues of suehe mfl.nnur9, 
lande^j aa late were the enid Lady Lnoy my mothers, wlierof I 

* Sic &atitoaj Bntnue wm hie hnU-facaUvot . 



have free libertie to declRre my will for vj yerea after my 
dcc*u», will Dot oxtoude to tlie payiuent of my debtee, &c., then 
I will my brotlier Sir Anthony, as well in considerftcon of 
the manyfoldc Ityndonos and brotherly pnrtes by me in my lyfe 
tyme to hyiri shewid and ilouii, as far thi' groat preferment of 
ji grcate parte of my possosBioiia whicli I by my severull dede.i 
have cniiTRved tmto hym, not being inheritable as heire to iiie 
by tlie Iftwes of tliis realme after the decens of mo niid the 
lady Mabell my wife without issue, he do se the dettes and 
legacies to be paid with the issu&a nf the same posseaaions. 

[Pro-red 18 Feb., 1542-3.] 


20 Mar., 1585-6. I, John SaTell, of Alyiigton, do ordeyno 
this my last will, firste, I bequeth my some unto the liandea 
of Almightie God, my body to be buried within the church© of 
AlysEordt before the pulpytt. I will that my fuueralles and 
expensies therof be ordered after the discrocon of myn© 
executnurB, so that there be at my bury.^11 sise preeatea to 
aay uiasso, having for there payiiea after the CQfltome of the 
countrey. I give unto Mathew Levens, of Wakefeld within 
the conntie of Yonrke, all that my meauage and house 86tt in 
the Bowarly Rawe within the saied towns of Wakefeld during ^ 
hi8 lyf. 1 give all the Rosidiie of all my laiida, tenem©nfce9,J 
rentes, reversions and services within the saied towne of York© 
uuto my coaen Heury Savell, of Lnpsett, and to his heiree. I 
will that my eaied cosen Henry Savell ahalhave in redy money 
eight poundeg sterling. I wdl that evry yere during vij yoreu 
next after my death, by the discrecon of myne executonra, 
shall by them be gj-ven unto poor people the some of xx s. 
to pray for my soiile. I gyve unto every godaoime that I have 
viijd. I will that at my buriall ehalbe gyvc-n unto poore 
people XX 9. over and besideB the some before meiicioiied. I 
give unto my before named coaen, Henry Savell, my best dooblefc 
of bkcke sal ten. To John Morse a doublet of black safcten, my 
jerkyn of velvet, my jaquett of taffetey, and a cote of clothe 
of marbill cloth not yet made. To John Bannes my cote of 
blewe marbill, and forgyve hym all &achc money as he oweth 
me. To Rauf Wright my cote of blacke fryse and xij d. in 
money, and to hia wif xij d. To Ricbarde Jackson my black© 
cote. To John More and to his wif, ocheof them ii] s, iiijd. 
To Robert Gore vj 8. Tiij d. To Uesherewood iij s. iiij d, &nd a 

'He aeeta« to be &n uarccorclad relation of tlie Savtles of Laptot. 

t Avleeford, c». Koiit. 



pair© of hose. To S'" Goorg Sayer, clerke, iij s. iiij'd. To the 
clinrcli of Alyefonle, towarde the lyeiig of one herae clothe, 
XX s. Item, that they shalhav^e towardea the cashing of thera 
greate bell vs. AH the i-esidiie iitifo my coseii Henry Savill, 
of Lnpsett- I make my aaied eoaea Henry 8avill, and John 
Morse of Alysfoidw, myne fst'cutuiirs, the xx day of Marche, 
in the xxvj yere of the reign of Hcmry theight, in the presence 
of S' Gcurgy Sayer, clerk. . . . Lutwyk, Richa-rd Lyllin, .)r>h. 
Bannes, and John Marse. 

[ProvBd 22 April, 1545.3 

[Spetl. 16.] 

7 Doc, 1542. Henry Pudsay, of Borforth iii the Coantie 
of Yorke, esquier, I will my body to be buried in sucho place 
where as my frendes sbfill think most conveni-eat. To mv 
good Lord John Sorope, Lord Srrope of Boulton, my blak 
veniiyiig horsse, further I will thnt Thomas Howgyll abalhave 
the preffrineiil {)f a fnriTioiiIde nf foure pmindes reni: by the 
yere, paying yerely the uauall rent therfnr, and in case snch a 
fii.riuoulde cannot be provided foT bim by my executrix 
conveniently then I will that he ahalhave liiJ3. iiijd. in rcdy 
niony sterling in recompence of the said fa-rmouUle, To Willinni 
Nodde ft geldyng. To Alice Bokkot sis. To John Hiint xls, 
I forgeve John Laytmi xls. that he owith mo. T will that my 
mother shalhftve a geldyng, and to every of my suatern a 
geldinge or a mure. To Bonbon chnrche xls. To Sorreti 
church xs 3., and to Sanet Andrewe chnrch in Holborn. xls. 
I will tlmt my fiiiierall exponces ahalbe of my rentes. The 
residue of ivll my goodes I geve to Joane my wife, whoiu I 
make my sole executrix, and I niako my brother in luwe 
Maister Hobcrt Mennell the sapervieour of my witi, to whom 1 
geve 11 geldyng. These heiiig witDuBsea, Nicholas Bortrin, 
prieet, George Biiyton, Sir Anthony Rutter, priest, with 

other moo. 

[ProTed 6 Mnreh, 154|, by the eseoutrii.] 


rr.vnnjng, 10,] 

21 Sept., 1613. Cuthbert Assheley. To he buried in the 

Churchyarde of Sitint Matlm in Fiiday Streat. I desire 

Mjiiater M' Babthroppe and Mai^ter So-van to deliver my ohilden 

[jarte whiche my father gave me to my mftister, M' Richard 

*Son of TlKJiims Pudscfi of noUoii anil Bartorlli. His h'li.p. m., taken 
10 April, 33 Hon. Vlll, *ajs b« dietl S December, Ift Hon. YIII, 1042, Ha 
riiii,rne.i .Imii.duiieliter ol Hir Hulpb Enrtf, His E»)n Thorn as siioe«tle<!, 




DobbK, Aldornisn of Loudon, and to my brother James, T 
(five to the same Jamea toniio pouucio, whereof T will he shall 
gjvo to the chnrche nf Homyngburgh yn the County of 
Yorke, where T was chrystyued, forty shilliuges, to have a 
Dirt'dge and maisfi there to he sayde and dooa for my soale, 
tny father and ninlhprs and all Christian soules. To my 
sustcr uiitnaryud, f-jure pomides. To my three systcrs that 
bo maryed, twenty ghillrngs a pece. To the poors folkes in 
Homyngburgh, wbcro 1 was borne, twenty shillmgH. To my 
said iniLister, for his paynes and labour to see this my laste 
will performed, twenty shillings. 

[Proved 34 June, 1544.] , 

[Pynnyng, 6.] 

30 Mar,, 1544-, William S+apnltonj being in parfitt memory 
nnil hole of myndo. FurstL', ] bcqueth my sonle to God, my 
maker and Rfileaiiior, besi'thiug tlie holie clinrohe to pray for' 
mc as God hathc uppointed it aftre the manner as it is aett 
Eurtbe by the Kiiigea Bookt; to Godes glory, and niy body to be 
buryed nmongea Christian meu in the chui-cha or chnrehe yarde 
where God shall call me to his niarcy. I gevp to Thomas mj 
Sonne a thirde parte of my goodes whon he ahall come to the 
ycres of xxj, to be delyvered by Ma,rgarct my wiffe, and aha 
to tiivo the use of the Bflino during Lis nonage. And y{ it 
Foi-tnne hym to dye thou tlie saide thirde parte to remayno to 
Margaret my wiffe. To Mathewe mysarvaunte an olde gowne 
with a swelling welfce faced with blacdte budge, a paire of 
Idiicke hoseii, a round cappe, a jaclcott of russellesj bo that he 
be good and senisablo to hia m^' Margaret ray wiffe as long 
ns yt shall please her to kepe hjnu and he to tarry with her. 
The residue of all my goodes to Margaret my wiffe as her 
ow&n propri? goodes, besechyng my veray good Lorde my 
Lorde Wharton and my cousen Thomas his soiino and my 
nophewe Stfupletnn to be good Lordes and maister to my aaide 
wine and soiine, as my veray trusta ifi they wilbe, and that my 
said gooil Lorde Wliarton wilbe good Lorde to the saide 
Margaret mj wyfte in suclie sole aa T bare desierid, M"" 
Doctor Crome to write nnto hyra oR" my behalfo for that I was 
not able for dobilite of sicknes to write my aolfe. Also L 
ordeyiie Margaret my wyffe ray sole executrice. In tha' 
presence o£ John St'>kes', John Ade, and Marques Larke. 

[Proved 7 May, 1544,] 

•Son ol Sir Brian Staplelon, o( WisUill. Ho was a lawyer, and an early 
OOmiuandLT iil tlia " Pil«rImB.i;i! of Grace." Imt rsoapcJ oonvic^n. (See Tht 1 
StaptlCuiu i>i Vvrknhire, hjr U- K. <;hetwynd-Ktnpilti>n.) 




[PopnJweU. lt>0 
1 June, 1544. I, Sir William Newenliam, o£ Kyrkeljngtou 
in tie countiL^ of Not., knight, piirpoaing^ to take tlie jorney 
and viage fcowardea Fraunce under the rule of tho iionorablo 
Lorde HuBselt, Lorde privie aeale, and lieutenant of tlie Kinges 
his maiestien rerewarde, do make this my will. Wbere I 
have landes of tlie yerely value as hereafter ensujtli, that is to 
sey, the mauor of Everdon in the countle of Northampton of 
the yerely value of xl markes, the manor of Newbolde 
in the countie of Northampton of the yerely value of 
IxxJ li, besides one etocke of goodes going on the same 
manor rented at xlvU. yerely a.nd letten to Tbomaa 
Colez and Robert Haryaon of the same towne, the manor 
of Galcote in the countie of Warwike of the yerely value 
oF xlvij li. viij s. iiij d. over and besides the joynter of 
Elizabeth wyfe to my Bonne and heire Thomne Newenham 1 
by thes presentes declare my will. First, I will that my 
welbeloved v/jSe Damo Beniiet have to her and to her assignes 
for the terms of her lyfe to her owiie use the foresaid manor 
of Newbolde, al&o the manor of Everdon and the manor of 
Caicote with landes to the yerely value of xlvij li, viij s, iiij A. 
with all sucho Htocke of goodes aa I have rented in Newbolde, 
the joyiltar of Elizabeth wyfo to my gonue Thomas Newenhairi 
going out of the manor of Calcote onely except, unto suclie 
tyme as all ray debtes, legacies and betjuestes be truly paide, 
together with all aueho costes as tlie same Divme Bonnet 
shall be austeyned. To my doiigbtera Jane Newenham, Mary 
Newenham and Susanne Newenham, towardea their mariagos 
every one of them one liundreth markcB. To my doughtera 
Isabel] Newenham and Bennet Newenliam, every one of tliem 
one hiindrebh ponndea so that they be ordred by ray execntrice 
and anpervisora. I will that my sonnes Edmunde Newenham 
and Richard Newenham shall have during their lyvea landes 
in Oalcote called the Mylno felde, now in the tenure of William 
Leigh, esquire, to tho ycnily value of live poiindes, according 
to my graunte of annuitie to every of them mado. 1 will that 
Thomas Newenham, my sonne and heire apparaunt, and 
Eiliiiabeth his wyfe shall have for terme of their lyves all snoh 
parcelles of the 5aid manor of Calcote and all suche landea in 
Culuote as appoyuted for the joynter of the said Elizabeth, 
and the roaidnc of the saiid manor of Calcote shalbc to the 
performance of my will. And after dehtea, legacies and 
bequeates be paide, I will all manors, [andcs, remayue to my 
Bornie and heire. The residue of my g'oodes I give to my 
intirely belovyd wyfe, Dame B&nnet, whome I ordeyn eole 
executrix. [proved v, Ko».. 1548.^ 



[PjfUuyug, 2C1 

1 Feb., 1344-5. Thomiis Wrif^ht, ulerkCj vicar of Sher- 
boume in Blmete. To tlie liiph ititer of Wt-sterham xijd. 
To tho re|iBnicotiR Uiero vjs. viijtl. To Syr Tliomas Moyle, 
kuiglit, my best talile clotlie of draper. To my frcund 
William Payne of Groys lime my gelding. To Thonms 
Tuydluunptim vJb. viijJ., whicliu li« owL-tli unto me, to his 
wif twentie shiUiiiges, my guwiiy lynt'il with blncke worsted. 
To Syr Alexander Sliawo, virjir of I'ttghnn, niy chftlice. To 
every of tliB children of ThomsLH TuydJiampt^in xij d. To 
every of my godcliildreii iiijd. To the Ticar of Godatowo 
my shorte gnwne. To Syr Nichnlaa Marsetter, prost at 
Brasted, vj !*■ riij d. To M' Pnrsfiime of Brasted ono of ray 
)*ilvev sponcs. Tn Thomas Duraunt my working-day jrowiie, 
my lioses whichc I tlo weare, ami iij s. iiij d. To James 
Tuydharaptoii tliolder my Lest suttoii boimett. To Sy' 
Bartletb, ]>r(«l, my best bonnutt'. To John Pcryii ono other 
of iiij courst! shutes. To John Hi'dger a coorso sriote, Wliere 
aa William Wavner of Bonghton besides Wye doithc owe mo 
XXX s., yf hn do pay t<t my expriikiur« xxa. I remytt the 
rcJiidiio, and wliurc an Trendon of Wyo owclhe rue xx7J s. ii d., 
yf ho pay xvj». I remytte tho rusidup. And whei-e as thnle 
pari")'Bho of Chilham were indebted to Sy' Robert Pt'cle, lute 
vicar, whosfi exocuttir 1 am, Ixli., whicbo helaiod oate for 
them aboute iho buyldiag of the 6(epl« there, 1 am contontod 
yf they pay tn my execTitnura xxxli. to remytt the i^esidne. 
To Alice Lynno my siiater, th<.- wif of John Lynne, foure 

5(Ounde9. To iny brothers, John Wright, Williani Wrighb, 
lichard Wright and Robert Wright, the advoyson of the 
personage of Penshai-at, wbiche was to me gyven by the right 
rovcrcnt father in God, Thomaa, Archebushop of Cantorburr, 
and all the re.>iidewe, and to be myne i^xei-u tours. This I8 
the last will of me. Thomas Wright, concerning the disposicon 
of all my landes. I give my natural! brethem {ahnvp) all my 
laados in Westcrbara, Etonbrige, Sheldwick, and Godmaraham 
in the countie of Kent, provydod that my brotliers, their 
heires, shall bcstowo yerelio fur twcntio yeres twentie 
shillinges in an obito for the sonle of S^' Robert Peele, 
clorke, the sonlcs of my father and mother find all Christen 
scmles in the chappell of .Stainitoii in NottinghamsJiirc. 

[Proveil 2tt April, 1545.] 



[Pj-najug. 3(1.] 

I May, 37 Hen. VUI (15-I-5). Koger Poke, marchaunt, 
of ]Jiill. ']'o be buried witliin the qiiyce of the ]iarisho 
cburclio of Siii'nt Jainiia in Duvoi". I gevu fuurtif Kliillmges 
to poure people to pray for mj suulo. 1 geve unto Joliii 
Whelur n( Dovor iill myn apparell at Dovor, Tlie residue 
of till my g'oodea I gevo to Robert Watmaii, }iaV)er(las8her, 
of London, wh-om 1 ovdpjii my esecntour, and Jobn Wheler, 
my ovei-setir. Witnesse, William Noole, Thomas Van, and 

John Wheler. 

[Proved 10 June. 1645.] 

[Pynnjng, 33.] 

8 May, 1545. "Richard Ogden, eopeamit to tho King. I 
bequefcli lyve iiirtvkea towurdes itiiiidens inariagee in tliw panshe 
of Hartyll in tbu Countie ot Yorka, unci Eyve itiai-Ves towardcis 
tho Lighe wayea of tho sEime panslie. To Agnes Powell, tlie 
wife of DiiTid Powell, twontie Bhilliiigea, To Richard Baas a 
blttk gowne. Toward innidon? uiariages of the Tower of 
London, Alhalowou, Barkino, and Sainb DanetftUL-s in tim East, 
fyve markes, and foartio uliillingo t(> poiirti maideiif inariageii at 
large. To an honest; priest to syngo and pniy for my soule in 
Hartyll clmrch, and to another to pray in H'- Petirs church© 
within the towre of London, and for his aalaryo three pouudes 
vj B. viij d. To Thomas Stanley a blak gowno of vj a. a yerde 
and tweiitie sbilhnges in money. To maister Gale, fcreasiirer, 
a hhik gown, and another iv my latly his wife, 'i'o inaister 
Lee, sayniaistar, a blak gown. To my cousyn Murfyn a blak 
gown. To Dorathe Gaie, M*" Treasurers doughter, a blak gijwii. 
To William Maryet, coynwr, a blak gown. To John Tunolde, my 
servaunt, a blak gown, To maiaterra Hyggea a blak gownc. L 
[orgBve all the dettes which "William Ifiggea owithme. Also I 
will that my body be buried within the parisbe church of tho 
Tnnitie in the Citie of York within Gnderem gate. To John 
Hayre my kyimosiuan a ve5temeut,aud the same vestement to be 
gevyn to the parishe churche of Hartill , And for the more aiiertie 
1 have setto my seall the sxj day of May. Witnusaea, maister 
Gralo, treasurer of the niyute of York, Hichard Lee, asaayer, 
William Marfyn, fyntr there, and sir Edmunde Alen, curat of 
the chnrche of the Tnnitie. I deaire my cousyii WagatafTe to 
bo good unto all pour people that owe me money. To my 
cosyn Murfyn, is wife, fcwentie shillinges. To niaieler Gale 
my blak relvet dublet. To William Murfyn a velvet jerkyn 
and a aattyn dublet, To Sir Edmunde, my gooatly father of 



the churcliie of the Trinitie, a blak gowrio. The residue I 
charge myn execiitours to diapoaMt- the eame iu dedis of mercy. 
Ilumfrey Wngstflffe and Eiiznbeth, his wief, ezecotoars. 
Overaoer, Kogur Taillur, golde fjner. 

[Proved 2 My. 1.545.1 

[Aleu. ».] 
21 Sept., 15-15. Wilham "Wilson of Hewgill, in the parriiili- 
iuge of Kendall. To be buryed in ower Ladyo wlier in my 
parrisho chwrche of Kenda.!!. TJwto the repanicons of the 
churcbe fortie ehilliiiges. Unto Myka Wylaoii, my naturall 
suune, tlio hole tythu of my tenements in Hew^l which I 
dwell appon, and as for all householde atuffo, as beddjnge, 
nieadljTige, bras with plate of sylver, it is my inynde shalbe 
equally ttevydcd amongea my thre naturall sonnea, Myles, 
(.TBorge, and Thomae. Unto my sonne Myh's a hiindretlie 
markes, besides hiii childes porcion. Unto Qeorge and 
Thciums Wylson, my iiatui-all sonnes, the hole lythe of my 
twoo tenementes, wticke as was heretofore Rayiiold Wylson, 
to be equally Jevyded betwixte thera, whictiB it is my mynde 
that none of them shall sell or lett frorae them selves but 
on© to another. Unto Myles and Eaynolde, the aonnes of 
Thomas Wylaon my brother, foure ponndea equally de^'yded. 
Uulo twou bastariles of Gcorg-i? Wylsun my bi-olhei" sixe 
poundes thirtene shillinges foiu-c pence cqualiye devyded. 
It is my mynde that William Wylson, somie of Thomas my 
naturall brother, at Buch tjino as he shall take intereste in 
one tenemente at Myatlehead in the parrishe of Wynmndermyr 
shall make suffyciynt wrytynges unto my exocutours for the 
uarformaunce of all artycles in the will of George Wylson 
his nncle. Unto Bryan the soiine of Thomaa Wylson my 
brother the tenemente ill HewgilJ, alwayes proryded that my 
naturall sister Elizabeth have thoccupacion of the tenement 
endurynge her naturall lyEfe accordynge ujito the wyll of 
George Wylson my brothot, and TOrtlier that the said« 
WvlHam and Bryan, sonnea of Thomns Wylaon, shall neyfcher 
sell, lett, or mortgage tho teueniente in Hew^U nor at 
Mysfcleliedd but nnto one of my three sonnes. I will that 
my sifitor Elaabethe ehall have tenno poundes whiclio my 
brother George did geve her, and I geve unto Klinabetbe 
other tenne ponndes. And I will that Averaye llarwyeke 
my brother in lawe and my saide syster his wyffe shall liave 
alt Biicho movable goudes whlche as hero tlio marke as cattail 
and shepe, and where aa there dothe lacke aimye of the 
catall or sliepe, I will that they shall have suche lyke agnyne 



"1.1 iiiiLmiy iLS tjio suiJo Avorje iiud Lib wyiv brouglit with 
them when thyy came unto my houao, ako aucho beddyngo 
as they brongUte. Unto avery sonne that my syster hafche 
fortio yhillingee, and unto everye doughter unmaryed sixe 
poundoa tlurtene shillinges fonre pence a pece at xviij yeres. 
Further it ia my myndo that all my thre sonnes for my 
blesamge to be gouJ and k^Tido to thu saitlt: Avery aiitl liis 
wyfe and childrene. Unto Alexander Wylaon my brother 
aixo poundes thirteiie ahilliiiges fonre pence. It is my wyll 
that Juhn Kdmande iny aoniia in lawu ahsill have xxiij li. 
seven sbillingea fonre pence in fidl payment For al! debtes, 
&C.J between the said John ancl rae. Unto Sir James tnman, 
priste, unto & Robart Jlawson, prist, unto S"" Robart Atkynson, 
priate, thii'tene shilliuges t'oiire pence each. Unto S'' Wylliam 
Mow3i_in, pnato, twentie ponce. I make uiy tKro sounes 
GXocutourH, my an rpervi sours, John Ednimido my soime in 
lawe, Thomas Wylson of Stricldand^ftte and KeudEill, Thomas 
Silcot my brother in lawe, and William Wylson of Strick- 
land a. 

[Proved 2"J May, lUid.] 

[Popolwgll, 1.] 

6 Nov., 1547. Jime Crewde, otherwayos called Crowyll. 
I becjuetlie my soule to God, and my boddy to be buryed iu 
the churclie yarde of Ssuiiit Andrewe in Caterige. To the 
chest in Caterige churche vjs. viij A., to be geven to the pooru 
people. To Wylliaua Snowo one cowe. To laaboU Snuwe niy 
doughter three kye and my hogge, also to my doughter 
Isabell SnoWG foure poundes uynotone (ihillingeB that I did 
icndc owte of my piirase to my sonuo in luwo Thomas Ilarry-TOii, 
the which he hath yet in his kepinge. To my eonne Rflbiirte 
Crowd©, otherwayee Crowyll, twoo paier of eheetes. To my 
goddaughter Jane Howft'e one paier of sheotya. The residue 
to my aouue iu lane John Snowe, whome I miike my executour. 
Thes vvytnes, Ilicharde Marwho, Wylliam Coldaylo, William 
Harrowe, George Armorer, cuiut, 

[Proveil 3 Jiin.. IJ547-8.] 

[Populwell, 9.) 
Ia the name of God, Amen. Be it rememberyd and 
kuowen. that the v"' daie oE Septembr in the yere of oin- 

'-Katherine Pan-, the woli-known lut wife o( Henry VIII. She remfttrifld 
Sir 'rhomns Seymour, Laid Sudley, and appears to hnv« died the ia,j tli9 will 
nag wiitleu. 


Lortlo Ooil a thousande ijve hinifli-etli foiirtie and eigbt anti 
ilui stjuoiulL' yurc of the reigne ot the luosto exceUent Prince 

lEtlwardti tho Stxte by tliu pract? of Ood Kiuge of Engliinde, 
Fmunce, and Irelanai.', dcfendoui- of the foithe and of the 
Churidie of Eiiglaodt> unci also of IrL-Iaiido, in furthe the 
gnpremc hedd. The moete noble and excellent i^i-iiice-sse, 

'Dame Katheryn, (jufne i>f Kiigland, Frauiu-e, nnd nrt-limde, 
]ftt« the wyfe of ihe moste excellent prince of famous 

kiuemory, Kinjje Henry theight, late Kinge of Englande, and 
*10Q wyfe to iho Hffht honorable B' Thoinne Seymour, knight 
of the noble order of y" Garter, Lorde Seymour of Sudeley 
and hijfh Admyrali '>f Englniide, lyinge on her denthe bedd, 
sicke in bodie but of good iiiynde. perfcote ineuiorie and 
disoresion, beinjf perHWiidid and jiereeavymg thexlrtmitie of 
death (o iLppioche her, disposed sind ordejnyd by the 
permigsiou, assent, and consent of hor moet dere belovyd 
husbnnde, the lordo Seymour aforesaide, a certeri disposition, 
gifte, iestameiu, and Inst will of all her ;»oodei*, cnttalles, 
and delitL's, by thGis wordus or other likd in i-ffetk-j l>eing 
by her Hdviaidlyu a(njiiken to thoiitont of a testimifnt and 
last will in the preaens of the witnes and rccordes under- 
namyd, thnt ia to saye the saide inoste noble Quene, by 
permission, oonseni, and oaaeut aforesaid, dyd not only with 
all her harto and desire franckwly nnd fr^-Iy yt've, will, and 
betineithu to the SitiJ lorde 8enioiir, tonic liigfie Adnivrall of 
Englando, Hop iriari'.'d uaposL' and hiisbiindo, all the ^uodos, 
cattiillea, and delite^i that ahe than hadd or of right ought 
to have in all Ihe ivorldo, wiwhinge them to he a thouEaade 
tymes more in valnti than they weir or been, but also inoste 
lyberally gave hym' full power, auetorilie, nnd nrder to 
dispoiieti and eseciito the same goudcs, caltatle», and debtes 
at his owne free will and pleayiiro to bid moate eoiuoditie. 
Theis being wiLnea tu the preraiases, Robert Huyt'ko, doctour 
of phisit'ke, John . Yeaven in the ca&telt of Sudelej, 

the daie and yere abovesafde. 

[Tfoved 6 Doc;., IMa] 



20 Deo., 2'* Edward the sixto (154«). Sir John Willoughbye, 
of WoUaton in the coiiiifcieof Not,, Uiiight. My body to be 
buryod in the pariuhu ehurelio of VVollaton ou the aouthe parte 

'Eldeit ton »I Sir Henry WiUonghb;', tcIiosb will lm>< Uon prinl«d, 
No. i.xHVit. hy id* fint wife. Ho ilied «. p., and tbo «stAto OAino to hU 
nophsw Uonr}'. 


uF the liiglie aiilter tliere, as Anne my Iain wyfii Ij^tlie nawe 
buryed. Jdao where it hath byae covommntod by dedu boring 
date the xx'' day« uf Syptembr in tho xx"^' yeio of the late 
kinge, upon certayti eov*.'iiauutes of manage betwixt the lata 
right huDorable lord ThoinHS Mari[iie8 Doraett, ni>w deceassed, 
of the one partie, and lue the aaid Sir John Willoughbye, 
knight, and Sir Edwa-rd WiHoughbiB, knight^ my brother, 
deceaaaed, and d&me Aime his wyfe on thother partie, that 
it shiilde be lawful! to me before the feaste oE RayDto 
Barthelmewe then uest to raftke unto S' John ilavkebam, 
knight, imd otht-r iherin named to be his toffoffees il gdod 
estate in fee aytnpie of und in londps in Wilbighby, Bradmoare 
and Cossiill in tiie countie of Notinghjim, and iu Wykju in 
the count'w of thy citie of Coventre, and in ijthor places in the 
counties of Warwicke and Niit.iughaai, to tlio yearlie vabie of 
oon hiindreth ponndes or there abontea, the lordahippo of 
Wollalon and Mydletoii oiilye except, to llie une that Sir Jubn 
Markliam and hia otTiei-cofooffees sknlde stande smd be seased 
to thase of mo the said Syr John Willongbby and to the 
perfornmnoB of siiehe will as I aliulde make fur temie of xx" 
yeres next after my decease, and for pa.yment of my debtes. 
Wkerefore 1 mil and declare my ] will in liianiier as after 
foLnwith. First, 1 will that all such persone and ]jer.iones 
hereafter named bIihII have, receave and peaceubly and t)uietly 
enyoye for terme wf theire lyvea auoording to tlieire several! 
gpauntes tlieruf by niy made, all »iuche rentes as by me 
graunted oute of the Baid londes uf the yerely valae of one 
hnndreth poiindfs, that ya to saye, fipste, my brother Syr 
Hugh Willrmgliby, knight, aixe pnundes thirtene shilHnges and 
foure pence yorely; rSy"" Mmond Moljnex, knight, one of the 
f'liin^ea Bervauntes at the hiwo, xxvj a. viij d. yeroly ; Syr 
Anthouy Nerell, kuight, my iiephewe, xxa. yerely; Kicliolas 
Pontrell, gent., xxs, yerely; Gabriell Barwike, gent., xxvj 8. 
viij d, yerelyj Henry Draycote, gent.j xxs. yerely; Ediuoiide 
l)raycot©,geLt.,xs a. yerely; George Dpaycote,gent.,xx 8. yerely; 
Pbillipo Dniicote, gent., xx s. yerely; Alice Draycote, gent., 
xxB.yorely; Anne Diaicote, xx s.yerely; Mary Draycote, xx ?. 
yerely; Elizabeth Gyfforde, xxs. yerely; George Willougbby, 
gent., xl s. yerely; Richard Egertou, gent, xl a. yerely; Jejiics 
Thnrlonde, gont., XX s. yerely ; Thomas Swyneon, gent., xiij a. 
liijd, yerely; William Egerton, gent,, .-sis. yerely; John Goseon, 
gent.j xiij s. iiij d. yerely; .John Trusseli, gent., xls. yerely; 
William Hwynson, gent., xiijs. iiij d. yerely j Syr Robert 
Porotte, chapleyn, xl 8. yerely; Chrigtofer Strelly. gent., XX8. 
yeroly; Riuhard Brownell, x b. yerulv; Tlioinaa Hyde, XKB. 
yerely; Thomas Bowde, xxs. yerelyj William Chambleyn, x s. 



yeroly; Robert Fnwn, x 3, yerely; John Garnet, xo. yerely; 
John HoiiWL-U, vja. viijd.yerL-Iy; Witliiim Clyston, xxvj«. riijd. 
yerely; Klizabutli Ciirsoii,iuy kyiitieswomaii, xx8.y«rely; RaiTe 
liarbelett, X8. yorely; TlionxasHton, gent., xxs. yerely; William 
Wooilnet, XB. yerely; Hugh Sliepiirde, xs. yerely; Tho)iia« 

.Cr&mpton, xiijs. iiijd. yerely; Geofferye Blewc, xs. yorely; 

iUrbano Halle, ss. yeroly; Bdwarde Hargrtive, xs. yci-oly; 
Joliu Hudgeaun,xxa, yerely; Williiim Wilde, xxs.yerely; Hugh 
Largo, XH, yerely; iHebratido Biiniaby, xxs. yerely; John Alar- 
tyn, X8. yoroly; RafFe Kig-liteloyiXxs. yerely; Richard (iorfcou, 
XB. yerely; WiUiam Wolknr, x e. yerely; William Martuwe,' 
xxB.yepely; Juyce Bur(,xiijB. iiij d. yerely; Robert Diseon, 
X a, yerely; John Poolo, x s. yerely; Raiidle (Jrovo, x s. yerely; 
Aj^iit'B Huddcafurd, vjS. viijd. yerely; William Stukwj, vjs. viijd. 
yciely; Aj^Den Knoles, widowe, vj e, viijd. yerely; John Ba-te, 
clarkt", XX s. yerely; William Kyppaa, clarke, ssa. yerely; Eliza- 
beth LentoQ, gent., xl s. yerelyj Juhn Hall, yoniau, xiij s, iiij d. 
yeroly. I give to Gabryall Rerwyke and Henry Menuyen all 
the rentes of one tenement within the towno of Not. iji the 
tenur o£ Robert Hunter, coke, of the yerely value of xxvi a. 
viij d. To my snster Alice DrAycotte xs li. To my neice Alice 
Draycote, her doughter, other xxli., provided yf either of 
thetu or bothe to doparte from this worlde before the tymes of 
payment the some or somes shallje paid unto Ga.brj'all Rerwike 
and Henry Mermyon. To iny nece Rose Willoughby, donght«r 
to my brother Syr Hugh, x li. To yong:e Margaret Willoughby, 
gent., dou^hter to my nepliawo Henry, xli. To William Woste 
XX s. To Riehitrd Grregorycs xx s. To Henry Irelond xiijs. iiijd. 
To John Stokes xiij s, iiij d. To Anne . . . . , tin) litle wenche 
at Wollaton, xx8. To my sub ter Alice Draycote Is ewes aud 
Ix lambeH, they to be delyvered unto her after the next 

.lammyng tyine. I will that Thomns Brayabridge, gent., have 

'lis fee according to the tenure of Lis patent, and George 
Marmyoii, geut., and William Stole. And where 1 have 
graunted unto Gabriell Barwike and Henry Marmyon one yerely 
rent of iij li. iij a. owte of my manor in Willoug-hby upon the 
woldes, and other my londeB in tlie countye of Notingham, I 
will that tUey shall yerely daring the terme of xx*^ yeres payo 
the said rent in maner fulowing, that y.s to 8aye, thre poinides 
to thre poor folkoa to be from tyme to tymo appoynted by 
them, and iij s. yerely residnui to the poor folkea within my 
two alnies houses in Wollaton. To my brother Syr Hugh 
Willonghliy my gowrie of blake velvet lyned with russell and 
faced with blake eatten and a alevoles jacket of tawny velTOt, 
also I forgive my brother the t*ome of fourescore poimdes which 
he owith me. To my ncpbewe Henry Willotighby all my terme 



in ono lease of thu iytUv whicbe I liave of thu luasc oF thi; lute 
abliott aod eovcnt of BuriiD Abboy in y'' ctmiitie of Liiicolu, 
and also my gelding and all my liiinies for the warres. To 
uvcry one of my servaimteg one lialf yeres wagps. And whoro 
I bave for ever by good coiiveyaunt in tlie lawo corteyn lontles 
in Wiggiiitoii in the parislie of Tamwofth in tlie conntie of 
Stafford whiclie lately belong-ed to Lbe late free cbappetl called 
tbe Spittcll uhappfill in Tamwortli nowe dissolved, in the ttinure 
of iBebraiidf Barnaby, I witl that Gabi'iflU Barwibe, gent., a.nd 
Henry Marmyon, geut,, for xx''yeres take tto rentes and paye 
in and about tbe making: and rapayriug iiud uiiiendlng of 
bridges uud bigh waies or in other dedes uf cburitie as by Sieir 
diucreeaion ehall bo thoiiglit mete for tlie lielbhu of iny bouIo, 
and aiter tbe xr" yoros I will that Fraunees Willongbby, gent., 
soconde eoiine to my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, shall 
bave all tbe londes ... I will that all the onmnientes wbicbu 
remayued in tbe cbappell at Mjddeltoii iu the countie of Warw*. 
at tbe time of tbe deeeasse of my father shall remayiie to thu8e 
of my nephew Henry WilLoughby, osijuiire, nccording to the 
will of my father, and all nteiisilles at Midleton and Wollaton 
shall remayn to my nophewe Henry being nowe myn beii-e. I 
give my nephewe all silTer plate, gilt and ungillo. I make 
my said nephewe Henry Willoughby, eeqaier, and Gabriell 
Barwik, gentilman, exeeutorSj and sup ervi sours Syr Anthony 
Nevel], knight, and my brother Syr Hugh WiBonghby, knight. 
Witnoa, John T;ane, Henry Marinyon, Kobert Permt, preest, 
Thomas Eyton, John Tmasell, Matfcew Hynd, William Blytho, 
John Pole, gent., Robert Dickesoce, William Eggerton, 
Bicbard Eggertou, Randall Grove, Thomas Bowdu, liicbard 
Gorton^ and other. 

[Fruied 22 Ja.|i., 1A4B-9.] 

(TopolwelJ, 3a.| 
3 Apr., 154-9. Leonivrde Clark 3, of Ha.wton in the Countio 
of Yorke. 1 bequetb my eouie to Jesu^ Chnste my Savior and 
Red«mer, my body to he buried as a Chriatyn man ought t« be 
as my frendes here thiuke "beat. I make Hlyn my wyfe and 
my brother William Clarl;e my executours. I give to Anthony 
ray servaiHite foure poundeSj and I make Henry Watkynson 
my brother my 9HpervJ«ii', desiring hyni to bo good to my 
brother children, and to see this my will as the lawe will 
appoynto. Theis witnos, M.' WiUiiim Bradlayc, vicar of 
Saynte Martyna in Lon., Edward Wcstys, Myles Taylar, and 
John YeSston, 

[Proved a? Miij, 16«.] 




[Powell. lU.J 
24 Aug., S-* Edw. VI (15J9). Jolm Hartewell, of Roath- 
Rcarle in the cduntio uf Nirttinghani, husbaniiinan. To be 
l(iir_ved in t.lic cliiirclieyariie wliere yt sliall plense God that 
I shall depEirte this worido. To the poore mens Lose in 
Hariugwortli xij d. To Lauroiict' tuy souiio ii] li. xiij b. iiij A., 
whicha Joliii Wsirdo uf SuutliscsLrki tiwith for a yoke of oxen, 
and iij !i. vj s. viij d. wliicli Jolin Huntluy of Gyrtou oweth for 
a yoke of uxen, and Ivj h, viij d. whitlie the said John Warde 
oweth for anntber yolce of oxen, also a blake mare, my best 
wnyne, and all the geyros and ploughea, and two payi'e of 
idough gtrcfl and all yroiie to the same, and in more money 
vjli. xiij B. iiij d. To Julin Hartewell my sonno foure oxen, 
two mures thoiie bayo and thother gra.yc and two f&les 
sufking upon theyra, and lay socondo payre and the geyres 
to yt, a plough with the geyrea, and two payre of plough 
gere«, and vjli, xiij s. iiij d. To William ray soiino a b«ye 
mai'e and a fele, a aoretd colto, two aturea of throe yercs 
old, two sterea of two yores old, »nd foiirtie shilliiiges, and 
hib owiio mouoy made of his shepe, being three poundos, 
To Frauucea my soiine two biilcheiis of three years old, a 
pied stero of foui-e yei-ea, a blacke heyfei- of four© jctcs, a 
iiaye colte and a graye filley. To Margaret Hartewell, my 
doughter, a mftseiv a haniese girdell, two sylrer spones, a 
sylver riiige, all my household stnf, seven mylche neate, and 
vj li. xiij 8. iiijd. To Margery Taylor, my aiister, one suwe, 
two ateres, a bacon liogge^ a seame of rye aad half 
a B«?aiiio of pease. To Robert Taylor my donne mare. To 
Alice llaywood one score huggo and half a seame of pease. 
'Jo Fraiinces flHrtwell, my brother, my hay horse and a gray 
mare. To my mother xla. To my hrothei- Fraimces Harte- 
well all tho reat of my awyno wliiche bo nol. given by thia 
my teatamout. The residue to Laiireiice my sonne and 
FrauncBS Hartewell my brother, whom I mabp executoars. 
Jolm Adaitl and Kobert Taylor, snper via ours. Witnea, 
William Ryley, elerk, Jolm Adaill and Robert Tiiylor, and 
John Warde, with other. 

[Proved 39 Mnroh, I5G3.] 

[Popdwell, iO.] 

22 August, ]&49. Leonard Rereabeo, clarke, parson of 
Polborghe in the dioces of Chichester, eicke in ifodie. My 

' Souneev son of Thomas Bereeby, of ThribiTgh, co. Toek, 
and Fulnetb;. 




bo3y to be bnrietl in the diaancell of Polberghe, pacing 
tholde coetomc therefore. To the reparacions of tfao mother 
churche of Chichester (yve shillin^es. To thi> poor mens 
boxo in tho cKnrcho of Polborjrho riij d. 'I'o Thomas fiorasbo, 
soDtie and fit?ire to Lyon Reresbee, cnqnier, the heat gtilde 
r-yng. To my inoTht-r a gemon spone of silver porcell pit. 
To Raffc Rerirsbec, tfie gonne of the aforesnide Lyon, a silrpr 
bole which ys at Asheovep, in my mothers handes- To every 
one of my godchildren borne in Fiillborow a lame and foartie 
pence of money. To Syr John Full, my oorar, n hole quarter! 
wages and my best gowiie, nud to every one of my servauot<?« 
aholoqaartpr wages. To Henry Hill, my servnnnto, vj«. Wijd-, 
a hedging bill and an axe. To John Smart a blockc bowc and 
three piggys. To .igties my servaimle one of the best of my 
calves and vj lambes, a payre of canvas Nheietes, and a 
eoverled. 'i'o Austen Dyeon the clarke the yoke of oxen that 
I bought of M"" John Jorden, a t-alfo and iiij nhepe, a coverled, 
a payre of sheetea and a materys. I heqnethe fourfie 
shiliiugea to the high wayo betwixt the clturcbe and the 
north both, and the xl a. for tu be put int-n thaodes of 
H' John Jorden, William Grendfilde, and Richard Mnrley, 
to bestowed witliin two yeres, and they shall have for tlieir 
paynes taking ij s. I make Margaret Reresby, wodowe, in 
the t'ountip of Dapbye, and my broilier Lyoo KereHby, in the 
countie of Vorke, esr|uit3r, Araulde my brother, and Jane my 
Blister, my pxecutours of all my landes, with retiidue of ray 
goodea. Supervieoiirs, Sir -John Full, John Jorden, aervaujile 
to Che Kin^e Maieslie, William Gi-enefeld, moreer, Richard 
Markena, Austen Dyson, the clurke of Pulburow. To every 
of the Bijpervisours vj «. viij d. To M' John Jorden my bowe 
and my an-owea. To William Grenefeld my haiidc gone. To 
Ri^hiird Mai'ten my woodknyfe. To John Hurafrcy of Ilay- 
boine a talf, to give to one of his douglitent whiche he wold. 

rProved 29 Oct. 1M9.] 

[Coode, ST.] 
5 May, 1550. John Henrysnnne of Kyngeston upon Halle, 
alderman. My boJye Co be buryed in tho parishe churehe 
where yt shull plcai^e God to call me nnto \m iticrcye. To 
Elisabothe, my moat welbi'lovod wyfe, nil my messimgoe, 
landeSj &c.j within the towne ami cuuiitie of Kjnigston upon 
HuUe, B&rtou upon Humbre in the couutio of Liucoln, 

■ In the histories of Hull he U eajled John Harrison, »nA t\w «hnrilj h« 
founded goe' b; the nitiiie of Hurriitoii's Hospilal- It i« ntlU in rsUlcnM. 



Elsternowike in Holdernes, Cottingham Lonlshippe and elles 
whore, to holdo for the torme of her lyfe and after her 
deoenao I give unto tho maior and Irargesat's of Kingeafcon 
upon Hullo, jmd to their i;iicee»»ourH for ovor, all that my 
moKHuiigu and gardrjrrie lying in Kingston upon Ilulle in a 
oertayne Kipcfte iritllyd the higliBtrete als. Hulfitrcle, wliewin 
one Thomtia Mvvrebie, iiibplder, uowe iiihabitethe, one other 
niQK<inngR in thR said Btreto, nowo in tho tenure of one Wood, 
gent., and one other me^^uage in tlie said strete in tlie tenure 
of one Richnrde Hargyllo, beerbruer, and all that my 
Musyuduo Almcshonso and gardeyne in a lano callyd the 
Chappell Ijauue, und all other my landes in the said Chappell 
Lanu, upon this condicon, thnt the said maior and bargesaes 
aflor tbo deathu of my wyio do every weke wekelj forever 
piijd upon tho Haturdayo the some of sixtene pence to such 
pijor pctipli* as hUalbe reBident within the saide Masyndne in 
Chappoli Lane equally to be dovided ainongea them. I give 
after the decease of my wyffe to John Harecastetl. my sonne 
in lawe, and to his htyre:* my messuage L-ommonlye callyd 
the Oylomylut' with OL'stei-iiK and all otter, 
to eutiher wit-h all the stu-blus, howses, and closes adioyniitg 
in Kiugeston upon Uulle in a certeyn lane therc^ ca.llyd the 
Lyllie Lane, niglie unto Hnnilgate. I give after the decease 
of my wyfe unto Robert Heurysonne, sonae of William 
HonryKOQ of Bwyne, taylor, and to his Iieyrea for ever, my 
messiiugea, &c., in ElatHniuwyte. To Anna Burton, dougbter 
of Willia.m Burton, porter, all my landes in Cottiuo:ham. Tlic 
residue and reversion of all messui^es, &c., after the decease 
of my wyfe and not before geven, 1 bequeathe unto Lancetlot 
KarpcaHteil, sonue of the said John Harecastell, and for 
dcfaulte of ytjsue the remaynder unto John HarecastiU afore- 
said and liis heyres, provided that yi my wyfe do fortune to 
marye, that than ahe onelye to have b«t the moytie of my 
said landea, and thotfaer moytie I will that my sonno in lawe 
John Uftpeoastell shall hare after the folenipnisaeon of her 
mai-tage during the lyfe of my wyfe onelye. Provided also 
who eoever have my mansion or dwellinge hooae in Kyugeston 
upon Hidle shall well kepej fyude, snsteyne and mayuteyue 
8yr Robert Johnson, clarko, for termo of his lyf, aswoU for 
his meate, drynkc, apparell. and lodging. To William 
Uurtonno my foxe furrj-d gowne, a jacket of warstede, and 
a paire of hoose whicdio wa^ laste made for me. To William 
Henryaonne theM?r, kervcrj a blaeke clothe gowne furred 
with comiye, a cappe, and a payre of hooae. Unto John 
Henryson, aonne of the said William, a gowne of blacke 
cloth, furryd with fytchos, a jackelt of wurstede, a dublet of 



wiirstecle, and a payra of hoose. To mj brotber in luwe, 
Christofer Browne, a iyno blacke gowne oi clotbej furryd 
tbroiigbouto with fpynes, and a jackeU of rnsset velvet, I 
make my right inticrty beloved frendea, M'' Alexander 
Stockdiile, M'" Jolin Ovorsiille of Kyugeston npoii Hulle, 
aldennan, John Morgan, and Sjiiion Kemseye, geiitdmeii, to 
be siipervisniira, and I give to every- ooe of tliomL' twentie 
sliilUug«3 and on© blacke clotho gowiie fyue, and ono fjne 
blacke momyng cappe. To my brotber in lawe. Christofer 
Browne, one blacke momyng gowpe of fyne clothe and a 
fyne biiicke luoniyng cappe. The residue to my wyfe 
Klizabetho, whoiiie I make esecati-ix. 

[Proved 19 Nov., 1550.] 

[Bucke. 8,] ■ 
10 JunB, 1550. Mylea Newton theldor, of Beynfc Martyn 
in Conyngstreyte within the citie of Yorke. To be buryed in 
my churche oE SeyDt Murtyn as nigh the bodye of Anne my 
wyfe as ys poaaibla that not withatoudiug considering as tliis 
present the visitaooiL of God with the plague of peatitence 
within the said citie, 1 reeaiTc to tho discression of myn 
executours. To Syr Thomas Giymston, nsy cur&t, vj s. viij d. 
for my tytbes forgotten. To the relief of the poor prisoners 
in Yorko Castoll ijj s. Jiij d., within Kj'dcote in Yorke xij d., iu 
Uie prison xij d. To the amending of the high waye 
betwixt Moukbarre and Moakbridgiij s. iiij d. To the amending 
of the comoa cawaey towardea Holgate lij a. iiij d, Towardes 
the reparacon of Layrthorpebrig vj s. viij d., of the comon 
ataych at Ouaebrygend iij s. liiJ d., of Heasay moor and 
Hkipbi-iglone vj s. virj d., and I will that my lord mayer of this 
citie, my Inrde and M', master Gayll and M' Nortlie, two of 
my epeciall good masterB, shall have the custodye of the 
partyders bequeathed, and the chiirehwardons of my churche 
to have the custodye of the vjp. viij d. To W' Wfttson, 
M' Paycoke, and M'' Whyte, three of my masters, aldermen, 
' and wardoyns of Bowthnm ward, xiij a. iiij d. towardea the 

trelyef of pour people within the warde. To the reparacon of 
the newe woodbridga called the Wyk bridge vj a. viij d. I will 
thab my execiitours shall payo to my nyco Bridget Newt/on her 
childes porcou in money, houaehold staf and iiiellos of corrall 
bedes. the gawden therof iind also dyvers hedes therof being 
of syh'er and dnble gylt. To my nephewes Fraimcit! Nowtonj 
George Newton and the aaid Bridget Newton, for the restitucon 
of 8ueho goodos of theirs ad oaiuo to my handea sens the tyme 
of the making of brother Randall their Eathora inventory^ 



fourt-io shillinges egnlly to be tlevvded emonpes them. And 
where an my brotluT Brj'an Newton, Mftrinaduke Middjlton, 
Anthony l-"rauky»he, gL-iitilmea, and Riohftrc! Day stondo 
hoimdeii lo mo and myii exet^utours in one obligacou for tlio 
pnyuicnt of the childcs pornun of the said GcorKe Newton 
inyu iit-pht^w, I desire my executour* to Fursee that iflatl*>r 
eiibatnncinlly for the well of tb« childe, and 1 bequeathe tho 
custody nf the body of the said (Jenrge and his porcon, 
liiii li. xvB. iiij d., to my speciall frende M' William Tankerd, 
of Borowbridge, esc^Qyer. I bequeath the custody of mynece 
Bridget unto ray sotino Myloa Newton and my doughter 
Kathcryn liia wyfe. Item, my cosyn Richard Percy vail, 
S' Richard Poi-cwaU, prost, his sonoe, and other fwndos, 
standfs buuiidoti to ine fur the jtayinynt of the childea porcon 
of ray nephew Fraances Ne^rtoTi, now student at Cambridge. 
Item, I bi'queath tho custody of my daughters Katheryu, 
Etixabetb and Mighell Newton, my youn ^ent aonne, and 
thoir porciyns to the said M" Tanckerd my brother in lawe, 
Thomiis ShiviOoy, of Ripnn, peutilmnn, and to Miles mysontie, 
and tliey to put my douyliter* to honest service to suche tyme 
as that they shalbc maricd, and vf it hanpfii any of my three 
eluldrun to det-eiiHe before thut they Bhiilho miirietl thtn those 
tliat survyves and my aonne Thomas Newton shall have tho 
cliildea porcon. J will my sonnes Miles and Thomas shall 
iinmedintly make sale of all my coppehold huido in Acome and 
Acome fcJdL-M iirid of my fyvo clust-a in VVystow, and the 
money to bo \iiiploud in tho porforniance of my will. To 
Thomas Newt«n and Miles hia sonne my rueasuage in 
Steynebriggate in Ripoii and in Aunnesgaylu, and after their 
der,BiiE« to romayno to my sonne Mylea and his hoyree, I 
forgive him all audio somes of money us that he doth owe to 
me for come and. hey. To my doughter Dorotlie liis wyfe the 
lyneii BhcL'tes with curteyns of white threyd, also a womans 
hoode of vyolet ingrayno iind my titwny gowne clothe and ais 
sylrer &pouo», tLnd I will that my exacatonrg sImII make the 
said Thomas of the clerr Viiluo of tliurfcie jioundes of my 
^oodea at Thorpe, so that he shall aecompte nnto them of the 
resydue of my goodes there, except only all such Teasels, 
barker, and other thinges ns belonges to the tannery eraft, 
ivliicli I give to the saidi* Thomas, To Thomas Newton and 
to my dongliter Dorntliye, his wyfe, all right in n close called 
tho Hwtlyiiff closo. t'o MyluB Newton my soime all my 
mexeuage iu Conyngstreyt, two clothes and one tenement in 
Fyfihergayte, all mv right in a prebend howse callyd Tanghsll, 
in a tythe called Huburt tithe at Bishoptluirpe, in latides iu 
Skipton, al my right o£ fourtie ahillinget; by yere of ono 



annnitit; of ftll tliet Innilea lato of William Hiingayte, esqujer, 
in North DaltoTi, so that ho ahall paje to Katheryn Newton 
my dough ter toward her ntHryage teime poundes. To 
Katheryu wyf of Miles my sontio one taljlot of ffoLd, ono ring 
of g-olil with the armea of the passitm tjf our Liirile Jeshu 
Christ, sixB silx'er spooes witlt kiioppis of the nmydpn heade, a 
ruaaell frok gardyd wifcli blake YuiTot, and also uae kyrtell of 
cremesyn chainlet tliat some tymc was Anne my hrto wyfe, 
whose aoalo God pardon. To Mighell Newton ray youngest 
Sonne, messiia^ea in Juopergayte, Westgayte, in Yorke, in 
Sharo besidee Ripon. To John Newton my eldeat eonne 
fourtie markes, the best gelding, my beet saddell, brydell and 
stypropes, a gowiie and sicquytincea of my frende Anthony 
Norman. To Katheryn Newton my doughter twentie markea 
07er her childoa porcon, and Katheryn and Elizabeth my 
doughters to have betwixt them the residue of tliere mothers 
apparell . To my brother Bryan Newton twentie shilUng'es and 
apparoll to the value of xiij s, iiij il. To George Wedderall 
JotxiijK. iiij d., and to CTery one of his children ij a. To my 
lorde and to my maators, his brethren, to make lliem a 
recreacon with at aucho tynio as it shall please my Lord Mayer 
to appoint^ x] a. To my fellowes, my lord mayers oiEcers, 
Slij B. iiij d. To Mylos Newton ray aonne the churche gronnde, 
i;hurche yard, and the walles of the late diaaolvjd chnrche 
callyd Peterlajne lyttill in Yorke, and also one owche of 
btiyagold set with peyrll and one precious atone in the myd 
parte thorof. Ti> M'' William Tanckerd tlie best of my two 
dryuking pottes of silver and one gold rynge. To my coayn 
Anne Ma wyfe one other rlnge of golde to the value of 
xiij 3. iiij d., and to every one of their childreo iij s. inj d. To 
my brotifier Thomas Staveloy, of Rypon, my gowne of ruasell 
satten faryd with blafke connye. To my cosyn James Staveley 
six sylver sponos and a jacket of blak velvet, and to my coayne 
Johaue liis wyfe my wliite amelyng nagge. To my cosyn 
Elizabeth Jackefi vj a, viij d., and to Leonard Jftckea, 
Wennyfiyd Jackes, William Staveley, Margaret Staveley, and 
Jnhan l^arker, every one xx d. To EliKabetb Newlon ray 
duLighter fonrtie niarkes. To Dorothe, wjf of Thomas 
Nt>wton, my gowne tbab aht> hath whicho whs lately turned. 
To my aoime Myles tenements in Coniiyngstreyt and in 
Overouaegayte, Coppergayte, llikklegute barro, Ac. To 
Mylea sonne of Tliomaa Newton, land in Nyllodykea. To my 
Bonne Myles one neat of gohlettes weying fourtie ouiiceB, with 
a duasen of sylver Hpnones with knoppefl of the xij appoatelles, 
and aixe aponea gilt with knuppea of ClLrist and OLtr Lady with 
all the hangingea of aaye in the hnlle parlor and ohnmbers. 



anil two fether beddea, that ys to bsijb, tlie bedd tliat I ly© in 
ftiiil the Itedde that. M' Tant-kard lycth in, my best gowne 
fnrry«l with foyncs, two saltes. To Thomas Newton a pece of 
sylver parcell gilt witli a cover, a ringe of ailver and gilted, 
(frnven with my nnoie, and mie pece of sylver to Katheryti 
Nowton my donght-er. To Mig-liull Nowdm a ringu of sylver. 
To John Shiptoii a. I'j'iig of gohl with a dyainotid. To 
Klizabeth my d<itig]iter ii pece of aylvesr withoiita a cover. To 
my aoiiiiB Migliell a pyeo or gublet of silver, a riiigG of sylver. 
To Myles my nonne my interest in two tonom^HiitBS and ii gardeyn 
in Dttvigsite, my brewing lede, a stepffiit of leyd, the maskynfatt 
io my house at Yorke, two of my coverynges which were 
haugiiiges and other two covopingea with fnure WanketteSj and 
threti piiyre of lynon alieetes, wlierof nm; to bo payro of doble 
sheeten. The residue of all my bedding nut given at Thorpe 
find Vurke to Mighell, Katheryn, and Gliz. Newton. TbomaB 
and Mytea Newton my aonnea shnlbo myn osecutours, and my 
brotLer m lawo William Tankard, eaqujer, and Thomtwi 
Staveley, of Ripon, to be the eupei-i'l sours. In witneM, Jumea 
Staveley, of London, vyntener, Thoinivs Staveley, of Yorke, 
ranrebaimt, William Tayrt.^ 

[FroTGd 4 Feb., 1550,] 

[Coodfc. 21.] 

23 Ang., 1550. Bichard Langryge, of Kendall, in ths'i 
County© of Westmorland. My Lodye to be buryed in Chriatian 
buriall wheresoever yt sh&ll please Aluiightie God to appoynte. 
I give unto my welbeloved wief Margaret Langiygo my 
mesauBge or tenemeute, to have the Bame dnring tlie tyme 
that she shall Iyv6 soole and unmaried according© to thg 
castome of the countrye. The remaynder therof to Robert 
Langrygo my eldeat Sonne and to theyres of his bodie law- 
fully begotten for ever. 1 will that when my debtes be 
paide, my foneralles discharged, and thi3 my last will par- 
formed, that all my goodes and cattalles ahalbe devyded 
betwene my wief and children by thovereight of three or 
foure honeste par^ones, and my wif to have tlie thirdo parte 
therof, and the reRt to be equally devyded betwene my 
children. I make my wyfo and Stephyu Wylaon, my aonoe 
in lawe, myne executoura, and Wilbam Hartyson and Henry 
Hoggeaon be ovei-aeera of the same, and 1 give to either 
fyire ahillingea. Witnesses, Willyam Cartewrightj Richard 

* Thij will makes niaii,Y mlditinns ti> the ptdigrue of Newton ot Tborpe ■)«« 
Ripon in Olovor'B rUit-ifimi (PosWr BJ.. ^71). 



Howghe, tTamea Bridget, Williftin HaBtwhittill, Audrewo 
KempB, and Robert Siidulmry. By me Robert Limgrige, by 
me Andrewe Kempe, golil^initli, 

[ProvBd a« Sept.. 15S0.] 



[Ooutte, 15.] 
1 Jan., 3 Edw. VI {1550-1). William Cowper. I bequeath 
gownes to twentte poor iiioii and twetitie poore women in 
Thurgarton and thcro aboutos, and that tbora shalbo given 
yerelye to twentle poore men twentye shillingeB, and to xx'' 
poore women twentic shillingea oute o£ my landee of Thur- 
garton in fche countie of Nottingham, and out of the parke 
there for ever. To William Cowper, vnj secoud aonne, the 
copiebold in Upton iu the said countiL;, and for lacke of issue 
to Richard Cowper and hej-res of bis bodye. To Richard 
Cowper my soddo my manor of Lawligau in the countie of 
Mongomerie in Wales, and for lacke of yssue to William my 
aeconde «oiine. To Richard my aonna all my miircut, &o., in 
tha monutayns in Wales, one annuitie of lij a. viijd. wbicha 
1 have ycrely oute of the treasorers office of the cowrte of 
Agmentacions. To my eldest sonne Thomas all my landea 
iu ThuTgarton after the death of Cicele my wyf, and for lacka 
of issue male to WiJliaJu my sonne, and for lacke of isBue 
male to Richard Conper, and for lacke heyrea to Olyve 
Cowper ray doughter, provided that if it fortune either 
William, Eicharde, or Thomas to have issue female, bo th»b 
the landes do dyssend to Olyfe, then I will my doughter 
shall give to every of the Haid daughters one biindrebh 
markea. Also 1 will that whero my wyfe Cycile ys joyned 
purchaser with mo of all my Inndes in Tlnirgartott, that she 
shall have the same duringe her lyfe yf aoole and unmarried, 
she to give nnto Thomas fyflorie ponndos by jere until he 
be maried, and then fmirtie markce, and to fynde his wyfe 
and chyldren, and he tv kepe his lernynge, whoru my wife 
hath promysid falhfiilly never to rake hnshande after my 
decease, and for the groat paynea she bath susteyned with 
me I will that she have the custodye of all my liousehold 
stuff at Thurgarton, and if my wyfe do fortune to marryo, 
than I will my goodes shalbe devyded in three partes, ami 
that my soiinc Thoniaa shall have two partes and my wyfe 
the thirde parte. And I will that my wyf© shall have the 

■ Williftm Cooper, of Thnrgarton (th* teatator), henidB the ^<»digTM of Ooop«r 
In the Vititatitm aj Hottvaghavi. (Hnrl. Boo., iv, 140). U« oiitrried " Soiesely, 
d. BDcl hefre ol Jobn Tolley, ol LonJon." Sw Hnnter's Jfmonwn G«itiMJn 
(H&rl. Soc., 868). 



kopiiig of all my plato oE silver and two ohaynoa of gold, 
and if shp fnrt.iiiip to marrye the plate shalba devyded, my 
wyf« to have one parte, my sonne Thomaa the second, and 
the tbirde to he devyded b&twixt my soiines Richard and 
William uad my dou^litcr OLyfe. [Furlfwr br']uc»ts to children 
and to gfiimiits.) I make myne extcnt(iui's M'' Thnmas Alen, 
parson, John Laugloy of London, goldsinyth, and S"" Richard 
Sackevile and H' Arthur Darcye, knlghtes, my supervisonrs. 
[Praveil fi .Inne, 1550.] 

IKeti^hjn, IG.] 

2 July, 1551. John Stanley, of Sutton in the countie of 
Nottingham. I hcqueatlie my londe to my snane, whiche srij 
men shall fynde to be myiie hpire. To my suniios Wiliyiini, 
Uonry, John, Mighell, and Margery my daughter, every of 
them XX li. To Johane my wief the thirde parte of laudea. 
Aldo I beinge brought home of my hole gnodes, and my debtes 
paide afore the departinge of any of my goodes, I will that 
myne exooutora do give to the pooro people ten shJlHngea, and 
to every of my godchiklrLni viij d. To Mighell my sonne my 
house set and being in the streete called Prorogate in Derby, 
over his porcion. I will that if Johan my wief do marrie then 
that every of my fowre sonnea and ray donghter have thirtie 
ponndes a pece. 1 will that if the xij men dn fynde that my 
gouoe that ya proist to bo myn heire then t.bat ho shall geve 
Rowlaude iny »oniiti fonrlie poundos. To Tlionms my sonne 
that is preist xl s. To Agiiea ray doiigbter xx s. To Kltziubetb 
my dougliter xxs. I will tliat the rest of my goodes nut 
bequeathed that Johane my wtof have yt. and be exeontrix. 
Witues, Robert Smyth, pewterer, Richarde Eliiigworthe, aud 
John Hnrte, with nther, 

[Tiwed S Got., 1566.] 

[Bucks, 80.] 

13 July, 1551, Jolm Nevyle, scrvaunte to Syr Mychaien 
Stanhopo. To the poor within the parishe whore I was born 
in Torkshire, that _ys to saye, in fiiniton, Hnwfcon and Clife, 
vjli. xiijs, iiij d. To the poors pi-iaiiners in N^ewgnte fourtie 
shillinge», of Lndgate xxvj s. viij d., to the flight that be poore 
priaaners there xxvj 3. viij d., to the prisoners of the Mnrehalt 
aee xls., to the Kin>;c3 Buuche fourtie ^liilliiiges, to tho poor in 
Betlilem withonte Bissliopg-.Lte xxvj a. viij d. To my suster 
BHabell Snyntcjnyntyno or to her children xxvli. xiij ». iiij d. 



To Hiimfrey Nevyle my kynsraau, sei'yaimte to M' Soutliwell, 
xiij li, vj 8. viij d. To one Charlca in London, armarer, beingu 
my poore kynsuian, en- to IiIh cLildicn, iij IL vjs, viijd. To my 
brother Anthoney Lfingdale a riiige of golds with a rubio in yt 
and a ringe of goldu playiie. To my sister his wicf fi ringe of 
golde Unit was ensiinyltid redo and white, haviilge two letters 
in the iiimde of yb. To my ctmsyno llioruiis Latigdalo a 
cranipG ringe of gold. To M' Lashefourdo a ringe ut" gold, 
fo my oMe t'ollowD Richard Brewiir a, Hugo of golde. To 
M'' John Sydilyidiiim, servaunte to S-'^'' Hobort Southwell, u. 
ringe. 'J'o M' Jtiaies Uarham my bowea, qnyver, ehaffces, 
brascr, shootinge glove, with also a cote of blacke aatten 
gardyd with velvet. To James Edwardes a sylver spooiie. To 
Humfrey Nevyle all niyne itjjparell and ulao acuopleof coofers 
standiug at myn ost Robynsona in Loudon, with aU the etuf 
m them excepted my Evydene. Wheras I had lande lying at 
Connehawo nye uiita the caetell of Brauaptthiti in tho oouutie 
of Durham, deBcendiiig unto mo by the deathe of tiiy father 
whiche 1 late solde, into the whiche lande one Anthony Esshe, 
esquier, pretending title, caused my father by proces to appere 
before the kingcB couuaell iit Yorke, the kinges Justice of 
Assice being there the same tyme, the matter was 
diamyssed, and my father awarded a aoiue of money, yet 
not withstand Inge Ibr nn myche as the said Anthony dyd 
declare that tho lande was layd to inorgage with a oondicon 
that when soever his nncetoiire, the last owner, did offer and 
lend unto myne ansetourea sxxiij U. tjs. TJijd., whiche was 
tho some liis ancetunre dyd receive of myne, I will therefore 
that myii esocutoura paye unto theyrea of Anthony Eghe 
xlvj U. xiij 8. iiijd, which, with the ssxiijli, vj a. viij d. that 
Eahes angotoiirs recevid of myne, is four&acore poundos, I 
will that my cheif messuage or house at Whytea Green and my 
lande joynyngo unto Ifold parke callyd Sowthlandea ahalbe 
sold, and the money to be ini]>luyed upon the perfourmynge of 
this my will. And as tonching my house called Nutfeld 
landes, 1 will vemayue unto myne next lieyre, whiche ya my 
syster Esabell Saynt qnyntyne, and her chiklreu, unto whom I 
will my house and lande in Kyrkby Mooraydo in the conntie of 
Yorke. Execiitoura. my verie frende M' fiarrie Lasshefourde, 
gent., Hichard Brewer, of West Farlegh in Kent, myn old 
fellowe, andi Jaraes Holdeii, of Kaiiham ia Kasiex, yomeoj both 
of them Hervaontes anto Syr Kobert Southwell, knight. 

(Provod 37 Cet,, 1551.] 



[Buake. 33.] 

The xiiij*'' daie of July, IBSl. David Clapham, of London, To be buried in tho nowe ctiurche of Seint 
FaibheB. To Joane, my wief, nil my household etuf as yt 
stoncles, and all my hou&os at Puternoator Eowe during Tier 
lyfo, and I will that toy wicf ahall payc oute of jvll iKes my 
liowsoa three poandaa yerely to yoiiger Thomfta my sonne 
and to David my yongeat soiine, to kepe them to socle with 
all. And after the dsatho of my said wief I give the teu^ement 
which I nowe dwell in to Thomaa Clapham my eldest eoitne, 
to hym and the heyres ot hia bodie for ever. And for default 
of auche yaane tho house to come to David my yongest sonue, 
and for lacko of hoyi-aa to curae to yonger Tliomas my aonne, 
and in dofaulte of hcyrcs to Joyce my doughter. To yonger 
Thomaa my sonno, ufter the decease of my wief, the house 
thnt M^ Doctor Standisehe now dwelleth in, and the two 
tenements next adioyiiiug, bo that ho paye yerely xl h. to 
David my yougestr gunno. And if it fortune the yonger 
Thomas to decease, I give the SAide three tenementes to 
David Clapham, and if it chaunce my yongest Bonne David 
to dye, thon I give thom to Thomas my eldest sonne, and 
iu default of heyrea to Joyce my doiighter. To Joyce tlie 
lease in tenementes iu Paternoster Row and Warwicke Lane. 
To yonger Thomas my aonne the lease iu the personage of 
North Wenden in Essex. I beqiioatlie my reversion of Dalton 
upon Yorkea wyld to Joharie my wief. To my Sonne ThomaB 
theldor my chwyno of gold gilte, and to my yoiigar sonne 
Thomas a nest of gohlettcs double gilto, and to Joyce my 
doaghter a nest of bonlles double gilte whiche I bought last. 
To David my sonno iny basyn and ewer of silver parcell 
gilt. Tho residue of all my plate I givH to Johanno my 
wiof. All my bookes to my eldest sonne, and my rayinpnt 
to my two yonger so'nnos. To David twentie ponndos in 
gold, and to Joyce tweutio poundos. To my coayn Anne 
('liipham, daughter to Christofer Clapham, of Beanisle^e, all 
the legaciea which were bequeathed to me by my other 
cosyn Anne, Thomas Clapham doughtor, in my other testa- 
mentj viz. a father bedd, a bontator, a payre ot ahoitos, a 
payre of blankeHes, a pillowe, and a pillow hero with a 
joyiied bedated, which stondes in the lille chamber over the 
well yarde, three pewter pliLtters, three pewter dishes, thrco 
pewter saviersj and three pewtop porringora, a brnsso pott, a 

■ Eldeat flan of John Clftphn,m. foarth son of ThomB« L'UphtiTn, of BBftirmlcy. 
near Bolton Abliey. Hb ia cuH&il a " tnxnilator" in thP I'ie<. Mnt. Blof., and 
appiiiLrs to tiavo been ii proctor in tho liaclesinBtiDiLl CourU nt Dnclora Commonit. 



lattyi! can^ilsHcke, a apytt, a payre of coTjyrons, a table 
cloth, a towell, half a doBon of impkyns, nnd twentie 
ahillinges in i-odia luouoy. TiiG lesidiiG of my gooJea I give 
to Johaue my wif, who with her father, Tliomaa 'i'ayloure, 
and Thrnnas Clapham ray eldeet aonne, I make my executoura. 
And I make the right honorahle M"^ Wiiliam Cicill, one of 
the Kinges two principall aecrotariee, myn overseer. 
[rToved 2a Aa^., 1651.] 

CLViu. -ran will or uichabl wilboek, of abesbt.'* 

[Bucks, 28.] 

Tha xx]"" daye of July, 1551. Myctaell Wilbore, of 
Arksay w""!!! the countio of Yorko, gentilman, being viGited 
with the sodeti visitation of God, yet not w'^''flt.ondiiige in very 
good and perfytt remenibraunce, do make this my last will. 
My bodye to be buried within my pariaho uhwrcba of Arksay. 
I bec|ueathe all my laiidufi to my somio aud hcyre ThomaB 
Wylbor. To Phillipe Wilbor my soniie ray lease of the 
parHOUuag'o oF Arksay. To Samuell Wilbor my soiiue my lease 
of my fcrmholde io E»sex, prorided that he shall not ia 
enywise, nor noo man for hym, put oute the poore man Robert 
Wybarn during his \jie, Ijeiag nowe in my fennholde. To 
Phillipp and Io Hamuell my sonnas, to oitlier of them foiirtie 
poundee. I boqaeatbe PhiLipo iv'*" his cbildes porcion to tho 
castodie of my brother Richard Wilbore. I betjoethe my 
Sonne Samuell with hie poroloa to the cuatodye of my brother 
in lawe Robort tXeher. To every one of my bretheru, to 
William, John and Richard, vj li. xiij a. liij d. To Genet 
Usher ray saster tenne poundos. To the eaid Genet my white 
geldinge. To the saJd Genett and to every one of my siiaters 
in lawe a goldo ringe the price of xl s., with tha Image of 
deathe ^'avud thurin, in I'eniciiibrance that they must uedes 
dye this cnrpnrall deathe. To ray Uncle Richard Wilbore, o( 
Pomfrett, my ronyd gelding whiclio he solde unto me. To 
Mathewe Hrinlbery iiiy redd geldinge. To Alison Moldson 
twentie shilliages yerelie duringe her lyfe, to be paydo outo of 
my hedd house in Arksay. To my servnmite John Beuiater 
xls. To William Wilbore my servaunte xls. To everyone 
of my servanntee, bolho here at Arksay and in Rshcx, tenne 
shillioges. To Amy Wormlay xls. To Jenett Barke twentie 
shillinges. 1 will that William Barke shall have the fermholde 
in Alna&holme, painge yerely twentie BliiUingefl, To every one 

• Bon at ThoronB Wilbore, of Arkee^. Hivil a wraat of ibe Blnok FriDnof 
Pontcfraot. Went to fi-se nt Pondea iu CluveritiR, Esaes, TuKiug luftrriei 
Phililjpa, dnn^Lter o( Wiliinin Br«.iJbutj, of Littlebury. lissen. (Holin«a' BInek 
Frinri nj PotiieJ'ract .) 



of my wiefus Juugbtera tonne pouiifles. To Gdwardo Mawde 
my curat xxs. To ovory oiio nf my brnthere oliildreii xxb., 
and to suche of thorn us be my gadfbildren xl s. To Sir John 
Freman, the persou of Pellam, aovun jjouiidoa. To the poore 
of Arksay vjli. liij s. iiij d. To th« poore of Cliiueryiingii 
iij li. vj B. viij d. To the immdingo of ihu Jiigbe waiew in Arksflj 
toiirtie filtillmges. I bequejithe Leiiiie cottes yerely tro fcenno 
poor children within Arksay duriug the apace of throe yerefi. 
To Chrintofer Seuttinglay toutie ahiiliuges. To Reiiold Suirbye 
tonno x[ii]hii(3;i!». To ray comyii Thomas Hodabioii twentie 
Bliillinges. Tbo rfst of ray goudea I give to my lovoiuge wiof 
Phillipe Wilbore, wlionie I do make my soltt executrix, 
desiring her to piiyo iny debtcs and I'C'ceivo Jtll dehtos, whiche 
sbo shall pcrtieyve more pleynly by my billos whiche ar in 
Esftox and at London in my studyo iii the Temple and in my 
cofer here at Arkeay. I make my brothrou William Wilbore 
tbe person, John Wildborc, Riulitird Wildboro, itnd Rol>orL 
Usbtr my bruthei" in Ifiwo, Hie anpervisoiivs. Witueaees, 
TUomas Mawdo my curat, llichard Wilbore, Robert LJsber, 
Thomaa Hodsbion, Christofer Seuttjngley, John Bruislt-r, and 
WiULam Wilbore. p me, Edwnrdo Mawdc, curatie do Arkcsay. 

[Proved 16 Ofil.. 1551.] 

[Buolifl, 33.] 
This ia the Inst will of S' Cliarlos BrsHidon, kuigbt, made 
the xxij*''' daye of July in the fyftc ycrie of the reigno of 
oure Lorde KiJige Kdwarde the Sixfce. 1 coiifease that there 
ys DO other sMlvacon fur mo but by tho skeddijige of Cbristea 
most prelioua bloodc, into whoBe handes I comyt my soule. 
Firatj I give unto my cogyne, Uumfrays SackfordCj and his 
heyres all my eiitcrest of and in all my landes ■H'ithin tho 
lordshipp, maunrj luid cantGll of Sygfst(..iii> witbin tbe countie 
of Yorke. Also I give unto Kliaahethe iriy wief and her 
hejTea all tho roaiduo of my maoorB in the couatio of Turke. 
To cosyno Hnmfraye Sackforde the terme of yerea of the 
lease whiche I had of the Kingea Maiestie of the towne- 
ehipee of Sheryfhoiton and Straitforthe. I mnko my wief 
ftnd my cosyn Frauucos Sackforde myne exeeutoui-s, and T 
glTO my saido oosyn twentie poundes. To iny lady of Sushcx, 
Iftite tho wit'f of tlio Krio of Sussex, the soiu of two hundreth 
poundea. To my servaiintes, every one of them their yeres 
wagiea. To my coayne Anthony Sackforde tentio poundea. 

* Pr»bab)y lui illogitimnlG son of Cbftrlag franJoo, Duko ot Suffolk. 

Unrried Bluafceth, <!auj{hter of Tliomiie Pigot, ot Kiiiou. 


To Kobort Mason tenne poiitidoa. To joiige Willinin Nauton 
tourtie [n>imtleti. To DibvicI Dee tenne poundea. To my lin;kye 
sixo poundea. To Williain Peirea aixB pouiidus. To uiy syster 
SandoD my braalattes u£ goido. To my lady RHzaljeth Talboles 
a vmgii to tho valuta of five mEirkea. Tu M"' Methain a ringo 
to the vjtliie of fyve markeH. To M' Ciyldou a riiige to tho 
value of fyvu miLrkoB. lii case my saidu wiof will not, 
accot-diiigo to my will, performe all the coutcJiloa therof 
within the space of one yeie, then I will all my interest of 
all my laiides whiclie I hud by her, and also all my goodoa 
to my c<(ayn Friuiacoa Saukfordo tu that intenta ho do 
porform the premisKtJS. In witnua wiiorouf I hcive setto my 
Huaie. H. Dorset. Thomajs Gray. John Grey. 
IFiWed 1ft Nov., 15r.l.] 


[OIlftJTB, 17.] 

11 Aag. [5 Bdw. Vll, 1551. John Barker, of Bobbers 
MiloB in tho Conntye of Nottinghajn, witkin tlio pariahe of 
Itadforde, miluer. To be buried within the ptirisBie churclie of 
Radforde, iieare iiiito my late dame Luce Englande. To the 
charcb vjft. viij d. To the poore maiines boxe iiju. iitjd. I 
beqneatli the order of my lease and farms to my brotber 
WilliaJn Barker, of Laiig^wyth Bnssctt id the Count ye of 
Darbyo, to this only ontent that ho shall suffer my wief Smott 
to occupye the same towardea the edncacon and bringing upp 
of my children so loiige as she kepetlie tlie goodes togeitber 
and useth thorn like a good mother; and if it fortune her to 
dye or otherwise to use heraelfe then is aforsaide before the 
tymo that the children come to lawfuil age, then I will that 
the fiiruii! and my cliiklroii Le at the goveriiiiige of Willinm 
Barker ; and yf it fortune the aaid William liai-ber to dye then 
] will that Henrye Marmyon have my lease an my children; 
and if ir. fortune my wiof t& be with childn, if it be a aonno 
I will that he shall have the some of vj li. xiij s. liij d, over his 
chilrles parte at the age of xviij yores, to this entente only, 
that he may obtaine fur hini selfe a new leaso of the farme 
with the same, and if it by a daughter then she to have as 
other of my chlldrea have. 1 give to Jane ]ny daughter 
xxv] s. viij d. whi(;h was bequeathed bor by her graundmother 
liucc Englando over her porcon. To John (gic) Barker, 
; daughter to my brother William Barker, sxs. and a heit-ktar, 
'and to every other of ray brethren and susters children an 
ewe and a lambo or ela a wether. To every one of my god 
childreu an ewe hoggo. To William LaiicBster ha Ifo a quarter 
of rye or maattm. To Wm. Verdsall ij uwea anil ij Uimbes. 



Tn Adam my brother a nay dnblett and my best hoase. To 
every of my servuuiites an «wo hogge. To 'Fhomas Barker my 
brother my violett coate, and to William Barker aii oth&rviolet 
coate. TorctcrBlaiickby my leothercoate. To Margery Barker 
balfe a atuiie of wull*>. To Emot my wief vj li. xiij s, iiij d. 
orer her thirdo parte, to this entente, that ahee shall bestowe 
th*) same uppon reparacons of the iiiylne at the sig-hb of William 
Barker my brother. To the same Emot a waine, vj oxoo and 
ij mares besides hcsr thirde parte. I will that my goodes 
bo praised by Adam Barker, William Truman, of Ktidforde, 
Richardo Dackworth and Jhon Lucas of the eame, accordinge 
to the iiist vnlew therof, to thentent my childron bo not 
deceived in their partes. To M™' Jane Thnrlande ij ewes and 
ij lambes. To Jhon Collin, of Noto, ono lode of heye in my 
yards imder n loude of strawe, and to Agnes his wief a stone 
of woolle. To Hughe Ijynnaone a loode of heye. To William 
Trinaane, of Kadfnrde, one of my beat woythers. To Jhon 
Lucas one weither of the beat. To Hetirye Sheppa.rde a strike 
of rye. To maister John Poole, of Basf ort.he, a Imshell of rye. 
To Butler a strike of rye. To Richarde Steele a strike of rye. 
To Uobt. Foster a quarter of rye. To Thomaa Varaall a strike 
of rje- To Jlon Qlossopp an ewe and a lambo. To Slujiman 
wiof a, fliece of woollo. To Jhon his wief an ewe hogge and 
a 6iese of woolle. The reete of my goodea to my children. I 
make Bmott my wief executrix, and Henry Mermion and 
Jamea Thurlandc Bupervifiors. 

[Tasbe, 13.] 
20 May, 1552. Anthonye Sperlliige made biB last will 
nuncupative. He willed his lease of Bawtre to bo soide, and of 
the same money ho willed iij li. TJ b. viij d. to be given unto his 
brother John Sperlyngo, and a Hugo of golde and other 
iij li. vj m. viij d, to be given unto his suator IsBboll Sperhngo 
nnniarried. He bequeathed to the wyef of Thomas fsmyth 
twentie ahillingce for her pajnes taken in hia sictnes. To Kare 
wief, his keper, three Bhillinges. And tn . . . , eervaimte there, 
two ahillinges. To Ghristofer Bawkwell viij s. iiij d. Item, 
with the ri!Ht of his money, apparel! and other goodes, he 
willed his debts to he paide apperingc in hia booko, and he 
bestowed to his kynnesfolkca and other poore at the diaoreeion 
of hia exeontoiir. He made Homy Savile, Esquyro, his master, 
hia sole executour. Thea being witnesees, Henry Savile, 
Thomas Smythe, Willyani Jefferey, Cliristofor Bowkewoll, and 
O^^^r^- tPrOTBd 6 June. 1668.] 

- 1 1»« A -. 




LKelchjn. 10.] 
23 July, 1552. Thomas Gaacoyng^e, of Barclie Walyn, 
esquier. My bodje to bo bnriedo in tlie churuhe of Biirctje 
Walys. To Jane my wief twentie poiinde laiulea during lier 
]ief within the lordship of Burnhe Wallos, that is to aaye, 
Rokelaye hiixt]l B,iid Shorlayo haull, and the rest to be taken in 
olhor places within tho eaiil lordshipp whon; it slmlbo raoat 
convenient. To Jaoo my wief, after the deutbci of my father, 
other tweiitie pounds lander within the lordshipp of 'I'liorppe 
in Bawjne during her lyf. And if bo be that ray wief be 
with childe then I wyll and dothc make that chiMo thoyro of 
all my landes, and if it ehall uhauiice that the ohilde dye afore 
yt co'me to aJg-e then 1 will that these landoa after tho doathe 
of my wief shall dyHsend and remayne to M' Leonard Went 
my brother in lawe and to my sister his wief and their 
children, to whom I give tho rest of idl my hindus, botho iu 
the Lordship of Biirche Wallys aud also of Thorpp in Bsiwyne 
during the nunagt: of the child, and when the cliild ya corao to 
full aige I will that yt shall tJntor nnto the said landoa asright 
heirs' tliei*of. And if ao be that the childo dyo uforc yt fome 
to agBj then 1 will that after the doathe of my wief all my 
landes shall romaytie to M^ West atid tO' iriy Hieter bis wief and 
ehildeni, and theirs for over. Vruvided alwaye tbat yf the 
lawe will not suffer me to give all my laiides tliuse by this my 
will, yet so huicIib as yt will suffer mo I give as is aforesaid. 
Also I will that there ahalbe a porcion of Uuido set fourthe of 
M"" Westes parte at his owne sight to tber be one hnndreth 
pouiidcs Iftken wf yt, whlche aome of one huiidrcth poundes 
ehalbe given to the marriage of MaJstres Saintemau, M' Westes 
dougbter. Also 1 give fuithu of the hole laudes of tho 
lordshipp to Willyam Hawen my »ervaiiiite xls. yerely during 
his lyf naturall. To John Coke, otherwise called John 
Denysou, xl s. yerely. To Nicholas Medcaulf xx s. yorely. To 
John Cooke, otlier\vise called Deiiytjon, my servauiitc, my 
blacke gelding that goJthe in Womersley jiarke. Also all my 
goodos I give to Jane my wiof, whorae I make my fnll 
executrix. Thiea witnes, i^' Richard Corbright, prest, and 
curat at Burgh Wallrs, and William Ellys, smyth, inhabitant 

of the said parislie. 

[Proved 9 July. 1556,] 

•Son of Sir William Gascoigne, of Oftwthorp, and Macfiaret. dHughier ol 
Bir Thomfta Fitzwilliam, ol AMwarli. He in&rricd Jane, dauglilier ol Thamas 
Kereaby, Esq.. of Thribergh. He wouM be buriud &t Diir^IiwaUiBi hb deeiieii 
irt tliir will, (or tlicre is a. atone in the cliurcli on which is a brnss pnrtly 
rcmiuniiiR (see Yoi'h»hire ATchaalogii^al Jouiii'il, xi, 'J'J|. Hia 9i»ter narWrtt 
imuriid Leonard, yoaagei: gou of TboLaaa West, Lord De-la-War. 


[PowoU. a4.] 
Tbia present x"^ daye of Augiiate, in the sixbh jei-e of oure 
lorile Kinge Eflward the sixte, 1552, I, Anthony Bc'La^ais, 
prebeiidnrj of Weatinbiftter, do make this my will. My Lodye 
to be buryed jf I dye nere London as nighe my brotber as 
oouvuiieiitly may ho, and yi 1 cliaiinau to dye any other where 
to bo buriod where yt shull sul-iiiu good unto niyn uxei'iitours 
or fremlos. I will unto the poorc inhwbitaunt wibliin the 
pamhoH of Ripley in tho Couiitio of Yorke, llranspeth in the 
Bnashoppricke of Uurewiuej Hai-tilhury in tho oountie of 
Wouruoatorj every u( theae piiriafies tonne poundes. And 
albeit the iiicuiiibeutus of Riploy and liartilbury wero 
a,ttayiited, wherbye I limUl no delapitlacijuis of the ssime, yet I 
will unto my saccesaera in them buthe sixe ponudea a pece, and 
to my saccoasor in Brimspebh uigbt poimdus for dclapidaconS. 
To the mending of thu higho wayes where as myne wxecntoars 
shall thinke mete, vj li. xiij s. Jiij d. To poore maydes 
mari&gea in the bushopricke vj li. xiij s. iiij d. I remytt and 
forgive mitn my nepliewy Willynni Belassia, of Hoiitknoll, 
sixo Bcorc pounUes wurthe of tsnclie cbattal! which he bought 
of meat Moroton in Yorkshyre, and fouru sL^oru tunno poundes 
whiche 1 lent hym for purchasing of lht> leasQ of RickwoII 
ah. Copliiwe, uppon condicioii that my nephews shall make 
souclio aiiTiuytieH oute of Brincke and Bvaukliyll uuto iim>ho 
of my !<erva iiutes as I shall hereafter name, and alao make a 
leasu of the reversion unto ChnstoFoi- Atythio of tliw farme 
whyrln WiUyam Laiubert oowe dwellitli, for the tenue of 
xxj^' ycres, and also make a lease of SymondsoTi$ house for 
terme of my servanntes Henry HolJgate lyfe, wbiche ihinges 
yf hG rfifuae to do then I revoke these legacies. I give unto 
my saide nephewo Wiltia.m fonrescore poundes worthe uf the 
plato aa ho hath in his custody, that was his fathers, over the 
legacie of fourtie poundes worth which his father gave hyin 
by his will, uppou the condicion that my nephewe shRll fynde 
suertye or bynd hyraand hia Iftndes according nuto his fathers 
myndo and my mynde, that the pluto shall remayne unto tho 
heyres males of the Belaaeis which sbalbe, whiche frome beyre 
to heyre shall bynde them in iyku bondet; to theyros of 
Hollinaido and Hunwicke, and for lafke of heyres males to 
go to tbo right hoyrea of Richard Bellasia, in which boundes 

*Dr. Antliouj' Belaeyae, younger bch ol ThoLaas Belas^e. ot Heakuonlo. 

oo. Durhutii, tiiiil brother of HiuhuTiJ BelusjEe, wlioee will i* prinLed Ko. Ctt, 
WAS n Maetor In Olinneor^, Can&n of WeetminBt«r, anil antt at the Com- 
miasioners (or viailini; religious houueb. Hp Imd a, jjtant of Newbargh Abbej, 
whicli b'U «ottl»l on bis nispliow Sir Willia.m. 



yf my iiephewe will nut W bouiiilcti then I revoke all thftt 
foureacoi-B poaades wortlie of plate whiclve I gave hyni by this 
my will, and do give the same onto his brother Rychiinl 
Beltaeis and to his twoo sisters Margeret and J:liio. To my 
sister Belljvssis, my Jiunter Hiitfcon, my sustpr Wrttn anil 
Margaret Thorisltye, im olde ryall. To my opphpw WilliHni 
BelaseiH wief my best Jewell which ia an uche of j^olde after 
the facim of a Imele fiet with precious Htones. To M' Kairfex 
wid my lady his wief for tokens, an oM ryall a pece. To 
every of my susfcer Buttons children an angell a pece, and 
8ft moche to my sustor Wrens children, and onto mv aiister 
Smithes children twentie shillinges ii pyce, and so mocfio to njy 
Buster Clervaux children. To my nephewe John Button and 
to his wiefe an olde ryall apece. To Henry Bntloii my 
godsonne fyfe ponndes- To Anthony Hntton twentie poundew. 
To Anthonie Wren twentie pounden. To my suster Hut,t4in an 
olde standing euppe of silver and gilt whiehe wns my mothers, 
and tn my siister Wren sexe silver sponns that was my 
mothers. I will that my nephewe liicharde B«1aHRi», Jifter the 
departure of liis mother or yf his mother do inaryo agayne, 
shall have the yerea in the femie of Moreton in the 
Biiafi.bopricke of Duresme. I will Cliristofer Atlitliie 
my servannte, during the nonage of Rieiiard Bt'lassiu, uhail 
receyve the rentes of his landes of Blaterne anrl Wiiroipp 
and have thorder of Jarro and T,ethomB all to the uso of my 
nophewe. and to be countable yerely fhf the name unto my 
uncle master Roiilande Thirkelde, paraonno of Melnierbye, 
M"" Robert Tempest, <jf Htimeside. M^ Thomas Argidl, mid my 
gorvaonto Robert Lee, or two of theym, aad they to sa my 
nephewe foonde at. scolo and after at ono of thinner of the 
Court tyl] ho come to the yeres of xxv" if he will be persimded 
to kepe liis studdy ao longo, and if he will not tlien till ho 
Gomo to thage of xxj" yerea, and the rest of the reveniU'H tn 
be layde in some safe place or otherwise be-itnwod fur bin 
comoditie. And if be wllbe advined by thByni and kepe biw 
booke till he come unto thaige of xxv" yeros, then I will lie 
have of ray goodos towardes the fnrnitiire nf bifl farmon two 
hundreth markcft. Whicho my said inicio M' Argall, my 
nephewe Ricliard Itelansis, Robert Lee and Cbrlstofer Atbthie 
I do inflke my exocntoura, and 1 do bc(]iioatho unto every one 
for their paynea twentie poiindos. To my said uncle my beat 
safer. To M.' Tempest my next safer. To M"* Argall my 
greate ringe with a niby. To my nophowe Richard HollaHnift 
luy plat© made at Yorke, that is to eaye, two greate naltos with 
cover parcell gilt, thre bowles and thry goblottes of silvnr with 
tboir covere, a baaon and ewer parcell gilt, xij gilt Kpone», my 



best bedd and my best sptirver iiowe being at Newborougt, 
'i"o iiobert Lee a bedd, and Cbristofer Aththie (in other. To 
my neco Margan^t and to my nece June two hundrefch imirfces 
a, peoe over their fnther* legacies, which all to getlier ya twoo 
hiindreth pouudes a [jece towardes their manage. To either 
i»f theym a, bedd £or their aelTP, siiid luinther n pece for their 
MJrrauntes. I will that my execatmira shall make of my 
twoo qiiarte pottess wliifli I ijcitight of the bu9Bhu{)]t of Bnth 
execut-ours, two dusaeii apones uiid two sa.ltes with covers, which 
I give unto my said nt^eea Margaret and Jaime. To iivery one 
of my wayting wervauntea sixo )ioundoa a pece, and a lyvery 
coote of what color they think best, op money to by yt with. 
To my brothers bftse gotten dougliter, nowe being niaryed in 
Northfolke, fourtie skillinges. To M' Anthony Hussey my 
hest gelding, iny i-xetiitonrs to fnrniHlie tlio same witli newe 
brydell iind snilell. To M" Argall and M" Hnssey an oldy 
ryall a pece. To M' Bougho a olde ryall. To M' I)ari-ell fyvc 
poundtiH. To Sir Walter Myldmay, knight, a portaguB of vij 
angeles for a token, am! my history of Authonius Sobellious 
in two greate volumeg. To M*^ Doclnr Wottoii, Deane of 
Cauiiterbury, my tlire standing newe gilt bowles with a cover, 
and thelectfHi of suehe hooks iis he tliinketh convenient for 
iym. To M*" Huntes dougliter my goddongbter fourtee 
shillinges. To M' Doctor Lyall my Danske table and ray fialt 
of parcell gilt with a cover. To M' HusBOyB two somies 
twentie ponndes botweno tliern, and to my gosaop Argall 
%■] Li. xiij s. iiij d. To my cosyn Tbirkelde of tlie Kingea 
Collodge in Cambridge fyve poundes in money, and tlm 
lectors of Odefride and Saliritu and the lioll teste of eivill 
lawG8, To my nepliewe Richard Bollassis my bookeg of the 
temporall lawt, my great Bible, my corpee of oivill, Odofridea 
workea of civill, and Borthalles workes, and one of ray greate 
Crooica Cronicarum with Imagies. To Willyam Belassia my 
chaSng dishe of silver, and the fayre silke tester with liorgpn 
and miilberio troef* in yt, and two beddos. To Kichurd 
Selaesiii thi-e father beddes. To my brother Willyam Wren 
my bason, my ewor parcel gilt with Belasais armea in yt, ono 
ot my best geldingea with saddell and bridell. To my nephew 
John Hutton my groato Silver bowle. To M"" Briggam my 
tint whiche M' Chamber gave me, with the cover. To olde 
M' Owy Qsecoigne xxs. To the buaflhopp of Norwicbe iny 
fare karving kiiyves with greftte silver heftes. To M" Doctov 
Boll R bowie and n coplc of spaiiyahe chpycra. 'I'o M' Urmeaton, 
ghernian, of London, my spice plate silver and gilt. To 
Richard Cragge vijli. To M"" Argallea yonge dougbter one 
of my large coffers. To Uichard Belassis soohe of my kichin 
stuf at Newborowe and other where as shall furnysho hym a 



kiolim, my chiste boande with iron and coper over witb iron. 
Unto Brogden, to fynde hym nt Oxford, xiiju.Hijd. in the cjuurter 
{or tlie Space of two ycres. Uuto my Lord© of Northinnljorlaiidot 
grace iii_y gilt Laami iiiid ewer, ana to luy Lorde Ari-hebu*8liop 
of Yorke my greate large Turky c&rpett, and to Sir Richard 
Reede a ilriiiking cup of silver and gilt with a covur chusod, 
and to my cbapleyn Sir Robert HuchensoD TJ li. xiij s. iLijd, 
and ore of ray blacke gownes. Towardtrs the bugyiining and 
funiyture of tho device of the poore people in London twentio 
poiindea. Unto Newgnte, the Kinges b«nctie, the Marsh aUfiy, 
tonno ponndes a pece, and Co Bcdlom, Ludj^ato, «n<l Went- 
niiuster, iiij li. a pece. 'i'o the poore nrisonerH fluit lyroth in 
almes in the Flete foiirtie shillingcti. To tlio p'loru priwnvni of 
the gayle in Dnresme and in the- ciiniciU at yorltti tLninu jiuundrH, 
to be distributed betwen thom. I will my oxuciit.oiirH HhiUI w 
with cunveiiyent spedo M' 01yvi.TH le^iUTioii of xx li. ii |ic!«<i tn 
the poore pariehoners of Yonln^ [lainpUin, KinKHtiintnti, im'l 
Wolstanton, k> be devytlcd uiiUj Huchu lut Hhallai inoBt iui>tii 
betwixt this and the latter onAo of Aag^nt, nitil tri AUngtnn 
sxii. and Cocket vj li. niiJH. iiij J. 

Memonnuduui, the xj" dale of AiigtiPit, the ynrn iihirvv 
mencioned, the xaid M' Dortor IJrIliuiiH, dn-lnrillff hii furlliiir 
mynde, willed that whc-ro Chritt'.for Atlilliiit, mho nf ||)m 
executours, the tentator hath ciiiimmI u Unttu: iif l.)ii< iini«fiiin)(ii 
of the parishe churcho of 'I'uckolde* iti Iho coiiiilto nf Y'H'ttw in 
be made in the name of the luido ChrUtofor, blii in IhilMi 
of the testator willed the Mid C'liri»l'>fpr Ut rimliA N (food 
OHUgnment of the l«nM> t'* llirhanl HxIIuIh lila nii|tlii>wi), mid 
if it shall fortune Mji^hArtl t^i liyii \/i-fi/rii Ion nu" "t »l yrriM 
than the rcndue to riMimyn U} Williniri lk>llii«i>, hrottmr I'l l\w 
said Richard. And mifro, On* Maid UwUiW imffiiMl l\in rt((l)l 
honorable M' iJoctnr NiiJioliM W'A.Um, dmiiii* nt (iHiiiiOxIdir)' 
and Yorke, one of the Kin^'r* iri';fll UhiiuimUU' i-'Uiwi'Wnia, nuii 

Anthonye IIuHHid, ('M|iiiiT, ('« Im< hi* ' ' -^ i tt», 

desiring thorn Ut Im* nyiiofrill l<. )i)* . ., ii ,i Uiit 

nephi'we Kiehartl ItitlriHniii Mhoiildit \m wdnKtiUpd niid iirtUnui Uf 
thadviwi of hiii mid ovifrMXTM, 

(IVuvwl « H*|il,, I4H ) 

cijiiv. nil wii.r, OP din nmiiuimi mdtiu, UNMiii'r.f 

|TmU< «) ) 

I, Byobardo UynUT, kt\it(Ulj>, dltlof JiiaMiw Ml V\»m litifiirN 
the King to hti holden, bidicff hnhi i,t m)iuli» iMi liuilli (lii||i mI 

' PiobaU/ TtfkbUI. 

I Of M old WaktfUU Imll;, 

MaffM iifM, iM', <U>t«l>tof (<l Nit tUjMt 

■ -HH % iilt*IMHth4 

ahirier; amimi, Bit u fci ll i MMtt, Iw Wkitm %fm, >■■■ '■ t,f^ n, ilniig 




Octobro, in Hio sixtf yoro of the reigne of our SoveTnig-no 
Ijorii Krlwanlo tlie sf-xkr, tiaving iin trouble withe sicknes of 
body, liiwde lie to (jotl Alininhtiu, ivtnpmbrinjr my grente ngc 
and uiicertujotio oF thi's incrtnll liffe, ppeparitig- my seliv with 
tli«« helpo of God to he in rodynpa when God will cali for me 
foiiplliu of this preficnt liffe, make my will. And fiir3t<?, I 
berjiielli my Houle to Alminhtie Ood my uiiikfr and rederaer, 
trusting in his niei-cyo, and thereby uiiJ by the nierittes of bis 
passion to come to ovorlasting lilTo and ^lory. And I will and 
aoaier that my doadi) body when God shnil call it from this 
tranaitorye liffe sTialbu buryod yii hulhjwed grounde nrdeyned 
for Christinii buriull whorti myno executoKPs and freeuda 
thinclte conveuyeiit, and thHt to bo don fourth withe aftre 
my soulo bo departed out of my mmttill bodye withoot 
proloii^iiiff of lyme for onny gren.te solempuytie th»rE>aboate. 
And ftttro that to bare Buche divyne service aR is ortJeyned 
for tlio buriall of Chvifltian iiien. witho almes to be given 
to the pore and other dedes of charitie as ahalbe bhoiight 
'convenable by tho discretion «if my tie executors and 
freendos aftrc tho pleuaure of Almiglitie (rod. Ami I will 
that the Kings our Hoveraig'n Tjovde shslbe satlafied jind paido 
of all liisdiieriuswhiclie shall belong nnto his highncs of anche 
landea om 1 havo and wiirdeshipp, if niiny Muchu be, witlie all 
finet^, reHefes, herriottos and other duetie» whirliG to bia 
highnoH Khali lawfnlly apperteyn, as I am bonnde of duetiP, 
being long sarvautite ns well to hja hi^huea for hia reign© as 
for the tynie of his noble father King Hpiiry the eighte, as of 
his nobly graundetatlier King Henry the Seventh of noble 
memory, wlio»e soides God pardon. And because I ain 
indebted to tho Kingea hignoa and dyvem pargonnes, I will 
thrtt my debtea be paid by myn fxeentonrs of sncbe raony, 
pinto and goodc« ns 1 r?ha!l leave to tiieym, and of the profittee 
of my landea, tL-nnTneutos, and beriditiimentes, in as apedy and 
convenyent tyme as may be for the discharge of my soule, 
truBfciiig to God to pay the greatp parte therof or I departe 
this Hfle if God suffer mo. And 1 will that all mylandes &6. 
at tbis aide Trent shall goo and remaync tnito Richarde Lyater, 
Bonne and heire of my late uoiine Miehaell [lister, knig-hte, and 
fco the licires of the saide Richarde fur ever. And i will that 
all my Ian<loa &e. byyonJe Trent aswell oopie holde as free 
holde in Wakofeldo, Wrentliorpe, Stanley iinil ells where in 
the Conntie of Yorke, shall goo to CharlpB ]jistei*j younger 
Bonne of my said sonne Michael Liater, knighte, and to the 
beires of his body, and for lacke of ancli issue to the right 
beires of the saide Richarde Lyster lawfully begotten, and for 
lacke of »iiche issue to the right heirps of me. And I will 



that nijne esecutoura shnlhiire fche oustody of the said Charles 
Lister unlill ha come to tliage of xx^ yeres. And then I will 
that they giva such heiquestes n.s I inakR in loving and 
charritable wise to suche my childurne and kynBesfollcee, 
Barvautites a.n(l freeiidcs nn I Ikit© miiso cliaritably to 
) enieiii"bre, that is lo wete, to the said Riehavde Lister, sonne 
aud heire appnraiinte to my sonne Syr Michnt'll, u ^Ite cupp, 
a cover ami h gilt saulto. To ChJirRia Liatfr, seconde sotiiie 
to nij Buid Sonne Syr Michaell and Uaine Miurgers his wiffe, 
a iiutlier gilte ciipp withe a cover and a gilts saulte. And I 
will (hat they shiithave suche cjoiivouycnt bedding and other 
lousliolde stuife as shalbe thought mete for theyra. To 
Ricbarde Blounte imd my doughter Elizabeth his wille, and to 
every one of his childerue, one silver cupp, and algo to every 
one of niy sarvauntea fyvo ahilliiigea besides theire quartera 
waigesj and to every one of my SMrvamites that used to ride 
with me nu horse or gelding. Aud I will that myne 
executioura shall give lo nil my late nephewt-s Willimn Tliorpes 
cliildei-n, after my debtee he paidt-, suchc honest porcon of my 
pliitti and LouaholJe stiiffe as they shall tliiiicke inetc for every 
of them to remembre me with theire prayers hereaftrc. I will 
(liat my nece Elizabeth Metheley the wiffe of James Kember 
elialhave xxj yeres of jxud in the mniuior of Halyborne 
Estibi'oke within the Conntio of Southampton, as by my 
executonrti they shulbt usaiiered in consideraeon of theire long 
und tmo au-rvice that thoy have Jon. I make Sir Rlcharde 
Blounto, knighte, and Kicharde Lister, esqnier, my hole 
expcutours. And I will that siiche tenauntes and farmers as I 
liavt? ehall onioy theire holdinges, doing tlieire duetiea as shall 
becom tlieym to mytif liL'ircs witliont uxpaltion or atrayte 
haudeling, speeialy when thoy have pidde thoirc fynoa orotlior 
pk-asnteH. And I dowhte not but my sonne Eicharde LiBter 
will lovingly hundlo all my freerduMt doing theym snche 
pleasat-eB as he cuu because they may continue tlieire kinde 
and loving myndes towardos hym and his hereafter. Qnia 
fidell umico nnlJa eat comparacio, whiche freeiidew I pray God 
seiide hyni aiul me evor, imd the grace of God with all. To 
whom be all faonner and (•lovy for ever. Amen. 

[Proved IB April, I35L] 




[Taabe. 15.] 

14 Not., 1552. Antliooy Brakenbnry, o[ Sellable, osqnire. 

I liequpath my body to be buried nrhere it shall please God. 

To my son Henry a hnndreth martes. To my 9on Richard a 

himdreth niarkes. To Cytrillv my doiighier ahundreth markes. 

The residae of my goods 1 bequeath to William Bnikenbarye 

my eldest bohiic aud hevrt-, at;d Eleiior my wief, whom T 

ordeyne my execntours. Thes being witnesses, John Egerton, 

Marten Brakcnlmry. Mighell Tuiusou, Jumes Colpotes, Thomas 

MusMengo, tturgen, Ricbarde Brakenbnryo. 

IPrwTcd 27 June, l-WS.J 

Definliirc a«nlcnoe 27 3uat, 15G3, oonfintilns the executorablp to both 
•uouton, till aou'a ttpiioiDtiiiBnl kftiing be«a dbiiat«<l b^ tke nUvl. 

[Pftwell, 31-1 

18 Feb.. 6 Edw. VI. (15521. Bdmunde Molyneux, kiiiglth, 
one of the Kinges JusLice of liia Conioii Place at Westmyster. 
Where 1 have landes, Ac, in Thorpe nighe Newftrke upon 
Trent, Stitbe nijfhe Newarke, eind ia Nowarko, and in llunton, 
CarletoQ, Gedlyng, Colwyke, Stokebardolff, Shelforde, 
Saiondale, Burton Jorce, Gyrleo, Newton and Outell in the 
cnunlie of Nottingham, I will that my yonger children not 
ntarifd, lhi»t is to ?aye, Kimuiule, Thoitias, Katheryii, Dorothe, 
Anthony, Christ-nfer and Jnne Molyneux shall have suche 
sevemll annuities as be exproased in severall wrjtinges, aad 
T will that Jolin Broke, nowe or late one of y* bedelles of 
Osforde, shall have quarterly during hia lyfe of the said 
liiiides in Stokebardulf thirty tliro shilKngea foure pennce, ii.nd 
moreover when the landes bo of greater yerely value I will 
that yf my heyvLi wtll and truly content the said annuities and 
also payo the aa.iLl annaitios to every of my donghters, - 
Eatheryn. Dorathe and Jaone, fyve markes nnto suche tyme 
as every of tlieym shall have receyved over their nnnuytiea so 
myclie of one himdreth poundca tuwardes their niamages as I 
shall not leave for theyni in ridye gold or coyne of sylver at 
tyme of my deatlie, tlieu I will thut my heyre shall have 

•Son of ]lal|ili RrH-ktiiLurj, ot Belnliy. co. Durhmii, and iiri-at. nephew of 
Sit Itoburt £rul<un1)iiry, Lieuluniint of t1iL< Tower utkIql' liicliiird III. tit 
loUTrk'd first iki^HBB, dau^-htcr uuU oo^liKireaN of Itnlph Wycliffe of WycliiEe ; 
BteotuOy Ek'tttior, dfmghlar of Hir Koger Brcrfilon. (See Siirtuoa Durluia), iv, lll.j 

t Hon of Sir Thomfts Srolyneiix of tlieit tanilly, ol tStftoii. He was of the 
Cnanoil of ihc Nntth, aii'i nppoiuled i'i Ucloliur, li^CO. JoUis'^ of tlie Cummon 
PWb. He murned Jane, iIiLiifrhtci- t>f Jytjii Cheuoy, of Gliij*liaxn-lio)'", nnd liad 
ft largo [iLtnily. (Sga pedi^ee in t'lti'Mrfuu oftfottiiij/Jutv), Harloi&n Soeietj, i», 
7'2, anil Puaa' ./hi((j^.«J. 



tliorder of all tlie lanrles as long as he ahiill performs my will, 
except of suche hoases, landos, &c., in Stokebjtrdnlf in the 
poaseasion of my aonne Kletclier or dnughter iMargiiret his 
wiaf, wheroE they ehall pa^e the yerely rent, iiad yf iryne 
heyre do not wvll performs my will then I will that my 
execntoura shall have thordt'i- of thu liudtits, &u., and yf their 
be defwiiltf then I will tbnt all the landes ahull be to my 
yongap children not miiryed during the lyfe and the longer 
lyvea of them. Andwher 1 tniste that my heyre will pei-foniie 
my wilt I have other landes, tho manner and parsonage of 
Kneton in the countle of Nottingham, and other Ia,nde8 in 
Kueton and a paaturo called Drinkshaw in the Countye of 
Lincoln, and hmdes abonte Chesham in the couutee of Buck., 
and Iftudes that I bought of Master Taverey, and landes in 
Swaldall, Ilulagh in Swaldale, in Gryntoa, antl in the parisho 
of Grynton in the Countie of Torke. [ make my oxocntours 
my throfl aotniea John, Edmuude, and Thomas Molynoux, and 
my aonne in lawe Robert Fletcher and my dou^hter Margwp^ 
bis wief. As comiomyng my gooderi, cattalles, platu. money, 
jiielles, 8tuf of lioii&t'bolde, and the profyttoa of my ferine at 
Hawton, I will that wbearo my iato kynde wyef, upon wbos 
aotile Joiu have nioroye, Ei,boute the tyma of hor departing oute 
of this worlde, desired me to bo good unto her fhildor, and 
beqnefttlied unto overy of tbeym & ringe of golde, wheryf my 
doughter Oorothe to have the beate, wiih a juell, and John 
M-olynous to have the seconds ring, and to me her weding 
ringe, I, in considcrjic-on of her wylle liauo given to John 
Molyueiix one ringe, to Edmond auothei- riiigo, and to my 
dougbter FItitcher an other ringe, and will that my i^nide wyefs 
Icgat'ie shalbo pcrfonnyd to the remnant of her ehiidren, and 
I will that my dougliter Uorothe shall have over the beste 
ringe the besLe ouehe of golde set wilh wtoiies wbicbo was Her 
kynde ruothers. And wher my good and kynde father in lawe 
AI' John Cheney, Ksqtiier, whoa aoule Jhii parilou, bequeath 
to ine ten poundes whiche my brother in lawe Master Robert 
Cheney liis eoune hath paide lo me, 1 will thsi.t every of my 
children have some reraembrauce to pi-aye for Lis soule ami 
for my sonle, and for their kynde mothers soule, and all 
Christen anules. To my Bonne and lieyre my greate gillyd 
goblet with a cover gilto where upon my armes be graven 
npon the cover, und my tiaugbfcer Dorotlie the best sylver 
goblet giltyd with the cover, and to my donghter Fletcher a 
cope of sylver, and to every of my other children a cupp oE 
silver. To my cosyn Frannces Molynem my aylver goblet 
parcoU gilte with the cover wherupon my armes be gi'avon. 
To my eonyn Miohaell Willonghby a lytell >aulte gilteil with a 



cover somewhat brokou and hath no felowe. ! will all my 
debt«!i may be paydp, and rcstitncon ta be tiiade yf I at tjiiie 
of ray departiiifr witUhold dbt mans goodes. To George 
Iretande fonrtie shillingM. To Syr Willyain Butler my 
ohupfeu or sten-arde nil auoh wi^a &» I shall ongh hym and 
foiirc poundes, to the intent that he ahalbe helpinge to myne 
oxcoHtour*. And yf my ?onne nnd hejr« will kepe howse 
coiityiiuaUy for his youger brftlii'rn and auslers which shall 
have no house corton to resorte nnto, I will he shall have 
thincreaso of my stocke of shepe and the occupaoion of my 
b<'as(«>t and thinges belonging to hnHbandry excopt suche as 
hereafter i nhall bL>c|ueath» awaye, wysshing and desiring 
every of my children in what plac** they Bhalbe, humble and 
hartely every tlaye to praye to Almightie God for grace tmd 
meri'yp, and that they may nlwayoii love God and feare God 
and kepe his comau udementos and be hiitcontyniiall servauntes. 
I will that my thi-ee yonger doaghtera have all the apparell 
being waring gayre of their late iiiothcra not being rynge, 
chayno or iuel«, and every of my doughters to have a litle 
caaket which was their inuthcrB, and all t he juellea and thinges 
theriii eonleyned over ihuir aaid severall bundreth poutidGO, 
and ray duaght^^^ Dorothe to have the beat, Eatherjii the 
fMjnonde, and Jane the thirde casliet, and my sone in lawe 
Robert Fleteher and duughter Margnret shall have the boitse 
at Stokobardolf and nil the lamlea whiche my wief dyd 
oociipic. And yf my annnc and heire do payo t^j every of his 
three yongor systers twentye ponndes over tho sflid three 
bnadreth poundes, 1 will my soone shall have all my plate not 
bpfineathed, and all my household stnf, hamea, billes and 
other thingt?3 for the warres, and all my waynes, cartes and 
plonghoH, and all my best hordes imd cattail provided, and I 
will tomy Ciisyn Fraunces Moljneux, when hecomyth to his full 
ago of xxj yeres, one iron bonndon wayne, one carte, one 
plough, two oxtin, tlire cartd? horses or mares, three sowes and 
a bore, trusting tliere shalbe alwayes amylie nnd love betwen 
hym and my children. And yf my heyre do not paye the 
Boniea of tweutie ponndes to his systere th&n I will tbat tliey 
ahulhnre »U the household stuf, &c. &c., egally, except n cupp 
of sylverand gilt which I had of the gift of my brother Irelande, 
whii'.h wiLH my lata kyude systecs hi? wief Klyn^ which cuppe 
my niynde ys that my sonne and hoyre shall have, and he to 
leave yt to hia heyre yf he will, by cause the same cupp was 
sometyme my nwne natnrall tatliers and mothers cnpp. I 
make my natumll brother M"" Doctwr Molyneiix, my aonae in 
lawe UnberT Kletrlier ami donghfer Marg-iret, my executniirs, 
land my brother Paole Darrell, esquier, and my hrotUor 
[■Iritoreoce Irelande, e«<|uier, yl' it please theyin; and super- 


visoui-s Sir Aluxnnder Tajlur, paraon uE Huwtuii, and Sir 
Willymn Bixtler my cliapleyii, bcquealiliing to my brother a 
gilt Bftlfc, to my aonne Flecher a aoveraign of golde worth foure 
umrkes and better, to my doughter o gilt njioue with a forko 
ill (he «m]e and oiia of my best gUt B|]one8, niid to ray brother 
Uiirroll my beet gilt aaltc, and to my brnther Irdaiitle the 
feluwo of the same, ono of my beat gilt apoaes, ami one of my 
best silver spoiies, aud to Syr Alexander Tayler »nd to Syr 
Willyara Biitlur n wylvyr apone and an oxo or a I'liwo Jtt tht'ir 
pluaaure. To my coayn Goorgo Browuoa wief, yf Katlieryn 
and Dorothe Molyrseux tarry with her, a gold riage set with 
dyvorj* perles and a nibye. To my cufiyn Brown her husbando 
one of my geldinges, desiring them hothe to be good to my 
two doughters, that ihey may be brougL i up in vertue, gooil 
inansr and Itjruyng to plfl-ye the genlilwymen and good 
huswyfTciB to dresne nieate and oversee their liousehotdea. 
The residue, yf my sonne and heire be willing, that myn will 
will be performed, Lb shall have the &amu, Wliere Nicholas 
HiWigh ya hoiiiideii to mo m the some of two hiindrotli 
poimdes, I will that there uhalbe no advauntage taktiii yf the 
Bwid Nicholas perfornie the last will of his father Thomas 
Haugh, deceased, conoernyng the donghters of the sanie 
Tliomiis Hangli, which ho had by hia lattyr wif, donghter of 
Kobort Molyneux, deceased, and 1 have in my keping for 
Aworye Haugh a sylver salto, six sylvor spones, and for laabtll 
Haugh a syWer puuu and sixe silver aponos, and for Ursula 
Kaugh the best baydos of her late mothers and six tiilver 
sponea, and dame Jijlizabelh Merya hath certyu ringes for the 
said doughters. There be lierteyn pecos of golde and sylvei" 
ill a fyne glove as I remember, and a pajicr making mu-licion 
of Uonry Hatfoldoj I wolda the doughtera of the said lienrv 
bhulde havo the same guide and sylver egually dovydod. 
Wliere syns the ileatho of my coByn Willy am Molyntux I have 
receyvetl certen somee of juojiey of the forme of Alker in the 
Couiitie of Lancaster, and my lady Merys Imtli receyved other 
aomcjs <if money of the ferme of Alker, 1 will that my Buayii 
Prauncoa Mnlynons, yf he come of fall age of xxj yeares, shall 
bare after aiiL-he rate of money as 1 rocoyved, tho same so 
myche as I have receyved theroF for my parte. 

[Proved 8 Nov., lOS*.} 


ITiiahe, la,] 

19 Feb., 1552-3. Richard Harton, Citiien and Fytthe- 

monger, of London, being at Wykham in I'ickeringo litha, 

make my will. To the poor folkes withiii tha towiie of 

Wyckham ten sliilliogee, of Ruatou vs., o5 &s's».^'uot. ^f^^^.. 



the dnyii o[ ray buryall. To Kiclmrdc Harloii, suone of Jolin 
HarUiii, uiy purs mid giwUo g«rnyssli(!il wltli silviT. To John 
HiirWn my beat rj-dirpfjri! cote gardud wit-Ii velvet, and a dublet 
Bltivid with vulvclj iirid tlie loiiso of tlio Iiowsc tlind he dwellitb 
in, which*! [ tidce of M' Hutcheuson. To the snid John the 
grente client that staiiJultie ni my housts at Scardeborowghe. 
To my susler Uolyuaon, oE Brompton, my house in WicUhara, 
my bent bedd at Wyckhnm and tho covering with the bolster. 
To my brother Cf lyitsan my rnssett cote and a dtiblett, To the 
sixe childeni of (Jeor^e Colyrisoii xxVj ahepc, mid the residue 
to Chriatofei" BnTtyiulalo. 1 will CKi-istofer Bartindale nnd 
JoliauD ilia wiff LavL' the iiac of tlio howse tlint he dwellith in 
for tonne yores, ftll my tytlo of one oxgange of lande, tbe two 
(jxun he occupieth of myne, paying tweiitie sliillinKes- Tu 
UeoTge Harton my house that 1 lyvo in at Wicbham, the honso 
that Christofer Bartyndalti dwellith in after thu tenne yerea be 
(jomplete. I forgive the said George xxixH. I give to him 
and my saster Oolynson my houses in ScnrdboTongh, with two 
doses. All my Idiides iu London and Southwiirt to remnyne 
unto Wiiltor Hiiiton and Margaret Harton equallye. To 
Rii'hard Hartfln uf Hooton iijs. iiijd. To Edwardo Huchunson, 
Sonne of Hichar.Ie Huchejiami, one of my gownes furred with 
foynes. To Anne Colyn^on a bedstod of waynscote in the 
parlor at S*;ardehi>roiigli, two plattei-s, ifcc. To Joane Golynaon, 
my syaters doughter, two platters, two dysahes, &c. To my 
sister Culynson and her donghter Eiume the residue of my 
pewter vesaoll at Wyckhani and Seardehrough. To John 
Colynson, niy aisterw sonnc, a gi'eatc chesto. To John Harton 
a pritsao. To Thomas CiilyiiHon a matteres. To Chnstofer 
Rartyndale my worstod dublcht, a jerkyn, a payre of white 
hoose, and my e'oko. 1 will the rosidno of my atuf at 
Scardoborough, the suFilte excepted, be soiild by George Hall, 
John Hartoii, and Walter Hai-tou, niid tlio money to bo 
dinfcrihntod at theyr discrecions to my poore kynesfolke and 
fryndoa. SuporviHonrs, M"' Richard Jlnehoiison, auditor to the 
Kingps Ma^'", and Richard Flower, of Lniidnii, liaberdafteher. 
HesiduG to Walter and Margiiret Hai-tfU, sxecutoure. 

[Prov&d 12 Juno, 1S53.] 


IMoro, 7.] 
8 Sept., 1553. Edmond Garlwright, of Ossington in the 
Conutie of Not., gontilman. To ba buryed in the chnrclio of 

'There is a pedigiee o! Carlwriclit In the \' html! mi t\f i\otit7i;ilutm. Hilt 
(Uarlman Society, iv. 1G')|. in which il sULgs ttiAt llie tunUlur vna sun vS Qugli 
C'irl wriutit, and tli«t hn iimriiud Ai,-iiHa, " iliiii(;lilur of Tlioiiiiia Crotiintir, o( 
tiutttu'luu in •iom. Noitiu((biui], aisUu of ilia ilisbup ot Cautarhucy." 



Oaeiu^tou. To Agiic-n mj wief one jinniijtie of fourtie 

fnimdoH yerely oiite of my iriannors of "Weatmallyng, 
*tmullyng, Ewell, and Paixiclic, in the Countic of Kent, late 
piircell n( ihe possoSBioTiH ot llio late (Jissolvyd monnslwrie of 
Wcstinalliiig, wliiclie iiiiuiKrs do beloiigo ttj mv for termu of 
lxx,\x7 yeres. I will lliat Ague*; my wiof shiill iioltle my 
nmiior of OssiD^tun during lyff, and afWr the decciwc of me 
and Agnt'S it sliall roLiiayiiB to Huglio Cartu right my B<iniiQ oiid 
lioyrea, and for default of iHSne male to Goorge Oartwri^lit my 
Boant', and for laclcw uE iBsne mate tci iidmoJiiiL' Cartwriglit my 
Sonne, and for default «f taeue male to Tiiomas CaHwriglit my 
Sonne, and for lat^kd nf insue to my aonne Poler Curlwright, 
and for lacke of isauo to my aoQiio John Cartwriglit] in default 
to tho right lioiriss of me. Whei-eas I have f[TAiited after the 
decease of mc and Agnca my wief to Goorge, Kdmond, Thomas, 
Peter, and John, au aiinytie uf vj li. xiij a. iiij d. oute of my 
laudcs ia Ossingtou, my mynde ya that my soiinefi shall enyoie 
the annyties. 1 give to my soiiae Hugho all my lease of the 
late disHolvyd monaflterie of Wcstmallinge in Kent, and I will 
yf my souiie Hughe depart,e oute of thin wnrlde and no yfinuo 
of his body then tho lease to romayne to suchc heiro as to 
wliumo I hare bequeatbed ray manor of OsMiiigtou, To my 
Sonne Hughe twentie poundea. To ray other fyve soDnes, 
every one fourlie raarkes. To sonno Cioorge a fiilver heer 
ouppe, two silver spones of the beet 8ort&, a black bald 
geldinge, a gowiie of chamblet and a gowne of wotstud, and 
a dolilflt of velvet- To Edmond a salte gilto, two silver 
spones. To Tliomas my bust silver salle with a cover gill, and 
two ailvei" spones. To Pctor a silver beor pott and two silver 
spoQOB. To John a silver beer pott and two silver spone^. 
To my dijughtcr Peekham for a remembraunce, a peco of 
plate called a glassc ciippe gilt witli a cover. To every owe of 
M' Peckhujn'b cUlldem stnd h&ra xx 3. To my doughter Auno 
a bason and ewer ot silver, a goblet gilt with a (.ovur, two 
silver spoues, and tlireacore poimdes. To niy brother George 
my Hyght gowniu of clothe and xx a. To my cosyn Edmond 
Captwright, of Norwell, my best clothe gowno and my hay bald 
colt. To mv cosyn George Cartwright his brother my soreld 
bald geldingc- To llauf Bacon my prost vx 8, To every 
godchilde xxd. To tho poore in Sutton upon Trent xxa., of 
Wershipp xxs. To tho uiariages of tweaUo poore maydens, 
to everyo of tlu-iii vj h. viij d. To my coBon Rionard Petynger, 
of Retforthe, fyve pouudes sise sliilHiigH and eight pence. 
{Beuneuls to servnnts.) Rueiduo bIiiiU reii>fi.yne in the order of 
my wief Agues and of my soiiiie liughp, cxrnilnnrs. I maku 
Harold Roafll, gent., and my oejiiiewe NichuluK Pctyngar, 
super vifiOURi. [^.^jved 80 Aug.. 1554.] 



[Wcllcn. 880 

18 Feb., 15&3. Walker, Cuthbopt, of Hichmondo. To my 
Sonne William Walker, nnwn liuingu witli mc in my hoiiso at 
Richomondo, tlial my liouse at Uowgate within the parishe of 
SSeynte Michael Pater within tho Citie of Loodna, and if yt 
happen Willinm to dye witli'-nt issue then I will tho house to 
tht- next hyyr«8 uf ma. Tu the saiue Williani n. gilt-e ciippe 
with a cover with tho Trynjtie upon yt, and triy secondo 
fulh orbed (1r with a bolster. Tu my brother 8' Willittoi 
Walker, preiut, nnwe being with mo in liouso, ono Htanding 
cuppe witli n cover of nilvor and gilt, and my best fotliorbedde. 
To my brother S' Kiphiird Walker, preist, one other cuppe of 
silver iiiid giite with n ciipev. To Thnraas Coniey my beat 
powne. To Kdwnrdu Cnrnoy my yeconda gowne. To Ijiomas 
uiy tuirrannte my riiiiiige i^oto, one payre uf hose, my Fustian 
doblett and a eappe. To Agues my iiervaiiiite my gowne 
iaoed with chamlctt, the lease cawdron, one litle brasae polt, a 
litle pnnne, ij litle coverlettew that she houglit herself, iij of 
tho new cuysHhtiiiB, my best sLirtie, a diap table cloth, all my 
kerelioffos, ami xxs. To my coHyiine Dorothe Coniey tbe 
thru other oiiyMBliona viiid a diiip table clothe. To the poore of 
BifhmondL' and Kyrkby Ravyiiawalh vjli. xiij a, iiij d. To 
Jolin Pewdeiiei" vj s. viij d. To Jiilin Backiiouse x s. To Jobn 
Crushye all my butoiia uf golde. To Rauf CoHngos wif 
vjs. viijd. I will my fanue in Congrewibiirye iu Soineisett- 
sliycG whiche I liolde of tho laiiilos late b«lougiiige to the 
BuBshupp o( Bathe and WeHew to the eaiil William Walker mj 
fioitne during my yeres upon eondicon that ho puie to my 
brother William Walkur eighte ponndea, to my brother 
S' Riehardu Walker iiij li., and to my HUi^ter Agnes Andersono 
foure poundes, for termes of theire lives, bIbo that he paie to 
Thomas Corney xl s. and to Edwarde Corncy othoi- jds. for x 
yeres after my de(;-eii3e. And if yt forLime my sonu to dye 
before lawfull ago or be maryed, then I will the fanny be at 
tho diapoaition of my brrjther S' William Walker. The 
reaiduo to my somjo and to my brother S' William, exucutonrs, 
and M' Doctor Dakyn auporvisour, and to take the governaunoo 
of ray Sonne. Witnesses, Richardo Crosbye, of Richmonde, 
gentleman, Johin Crottbye Kia eoune. Joint Moyaui-. 
[Proved 3 Fob,, ISiS-fl.] 

LKiWijii, 3fi.] 
In the xxvij" dale of AproU, one thonsaode fyvo hnndroth 
fiftie and fyve, I, Robert Holgatu als. Halgate, doctor of 



"Divinitie, and liite Aichtiljusshoppe oi Ywrkfj make my last 
will. My bodye tu be buried in the pari^lie chiircbe witbin 
the parislie wherof it ahall please Almightie God to take ma 
oute of tbig trangitone lief to bis gieatc mercie, wKpro I will 
tliftt my funemla alialbo (kmu withonlw wurldlio ponipE, pride 
tr viinitio. And I givo to tho parsontie of tho chun-lie where 
I sluill <?liaiiiici> (o be buried after my deatb« fourtie ^iltillinges 
for my moituario aud to praye for me. And I will that sls- 
niialbo dii^tributed to ttie poore people in the daie «jf my 
biiriall. Also I will that my servaiintes shullmve 30 moche 
money puiJc to them ajjiiyuo at* tliyy baye leide outy for me or 
lent me. I give to inyiie wxeoii tours*, tbeir heires and astii^es 
for vvt^r. tbi.- scite and jirecyucte of the late priorie of Olde 
Malturi in the Ctaintio of Yorku, and all tho deraeasnie landcii 
ia Obit) Maltcm, Wikhara and Huwhouse in the Couiitie of 
Yorke, and the acyte and landea of Yeddinjfham in tho said 
countiti, and the manor place in the toune of Yeddlugbam, 
and all vny bindos in Hiiggato nowe in tho teiinre of 
'I'liomas Steyringe, and all my laiidea called Byssot Howse and 
By.saet laiiden lyeoge in the pariahoa of Hoiiiyaworth and 
Felfeirke, and all the chauntrie bowse and other buyldinges, 
landeii, belongingo to the late uhauntrie id' 8aynt Thomas in 
the parishes of Honiysworth, Baddisworthe tn" elles whore, aud 
liill my house called the ThreagoroTB bouse, and all my bouseia, 
landes, lu the Cloyse of tho Ciithodmll chiiTirhe of Yorke and 
in the eitie of Yorke and biishopcNtborpe, and ail my scite, 
bowses, landea in Ne,wt:iistell apon Tyne sometymo belonging 
imtu the bite priorie of y" Whitefreros in NeweaKtell nowe 
dinaolvyd, and all my other landes, renteSj possef+sions in Oldc 
Mtilton, Wykham, Howhouye, Yeddinghom, Pikeniigelith, 
Ilii^gate, Byatiett, Htrmyswurlh, FelkirkLi, Thorpe and elewertj, 
to tlipTitent and purpose that my exeeutuurw or tho ovorlyvers 
of them elial within two yeres after my decease fouude, erects 
and make or cause to bo founded, uroeted, made and 
incorponited one Hoapitall of ono M' and twentie brcthern 
and Bysters in Hemysworth, to eontynewo for ever, imd that 
the mii&ter theroE shalbe a clerko and within tholyp order of 
preisteheid at auche tyme as he shalbe therto nominated, and 
shalho made a perftct niaater of the said hoapitall by tho gifte 
of myne oxecutuurs wLQes any of them do live, mid iifter their 
dcathes by the freo gifte and grannto o£ the parson of the 
pari8he cbiirche of Hemyswortho for the tyme being and of 
the two churchwardens of the sarao churcn, and of fower r.f 
the most honeat parisheoners of the said chiirche. And the 
aaid M' of the honpitall here nfter to be erectyd shall fi-om 
tyme to tyme during his lief contjniially be resident, tarrye 



and tlwoH itpi^n the tjaini; hotjpitiill, and shall not lib&cut livm 
self" abdve niiH moiiptho in any yore upon pejn of priviiroTi ami 
losingf of the hoapitall, except yt bo for grcat-Cj urgent and 
necessarie cauweyn, and miiche as shalbe aluwed and approved 
by nil Iht'ia whichc ehall have niithoritio to muke the MaL-^tcr 
at any viicatioii theruf. And thti poury people which shalbe 
bcrarter put into the samo hospitall, for brethren and eietcra 
ttiLTuf ^hlLlbu hy the piirsone uf tliu pnrisho flmrcLo ui 
Heniysworthv, nnd thu two cbnrchowardona, and fouro of the 
most hoiiuKt parisliecnefS choseu aud taken owte of this pouru 
p.-ipishoonerM o£ the pari»he of Heniysworth, Fblkirk, Birkebye 
and Wragbye Jioxt adioyiiiiige. provided tliat there shailbe 
uoJio adinyttud mid put in the buspilall for brethrau aiid 
sittturs therof but fiui-iii! iia be fully i^E lliage of ix yeres or 
more, L>r els biynde or Imiie piirsoiifi at the tymo of his or 
their admiasiuu, and I will that rnyiie executours shall buyldo 
a.od make witliin five yeroa aftur my duathe a suffycienl liow^e 
and lodginge for the M' to dwell in, and a loitg house with ho 
manye Bsvei-all particionB as will serve to the said bretlu-en 
and syeters for their cobabitaciou and dwelliug'e in the same 
liospilali. And I will that the mai^ter shall yerely perceyve 
and have tuwardea his lyving twenfcie markes in money, and 
every one of the brethren and aiBters liij s. iiij d. towardn their 
lyvinge. And yf myne execntotirs shall have gondca or 
landea or revenewia sufficient to performe my will and to 
make the said twentio markes yurely twoiitie poiindes, then 1 
will the inaiatuir shall yerely have tweotie poundefi, and every 
otic of the brethren and sistera shall have foure pouiidcs yerely 
for ever. And I will myne execnLoiira ehall sell all my 
meesnugeB, landes iu the cloiao and countie of the citie «E 
Yopke, and of the tonne of NowcaatoU apoii Tyno, for the 
parformanco of iny will, and all the leado wliiehe coverethe 
the bowses and buyldingea within the seyte of the late priorie 
of Olde Mitltuii. I make Sir Willynm Peter, kniglit, 
M' Thomas Gaudyu, Serguant at the Laws, Sir Thomas 
(largrBwe, knight, Edward Wolfcim, doctor of phisifke, John 
Bnixolmo, gent., John Goldingo, clorko, and Thomas Spensvr 
of Oldo Malton, cxocntotirB, and 1 bequeathe to Syr William 
Peter, knight, one hundreth markes, to M' Thomas Gaudey 
fourtie poundea, and to every one of my exccutora twentie 
poundes, and shall have all costes anil diarges iit auohe tyiiie 
as ho shall goo and take paynea aboiiLc the doinge of uny 
thingo cunipryeed in my will. Ajid I will that none of myuu 
oxecntoiirs shall kepe any goodea or other profites in their 
handes. And I make my lorde, therle of Arundell, 
auporviaour of thief my will, huuiblyu buauuhioge hym to take 



Oil- Paynes to the aamo f ullio to bo performyd by my cxecutourM, 
imto whose hirdsliipp 1 do givu fourtie pouinli'8, and I do 
bequeath to M' Jfilin Throgiii(n*ton, on of the niai.sters of thu 
rcqueat.'j, twenlie poundes, tind to M'' . ■ . Cordall, our aovoriiigii 
Ladi'e the Quuaes Sollii'itor, twirintie ponmles, that thoy wilbe 
niDanea unto lier gnttoys liighncs that I and it it please 
AlmijrhtiiJ Ood to call me in this meiino suasou to his iiifynito 
niarciu outo of tliie tumpewteouH aud brouWcsoiuo w<jilde, myno 
execiitoiira inaye duelye eiiyoie all my phtte, goodua, cattalles 
uud liiridtiM iLccurdiiiijo tu right tind as thuy bawglit by the 
lawes and sturtiitos of (liis her graceis tioble realmo. Aud I 
bequeathe to Sir Nicholna Throgiaortoo, kiiight, twentio 
poundoH, to be assigtautit to £o this my will diiliu tu be 
parEtirmyd. la wituoa, William Boawcll, Riuhord Wheatley, 
clerke, Thomas Wolton, John Speiisher, Thomas Browne> anil 

[Proved 5 Dec, 156(3,] 


(More, 29.] 
The xij*'' day of Maye, 1565. Alexander Boll. To my 
eoniie Arthour IJello iny t&nomoiit hoHSo and landos lying in 
WyiikdrtoTi in tho biahopriL'ke of Durliam, and my temwuto 
being than nows namod Robert Wilkinson, which is pent 
yerely fourtie shilHnges. I hecjUBathB my foresaid sonnB 
and foresaid tenenieot ti> the good hoping of my uncle 
Artho' Bell, of Bladon, and that the said Artho' Bell 
yerfcly roceyvo the reut of the saide tenement to bring up my 
«aid aouno Artho'' Bell In good leruyiig and vertue till he bfof 
lawfiill itige. Item, that after the death of my said sonne 
Artho'' Belle that then my tenement, house and lander 
partoyning to yt I fullyo giTS to my sister Alice Sharpar, of 
Newcastell. To John Breguae, mariner, my wages ia the 
Bartilmew for the viage of gwiiie, being the 

viij'" of September, 1 553, upon pondicion that the said 
John Briguae paye oute of the same one moiLtheB waigee to my 
aister Agnes Yoiige in Seyut Katheryns, which ia xiij s., and 
that the said John Breguse also paye suRho debtee as I owe in 
the Bartilmew, whithe is xxja. I bequwithc of my said wage 
to Danyell Dye fyve ahilliiigca, tu Willitim Famolles fyvti 
ahillingea, to Richard Berforthe two sliillinges, and this paide 
then John Brighouse to have all the roat. To my sister Alice 
Sharpar the parte of my debtee owing me in NewcaateU, I 
give my sister Alice Sharpar three poundoa whiche Harryo 
AodcrsoQ owith me, of Newtastell, upou coiidir-iun she piiyo 
oate of the aame to oiy inystres Harrie AiideraouB wief, of 



Newcastol, which I owe lu tier, iiij »,, and t-bnt she jiaie of the 
«ai(i inoiioj to Roo'er Horyn whiche I owe hjiii, xiiij s,, this 
p»id nhe to huve all th« rest. To AUce AQdoraon uf my debtos 
owiijgu ino ill Ni'ivfiistoll, as I give hur xiiij n. nhicbe 

WiUjBm l..'Jia])iii!in owith inc tor usmoiides. I give her vij s. 
wbiuhe Joliu Ai-uhubadu my M' Uiirrye Anderaoiia man owilh 
me. I ^ivc her xix s. whicha Willyam Ovvl.hiinke<iwith me for 
threu freiicho crownes I loot hym in Soitiu iu Fr!i.UDC't>. Jn 
witiibs wliurLif these men Btibsccibe their iiatuo:^ foUowiiig. 
Wntflii in tJie Bartilmew of London, the 12 of Mayy, 1555. 
William Fiimally, Peter Bright. 

Meinorandiim, that iiboiiCc^ ii.n liouru or thoroaboutes afore 
the said Alosander departed oute oE this present lyfe, the said 
Alexander tht-n being of his parfytt mynde and meinoriej 
made and nomynate John BrigliouBe the execntour of this his 
saido will. In witiit« hereofj Lewis Piilmor Jind Thomas .... 
[Proi'ed 4 July. 1555,] 


[Wmatloy, 2.] 
2 Ap., 1556. Honry Ayntjawortli, of Wynkliome in the 
coiintie of Notingham. To be baryod in the jiarysli church 
of Wynkbnrne in the chnuncell anendti the place where 1 have 
UBBd to knc'le, 1 will that every preisto that slialbo al niy 
burynll have iiij d. and their dynner, and to evevy poore miin, 
woiiiiLii iind childe that he at the siLine, ouu halpeniiy or a, 
]]iilpenny white loif. And I will that my wif, my sonnc Rsuiff, 
my Sonne Wawii and my dnughter his wif, my Sonne John 
Aynosworth and Jane his wiff, Bhalhavo blacke gownes the day 
of my bnriall. Alao I will tlmt xiij dnye of waxe ahiilbe put 
about my herse and biinio all ihu tynieot the dirige and nmase 
singing, also that four torches shalhe provided by myn 
executors, and also that Jam ea Heypes, Chrintofer AtkynBon^ 
Robert AVliippe and John Hiinsoii shHll beare the faied 
torches, fund have evc^ry of thoym a blacke gowne. To BTery 
howsholJer in Wynkeburne wherof liia yearly rent is not 
above tenne shilHngee, iiij d. and a poiiny white loyf. To the 
amending of hye ways in Wynkcburne vj &. viij d., a-nd to 
amending of the [lye waye betwene the churohe of Hokarton 
and the endi3 of the hi-jTi going towatde Southwell iiJK. iiijd. 
1 will that Rauff Ayiiowwoi-th my snnne shnlhavs two partea 
of ray fermc of the manor of Wynkeljuni to his owne use, 
paying for the same two partoa the yerely rant therof. I will 
my welbeloved wif shaihave the thirdo parte of my said fiirme. 
And in cano sho do remove and do not a bydo dwelling in the 
thirde parte, and then my Hoitiiu Kiin FT shalhavo the eaiu Lhirde 




parte. To my wlff the thirde parte of all my goodes. I gyve 
uoto Raufl all sucli leassea as I have in Itvndes in Proston in 
Awnderues jind Iiigoll in tlio Cnuiitie Palantyne of Lancaster. 
To the pariah church of Wynbbom-ne my beste vestem&nt of 
crymyson velvett and albe and ainyae, a stole and other 
thiiigts to the Bame vestrnpnt belonging, find also an other 
vestment of whifcy Daiiiaske. To the Trinitie alter in the 
pariahe ohurch of Proetoii where I was borne a vcBtinent of 
gri'ni? sarsenet, and nlbe and ammea belong to the same. To 
3«cll persons as shall fortune to bo chiirvhwardcna of the 
church of Wynkbiirnt- thre kyne, and of the wages and' 
stipend of the aaid thre kyne iij f?, to be bestowed in bread to 
twelve ])ore folkes of the pfiriBh. And also the piiriRh prelate 
to eaye (1$ profiindw for my aoule, for the soulea of Eleabeth 
and Annes my wif, nnd for the soules of Richard Ayneaworth 
and Elanbcth my falthtr and mother, and also to say dirige and 
7)iesge8, xvjd. in money afor the stipend and w«g6S of thre 
kyne, the residue to he beRtowed to the moat proffit of the 
parish chnrcii by the churchwardens for the tynio hoing. To 
every of my aervauntes xij d. To John Baiiyster nnd lafiholl 
Mawne, for their pnynes they taike wyth me in my sicknen, 
either of theym tenue shilHuges. I will my soniie John 
Ayneswortlie, Richard Buckshawe, John Warde, William 
Robynenn, Edmnndo Kytthyii, (leorge Hoggeson, John 
Botliomley, John Parker, John Skerclyff, John Sampe, Robert 
Swyfto, William Dunkee, Rnbert Cowarde, Charlee Harwoode, 
Robert Mlnpp. Richard Helys, Thomna Looke, and Christofor 
Atbynaoti shall holJe the tenementeB wherin they do now 
inhiibite, paying their rentes. To Sir William JJoiightie my 
curate a colte of two years olde. To my doughter Jane 
Wa\VTi twentie sliillinges. To Thomas Wawn x a. To 
ElizabL'the Wawn x s, To my aonno fTeorge Wawn my grey 
gelding. To my godson Henry Wawn a fole. To Mabell 
Blabeke iiij s. To laabell Nybbes xij d. To Alice Mow xij d. 
To Cecilie fcloypes a cowe. Also T will that Hauff my sonne 
shall fyiide John Heypes, and Vepe hym at the jicole nntill he 
come to the age of xvj yeros at his costes. The RoBiduo of 
my goodes I gyve nnto my eonne Rauff Ayneaworth, whom I 
nmyke my executor. 

[Piovea a& Jan., 1660-7.] 


[WmBtley, 7.] 

14 Feb., 1556-7. Launcelott Midetton, of Silksworthe in 

the BiHhopricke of Durham. I give all my goodes unfco inyno 

executours for the performance of my debtes. I give unto 


my two doagliten) foiirescore pouiideK to be ]iay<Ie uute of 
tny londes, unto Anne Mydelton mya eldest dooghter fourtio 
poundes At iho dayo of her niHmage or at ihage of xxj*' j-erea, 
and unto Caatuncu my ytmger dougliter otlicr fonrlie poundeB 
(tJietatne). I will tliat lh« uverlyver be tliotliers lieyre, stid 
if they both dyo tb&ci I will tliat (i<v)rgo Mydeltou niyne eldest 
Honne shall enyoit* their partes. Also I will tliat Nicholas 
Aldye, of Pocklesham in the Countie of Essex, gentibuauj have 
the tqirnn of George Mydellon, myne heire, with all my 
goodea, cattallee, landee and revenuea, untill my sonne be of 
the iige of xxj yeres, and then the .saide Nicholas to be 
accomptable for nil inaner of rentes duringe the ininoritie. 
The ttfoivsaid NicKolafi Aldie aiul Goorgo Hioelton executoura. 
[ProwBd 27 Feb., 15&6-7.) 


[NcKxW, 7.] 
22 Dec, 155C. Robert Gocbe, of Chilwell in the Countie 
uf NoLl., Esqoier. The goodea, cattullea aud suche other stuff 
as came to me by Eleauore my wif, and »11 my plate and my 
ie\Yelle8, that came from Maiater Hmylh only except, whiohe 
1 gove to my wif Kllauor Guufhe by tliiw my will, I will that 
my siiinie Barnabic Uoiiclie ^!Ialh!lve my iiiAiinor of Horkestoe, 
yf it fortuue Barnabee t<j dye without y.s«ue male then the said 
maimor shall come ty my sonne Kobert Gouche, and if he dye 
the said mannor shall conit* to my brothi^r Richard Goache, 
and for dcfaut of yasue then I will tliat niy said inannor 
sbalbe divided by the diacreatjon of my execnlours egally into 
three partes, whearoof oue parte 1 wiJle the said pcrBODnes 
hIihII allotte to the hole univorsitie of CRmbridire to the 
fynding of poore scolere th^ro that shall procedo to stndye 
divinitie, and that the seconde parte slialbe to the pore scolers 
of the nniversitic of Oxford that fihall likewi&e pi-occde to 
stiidye divinitie, and the other tliirrle parte I will shalbc t* 
thospitall lately found for the pooro in London s'^metyme 
called the Lilill Haiiicte Uarthibnewes in ymytliefeld, and if 
it ahull fortune that the said hnuao to be dissolved thenne I 
mil the said parte shall rfvei*te to the cunipany of the mercers 
in London to thintent the same company shall deliver yerlit' 
the anid rent to one puure yoiig mnn to sL^tt hyui up that hathe 
nothei* father nor mother, fyndiiig them Rufficituit .stR'nies to 
repaye the aame ogayn at fyve yerea ende, and the same joog 
man tu paye for evtrye of the v yvrwt fowur markf^a to ihandes 
of the wardoynfl of the cnmpanye of mercerd, and they yorlio 
to nialce a dyniier, and after the dynner be douii the saide 
wardeynen to saye Cliriste have mercy on Robert Gouche 


soule, ji.otl after the v yerea 1)l* ended I will the aaid compnny 
shiilha?e the rent and deliver the same to another yong-e man 
in iiiiinnflp above, and bo contynually from yong man to yoiig' 
man. I wiH timt Robert Gmiclie my aoniie sballiave the 
rovorsion of my personnage or rectopye of Honglitou in tho 
coimtie of Liiicolno after the death of Rleimnr my wif, with all 
her limdpa in Fuding'toii in the comitits vi' Middlesex, and for 
defaiilte of heires shall come to my sonne Bnniabee, and for 
Iticke of yasue to my brother Riehard GJuuche, and for lacke nf 
yssae shall remayne to the uaea befnro declared of iny manner 
of Horkestowe. I geve to Elianore my wif my prrponnago of 
Houghton, with the glebe lande?, medowes, feadinges with 
uorne and hay, wolle, lambe and all othei' tithtis and profittes 
during her lif, and all her owne landea in Paddington and her 
honse in London, and all her houshnlde stuffe that she brought 
with lier, also one annuytie of sixtene pnniides out of toy 
mannor of Alvinghani in tlio eountiu of Lincoln dnrincf her 
iif, if she keepe sole and uiimarryed, provided if my aaid \Yif 
do marrye or dye then the annuytie unto my sonne Barnardu 
(sif). I will my aoiuie Robert hhall have one unnuitio of fyve 
ponndes yerelie out of ray mnnnnr of A.lvingha.iii until he be of 
thage of xxj jeares, and to the fynding of byin to the scole, 
and if lie die the said rent shall reverte to Barnabio. To my 
brother Iticliard during his Iif one annuytie of twenty fuure 
ponndeH of ray mnnnor of Alvinghain. To John Thorolde, 
late vicar of Houghton, one annuitieef viijli., and after to come 
to my Sonne Bamabie, I will that when my sonne Baruabe 
shall come tn thage of xxlj yerea that be have my lionse in 
Distaff lane in tho Citie nf London. To Riclnird More my 
servaiiiile twenty ponndes iff he helpe my C'socntoiirs through 
for the making of my accompte with the King and the Qnenes 
heighnes. To John IJanbye my servaunts x] s. out of my manor 
of Alvingham yerlie, and after the death of the said John to 
revert to my sonne Barnabe. The residue of all my landes in 
Alvingham shalbe receyved and laid np to thuse of Bamabe 
my Hon, to be paide nnto hym when he shall be nf tliage of 
xxij yeres, yf parcell or all therof be not bestowed ahoute the 
buying of bis wardeshipp, wbiehe I will that my execiitoure 
shall eniestly Iravaill to Imye the same. Then his wardesliipp 
being bought I will he bo aett to the Innoa of Courto, there to 
stndye and npplye his lerning in tho lawe unto suche tyme as 
by his aaid leviiing he attavne and come to bo made Sergeatinte 
of the Coiff. I will that when he hatha fnlhiwed his lerning 
at the lawe so that ho is made Sergoannt of the Coyf thenne 
I will my said etinne Barnibee, on my blessing that he never 
take penny or any manner of rewarde for his coinicell, but to 



geye the same tn all tnpn tnthnnt taking anny thingcs, and 
RpBciitlly those parsonnos that dvrell in Lincolniihir, nnd if he 
uo otlierwi-'^e tnennn I wilk- ifast he shalhnre no more of xny 
manors and lantU's boforo t^ him goven, hat only the mannonr 
of Hork<*3tuwu, and thut hII thu rust ymiuediatelic after suche 
taking of monney for his comittell shall rererl to my sonne 
Itobert. I make William Ri^es Oind William Bumell, 
esqiiiern, Richard Kyneswerth, gent., and my wif ElUen 
Qouche, my «xecutours, and the right hooorable my lords of 
l'emhn>kp my Huperrisors, to whome for his paynes i forgave 
hjTH one handred ponndes he owed me. Witnesses, -John 
Hatcher, Robt. Cressy, clerke, p rae Ric Moore, j5 me Johem 
Batton, p rae WilJinm Eton. 

fProvcd 12 Feb.. lo57-8.] 

(Wraatley, 4r..l 

16 Dec, 165(3. Swynborn, Rowlande, clerke and maister 
of Clare hall in Cambridge. I wille that the hnnse comonly 
culled Saiicto Nicolas hostell in Cambridge be solde for 
thuttermost price, for the whiche I mio^ht haro had at iliverse 
handes fower score poundes. I vnW that my plate be 
egally divided to my brother John Swynbonm and John 
Swynboam the aonne of ChristufeT, farther I gave to John 
the Sonne of Christofer besides the plale xs li., and to Edwarde 
Swynhom*no threscore poundes xiij «. find iiij d. and the voason 
of the West Spitell in New(^aafcell if he wilbe preest, if so then 
thnf. vouson tu be at the disposicon of my brother John. To 
my auster Temps v li,, wherof she hath in her handea 
iij li. vj s, viij d To Margai-ete Hall vj spones of vj ounces 
and one halt', and lo my ^odaon hir f*oinie xxs. To the poora 
of ShelEnrde Parvn x\xs., of Stenliain xx s., Harfitoii vjs. viijd.,J 
Hampton vjs. viijd., Naniiton vh. To my couaeii Symon 
Swynbournes wife^ of great Gram.iden, a gowne of London 
rasaet lyned with lawnoy velvet chamblet. To my mother 
M"" Anne Swynbonm one soverain of golde for n token. To 
Olare hall one nntte hf»le gilted, with a cover waying xviij 
oiinceH and an half, and to every fellowe tor the tyme bi^iDg 
xij d., and to the butler and biboll clL-rkes every o£ ihem iiij d. 
To my brother John Swyiibourne one ring oF golde with a 
tiirkey« stone itt it, mid to my iievewe John the soiiue of 
Christofer my »!igiiet( of gold, the whiche Julin and John 1 
make myii excoutours. I make s uperviaoiirs my couseus 
M' Robert Tempest, off Hulmeside, and Symon Swynbonm, of 
greate (IraniBden. 1 geve tn M' Tempest a cupp with a cover 



all gilted, waying; ounces xj, fl,nd to ray cousen Symon one 
boll parcell gilto, wa,ying ounces about xi'', liavirtg twoo 
letters Lii the bottoiue of it, I ttod P. The residuie I g&ro to 
myu executoiirs, tliey to ordre ihem as thej will make aoBwere 
before God. I g&ve to the Colledg^e called Clareliall for my 
detriraeiites xli. In witufsae, Thomns Baily, president of 
Clar&haU, Lam-ance Webbo, fellow of CLare hall, ThomaH 
Chapman, of ClareLall, Joliii Tompaou, fellow of CLareball. 

[Prov-eilS Nov., 1567.] 


[WriiBLlej, 6.] 
20 Feb., 1556-7. Anthonys Johnson, of Wherlton in y^ 
biBstopricke of Durrsini. To my mother Agiiiea Johneoii 
iourtie shilliuges in money and tenne wethera, upon this 
condicoii, that she shRll leve bo nioche after liir deceaaa to 
my brother Launslot Johiistm, Ms executors or assises. I do 
give to my motber tny mare in recoinpence of her mare. To 
Alice Johnaoii niy aister in lawe tenne wethers. To foure oE my 
brother Ohriatofers rhildren fnure wethers a,nd a jewe to the 
yongeat d&ughter. To Christopher Robynaon my sisters sonne 
a yewe. To my* sister Bt-ttris Robyuson fourtia ahilliuges. 
To Jane Arintan, whom I was determyned to marrio, twontio 
nobles. To the ponre of %Yhorlton iij s. iiij d., of Marye 
Magdalen in Souttiwerke iiifl. iiij d. To ray brother John 
xiiij 8. vjd. To my sistei' in lawe KHzabeth Johnson three 
poutidea, nppon this condicion, that she shall givti or cnuso to 
be given after her decease so tnoche iiiOTicy to Alice Johnson, 
whome ahe brought upp. To Maryo Johnson my bi-others 
dnughter xl s. To Agnes Johnson, wief to John Johnson, vjs. 
viij d. To Alice Johneon, my brother Launslet Johneoii wenche, 
fourtie ahillinges, to be paid at the daie of her mariage. To 
Richarde Wilson, my brother Launslett eervaunte, iij s. iiij d. 
To Alice Popeson, his servannt, so moche more. The reaidew 
to my brother Lannglot Johnson, whomo I make my executonr. 
Witnes hereof, John Lewis, clerke, Richard Wels, William 
Reynard, Riohn,rd Wilson, Find Elizabeth Johnson. 

tProred 10 Feb., 1657-80 


[Wrnstky, 12.] 

7 April, 1657. John Byrrie, of Grove. To the poore in 

Ortea.!], and inespeciall in Eatretiourihe, tenne poundes, to be 

taken every yere foiirtie shillinges of my fermea in Ortsall and 

Thornton. To Katheryn Stanley one greate chargerj a great 



plalter, a Jyslie, and two counterseteB, a candelHtiek, and xxx B. 
m money. Unto ovcry on oE my brethreu and sister cliildem 
(only excepted Jalin Watson) ray croppe amongest tltem this 
yer© of my femiea at Tyrvintou egallie to be devytled to every 
one of them, the valewe to be paide onto them at three or foare 
yeres ende, next the seade oorue of the same fermea to bo 
resyrvide nnto my execiitoiirs for bothe, the next croppe of the 
said ferraos foUowinge to be taken oute of yt. To my ladye my 
best tnaritell itud a vingo in my coffer. And to Willyain Baker 
my Bworde and hoayou. The Reaidue unto my M', Sir John 
Hercy, knight, and M' parsone Perpoynt, whom I make my 

IProvcJ 3 Hay, 1557.) 


(N60d«B. 10.] 

2.'i.Ti]ne, \r,b7. l^ibert Thonie)iiil,of Wodall in Holdemoa.' 
To the ciiriit(i at Walkringhani xxvj s. To the exeuutora of 
S'' Peter Gathorpe. late vicar of Walkringham, xx s. Unto 
making o£ n cnwaoy from my house to the home yate, if tho 
jmrriabe will beare the rest, x !i., or els that to remayn to be 
gevyii unto the pooro xx a., and tho stooke to remayn for 
ovormore in the handea of iiij fyrmen. To the pooro of 
Walkringham xxa., Mysterton xxa., Bekingham x s., 
Gayuenboi'owD xx a., Gring^eley vj b. viij d., Mysyn xiij s. iiij A. 
To eeven score of the poreat of my kynue or freendea xjcli. to 
be divided. To Ellon Curtes and John Curtes, with their 
ohildes partes, in all xxiij li. each. To Elizabeth Corteys 
xiij H. TJ 8. viij d. To Dorothee Noble forty shillinges, and to 
Anthonny Curteys his farme rent free one yere. To John 
KnagEjes my aervauiit the house his graundefather dwellith 
in during his lif, paying yereli© xijd. To John Wate my^ 
aervaunt vj H, xiij s. iiij d. To every Bervaunt a yere wagea^ 
To my sei'vaant Roche xx b. To John Strete for tei 
yersB, every yere xrs. To John Bellopt for v yeres, evei 
yere xxe. To Margery Pocockes xij li. To Robert Hatl, mj 
SQStet's Sonne, xxli. To my snsler Peckea children, egallj 
among tbem nnd her, x^n- li. My willo is that my landes be 
divided in three partes if the hiwo will so permitte it, yf the 
law will not so permitte and aiiffre it, thenne I will that ao 
muche aa tho laws will aiifTre doo rernayne to the perf on nnance 
of my will, and that that lauketb, if nny be, I will ehalbe paid 
of my hoolc goodes, and if any thinge doo remayoe of my 
landes I will that tenne ponndea be divided among my 
aerranntes tliat taketh no wa.^e8 and have nothing els geron 


anto llieai. To my aeroauut Robert WilljaiuBoii, dimng his 
lif, hia bouse and lander nud xse. jerelio out of Robt^rt 
Smytteg farme. To my servaiiDt James Siper all the stuft'e at 
his honae, paying yerelie xxvj s. viij d. To the tbildren of 
John JouHon, appointed by his will to liave the ferine William 
Comngham dwellith in. ahall have the SAtne. To Hugh 
TbornEhill, comonley calEed by that name which I do call my 
bastard sonne now contyrmyug with nie, my honee at Hull 
now ia the tenuro of Maisfcer Saltmarahe, all my landes in 
Miatertoa and BeWhighiirn in the cotintio of Nofct. To Thomae 
Tarr vij acres daring my lease. To Kigiily my servaimte his 
house for life, paying yerelie ix B. To Christofer Norton, my 
auBtera eone, a silver cupp parcel! g-rke. I give asniuche 
tymber as will buyUie a beadehouse of the oomon in 
Walkringham, with vij litle housea, and everye houee a 
chymney and a chamber, for vij poora folkea to dwell in ever, 
and to have paide to them every quarter of the yere, a pece 
ij a. ij d. I will that if any thinge geven be not according to 
the lawea of this realme, then I will it be mended by twoo 
indifferent lawyere, litter l>a.mstors in. the conrte, that is to 
say, Sergoaunt C'atlyii and Sergeaunte Predieux, S' Anthony 
Navill, knight, M* Eetoft, M' Garrard, and M' Oarrowe, or any 
twoo of them, and they to mende it and to have either of them 
XX s. If 1 dye without ysHue of my hodye lawfully bogotttm, 
then my will is that my hole landea remayn to my sonne Hu^h 
ThornQhillj and for lacke of yeaue to my right heirea. I will 
my brother have thnaage of all my feruies during the noneage 
of my daughter, and of my huides and goodea also, accompting 
with my daughtor for the same at her ago of xij yeres, except 
the fermes in Ilolderiies, whiche I will shalbe in thiisHge of 
John Constable, knight, eo tba.t within one quarter of a yere 
he to make aaanrauacie to my daughter of fyve hundred markea, 
if his aonne Henr_y doo refuse her in marriiige, wbichc said 
v*" inarkes to be forfaite to her use. And these coveiiaateB 
per-founued I will that my daughter remayn in thandea of the 
saide S' John to his sonne he xij yerea olde. I will that she 
shall not be delivered unto hyiu except he be bounden in the 
some of twoo thouaande poondes to deliver her to her awne 
kynne, that is to saye, to my brother Hugh Thornehill, so that 
she may then ha raarryed to the moat iidvauntiige that the 
lawe will peruntte. To Giles Sales and Isabell his wif the 
ferme I have of Urye, and after my yeres the ferme that 
Kyrkeby dnellith in. To my aaid sonne Hugh ThomohiO my 
lease of Oxton parsonage. The reside we of my gtiodos, 
fermes and leaseSj I putt into thandes of my brother to thuss 
of my daughter Dorobhee, which I make my execntrix. 


SiiporvisourB, S' John Constable, knight, S' Anttioney Nevill, 
knight, S' John Hecsy, knight, and doctor itokaaby. To my 
wif viij Uyo, a silver pott, a. silvrr Ralte, and a cover Ui either 
o£ tlicin, tiesidpa that the Liwe tlotho ffeve her. Witneasea, 
Sir Aiitlioimy Nevill, Gooi'ge Brnwnp, George Ryley, and 
Hiclmrd Woiitwourth. 



[NooJea. 8.] 

Be it knowiie to all men that if it shulde fortiioe me, 
Thomas Thupliinde, in this my journaye taken the viij''' of 
Julys, in the service of the Kingea maiesties affaires towanlea 
the borders, by dcatbe or othepwiae to paaso out uf this 
traneifcorye worlde, I gove anto Thomas Thiirland, parson of 
Ci-amyktan, itnd OlJfF Thurland, wif to Edward Thiirland, 
esquierj to collect all such landes, rentes, debfcis, goodee aa I 
have, and them to beetowe amongeab the children of Edmond 
TKurland, with my brother William Blande aa they twoo shall 
thinke most eunvonient, provided Richard Thurland to have 
my landes. 

[Proved 17 Fel.., 1387-6.] 

[WfftsUoy, 34.] 
2 Sept., 1557. John Roo, clerko and person, of Wollerton 
in the CouotiB of Notingham. My body to he buryed in the 
cliauncell, Twyvill. To the church of Twyvill iije. iiijd. 
To the fre skole of Notinghara, to repayre the deskes, xla. 
To a poore scoler of Oxford that doeth study divinitie, xls, 
To EmiDottu ray mayde xls., one cowe, wythall such goodeg as 
she brought to me. To Katheryn my mayd xJ s. and one 
bntsse pott. To the poore people of my parish of Wollerton, 
CanBall and Ifraton, sis. To the mending of the hyo Way&8 
about Wollerton xxs. The i-esidue of my goodes to Harry 
Fosbrob, of Notingham, and to John Hall, of Myddelton, and 
Robert Paliu, of Notinghain, whom I make my esecutora. 
Witnea, Sir William Fosbroke, parson of Twyvill, Robert 
Barytt, Harry Beliter, JaneToralynaon.MargarebWorthington, 
■yrita other moo. 

[Proved 30 Sept., 1557.] 

' ThMr« i« ti. pciligri'e o( fherlund o! On, cislon in the VUitatiwt of Ifoltinf/kam 
(UaTleian Sooioty. W, 164). 



12 Oct., V and t] King Philip and Marye ( 1 358). Michaell 
Wentwortb, escjuyer. To be liiiried in Cliristian man's 
buriall. To Ag^ncR my wif my goodes at BiatoT" ctmrch lule and 
Montlawe, and the wardeeliip uf Miirjo Curson hei" daughter, 
excopt; suclie liofsee, gifldinges siiid uifirGB aa I hud a.t the tyme 
of iny marrying with her, and suche as I have bought or 
bredde aithand the marriage betweue her and ine, and my 
wolle of thia yere, and all my plate except suche parrcellea of 
plate as I had before the marriagB, and siidi parcellos as I 
have bought sithcua, and also except all my woll oi my sheepe 
at Biaterchurphhil.e and Montlawe, and one cuppe geveu. by 
the QiieTieH Ma"* for a new yeres j^fte, whoriipon my ai-mea 
and hers is graven, upon (■oudiL'on she shnll diaeliarge tho 
executoars ui me, my couHen Thomas Wentworih, and all 
others that be bounde hy any covenaunto in any boiides for 
any matter touching my wi£o or any of hor children. I give 
to my eon and heire, Thomas WGntwarlli, all my moveable 
goodew in my houses at Simon rowe and Weadham. To ray 
sonnos Michaell and Henry all my right in thofflce or ferme of 
the Alnyger in the Coantie of Yorke, to bo egally betwene 
them, and tho profiles to be towardes their findiag during 
their minorities. I will that my rxecutoura shalhave thiseuaa 
of all my leases in the personage of Leake In the Countie oE 
Stafford, th« peraonage of Ascar and Aakridge in the Countie 
of Yorke, the mannor of the Freers house and Streyte withe 
cole myndo uppon the eamo in tho said Countio of Yorke, thft 
farms callod Newall Graunge, until my executours have paid 
toy debtis. Wheras I have at the present day bve daughters, 
thst is to eay, Margaret, Mabell, Alice, Hellene wnd Kathtnne, 
for the marriage of one of them, whicht it shall please God to 
putt in mynde that Richard Freestone my wards ahaihe 
bestowed upon, and if he disagree then the profitto and 
wardshipp iliat may be mads uppon him to be beytowed upon 
the next that shal! happen to be marryed, and for the boslowiog 
of the rest I will that my executours shali take thissues of my 
personages of Asker and Leek&, my fermo of the coole myndo 
of Stroite, and the proiite of my ferme of Strete, being of the 
value of fiftio poundefl by yore, to the payment of tho marriage 
good of as manny of my said daughters not being niai'ried at 
the tyniH of my departing, untill snche tymo as evorye of 

' Younger son of Thomus Wcntworth. Ktn).. ot Wuntwoith Woodhtmse, Bud 
Mnater q( tlie Queen's Eousahold. Hia grnoiJeoEi Micljae! purchased WwHe/ 
in liSeS. etill poeaeasod b; hIa deioendant in the feiDAle line. 



them be aunswercd of ono hundred pouiidos, if it may please 
God to aende tbeiii life tharBunto, And the said HuUlmio my 
daughter xxli. over the said hundred poandcs m recompence 
of bur gninUemothers bufjuest. Item, if any of my daughters 
will not be advised by my executoara, but of their awne 
fantastical brayno bestowe them selfis lightly upon a light 
perHonne, thenne I will that dnnghter to have bnt ono hnndrod 
marcGB. And after the Buiomps of momiey sn roiino up thnt 
the pepaoiiniHge i>f Leeko, my aon Thomsis Wentworth 
Hbalhitvc it during nil the yeres that I have therin, the leet of 
tho jerea of ail my formes shall come unto thandt'S of my 
yonger soDTiea if itt ploaso God to aendo tbem life, or els to 
my oldeafc Honne, and if it please Ood to call them, els all is 
mnrball, then to i-eniayn amcmge my daughters at that tynae 
beinge. To every ono of my oouaLu Hugh La<;y t'hildreti xxs., 
exceptid Kichard Lacye, which was one 8' Itichard Freeaton 
godsonne, to hym I geve xxvj 9. viij A., daring their lifes, out 
of my fermes ao longe as my wife sliall live, nod after her 
decease I will every oi them t-seeplid Richavd Lacye shalhave 
{the above sums) out of the mamioura of Fresingteeld. 
BxacutouPH, my nevewe Thomas Wentworth and my nt'phewe 
Nicolas Denham. To my nephewe Thomas Wentworth my 
blacks veint gowiie and my best horee or gelding. To my 
nevewe Nicolas Denman wy second© horse or gelding and a 
gowno of daniaaks facod with sable powtes. Also I desire my 
cousea Thomas Harvie, knight marsball, atid my said brother 
Thomas Wentworth to be overseers. To my cousen Thomas 
Harvie, kuight, a mowse domie gelding. To my brother 
Tliomia any of my horsaes or geldiuges that ho will chuae. To 
Brian Demuan one other gelding. Witnesses, Nico Rutlande, 
Ambrose Belson, Alichaell MoJiens. 

[Proved lui Nov., 1558.) 


Short Aletraeta of Will« of psreona living in Loidon and the 
Sonth, having some connection witk tka uorthetih counties. 

ISSfipt., 1884. Sia William di WTNUSSoas, kt. Made by 
word of mouth at Evesham. Sir William de Melton, Sir 
Jainee de Pykeryng, and Sir Walter do Stryklaud, kta., and 
John de Wyiidesora, o£ the diocese of York, Pr. 12 Oct., 
1384 (Koua, i). 

24 S&pt., 1389. JOHH »E AppEirv, LL.D., deao of St. 
Paul'a, London. To he buried in the new work of the church 
of St. Paul. My siater'g daugliter, Margaret do Mordoa.wifo 
of Thomas Chauiiceler. Sir William de Beverley. To tlie 
parimh chnrch of Appelhy xx s- Richard de Mordon and 
Hugh Croatwayt, my cousins. To the prior aud convent of 
Carlisle xxs. My exocuturs shall not demand arrcara of 
pensions due to mo from the mooasterieH of St. Mary, York, 
HolmecoltriinL, the priories of Durham and Kerkhain,*aad the 
monastery of ML'l8a.+ To the poor of AppelbyxLs. To the 
fabric of the church of St. Laureaco there, xs. Pr. I Oct., 
1389 (Rous, 2). 

11 Oct., 1389. W11.UAM Walsham. The chiirclies of 
Salisbury and Bimnebury.J House of St. John, Chester. 
Church of LymJ and c^mI^el of Hallewestoke. To the church of 
Arapnlf orthe^ and the repair of the chancel vmivTks. Nephew 
William Stone. John Boteuam, my vicar. Robert Aakehy, 
vicar of the church of Salifibury. John Wotton, my chaplain. 
Pr. 16 Dec, 1389 [Rous, 2). 

29 Apr., 1391. William de Dyquton,|||| canon of St. Paul's, 
London, prebendary of Totenhale, canon oE Salisbury, and 
rector of Staindrop, diocese of Durham. To be buried in St. 
Paul'B. SistePB Agnes de Dyghton, the elder and younger; 
Thomas Eamonson, the latter'a husband. To the poor 
pariahioners of Staindrop xx marks. To my parish church of 
Staindrop one great portnous, annotated, worth xxijii., and a 
misaal not annotated, and a small chalice weig'hiijg Ix ^. John 
de Burton, rector of Feneitanton, Lincoln, and canon 

■EiiUtam. fMeaux. t Bnn!bDi;, 00. Oust. ILjmn HAuiplefgrUi. 
nil 1363. OiUed Deigbton (SarteBs" Ditrham, iv, 139). 



of Berarloj. Sir Jolin of Cadtlc Bernard, rector oE a mediety 
of the church of Eotou Kassell. Master Skyriowe, bisbop of 
Durham. The pnrish church of Wyberton, of which I waB 
(ormerlv rector. Sir John de Gascoigne, rector of Lyth, 
dioc. of York, and to William, Richard and Kich»rd (Tub?] 
brothers. Pr. 9 May, 1391 (Rous, S]. 

7 July, 1391. Robert vh SwiLLTKaToM, chivaler. To be 
haried in Kirkeby priory. My manors of Stanford and 
Wydmerjjole. I give c marks to amortise the church of 
Burmynstre to the oaid priory. My plate in cos, Leic^sterj 
Notts, and Derby. My lord tho Dake of Gnyeno and 
Laucaator. Ranlyii dc Swillyiigton. Roger de Swiliyagton 
my Bon. The church of Swilljngton. The now belfry of 
Widmerpole. Wifo Margaret. Messirea Richard le Scrop, 
Brian de Stapulton, Phelipp de Tylntiy, William ChisaldoHj 
William Wyuceby, William tjaacoigne, Johaii Woodrove, 
Robert Grethed, lionry Fox, parson of Stanford. Pr. 22 July, 
1391 (Rous, 8). 

y Dec, 1392. Guy de Roclif, clerk. To he buried in 
church of the Friara Preachers, London, next the column 
where the arms of John and Tliomna de RoucliF hang. To 
the archbishop of York a. piece of gilt plate which the King- 
gave me last Christmas. Sir William de Dighton, Master 
Edmund Stafford, Sir Thomas de Percy. Sir John de 
Wendlyngburgh the elder. Sir John de Wendlyngburgh the 
younger, my bnatard. Thomas Fairfax, My church of 
Aykoscurth,* Yorkshire. Pr. 28 Dae. 13132 (Rous, 3). 

13 Dec, 1393. Thomas [Beantinoham], bishop nf Exeter. t 
To be buried in nave of Exeter cathedni-l. Richard Brantingham 
and Joan his wife. To Merton Halle niid Stapelton Halle a 
book of decretals each. To the church of BrantinjfhamJ one 
pair of vostiuents or Is. Master Hugli Hit^kelyng, Sir William 
Ermyn, Master Rjibert Rlggo, Thomaa Barton, John Higaiis, 
William Hankeford and John Copleston. Pr. 30 Dec, 1394 
(Rous, 4). 

10 Mar., 1394-5. Henft [WakEmgld], bishop of 
Worcester. II To he buried before the pulpit m Worcester 
Cathedral. Sitiler Alice. Cousin Thomas Sneynton aud John 
his brother. I give il li. to be distributed among my poorer 
kinsfolk living iu the Till of Aton In Pygrynglith.§ The 

+ I369-1H, Lord Iligt Treftsurer of EiiglnoJ. Thera ia t, very goodnocount 
of liim by Ciinon UiiiRGHton-Rfttiiiolpli iu his i.'ditloii o! tho bishop's regletar. 
J In cha wapcntftke of HoiTden shire. 

11 ISTC-SQ. T^eltaute^ ol Eiiglaod. griakeriottlith. 


ehupcliea of Melnjiirby (Cmnlie riant]), Schariieford" (Leics.), 
Combe iipxt Wodantok, and Untbyf iu CleTaland. My noble 
lypd the Dtikie of G-ltmcester. Pr. 27 MiirL-h, 1395 (HanB, 4). 

4 Pec, 1395. Wii-liam Holtm, rocUM-of Symouniiesborugh,J 
diQD. of SiLrum. Church of DiLnge, Kaeex. To the fabiic of 
the clinrch of Wytlierase, ci». York, xls. To the fabric of the 
oliapel tiE St. Katlifiiue at Holymll lijjs. iiijd. To thp fabric 
of the chnrch of Beford, Yorks., xl s. To the Eabric of Laxton 
church, Notts., XX 3. Sistfi- Maad Downe, her husband John 
Downe. Cousins Ralph Sliiapard mid John Holyro. Maud 
Downe to have my plac:e§ Iplacia) at Holym. BrotherThomas 
Bukko and his son Johu. Brother Johu Belot. Pr, 10 Dec, 
1S95 (Rous, 5). 

4 Nov., 3 Ueiiry fV (1401). WilxiAM iw. IIornebv. Thomas 
de Hornby and Thomaa de Thoniburff, to whom I have given all 
my goods. The church of Tunstfill, Ijanca., where I was 
baptijsed, the charchea of Wftrthecop,! Westmorlfliid, Thorpe 
Salueyn,"* Yorks,, and Wolvertou, SouthauCa., to each a, vest- 
ment, William de Sandford, my dec&ased uncle. Pr. 8 Nov., 
1401 (Marche, 1). 

13 April, 1402. John BooR,ff cleric, canon of Saliabury. 
To be buried before tlie altar of St. John the Baptist there. 
To every eauon of York jirt'sent at my exGC|uiea in tho church 
thero, iiiti. iiijd. My prebendal church of Cliermyuater and 
Bjer a missal . To tho poor parishioners of MaBhara and 
KjrkebyS on the day of iny exequies at York, xl a. A chaplain 
to celebrate in my prpbendal ehureh of Mashain and Kyrkeby, 
The chapels of Laudford and Bryg^onortb, the cliucch o£ 
Stapolbrygg. The repair of my chancel of Pontemel. My 
prebendal church of Myddeltou. My kinsfolk Sir John Golde, 
Edith Pelpye of FyBsherLon, and John Teffente, clerk. Sir 
John Ottelay, my chaplain, of Masham. Mwatcr William Clynt, 
my vicar, of Masham. Executors for the diocese of York: 
Master Thomas Walworth, canon of York, and the isaid William 
Clynt. Pr. 7 Kal. May, 1402 (Ntarche, 2). 

3 Dec, 1403. Richard dh la Polb|||| made a nuncupative 
will at the manor of Wyngfehl, diocese of Norwich. To be 
buried in the ooUogiate church uf Wyiif^feld. Master John 

■ Shuolard. t Now Birkby. t SymondBbury, || Hollym, 

j ? plot. *i Now Wiiroopp. * ' SiiItih. 

ft In iFieher'a Mastium, p. 328, ho is oalleil Jolin Bero. beiag Prebendary of 
(he Prebendal Churdi or Mashniu 13<)6 to UD'i. 
II Kirkby Mnizenrd. 

II II Proli&bly a. voiuiger eon of Micbotil <le In Pale, al Hull s,ni WingBeld, 
fiist Ear! at Kuffblk. 

248 N<iRTii rorN'TRV wii,i->. 

of JJi^vitIi,'}'. Sii- Joliii III' C;i--il<.' l><Tii;irii, I'l-i^-; 
of the cliiirdi "f lliirmi lliissrll. Mii -ttT >k_\ i ', . 
Diirliain. 'I'lu' |iiiri-li rliun'li ••^ Wv!'^ <■: ■.. ■ 
fiirraL'i'ly rrclcr. Sii- -li'liii <li' i;i'--i-;.- 
dioL". ')t Viii-k, mill in W'llliiini, Ki'-lmnl n*"' U 
brutlu'iv. I'r. St Mhv, 1;}(I1 (Huus, .•< . 

7 -July, l:iS'l. I!itiu;i:r i>r Swim v\'M-..-: . '■ ' 
biinoil ill Kirki'liy [iriory. My \i-:' •:■■:■■ ■ '' ■' 
VVydiuiTjuili'. I L'ivi' c murks 1m iwi :■'•, 
Hurmvtistri- in tin- -nicl |iri-irv. M\ ii-:iti' I- 
Notts." mid Dcrliy. -My l-nl t!-," !h;i.r 
Ijancastci'. II;Milyti <if SwillyiiL'!";'. H-- ' - 
my sun. Tin- i-liiirrh »l Swili\ '[L-"!-.. 
WiiiiiiLTjxiIf. Wil'c Miiririm'i. .Mi ■-:■■ 
Hrku lie .Slajmll"!!, I'ii..0i|i|t 'I- Ty.',.- 
William Wytinjljy, Wiliiaiii t'l-.i-' 
Itubcrt liri'iin'tl, ik'Jii'v |-'m.\, |>ii:'- ' ■ 
139! (lions, ■<). 

y iVc, i;ii.!2. i;i ^ m, k^- 

church III' tho Friar^ I'lia.n ■ ■ , 
wht'l'c till' anii-i of .|..|in ai.i! '1'!. 
the ai'i'Jilii-^li'iJ ■•f \'-vk a ^i ■ 
^avo me las! < '|i|-i-:T!na-. 
Kdiiiuiiil Stall":-'!. ^;i ", -• 
\Vi^mnyTit;'liiii-j''i lin' "■■■ 
yonn,i,''*T, uiy liii^-'ij-:. '"■. 
AykL'sciii'ili.* 'i ■;!■;, ■■ 

1:"; lV-<-., \:V.-::. ■.- 
Tol.cljiiri-t;'. .. 
and -I'laii hi- ■. ■■.■ 
book "f 'I- ■■■i ':■•' 
pair of \ 1-;-! ;■ 
I'lriiivn, M;.-' ■ I' .' 
Williaii, II:-.:- 
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Cathedrals, the diapel of Ottery. To the tlnu'cli of Sknftoljiig 
a gilt chaiioe in the keeping of Reynold Kentewods. My 
mortuary tn the rector of St. Magnus, Ivnndnii. Chaplains to 
celebrate at Oxford and Patryngton. Pr. 4 Jan., 1405[-6] 
(Marche, 10). 

12 Dec, I10&, Laubbncb Allerthobp, residentiary canon 
o( St. Paul's, London. To be linried hefore the image of St. 
Lanrenco in St. Dmistiia'B chapel there. My teaemcnts in 
North Cave, Hothnm and Bnitieby.'fo. York, wher<?tif William 
Hungate and others are my feoffoeB, ahall he sold. A ohapUjn 
to celebratu in St. UunatHii's chapel for niy father and luutlier, 
John and Joan. Execntors: Master Henry Horebnr^h, canon 
of Salisbury, Sir John Stokes, minor ranon of 9t. j'iiul's, 
Sir Henry Jolypan, chambBrlnin there, William HungatB of 
Bruneby, and William Letlmm. Overseers: Sir ThomM 
More, canon of St. P&ul'g, nnd John Wodocok, mayor of 
London. Pr. 28 July, 1 40ti (MarchL-, 1 1 }. 

Jnly, 1410. Robert de WniTTtrBT, rector of Baasingborne, 
dioceBC of Ely. 'Co be buried in chancel of my prebendal 
church of Keten. The parishioners of Blauford Foruiiij Dorset, 
of Halmebyt next Elmealee, Yorks., and All Saints', Tlietil- 
thorpe.J To the fabric of the churches of Whittehy xla., and 
of Leek next Wrangle in Holand xiij h. iiij d. KiemitnrB : 
Master William Burton, B.C.L., John Mtirum, chaplain, iind 
William Duraunt. Overseer: Sir John Legborne, canon of 
Lincoln. Pr. C Dec, 1 HO (ilarehe, 22). 

18 June, lii2. Thomas SLUDMEiit, pyrpetusl vicar of Magor, 
dioceBe of Llandaff-H To bo btiricti in clianwl there. Thomas 
Kemmeys. Thoinua Herbord. Chnrchcs of Tynteme, Wolstone 
in the Foreat, Salisbury, and Itedewyk.S To the chnrcb of 
Sieidmerjf dioeeae of York, xx s. The Prior of All Saints', 
Bristol. Master Robert Burneby, regiatrar of LlaadttfT. Pr. 
12 Nov., 1412 (Marche, 26). 

13 June, 1413. John Iveuth, re<!torof Aldeatf.H II diocese of 
Lichfield. To bo buried in churchyard «f I'ardonchurchehow©, 
London, within the site of St. Paul's. Kinsman Hugh Eoward, 
near Riclunond, xx 8. John de York, canon of C'overham. 
To the poor parishionerB of Askeiigg, co. York, xis. The 
poor of Blaby, Leics. The church of Dcnham, Bucks. My 
lands in Newcastle on Tvne, rent owed me theroFor by my 
brother John Ivelyth- F*r. 21 June, 1413 (Marche, 27), 

* Bornb]', osar Povkliiigton. \ Ilnwnby Dear Heltuslej. 

; ThsfldleHiorpB, cq. liincoln. 
II Oo. Monmouth. gRi.>dwiok. ^Slodmne. |1 1| Ala»(ter. 



27 April, 1419. Thomas Tikhill, citizen and mercer, of 
London. Tu be buried in the pririciiJal chancel yf St. Lawrence, 
Jewry. To the parish church of Tikhill odb chalice, prico 
xxziij s. iiil'd. Mj* mother Agnes; her daughter Alice; Jolm 
Lurd of Rotford; x marks for the exhibition of Williani, 
Hugh and John, sons of Nicholas Cook; my father, of Tikhill. 
To tlio wnrdon and pof>r of the liospital of Tikhill xl 3. Tho 
bridge al Abyngdoii. Berks. Cbnrch of Chilton, Berks. Wife 
Maud. Thomas Dan©, son of Thomas Dane, late morcer. 
Tenements in parish of St. Katherine, Colraan, and St. 
Lawrence, Jewry [where I live). Roads in Houneglowe and 
Colbroke. Thomas Page, of Notyngham, William l?l?tfeld, 
mercer. Pr. 27 May, 1419 (Marche, 44j. 

20 Sept., 1420. Robert Mwston (bod of Williamj deceased, 
late cifciien and fishmonger, of York), now apprentice of tTulin 
AJlosham, citizen and grocer, of London, in Thames Street, 
parish of St. Botoljjh, Billingsgate. 'Jo be buried in Sfc. 
Botolph's. Joan, Christian and Elizabeth, daughters of John 
Ayleaham. Katherine Aylesham, his wife. My aiator Joan, 
now a widow. My brother Robert Burton, cilizun and 
merchant, of York. William Holthorpe, esq., citiaen, of York. 
Pr. 16 Oct., 1420 (Marcbe, 49). 

July, 1423. WiJ.TBK Cook, chjlod of St. Paul'H, Loudon. 
To be buried at my chapel of Knuile," cs. to the poor 
parishioner)^ of my chur«li of Somorsliara; c s. aud v mai'lcH to 
the poor piii'iahioners of my pvebcntla of Milton, Wartliiill,+ 
and Faryiidon. Residue towards the establiahmant of Knoll 
college [chapel). Pr. 9 Jidy, U23 (Liifferiham, I). 

20 Aug., 1423. Silt Simon GAPNarROB, clerk, keeper of the 
rolls of the Chancery of HtMiry VI. To be buried in tlie nave 
of St. Paul's. Brother William Gainistede, sister Joan. I 
bequeath to tlie chapel of the vill of Gauostede one vestment 
for one chaplain. To each prieat and eauli gentlemuu in my 
"inn" V murks. To the chapel of St. Augustine of Hedon 
one book called a "Catholicon." To the making of a way 
between the vill of Ht'don and the hospitnl of Neiiton x niarta. 
To the making anew of the way uost my "inn" in London 
XX li. Pr. 9 Sept., 1423 [Luffenham, 1). 

4 Mar., 1426-6. Robert MiLTON, rector of St. Magnus 
Martyr, Londoii, To bo buried thero. A chaplain aball 
celebrate for 7 years in the church of St. Loonard in Maltoii, 
CO. York. To the repair of the bells of that church I give 
xlli. Thomas Malton, of Enfeld. My sisters Joan Cilover, of 
Malton, and Margaret Gower. My tenements in Malton, 


fWorthUl in Bidmei' wnpcntake, 


Robert Loktun luy boh. To tbe brirlge and canswway of 
Maltoii xla. To the church of St. Michael ia Malton sis. 
To the bridges of TTowe and Whitby, xls. apiecti. William 
Gower, of Wliithj"-, John Urowe, o£ Malton, chaplaiu. Pr. 26 
Apr., 1426 fLuffenhamj 5). 

5 Oct., 142G. William Pkeston. To be burlecl in church 
of St. Dunstan, Fleet Street, Loudon. A chaplain shall 
celebrate for one year in the church of St. Augustine of Hedon 
in HoldemeBse. Maud and Margaret, daiiglitera of brother 
Robert Preston. Mother Maitd. Hugh Bernard, of Hedon. 
Pr. 18 Oct., 142<3 (Luffcnham, 6). 

21 Nov., 1431. Sir John Priklove, rector of Great Leghia 
[Easex]. To be buried in the chancel there I bequeath one 
red veatraent to the church «f Biigthorpe, eo. York. Robert 
Beny, Richard Pollard, Nicholas Kilcbill. Pr. 26 Not., 1431 
(Luffenham, 14j. 

24 Apr., 1433. Nicholas Jameu, citizfm and ironmonger, 
of LondoD. To be buried in church of St.Bobulph, BiliiiigesgntB. 
Wife Jonn, daiightei's Isabel and Anne. William Eslfeld and 
John Perneya, mercers. Souls of pat'enta Jamea and Margaret, 
itnd of Richard, Thomas imd William, and ail my children {aie). 
Church of Crowiiier, Norfolk, Cousins Nicholaaand Margaret 
James. Poor of Ardyngton, etc., Berks. Clmreh of Croydon, 
Surrey. The souIb of Thomas Burgh (nr Hurye),lnte rector of 
St. Olave's, SoutliWitrk, John Mokkyng, and Robert Manfeld, 
late WEirden {prcposittis) of Beverley, A chaplain to celebrate 
in the parish cdmrch of Kendale. Vestments to the iiltar of 
the Hospital of Kendale. Pr. 4 Nov., 1433 (Loffcnhnm, 18). 

3 Aug., U39. NiCHOLAB Atnebwortb. The parish church 
of Blaeburn, for tithes forgotten. Churches of St. Andrew's, 
Holbnru, &"t. Bridget's, and St, Dunstan'a, Fleet Street, Loudon. 
Son Thomas, his sislera Margaret and Isabel. Robert Bolton. 
Collesdcn in pariah of Buxdou, Beds, Sir Reynold Bolde {or 
Golde). The right heirs of Ardemes, co. Lane. Pr. 25 Oct., 
148^ (Luffenham, 26). 

21 Oct., 1442. WiiiiAM Badthorpe, baron of the Exchequer. 
To bo buried in the parish church of Clorkenwelle. Dame 
Alys Babthorpo, nun of ClerkenwcU, to pray for the eoula of 
Johan Willimote and Auyse his wife. The hows of Greeeley, 
and of St. Jamea beside Northampton. Brother Tltomas. My 
cattle at Greseley aud Bothorpe to he sokl. Robert Miluer, 
hia wife and children. John Frsincys, of Tyknale, my wife's 
cousin. Dame Elizabeth Babthorpe, prioress of Buruom.* 
Lands iu Barghbrigge,t Aldebiirgh and Menakip. A priest to 

' }f UDbiiraholme, 

1 Borough bridge. 



»itig ttt Buraum tind bRTorc our Lady altar »t BorglibriggO i 
the tenements Dev bi((gid on the corner of oet part of 
Truttbrigge ioyn^ng vppon Milcelgate, siimtynie Johan 
Willimota, which John Swett now holden of me. 1 he chappell 
werke«of niirgiibrigge. The abbot of Selby. Wife Margaret, 
son William. Pr. 7 Nov., U43 (Liiffenhnm, 33). 

6 Jan., 1442-3. Thomas Chynnokb, citizen and fish- 
monger, of Londtin. To be buried in St. Mary of Gracea next 
the 1Vwer uf London. 'I'encments m pnrislies of St. Uionia, 
haffkchurcli, etp. Wifo Joaii. Laiid« in Smiierset of the gift 
of Jolni Chynnor and Mnudf hm wife, my mother. Lands in 
Chynnore, oto., co. Oxun. Leut^L^ti of tenemonls in Seiston asd 
Bug-gethorpe, co. Notts. Master Adam Molejns, clerk of the 
Kitig'g council. Pr. I Mar., 14-t2[-8] (Rous, 15). 

17 July, 1444. Joiik CERpr, citijien of London. To be 
buried in St. Panl's churchyard called Panlonchircheyerd. 
Church of St. Sepulchre without Newgate. My son John 
Holme. The Pnor nf Drax. 'f'he itbbey of Gokewell. 
Chaplains to celebrate at Itysby, Drax and llcmiuiDgboroagh. 
Tile cliiirches of Roxby, Whitton, Sasby and Appnlby. Wife 
Alice to have uiy manor tif Saxby, co. Line, nnd nil lands in 
CO. York. Marinaduke, sun of John Holme. To Julian Lysle 
the miinor of Saltcllff and landa in Whittcn. My anniversary 
to be kept in the church of St. Mary of Beverley. Codicil, 
29 July, 144-4. Pr. Sept., 1444 (Luffenham, 28]. 

19 Mar., 1444-5.* EuMUNn Shkkkld, citizen and vintner, 
of London. To be buried in charcb of Alt Saints', Honey Lane. 
Sous John, William and Nicholas, dmighters Alice and 
Katherine. 1 bequeath xx li. to purging and cleansing the 
ditches of the waler of Trent in the parish uf Burton in le 
Clay, CO. Notts., and making the bnnks of the Siiid water, and 
preventing it from overflowing the fields of Burlon. Wife 
Lettice- Pr. 10 Feb. [1445]. 

19 Feh.j H4ij-6. Thomas Dukmonton, citizen and mercer, 
of London. To be buried in church of St. Tbomaathc Martyr, 
of Aeon. Tithes to church of St. LiiwrBiiee, Jtwry. The souls 
of John Norton, of Thomas and Alice, my parents. Church of 
Callesdoae. I bequeath c marks to tho buildmg of a chapel 
as soon as possible in B:i.wtre,t where I was baptized, on the 
Boutii side of the church, where my mother Alice lies buried, 
and c li. to Hnd a chaplain to celehrjite there. Wife Joan, her 
mother BJith. Brothers Henry and John Dukmoutoit. Soa 
John. Pr. 28 Mar., 1440 (Luffenham, 30). 

■ This miut bo 1U3-1, dated 14U. 

+ BMtrj. 


I Mar., I-i47— 8. John Bolton, burjfess of Briafcol. To 
te buried in the chnrchyard of Holy Trinity. Brother Thomaa 
Bolton, sisters Margaret and Kfttlierme. The value of my 
garden at York to be ^ivGn to tbe parish eburcb of St. JobQ 
there, if the wardeiig will koep my oljit there; otherwise, to 
remain to the mayor cinii common silty of York. Wifa Margamt. 
Sou Robert. Pr. 18 June, U18 (l.ulTeiihani, 35). 

24 June, 1449. Thomas Park]!)hok8. Tu be buried in crypt 
of churcli of SS. Jobn the Baptist and Evangelist [Bristol]. 
To the church of Bradford, co.Tork, frwin whence T c&ine, x li. 
To John my brother, living in Bradford, xli. .Son Williiini. 
Cousin William, Bradford. Daughter Margiirot. Bastard sun 
William. My late wives, lato brother Richard, lute maater 
Thomaa Hewater. I'r. I Sept., 1449 (Rous, 18). 

1 Sept., 1452. Sib Henby PLEaYNQTON, kt. To be buried 
in church of St. Mary mthont Blsshopesgate, London. My 
manor of Toynton, Liaca. John Plesyngton, my bastard. My 
house of Kedctiff to be sold, also my mmior of Ilkeley,* co. 
York, at the discrBti»n of William Anderby, of London, 
geiitilmiiu. Pr. 13 Sept., 1452 (Routt, 17). 

16 Mar., H.'iS. Ghhard Heshgll, clerk. Churches of 
North StowrGsby, Clay and Botteaford. To the collogo of St. 
Andrew, of Aukland, one vestment worth xxvj s. viijd. Sir 
Thomas de Rooa. Thomas Carter, my bailiff of Botteaford. 
Cousin Master Richard Burton. Roger Misterton, clerk, 
Robert Chamberleyne and John Coke, clerka of the Chapel 
RoyaL Pr. 18 Sept., 1452 (Rons, 17). 

20 Mar., l4'A-2. John Lahqion, citizen and sadlor, of 
London. To bo buried in St. Paal'e ehurchyard. Chdreh of 
St. Vedaat, whore I am parishioner. Father and mother, 
William and Emmote, deceased, John and Roae, pftrauta of 
wife Join, To the parish church of Newton, co. Northum- 
berland, one banner with a copper cross, gilt, worth xx b. 
Stanipe, son of William Stampe, of Akeld, Northumber- 
land, hnsbandmaii. Sister Joau Waleya. Son John. Pr. 3 
Apr., 14.'>2 (RouB, 11). 

13 March, 1451-2. Willum Sctton, Doctor of Decrees, 
will made in St. John's college, Cnmbniige. Legacies to 
belfry of Helaingfeld and church of Bstlawant next Cotestanm. 
To the church of Sutton, Notts., next Uysseworth, xl s., and 
one chalice, to pray fur my b<>uI and the stnila oE my parents. 
To TlioQia.'* Cromwell, my sister's son, living in Button, xxs. 
To bis sister Elizabeth, at Cla worth next Rat3Wortb,-|- xls. 
Pr. 25 Nov., 145i (Stokton, I). 

• Sua Collier and Tumor'e Uhlei/, p. flO. 

t HetforJ, 



9 Nov., 1453. BoBiET Rooke, cl«rk, perpetual ncnr of the 
chorch of St. Ijftwreiioe, in the Old Jawry, Loudon. To Balliol 
college, Oxford, where T wao a fellow, I beqiienth Ixwks of 
homilies, etc., to he chained in the library thoru. To tho 
nunnery of St. Bartholomew, of Newcastle on Tyno, where my 
ptircnts »ro huriod, my howl with & ewer ut silver, und to each 
nun iij H. liij d. Codicil, 7 Oct., 1458, at Wlit-thanistede. 
Pr. Dec, Ui>8 (Stokton, U). 

7 JsD., 1457-8. Thokas Rous, senior, arnoiger. To be 
baried in the church of Winge (Bucks). To the church of 
Halifax IxTJ 3. viij d. Wife Miirgerie. Nephew Thomaa 
Koke« xls. Daughter Tsabeli Riiffurd. Sou« Robert BufEord 
and John Rokes, exore. Pr. 9 Mar., 1457-8 (Skikton, 12). 

3 Nov.. 1458. William Walesbt, canon of the royal free 
ohapel of Si, Stephen, Westminster. I bequeath to Marion 
Hiiwkjn, a poor woman of the Hospital of St, Leonard, York, 
XX s,, (ind XX 8. to bo distributed amoa^ the poor parishioners 
of IJarneby. To ttie churchL'3 of Haailley, Fordyngt-on, and 
Heene, and the chapel of Nortbwode, xiij s. iitjd. Apiece- 
Pr. 22 Not., 1458 (Sfcokton, 14). 

1 May, l4o?. RoRKKT Beamont, clerk. To be buried in 
priory of Busttleslmin* Mountagn, co, Berks. Legacies 
to churches of Sulisbiiry, Durhiim, Sugefeld, Brantyngham, 
Ya]molon and Tcryugton Regie; to tho poor of Blaktofte 
and Ellercar. Brother William. Nephew Robert Bonmont, 
Codicil, 11 May, 1459. Pr. 16 June. 1450 [Stokton, 18j. 

1459. William NoitstAKTON, clerk, one of the malsters of 
the Chancery of onr Lord the Kin^. To be buried, in the 
church of tJie Why tc Freros in Fletc stiete. To be daUnmonges 
powr pcoplo of the parrish of Camsall, in the coante of Yorke, 
xxa. Pr. ai May, 1H30 (Stokton, l".i). 

John OKDuttsi'. It is ray last will that maister Willimn 
Banton and Pers Percy make a teataineut for mo, Jolin 
Okhurst, of all the goodes that I have in the Coimte of 
Corlhill in the kepiug of maieter Robert Boliughale and in my 
chambLT at llie Rose, also iu tie Counte of Cambridge, in the 
Counte of Kssex, also at London, also a bora at Walton of my 
lordea of Carlhill is gifte, also that I have in York in my 
chamber, also a pair© of brigaudines; of all these goodes I 
make my most wnrahipfull lord of Carlhill aiirvivor, and as 
for the dette that my lord oweth me, as it maketh mensiOD 
by a bill by twene the auditor jind mo, I forguve it him. 
Pr. 10 Nov., I4RI (Stokton, 24-). 


1461. John MiLNBit, of Miekefnnli* To be tiirieiJ in f.he 
cliuTch of Kyi-kby in Elmeie. Mentions the cliurch of 
Stekeforfch. Wife .lohaiinii. Pr. 1 July, 1465 {Godyn, 1). 

19 Sept., 1463. Katutcrinb Otli:?, of London, widow. To 
be buried iu the fhurch of S^ Jolin /aclmrie, under a stone 
where thu body of John Frenssb, formerly my man, lieB buried. 
Gifts to S^ Cuthbert'i clmrcH, village of Ackworth, cu. York. 
Pr. 6 July, U(i4 [Godyn, 8). 

3 Apr, 14fii. John Pkaye, of Abohupch, London. To my 
fftder WilliaTn Pray e, of NewctLatell, c marc. To John Pray, 
ray brother, x mora. To tbe chapoll makyngs of Saint 
Thomas, at Middleborntigh, x marc. To the werkes of the 
church of S' Nichnlaa, att NLiwcastt'l!, x marc. Execntnuin, 
my maietor Wilbatu York, thcUler, and my inaisterea Alice 
York and John MaMieu. Pr. 18 Sept., 14(37 (Godyn, 20). 

28 May, 1464. Thomas Lyk, clerk. To be buried in the 
collegiate chm-ch of Soutliwell, next tie chapel of St. Mary. 
I bequeath to the vicurs therej to ba retioived into their 
brotherhood, vjs. viijtl, Executors: WilKiun Lye, of .Siyrtou.t 
and Chrif^topher Scolfeld. Operseors : Sir John Baddeswortli, 
clerk, and Sir WUliara MarHhull. Pr. 10 Jiiiiu, 1HJ4- (Gudyo,4). 

4 Mar., 1464-5. Thomas WbiaTHOEPE, clerk. Gift-e to cluircb 
of Brornpiou in Plekpringlith. To nuns of Wiklism xxb,, of 
Ywdingbam, xx s. Robert, William, Kicliaid, aud John, my 
brothers. Margaret my sister. Pr. 26 Mar., 1465 (Godyn, S). 

20 Feb.. 1466-7. Sir Pkteb Akdbbn.J late chief baron of 
the Exchequer. To be buried in tbe church of Latton, in 
JCaeex, Uiiimc Kateryn, wife, doughtera Anne Bolinn aud 
EttzEibotb 8brtiene, none John Skreone, uousyn Brian RoclifT, 
iiece Margarete Newport, brother maiator Tlionie Arderne. 
coiiayn MaiBter John Rocliff, nepliew Sir Guy Ardern. 1 will 
that my lifelode in the forest of Galtresse ni Yorkshire, in 
the townoa of Hoby and Eaaingwold, be sold. Pr. 10 July, 
14Ij7 fGodyn, 19). 

22 Apr., 1467. Andrbas Holbb. ChanoelloT of the church 
of Wells and Saram. Archdeacon of Y<jrk. To be buried in 
the chapel of S^ Marv Magdiilene in the church of Sarum.|| 
Pr. 25 June, 1470 [Godyn, 30j. 

21 Jan., 1468-9. TeoMAa Pokier, citoain itnd taillop, of 
London, dwelliuff in SoutLwerk. To be buried in the ctapello 

•?Stiok(ord. t Sturtoti. 

! He died 2 June, 14flT. Monumenltal hrwi over his gruvc at Liitton, 
{Twa' Jiiilgea.) 

II A )oii|! IiatinwU). 


of our lady witliin the chnrch of Seint Mary Mawdelin, in 
Southwork, Brother Richftrd Porter and hts wife, coueina 
AgDE^ and 'Mnrgurot Portor. doughters of Richnrd Porter, 
Jobanue doujfliter of J<ihn Porter, and Iiw eimova. To the 
covent tif our hlpsuod liidy ni Poiintt'yne, x s. To tLe chnpell 
of Seint John in tho piirisHlic of Itypon, Tioyng in Thornton 
Wocxle, XX 8. To tlie churche of Kipley x b. Johaiine my wife. 
Roger Mii)iioll my godaoo, Pr. 27 Jan., 1469-70 ((jodyo, 29). 

12 Oct., It69. Thomas RTPLiuonAM. To be buried in the 
church of Seint Gregorie next Powk'S, iti London. I will t-hat 
Katryne my wife have all siiche goodea she brought to uie, also 
that Jionf my brother have x li., aiid John wiy brothi^r z li., and 
evericho of my sustors ce., alno that Kichard my brother have 
my loud in Kippelingbiun, and as for my lond in Ettow I will 
that John my brother have hit, for the fante of iasuo to Raaf 
my brotlitT, and for definite of issue to the heyres of Richard. 
To doiighicr KlJzabeth ft powno. To the church of Rowley c s. 
To ihe Gray Freres of Beverley ca. To the white frerea in 
Scarbonirgh C9. Pr. 2a Nov.,'l46y (Godyn, 28). 

10 Ang., 1470. Hknkt Uston, of SUnIthorp, Norfolk. 
Wife Alice; son John ; daughter MiiKobcth t>o havomy farm at 
"PouDtfrett." Pr. 7 July, 1171 (Wattys, 2). 

18 Sept., 1470. William LaMTNon, citiaein and grocer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of the prioryo of the holy 
Trinitie called Crigtes church within Aldgnte. Wife Beatricej 
brother John Lemynge. To the werkes of the chnrch of 
BaTDeaton in Yorkshire, where 1 wati borne, xxli. Pr. 17 Nov., 
1470 (Oodyn, 32). 

5 July, 1471. Sib Ricuabti Illynqworth, Kn*. To be 
buried in S' Albau'8, Wodtatrete, London. To the prior and 
Covent of blesftod Marie de novn /oew* iti Slurwode in com. 
Nott., X marks, of Thorgnrtonf v marks, of Rowfi:irth+ xl b., of 
Lenton v marke, of Felley xl a., of Worsop]| xla., of Beuuvnle 
XX li. To Agnea, wife of Ralph Illyngwurth my boh, I marks; 
to Elizabeth, daaghter, and Richard and Ralph, sons of said 
Ralph and Agnea, I marks each. Ralph and Richard my sons. 
Pr. 15 July, 1476 fWattye, 2.'i). 

12 June, 1472. William Coihikti', citezon and ireniongre, 
of London. To be buried in the pariah church of S' Dunstune 
in the Eaato. Unto the bode of the pariBb church of Bothe^ 
bury in the connte of Nortlmmbreland, wher as 1 waa borne and 
orifitened, xx s. To the borly of the church of Seint Nicolae 
in Nowcasitell xxs. Wife Annoya, doughtor Johaune, sons 
aoma», John, Robert. Pr. 20 Apr., 1474 (Wattya, 14). 

* Hemlead. f rhurgftrton. ; RuSonl. u Woikeop, 




2 Sept., 1473. Tuomas Kawson,* mei-ceiv of Luuduo. To 
he buried at chureli of S' Thoinsis of Aopoaso, Mothpr, Cioele 
Rmiaon, xiij li. rj a. viij d.; brethren, Rolierfc, James, and 
Henry, waisli xx markti; sisters, Elizabeth, Kateryn, Elyn, 
XX markoH, and evtirj of their childern xln. To the church of 
fryston by thu water, that is of Saint Andrewe, vli., nnd to 
the church of Castelford tij H. vjp. viij d. Sieter Isabell and 
Margaret Tyler r li. Johanne my wife, my brother Richard 
Hanson, and fathGr in law Thomas Fyler, Thomas my son, 
Margaret, Amy, and Oraeley, and the child my wifo is with, 
eaoh cc marks. Pr. 17 Apr., 1474 fWattys, 14). 

20 Mar,, 1473-4. Wtlliam Tforb, clerk of Parn&ham, 
Bucks. To be buried in tho church there. To aing^ for John 
There my father, Jofaanne There my motlier, in tlie cbiirch of 
Barnegley for j year, and in the churcli of Shefeld for vj yerea 
for the soul of Lord John TaLbott and ioT my soul, Pr. last 
March, 1474 (Wattys, 14). 

18 Aug., 1475. Thomas Scaeqtu., squyer of Hornechircli,t 
Essex, Wife Eli7,abelh to have my lyveind in yorkshire for 
life, remainder to Aune my doaghter. Pr. 16 May, 147S 
(Wattys, 22). 

20 Sept., 1475, William Scotton, citezon and bowyor, of 
S"- Oluf ill Southwerke. To bo buried in tlie chapell of OHr 
lady in the church of Saint Olof. To Wiiliam Scotton, of 
Stayiiton in the co, of York, a gowne. To John Scotton, of 
Stayntoii, a gowne. To Richard Scotton, of Staynton, a 
gowne, I will XX 8, be distributed among the poorest of my 
kynne, and wher moosft nede is, in the parish of Rotherham. 
I will a proest within the parish church of Saint Mighell, at 
Owsebrigge ende in the citie of Yorke, to pray for my soule, 
the sonles of Richard Ciyrit,Johannolii3 wife and their children, 
and a preewt ia Saint Bryiios in FleCestreete for aoules of 
Johanne Olynte and KiLturyne my wife, 1 mil that Owyn 
Semar my childo have towardea hir marriage to the value of 
X miirca, to be delivered at the dtacretiou of Rose my wife, if 
she abide with her to the time of her marriage. I will John 
Picrlea, of Loudon, preeate, Juhn Many, bowyer, and William 
Wright, of York, draper, my feoffeea of my houses in Upper 
Owsegate, Yorke. Residue to Rose my wife; Ili. from sale of 
tenements to be paid iiiito Thomas Myildelton, of the countio 
of York, gentilman, according to the will uE Kateryn© my first 
wife. Pr. 1 Dec., 1475 (Wattys, 20). 

* Probnblj eon of RiohuJ Ratvson, of Frj'Stan, uid OMille, d&nghtw to 
BKJldoa. (See pedigree, Glnv^r's l-'iiitalimi, 2S1.) 

f HornahoLuU. 



14 M»r., 1470. KuzARKTH Vntntu, at Thnilegfc, Kent, 
rttli«t 'if Willutin 1'tirU.T, Utu u( the coontiee of N" 
Mifl F^tHMfln, f(>nitlniiiiin, lum of Jolin Furt4>r, of Eat SCark! 
W, SfM. M*'nft<'ii4 Kliz&beth mv ilnujfhler, mad Wi 
MM Mnd limp ni .hthii Vfiivr, brolber of Wiilmm Pcctor 
hiwiAnd, •fohti, el'l4«i Mpn of mi.I William. Pr. 16 OeC, 

AuKv I'f?!'- TuoMA* RoffRfl, genlilmaa, fme of the 
llMan VI IIm Kinfc* Ki>lrhiiiinK(^ nnd money and canage 
irfilrtfi hlf (oar nf fjiirulon. To )>i< buried in ths cboroh of 
K*ilil KMt«ir>ita iMiHJilr ihn UtttT of iMriilun. To the choroli erf 
H«1aI Criihlifrtiu in t'umiliolmo at york,wher I wot. borne, xls. 
U/ t^M ('liurc)i vorkfla, A pnnt tu Bitig in tho cburch of 
('uttibnritf* in Ptmnlmltnc, wher I was cri»U»uyd, for my 
nml ifKidor, brt-Uiri>n iiihI Biiiiktre, nnd fur me. To my m' 
AiiiiiM H'lWfiN jtiij li. vj H. viijil. 'I't> brother Lcmnrd Bowes, 
in'm«y lie owoVli inn. To ny mtce Anne Troiilop, linen, etc. 
To brotltop htumftnl iij loim x\». To WilHam Bowes n»y 
ii» li. To nuoo Annriii Itandic, xxk., etc. To lUcbai 
Uniiiliiit, bctr wui, xxii., i-to. To my ocmjn John Rnndye, her 
IiuhUmkI, my boot Hi^nvt t^f (jfoldi;. Neco Katt-ryae Troulop, 
t iniLrlc. Nwo Msr^itrolo Troitlop, otherwiMe Marg&; 
FuHull, on. To niipliow Tliumns 'IVi-uIcp my wliyte hamo», 
tiumi>]ot<<, mn\ XX H. To luiti brolbor Andrew Trulop my 
brigaandyooH. he. Vt. 10 Oct.. U70 (hogge, 12). 

1 1 Sopt., 147&. Wit.i.iAii Stk, of St. Rfinett, nf Cirusk-hurcli, 
l^imdoii, hoittillL'r. To bo biirii'd »itbin tlio monastery of Saint 
Hiivior of BonnoiideBpy in the oouiitiH rjf Siirr. I bequeth iiii 
treDtiilo of mtkftitcs, ono in the <!burc1i of Ibo Blaick rVeres ot 
LandoQ, another in the Grov i'rerea of London, another with 
tho ordoT of the Anstoyn Frcres of London, and the iiij**', 
withiiju thi! order of tho Gray Frt-rrs of Notirighaui. To; 
Thomas Sye my brother, of Notindlmni, baker, xl shepe an 
&1t the wnll (hat wiis shome of r sliepe. To John Sye, 
NotinghBtn, inarL-hanut, xx shepc. To Elyne Sye my sister^ 
oE NotinghHin, xx sbepe. To Renry Sye my brother, ol 
Wallerton, xx 8., which 13 in his hsindos. To Bdmond Harroppe ' 
of Bistoii, IX shepe. Pr. 20 Sepl., 1479 (Lu^ge, 12). 

30 Aug. and l.'j Dec, 20 Rdw. IV. [1480]. Thokab 
NlVTLL, esquire. Executora: sons John Neril and Thomas 
Nevil, chaplain, follow of King's Hall, Cambridge. Ovo: 
seers: Sir GtsrvariO Clifton, aqn ire of the body to tlie Kin 
and William Nevil, my son nnd hvir. Manors of Pica' 
liokeehy, Yamwik, B'encotea, Hedam/ and Atlouatum, cOj 



York, ti> aon Juhii, to whom I have let all my HveliliooJ in 
Notts, and Yorka. for 7 years on certain ti-aatis. Pr. 22 Miiy, 
1482 (Loggers). 

3 Ang., 1482. Jobn Clatbrdk, of Lee, in Kent. To be 
buried m iho L*hurcb of S* Nicholas in Mirklcgate in the city 
of Vcirk. MentioHK Margaret liis daughter, Richard hi« 
father, and JoLn Cluybruk Uis relative. Pr. 3 Sept., 14^2 
[hogge, IS). 

4 Mar., Ric. III. Richaku Estboep, of Euersdoti, All my 
tenements iu Iselly and Barton, co. York, I give to ray son 
Euieliiia, for life, and niv son Brian. John Scote, son of my 
daughter M&rcy. Pr. 31 Oct., I48& (Logge, 19). 

2 Aug., I i84. John Watno, Hampstead. To the church 
of the blessed Marie in Nottiiighain, xxs. for my soul. Elizabeth 
wifo. John Wntno, of Nottinghnm, chfiplnin, and niiister 
John Wtttno, chfiplfiin, my relations, .^iij s. iilj d. Suns 
John, Thomas, Robert Watno. To Williara "Vfalno my sonno 
my mesB. with the giirdj^no lying therto in Nottingham uppon 
tbi? Long Kowe, the which William Watno my failer, by his 
testament, boquea.thed to ine and to oon Robert my brother, 
nowo (letie. Miirgiirot daughtor. Pr. 18 Nov., 1 487 [Millesi, 6j. 

7 Dec, J484. .Jons WiiiTti, citizen and vintner, of London. 
To be buried neur father iuid mnther in St. Olave'a, Bouth- 
wark, where I utii pari f^l doner. To the fellowship of 
vintners, of London, a flat cnji of eilver gill, with a cover, with 
a lion thereon, weigliing 70 oz. To Maudolyn chapcll In 
Appletoii baslde York x a. To Lessingbaui ■cUuroh in the 

ehire of York xiij s. iiij d. To the reparation of tho highwiiy 
between St. George's bar and Brigam causey x\ h. IV. 3 Feb., 

24 Sept., 1485. Stephtn G^ibson, citozin and mercer, of 
London. To be buHvd in the chiircli of Seint Thoinns of 
Acres. To tho flultor of the church of owr Lady of the 
Bows, in London, wherof I hiii a parissherier, -xl s." He willa 
his goods in three parts, one part to Johan his wife, one to his 
children, the third part to myself and oxecntcrs for beque.*.le. 
I bequeith unto the Grey l-'reres in DankaHter xl 8., under 
condicon that they yerely by the spaice of xij yerea sey plaa-ha 
and dirigp and mnnne o/mquiem witliin the covent charoh, and 
that the same shalhe leyd and remaine in the handes of the 
church wardt'nf^ of the parisab ehurch of Seint Gporge in 
Daniiaatve, ami by them to be paid yercl^' iij b. iiij d. to the 
Freros. To the reparacoii of Seine Mapy Magdaloyn Cliapell 
in Duncastre iijs. iiij d. To the priour and uuveut of the 
Wliite Fryres of Dancaatre, for plai-eito, &o., iij a. iiij d. He 



gives beqa«sts to friars in Londot) aud tu clinn^faes thera. I~ 
will that port uf a tcucmeat in Danca«tre b« suM huJ of tlio 
moaey comyng I will ilmt an ubite 1m> kepte reruly br the 
apace uf xij ii-crea for tbo aoulee uf William CTibsou and bis 
w^ff, and that ther be spent thempoo yerely in that belialfF 
Uja. iiijd., and that the wardeaa of iho chnreli of Seint 
George in Dancastre have yerely to see the Msune seyd xii d. 
and the re^idc-vr of all the samo money sfaalbo di.spo8t>d in 
wvrkes \)i mercy for the soalcs oE the aaid William Gibson 
Bod hia w-yffc. Jolian my wvie and William Bstou, mercer, 
executory. No date of pnxjf (Milles, 40). 

24 .Sept., 1486. Thomas PkebsoMj of Lundon, bequeaths 
my body to bo buriiid in Ihu priory choroh of Seint 
Burthiltuew iu Smythfeld, and lu the b(>dy of tliu church of 
Uowdea, where 1 wae borne, vj ». riijd. Pr. 18 Jan., 1492-3 


17 Not., 14SS. JoHK Stmamdm. To be biiriod in S' 
Uichuul's, Corcutry. To S' Nicholas, Newoastlu on Tvne a, 
pair of vestments. Wife Jwhane. IV. 9 Oct., 1486 (Loggo, 26). 

15 Jan., 1487. Eusabeth Kyrkkby or a Lathom, of 
London, wydow. Tu bu huryed in tho chapell of tin? Trinit« 
in the charch of Seint Dunstone in (.Ha Ei^t, where the body uf 
John Kyrkeby, lale my ha>l»uud, tyeLh. Mentions suiters 
Margarets, Kat»ryn, Tsabell ; Jchn, Edmoud, and William 
Heron, brethren. John Heron, citinen and mercer, nf London, 
to have a cap. Philipp Strother, consin ; daughter of 
Margfaret my sister. Johane Strother hfr sister. Agnes a 
Breydon my cousin, flwelliiig with mo. Rogei- Heron my 
hrothur*n sun. Tliomoit n Struther my cousin. John a 
Lathom, dwelling with mo, a salt bequeathed by Rafe a 
LatKom ray husbiuid. Richard Kyrkbv my sou in law. To 
the church of Kelton in thp aliero of f/orth umber land, where 
the budy of John Heron my Jnder lyetli buried, a chaleco of 
syWer and a restmont, price of tho Toatment xls., that the 
parishoiiers of the same chnrch have thp snule of my fedyr 
to God in thor pravers rocomended. To our Lady of 
Walsiiigham my gyrdyll hnrne8ed with gold. To our Lady of 
Hull, wher I was borne, a ouch of gold with a lyon© sett with 
Ht.nnE! and pKrle. To our Lady of DiincnstL'r a cniSHB of gold 
sett with emer«wdys. Hesidiie tn John Heron, mercer, nod 
Thomas Sbmther. IV. 20 May, I'tS? [Millt-s, 9). 

31 Aug., 1488. German Manfkld, citezen and halter, of 
London. To be buried wiiliin the cloyater of the parisah 
charch of Sniiit Mnguiis beside the brigf^e uf London, next to 
the gravu of Johaun my wyfe. To the church o£ Poklyngton 

in Yorktiliir, fnr a. ti-entall ui nmaeea for my souly, my fader 
and my tiioder sowlee, and nil our kermyaliolUca BOwk's, xs. 
Pr. 25 Oct., 1488 {Uilles, 17). 

11 Apr., 1490. Robert Lymne, citezen anrl wulman, of 
Loudon. To be buriyde in tho chiirctie yarde of Sa-iiit Andrew 
Ui Cornhill, To the parish church of AJhalowen at Bramwith 
in Yorkesliir xxs., to be distributed by the advi&o of uiyu 
executiice in such thyiiges as be most Dedefull to tho said 
churt'li. Mentions and John, brothers; William and 
A]U]os Lynne, eousiiis; Alyg and Annes, daughters; his wife 
Julinn, executrix. Pr. 2 Apr., 1490 (Milles, 43). 

3 June, 1 490. Jojis WKUKitnuRU, of Northampton, merchant 
of tht' Btaplo of Culais. Le^acioa to aU the churches of 
Northampton. I leavo x marks for a chaplain to colebratc in 
the pariah church of Crofte, whera 1 wan born ; to tho repairs 
of that church vj b. viij d. I bequeath vj li, xilj 3. iiij d. to be 
distributed atuon^ uiy kinsfolk in co. York, to pray for my 
soul. To the repairs of St. Peter, York, vj s. Tiijd. Wife 
Joan, brothers Edmund, Thomtia and John, late bi-other 
Matthew. Pr. i July, U90 (Millea, 25). 

1 Mar., 1491-2. Ricfaed Stodard, yeoman, ChesylhurHt, 
Kent, bequeaths to the workea and repanicons of the body 
o£ the cJinrch of Kirke fent-on in tht; counliu of Yorko, where 
I was borne xx s. ML^utious his suns John, William, Thouia^, 
and brothers Thomas and Sir William Stodard. Pr. 29 Mar., 
1492 (Dogett, 20). 

8 May, 1493. John Wakdespoko, Wassforb, sub-dean and 
Canon resident of Wells. Mentions nuns of Koldhomo Priory, 
CO. York. Pr. 3 Feb., 1492-3 (Dogett, 22). 

29 Oct., 1492. Thomas Habkysoh, of London, gea. To be 
buried in the church of B'- Martin in Vinetria, London ; 
bequeaths to tlie church of S' Martin's at end of Oubb bridge, 
York, XX 8. Pr. 18 Nov., 1492 (Dogett, 9). 

10 Feb., 1492-3. Nicholas SKirwrra, clerk, rector of the 
parish ehurch of Byddynharo,' co. liydford. Mentions landa in 
Riccall and a brother Genird. Pr. 1493 (Dogott, 26). 

6 and 7 May, 1493. Alexandek BASSiNGTHWATfTE, citizen of 
London. He bequeaths hia body to be buried in S"^ Dunstan's 
in Flete Strete, and givE<u a silver chalice to the chapel of ihe 
ble»»ed Virgin Mary in Nortliumbria of the value o£ xiijs. iiijd. 
Pp. 14 May, 1493 (Dogett, 24). 

* QiddculiiLiii. 



17 Sept., H93. Rowlaxd Hksrtsone, of London. To bo 
buried Art tlie Greyfryres, [jnndon. Dvc^iieaths his brother 
John, dwpllinp in G-illyng in Rydiemimd shere, vj marc 
Pr. 2-t Sept., He3. (Doi^ett, 25). 

19 Sept., 1493. JouN Richardson, citizen and c^er, of 
Londun. (rives to my bretlireu mid saster, ThoDin* 
Richnrdsnn, Hobert Itichnrdnon, nntl Johanne Ryjfeo, oE 
WorsoU in {'liffflandj, countin iif Yorke, to eacli .^8, Johaimo 
wife, Hobert and Julimme, father and mother. (Dogett, 28,) 

22 Nor., 9 Ern. V3i (U93). Rjchabd Ktckodb, London, 
grocer. To be boned in the chtipcb yerde of Saint PauJe. 
Uncle Richard Kycrode, sisters AHce, Ma-rgiiret. I will that 
the church of Oplonstall, where my father ya buried, have a 
chaleis of lis., or nh a orimment, to pmy for my soule. 
William Eycrodo, iny cou«yn. Pr. 28 Nov., 1493 (Vox, 3). 

16 Nov., 1-191. SiK RijDEBT TAYLBoye, kniglit. Lord o£ 
KymB and lledysilalo. Legiuiijjs to Prior-y of Bolington, nuns 
of Bolijigtou, the monks of Croylaod, Spalding', Kirkatede, 
the coIlo^GS of Tatteshall.CatleVjHaverhoIniG, Stykkeswolde,* 
Burlinj^es, Tupliulmt', Biirdt-Tiey and Stain fyidc.t i^i-'- Sona 
George. John, Robert and William. Debts from Sir William 
Gascoigne; marriage lnutwL'en my son Goitrgu and LJlizabeth, 
Bi)*!©!" to the 8nid Sir William. Mmiors in co. liiucoln; mannrs of 
Kewtou Kyino, Horiiin^ton and Oxton, co. York. Pr, 19 June, 
1495 (Vox, 24). 

7 Dec, 1494. FTroK Cotks, of Carrow, co. Norfolk. I 
bpqneath to the jjiM ur brotherhood of SS. Christopher and 
George in the city uf York, vj s. viij d. To each po^r man in 
the "Messendewe" of tlie said gild j d. To ench house of 
lepei-s at the gates of York liij d., to the fabric of the cliurch 
of Bt. Demm in York vj«. viijd. Pr. 20 March, i494[-5] 
(Vox, 21). 

10 Mar., 1494-5. Ricuard Symson^b, gentilman. To be 
buried in llit church of Alhalownu the Litell in Themyslrete, 
of Loudon. To the churt'h of Byshopburton in the shore oE 
Yorke beaide Beverley, x marc for the church werkea of the 
same churoh, to bo prayde ftjr, and Iihe soules of my fader 
and moder and all my children soules. Pr. 4 Jnne, 1494 
(Vox. 11). 

7 Feb., U96[-6]. Sm TaoMaa Bbyan.J knight, chief 
jastioe of the Ci'intnon Plcaa. To ha buried at Ashruge. Son 
Thomiis Brian, mid MaigareL his ivife. Legaczies to St. 
Andrew's, Uolbam (for tithes forgotten), Masaeworthe, and 

- StixiraiiM. 

t Stamfeld. 

J 96« Pom' Jtidget. 



St. Sepulchre's, London; the churches of Everton, tleyton, 
and Clftrt'burgh nexC RetfuPd, co. Notts. The image of the 
Virgin in Masseworthp church. Protnisea uisde by me to the 
Eftrl of SuiTcy and Elizabeth, his wife, on mv bob'b mflm'ag^. 
Pr. n Dec., 1500 (Mooiie, 13). 

5 Jnly, 1490. John Bothk, cleneiis, prehendary of 
Rikhnll. To he buried in the charch of Sallowe. ExecutntB : 
Ralph Buthe, clerk, my brother, and Charles Bothe, cUtIc, ray 
nephew, aud John Mnple, clerk. Hr. 28 July, 14-9ti (Vox, 33). 

24 Feb., 12 Hea. Vll. (U9G-7). William Gaal. citezin 
and bailor, of Loudon. To be buried in my ekurch of Saint 
Daustone in Weate. To t!io Abbott and Convent of Awnewik 
in the Coutitic of Nortliunihr., that they shall pray for my 
Boulis and for the goulee uf Alice Ji.nd Aimes my wifes, otir 
Eadera and raodecs. Wifes sonne Hugh Bnrges. Residue to 
Annes my wife. Pr. 20 Apr., H97 [Homo, 9). 

3 Not,, 1497. Johk BitODNG, kiiyi^hf, citezin and 
alderman, of London. To be buried in lh*i churt'hi' of Siiint 
Mary Magdalene in Milke Strtsete. Towerdes the werkes 
of the church of Lowyk in the Coiintie of Nortliumberlande 
V mjirces. To the pouer hoiisholders within the said Ccnntie 
xxvj li. xiij .-i, iiijd. Cosen raaister George Werke, clerks, 
cost-n Alico his sustor. To my two euseons Thomas a Wcrke 
and Rttufc" n Wcrke, whioh were taken pcisouers by the Seottos, 
towardes there raunson x niarces. To my cosen James a 
Werke, bis wif and iihildren, x mareea. Wifea aa&ter, 
Elizabeth Bcdknap, late Ihe wif of Nicholns Hiitton, mercer, 
my coflBQ her aon Doctonr flutton, my wifea bivider Thomns 
Belwoode, cosym Mui-|^ftiTte Hiiyctuk, godson John Nfvill 
Sonne of George Neviie, [.'osyn Sir John Fenkell, cosen Kdwa.rd 
Fenkell. To the iiij children of William Browne my sonne 
and Katerya, late his wife, iiij li. Dame Anne my wife. To 
my Lord Cardenall Archebia-liop of Cfirtiiitorbury, in hv g-oode 
to Dame Anne my wif and my aonnes WilHam and Thomns 
Broune, a cnppe. Pr. 25 Jan,, 1497-8 (Homo, 18). 

16 Apr., 1499. Eumcnh Chaokktos, Clericus, Caucellarfua, 
CftO'vnicug of Westminster. If dying within 20 mile* of the 
C dtego of SouthweSI, to be buriLvl in LJie chapel of S'' John 
the Baptist. Margaret and Johanne, ststcra, Richard my 
brother. Elizabeth his daughter. Pr. 12 Oct., 1499 [Hurne,38). 

1 May, 1199. William Batneton, citizen and brewer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Saint Botutf witboule 
Atderehgate, where the body of Denya, late my wife, Iieth. 
To the parish church of Esingwold in the Cuuutie of York, 



where I whs l>orii, x li. liiunfrey my sod. Julisoue my 
daughter. John Hiille my brother in lawe. Pr. 8 May, l-iOO 
(Hornu, aS). 

23 Jane, 1499. 'I'iiuha!! BAiionii, Archdeacnn, Prebendary 
of LiuiKtoft. He i»ake» gifta Co the churches ol Cottitigham, 
LangLoft, Grymstoii, tlte cathedral rhni-ch of York, S' John's, 
iJoverlcy, Sl^dbr. Br<>lhor Richard Bftrowc. Thomas his 
mh and heir. Pr. 10 July, 14i)y ;Horue, 37). 

5 Aag., I4IH>. Thomas Daola-h, oitiioin and was- 
chnuridolur, of London. To he huried in tho ohurche uf 
Sayiit Clement-o nygh CinKlt.'lwikalreU). To my iii susicrsj 
donghtera of Symond Dagtua my fiidxe, xl pouiidos. To sustiir 
Klizuheth Tndclti xx li. William Dallas, younger Konne of 
Thomas IMglas. William Dagltia the eider, of Kentisho 
Towne, nmythe. RlizBhoth my wife. Agwes late my wife. 
To thnbbey of Awnwike in the Countie of Northuuiberlande 
a jewdl. Pr. 6 Dec, UJ)9 (Home, 35). 

3 Mar., 1499-1.300. Thomas Baiter, uE Lytill Bnrdo, in 
Essex, gentilmao. Tu be huried in tho chaunceU of the ssid 
churtTh. To the choruh of Bolton uppon Derne xes. To the 
repamcons of the briggcs in the towne of BuUon r marc, of 
the which V marc is expended then xiij s. iitj d,, and mo restoth 
iiij marc, with t mart' of the goodea of Kichard Rawson, 
Alderman of London, mjne uncle. To (he high awter of 
Bolton iijs. iiij d. I will a trentall of masses in the church of 
Bolton for the souIps of Thomas Hewite tho older and Edrntind 
Mows. To John Baxster my brother x marc. Tu Alison my 
Blister lis. To Kateryn Rysh worth my moder in lawe si a. 
I will that John Baxter my sonne and heire hare all my 
londes in Bolton. Goldtliorp and Wath, which to me descended 
by the death of Robert Baxter my fader, except thoos londe» 
which -Johane my wife and moder to the said John Baxter is 
Huai-ed in. I will JoLu my aonne have all my purchased lond 
ill Bolton, Goldtliorp and Wathj as for defaute of heire male 
I will the lond reniayne to the next heir of me. Residue to 
-Jobane my wife. M' John Cutt, M' Avery Bnwson and John 
Baotster my brother, cxocutourn, that they dispose for me as iti 
pleaeeth God. Pr. 19 May, 1500 [Moone, 4). 

6 Apr., 1600. WiLLUM Micheli, citesen and draper. To 
he buned in tlieparissh chorch of All Halowon I ho Lesse in 
Tomy&eatr&eto in the Citic of London, by fore my pue there, 
yf it may he. I forgeve unto William Hanaell, of the Citie 
of Torke, dyar, iiij li. To John, R-.>bert, Wiltiani, HeiTy and 
Hichiird Phimmer, Honnes of Honry Plunier, of Raskell in the 
Counte of York, to everiche of them xxvj a. viij d. To Alice 




Bluett, of Torke, ray sustre, xxvj s. viij (1. Tu EI;,'ii Amlrewe, 
of Raskell, toy suater, xx8. viij d. I will that my couhiq 
Eoberi Hogge, citpzen and dyar, of Lomloii, be content of 
, rli., which I owu uiilo him. TIiu residue unto Kateryae my 
wife. Myii exoeutonrs, Rateryne my wife and Robert Hogge 
laj oousia. Pr. at Lamebeth, 8 May, 1500 (Moone, 3j. • 

■4 Sept., loOO. William Whttb, citizen, draper and 
Aldeiriiian of London. To be buried in the chape! of Seiiit 
Kateryn anci Sejnit Arnio in tho parish church of Scyut 
Swythyns in Candylwitte Strete, »f«re the image of Seynt 
Anne. Souls of William and Cecyl© my father and mother.* 
MargMret lute my wife. To the parysh church in Tykhull in 
YorSeshyei', in whych parysho I was borne, a miistrance of 
silver to tho Viilor of x iiiarlie^, tlierto be iisyd yerly upon 
Corpue Chriati dayj and home apou preatia eliuldrea as of 
old tymo ji hath be iisyd to be done witt another such 
mustentnuce ther, whych I am informyd of was atolne and 
wrongfully withdraweu from the same church, to tbenteiit 
that the cnrtit and parisboDs slial! for evermore pray for my 
sowle, the sowlys of Wyiliam Whit and Ccl-jIb my father and 
mother, as for a beuofBotor of the same church. Nicholas 
Whyte my brother, ya Boae. Muster Richard Whyt my 
brother, vicar of Harwortli, RoS,ort Whyte my sonne 
dec marke. To be payd to John White, of Tykhnll, broder 
to the same Niehiulaa, x li.; aUo to Kobsrt Whyt, of Tyklmll, 
brother to saraa John, other sli. Tn Eichard Parkar my 
suster Boniie, of Beyngoley, x li. To Kateryu Woodward, 
daughter tci my lady my wife, x li. To John Whyt, of 
Beverley, marchant of the stapuU of Culeys, xli. To Syr 
Thomas Whyte, prest, now beyng of tho Kings College 
at Cambridge, v] li. A gn«s wife. Pr. 1 9 Feb., 1504-5 
(llolgrave, 4). 

9 Oct., 1500. TaoiiAa Goodwtn, pamou o£ Ikyahain and 
Vicar of Twytnam. To be buried within the parish chuiche 
of IVyknam. To the parielie churche of Kaynt Oswold the 
Marter in Fylay, where I was borne, ro pmy for my faders 
soulo, tho Boule of Dame Elizabeth Yurke, my soiile, aud nil 
criatfu aoulea, xx s., and a chHlice gilt with a scripture on the 
foote. Unto my moder xli. t& be delivered unto her hy myue 
Bxecutours yerely xx s. as long as fihe lyvelh duryiig the said 
X li., and if it happen her to decease or the mon^y be spendid 
that theune I bequeth the residue unto my suster Elyn. To 
my saater Elyn i: li. as she nedith, no that hir hu^bnnd Bernard 
euyoie nevir a peny tboiof, and part of my household sfcuf 
and ij maaers, E'r. 2S Nov., 1.501 (Blamyv, :i Ij. 

* Sm thair U.J. at Tickliili. jii Huatet'u Saitth Yorkihin, i, 241. 


12 Oct., 1500. HrcHARo Ci-bbk, of Seynt Magne, ritezen 
and bowycr. Tu bo buriod wilhiu tbc parisshe ohiircliu of Seviit 
Magne. To every of injr cbildreu, Jolin, Ricliard, Autouy, 
Thomos (vnii Ouatynj tOD powndcs, a Hntc pece of 8ilv«T paroell 

filt and n bi-asat- poLto, wht'ii tliey LOtiiy tu lawful age. To 
largurctL' m_v siisttr sis. To Cecily my suster xx s. und a 
pei'u uf silvLT parct-'Ik'S gilt, and to every of tlieir childern 
xiij 8. iiij d. To Geffrey Lyngaid, priest, all thadTantago that 
I havci tn cnme in the henofice of Heyi^t Magne. To Grysfcyn 
mj" moder in lawe my ryng of golde called a hoope. To 
the high nwter of the parisslie cViiirche of Fishlake in 
Yorltpsltii'o, wlicr I wii,s borni-, nii awtor clothe ateyiied, price 
XIVJ8. viij (1. The n-sidiiL^ to Jiiliuiie rny wifT, my executrix. 
As to the di^pouicoii of i»y laiides in tlio towitoaiid purieshe of 
FieKlako, I will that my fcoffez in all tlint my tenemeiiio which 
soniGtymG W!ia John Clerk my fw-der make u hiwfull L^^tate of 
all the same unto John Ulerk my son. Itani, I will my said 
ffBoftt'z ill lyke wise of my tenements with a crofte called 
Hiidcnilt in Fislilake, wliieii 1 late pundiaaed i>f J<tliii l*erkyu, 
make a lawfull estate unto William Cantlewe. Pr. ^ Nov., 
l&OO {Mo»iiL', 1?). 

5 Nov., 1502. TlofiKHi- Golston, citizen and drsner, of- 
London. To be bnried in the parishe cimrche t-f Sent 
Gliristofer in London. 'I'o my dovighter JLtliaiiu Cnpe x marc. 
To Thomaa Cape lier brother v mni'c. To my ij yong syatera 
ut Newerke x inarke. 'lo my fader my gownv of violet furred 
with blake bogy. To my uncle Bychard Golston, of Nowerke, 
ray gownti of (awiiey fnrred with shfinkles. Unto Jenet myn 
Aunt, dwelling in Nwwarke, to be paid to her yerly vj a, viijd. 
Marg'irit my wif. Pr. 13 Jan.. 1502-3 (Blamyr, 21j. 

12 July, 1503. RoHKHT Castrii,, of London. To the fabric 
of the church oE Pokliiigton, Yorkshire, xx a, Wife Eli«abetli, 
daughfceraAgnesandKlizabeth. Pr,2-tNov,, 1505(Holgrave,40). 

24 Kov., 1503. HicNBY Kvhok, citezeii and lether&eller, of 
London. To be buried in the charchyerd ol tho parissbe 
chnPche of Alllialowen in Honey lane, of London. Lt'gaeies to-: 
William my son. To the chiirche of Cnlbeke in Northumbre- , 
land a vestement, or sxs s. iiij d, tor ibe same. Pr. 29 Jau.^J 
laOa-J- (Holgt-ave, 2). 

22 Jan., loO-'Mf. RoBEBl HoBaoN, citizen and dyer, o£] 
London. To be buried in the church of Alhalow I.he Litel ial 
Temmis Stret at the foot of my master William Klmet.! 
Thomas Hobson my brother sonnt", brother sonne John afrj 
Berwick, brotler souue Richard, auster Agnea at Cuk£eld,i 


\ince my IirnHier (longhter. To tliP cliurcli in Hnly Ilfloiid, 
ther my father aiid mother liup beryil, ft veatement (ind a 
ooope. Sir Richard, dougbter Alice, wife Elizabeth, cotan 
Margaret As. Pr. 25 Jan., 1503-4 (Holgravc, 10). 

17 Aug., 1504. WiLMAM Bei'er, drnpor. To Ijo buried in 
the church of S' Marten in the Vyntre widli my wife Margett. 
To onr iRdy church in Noltitigham a coope of the valour of 
xls., and the figure of the Aasumpclon of onr lady upon hit, 
Unto n preest to syiig for my soulo by the spnee of iij yeres 
ill the same church xxli., and every yere an ohite. Wife 
Agnes. Pr. 24 Sept., 1504 (Holgr.\ve, 17]. 

30 Oct., 1504. JoQM Mabttn, t'lork of tliH dioceso of York, 
archdeacon of Salop in the cathe<lral of Hereford. Laods in 
England inherited fwun fiithop Ttioinan MBrtyii. To thp 
church of St. Mary iit Hill (f) (rf<! monir aUo), London, one 
great portuons " pelite impreasn'ii," or xx a. for the same. 
Pr. 9 Nov., 1504 (Holgrave, 20). 

11 Feb., 1604-5. Henbt Hoiton. clericus. To be buried 
in the Cathedral Chtirch of Chichester. To the ehnreh ol 
UlleHhy in the diocese of Carlisle a, missjil and innnuiil. To 
the poor of the pni-ish xx s. To the eluireh of Hiiiiwyke 
a missa.1. Mentions Richard Hotton my brother, Klene 
Bellingharn my fiifiter, Thomas Bellingham her son, Mntildn 
Middelton my .sister, Ilalph Hottnn sou of Kdmnnd Hotton my 
brothop. Residue to William Hotton my brother and William 
Beverley, oxocutora. Pr. 3 Mar., l-'iU-t-S (Holgrave, 20). 

26 Mar., 1505. Jobn Lyllb, Vicar of Lyniyngton, 
Hastynges. To be bnried in the chancel of the church of 
Lymyugton. My parL-iits William Lylle antl Johanna. To 
S' Trinity of Pontefraet a poece of silver for a chalice. Exora., 
Alice Jeiikenaon, Thu' Copley and Richard Gee. Snperv-iaor, 
Edward Bolknapp, aim. Piv 4 Nov., 1505 (Holgravtt, 41), 

8 Sept., 1505. Gkkooky Bornk, Tu be buried within 
the church© of Seint Sepulcrc of London. I give Henre my 
sou my house in Selho, and I will that he xxxli. in 
luoney, that Thomas myii apprentice have xx s. To Richard 
myn apprentice xx s. To Thomas Sbuxboroagli xiij s. iiijd. 
To Katheryn Stele xiij s. iuj d. 1 wilt that Sir Thomas Potty 
have vj marc to syiig for a yere. Wife execulrix, and Sir 
Thomas Petty to se this will fulfilled. The reminaunt to my 
wife, and Piers Hyll tci be overseer. Pr. 13 Jan., 1505 
(Adeane, 17). 

22 Sept., 1505. Sir Tbomas Kkiqht, of Northingilby. 
To he buried at Saxilby. Blinjabebh my wife, landa in 
Nottinghani'^hire and Derbyshire. Humphry Hercy and 



Alice ray clmifflitnr, liis wifn, aiitl Jiuio Wymliiitlie, prufit,s of 
Inrds in Walesby nntl Teilby during tieir lives, and after to 
(JhristoFor Wymluslm and his heiPS. Fjxecirtora to fannd n 
chantry for the souls of mo nnd my father and mother, «rd 
Koger Knight and his wife and their parents, Pr. 15 Dec, 
1509 (Bennott, 23). 

No dfttc. RiCBAEii HoBTON, ot Boffopd, in the countio of 
Oxenford. To be buritd ther*. As tuchyng the dispuaicion 
of ftll my londcs and teiieraentofl in the citie of York© and 
elles(Th(*rn, I will that my wif KlizHbrth hnve theym, and make 
her sole exfcntrice. Pf. 21 Oct., l->05 (Holgrave, 37). 

10 Oct., 1505. Robert Moeley, citizen and draper, of 
London. Tu be Lurii'd in tlio thoer of Llie pamshy churcK 
of Seynt Mar&^rot in the townc of Wwstminstor, wher I am 
parlsfaoner. To myn AwntH Alison xl s. To my brodor 
Chriattifer Morlej <; markes, and I will my broder fynde an 
honeut prt)«t to syng witliln the paiisihe church oF Guysbome' 
in the Countie of Yorke, wher my fiider and his lyoth burled. 
To myii awnt Margaret Liiy^onbe xls. To my brodei- John 
Duiistoll xli. To be geveu in Cleveland towardos the 
manages of poors maydwnasuche as bey of my kyiie xx nobles, 
to every luaydeii vj 9. viijd. To my aervautit and cousyn 
Johane Sutton x markes. To the prior and covent of 
Gysbome vli., that ia to witte, to ouery chntion to pray for my 
soule and my muderB hoii1o» viij d,, and the rest to thuse uE 
ther saide place. To the same prior and covent xxxa., that 
they kepB yerely duryng iij yeres a sulenipne obite. The 
reeidae to Elizabeth my wit, soolo ezecntKoe. Pr. 27 May, 
1508 (Adeatie, 3(i). 

12 June, 1506. RtcnARD Marrevs, eiteaen and vynter, 
of London. To be bnried in the body of the College clinroh 
of Seynt Thomas of Acrez. To the parisshe churche of 
Kyrkeliy in the Countie of Yorke, wher 1 was boniP, towards 
the reparacon of the gtepull, rl s. To the notiry of Humpoil, 
to thentent tliat the noiiee cawso a mai^se tu be song for ray 
sonle afore the ymajjo of Seynt Richard tlier, and that they 
also pray for my souk and doo a dirige for the same, vj s. viij d. 
To the house of llie Grey Frf^res ef Doneaatre, that they syng 
a treutall of musaoa in their coVunt church, vj s. viij d. To the 
White Freers of Doncastre, to the same intent, vj s. viij d. To 
Willia.m Marreya my son x. marces. To Margarets Miirreya 
my aervaunt and kynnesvromau a gowne, &c. To Lanreoce 
Dey my auster'a hiiftband xsvjs- viijd. To Robert Croaley, 
married unto another of my .suslers, xiij a. iiij d. To my susterj 

* Guiflboroa^. 


Margery Loe x 8, Tii my l»rotlpr Robert, n gowne and doblett 
and a woodkryft a-nd xx s. Tn Nioholae my brotbor a. ^owne, 
a dublett, and asmacho money. I geve fco my lord of Surrey a 
ho^geahude of &aacoyii wyne, Jeeyring liiiii to be goode lord 
unto my wif. The residue to Agnes my wif. To William 
Marreys my uncle my tawney gowne, a jackett, and si b. 
Fr. II Ja!y, 1506 (Ad«ant., 9). 

24 Dsc, 1506. Richard Patrikr, priest. To be buried in 
clmrchy«rd of Allhullows', Brytlinaey.* I bequeath to the 
church of Trinity of Hull xl s,, if it may be hnrne, likewise to 
the chiircli of our Lady there xxb. My horac! mill und "wyne 
mylle" and ij closes without Bfrerlay gatles, and my house in 
Homaay, to be sold; alao my house in howgafce in Hntl. 
Witnesses : Thomas Banke, of Hnll, and John Gyblo?e, of 
Biytlyngaey. Pr, 20 July, 1507 ( \dean©, 29). 

17 Mar., 1507-8. Robert SnEPFKLnK, clerk, parson of 
Ohath«iri in Kent. To the nhbt-y of Nnnnes cnllid Swyiie 
Abbey, in Holdernease bs3ide Hnll, x li., to be paid in maner 
folowing, that is to aay every yeie xiij s. iitj d., unto tyme the 
said xli. be truely content and p:iid, and 1 will that the 
prioresao shall have xx d., and the supprioresse xvjd., and 
every lady of the .same place that is professed xij d., and 
every noves viij d. of the said money. I*p. 8 May, 1509 
(Beiinett, 14). 

Last Apr., 1508. Johk Lambabd, servaunt of God and 
of Seynt Johns. To Williim Lnmbarde my nevewo all my 
londes. in the towne of Hempworth. To Robert Lambarde 
my ne^ew my place in Plumatcd. Nephew Thomas, If my 
neTowea depart without yssuo then all my movable and 
unmovahlo be kept to the behotT o£ ray cosen John Immbard 
son, of Tykyll in Yorkuhire. Pr. 26 Feb., 1510 (Bennett, 38). 

2 Aug., 1508. RoBHKT RoTDON, of Levei-ington. gent. To 
be huried in the chnrchyard (if Seynt Glemc-ntefl in Cainbrifje. 
To the high aiilter of Uip church of Aherforth wilhin the 
Coiintie of Yorko iij a, iiijd. To the reparacm of the eaid 
oliurch of the Tryuitie of Aberforth xx .s. To the reparocon 
of the church of Kirkby upon Waitlit vs. To the reparaoon 
of the church of Seynt Maurice withoute Mnnkebarr in the 
suhbarboa of Yorkc vs. To the priureHs and the nunes of 
Appultonxs. Tothepriores and nunee of Hamepollxs. To the 
church reparacons and mousstory of the samu place, and the 
chapell of Seynt Richard, s a. To the noones of our lady of 
Waldyngwellosxa. Tothereparaconaudglaapipfof awyndowo 
in the monastery of Swyne Abbey. To the abbas and covent of 


t? Kirlcby WhBtf. 


the name .Vlibey for a ma.'-iie for my sonle, the 3onie ai mj foder 
Edward H.'Imea and Anne his wif, xs. To the iiij orders o£ 
Freeres wirhiii the diie of Yorke, to every house va. To every 
hooae of Massenduwe^ und lepers at Torke xij d. To the house 
o£ Freeres uf Fnamfrele va., of Doncaater vs. Sons Richard, 
John and Robert. Ifiilie! my wife and M' William Stevynson, 
of Cami)rijie, eiecutora. Pr. 26 Aug-, 1508 Bennett, 7). 

■i Aug., 23 Hen. VII (1508). Robebt G-bottemt, mercer, 
London. To be bnried in the cloiater of Pardon chnrchyerdo 
in Pawiys. Thomas mybroder. Sir Henry, preest, my broder. 
Sir John, preest, my hroder, Roger my bnjiier, my snsters 
Alice, Elizabeth, my awnte Margarele Dighton. To the 
church off Alhaiowen in the towne of Skypay in Yorkesbire, 
where I was bonie, lis. Pr. 7 Aug., 1508 ■ Bennett, 3). 

15 y<jv., Io08. RwBASD TH0M90H, Citezen and Merchannt 
Taillor. To be buried in the churehyerd of the cathedrall 
church of Seynt Pftole of London. If Margery my wif and 
my childern happen to decesse I bequeth v marces of the 
re«dewe to the works of the body of the porissbe church of 
our lady of Hemyngburgh in the conntie of Yorke, where I 
was borne and cristened. My wif and Thomaja Thomson my 
brother, executors. Pr. 12 Dec, 1508 Bennett, S-. 

16 Feb., 1508-9. ALtiASDEB Waibe, rector of the church 
of Rowspar.* To be bnrifcd in the choir of S. Mary's church 
there. To the chnrch of Adwyk near Doncaster Hj U., for 
making a window. He mentions John, William, Thomas and 
Richard Waide, brothers. Pr. 26 Feb., 1508-9 (Bennett, H). 

4 Oct., 1509. John Middelton, citezen and mercer, of 
London, merchannt of the Staple at Caleis. To be bnried in 
S* Kateryn Colman chnrch. To the pari>'sbe church of Seynt 
Mighell at Esterjn^'toii in the conntie of Howden, for a sewte 
of veatmenteH, to thenteiit that the pariashens there may pray 
for my sonle, xx li., to the reparacon of the body of the same 
church iij li. vj s. viij d, Agnea my .'■nater, Alice and Margaret 
her doughterrt, hir iij sonnea, Alice and Heleyn my donghters. 
Pr. 13 Nov., 1509 (Bt-nnett, 22). 

20 Nov., 1509. KuzABRTFt Kntqht, late the wif of Sir 
Thomas Knyght. To be buried in the newe chapell of 
Saxilby church, by my husVjnnd.t A preest to syng in the 
chapel! of oiir lady at Woraop church to pray for the sonles of 
my fader and modor, and for all the sonles of my husbondes 
Sir Thomas Knyght, Sir Charlea Pylkyngton, Sir Robert 
Batcliff. To the prior and covent of Worsop xiij s. iiij d. To 

* 7 ItnfipoT. Hee hiH will, 22 Sept., 1505. 



le abbot and covent of Kouho xiij a. iiij d. To ihs priorea 
and covent of Wailiiigwelios xiij s. iiij (], To the abb"t tind 
oovont of Welbek. To the pryoros ami covent ot Bryildeholine 
xiij s. iiij d. To tke mendyiig of thtt brid^ti and cawaey of 
Woraop XX s. ■ To the ropHrapoiis nt Warsop church sxs. 
Reaidue to the disposicioii of my roti Sir Juhn Tnwnplejr, 
kiiyght, to tho inaniageB ol' \m drmglptorw bigoten betwene hym 
and dame Isabell his" wife. Pr. 17 Nov., 1509 (Honnett. 22). 

a Jan., 1509-10, Sih Nicholas Batkman, parson of the 
uiedyete of Wetherden, co, t<\iff. My house in Mauiici'fcld 
Woodhouse lo the elder sone of Henry Wwlker. Agas and 
Ebzabelh, susterH. Pr. 6 June, lolO (Bennett., 2fl). 

8 Mar., 1.509-10. William BrnrJiY, clerko. To be buried 
in the church of Barns. To Aniie Byrley my nente and 
goddoughter xxvb. and nil the stuff 1 have at Rycall. To 
the churche of Eglesfeld my chalice. To broders Robert 
and John Byrley, each vj Rpoooys. Sustor Anuo Lyndall a 
pece of silirer and a f^owne. To my nephew*? John ByrJey 
the BtuJf that hia fader bcquethed hym. Pr. 21 Oct., 151U 
{Bennett, 32). 

24 Aug., 1510. William CusfooktHj of Lenn (? Lynn). 
Wife AgTiea, nephew John Cusforfch. To the parisahe 
churches of Ansteii in Yorkeabire s s., of Adwyke x s. 
Pp. 2S Aug., l.Sll (Petiplace, 3). . 

10 Sept., 1510, John Thompsok. To be buried in the 
qaoere of the mouaatery of Seynt John Biiptist of Holywell 
nyghe London. Tor my landes within the towne of Notyngham 
I gave theym to John Pye the sonne of William Pye, of 
Worsop, and after hia decesse to the children of John Cooe, of 
Warsop. Pr. 10 Feb., 1510-1 (Bennett, 30). 

7 Nov., 151 1 . TaoMAa WiLOYKaoN,' clerko. To he bnryede 
in the chauncell of the parisshe churche of Orpyugtmj in 
Kent, yf I decease in London than in the chapell of our lady 
within the churche of Sancte Helyns in London. To the 
prior and covent of Malton to pray Hpecially for my soulej 
the soulys of my father and nmder, and all Christian soales, 
X markes. Pp. 23 Jan., 151 1-2 (FetipJace, 17). 

6 Apr,, 1513. Adam Pacbtt, " decretoruni doctor." To be 
buried in tJie Cathedral church of Chicheeter. To the pariah 
church of Sedbargh, where I was born, sacerdotal vestments. 
Brothers Hichard and Thomas Facettj Agnes Jackson my 
Bifiter. Pr. 29 Apr., 1513 (Fetiplace, 17). 

12 May, 1513. Betan Hochb, sergeant of the oatry of 
oup Lord the King. Wife Fjlizabeth, and children. Brother 



Willinm. To the pani^Ii cHuitIi of Wixle^ iii the Counfcie of 
York« XX B. To .lohTi UorhLTson, of VVixley, xi s. Pr. 29 
May, 1614 (Petiplace, 33). 

26 Apr., If)! ^ RiL'iuiri) Stokdalr, citezin and merchiiimb 
tailor, of Lomliiii. To be Itunt-d in S' Mtirtjni's, Otwith. 
Five trentals of iniissos to be piiid iii that uhiireh, nnnthor ftt 
th» friars at Ori-ncwythf, miothor at thi' Charttrr House, 
nnothor at tliw Gr*y Friars, iinQther at the Austin Priiirs. A 
preist to say mass for vij yeara for the snulB nf my father, my 
mother^ and Grace Martyn, in the church of Wresill, co. York. 
Trt WreHLlI church a white c ipe of the value <if vli. To 
Edward Ehtoft my cousin xM. To either of tho danghtem of 
Thottiati Hatl at Grefciiwythe vli. Retiidue for charitable 
doHfin. Uohert Pag«ti., merchant tailor, executor. Pr. I't 
Mar., 151&-6 {Holder, 21]. 

6 Feb., ir»lii-t3. It^iJiBitT Hakom, rapcllanas, Hamylden, 
Buchti. Gives to charfh of llamyld^n for hmial vjs. viijd., 
1q sing in tlie churth there for my father and mother and for 
my MaKter Raff Scrope vj a. viij d., to Ky a inft«B« boke for 
the parish rlmrcfa of Staoton, to the iij orders of fryers of 
Skarhorow iij li., to Agues Scropp xxs. My master M' Raff 
Scmpo to be siipprvisor. Pr. 3 Mar., I5I5-6 (Holder, 16). 

6 Feb, lolo-fi. John Hghon, citizen and mercer, of 
S^ Diiiiatan in tho Est. Body to be bnriid there. Son Thomas 
exfcntor. To the covent of Whitefricrs at Hull in fclie 
countie of N'orthnmherland {n{e'\ f or h irentall of rriasnes vli. 
Mentions Blizabeth daughtei: of John Lawson and Ajj^nes her 
sister. To Sir John Cutt, kn'', and Sir John Uawtiey, knt., 
epch ij hnggshedes of Gascon wync, they to he Hnpervisora. 
Pr. 13 Mar., 15l5-(i (Holder, l.j). 

15 Mnr., 1515-6. William MENKrr, Citixen ii.nd draper, 
of London. To be buried in S' Peter's, LWuhilll, where 
Johauiio ray danf^hter lies buried. My two dHUghtors to have 
G marks each. To the pnriah chnrch of Drayton, co. Nott., 
where I was bom, xx.'^. Kesiduo to wife Agnes. Pr. 4 Apr., 
I51li {Holder, 16). 

16 July, 1516. WthVIJM Olbstom, raerchaunt of tho' 
staple at Ciiteis. To he buried within tlio jiarisshe churche uf ■ 
our blewHiMl hiily within the towne iifoi-eaaide. To tlie behove 
of uiy brother Sir John, my ij susters and their ehiUlern, xlli., 
to b& diatribnted amongeat them after tlie discrecion of my 
father. To the Friers Ohservauntes withiu the towne of 
Newewerko upon Trent xxe. Residue toThotuas Cleyton luy 
fatilier and Syr Jolin Cleyton my brother, myn executoura. 
Pr. 27 Sept., 1516 (Holder, 23). 


6 JhiU., 1.M6. John Robykson, prcst (iiid parson ul the 
oharcL of Fiiwkhatn in Kent. Ta be beryed within the 
churclie of All Halowea in Lunibardes Strete. I will that a 
prest shn.ll synge for my fEider soule, my moder soiile, and for 
all Crirttciii Houlos during a. yt-iti and a liiilf within the ohurche 
of Elviiigloii in Yorkshire, uiid the same prest or another prest 
to synge for me half a yere within the cliurclio ot Escreke. 
To tliB tlire eldest children of my hrodar Willinin v irarkea a 
pece. I wyll that Thomaa Jameaoii, merchauut and citezen, cf 
Yorke, have the custodie of the bequest. Sinter Agnes and 
brother Williaui. Pr. 14 Apr., 1516 [Holder, 16]. 

2i July, 1517, John West, citiaeo and inercer, of Londnn, 
tAldenuan. To be buried in the obancel of S* Mary Magdalen, 
[ilk S^ Wife Klizabeth, children William, John, James, 
-Kfttboryna, Bridget, now wife of Roheri. Palmer, mercer. 
To the parish chiirche of Millingtnn in the Countie of York, 
where my f;itli0r lyetli buried, iij cupes, a vestymunt, a gOBpellj 
a pyatell of grene satteyn of Brages, tliurfrayea redde satteyn 
of Bruges, and to the churche of EveryughHm, where my 
mother lyetb buried, a cope of lyko stuffe, and I wyll that the 
parittshe priest of Millington, where I wns borne, have the 
Baulo of me, the sanies of James West and Alyce West, my 
fadre and mothre, Syr John Browne, Jnhn West, Hlinabetli 
iny wif, oni- childeru. Hr. IS Sept., 1517 (Holder, 33}. 

17 Dec., 1517. Wixiiam Bidbokowb. of London, grocer. 
To bo bnried in the church of Albaloweu the Morp in 
Thamya Strete. To ihe pariahe churche of Wresat'll in 
Yorkshire x\s. Brother Thomas Biiburtiwu, enain James 
Davison. He gives hia ftister Klizabelh Bilborttwe and hia 
prentyce Robert Bilbnrowe the residue, and if they die to the 
finding of two prioHt» to sing for liis soul, his fatlieracdmoiher'a 
souls, at rhe chupch of Alhahtwen and the chiiruh of Wpea<ell. 
Pr, i6 Jhu,, 1517-8 (Ayloffe. 4). 

6 Apr., 1M8. Boomt Daki,ky, Priest. To be hurierl in the 
phnrch of S' Margaret in Snthwerk. To niy lirutiier Sir 
Thomas Darloy a gowne of mwn-oy furred with blak bogyc, or 
ellea my gray nngge, so thnt my brother be diligent for the 
conveya.uiice of diietiew of my bpjiefir.e» to the hniidi-s of inyn 
execiitours, alao ji dublet of blak sat^n, a cote of dmnnsk 
lynad with white c-ottyu. The residue to Maisler NicholaB 
Maior, oxecotor. Duo nnto me in Eatryngton in Holdenahire 
for agrement betwixt me and «. preeet and Sir John Atkynson, 
Ticar of the same, x marces. Pr, 17 Aug., 1518 (Ayloffe, 8). 

14 July, 1518. ^ Anthobt Aslmke, Rector of Seggefiold in 
the Bishoprick of Dniielm and VicBr of Harlowe, co, Eaaex. 



Tit be })nried in my church of Hiirlowe. My father Lawronoc 
AylmePj knight and jVldenimii of tho City of Loudon, and 
Thomiui Arlmer, giirillunuin, my unolu, exora. Pp. 26 Aug.i 
I5ia (Ayloffe, 10). 

I May, 1520. Rubkut RwTLLiNa'roN, of LundoD, citiEon 
»nd (Iruper. To be buried before our Iiadje of Pitoe within 
euro Lnaios Chapoll wlierc 1 <Joo ueo to sntt within the church 
of Scint Clcniunt, wliar I am pariaMhouer. To the church 
wnrkeB of Dryffeld, whore I was borue, x s., to pray for my 
Buulc. He mentions coubiu Babthorpp, wifo Mar^iirot, who is 
to be executrix, iieph«w Georg» Swiilyiigtou, ueice Elizabeth 
^Kwyllington. I well to hare ft toiiibu vvtihia the cliapell 
there as T doo lye to he mude liftor the devise of my brother 
Kauft. Pr. 10 May, 1520 [AylefEe, 26). 

16 Nov., 1520. ROBEB.T Sbirwod, of Lnndon, fishmonger. 
To nty fader John, dwellyog iii the liusshoppiyck o£ Durham 
in Houghton, my bo-at gownp, doblct, and jakct. Pr, 14 Dec, 
1620 (Mainwiiriiig, 8). 

20 Aug., liJ2I. MiKMADiiKE Blaston, of S' Qyle«, 
Cambridge. To be buried in the chnrch there. All lands I 
have pnichused in the liisUoprick of Durham and in 
Cambridge to my wife Margery for life. To Ricltard my 
ehh^Kt 8on all my lands in Durham, vik. in Esiabye, Seham and 
Sunderlond, (ifter decease oE his mother. To son Hugh lands 
in Cambridge. Pr. 13 Oct., l.')21 (Maynwaryug, 16). 

21 Aug., I.'i21. William: BiitOB the elder, eitizein and 
fishemonger, of London, To be buried in the body of the 
parishi! church of Saint Nicolas, Coldabbuy, next l,o the 
Boiith dope, where the body of Joane my Lite wif ihore restitli. 
William Turke my son in lawe aud Ehzabeth bis wife mv 
doughter. To the werkes ol the parisbe churche of Ingrfim in 
the Conntie of Northumberland, where I was cristoned, xxb. 
To the werkes of the parisho church of Ftdtou iu the said 
counlie, where my father and mother lye buried, xx s. To the ' 
priorea-ie and covent of HalyeBtoure in the same eountie sxg. 
Residue to William Harde toy soiioe, executor. Pr. 18 Aug., 
1528 (Porch, 36). 

24 Apr, !522. Nicholas Bathman, of Lynno Bisshop, co. 
Norff. Towardea the reparacions of Killyogton Chapell and 
Hutton Chapel! in the Countie of Westmerland, to enohe xxs. 
Johaonc, Beatrice and Amie, doughfcers, eche xx s. Johaue my 
wife, ©xecut.rice. Pr. 7 Feb., i.522-3 (Bodfolde, 2). 

17 May, 1-522. William Cooke, Doctor, Parson of 
Houham* in the diocese of Norwich©. To be buried iu the 


cliLtunceli tliurc. I give to my executorH iill uiy frutis of tliis 
yoro (in t'liui-cLcs of Norwich), hIho uf Burton Latyn, Swaloclif, 
TuiiBtfill, OriKtis church in Ynrke, I^astytigliani Welle, niul mv 
prwbL'iidL* belctiif^iiif? to the College L-hiirt-h of Hijipon, towurtu 
tho ch»rgps of tKe tlilapidattoiis of my church and parsonn^ 
housea. Pr. 12 June, 1522 (Manwaring, 25). 

22*JiiIy, 1522. John Sckdevall, Priest in Paiil'ts, London. 
I will tbftt tber ha ij copys in ray chainbci' o£ blew damtiako, 
cue to be ilelyvpre^l to Waphec, wIipph I was borno, with Si-iiit 
Peter ou tlio coler, aiiJ the other with Seiiit Cutlibart on the 
colev to DRTTiton, whore my prebend lyethe. To the poore of 
Wag-ben vj s. viij d.j of Darnton vj a. viijd. Pr. 13 Doc, 1522 
(Manwa.nng, 28). 

3 Jan., 1.522-3. Thomas Byrkbk. Th l>e bnried in the 
Freros »t Richmond, Surrey. To Anne, wife, londea for life 
except my loiidea In NotingUam shint. Antony son. Dettoft 
to be paide, that is to eay, to Majater Marymnn xx li., for the 
whiche is nwyng to me of Mal.ster Urowne, of Newark, for 
landes that I itolde to him there, Ixli. Pr. U Mar., In2.5-t) 
(Porch, 4). 

22 Sept., 1333. Tbomas Elkvwoton, gentilman, sonne and 
heire of Syroonde Elrjngton, esqoicr, deceased. To bo buried 
in the church oE Hogeston, where my ancestors He buried. 
Mentions witp Alice, lands in Kent, iork«hire Rnd Sii-ssex, 
danghter Mary, son Thomas to have manor of Dencourt, 
remainder to -John my son, in default ot isswo to John More, 
SOIL and heir of Sir Thomaa More, knt., "under breasonrer of 
Inglond." l*r. 27 Jan., 1528-t (Bodfelde, 16). 

1523. HiMRY HKimRBoN, Kendall man. To be bnried in 
the churchyard of liuxsted, Kateryn my vrife to all my 
goode.s, sole executonr, and Thomas Warkop nnd Adam 
Waryner, overBeera. I will they dou for me in Alhaiowe 
ciapell of Kendall iIb. Pr. 4 Mar., 1 523-4 (Bodfelde, 17). 

17 Mar,, l.^23-4i. Robert Fbnrotrrk, eitezen, nlderman 
and goldsmytb, of London. To be buried in the church of 
S*" John Zacharya. Thomas father n.nd Johane mother, 
Awdry, Julynn and Margaret, daughters. Julian wife. I be- 
q jeath a newe chaleis to bo made with a paten therto of silver 
and parcel! ffilt of iho value of liij s. iiij d., to be gevyn to the 
parlahe church of Thornton in Pykeryng Legh in Yorkeshire, 
where 1 wan born, upon the foote of which chaleis I woll that 
inyn executors shall cause to he griiven a scripture making 
mencyon of whose gift© it ia. Pr. 27 Apr., 1 524 {Bodfelde, 19). 

21 Aug., 1524, William Sjtathi'M, mercer, London. To 
be buried in the chnrche of Saint Martyn in Iremonger lane. 


NORTH coinmiT vnujs. 

To the parislie ehiircbe of Bleysbey in Notinj^hamsliire, in the 
pariahe that 1 was liorno in, to liave a ginsse wyndnwe in the 
(?hnnnc«>I over thf> liigh awtnr, and in the said glasKfl m}' fader 
and moder And all tWtr cliililoni, at the di^crecion of my 
brother Menry Stathum. VVunyfrirle my wife. Childern 
Kiitcrya iknd Alice my ij dougtiter», uud tlio (-)tilde thftt xayi 
wife goelh wiiL all, every con thre hundred puundes. Snster 
7klar>;arut Stalhuni, brutbcr Robert, brother Henry, suater 
Elizabeth auJ her iirst husbHud Wdliam Jonson, u£ Horsley 
ia Darbyshire. To have a masec iu the abbey of Tborgoton 
there, as my fuder lyeth buryed, John Barnard fadjer in 
lawe. Fr. :Ji Mar., 1 525 lltodfelde, 82}. 

20 Doc, 1524. TtioMAe Beck. To be buried in the 
College cUorche of our Indy of Manchester in the chapell of 
Jeens. To Sir Kobert my soiino syxe score poundea for his 
chihles piirte. To the church of Wegyn* to the ghbsing of a 
wyndowe for my brother Mathew and me xxxs. To the 
chapell of Sanct Sonday within the parislie cliurcbe of 
Kendal], where my wife is baried, tea mni-ces, to he disposed 
by the discrecion of maister Thomas BplengeFuiit my brother 
in lawo, Willtflm SiiiTidiah, Wiliinni Beeke.of SkelraGSdwre.for 
a trental], xn., for a soule masxe and dirige xa. in the same 
ehiircli. To a lowne io Kendull jnriehe betwene Castell parke 
and the bridge which I mude mystlf, vj s. viij d. To Richard 
Beck xls. To Agneg Beck vj s. viij d. To Ceeile Becke 
V marcee. To sonne Tliomas and hia heiies the nomiuacon of 
a prest to singe in the clijipell ci Jesus in the college chnrcho 
of Manchester. To my wife and Bonne Thomas a liiindred>. 
noblea, to be execHtonrs. Gooiles in thre partes, one to my 
wife, one to my sonne Thoraiis, paying his brother Syr Robert 
ail acore puundua, one for ray bequeatea. To son Thomas 
all my plate brought with me and bonglit since I com io.] 
Manchester, and half of the pewter that I brongbt from 
Kendall. Maister Edmond Trafforth, of Trafforth, esquier, 
and maisler Edmond his soDue, overseers, fr. last Sept., 
1527!Pon-li, 24). 

29 Mnr,, 152.'). Sib Miles Buaev, kuiglit.J To son Henrji 
my manor of Wigsley, Notts. Lands in Kynlierbe, Lincoln, 
Bracebrige, Scottim, Nowarke, Thisilton and Soulhwoth, in 
COS. Lincoln, Notts, and ]liitla,nd ; aliio in Mawnton, Northorp, 
Balderton, Barnabe and Cleypull, bought by John Bussey, 
kiiighti imd which my inicle Edward Bnssey holds for life. 
Manors of Kaopthorp, Scnttnn, Uogham and Meraton, Son.! 
John. Pr. 1^2 Feb., 1325-G (I'orche, -t). 

' Wg&ii, tTiioinns Bellinghiuii, of lielsin^n. 

4 Sae LitiiiuliiBlure Pedigteea, Hnrtewn Hoc., 215. 


4 Nov., lo2'>. JOBN HKWdTKR, ciWZL'll iiin^l inciviT, of 

London. To lie buried in the chorohc of I^Aint Mighell in 
Baasingshaw in London. Brothor Ricliai'd H«wist«r, clerk. 
To auster Margery, rents of landoa in the council's of Yorke 
and Salop. To soniie Uristofer a rjng. To nonno William 
twenty pounder ntid landes in the Countie of Ytirk. .fnne 
my wife, execu trice. Kotnie Jerome, W, 11 Dec, I.'j25 
(Bodfeldo, -iO). 

10 Fob., 17 Hen. VUl {1.525-6). AdminiBtrnliou of 
Thomas Skvtdn, nf tlie (louTity of YorV, granted to Anne 
Seyton, widow Crumwell, I}. 

31 Map., J526. Thomas Nvcholl, prest. To poor of Bo}to 
in Dorsi't shirr sis. The (Jollt^giftte chiiicli of our lady of 
Southwell to have xls,, and thy pjirishe cliuroh of Sowth 
Mnskhniii xxs., and In the ptmr there xxs., and likcwiao to 
the church and pari'hiniiera «f CnwLon, where I iini parson by 
reason oC the prebende in ihe church of South wei!. Vt. 9 Oct.j 
1523 (Porch, JO). 

14 Apr., 1526, Chcilb Duoimah, late wife of Rielinrd 
Duckman, of Watidelaworth, widow. To be buried in tlio 
parishe churche of Alhalowos, of Wandolsworth. To ThuumB 
Rogers and Jotm Rogers rny hrcthren, dwelling in the Ooimiie 
of York, to eche sx s,; and to Agnes my suster, dwelling in 
the same, xxs.; and to Margaret, hir douji^htor aud my 
goddoughter, xiijs. iiijd. Reaiduo to uiy good brother Bichnrd 
Rogsra, ejtecutour. IV. JW Apr., 1526 {Porch, 6). 

18 Dec, lo2C. Thomas Udstwayte, citezeiii aud peawterw, 
of XfODdon. To bo buried in the chapel of oar Indy within 
the parlslie church of saint Mililredo m Brodstretu. Sustor 
Alice Hustwayte, dwelling in Scarborough, neeae Agnes, 
doughter of my brother John, brother John lilnxwiche, 
brother James lliistwayte, of Plymnwth, coayn Sir Richard 
Uatwayte, preest, coayn Robert Hustwayte, sonne of ray 
brother Jnnios, co.«yn Willm RIoxwiche, sonne William. My 
wife Joane to haue moietie of my londos in Kilham upon the 
Wolde in the Conntio of York during lyfo, and after hor 
decusae to my Bonn u Willm Hustwayte. Vr. 15 Jan., 1526-7 
(Porche, 12]. 

2 Aug., 1527. Jaichr Buti.ek, citesen and dyer, of London. 
To be buried in the church yiude of Saint Bcuet at I'owlis 
wharf. To the parishe of Snint Eleno in Wheldrik in the 
Gountio ol York, whore I was borne, a veetment vritli all 
thappurel to the samo belnngiug, for a pro»t to siiy masso, of 
white lismaake My wxeoutorji to «ao of ooo Johu Mowbray, 
of Pekring, ktu being a dyer in York, liijs. iiijd., and if 



recovered fco be bestowed among- the poor people of Wlieldrik. 
To John Builor my brother, dwelling in Whtldrikp, ray beat 
gviwoe, &tO. To William lii» souuu my beat cote, &>l'., and to 
every of tnv brotliora »nd sustvp cliildoni thora xij d., except 
Murg-iirut Hargill 111/ sustur doug-btur. I will nty broLlier 
WittiHiii, tvitli my wife and tiouiitj Tliomus, to Imve L'uslodfo of 
laj- two ltmal^a of my fernis at Lewesfanm. Pr. 3 Dec.j I i>27 
(Porcb, 26). 

ly Oct., 19 Hen. Vlir, 1527. Thomas Ildkwon, citBKen 
a«d Stokfish monger. To bo biirtod in the pariahe cliurche oE 
Chitwol! in the loworeiide of rhe riortl) He, whiche 1 did maJce 
longer in length. I wiD thiit Antony my eonue and esecutour 
pay to the broilieni of the White Frerus in Hulie parte besides 
Alnewilco, all siioho (noney as I owe to them for their praiePB 
for mu buforu our Itlisaed ludy there, also that lie Have all 
my ioiido^ iu Chikwcll, and ley upon my grave a stoua. 
Pr. 20 Oct. 1528 (Porch, 38J. 

1520. WiLLiAU Kytson, merchaunt tailour, of London. 
To be biiryed in the chiirche yarde of Aldermary, London. 
To my maister Thomas C rake ji thorp, citiciii and morchauut 
taylonr, of London, v ii., and all my feinie in the parryshe of 
Stounton in the couutio of Apulby. Uucio Simond Aparke, 
Uncle Sir Myles Aparke. Jobane Aparke xIh. Hestdue to 
Thomas Crakenthorp, solo executonr. Pr. 20 Sept., 153] 
(Thower, 7). 

1 Mar., 1529. HiTMJ-EEr Bou.b, To be buried in the 
churche yarde of Saint Andrewe in Holbnme. To brother 
Willitim Bolle xl &. in money or catell. To brother John Boll 
xIb. I will that maisher Thomas Lumley have fyve mureea for 
certeyn rekenyiige that wa^ betwixt his wife and me, to the 
profit of bis yorige^t soniie, to be paid by the handes of my 
Lord Lumley. Alao 1 Have gevyii my man-owe and companyon 
Rowland W.^tson lenowlege I will be good uncle to my 
brother Cri^lofer cliildeni at the ordre o£ my lord© and 
maister. To my wife two liuges of jrolde, my badge, for a 
tokyn. The residue 1 will that my loide Lumley, by thadvise 
of Thmiias Lumley nnd Sir Richard Tnrner, cnftpleyu, have 
full power for the welth of my soule nnd to the profito of my 
wife and tnv brother Crist-'ferB cliildern, and my lord to be 
exGCutour. Pr. 10 July, 152^ (Jankyu, 9j. 

1(3 Miy, to30. Jonnj Peir^on, uitizin and harbour surgeon, 
of liOiidoii. To he buryod in ihu chiircho nf h'aini. Migbell at 
Qaemhith. To the reparacions of the church, and chapell of 
Rolmeawuth in the Lerdeahip of Kg'ton in the Countie of 



Yorko, tetwene tbeni xx s. 'Vn siist«r Alice and her doughter 
Jleignea. To Anue Kene and Kliaabetli Keiie my dou^btere in 
lawe teniiB (loundes. IV. 10 June, 1530 (tlajikj-n, 18). 

15 July, 1530. Edwaeue Watson, uf 
Snater Jrtnet Feers ti, suster Diimo Sibell at Saint Kateryns, 
RichardL- Bryan my cosyri, Ji>hjiii Sinyrli his sust«r, and bo 
hia atBttir inaried at Kirkham in Yorkshire, coayn Agnes 
Bmyth. To poor people at Sledmare, where I was bourne, 
iij li. vja. viij d. To Lhe prior and Covotit of Newested xxe. 
Bi'othera Syinon and William Wutsnn, Henry Watson my sonne 
at Newest ed, Kdwariie iny Sonne, Kunoline(?} my soniie, Bar bnra, 
Miiry, Brigct, Susan, doughters, wife Emuie, brother in lawe 
Henry Sapeotte. Pr. 2 Oct., 15S0 [Jankyn, 21). 

r> Apr,, 1531. Daviij Bbdoo, preest. To be buryed in tie 
Savoye, To my lord and inaater, my lord of Carlyle, a gelding. 
To Henry Coilyer at Ciiilel© my best gowue at Appulby. 
To Sir Leonard Langhorne the socond best guwne tliere. 
Pr. 9 May, 1.531 (Thower, 3). 

20 Jane, 1531, William Bowdbn, citizen and diar. To bo 
buried in the sowth yie of tlio churche t>f Allialiowen iippon 
the celler* in Temniestreote, wliei-e tlio body of my first wife 
lleth buried. To the chiirche of Boonbiirght in Nnrthumbr- 
lande, where ray father Robert Bowden and my niotbor lieth 
buried, a chalice with the patrCiit of selvvr and corponis and a 
vestment enmplete, of the valne of all, vli. To the chnrche 
of EldertoD a chalici) mth a patent of copper atid gilt and 
corporas, with a veatmwit, of the vainu of liijs. iiijd. To 
Raaf Bowden, when he ahnll coiue out of the tennes of his 
apprentiahode, vj li. xiij s. iiij d. The residue to John Bowden 
and Geffrey Bowden my sonnes egally, nt their agee, xxiiij 
yerea, ex<»cutours. Overveer, Robert Luiindo, dynr. Pr. 9 Feb., 
1534-^ (Hogen, 22}. 

7 July, I'f'il, Lawiwunce tloovLBt'KKLi'K, voniiin usher of 
the Kiuges Chamber and tlerfce of the chequer of his most 
honorable garde. To be buryed in Saint Stephens ohiirehD in 
Walbroko in the South side as nere unto my sustor Jolmne 
Herthill, Isite deco«sod, as conveuyently. Kor the lordeahippes 
of Sutton and fjlhyngtnnt (siVj uppnn Darvaunt that I havo 
tiikyn by lea*'?, the profittos shall be payed unto my e.xccutora 
during unto suehe tyme thiit John Egk'lesfell my brothers 
Sonne be maryed, and then they 8h»ll deliver unto hym my leas. 
Hia brother La.iiranoe, sisters Sybyll, Mary and Margaret 
Eggle?fi'!d. LnndeD in Eaton in the Bysiihopricke of Derham. 
Sueter ui liiw Jane Egglesleeld. Pr. 1 Oct., 1 >t'ii (Thower, 8). 

* On the oelUra. [or it starideth on vnulls UStowf. i, ASS), 
t ? BEimburgta. [ ElTingtOD. 



6 Jan., 15SI-2. Kobhrt BnOKBTr, oifiBen and bnker, 
Lfjndoi). To be buryt-d lu tbe cliurclie of Siunle M«rtyn 
ill Iremonj^ep lane. To my sustor Jonnott Kt>Uyn3on in 
KraiiilyiiK'''-'ti '" tl'" Couiilie of NLirUiiiiiiburltiiHiu iyvv pouudus. 
To my c<iua<*iii« Holiort and Thomas, my brother Johns bohwSj 
dwi-Ilrii>f in Ali-Tiiiiii* in I hn saide countie, Fyva poundE's a peace, 
'I'o br<t(b«p TlioiiiiLM HrocsketCeH children fyve ponndea a pece. 
('uuHotiH Klizaln^tlip, wife of Tiionms Atkiiisitu, Alice wife of 
.[ohn Hunttf, Margnretn Smyths, Aleximder Watson. Brother 
William Hrockett, jfoldesmillie.cxecatoar. Pr. 23 Sept., 1638 
(Hogen, 5). 

JO Mar., 1531. UooBit UALifld, anriiger. To be buried in 
Croftnnt r.hiirr.h. Anne, .Mriirg-aretie,.Ioain]n and KliitAbeth, my 
dniighterti, ltt nianreH. liitihiird my son xl mapyos annuity, 
Roger aiul Thonias Jaki», Juaiiii my wife iiiKl Rirliard my 
.son, expouttirs. Henry Fnryiif^ton, Richard Banastor, MasU^r 
Kiuhmund, supervisors. I gniiit bo Anthuny Lathuu, Tliuutii.-^ 
tioudo, vicar of Cpofton^ Rifliiird Clerk, vicur of Lcgh, nnd 
Adam Baiitkstcr, all my Imida in Dalton in county of York. 
Pr. 6 Dbc. 1543 (Spert, 29). 

1:J Mar., 22 Hen. Vllf [I5;il}. Robhiht Labrev. To be 
baryed in Keimti:re chapidl in the aonthe side of tli-t chapell 
of Jeituit in MuiicbL^stiir c;biirL^be, and in th« siiinc ehapoll that 
I dyd ni-iku my selfo. I give xx b. to tlie chuiche warkoa in 
Mandiestw, and xx s. to the t-hiirche w»pkf» in Kendall there 
an I waa Ivirn. Anne, EliKubetb, Alycc, my d&ugbtera, 
William HiiIton,huab(indof mydanghterEIizabetli. l*r. 28 Jru., 
1538-9 iCrnmwell, 12). 

17 Sept., 1532. Rodhrt Hoobv, of the bonao of oar 
ftoveraigne Lordy the King, Kaqiiier, To be buryed within 
the channcell of the churcho of Saint Lnte of Charlton in the 
Cfiuntie of Kentu To Th( mas Jackson, Thomas HatecUff, 
John Harbour, Rftffe Hoffen and Thomas Harrison, a horse. 
Riiaife Hi'giiis, Robert Hogins, -Jolianne Martindalearid Agues 
Martindalo, to have the rentes f>f my mesnage in Kstgivnewicho 
fop viii yert!S, and nfler Lo rcuiayne uutu Murimi my wif. The 
said Mariou to have all other Inndes in Cliaplkm, and after tba 
disceas they shalbe sold, and the money to be dispoased ia 
deades of charitie, I gyve unto Rop;i'r Barker, citeuin and 
inholder, nil my tenne of yeros wicliu I have of ilie graant of 
oar Lurde the King, called Sntton Jind Tenugton, within the 
forest of (jiLwtLM-ea, and 1 will that Ricbard Orcsliam, tueroer, 
and tho said Roper shall liave all my inlepoat in the towno of, 
Weatminster. Itcsidue to Marion my wif. Pr. I Apr., 153S> 


* Mnhnni. f TOrostom. 



6 Nov., 1592. Richard Ftkcsc, ciie^en iind fouad«r, of 
London, being iteelct*, in the porch of the piiri<i!ihe chnrche of 
Sitint Nic'()lii» of Nutiii^liiiin, in tlie Diocett of Yorbe, in the 
present'*) of the |)ai-»uii Flein-y Slitparde and Humfrey Gonlnon, 
opdcjnud* Ijvpitsrd Skyviugtuu, tftinliluinu, Miid J^iliu I'UvySt 
faiis execulouro, and willed l\wy ahulde liavo th« disiribiitinge 
of his goodefl. Pr. 27 Mar., 1603-4 {Thower, 2i). 

17 Fub., IM4, Hrnkv Wilktsson, of Limdon, bruer. To 
be huried in the churchy of Saint John htiforo Saint Ori«tofop, 
I bequeth onto StylHngton, where my father and mother lyeth 
baryed, xxb., to pmy for the soulcs of thpin and of my 
br*Hthorn. Hrother Robert Wilkynsoii. Thfl r(>Hidiic tii niy 
wifu Julyaii, oxeuulrioe. I'r. 17 Ajjr., 1536 (Hugoii, 2)1). 

24 Mar., Ii)34. Robbrt Wyiisn, of Lim^oa, grooer. 'I'o 
my Father xls,, wliicli dwellitli in the birtahopryko of Dtirhnm. 
Brother Willinin Wygen. Cosyn Willm Stoky»li>v. Pr. 21 Apr., 
1635 (HogeiL, 23). 

t2 May, 1535, 27 Ilen.VTTI. John Bj-aokdik, pwMt. To 
be buried in (lie cluiuncell of 8iiiiiot Liiurc^iicv, PulWeyi To 
Joliu Blat'kdeii, apprputico with M' PolUtiido, vjli. xiiiB, itijd., 
and to Willyam lllaclcclen his lirother ii] li. vj «. viij d. To 
Roger Blaukdon my brother iij li. vj h. viij d., my foxfiirred 
gowno, one doubli-t of worsted and ttj oxon, ix nht-pi', whiobo 
are in tho handea of my brother Thoiniist in Dnrham, and to 
8ymo[jd Bliiukdcn my brother Thomas mmnv iij li. vj^. viij d<i 
whiuho is in hir« folherii liiindr>)'. Tu my hrothttr Kurjauntn 
XX li., In hiH wift> iij li, vj h. viijd., ami to btn nemo John 
Blaclcdfin iij li. vJH. viijd., and tu hiH ij litnight^ni xl n., alitu 
unto my brother Cutbert Blackden, serjikunto of tlu' kiiigei 
confectonario, one ring, tho wbioho Ciitbort, H(ii-vauiit, I m»ko 
uiy executor. Pr. 2-1- Nov., 15!J7 (DynKuloy* H). 

19 Sept., 1535. ItoflHBT Chuwdbtiim, of London, halKtr- 
daffiher. To my brutlior Williiim ('udwortho toiinti poundcMk 
To Richard} Juhii and ThomaH, my bri'tlu-ru, (vve miirkeM a 
poce. To my suatur Ineard lenne ponndre. To my suMor 
Annes fonrty iihilbngeM. To iriy father xIh., to my tnolhor 
TJli. xiiJB. iiijd. To the pour folkcit of tlu* pnriwhe of 
Sylkeston, to be gevyn every Monday in bred and ilu!the, xij d., 
untill tbo sutne foiire ponudcn be ended. The rvaidiio U) 
Richard Lambard and John Blundeil, exeoutuiim. IV. 1 (Vt, 
1535 (Hogea, 27). 

8 Oct., 27 Hen. VIII (l.'»M."i), UnnBicr Hiioktdn, dork. To 
be buriod within tho quire of ih<> I'dllcgo of Stoko. I will 
there be lUMtribnted ooii linndrotli poundos, o( which thirty 


.pOQlldeti lu twenty townes, aiuonge my punr paristiliora at 
SeMldlcl foure poundes, Newportu thrs poundes, Stoke xls-, 
Wtllos xia., howther xls. Pr. 8 Nov., 15S& (Hageii, 28). 

H Jan., 1635-ti. John BkownKj of Lyiine Bisahup, 
tuerchuuat. To be buricJ in the IpHrialie cliari.Ii of Sniut 
Miti-gartft in Lyime, wliere as nij fii«t wife Keth bui-yed. I 
will tliat my chaleis ami my uiasso bokc with my vostruont 
sbiill goo to the irhiipell of Ketitlall, named Alhalowes, where 
i was borne. Christufcr eldest Bontie. Thoinaa sf ciinde Honiic. 
Vyncent Browne yongest soiiiie. Margaret wife. I'r. 21 Mar., 
i535-l> i Hogou, 30). 

31 Oct., 1536. William Broket, citizen and gold«mvtb, 
of London. To be buried in the myddoil ilo of the cburuh of 
Saint I'eter in Westchepe. To inv easier Jennet RobynBon, 
of FrBnilington in the Oountie of N'oi-thiimltrL-laude, x.\ li. 
To Roiiert Broket und Thomas Brobet, niy brother John 
Brokettes sonnea, siij li. vjs. viijd. eviTy <jf them. To brother 
Thomna Brokett sonne and doughter tenne ponndoa a pece. 
To Thomas Brukett, in Over Toynton iu Lincolnshire, xli. 
.\lioe Hant hia suster xx inarue^. Brother Robert decesaed. 
To Richard Clerkson and William Hydnell, merchauntes, of 
Awnwirk, vj ». viij d., nnd I geve to theym to have a dirige 
and a masse in AIl-huiii* church, wherw 1 was borne and 
criitlenyd, and for ft drynking of bred and ale and chese xxb. 
The residue to Henry Holland iiiv susters sonne. Pr. 25 Nov., 
1536 (Hogen, 41 J. ' 

1537. Eleanoh Ahl&jjt. To he buried in the Frerea 
chiirche at Dnnstaple; doughtera Anne and her Imsband, 
Margaret, Annes and her hnsband, son Sir Edmoiid, preest^ 
cosin Anne Powell. I will thut Richard my eoane shall baTe 
all my landes within the shires of Bedfurde, Bnekinghflmshirej 
Hertfordshere, Yorkshire, and for lack of heires to be devided 
among my dowghters. Kichnrd my sonnc and Sir Edmond my 
fontie, preest, executours. Pr. 25 Sept., 153? (Dyngeley, 9). 

20 Ftb., 1587. Ahthost Pehton, of Saint Clement 
Danys without the barrye of the newe Temple o£ London, 
geiiiilmiui. 'I'o be bnried in Saint Clement L-hurch. To 
William Fewilliama, of my lordes house, my hole chaumber in 
Westmynster ii.s it stondeth. To my ostys William Dawson 
wife my litle ryng of golde. To my noura© and keper for hir 
greatt payne laken aboote me in the tyme of my i)ikenes twoo 
anngelles of golde. To my oet Kichemonde in Westmynster 
my gown, and I forgi'vi- his wife and him all detrei*. I will 
that Chrislofer Fenlou my brother shall aftre my deceaa have 

' AlnhfkiD. 



all tlie ttJimms of jertw in my leessis of the parsonnge of 

Ruod^tntie, lielonjfing nntn Raint Mary Al»bey aud Ijew6sham* 

I WrelUon, Biul lliut my brother shall of suche money ftfttl 

jgooden that lie liatli of luyn pnye unto eitlier ot my twoo 

iBusterg fyvo mnpces sterlinge a pece, and my mother fyve 

i.iuarces, and th« residue to liia owne tise. I will that my 

lensse ia tlio forest uf B(.*wliiiidej- b^ Eolde, and of the money 

a hundrcth poiiodes be gevyn to my good lord and maister 

ill recompense of his great kjiidnes. William FewillianiBj 

ftod parsoii Chattorti>n, exectitours. Pr, 10 Apr., 1538 

(Dyngeley, 15). 

5 Ang., 1587. John Ktrkbtb, eitezen and grooer, of 
London. To be buried in the church of Saint Ofave's in tho 
olde Jurye. To Huster Elizabeth teiine BbiUinges. I geve my 
bouse in Notiingam of twenty shilliiigeis by ycre (to my wife), 
and after hir to my eliilde the winch that ahe is withull. To 
my brothflr Henry Mar a Idak gowne and his wifu another, 
and my brother John Mar & Male gown, to my siisler Eliziihethe 
cliildrun iiinonges them thi? rent of my huuso in Notingham 
oon yero, tlio which ix twenty ti;Uil linger. To my brother 
Henry Mar one ryng of guide. To my childo, the whicho my 
wifa i)t witliall, all bi» duetie of my goodes according to the 
oonetitucon of the citie. To my brother Henry Mar tbo title 
of tho house on tlio Chepsidu. RMidowe to my wifu, Pole 
executrix. I'r. 7 June, l'>Sii (Dyngeley, 18). 

12 Aug., i^'iS. Raafb Thomson, of Hurste. To my 
suster Helyne, dwellynge in Topclyffe apoii Swa-ell, five 
marltHS. To niv coseiL Margett- Grepys, in Ijondon, twenlye 
poundes. To Johne Bolton, dwellynge att Watton besidet^ 
Be\-erley xla. Daughter Margeiye Hyde. Wife Margaret, 
exec. Pr. 4 Mar., Id38-y (Crnmwell, 12). 

17 Sept., 1538. Rychard Benson, of KIngeaton upon 
Thamyse, esqni^r. Executors to distribute vj li. xiij tt. iiij d. 
auiungths (xioreBt people within the parish of Knabysborowghjl 
within the coimtie of Torkeahire. Ciceil Benson my nyse. 
John. Harry, Kliaabeth, children of my brother John Bensou, 
deceased. . . , Benson, late wife of my brother W" Benson, 
and her cliildre. My nephews Robert, Thoiuas, Henry Benson. 
Exors., wife Elizahotb, Robert, Tho" and Henry Benson. 
Pr. 5 May, 1.H0 [Aleog^r, 6). 

14 Apr., 1.539. Richard Dawton, niaryner, Sainte 
Dunstaiiea in the eaete. To be buried in, my parisbe cliurche. 
To JotiDO my euster all my landes in the lordeship of Barnard 

*L«vJ8ham. 1 7 Bowlftod. { FitiswiUunn. || Ktinresljoroimli, 



CflBtill, wliicli came unto mo by the mheritaarce of my father 
Rtcliurd DHwtuii. MmitiouM brother Harwaud aud liia reseels. 
l»p. laflt May, 1.5:J9 (Uyngoley, 28). 

27 Sept., 1539. Jhhn Wbvti'E, L-itizen mid girdelor. 1 
vrill my brother Uohtrti Wrytte sba.ll piiyc noe rent for hia 
house no dwcls in Hfirwdrtii, and hiive the liouao iintill Pere« 
Wrytte come to lawfid! a^e, aiid yf lie dye the howae to 
pemayn to my wyfe, and yf she die to the next of the Rtooke 
of the Wry1t««. To PerfS my BOiie all my liLiides in Harworth, 
Farworth, Ciaworth, WintJ^iii in Hlyth, and Nome.* I forgyve 
William Wfiitwmth the reut cif thu huwec Im dwL-Ilith In for 
fyve jere, and I J^ve the ^iuinu to my brotlnfi'Thonisui Wryttes 
donghtor, dwelling at Retforth with my unlioll Tbomas 
Wright^ and I give Iier vjs. viij d. To my uukell Thomas 
Wrytl* 11. prymer. To cosyn William Wilbnre a velvett sworde 
girdell. Wife Bxecutrix.' Pr. 24 Oct., I5:i9 (Dyngwley, 32). 

4 Oct., lo3f). WuxtAw Jackicson, nf S' George's, South- 
wark. To Tbomas JackcaDii my brother my gitwne, xss., aad 
onw yonge horsae, aud a stune oF wolle. To brother Rubert u 
gowLe, and all my landuti in Ulacketoyt parishc in YorkeBhtn', 
and a Ktime of wolle, 'I'd my 8U8ter,»wyfe of Thomas Brykett, 
xsa. and a etono of woUe, and ten abillinges in Hichard 
Brykettcz band. 'J'u my wyfe all my laiides in (he purishu 
of Saynl George, and tlie rest© of my goodes. Pr. 12 Nov., 
1.13!) (Dyngeley, 33). 

23 Feb., 15394o (31 Hen. YlIIj. Rooer Lupton, clerk, 
prcbendflry of the Kinges College of Wyndsor in the oountie 
of Barke. To be buried in my chappell ut Kton, To suster 
Isahell Unndley vj li. and xxli. 'i'o my cosen lloger Lupton 
XI ii., to Kit^hard Lnptim amine of John Lupton xx li. To 
Itiobard Lupton's bn-ithor of the whole boiis xli. ItosJdlio,, 
xxiitj li., to be distributed iv my kynnfs follce Jind other ia 
SodbBTe.t To Roger son*' oE Robert Lnpton, BometyraB of, 
London, cooke, .\xli. Becinests to Eton College a.nd Windsor.,' 
Pr. 12 Mar., I.^;t9-10 (Alengei-, 4). 

24 Sept., 1540. Tejomas Tuomsone, Doctor of divinitie,, 
vicar of the chnrche (if Kndefeldejin ilipinmntie oF Middlesex, 
and pBPBone of tho pansiip L-bnrohe of Wolwyno in tlie euuntio>j 
of Herfui'tbe. f will that my esecnbuurs aliall exhebtt in 
WPvtLng to the M' and feluwea of Seynt JoIju'b College in 
Camhridge this Bi-ticule of ray teatameiit, that where they 
stand bnwnde tnr the porffirmaunco of my will as towehiujf 
the ordynnnue and fuundacon of two folowes to coutynewe for 
ever there of my fundaeon to praye for me and my bene- 

" NMIMiJ'. 

t- Scdiwrgb. 




fftctoiirs-, one r>f the «ey<l felowes I will that Vie shnlbe always 
ui Yorkeshyre, and lie or they that were borne imder the 
A re lii<liaeunrH uf ClevyliiaJy lo bw preferrad bufon* nil othtir of 
y" H«yd eliire, the seconde to be of Richemoiid shire or 
pisshoporicki', and for lacks of iUbbb two ahypes thso of ony 
other of tlio ix ahyres by yond Trente. I will that Cbristes 
college in Ciinibridge shall have my landes in Maltoit. He 
nieiitions also Arthur Palinere my syster emie, my syBter 
Anne his mother, William Weddered hia raothef, my syster 
Juhanrie, half brother Richard Gierke. Pr. 14 Feb., 1540-1 
(Aleiiger, 2:3). 

14 Dec, 1540. SiK Huohk KjiarnJaKS, nf Klayiig, co. Norf. 
I will iiiyti exeeiitniirfi nhall reiie^Te the renteH ot all those 
landee wbiehe niy posyii Franncea Hastins^es, Edmunde 
Wright, Bryiiii Stryrigev, Edmiiml Hudsori) Riclvnrd Sraythe, 
Agueg Brigges, wedowe, Robert Medylton, Uobert Hudson, 
and Richard Newyke, parson of Smetun, now oocnpien in 
Fenwyke, Norton, Mosseley, SiiLOtuu, Sontliciivs, Snaythj 
Pollyngtuti, Aakerne, KlmesliaJl, Thorp in Balne, Bariiby super 
Don, Ciisseworth, mid Uramwith, in tho coniitie of Yoike, luid 
of my iiiaitout'8 of Wellnwe and Grymtatun in tie conntio of 
Notynghnm, during the temie of elleven yeres. To pay my 
daughters Anne and i*)ltzabE!tli ccx marks each, and after 
ellevtin yen's my aon John to havu the laudes. Wife Kateryii 
to have jewelles, &c. My exwcutours to bring np my nevewe 
Laarence Novell until my sont> John do acconiplishe xxj years. 
Brother in law Sir Thomas Lefltraiinge, soa John. Makea 
coseyn William Hastin^es and brother Marteyn Hastinges 
execiitora. Pr. 9 Feb., 1540-1 (Alenger, 22). 

7 Aug., 1541. Sir William IIollys, late maire of London, 
knight. To William my soiiiie my manw& in Derbye, 
Nottingham, and Lincoln, thalt of the mantior of Orumwell in 
llaffopd in the Countie of Noltmghaiii lately pnrcbaaod of 
Syr Edmiiiul Knyvett, knight, of the yerely value of xxiiij li., 
aod niannnr uf Houghtnn in thy Cuiinlie of Derbye of John 
Bab^-ngtun, gcntibnan, in dffaidta of yseue to the right heyrea 
of n\o. To FriiimeeK my sonne the manner of Garten* in the 
Countie of Torlie lately purchased of thorle of Rutland, ot 
the y&rely value of fourtye (joinides. 'Xo Dame Elizabeth my 
wife landes in London and cuuiittu of Liucolu. Johanne 
Wliiddon doughter uuto Aiuie Whiddua my lute doughter. 
Pr. 17 Dec, lo-t2 (Spcit, U). 

24 Aug., 1541. William Lovimgton, prifite, paraoniie of 
the parish cburohe of Sainte Nychol«« Obives in Bredstrote 

• (Hrlgn-oa-Uni-Wolclfi. 



in Lnmlun, giv«« co my L-uitsiu Agnt.'^ Lovjni^ton all i^ache 
louden MX Im; in the Cownv uf \V'i)li-'Dsron'ii<> triLhin the pariah 
of B<>liii^h»tii* within iht.> bui»hoprick uf Dnrram, which John 
LoTLojcton, late (lt!Cens(.>il, bniUther ontii thp iiai<le Aj^es, dyeil 
poc<>MHl of. Pr. 5 Sept., 15-H (.\lenp*r, S4). 

Mav, I")42 34 Hen. VTII). Jokx Lrsn, citizen nnd 
bkberdasahcr, of London. To be barred in th« oborclic of 
Saynt Mioliell in VTood^tr^ti- in London. John Ryl^h■rdsOll 
t»y brothM", Jouuo his wyfe, Isabel] Robertt^ mj ^8ter, 
dwelling in the parisbe of Rotbewell in the coontie of Torke^ 
Ailun Luud my kvnsemao, ('yt.'elye Lnnd mother of the ^rdc 

rAcbun, Iiukbelt wi'ie of Robert of Xewson In the paiuhe of 

["Wrwyll in the countie of Yorke, TholnaB Lnnd of ReyOon in 

'"Korff. Ite«iydae to Alice my wrfe. fV. 29 June, I-542 >Spert, 7.) 

U May, 1&43 (d4 Hen. VUl). Sis Wuuam PrEBsnie, 

kii'.t 'I'o be buried in tho chawhe of Saint Kllyn within 

Bi!»ho|ip«>^t«^. Soonti Wttliani all pUte and my rig'ht in 

, manors. Doughtcr Annp I*iokerTiig six ponndi'^ thirtene 

-sbillingt>M and foure pence during lyfe. George I'iokeryng mjr 

base borne 9(^>nne vj li- xiij 3. iiij d. yprely owt of my londen in 

the towne of Calwyke in Holderues. Wife Elinor, mother 

to the said William, over thai whiohe the lawe itranntith 

vjli. siijs. iiij d. yorely. To Anthony Pykeryiig Hij s- iiijd. 

yerly uwte of my loudea iu the conntie of Yurke. 1 will that 

FBarCiliuew Story my serrauni sballiave the bailywike of 

Kethcrdftll in tho said couotie during the lea^e and to have 

yerely fourty ahUlinges. Pr. 6 Feb., 1542-3 (Spert, 15). 

15 Oct., L542. Len:<&aD JomcwN, cdteiien and atuck6i«sbe- 
monger. To he bane*! in the poit-ha under thy Hieple of 
Saint Martyn the Orgar. To William JohnAim my owyn, nowe 
beyng in Spayne, fonrtye poondes. To Elizabeth and Alice 
Junnson, my brolher'a doughtero, fyve ponndes each, and for 
the other twoo aosters Kateryn and Agne^ I cxmitte them to 
the discrocion of Alice my wife, Tc» Christofer Johniwii, 
Dn of Stanton in Xottingbamshire, my guwn and xl g. 
Iten of my landes in HeckeU-ng.t T*r- 27 Feb., 1542-3 
(Sport, I6j. 

23 Oct., 1512. RiciiAKD WrLCiNG-soN, citisen and mercer, 
of London. To be bniyed in the chorche of Scyiit Anthonye. 
Wyfe Anne, mother Johanne Aleyn, wydowc, brollier Symon 
Wilkinaon, brother Thomas Aleyn. To the repar^icuns uE tho 
high Doyoiefi wayea in Blackwell in the parishe of Darlington 

* B6Uiii(^ni, to. KonlikntA. nr Bellin^ham by Stoctton. 

\ He (U«d 19 Maj. lUi- Hib M.L » in Sh/w's Lvmlo-, i, 481. 


iij li. vj 9. viij d. Uncle WiHiain Wilking-soii and his wyte. 
Cusyii3 William Bory, Leonni-d Etiieringtoii, Tiiomrs. PRrryw, 
mercer, Tlioiiias Assendell. Pr. 21 Nov., U*i2 (Sijert, 13). 

5 Apr., 1543. WiLifAM Wylktswh, citosen and mei'cer, 
of LondaD. Joliane wife, Tliotnasju, Jane, Frances, finil 
Christian, my dongliters. Symond© Wilkyneoii my brother, 
Alice Brfivinsoii suster. Neyewe Hymoiide Wilkyrison, To 
tho amendinge of the high wayea, Ac, ahoute the towne of 
Bliikwel! (? CO. Durham), where I was borne, tenne poundea. 
Pr. 21 Nov., 1.34S (Spert, 27). 

25 June, 1543, confirmed !.j46. Johm Conynqbbtjc, of 
North Mytiimes in the County nf Herts., eaquier. Execatora 
to sell land'^ in Hellowo* of Swaoldnle in the County of York 
lately purchiiaed of nephew I'.'liristnfer Coayngeabye. Pr. 26 
June, 15.J1 (More, 28). 

6 Nov., 1543. Bartiiilmkwr Foster, Citizen and girdeler, 
of London. To be biii'yed in the churche of Saint Laurence 
in tliG olde Jnrye. To brother Anthony e Foster fonrty 
siiilliiiges. To be beNfcowed within the parislieof Saint Peters in 
Bywell in the countie olf North uniberlaode vjs. viijd, indirigea 
inid inasBee, and amonges poiire people. Residue to Jotme my 
wife, execntrice. Pr. (i Dec, l-'i'tS (Spert, 29). 

1 Jan., 1543-4. Robret PRocBfOTE, prie-iit, late vicar of 
Bolton. To he buried in the churche or churoheyarde of 
Alhiilowes in AVilloughhye oii the Wolde. 1 will be brought 
to the gronnde as it shall please my coayn Robert Hall and 
my cosyii liis wife, and as touching my goodes I have gyven 
hun them freely, and make him executor, Pr. 1 Jane, 1345 
(Pyimyng, 30). 

6 June, 1545. FBAm-'OES Stylecraoj;, citizen and carpenter, 
of London. To be buried in the church of Our Lady in Alder- 
manbiiTy. To my mother Johanne Stylecrage, other n-yae 
culled Jenett Stylecrage, dwelling in Wharleton in tLo Biishop- 
ryke of Durham, and to Johu Stylocirage my brother, and to 
Alyce and Illiz. my aasatcre, tenne pouudee. Residue to Bliz. 
my wif, Gxecutri.'f. Pr. Apr.^lSoO [Wrastley, 11). 

3 Aug., 1545. 8iK John Ai,hn, kn"^, Aldermu-u of Loodou.f 
Ho giTCB hi6 son Christopher Alen the manora and lands in 
IBaltherton, Knapthorpe, othenviiie Cnapthorpe, Codyngton, 
Bariiftbe eo. Nott., and Hawnby, Clynt., Hoterington, Muston, 
Fyie, Blalttofte, IledhouHB, Skagcdchoi'po, and More Monkton, 
CO. York. Pr. 15 .Jan., 1645-6 (Alen, 1). 

' Ilea laugh. 

-\ Lord Mnjror of Lontlon 1-S35. 



27 Sept., 1545. Johk Dokbtt (or DcrKF?rT/, citizen and 
ruercur, of Luadon. To be biirifd iu the church u! S' Lawreiia, 
Old Jury. Wife Thomn^in, cbililren Martha iind .Stephen, 
brothiir Lionel J)uckett. Uires to poor of Flyntbam iiij li., o( 
SybtLorpe, SoraUin, KtieUm, and Syrysttm* in Ntittyngliain 
xxH. IV. 23 Jan., 154o-a (Alen, 2). 

(No dutc) RoBKBT Has8os, Vicar of Lytlo M/ancudoQ. To 
be buried ui thy parish chucch of S* Peter's, Chaulfouc. To 
the naid chnrcb oocr rt'stmont nnd a pair of iron raclof. To 
the church of Myssemlt'ii a vestment, of GuthcrHft'lde one 
TOUtiiient and a frontal, of Ambry {AlmondbHry} »■ vestment, 
of Yolaml |Blland^ one vestment, of Dnrfeld oiip i-ftttinent 
To BitnHorlh Cbiippell one vestment. To (ho pfor of Great 
MjTflMiideii xiij ». liij d., of S' Petoi-'s, Cbalfoiit, xxvis. viij d. 
To the priaonorB of Aylosbury ij s. To Richard Lyon, oE 
Chalfunt, all luy ffdods mid my copyhold there to keep aii obit 
for XX yeare. To niy cousen M"" Uaoeon, of Oxford, all my 
booki. To M' OkpwBlI, of Great MiHseDden, my velvet tippet 
and a book. Pr. -1. Nov., 15-15 (Pynnyng, 4]). 

4 Oct,, 1M5, John Watson, of the parisho of our blossed 
lady at Stroud In the County of Mydd., wrowfhed maker. To 
Thomae Wataoii my brother and to hia heires nil those two 
acres and one hanlf acre of en-fible land lyeing nere tKe 
landctj of John fiarbor iii the- tmvve assurte in Cawood in the 
County of Yorke, wbichu I, tho sayd John Watson, uowe have 
by the free gifte of one Thomas Watson, nowe deceaaedj late 
father of us the sayd John and ThomaB Watson. Pr. 4 Nov., 
1645 (Pynnyuj?. 42). 

23 Doo., 1545. John I'iiiKAB, prest and parsonne of 
Staneefeld, co, Suff. 'Jo he buned in tliH churchyard thero. 
He g:ive8 amongst his parishioners of Elwick, co. Durham, v li. 
He mentions last half yeret* fsmie of my benefice of Elmcke. 
Pr.4May, 1547 (Alcn, 34). 

27 May, 1546 {3S Hen. VlII). Geohok Bkiqges, citizen 
imd incrclmiit tailor, nf London. To be buiied at S' Mighill 
in Cornbill, He gives WilliDm Derbyehirc of Ueuor, in co. 
Nott., vli., and to tlio parish of EBtwood, co. Nott., a croasa 
of value of xxvj g. viii d. Bediduo to his wife Alice. Pr. 7 Oct., 
1546 (Alen, 21]. 

1 Junu, loiO. RiuHAKi) BEVERCorrBS of the close o£ 
Lincoln. To be buried in the Cdthodral there. To have a 
dirige and maase at Ne-tvarko. To the mending- of Barr Yabe 
and charcho warkos thero iii li, vj s. viij d. To vnfo- Margaret 
lands at Newark, affciir to Thomius Masaing^berd and Alice his- 

' SjeniMn. 



wife, HI y dangSttor. Thoiuns Mastii uglienl my .son. Broclier 
Aweten Mawring-lierd ; brother Anthony Bcvcrcottea. Pr. 
29 Nov., lo4(i (Alon, 23). 

1 Bdw. VI (I.^*?-?). Thomas KiKiAri/df lijii-mondacy in 
the co\intie of Surrey, eaqoitr. To be buryed in the chaiincell 
of the church of Mary Magdaleyu there. Wife Kli/abeth my 
house in London, iiocc Dorothe sister to Alice GibBon, Robert 
Edgar, NichuW Edgar my TcyniieBman, Williaiii Edgar father 
to said NicbolaB. I give my inanoi-e of Burton Constsiblc.Huiiton 
Garreston, Huiithaiik, and Clyft«jn in the countie of Yorku to 
the reverend lather in God, Bushopp o£ Saint Assaph, during 
fche ]ife of Alice tribnon my neticcj and a.fter her doatli to 
Edgar Gibson her iioniie and my godsonnc, and after his 
deoeasse to my right heirea. And wlieras I itiu seazed of the 
manoiLTB of rgTnanthi.>rp, Kirketlightoii, Newson, Fprmanjt" 
Loftehouse, 8iisacres, and Ayzerley in the comitic of Vorke, 
and of landos there wlijoh I lately purchaaod of Kobort 
Rooae, eaqnirt.', my myndc in all the landes shall deactinde 
tomy right heyrcand hie hoyres. Pr. £3 May, 1547 (Alen,S6). 

IS Aug., 1547. John Hall, citizen and goldemith. Tr» be 
buried in the church of S' Gyles withontu Crepulgafce. Son 
Edward Hall. William yongor son of William Hatl tho older, 
my brother. John brother of said William Hall. WiUium 
Hall son of Robert Hall, my brother. Wife Katharine. 
Elizabeth Hacte my BJater. I give to the repai-acon of the 
parishe churche of Gotam co. Nott xIb. Pr. 16 Nov., \-A7 
(Alen, 48). 

26 Oct., 1519. William Twtl>aiiT.l, of Greflbye co. Line, 
now being in the parish of 8' Oswald's co. Dnresme. To bo 
buried in the cliurcli of & Oswald's. Will made at Gresbo 
19 Feb. laat to stand in full strength, aon Thomas executor. 
Pr. 5 Feb., 1550-1 (Bncke, 4). 

28 June, 1550. Tbomas Lakoton, citi?.on and skyaner, of 
Londun. Son Thumag; brother Richard Langton, I give to 
be diati-ibutod to the poor of Kingeaton upon Hull, where I 
was born, £10. Sermons in the church of f^t. Dunstan's in 
the East, L»ndoQ, whoru I am a pariahioiier. Cousin 
Christopher Laii^^ton ; Kin uon Thonuuj. To 8 Bcholars at 
Oxford and Cambridge, at the diacretiou of Mr. Ilowper, 
bishop elect of GlouceBter, etc. Pr. 23 Feb., 1560-[I] 
<Bucke, 6). 

17 July, lo5t> {4 Edw. VI). Bm WaI'iub Bokuam, of 
Halcney, kniaht. Whonw Sir John Oreshain the yonger 
hath ftMurytTto ine the itiftiiiior of Lytton in Craven, and 

' See Yorlukiie Fine*, TuJor, i, 101. 

t ['u-ntULm. 



laiideit in GreiiefelroHbu', Haul ton gill, Foxhopp, 07Gr Heasyldoii , 
nether llessyldoa, Slayghtes, Skodderlinlle, nnd Fouiitanrt- 
Hall, of the yerply vulup of fiftyo pounde«, fyvo shilliiigios mid 
eleven pence, upon conilycon that yf Sir Jolni do paje the 
sommc of dccclsxx poinidcw thiit then the sale to ha void. 
yf S' Joliii do not |)iiyf the some then Kellam and Clement 
Throgmortoii fihnll have tlio hnlf of the manner of Lytton, 
&u., nnd the othpi- half my cxecutours ahnll sell. Pr. 20 Aug., 

1551 (Bu(;ke^22). 

6 Maiv, Ifi&l. John Uoobus, citizen aiid cluthc-worker, of 
London. Tu Ilicbard Rogers of Hartyl! in the countie of 
Yorke, my eldest brother, tcnne ponndes. Ti> ovevy of the 
children of the same Bichnvd fnnrtie shillinge!*. To John 
itogera o£ Wales in the said cuuntie, my eecond brotier, tennu 
poundes, and every of the children of the said John fourtie 
ahilliiiges. To WiUiftni Rogevs of Wodall in the said cowitie, 
my third brother, tenne pomidcs. To evfiy uf the c-hildreii 
fourtie nhiMinges, To Inabell Rpadc ray ayeter sixs poiTodea 
tliirteene shillinges and foiire pence. To every of the children 
foartio Bhillinges. To Margaret my syster. Belches wief, 
vj li. xiij 8. iiij d. To every of the children fourtie shilh'nges. 
to John Hewet my uppreutice fiftie poundes. Jolume my 
wief. Syatt-T Jnue, William Syins wief, twentie poundes. Tu 
John Syma her 8onne twentie pound ea, to every other of her 
children f(jiirtie sliillingea. Hnghe Parker of London, 
plaisteror, tenne poundes. To Annes syster, to Hughe wiefj 
and John Cotes, teune pmindea. To Margaret sister o£ AaiieH 
Cotes fourtie shillinges. Pr. 2 April, 1.^52 (Powell, 10}. 

27 June, 15-M. Stakspblde, Esqnier, citiaeu 
and skynner, of Lrmdwi. Gives lands in Ehiiiil, Grotolaud, 
Baraland, Hutherfeld, Shepeley, Aidealey, to Liabell Cooke, 
daughter, for life. Pr. 16 Doc, 1551 (Bucke, 30). 

20 Aug., 1552, RoBCR'i' Benhon, of Kingston upon Thames, 
gentilman. To be buried in the Trinity Cliancel in the parisli 
ohurehof Kingston, To Johim Bensoiij mother, vili. .siijs. iiijd. 
To brethren and sisters in the County of York.vjU, xiija.iiijd,, 
divided. Ty si&ter Cicely xl h. To pooi' of KaHresborough 
XX 6. Eldeat son Richard, hecnnd son ThoiCfis, third son 
"William, Bona Robert, Henry ; danghtei'S Christijin, Marie, 
Johane. Wife Mary, brother Thomas Benson. l*r. 5 OcUj 

1552 (PoweU, 25). 

2 Sept., 1552 (6 Bdw. VI). Kobabte Pakbheam, of Totinge 
"bocke (Tooting Bee) in the Countioof Snrr., Bsquier. Elizabeth 
my wiffe, on jewel set with stones, which w-is my Lady Lovoloe. 
To my sonnes Edmond, John, Anthony fakenhani, and to 


sucho otbor childe wliic'lio herottfter I shall have, fill inv 
"iiniiQor, landea wliicli J have purehaaoJ, iiml also my fermo 
Htiil temie of yearGB of and in Kyi'kystnll in the Conntie of 
Yorke. Pr. 30 Nov., 1552 (Vuwcll, 32). 

I" May, 1551?. Thomas IjOWMik, citiiceiii ami ynicur, 
London. To Ijc buried in the churche ynrde of Saint Mary 
Magdalene In MilUestrete. flooiles in thref partes, one to 
Kntiioi'yn my wief, one to Mai-f^aret my doughtor, ono unto 
myself. I beqiieatli tiiW!)rde« tlie reimracoiis ut llic liiglie 
wrtyes in the Inne called Kcxbvo lane nighe tliP Citie of Yorko 
tunne poundea, iiiul otliLT tenno poundes towardcs the wayea 
npon uawaey betwene Kexbyo and Wilton. To my poore 
kpiftfolkes ab I'Dklington temie puundes. Brother Jerrard 
Jjownde, Johano hiadoughter, uncle John Sinythe. Fp,3 Aup., 
1566 (Kefcchyn, Uj. 

23 June, I55+. Adgustinu Hvnub,* citizen and iilderinau, 
of London. Ht give& to Augnstyua Hyndo hia au«und nun 
all his lands in Laxlun and Upton, Co. Notts., and in Hnrtehill 
in the County of York. Pr. 9 Mfir., 1563-4, (More, 6). 

8 Sept., 1 554. Lkosaei- HucHEaos, clerk, of Crowtoii ala. 
Crolton, Northauta, i-lerk. Poor of IJladon, Keneyngton, 
NoTthawlerton, S. Egidius in Durham. Margaret Iluohenon 
aU. Taylor in Durham. Kobert Wilkynson in Durham. Pp. 
25 Oft'., 1554 More, 9J. 

27 Feb., !wt-5, Anthony CALyEiiLKY, of S' Magnas» 
London, inarchanntailor. To iBabell Harper, of Calverlay, my 
mother, twenty pouiidH. The residue of goods to hi devided 
in two parts, one to Alice my wellbeloved wife, and ihe otiier 
amongst my three Lhildren. She to be eseciitrix. Pr. 14 Mar., 
1554-5 (More, 21], 

28 May, 1565. dlRi^tofun Vavesskk, of litlo -Scjiit 
Bartholinew, London, Marchaimt Taylor. To bu buried in the 
chiireh of fi^ Bartholomew, wheruiii I dwell. WTiora^ I uf 
latu being a bachelor and maried thi; widowe of Tliomais 
Slater, a very kynde and lovingu woman antu mo, having a 
childe nanieil Anno Slater, I give her v li. Tin; third part of 
my lands in Yorkshira to my wife during life, and the residue. 
Pr. 21 June 1.555 {More, 2S). 

18 Nov., 1555. CiimsTOFKK Hn haud.'(ON, ('itizt-n and dyer, 
of London. Eiiaabetbc Richardson my brother'a daughter. 
John Bichardaou, dwelltnge at Dorram, Alice his doaghber, 
Ooorge RichardaoD, of Hngarefcono, cosyn Jolin Smytlio, 

* AugUfitliic nindo, ololhwotkor anil Hld^imfto, tiled 10 August. l?3t; buried 
ftt at, I'uUr'x, HMtciiiitp. M.b, Slaofe. i, i^i. 



William Hicliari3s(iii, nf HorLoii in N'L>]'ili(jitiberl)ind. \ will 
that Willyaiii Hivlmrdi^oii, darke, and M' Gitporv Uicliarcleon, 
and John Richiii-dson, of Twedraotho, luid Andrewc Mope, 
of Barwyckc, liavc- every of tliem ii yuldo riugu. Brother 
\ja.ngB.u\. Cicilio BichardHon my wii all itiy laudoi^, executrix. 
Pr. 12 May. lu^e (Ketchyn, 6). 

13 Feb., 1&55-8. Auck JAtsaoN, of S^ Clemont. East- 
tiheapH, Tiondon, widow. Into wife of Benef. Jdckiion, citiKon 
and batcbor. To Nichoiaa Jiiohtibolile, of (Jerabonie in York- 
shire, iij li. To (•biirclic>s of our ladie, Gulbrijgbtt-', Saioctu 
Andrcwfs in Albronghtc, ihkI K' James of Bnrghebriggv, three 
banners of Hilk, Pr. 4 Mar., l.55o-6 (More, -11). 

11 May, 1556. Sir iticHARD Dobby?, knight, citizen and 
Aldttrma.!! of London. To bp buried in the pariKb« Gburobu of 
SJaynt Marjftiret Moyses in Krydaie 8tret«. Goodes in three 
jiartc-s, one to Dmue Alice my wief, one to luy doiighters 
Mar^ret Stokmeado and Elizabeth Ejflyafelde equally, the 
tkirde to myself. 'I'o uiy bnitber Audrcw Dobbis, dwelling in 
Cliff in the pftTisho of Hemyngbroagh in tlie couulie of Yotko, 
wheat- I wns Lome, ten jiouiidcu. Joliu my brothers sonoe. 
Pr. 15 Jimo, 1556 (Ketclyn, S . 

27 -Joae, 1556. Rhiikkt Haick^son, citiiien and grocer, 
London. To bf buried in the L-burclie yardc of Alhulowa in 
Hony Lane. Margaret my wief, Migbell, Jolin aiid Elizabeth 
my childran. To Willy)i.iTi Webster of NoltMigham iiia. iiiid. 
To Alice nay fathera si!<ler at Barton in the Beane& ii] ». iiij d. 
Pr. 25 Sept., 1556 fKL>iohyn, 14). 

2 Aug., 1556. TaoMAfi Antam, of Stratfild Sey eo. South- 
ikniptoa, clerke. Wife Katlierine, sona Tliomaa, George and 
Jaiueu, daughters AlicPj Mary, Isabel!, Kliznbeth, Aiine, 
Dorotbee, brothers John, Jauies, Henrye Cliamherleyn. Men- 
tions lands in Caatilford eo.York. Pr. 29 Nov., 1558 [Wellos, 1 j. 

10 Aug., 1556. John Bkll, preiete, of Clerktiuwoll. To 
the poore of Tadeaster fyve poundea. {Many bo()uests to 
Oxford.) Pr. 24 Ort., 1550 i Kettihyn, 18). 

14 Aug., 155G [3 lUiilip and Mary). Thomas Berelove, of 
London, Citizen and vintner. Mentions Robe-rt Derlove, the 
brother of Richard Derlove, of Harry gate near unto the 
forest of KiiaresbroHglie. Wife Anne. I'r. 6 Sept., 1658 
(Noodes, 41). 

38 Joly, 155V. AMUROg Woolikt, of Water Lambetli in 
the Countie of Suny, e8f|nire. Awdrey my wiilo, fifty ponndes 
owte of my inaunor of Huddeistou and Shorborn during hap 
Jiff, ti> be puyed by my aoiiue in lawe Kichardc Terrell, 



esquiro, myn oxecntor- Dfinghtcr Jeritnide Vanghim, iievew 
Robei-t Woolley, coMeii Gylbiirl. atimie of uiy cosen Henry 
WoJloy. Manor of Wylatrope to Grace Terrell my dnti^bter, 
and for dr^faiib of lieire to 'i'homaa Terrell wnutit; uf my 
daughter IzalicU Worthington. Refiidne to Rioliardo Teirell, 
sole executov. Fr. 31 Mar., 155tl (Welles, 50). 

1 Sept., 1557. John Halyle. To be buried in the 
ehuTch of S^ Martyn's, Oiitewii?hp, in the chappell of our lady 
there bo nye my late wif Elizabeth there huryed. To my 
brotht-ip William Halile, theldcr, one bowse in Fishestrete, if 
Willinm die beforr Elinor Iiis wife then I gnve her the house 
for life, and after both dceeaBSoa l.o Willinm Hablt',.yongei' 
son of said Willinm. To my brother Robert flalile and to hia 
heiPBS my mnnor of Gibuanby within the Archdeaconry of 
Rioiiemonde, of llio yerely valuo of xijli. To my brother 
Edward Halile a lionae in East Cheap. To my brother 
Riohitrd a house in the rult-ry. To my siater Ii*abell, now or 
late wifu of Ennf Wilson, a goblet. To my sister More a 
bole. To my siater Alire, wife of William Tnrpyn, six ttpootis. 
To Julyan BeniiL' my late wifo'a dsiughter a house in Brt^ad 
Street and six goblets. To Thouiins Wilkynson, of London, 
cordwainer, and to iMahell lii» wifo my iieice, daughter to my 
brother Edward, a Iioubq in Garlick Lith, Ti» RicniLi-d Eiilyle 
my Hervant, (iiy brather Edwiii-de son,a howsy. To William 

Newby, of Kirli Fentoii, and to my neice his wife, 

daughter of my bi-oltier Koljert Halile. To William, Anthony, 
John, Robert, suns of my brother Robert Hallle, a silver 
erewse. To Jane uiy brother Robert's daughter three goblets. 

To my neico my brother Halile daughter, wiffe of 

Layeock, a. crewso. To my nt>ice my brothL-r Edwards 
daughter, two houtjes at .S. Ga^lifk hithe. To my neice Amtc 
daughter of my brotlitr Edwai-d, blncV for inonniing. To 
my cout>iii Thomiis Studenmn, of Sliorebone in Klmct, 
vj li. xiij s. iiij d. Residue to John son of my brother Robert, 
and Richard son of brother Kdward, with John and Richapd 
oxecutors. Dated at Newcastell in the proscncoof Sir Robert 
Brandling, kn', Cuthbert Ellyson, merchant, Humphry Oarr, 
yonian, TIio* Sawbery, yeoman, William (.'otit-r, yoomnii. 
Pr. 18 Sept., lo>7 (VVrastloy, a-j;. 

6 Sept., 1567. CuBiaTOpnEK Douoksok, of Uraytou, Middx. 
(son and heir of John Dodgosion, late Alderman of the City 
of York), now servant to the Higkt Hon''''' Lord W" Pagctt, 
-Lord PriT-y Seal. 'I'o be biiriyd iu the parish i;hiircli of 
Harmee worth e, btit if I die in London in the church of Groat 
S' Bartholomew iu West Smithfield. Pr. 18 Aug., 1558 
(Noodes, 57). 


NORTH rotmTRT wn.i.s. 

14 Jnn., 1557-8. Sn-CKHTint Topub, of Tynwell in co. 
liatlanil bfqncriitliit to SiM-slcr Sjlliliaridc my godsoimo, my 
fanne (if Rytim in Yorltshipc. i'r. 13 May, 1558 (Nooclea, 21). 

22 Fyl)., 1557-8. Wii.mam WAi.K(;H,of Davyea Tnne in the 
]>ari»lie of Soinpte Amirewe in Holboru. To lie l)uryed in 
nniDcto Aiu1ppwo« elmrolio. I beqiicatho all my lanrles lying 
nyo the towitn of lticliuin<iiuul in Vorkosliir to llio wnrJuynt' 
of lliospitall of Snincto Joliu bnptist lately Eouiiilc'd nl Kirkeby 
Rtiveaswathe by Doctor Dakyn by whatnopver name tlioy bo 
incopporstpp, so that the snid liospitall dno paye to Annie 
Porter nml to lier tioires forever yerelie tenup pi>im(le3. To 
Marg'ory .fruiiot* tlio wif of . . . jHines fortlp shilliriges after tbe 
ducciici- of Sir Williiuu Wn,llter inn! R'' llichiml Walker, To 
tho poom ia RiclioniouiKle fvve puiiiidei:!. Doctor Dsikyn and 
S' Williftm Walker, <-xecuti.r». IV.28 reb.,I557-8 iNoodes^lO). 

2a Mtir., 1557-8. Cituiikbt TitoMSoN, citizen mid brewer, 
of S' Lawrence, Poiiltney, London. To be burii'tt in the 
<-Iiurch there. To pimr dE Tliometon Stewardi- and for 
mending of the highwayn liijs. iiijd. Mentions bis siatei- 
. , . Thomson, now or late nf Middleham. Mary wife, Robert 
son, brothrrs Rieharrl 'I'hninsou, Frances Kighley. I'r. 1 7 May, 
15r)8(Noodes, 24;. 

20 July, 15p'»S. JoifN Macbell, S' Peter, Wcatclieape, 
citizen nna aldenunn of London, (rives manor nf Burneshed 
in cotmtie of Westmorland tt* Johaue wife for life, after to 
John son and heir, in defnidt of iasiie to Matthew 2** boo, 
Thomas S-^ son. Pr. 10 Oct., 1358 (Noodes, 65). 

9 Aug., 1558. WiNLiAM RiOQE, c.^([iiirE, of Strn g-lethorpe, 
CO. Line. Mentions Nonvell anil Nopwell Woodliouse, and 
lands in North Carltnti, Codding-ton, Newark, Fiekorton, 
Grange, and Gauntou, co. Nott. Anne his wife, Edraonde, 
Richard, Thomnf^, William hie sons, Jaae, Judith, Elizabeth 
his daughters. Thomas hia brother. Pr. 20 Oct., 1558 
(Noodes, 62). 

5 Sept., 1558. RicilABi> HirrroN, oitlssen and carpinter, of 
London. To bo buried in All Hallowea, Stayning. To the 
poor folkee of the townea of Alburowe, Bu rrowbrigge, and 
lloclif in the said parish of Alborowe xxx s., and for masse, 
dirig-e and bght to bo .said in the riaid pBiiab of AlborOWC 
t*niie sbillijigB, to be ordered by the discreacions of Robert 
Bympaon and my coii(*eii Kiehurd Jonson oE the »aid parri«h. 
Mention.s Jane, wife, AVilliam Huttoii, clerke, brother, Jobo 
Knevett, father iu law. Pr. 5 Oct., J558 (Noodes, 51). 



AimiMOK, .inRN, na 

D« I.A Pol*, Wiluam, EAJir, or 


Ai»bwiitiTH, HfNiiv. iS^li 

SurKoiiff. 50 


AwTi, Hron, IJI'J 

EllhihiS: Jambs. 171 


Ai.MAYNB, Thojus, a 

Ebcbvb. WdiUau d&, 2 


AsisRiHis, UkuaiU), us 

FiBrv-uTo.v, Hobsbt un, 1 


Avnurw, BwiiiN, AG 

Fp.imwn, Thomas, 140 


Kichaup, IU'J 

FiTzntton, HonHtiT, 6iiini>F np Lomhok, 


Asm.E*c, (irrHHKBT. l',*3 



B.tBIMaTOIt, SiH AsinoNi', iOO 

FiTxttiM.iAir. Sw William, las 


,1 Daiii! KtmcniXK, 10^ 

,, Sm WniUM. Eabl nr 


„ TnoMis, 100 



BiftREH. Joira, 217 

Fouamhe, Sill QoDrnsv, 175 


Baiircw. Wtuuu, BisDOP or Cawjctr. 

PdRMTiB, lionritT, 43 



Fnoai",, 124 


Batt, Boocii. 8fi 

Sasitoionk. TnojiAs, UVi 


hSLAHl*, AWHOSY, 220 



liBliSBYBE, ItlCHiHrj, 131J 

OowRR, A<'>yEH, HT ■ 


BiiiiTi, Ai.RXAHiiiint, 23d 

am, TiioMAn, L'j ■ 


BxAtnctuir Joux, 144 

lUuEBToN, Ouuiiiir, 113 H 


BuvTcorr., Bpbjhit, IS& 

HAtinjs, Kn-H»ni>, 22'^ * 


Br.wictj, PcTEn, 15ri 

llAiiTwri.i., Jonii, 304 


Bint', !Ri<<e.kiiD, 7^ 

tt^arnids, EoiVARfi, Lonp. 76 


BLmoH, Jomc, 11)4 

„ liAtit Jane, 73 


Bkabazuk, Adjiu, *1 

., RicHABii,LoBiiWiLr,ogBiiriy, 


Bkakbkbvbv. Amtbuni, 22tl 



Brujimis. Hib CffAoiiEs, 21<t 

,, WiiJjAK, Lonn, ()■,( 


BuAYTon, lioeKUT, f> 

H,\XGi, Tbouu, 'M 


Bito^iri^TB, Uknbv, Loud \tfc\. K 

Hedvobts, lUiits, 13L 


KMOvme, r.«rv LrcT, 129 

HbtjktlTi, ItosenT, 8S 


BnvcHETT, KowLiSB, 180 

HiNBYBfw. John, '20^ 


Bl'kukll, SBoRam, 1G5 

Heuiix!«i3K. IUii)» lit, 9m 


Bntnie, JnttN, 241 

H»Brt!.p<ii.K,JonN, 4it 


CiitB, Balph. 13« 

HioDUH. Ciii.ts-, Ifii 


CAnxwiiKini, Ri»ri-M', 230 

Hol.gAru, ItfinciiT, AjidKDtallOr or 


CATnolt.VE, Al.lCK, ^1 

TonK, 232 


OaoLMKLGV. Sib Ricbahh. IOH 

HoLMH, John, 77 


CUlPBAM, DlVIII, '21i 

HovrNOBAu, ToHN, 13 


CtAKEcr, Thomas. &i 

HuDDUiBroK, Hsnui, 59 


Claghe, liisox.tKii. 20H 

HnPiEsTns, Dasic J*si!. 9(3 


CuwKK, D.vMc Aiists. 1-58 

JsKveoK, RoniEBT. ISl 


OurroN, JusR, 120 

Joii>t>oN, A)Jiii<>xi, 341 


CosST-iHiJc. John. IW 

,, Jambb, 139 


Co-tEB, wiLUAM, an 

Eevli, Rovbbi, 81 


CiutKOVR. Robeut, 168 

Lac;. CaRi?TorEieB. !M 


CllRWliK, J*NK. 19SI 

LAUBra:<. IloBBHr, 44 


DAtiiE. IfLiiH. fia 

Laue, or Lahs. lioBGiE'i. 161 


DA^v'HbM, ItoncnT, 163 

TiAKoiiTae, HtuHAnn, 31Q 


Db la PfJLE, UlCBAE]., DvitH OP 

Lawsun, Jakeb, 19i> 



LOMDOH, Joss, lia 





Lnni>, SiirpHoy, 152 

LouKDE, Hbkbt, M 

Lybter, Hm Richard, 223 

5Iasfieli>, Bobrrt, 20 

Mannkrm, Thoham, Earl of Buti^nr, 

Mareschau., John, HI 
Mahom, Robbbt, 63 
Mathbson, Qeoroe, 172 
MiDiLTON, Leonabd, 97 
MiTFom>, Crbistopher, 1G6 
MoLTNEus, SiH Eduvsd, 226 



Mowbray, John, Dcke of Norfolk, 3r. 
UvDLitTON, Lauscblot, 237 
NEnt.E, Jake, Lady, 55 

John, 212 
Kewenham, Sir William, 185 
Newton, Mn.F^, 207 
OoDEN, Richard, 197 
Fabb, Qdern EATaKRiNR, 199 

,, Damb Maud, 91 

„ Sib Thouab, H' 
Payntocr, John, 57 
Pesb, Rooeb, 197 
Pebcv, Daub Jotcb, 104 

,, Sir lNaEi4RAU, 15G 
pETVR, Richard, 28 
PiCKEBiNO. Thomas, 82 
Plocohb, John, 157 
Pobtinotoh, HoDEiir, 60 
Pbofhbte, John, 10 
PiDSAV, Ebnbt, 193 
„ Robert, 27 
pTKEBTON, John, or Malpas, 59 
Badcliffb, John, 153 
Rawbon, Richard, 67 
Reade, Margaret, 141 

„ Thouab, 142 
Bebebby, Leonard, 204 
RiCBABDsoK, William, 83 
BoEEBY, Sib Richard, 110 
Boo, John, 244 
Boos, Sir Robert, 49 

„ William, 8 

RcDSTOHE, Sm John, 12G 
RiTBXB, Maboabei, 171 
Salvayn, Sib Rooer, 31 
Savell, John, 192 
SewAU,, John, 7 
Sbotion, Stephen, 60 
Skeene, Hp.nrt, 79 
SOTBILL, Daue Elizabeth, 65 

„ Hbhry, 64 

„ John, 64 
Spbrlinoe, Anthony, 218 
Stani,ey, John, 212 
Stapilton, Aoneb, 48 
Stapleton, William, 194 
Stbanqways, Jamkb, 86 
SnFFOLB, Mabgarrt, 84 
SwiLUHOToN, Baij>b, 119 
Swinburne, Rowukd, 240 
Talbot, Edhttnd, 66 



„ Nicholas, 179 
Tastab, Peter de, 46 
T HOBS HILL, Robert, 243 
Thbesk, Robert, 26 
Thrubton, Tbouas, 52 
Thdbland, Thomas, 244 
Thwaiteb, John, 78 
Thwaytes, Robert, 53 
Walker, Bbi.o;, 97 

Ccthbebt, 232 
Walth AM, William db, 11 
Wastnes, Bartholomew, 139 
Welles, Elizabeth, Lady, 54 

,, John, Lord, 68 
Went WORTH, Michael, 245 
Wbitb, John, 153 
Wilbobe, Michael, 215 
Williamson, Jenktn, 183 
Willodohby, Sib Henry, 121 

Sir John, 200 
Wilson, Chribtopber, 132 

,, William, 198 
Wren, Maboery, 168 
Wright, John, 176 

Thomab, 196 


Auk, Sat JoBK. !J8t) 

Oooxx. William, 276 

ALuntHoiu-, LAt^tt««cf;, 351 

C^aiaan, Wiluau, 258 

AiriAfiY, Kt.e/kNOit, 384 

CoTifi, 964 1 

Ant.iv, TiroMAs, 91)4 

CcsrooBTit, Wn.MAM, 87B - 

Ai-iKi.m-. Jons i>r. 247 

VioiAb, TfiOMiH. 269 

AtiriEn!*, Km Pktkb, ari7 

Ualtoji, Boueb. 288 

AniMrji, AiiTHi>nv, 'iiS 

DABi.:ei, BixiKH, 2T5 

ArsKsivoBTii, Ifu'BOLAn. )t63 

Dawt(is, Bichabd, 28r! 

UABTaOHPE, Wll.MAJI. "^53 

Dk i>i Po^E, iticR.uiP, ^-19 

B*nDK, Wn.t.HK, UTB 

UiitKLftvir, TnftMt^, 21M 

B*Bon-F. Tllr^MA*. aeu 

D«bsvp*, Sih ItiniAiii>, 891 

B^ssiNOTHwinu, Audi.iDKii. 2CH 

DouiiKSoir, CBMiSTni'nRn, I'flj 

BATKUA3<, NllllULlH. 27« 


,, SiK Ni>niriL^!i, ITS 

DccBiiis, CGcitE, 270 

Baxtbh, THotuo. 3CG 

DrKstosTO)!, Thomas, 254 

BiYNEroN, Wn.i.i\M, 311-1 

DxOltTOX, Wll.Lt\M l>E, 247 


E'liiOAti, Thoma9, 291 

Beck. TnoBfAa, 278 


Banoo, David. 2S1 

Ei.BvviiTnK, TanuAS, 277 

Bkll, Johw. 294 

RsrniiBi'. lttr»4B0, 2(il 

Bkkiv>\, IticitvKU. 2tl5 

ErcRoriF. Uicbabp. 304 

EOBEBT, 2£)9 

Packti', Ai'AM, 373 

BKTEBCorm, BiciiAHt, '2!'0 


IJn.lMtBOWE, William, tilfi 

FuNTeiK, As'i'iioNY, 2hl4 

Br.nTpi>R.v, JanN. 383 


Hi.iBins. MxiuiAbrKS, 276 

FvKciii!, Kii'nAiiii, 'IK'A 

BiiLLii;. HuHniKii, 2Sfl 

Oaai,. WtujAM, 3Q.5 

[Kii.roK. JoHS. 25& 

(.1 icsurKtiF. Sth 8:«i)n. 252 ii 

BostiAJt, HiB Wai.teii. 271 

ODOFrp.nnT, BouriiT. 272 H^ 

BotiK, Junv , S4i) 

GlBSOS, axKPDW, 2C1 ^^^^B 


OOLBTOM, BoBKItT, m*l ^^^^H 

BoTBB, Jitss, 265 


BowD«K, Wn-ukif, 381 

HAlt, John, 'i^il ^^^^^^M 

BnwES. TnuMiH, 200 

Halvle. ^^^^^^I Thomab. 218 


URraoRR, Ueokqr, 290 

Habom. ItoKKiir. 3T3 ^^^H 

DntHtEr, Wir,r,iiM. 284 

QABLlYKn>'. IlouriiT. 204 ^^^H 


TnoitAc. ar,a ^^M 

Hiiomc, John, 9015 

BAHtEXiicK, Sill XtvaiLliSl ■ 

Bkqwnw, Jask, "Jh* 

HiBBKenx, Rkkbt, 277 ^U 

Bnintit, WiLiiiJt, 200 

'HsVTdnH*, Itow!>. 2»l ^M 

BiirMi. HiB Thoi:a«, !M 

HxROii, John. 274 ^^^H 

BnMi, Mm MitEs, 378 

Hntttvt,h, Qkiiaiii>, 2uS ^^^^| 

BirTi.RU, James, 2*11 

Ki:w7ritii. Jouy, 279 ^^^^| 

Btbsi!«. Ta<i»Att, 277 

FIovso^, IlotiKUT. 348 ^^^^1 

ifvnr.itY, Wii.uiM, 273 

HooRN, Rmkbt, 293 ^^^H 

C.lLVT.BlET, AyTIU'VI, 391 

Hous. AKDTiitAB. 3fi7 ^^^H 

Castkll, I{oui:rt. 'i6S 

U01.OBAVII, Divin. 'J-'ifl ^^^^1 

CKSVt. Jiiiix. 254 

HuLLTs. 81B Wiu.ioi. 2H7 ^^^H 

ClUTJKKrns, Ei>»t'XD, 26i 

Hot.\», WlLUAM, 219 ^^^^1 

CiiYNxnnK. Titoittx, 354 

Haiin Riitc, Wii.L.iA.^1 t-n, 2411 ^^^H 
Hcnms, KlCBAnb, 'J70 ^^^H 

CLAmtivx, Jonx. 3(!I 

OLKnos. Wnj.iAii, 274 

HoTTOv, neiniY, 3^0 ^^H 

Ct.itnif, Brc^titi', "MS 

HrfncKOK, I.tiOtiAHi>, 29S ^^^H 


HinTWAtTB, Teokas, 279 ^1 

Cimts&iiBVE, John, Mil 

HLTToy, RiCHAXP. 29G ^| 

CftOX.WAt.TRll, 3W 

Htski, &oai;sTi»i:, £08 ^| 

• Face ai'i4. Minprfnt. Fo 

UenfTM^nc, rfwl Betiysone. ^^^H 



^^^P INDEX. ^^^^^^H 



lloxK, Tkouah, sea V 


Ii.i.TniiiioR^H. Sir ItiCBjkKD, ^S 

RooKK, UonrxT. 258 


IntUTu, ioaii, U51 

ItoTiioK, Kontni, 271 


Jaouox, Willum, 886 



„ AucB. 3I}« 

ScABavLt., Tmohas, ai'-i 


JxmcM,, 353 

Scarros. WnxiAB, any 


,l<lltNlllI3(, liKi'X*J(l'. 2H8 

Sktios. Thoma», 47a 


KNinvr, SiuTitiix.iK, 21111 

SnBFK.c, EouLM>, ifH 


Kntoht, Kli/akktii, 'JT^ 

SmrvKLVK, BosEKT, 271 


Kvsfr, Hrvnv, 369 

HBinwoi', KoBBBT. 376 


KvRintiiii, Jnnx, !H5 

Sbomtox, llotVBRT, 2l*S 


Ktrxkuv. Ruxaiiutii. 2H'2 

Ki!i:mL\'so. John. 230 


Kttkok. Wii,u»v. 2»<n 

Skipwtih, NitaoLAd. 2aa 


L^RHHY. lionvBT. 8S2 

Sr.rriMriiK, Tnoui^. 2-11 


LAMBAsr, John, 271 

STASftrrj.iiK, ntntAiii), 392 


1 L«»)TO!t, John, 'JC& 

SrAinrji. 277 


P „ Th«m««, 'itfl 

STO[>Aiir>, EiCRAEici, 263 


LswTTtnr.WrLtiAM, '26h 

STnuMi.n, RicBASiii. 27* 



Style (n All'. FtiArMjefi, as9 


Iji.H.vM. Thomah, 'Sii 

SDiisi:rAU.. Jomt, 377 


LiiM). JoH.v. "iMn 

BinTON, Wn.i.iAv. 255 


LriTiw. EiniRn, 'i^H 

Swii.tysoTi», BoEz-HT I'Ti. ii^ 


LiK, TuiOM-., S.j7 

MwrtuBoiiw, BflRBBT. 276 

^^^^1, Jdhm, *J(!1< 



IjVSXk. KoBRr.T. '163 



NU('IU.U.. -lbD)l. Wb 

SiMMiXiis, BitnAttii. 'M 


Mi].T<ix, KifHKRi', 2M 

Tati^cih, Sill Hdprkt, 204 


MisriKrji. nsiiviAN. 2fta 

THfiMtKis. CnTiiiiRnT, 296 


MsniiKYn, lti(-ii\uii, 370 

Joii-v, 273 


M.»BTi>, John, iftU 

Rai-mi. 2«5 


Ms.MiiT, Wuj-nw, 374 

1, niiriiiRBi, 'fT3 


Mu'nELii, Wit.i,rfl.V, 26li 

Thomboxe, TlTn\t is. yhK 


MiniiWtTos". Jafis. 27S 

TllOllC. WlLMAM. *i3ll 


Mii,\-Ku, Jons, 2.57 

TtJiiin.E., Thomas, Wi 


Moiii.KT, Rhuktit, 'JiO 

TOtilUC, Bll.VKSTKl!. 2'J« 


Mr«)fi5, UoriBiii. 26'1 

TWYI>AYLL, WttMAJt, 291 


Skvtu,. Tkoma?, 260 

TImtixs, IIksut, 258 


N01»H«T'>N. WlLMAM, 230 

Vatesseb, OuniRTTniiii, H'Xl 


1 Nkiboi-i.. Tsimub, 27'-* 

WaIDE, Al.BKAVt.l!!!,. 372 


1 dcnrRST, JoEN", 256 

W-iKEKisr.ri. Itwsiiv. 21« 


Ott-Ky, E.riHKEnsF. 257 




"WAi,Brn,Wii.i.iAJi, -JUe 


PAniiAii. Jolts, 290 

WAi.Bn.iii, Wnj-iAU. 247 


l'AllX>I^(>r^, Thomas, 255 

WAPPEsroiii', Jdhk, 208 


pATTlHtK, IllCTIlllD, '271 

Wato'o, Joiro, 361 


PGxnDOK, 1ai>\i\i. 'JG'i 

Watbok, F.nwA^^. 23T 


PrinHiJx, Jtrrnv, -2^0 

,, Jons, 21M) 


Pi.KftYSOTOM, Sip Henbv. 25ft 

WtiDEHitiriir", .loii.v. 96S 


PurTFB, TnoMAH, 237 

West, .Tobn. 37fi 


^^_^ ,, lliA^JihftB, 'JOO 

Wksthoiipe. Thomas, 257 


^^^reHATE, JoBV, '257 

Whitii. John. 3ai 


^VTbBSTOK, WtI.MA)r. 'i^a 

WinrrrM, RtniEiiT i-e. 351 


' Pbiklote. Ski Jobs, 25:( 

WntT^, WiLUAit, 2(>7 


Pbothijote. Rorert, 28« 

Wii,K\jiBos, HisriT, 283 


FtKKKKtt. Hw WlLUHM. 2^*8 

THOAtAH, 27^ 


ItAWHVTi, TrOMIS, 350 

VVo©j,i«\, Asinttoi*, 2a4 


BintAiinrton. John. 264 

Wrttte, John. 2rtS 



Wyobs, RoBBBr, 3tl3 


Jtir.iiB, Wll.rjia, 2HB 

Wrtront), Tnonta, 2.'>() 


EjiiiTKHOK. John. 275 

WTLKixnufiw, RiraARD, "2^8 


RoniK, Butak, 273 

WVLKYKHOK, ■Wll.I.Uil, 2My 


Ron, If. Gr\ iiR, 'iAH 

Wysr-MOSK, Si» WaLiAH nr, S-J7 


Itonmis, JoHS, 393 



K.B. — Tbri liittuT ti itltiii' llin |iu);h n-fur^ tci tiie note. Th« utiBM of Ihe plucbs 
nrii [ivinl'*il lu fm* iii poj^iblc in tht* wny thtj aro now spelt. 


Abbey, Brj., 100 
Ab«rtord, 371 
Abingdun, '25'^ 

AcbliDgton, 167 

AohtoD, 116M-7. 12lri 

Achwciith, 257 

Actrnib, 208 

Actuu. Biu., 27 

A.liiil!,.Iiio,, Wl 

Adiiiiison, Jill),, 181 

AddlBOii, Jao., 173 

Ado. Jtiri., 19i 

Aclwick, 123. 272-a 

AgincouTt. Sn, SOn 

AioBwoitli.Aii.. Ells., ^37 i llr.,>)ui«^. 

29B: lao., a3C-7; Sic. 2S3; Bu.. 

2!t(J-7; Rio..!ia7 
Aiftlabj, 276-7 
Akeld. 355 
Al&nMjn. llob.. 171 
Aln,tt, Gilb,. Hugh. Bic, Bob.. 132 
Albeiiiia, Bart,. 17-8 
AlouBtdi', 261 

AldWrougb, 78-7, 10*, 25&, 294, aoij 
AWie. Nic. 2M:S 

.Mdwnrk. I2»it. 176", 1UU;|, 219w 
.yBU. Afeyn. -Viuiu. Jno., 2S^: Clir.. 

281); Sir K.. HIT: Hir J.. 2S»: Tlio., 

158, 21i. 288: ■Will., no 
iUealre, JilO.,81 

Alaftrkirk, 1^ 

Aliii|;t»ji, 223 

Alkur, 32a 

Alkyiigton. 150 

.\llaiaon.AllywoTi.Jno.l57-*; MBrK.171 

AUerthori*, Lilui;., 391 

Alletleu, e*. 183 

Alliiiyton, 233 

Allwod, Jiio., SIH 

Aiman. Jno,. 37 

Aliiiiiync;. Jno., Tho„ U 

MmXicihMv, 215 

A) niQtitlburv, 390 

Alaluun. 3«2, iHl 

Alvdoy. 180 

Alnwiak, tiS. IIJ.SHO ; Win.,4Sn,a6$-£, 

Alvinghiuu. ZHO 
Ambi'DS, Mar);., 131 
Ami'lofortb. 188, 217 
Aiuyus, Eliz., Viin 
Aiiderby.Wm., SM-l 

Pet, 1«; Eiu.. Uj., !«; Hur.. 

283-fl; Jno,. 157; lUo., US. 155; 

Tliu,, IBB 
Anlci'tijn, ,]iiiij,. IH 
AttJr**, Jno., la 
Audraw, Al.. m. im , lliiftu, US, 98i, ; 

El.. 267; Jiio,.'J«. 1(W, 111): Jnli., 

98; Mdb., 109: Itic, US, 100, 109 
Anlnby, I73: PJunn.. 28-1 
Aatan, Al,, Aiinp, Dor., Illin,. Oau,, 

Is.. Ja.*-., Jno.. M(ir)(,.Th., 294 
An warp, 153 
Adjboii, Hy.| 93 
Ajwirke, Joii., Sir M.. Sim.,:t80 
ApiiowuU, J[ii:i.. IM .j 
Appleby, -247, 281 ; Jac ilu. WT, »l 
Appletoii, 201. -271 
AppowcU, MbuiJ, !)S 
Apijiilbj, Jitcj,, W 
Aivhebftdo. Jno,, 'i'M 
Art'her, WfttK-, 15S 
Ai'oliul«a,Jno., 175 
Aiilern, Sir Guy. Sir P., Tbo., 2S7 
AiJenies. 'J-VI 
Ardsley. 0-1. 392 
Ardyugtvn. '253 
Aruall, Ml-*., 223; Tho,, 321 
Aitaey, 117. 215-6 
Arinarae. Jiiu., Q 
.^Tinawr, Q«o., 199 
Armtrtrong. Gnb,, lUl 
Araesbj, Itic.. 44 
AiDewi^oB, I9S 
Arnold, 71 

Aroamj^, Uaaf, lilt 
Arlhingtou, 4§ 
ArUtare. air!., Vil 
.\rundol, 118; Hnil. 394; Marg, .■!;)» 

Tlio.. 32 
AvOKr, Hi 
Ash, UO 



Ashb;, 69n-71. 75n, 77 

AHhley, Cath., 193 | 

ABboTtr, 100, lOOn. 101, 305 

Aahridge, 264 

Aakby.Wm- U 

Askebj. Ilob..24T 

Aakthniii,\Vn]t. 15 

A«kera, 287 

Askrigg, 945. 251 

Askue. Chr„ 13x 

Aflkwitfa, 79 

Aftlabj, 71 

ABsendeli,Tho.. -iSW 

AGserlfs, Wm., 7 

i.sflli*bj, Jojce, RicWm,, 178 

Aslun, ^ 

Atkinson, Atkvnsoii, Chr, 236, 2:-l7; | 

Jno.,16fl,275; SirBobt., 199; Tho.. 

282; Wm., 75 
Atwict, 187 I 

Atjthie. Chr-, 220-3 
AnbeU, 157 
Aubum, 187 

AQoWand. 16, M. 159, 169. 171, 2.>j 
Audeley, SuQp., 173 

Atutjiii, Jdo.. '57; Wm., 50 i 

AvicUn, Jane, 341 
Ax, Hfirg., 269 
Axkolme. ^6-8, 67, 80 
Aylesbury, 290 ! 

Aylesford, 193-3 ' 

Aylt>i^iitiiii. Chris., Eliz., Jno., Joan, 

Katli.. 'ioi ! 

AyIeston,Walt.,ia i 

Ayhner, Ant., 275; El„ Bic, 5S\ 

Lanr., Tho., 276; Sir J., 61; Sir 

L., 138 i 

Aysguth, 248 
Ayton, 53. 248 
Aierlej, 291 


Bmb, Eic. 11)7 

Babington. Ant..lO0, 102, 104; Bam.. 

102-4; Ed., 100. lOOn; Eivn, 102; 

Geo.. 103-1; Hj., 100; Jno., 101. 

•mi; Kath . 100-2; Mars, Bal., Hir 

J.,100; SLiW, 103 Tho., 100-1. 103 
Bablhorp6, AJjb., Elii. Muil: Tlin., 

3.53; Mr., 17.5- 19;*: Wm.. 64, 120. 

BackhoaBe,JiM>..23a: R(,l.,y7;Tho..7'* 
Bacon, Erin-., 140; Ral , 231 
Badbji?. Eml,, 173 
Badaworth. 116, 233 ; Sir J., 257 
Bflg«lej, »0 
B^hot. 129 
Bagthorpe, 254 
Bagworth, 71, 77 
Bxildon, Cec.. 2.59n 
Bailey, Tho., 241 

Bftker, Jno., 19, 128, 138; Bic., 189: 

Sir J., 191; Wm.. 242 
Baldn/.TlHi i] 
BnldcrtoTi 278, 2«S 
Bolue. Edm., 180 
BamburKb 137 -281 
Buupton. 86 
BansBter. Ad., Bic, 282 
Banbury. 55ii 
Baiike, Bantes, El., Wm., 158; Bic, 

115; Tho,, 271 
Banaes, Jno., 192-3 
Banyster, Jno., 237 
Barbor, Jno.. 282, 290 ; Wm., 47 
Barde, Edm., 23 ; Joan, Wm., 276 
Batdesby, Eliz., 67 
Bardney, 264 
Bardsey, 79 
Barforth, 193 
Barhiim, Jas.. 213 
Barke, Jen.,Wm., 215 
Barker, Ad., Em., Marg., 218; Juie, 

Jno.. Wm.. 217; Bog., 882; Tho., 

132, 218 
Barking, 26, 85, 106, 108 
Barkisland, 292 
Barlborongh, 178 
Barlby, 53 
Barley, 5 

Barmetoa, Jno., 89 
Barmston, 258 
Bamaby, Isab., 20i!-3 
Bamaid.Jno., 278 
Barnard Castle. 169, 285 
Bitmby. as, aati, 278, 287, 289; Edw., 

Nie. HI - Wm., 15 
Barnes, iTS 
Bamet, 69ii, 129" 
Bametey, 259 
Bamyngham, Tho.. 174 
Barowt, BnrroiT 7ii- 1 ; Eath., Wm.,3U; 

Bk.,Tho. -266 
Bartindale, Chr.. 230 
Bartlett, 1S6; Bal.,202 
Barton W-IW, Ifc', 205; Hy., 128. 

185, 261 Tho, 'HA. 294 
Baftram, GpO. 16*^; Wm., 181 
Bantin, Rob.. 57 
Barway, 130 
Banrick, 120; At., 198; Gab., 123, 

Barytt, Rob.. 244 
Basford, 132 
Basingstoke, 130 
Basset, Jno- 38 ; Sir R., 184 
Bassicgbouni. ISO, i" I 
Bassingthwalte. .Uex., 263 
BaU, Jno., 302 
Bateman, Anue, Bea., 276; Jno., 109; 

Job.. 277; Sic. 273,276; Piera.llo 
Bath. Wm,, 1-56 
Bathgn, Rumf., 118 

^^^^^^^V ^^^V 308 ^^1 

BBliersbj. Blc. 67; Wm.. I7fi 

lI«r(orrbe. Itlc, itSS .^^H 

Battle. 129)1 

Ikrnaci, Bernerd. Ami. lAl; Htisb, _^| 

Datj', MwB., Rna.. SO 

UaLjB. Mr,, Ifil 

SSS:Bny.,-l6-7 ^^M 

It^wkwell.Clu,, 1>18 

Uurueis, Liuly, 55-Ci Lord, -ISn ^^^^| 

UftOTtry, '218, -'ji 

|{«rrin)^on. 1'h7 ^^^H 

Uiixlor, Aiint.'. 148; Kilw..l39; Jno..r.H, 

Bortul. Ann, ^^^H 

aiJIi; Mill-. 13!); Htili.. Tho.. 2611 

B'Oi-lraiii, Al., Reu.. iKOri ^^^H 

Ilit3'biitji, 12^) 

B«wick. 26H, 291; Chr,. 154-0; Juo., ^^M 

Buylj, Mr.. 136 

Itoh., Tho„ lo4 ,■ 

BajobriRK, llnj., 07 

Berj, Wm., 269 ^^H 

BBynctoD, Doa,,Uiiiui,,Jiig.,Wm.,!Hfi 

DcHtiicy, Tlio. , 57 ^^^^H 

Baytfin, (icn., IDS 

Ueswick, lift ^^^H 

Kfladtam, 11^ 

U«^erc>i>tl»;.Aat.,2»l ; Mu'£.,Sia.,'J!IO ^M 

llftMuinater, '6S 

Beverley, 11. 12, 20-S. 4««. e«-7. HI. ■ 

Bmunont. Lord, jtHit; Kob., Wm.. 350 

105, ID7, 110. 113. 119. 121n. 133 -4. ■ 

Beamslej'. aH.'Jl-iii 

173. 24B. a.'jS, ?(ll. 2flB-7. 371. 2SS: ■ 

Be&ue, Jul.. 295 

Jno„23; Hie. 11.1, 11»; Bui.. 20; ■ 

fiuaavftle. US. 8BU 

W[u..9'17, -JOG ■ 

BewV, Agu., Ceo.. Bid., Kob., Tho., 

Bvvttyga. Tbfi., St ■ 

Wm., 378 

Bcvvooto, Joiin. 121] ; lioh., ISa ^M 

Beckwith, I<JtIx.. 49 

iieviiok. Ueayck. 70-1 , 7(1 ; And., LW-ll. ■ 

BadiM. Diiv.. 2H1 

ini. IHCJ; Av., Bart., Bdw.. Uco.. ■ 

Beefoiil. 249 

Hy,. l&S-l); .Titu., 142, l-'io-ti; ,FDn,, ■ 

Beifjhtim. ISO 

Tct., Perc., Wm.. 155; Rob,. 65; ■ 

BekyiiBbam.Tlw.. 3U 

Tho., lSo-6 ■ 

Balaeyse, Ant., !59«-f,0, 221}; Dr., 

Bejngeloy, 2(17 ^^^^| 

160^1, 228; Jane. 160, ML'; Mnrg., 

Biddonbani, '2fi3 ^^^^H 

lfiO.322; lUp., 159-61. aaCM; Rob., 

Blkbury, ,Tiio. de, 3-4 ^^^^H 

Ifl; Tho., 159", 22Uf(^ Wm., 180-1. 

Bilbie, Sill),, IJO ^M 


Ullbciui-ne. :B1Iz.. Bob..Tho.. Wm.. 276 fl 


nitxiliiK 185, 1HT ^^H 

39ie,Wm.. 13 

Cinuliesicr, IHFJn ^^^^| 

Belitei', Har.. 244 

Biogloy, 73 ^^H 
KM, G«D.. 151 ; Jno., Bis., 78 ^^H 

Belkna]), Edw,, asU; ElisB.. yS5 

BeU. .Ues.. Art., 'jsa j Dr., aa2; Hy., 
121 : Jno., 83. 15fi, 2S4; Itio., 102; 

BirdcaHtyn, 1J5 ^^^^| 

Birkby. 21)4. •2*9 ^^^1 

Sir C. 170; «ir R., im 

Biriiii, Jno. do, 4 ^^^^H 

Bullingli(i3n, 2B8; El,. 860; 6il B., 

Cisham, 12S, 129ii. 297 ^^^1 

109-10; T!io.,a&9, 278 

Biehop Biii'tun, mSii, I'D?, -.'dl ^^^H 


Bi«hi:iptliur[«, 'J06. -i»3 ^^^H 

lJek.t, J"no.,-i49 

Bister, 245 ^^^H 

Beiper, 10-2 

BittcTti, »3 ^^^H 

Balryniiar. Ituk. 163 

Blubuke. Mub., 2bi7 ^^H 

Bsliioii, Aitib,, 'ii6 

Blahy. 251 ^^H 

Belt, Wait.. iA 

Blackburn, 2.ilJ: Jane. 171. Itic. 13,M3 ^^M 

BoltonfvUc. 117 

BlooktlGii, Ciilli.. Juo., Bog,, Syiu.. ^H 

Brfvoir, 18-1, 1«8 9 

Jhi,.. sm ^^H 

BelwoodpThtt,, «o 

BliMkiner&, l.iU ^^^^| 

BanlBt«r, .Ino., 210 

Blndon, 29Q. 'JI)3 ^^H 

BcQiiett, Tiiu.. 2>*, 1!I3 

DliikuHloii.Wia,, 21 ^^^M 

Beimiuyholme, 1*7; .Fnu., 21 

Bliikbtl. Wm.. Ifil ^^^H 

BcTiBon, Uii.-.. Eli*., Ev-. Jiiu.. Itiii., 

Bltiktioll, Mr.. 1S7 ^^^H 

Rob., Tbo., Wm. , 265 ; CVu. , CbrW, , 

Blnktoft. 23tS, 2m. -^9, ^^^M 

Hy., Johiiii, Miirj, lEk.. llob., Tlio.. 

Blukwoll, nm-V i Jno., S'i ^^^M 

Wm., 292; Sir l".. Ill 

Blnnnkby. I'Gt.. ^18 ^^H 

Bonateile, An. 5!) 

Blanda, Ky.. 109 ; Wm.. 2-14 ^^H 

Bfliitliam, 114 

Blandford. 251 ^^M 

[lentley, S5n. 1S7; pJtio., 2iJt 
Bwiy. llub,.253 

Itlaston, Mnmi., 376 ^^^| 

OlutoruQ, 221 ^^^H 

Boiiyugi, Itvii.i 63 
BoiJo, Rio.. 132 

Ulaaton. Chr,.-liii>., Itio., 1S5 ^^M 

KlossU, 70, 27« ^^B 

Ben, *J79 

Blcnkijuop. 112; Joo., 141 iTh^-, 107 H 



Bletsoe, 53 

Blewe, Geol.. 202 


Biorwiahe, Jno., \Vm., 279 

Blaelt. AJice, 1^1 

Blanil<>ll. Jno., 23a 

Blunt. Cutli,, KM 

Blyueolgoe, 1C7 

Blytb, 298; Wm., 203 

Blylhbur^li, f>7 

Blythmar, Mar., 170; Wm., 165 

Bolibers Mill, 'il7 

Bodae, I6S 

Bokket,Al., 193 

BoMe, Sir It., 253 

Bolinghale, Bob., 230 

Bolington, 264 

Bolinu Aime, 257 

BoUe, 17; Humt., Jno., Wm., 280 

BoltesdoD, 187 

Boltby, IflO 

Bolton, lU, 187. li)3. 26r.; Jno., 2.->.j, 

285; M,>rg.,Kath.,Tho..255; Hob., 

9, 2.50. 263, 2.55 

Abbey, 21 4n 

— -by-Bolland, 27»--28 

Percy, 70-1 

Bonby, 80 

Bondo, Mr., 282 

Bonf BonQG, Edn., 178; The, 12!) 

BoahBjii. Sir W., 291 

BOD^ile, Lord, QQ/i 

BoDyD(^n, 1S6 

Boor, Jno,, 2«9 

Borde-nux, i6i} 

Boreivorth, Ric, rw 

Bortord, 270 

BorcrUKh, Ka.tli.> 82-3; Sir T., 92 

BorDUghLiridi.'^', -im, 253-4, 294, 21)6 

Borton, 55; Nie., 193 

Boaeham, Jno., 10-1 

Boalcy, llS 

BoBiiftll, Jno., HI 

Bo8M, Wm., 52 

BoBwell, Jno., 178; Wm., 235 

Boftworth, Slk-T 104ji. 120, 144j( 

BotBnli[iiii,.Tno.. 247 

Bothe, Chai., Bal., 26-5; Dor., Ifi4- 

Jno., 174, 265 ; Tho., 45 
BoLliamley, Jco., 237 
iJotiller, Em., 3i 
BoUesford, 167-8, 255 
Botwell, 130 
Boufjlie, Mr. , 222 
Boughton.HT'i. Uid 
Bourohier, .Ino., 64h-5h; Lady, 91-2; 

Sir J., 36 1 Sir H., 55-6 ; Tho., 56 
Bovygaitu, lUl 
Bow, fll 

Bowde, Jno., 139; Tho., 201-3 
Bowes, Ann, Leon,, Tho., Wm., 260; 

Sir B., 170, 184 

Bowkewell, Cht., 218 
Bowlftnd, 285 

Hoivinn,n..Ttio., 140; Bob., 159 
BowryBv JuB., 1-56 
Buivlliprpe, 353 
-Bowjti-, ih:. Iii2; Bic, 183 
BoxdOD, 253 
Boyse, Jno., 19 
Boyville.ifoo., friji 
Brabaaan, Ad,, Wm., 84 
Braoebridgc 27« 

Bradbury, Mat., Phil, 215(1 ; Wm.,2'S 
Briidefibye, Jjio,, 173 
Bmdford, -255; Wn.,, 255 
Unidley, 7«. ftO; ,Tas , 110; Wm., 203 
BradmoTe. 201 

Hraili?lion, 130 
Brakenbary, Ant., Cec, EI., Hv., 

Mart., Ba., Eic, Sir E., Wm., 226 
Braraber, 38 
llraiiilej, Ric 1T.5 
Biftiuwith. 263, 297 
Jlmnceiietli, 151-2. 213, 220 
J-irandenby, Mr.. 173 
BnindliriB, Hy., Marg., 167; Sir B., 29.:; 
Bmhd*in,Cli.. 2I6n; Sir C, 216 
Braadnburton, 1B7 
Braasdale. Ifi7 
Briaslon, 71, 7ti 
BrantinKhinii. 54; Joan, Rio., 248: 

The, 248, 256 
Blasted, 196 
llmtbwotl.Trht., 1-J7 
Bratinyliuiii, Rob., 45 
Bra.ua8loii, 186-7 
Briy, Ley., 93; Sir E., 68 
BrcyBbridfie, Tli., 203 
Brnytou, 5-7, 241 EI., 5 ; Rio., 180 ; 

Rob,, ft, 7; Tho., 5-7; Wm., 7 
Brearley, 94n; 115 
Breguse, Jno., 235 
Brenclwoad, Jno., 123 
BrEntingthurp, 71 
Breretoii, El., Sir E., 326 
Brevvur, Rw., '213 
Brewea, Eliz., Urs., 172; Jane, 171; 

Tho., 86ii 
Breydon, Api., 262 
Briar, Al., 3; Tho., 2, 12 
Briilteti Jaa., 311 
Bridgaorth, i49 
BriggeB, Agii., -Jfi7 i Geo., 290 
nrieham, 40; Mr., 222 
Briphoitse. Jno., 236 
Brifilil, Pft., 23r; ; Wm., 18 
BrlpJitinfpaa, 271 
Brijn^tnii, ys 
i!iintlmrit. lSi3 
Bristol, 251, 235 
Erodholme, 33 
Broltc, Brooke, Edra., 86; Jno., 226; 

Eic, 66; Sir E., 107-8 

^^^^^^^^ INDEX. ^^^^ 805 1 

Jtrolwbol)-*. Jiio.. 11 

Btirlon, 'jai. 217: Ann. 2M: .Ido.. H 

Itiofcuib/. ISiJn; .Tno., 70 

39. 247, 2.10: -loy.. 202; Nic. I)4f1; H 

Uruketl, i{nl>..Wm., 24-2: Tho., 384 

Uif.. 23.1: lloli.. 2.'.2; Itnn-. iaft;^_M 

Brohixtnwc, 1^3 

Thu.. 10. -.MOiWni., ^6, 1231 ^^H 

Bromreld, Tlw.. « 

CoobUMd, 'JQl ^^^H 

llronia<-te, .^3; Marg., Sir H., 53 

Joycn. 23S ^^^M 

Broinnlon, .lS-4, a29'H0, 'iiiT 

Lecnatil, *J60 ^^^^H 

Brolhirs, Will., 128 

Rurwell, ^^^H 

Urouiili. imii; eiix.,Itoi(..180»: Wm.. 

Bur;. Unit., ^i ^^^| 


»ruu;:hiai. IGO 

Buasy, Fdw.. .luu.. Ily., Air Wi\«n. 27K ^| 

111 uu^libiU. I'lfin 

Butler. JuA., 270; .Inn.-, tS-l. 2^0 ; Bii ■ 

ItrDWii, Drotviit', Sr«uiu-, A^. -VJ i 

L., 7i; Tlw., SUO ; Wm., 328-9, :!tlO ■ 

Ann, tl3, -JBl; Ulir., yoT, SHJ; Geo., 

Butlorbiy. 167 ,■ 

•J-JS).aH;Ji.u.,a8S.:i^l; K«tb.,U(i6; 

Butluii, .Xtut. , 240 _^^H 

l^>ay L.,1'J9: MbIi., IflO-l; Mt..277: 

Biixl<'<l, ^^H 

rel-.21; Bir..a9; Sir A.. 129. 12!«ti, 

B>diKlI. Wm., iS4 ^^^^^M 

180, 191-S; MiT J., 'ili; Tho,. :iU. 

2iv ^^^^^^M 

•M. 2*1; Vin., 2dJ ; Wm., 21, 365 

ByKlolx). 'fun., 13'' ^^^^^^H 

Urownoll, Itio., SDl 

B^Koiti-. Mr,. IMO ^^^^H 

Uroxulaifi, JnD.. 231 


Hdidnoll, Kli/., Tho., 137 

Bvrkps, Anil, \rn., I'ho., 1(77; Jo., ^^^H 

ilriior.Aiiii.. Will., 2411 

ll4U;'VViD.. lAU H 

llriiisUr. Jro., iK 

ISyite^'. Auuo..tnu., ltot)..Wm.. 379 ^^^t 

Tlrun, Jdo, de, 3, G 

Byracye.Wni., IHD ^^^H 

Urjon, Bri., M&rg.. SirT-.Tho., 3fi4 . 

Bjrrrie. Jno., 241 ^^^H 

Ilic, Wl 

Bj'Melt. S88 ^^H 

BrvclieU, Ant., U.,Bowl., Wm., IW; 

Bic.Tho., anti 

Bj>welI,aW ^^H 


Br^ddeligtmu. 'iTS 


ISr}-Hlitun, 40-1 


Urjgljffu. Ciir.. lail 
Buckf',Am,.Tte.,Tho.. I7u; Wm..l7.i 


Catfllmr, 102 ^^^H 

UQcbiell. 103 

CiilM»,9tf,H)7-S,IS9r(,lfl3, 263,373,27* V 

Bucks lift wo, Itic, SS7 

L'albeok, ■il>$ ^M 

Uuoklon, m7 

Cnlcfto. l'JUt(-I30 ^^^1 

Bugthorpc, lOn, 3&3 
Bukke. Jou.. The. 2411- 

CnlooU, 105 ^^^H 

CalurotU. Jiio., in. 19 ^^^H 

linlkoiC. Will., 19 

CHldbeck. 173-4 ^^^H 

BnUook.Antl., 1711; By.. 100. Us 

Cnldmtl. Rfil., 157 ^^^H 

Baobunr, ai 

OaioTB, Jno., 30 ^H 

Borobe, lUc, C4 

CBJe»tDD,^tlw.,Rk.,71iOilb.,Jua..;i} ^ 

Bordelori.M.,01., a 

OAlowell. B4 ^^^M 

Biirdan. li^a 

CnlmeTAjr?, Hj., 8S ^^^^| 

Kiir^PN, nugh. 265 

Cnlton, Rio.. 17H ^^^H 

!iiirKh,Aut.,iaS; Iilix,,l2In, l91;Jmi.. 

CAltrone. Lady, l«.i ^^^^| 
CttlverV- 2da; Al., Aiil., 3!» ^^^H 

1.M 4; Bic. 12*; Tlio., 33. 121k. 

101, S53 

CuuberwtU, ^H 

Cnmboa, ll^I ^M 
CAmbridge, 100. I!i7, ISO, 137. 173-i, ■ 

Burgftja, a-4 
Burilngw, Sft4 

<208, im, 240. 3fiS-ll. 260, 267, 271-2, ■ 

Baraby. 54. 1S7, 2S1 

270-7 ^^H 

Burae. iOa 

C^moju, Lord, (19 ^^^^| 

Biirneiiy, Rub., 2S1 

CAinaall. 2S<i ^^^H 

Buroull, Wm., 210 

Candler, Tho., 182 ^^^1 

Bui-unlicuii, 'JVC 

CnniAll, 34-1 ^^H 

UiH■mJCl■l,l■l^, alH 

Conterbiirv, Vil, 19ft, 32S, 363 ^^^H 

Uurroll, Bormll, Mm.. IHO-li; Li«o.. 

CiintlDve, \Vr)., 2ri8 ^^^H 

US, liU; JiLu., 43. lOS-S: Mai's.. 

Ciuiton. 7,dw., Uy ^^^H 

Wm.. 16S 

rRuivrell, Ral.. 1211 ^^^1 

Jtui-riett, Eliz.. Wi 

Csp«, Jno.. Xlio.. -MS ^^^M 

Burm, Ilia 

Capper, Dav., 187 ^^^^| 

Bunitiuila, Uab., H 

CtiHirtiki', 00 ^^^H 

^M ^^^^f ^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^M CaJVoUioD, IM 


^^^_ Cam. Bw.. ii6 

ChMtsr. 4.1, -m ^^^^^M 

^^^KOirlisle, S9. U7. 256. 2011, iHl 

Chuterfldd. 176 ^^H 

^^^^P-Cnrlton. C&i'leUiii, Mn. 4fi, &2, tiOit, 

CheBtr*. Crb. He. 4 ^^^M 

^ iBi. i8e-7.asfl, KW 

C1i«vo«rcl],Tli., IvS ^^^H 

^H Cmt, Cht.. Blix., Ul; Uuitir., 395; 

Chi«boBUr, SO. sm. iCi. -US ^^H 

^H Jdu., 89. 18S; HiU.. ISS 

Cbkwell. 137, JSti _^^^M 
Cliilbani. ^^^^H 

^H Ciu-tuw. 261 : Mr. 'Jia 

^^^ Cvtet. Xtiu.. 17&. 2.^A 


^^^^bCkrtvriKbt, Agti.. AtiD, JSI ; Kiliii., 

Chilwell. 100. 23ri ^^^^H 

^^^H 280-1 i Uoo.. 3U1; Hutib, 23&'i-l: 

duBlvLuret. 2ii3 ^^^^^H 

^^^H Jdo., r»., Tl)„ 391 ; Vim.. ilC 

Chiauldca, Will,, 319 

^^^BCojrtoU, Agu.. Klix.. ItoK, at!H 

CbolmelBj', Klix.. 107; Jrn>., lOBnj Rio., 

^^^■jOuUrtou. 109, IHT 

loe-j); U«K-. 106-«; Sir R.. 106; 

^^^■OHlle lioriiiiid. Sir J. ol. 348 

Wm.. 107 

^^^^'OMtletoid, 37-H, 2Q'J. -J74 

Chyprsbye. Jno., ^7 

^V Catall. Ghi',. 103 

Cbj-nnor, 'iSl; Jno., Jlnnd. Tho., 254 

^K^_ CalliuTue.Al., 91 

Clapbattt, Ul; Aan. Clir.. Djiv..ai4 ; 
JoAQ, 214-5; Jiio.. Jlln ; Jovos. 

^^^^CttUoy, S(H 

^^^VOktlyn, Sets-, lt4» 

214; Tho., ',314, 9U«-.5 

^^^^ 0«ttciick. 160n. Itll) 

Ciiu'bi>rcii|;b , 265 

^H (.'iithiak. 'J8H 

Ckri-U. MiiiH.. Tbii.. ii2 

^H Ciiuii.ML-1.1. F.Ux.. -,^8 

Ctark, Clitrkf, Clerk, Agn., I.'>^; Aiit., 

^H Cuv.'. 3l,;(ln. M. llrf 11. 187.351,2^7 

29fi; Rl-.-iO.!; .Tune, 132; .rao,, 5U. 

^H CuwiirJc. Mnrg., lU 

atWj Joii., liCiN; Leg,, 203: Bic, 

^M Cnnodc, Itob., 3!i 

96», 367; ItvL.. ISSl Tbo.. 16, lU^^I 

44, mi, ]!J5, Sr;8; Wn>., 174 ^^^H 

^1 CflO'CMiil, m-5, 2no 

ClarkBori, KHz., l-ia-3 ; G^a.. 149;^^H 

^1 Can-toil, -in 

Tho.. 142-:) ■ 

^B Cay. Wm., i 

Olaughton. 114 ^^^1 

H Cecil, Wro.,-i!l.S 

C1avf>rm^', 21u-6 ; Mug., 19 ^^^H 

^^^^ Ccrfr, Jiia.,3fi4 

CliiwurUi', 2S(j ^^^1 

^^^^.ObHe, Ric. Sl-2 

Cltij'brak. Juo., Marg., Rio., 361 ^^^| 

^^^^BOhwUrton, Kdm., Elut., Joh., Uftrg., 

Clayton, lioli., 12 ^^^1 

^^^M itic. 

Cl(iypDl«. SIS ^^H 

^^^■Chttllnnl, 390 

ClerkanwcU, 74, 188, :253, UU4 ^^^1 

^^^^BOhftlon«r, Rob., 16^ 

Clsrvaus, Rie., Idd ^^^^| 

^^^BO^Dilwi. Jtr., 2S2 : Wm., 2.5D 

Clevelaod. -I-xy. -nO, 2^7 ^^^H 

^^^V'ClumbDilerDe, Hv., 2Q4; Rob., 2^3 

C'Tey, 185, 255 ^^^1 

^V Chamblejn, Wm., aoi 

Cleytoa. Sir J.,Wui., 274 ■ 
CliicTOwe, Hj., 21 ; Sir Uugb. 11» ■ 

^^M ChualffB, Jno. de, 3fl 

^H OhapniiUL, Jno.,<i9-, Tiio., 211; Wiu., 
^1 'J3>6 

Cliff, 53, l^G, Jm. *JI2, ■JU4 ■ 

Cliflforf, 79; Lord, BH, IWu; Miug., fiS H 

^^^HCbftCltan, Sn, 2^12 

OUftoD. Clj'fton. 6n. IGO, 101; Jtlo.^^^H 

^^^^BCIutrl\vuoit. '.ffiU 

V20: ttit U.. 260; Win.. llS:i ]^^H 

^^^^VClmrniinBtur, '2-1'.) 

ClipBtOQ, 1^4 ^^^H 

^^^^BOhMnull. Jnu, . 22 

Close Hoiine, l6S/i ^^^^H 

^^^■Chftrauk. Ilic. 17 

CloBM, Elk., Wi ^^^M 

^ Chm-nwooci, Itit',, 17 

Clougb, Geo., Jno., 17G ^^^^| 

^1 ChftrlliAiii, 4A-7 

Clown, 178 ^^^H 

^^^H Cbalham, 371 

Cl>-fle, Hio.. Ifia ^^^H 

^^^^BCtutlerion, I'nrKtji, 28^ 

Clynt, S9»! Jno., Rio.. asS ; Wm,. '249 H 

^^^^B Cbauoer. K\.. SOii; Tho., .tUn 

Ci>-istcin,Wm..-24)2 ■ 

^^T Cliiiiimbct, lU>b.. 171 

Cntifpthorpe, 28!) ^M 

^K^_ Cliuunculoi'.l'liu., 'J47 

Couktit, 223 __^M 

^^^K'Ohkwortli, U«o,, 100; Sir J., WJ 

Coadingtcn. -Mt. 2m ^^H 

Codfard, 152 ^^^H 

Oodwortbe, Jno., Bli-.. liuli., Tim., BHI^^^H 

^B CbcuHf. l<>0: Jane, -^aen; Jno,. 226>i-7: 

Coke. Cctok. Cooke. Mex.. »';i, 40; Ano^^^H 

^■^ Rub., Til 

137; Ant., 139; Ha.. ^92; .Itio., 2I9i^^H 

^^^^Oi^itayt-; M«it. 16S; Wm., 130, lOE 

2-1.1; Nic. 2o2i Tho.. 103; Walt., ■ 

13, 2fiS;Wai.. 27fi ■ 

^ Chesham. 836M-7 

CcJuirund, US, 1413 ^1 



^^^^^^^™ INDEX. ^^^^ 807 1 

tolly. Jnu,. *D 
Culiibfait-r. 'itiO 

CrftDBwiek. IH? ^^^^| 

Crfbuley, 39 ^^^H 


Cmvsii, 'JUl ^^^^1 

Colu, Ooleu. .Inc., 09 ; 'I'ho . IIMI 

Crnwc, llftl., 170 ^^^H 

UolegJon, 184, 353-4 | 

Creke.Crcyk*?. Ilk. llliBoh., Ul.l'-iJ ■ 

Loltii^flS. Bill., 232 

Cremoui'. Agn., Eltz., Oen., Roh., ^M 

coiiin. Ago., Jtio., aia 

Tlio. . IdH ■ 

Cii1lin|{]liftni. 7!] 

CrctsuDi, ntiK.. 13S ^^^1 

Cotljflr, Hy., 261 

CretLe«tjy. Doin. <lc, 3 ^^^H 

Colmfta, Ko., '11 

Cn-iiy. ICob., :J-lU ^^H 


CtMwell, Job.iJno., IMu'^,, 74; Sir J., ^^^H 

ColHun, El., IGS 

10:1- 1 ■ 

Coivyll. MylPB, 177 

Ccewi)<^. Iftib.. I!)9 ^^^M 

Cciiwiafc, aae 

CreYkynbi-kv. Sug. Oi?. iU ^^^^H 

Calynhon. Anu, Ecu., (ieu,, Joan, Jiio.. 
The. 38(1 

Crich. ^^^H 

Cralt, 2e^ ; Ric, 76 1 Ilio., UG ^^H 

Ci>uilie, 2-m 

Crotton, 1, 2d-i ^^^1 

Oompoeiallit, IJ 

Croine. Dr., 1'J4 ^^^M 

Otvmpton. H7; Pet.,U7, 160: SlrW.. 

Cromer. 25^ H 


CroDiwell. 2H7t [UL, iS-.Tbo-.-loU H 

Ci>uyre6ljuri'. 232 

Crnokboiise, l!>T ^H 

■CounaHawa. al» 

Crape, El., lOo. ^^^1 

Conaioble, Jno„ 123; Rob., -1-1; Sir J., 

Crupton, 113 ^^^H 

(H«,a4a-1: Sir M.. 323(1-1; Sir 11.. 

Crael*ie,.Iuo.. lUc. liSU ^^H 

laan; Sir W.,17fiiTlio., 190 

Crosby, 186 ^^^H 

Conyngeslon, Nie., 37 

CroBley, Bo b. , L>7U ^^^H 

CaiiymfBliyo, Chr.. Jn-o., 3S0 

Cronloa, 282 ^^^H 

Co(je..Iuo., 27a 

CroHlwnyU Hu^b. 247 ^M 

CoiKdand, 187 

Ciwvche. Crochc. Geo. 141; V>'m., 119 H 


Ciuwiuu, 2i>a H 

Cwi^ulna. Jnu. ile, Bob., I'i 

CrowTll, Jane, Ikib., 1»'J ^^^M 
Ci'otclala, 31'r, 160 ^^^H 

Corbe, Ittil., 157 

Corlwtl, Ann, Job., Jno., ItoKi 'i'h., 

Cioxton. 185, li^7-e i Wm., 40 ^^H 


Croydon, '25S ^^^^M 

Cortright, Hie,. 21H 

Croylaml. ^^^H 

CordivU, Jh.. 233 

Cruets, Al.. 'n-a ^^^H 

Cornefonli, Tho.. 184 

Ciioklieild. 26S ^^^H 

Comev. Dor., Edw., TLo., ^32 

Caujberluui!, Enrl, MU" ^^^^H 


Cutlo. Bic,. ITS ^^H 

Co»wv] , liy-3, 201 

Cnrson, EiLX.,2(l2; Mniy, 34fi ^^^H 

Cotnni, l«i5 

CiineK, Ant., El., Elii., Jno., yi3 ^^H 

CoteretoE, 97 

CuBfartli. Agn.. Jm., Wm.. 27:J ^M 

CoW.Anii, 2n: Hugh, 361; Jno., ■iifi 

CuswDrth. 130, 287 _^^^M 

Cuti'staaiii . 'iSS 

Cutell, ^^H 

Cotnos.''. 44 

CuiltVtt, Tbo., lB;i-7() ^^^1 

Cottiugbam, 110-1, SOfl. 366: Wtn., 1» 

Cutler, Jiiu„7C; Th<}.. 131 ^^H 

Coty*, J»«.. IM 

Outt, Jna, IUl,aiii;; »irJ.,371 ^^^M 

Court(<iiay, Jno. , 34 


Covontvy, 70, 130, 17li, Ml 


Cov^irbum, 301 

cuwiircV, iiob., aar 

l>«n.B8; Cbr. Ilu^li. Hit; Ludy, 149; ■ 

Cowiiruj', 101 

Lord, eSn: Tho., lit* ■ 

Oowhoii^u, 1S6 

DitglM, Agu.. Eliz., 5>-m., Tho., Wm.. H 

Cowper, Jno. , I«l ; Tho., 35, 161 

36B J 

Coylt*9forlhe, nio., IBS 

Uakyu. Dr.. 232. 2% ^^H 

Ciil(Ioi-tli. Kul., 1.^7 

Uttk/riio.. I7-fl ^^H 

Cragae, Kip.. 322 

Diil*Louii'. Roll , ,^2 ^^M 

Crftkf ntlinrp, Tho., 290 

niilin^Dn. I4d ^1 

CrDmlingtoD, 16fi 

l>iiUQi),iJO. 24,1»4,214.2H2: Auii.Kliy;.. V 


.'(nin, Mary,, Ili«., Bti);.. 'i^'i: KSw., H 

Criiniu«re, Sao-, ^i 

9(1 ; -luv,. W. W ; Ewb,. I'M ; Tbu.. Hit ■ 


Dimhy. Uol)., IS ; »ir It.. 06 ■ 


:W. The iSi 

Wm.. asj 
Duiiell. Danjeli. ■Um., It, 172, tS-l; 

M«rg..Mr.. I'i 
Ufctby. Edw.. I*i4 

D»K!y^,llS; Bulj..-J2-3; Sit A..ia2 
Du«ll, iJuiroU. Jnu., 181; Mm^-. tO; 

Ur.. 223 : fiiQl, SSfi 
Dorter. IloK..Tho.,27S 
DM-tinftliuii. 2TT. i>i« 
Dai-lfonl. l-JT-H 
DaunoQ. Sir J., LOT 
DKUti«.Jiui.. 3X 
Darall. Tlio.. Ul 
Davet, Mi., ^lO 
DkviMn. Jm., S7fi 
DBvy.JDo.,8:Th<>., 12J 
DkweU, Dr., tiw., K6 : Wni., 164 
Dawn«}', Sir J., 27i 
Dawvoii. AJ., ma; AIi-k. l^S-i; KL, 

163: Klix.. 1.16; Ily- 168; Jno.. 

163 1; Kntli.. IH4; Rob,. !»», ItfO: 

Tba,. 163-4: Wm.. 384 
Dawtoii. Bic.,-Ja5-B 
Dft^ J&o., ilt; Bio., ^JOiiti Bub., ;t:i 
Dae, Dav., 917 
Deisliton, 168 4 

De In Hay. Isiib.. I'jfl; Piurs. 32 
Moore, Elk.. Ull 
Polo, Iidm.,9. Slii; Mich., S. 

^ T., i 

8<i, SOrn, 2'Il)i>: Jno,,ltic., 'H'J; Sir 
T., 3Mi\Viilt..U; Wiii.,50 
Ww, Lord, 211'" 

Da Vore,Jno., 85>i 

Denooutt. 377; mil.. 10 

Dene, Aijti., 21 

ihtuit. 200-1 : Jiuiu, BoK-, 1S9 
iiuftn, Bri.. Nic, 244 
FCuiiuy, 'is 
'Deut, Win.,41 

Denlon, 79; 'i'ho,.3.1 

Dentrup, Jno.. l'J7 

Deay, Am., lUl 

Deayaon. Jno., 219 

Derby. M.i.2I-J.287: Earl.Tfl.llJ'i.UH 

Dabbyo, Ai., And., Sir B.. 2M 
Uobaon, Ells., lOS 
D(»raj.Dekwny,Agii..li6; Rob., 100; 

Tho., no 

DodgeMMi, Clu., Jno.) SHS 

Uodiiigton. 150 

UiMtBier, liul., 12S 

Dakwt. Fcl., fUib.. 01 : -Ittu., Lion.. 

Mnrl.. 8tft„ Thoni., S90 
l'i>liiiiiii. Rilw,, 1-iO 

l>^i)ciulcr. ;iO. -;'l,Sin, 194. U61-2. :^7'J 
t)>»aiio, Eliis., I:jii J. 70; Wiu., 11 
ifcumpi", Ifcili., 131; 
Dorstft, H,.217 ; Mary., 61tw, aOl 
Doui{hUo.l>owchly,Jng.l34: SirW.aS7 
Dovet, 1S7 
Daw^IiL.i, Mur^.. l.vj 
Dowiiu, Jiici., MaLtd. 2-ld 
UruKvumgi.', 71 
Druiiitl«\, ea 
IXaiMT, i'ho., W 

Drux. 2. 137. 254; 1b.. S; Itio., 8, 4 
Dinjoutu. AI.. 2i;il-2: Amif. Edm.. 

Oto,, Hy„ Mnry. Th., 301 
Drojton.aTI. afi'i 
I>i'vnlun, 54 

Diiffi^U, ll'j--iO, 37ft; Wui., It 
DriiikHlitiw, ;!27 
Droulicld, 132 
Ucow^. 253 

Brnij.EJm.K; .Sii W..l34(i; ■Wm.,47 
Drjtiiir. Wm„ 1.5 
l>rypool, 57 

DaUin, 111; Aiviib., 110" 
Duflkmon, Cec, llit., 27!' 
Duakwoi-lh, nil!., UIB 
Duffieia. 31. 3Ir4; Nle., MO 
Uuket. Kii!., SU 
Dukmautoti. AI., Hy.. 2.H : Huinf.. 

10.1-4; Tha, 244 
Uuobya, Julj., 289 
Uaobam, T 
Danmere, 191 

Diinutitltkn. 2N4 1 

DunatAti, ]JI 
Dmuuiit. TIju.. 1<j6; Wm., 2J!t 

Derbi'sliin:, Wm„ 29(1 

Dorliam. lai, 33G, 2J7-8, 978. «». ^H 

Dtii«love. Ajid. lUc.llob./ILia., ^H 

K-Uti, -iUit ^H 

Detliiol!, 100. IOOk-1; Wni., 177 

D^eonooii, 1IM>, 116 ^H 

Dewpii, Geo., 183 
Day, Lftur., 270 

Dye, Dan., ■23-!i ^1 

Dyer. Jas.. IDI; Ituli., ST ^^^1 

Deyne, Auu. Hi5 

Dygbbou. Di;jhDuii. Arij., 247; Juu.. ^^^^| 
12; Mui;;., 272; Wui. i\r. S17~6 ^^H 

UeyiitoD. Tjaui'., o'J 

Dlckeoono, Itob., 2U3 

l»yki-B, IJciirv. flO ^H 

Digbr. Hy.. im 

^m Dm:diUc. 182 

DykytisO'ii, Ovii.. Nic. . CO ^H 

Dytnoke. Lyon, 127; ah It., 126-8; ^1 

^H-Diouit^aa, Wm., 12 

I'l-s., :26 ^1 

^■DLilcy, IHH 

Dyiibitm. .il.. Abu. Edw.. Eliz.. Oeo,. ^H 

HDitdti, Dyxou, IClis.. 173: Kiu., IB, 

JitDe.l36ii;Lar>),7L:MiLi-y.01iv..l30n ^H 

^1 2II-7ri. 32; ttob., 202 

Dysiiey. Tlio., laO ^^^B 

^■l>ubbH. Ilia.. 194 

Dyson. Aiutcn, 3l}K ^^^^| 





Emeldcn, 34 

Empeon, Jwin. Hie Jl., CI", (1-1 


Km-^liy, 196. liiS 

Eud'eraoQ, Agn., 10t.> 


Knridon, SSO 

Ecifleld, 5, C, 3.^3, ^SG 


EoaliistDn, 16'J 

En(;1r\nd,Luc., 317 


RMiiniw(tUi.-i.i7, aos 

Eowitnt, Hugli, 251 


SMlbnrne, ISd, IDl 



Kngt Greenwich, 2, 382 

Eiilli. 144ri 


Kafithorpe. 1S7 

Eriu, Bob., 102 


Enat Liiylon, IftB 

Ermyu, Sir W.. UW 


Bneb Mturklimii. 'iHO 

Enington. Jbirg,. Bio,. 169" 


Eftslne-y. lao 

Esoam, Sir H., B3 


KftBton. IBt 

Encryk.aTS: Beat, Jno., S; Wm. 

.9.S ^^M 

RftetiinHltin, 272. 27.1 

l':iho]c. 4a 

Rftst TmldGiiliara. 8 

Esinonsoa, Tlio., 24? 


l?:uetweU, 64 

Ebbcx, 356, 2-59; Win., 47 


Battwooii, 200 

Et^she, Anl., 21!l 


l<:«cleB«tl, 1311 

EstlJeia, Will., 252-a 


rWala, 18T 

Rethoni, 51 ; Bri., Rk\, 2*1 


ICtl'TBlawe, 1S7 

Eetliivnnt, 'ih& 


Kd^ftr, Elii., Nic,.ll«b.,Thci.,Wiii.,2n'l 

Ettoft. Eiiw.. 274 ; Mr., 24S 


rcTlifiRiej, 3a 

iistmi. 262ii 


EiIHnprton. F.ivi., la" 

EsjiiKion, 16-7, 19 


H'linini'le, Jno., I91f 

EdKaiiigton, Leo.. 2«0 


(■Mneli, .liifi., Ill 

Mtln'rw-iok, IS7 


J'Molfo, Mnrj;., 10 

Eton. Tho., 147 : Wm,. 240. *H« 


KtlBawe, Ric, 9a 

ElonlirigB. 1H8 


Edwey. Wm.,8 

F.Vton. 258 


Kdy. I6',l 

Euei-silon. 261 


Egti'lfij, iTao., IfH 

l-:ure,A(mi;.Hy.,ieft; Joan.SlrB. 

KSir ■ 

Rrci'Wu, m.. liitii; Jno.. 139, 230; 

Everdoi), l^e 


njc, l-i3, '201. 308; Sii' J., lai"; 

Cvciini^hniii, 70, 37» 


Wm., lay. *joi, 30a 

EverBlpj, lan 


Kfljjylaleclik', 373; Eli^.. -20-1; Jno.. 

Eperton. 2n5 


IjHU(., Mftrjf, BTwg.. Ryii., "iSl 

EvoBhaiu. '241 


Egmanton, Woi,,4y-:i 



Effton. aau 

Kwart. 187 


E deu, Wm.. ^^7 

Ewell. aSl 


GU&ntl, -iilD, 29-J 

Ewelinc,. SOi', 51 


F.l!urker, 51. 2ii«; Kir n., LT-J 

K«rebie, Tlio.. 2011 


laitngworth, Hie, 212 

EsBtcr, -UH, am 


EILiflOd, Eilysao, Ciit1<K. 143-4, 385 i 

Everoil^j, Alicp, lllc, Win.. W4 


Jfta.. ni ; .Tno., U:i, 171 

Eyre. Wm,. 79 


EUys, Will,. 211) 

Eytliorp, lao 

BytoD. Tlio. 198; The, 903 . 


CUjBuian. i;nb,. 11 


Elm, 187 


EIniete. U57 1 Wni.. U((8 


Elmsall, 'i8T 



Eimytlie. 1H7 


Ebt. Will. 26 

Fiic«lt.Ai]..Uio.,Tho., 273 


Elryuglun,AI,.<Fni;).|Mihi7, B;ni.,Tbv.i 

Fairchild, Tlio. .31-2 



Fiiirfax, Bri,, 11; Mr.. SS ; Tiio. 

34»; .■ 

ElsiiiK. 2t*7 

Wm., m 


RlBternwick, 'JOIl 

Fftiloilen, ir.7 


Elawauk, 107. 181 

l-'akwleld, Hiigli, 8€ 


EllhnTH, l.j4 

KiinRfoss. M 


BlTel. lit 

Faraally. Wiij,.-iSS 


ClvlaKtoii. 23T. 'i»\. 



Elvjdtiii. Wui., 1-57 

Faruliam, -iS',!. HfH 


Elwtck, 2D0 

Fnmwoi-lli, Ediii,. 15M 


Ely,til.71, 151" 

Fanaiinle, The 147. U'J 


Eme rot, AT 

FarwortJi, 3flR 






F&rTndon, '25*2 

Faryngton, Hy., 282; Bob., Wm., 1 

l'auconberf(, Earl, 16Un 

Fawcon, Sym., 84 

Fawkhftm. 275 

Pawle.Wm.. ;(1 

Fawn, Rob.. 2(i2 

Fax, Jno., 81 

Faxtleet, 94 

FeftlheratoDft, 116n-7, 124, 124>t 

Felbrygge. Sim., 36 

Felde, .Tno., Bic, 10-1 

Peldom, 101 

Felkirk, 233-6 

Fell, TUo., 3-1! 

Felley, 26H 

Felpys, Edith, 24!l 

Felton, 262, 276 

Fencotes, 260 

Fenele, Hy., Xic, 141 

Fenkell. Edw.,Sir.).,26o 

Fenkill. Hy., 161 

Fenrother, Hob., 277 

FenRtantoD, 247 

Fenton,Ant.,Chr., 284 

Fenwick, 287; Edw., 181 j Ger., 100, 
183; Geo.. 183; Is., 182; Jaa., 166; 
Hir.l., 1.5!);Tho., 183 

Fcreby, 54, 67 ; Jno., 53 

Feniham, Rob., 132 

Fei-on, Jno., 17.5 

Fciirand, An., And., Ric, Bob., 140ii; 
Tho..l40-. Wm.,140H 

Ferrer, Dr., 97 

Ferrcre, Sir J., 102)1; Wm., 69h 

Ferrybridge, 58 

Fersdon, Wm., 47 

FetherHkinhfttigh, Jno., Iho., 4.5 

Fettwell, Ste., 95 

Feyston, Sir P., 34 

Filey, 2C7, 281J 

Fillon, Mr., 134 

Fincbley, 70, 70 

Fiaher, Jno. , Marg., Bio., 58 

Fishlake, -208 

FiBhpon,Wm., 174 

Fiskerton, 124, 290 

Fitzalan, The. ,36k 

Fitzandrew, Bog., 250 

Fitzherbert. Ant., 112-3; Kd., liitl, 
100»;Tlio., 12.4 

Fitzhugh, Kl., 53; Geot.. 43; Lfeo., 
124; Hy., 42h; Katli.,83; Lord. 1^, 
53n, 87m, 121»; Mat., Hob., 42 

Filzrandolpb, Chr., Jane, Tho., 178 

FitzwiUiam, Chr., 187-8; Earl, 130h; 
El., 171»; Fr., 167; Jane, 136-8, 
172; Jno., Ladj L., 129; Marg., 
176n, 219n; Rio., 187 ; Sir J., ITlir, 
176n; Sir T., 139, 189n, 190n, 219n ; 
Sir W.. 92, 129-80, 136, 138, 190 ; 
Tho..Wm., 137-8, 176n 284-5 

Fliwby, 140(1 

Fleckaey, 71 

Flemyng, Rob., 87 

Fletcher, Hy., 174-5 j Marg., 227-8; 

Eie.. 95; Rob., 227-8 
FUntham, 290 
Flodden, Illn, 123m 
Flower, Ric, 230 
Foljambe,Anne,177; BeQ.,176; Qeo., 

177-8; God(., 177; 3m., 176-8j 

Kath., 178; Marg., 178, 191 ; Rog., 

176n; SirG., 176 
Fontmell, 249 
Foroett, 107 
Forde, Jno., 130 
Fordlum, 130 
FordingtoD, 256 
Forraan, Sir T., 74 
Forsett, 107 
For8ter,Foster,Ant.,Bart,289; Marg., 

46 ; Rob., 318 ; Tho., Wm., 78 
FoHbroke, Hy., SirW.,244 
Fosham, 187 
Foaee, 81 
Foetyne, Jno., 176 
Fonldon, Jno., 8 
FouutainB, 268, 292 
FoontanB, Ann, Hia., 184 
Fowler, Jaa., 124n 

Foi, Hy., 248; Jno., 186h ; Tho.. 17 
Foxhopo, 292 
Fraiathorpe, 187 
Ptamland, 70 
PraniHngton, 284 
Frampton, Tho., 9 
Frank, Jno., 42 
Frankyshe, Ant., 208 
Fraiincey=i, Friinevfi, Jno., 253 ; Tl:r,. 

Fieman, Mrs.. 140; Sir J,, 2H; 
Frendr, I!ob., (H 
Fi'enssli, Jno., 257 
i'ru!iinKti('ld, 2Ui 
l-'rcKton. I'l'PVKtou. -'no., I~^ v ■. 

12.'., -ii.l; Siili,, '2W 
Frobyshev, I'l.. IKU 
I'ro'it. .Jill'.. .". ; !:■■!■- 

162; Tin-.. 12)v: .-. ■ 

\V;ilt.. ir.t, r-l ■. '■■ ■■ .1:' 
E''pjuii;l,, -^i' I ,. ,•'■ 
I'l-v.-l'.n, -■.! -■.- ■ , ■-. ■ 

l-'ulllii.Tli- . 

I'llLllC-'^, I i-i 

r'liniival, l.'-ril, ::- 

l-'uscli, Jliu-;!.. 2r.ii 

Fjkv, Tliu.. ■!')•.> 

Fyndic, Itic-.. 2S3 

Fynkell, Hy., 1111 ; Nie.. U3 

Fypiie=i, Rob., 218 

^^^^^^1 311 S 


trloBsop, Jqo., sis ^^^H 

01cu<wil«r. nukv, 'JJU ^^^H 

Oftal.Al.,Ann, Wm., 285 

Joan. 'iM ^^^^H 


OlovfUT. Agn.. IA5 ^^^^1 

aa«<9. Bit J.. 136 

<»l,vn,.lno„ l.')7 ^^^H 

' nainshoroiigli, 4|>-1, 34"i 

Grrlkp. Ham., EI«aii., Bic, Rnh., ^H 

Qalr, Dor., Mr., 197 

aHN-40 ^^H 

Onlonc, fore., 167 

UodAid. MoH.. !^-Ji Sii .1., ISn ^^H 

Guljon, Itob., Ill 

(Siiirnr\r:ham, 196 ^^^^H 

Oatniitoii, '21-1 

lindmeratofi, I'h., M ^^^^H 

Gn(idyp,Tlm., aiW 

Godstow. I9A ^^^H 

Oarbelt.Itoh.. 1U3 

<:iak«we1]. •iHi ^^H 

Ciiiiden, NIC, llfi 

aold«. »iL-J., -249: »lr It. 2611 ^^H 

a&nliiiar, Hon- l^ 

aoldingc, ifnci., dSl ^^^^M 

aare, Bolt., 11 

GoliUtighaiu.Aiiiic, 172 ^^^H 

Oar[!rftvp| Ojirgrcwo, Jnn. |*4: Sir V., 

Oold«t»roa)(h, £11 ^^^H 

179'i, 'iai 

(iotrilhorp, 2611 ^^^H 

»arn«t, Oftriietl.Jno..8.|, 303j 81rJ.. 

Uo1«;.Jdo., 11 ^M 


MolBton, im-i: itaitt.. Itic. Itob,.3ed ■ 

(Hrodon. 18b 

Oooa.JQO.. 16H ■ 

O&TiBnl, Mr.. 343 

aoodnTn.'riin., -JG7 ^^M 
Uor«. Rob., HIS ^^H 


Oarthome. Rob., lOfi 

Uorton, Bio,, 'iOU-il ^^^^H 


Goe.son, ^^^^^^H 

OftrTPB, Jno,. Nic, 1S» 

Ooiiuili. MarK-, ^^^^^^1 

OascoicTi*-. G»j. 222; .Ihiip. 21(1; Hie. 

U<Mwi<'):. 1K7 ^^^^^H 

BirJ..ii8: SirW..12ft, I;t0,21««; 

Ootha.iEi, lOii, ^^^^^H 

Th.. 2in; Wm..2«i, 361 

Goulfioii, Hum!,, 283 ^^^^^B 

Oasainf, Wm., 47 

Gonshfll, Juo., Hi ^H 


Gowtir, BlJi Agn., Rdw., 67; Miirf.'., ^^^B 

Ofttafonh , 54. 

SG-J ; Wni., U5S ^^H 

OateKheikd, H3. im 

OottMI, Mitnd, Tho.. SU ^^^1 

Oatford. Kec, 12 

Gnykwctl. ^^^H 

Onthuriie, I'ft.. 242 

Onv. .Tun., ifi : Thi>.. l;l ^^^H 

OatiMiD, Jno., 4fl-7 

(iraneBbji Rol)., 12 ^^^^H 

0>iinnted,2Q>ii vSirS.,d$3; 87ra.,lS; 

Gray. (3tey, Jno., ai7; I(ft..CO; Tho,, V 


917; Will., S« ^^B 

GauQt, Jno, at, ii^n 

Orayinghiini, 67, 187 ^^^^| 

Oftunton, atiti 

Grent Gmmsden, 340 ^^^^H 

OawlreB, 28'i 

Grenl I^ii^hK, '2.53 ^^^H 

Unydaa. Nio.. 50 

Ur^en.Oreue.OieyDiMauil. 87n: Bob.. ^H 

Uajll, Mr., 207 

Qll-flO: ma.. 174: 8irT„87n ^^H 

Gafoea Paik, 137 

Oriwiiwub, ST. liO. 1S7. I'iS. S74 ^^H 

Oee, rtic, aS!l 

i-lrOL'Uanii, )J'j-.i ^^^H 

Gadiing, 2'2r. 

Uregury, Kic, 20-2; Mir R, IfKF ^^^1 

OaoHoiey, Hy., Jno,, Rob., 272 

Oromo, Rob.. 143 ^^^H 

Germfln, .Tno., IBO 

Gnnobvdhey, kH ^^^^| 

(ierflbcime. 2',H 

i_iTenaflld«, Wm.. 203 ^^^H 

Oerward, Sir It.. HI 

QEeooteld, Si ^^^H 

aibwD.Al., EAg.. 291 i Job.. Iii«, HI; 

aionefclroHbt, 30fl ^^^H 

Wm., aia 

(Ironehall. Bt^.. 100 ^^H 

Oilberte, Hob.. S9 

Orenoi^gc, 88 ^^^H 

Gilby, Jno., 33 

Ureaby, 21)1 ^^^H 
Grcseley, Liidy, ISO ^^^^| 

Gill, Eip., 1-57 

<;i!litig, 18. 284 

Oroiliun. lUc, 2A3: Sir .T., S91 ^^^M 

Gilmanbv, 396 

Uresley. 339 ^^H 

GiTlinKton.Wm., 13,1 

GrcHio^ii. The, kit ^^^^| 

Giiton, 201, -liQ 

QroHyngton. 6S ^^^H 

Q\Af,^t:.Kn.ib., I(tri 

(tralb«d. Kob.. UA ^^H 

GIdetan, 41 

Grnve, Bdw- 166 ^^^H 

Oleudsie, 1»7 

Gr^vys, Marg.. 2Sa ^^^H 

Glcnhnm. Jiio.,9 

On««. Wni,. ^^^H 



Griffltli, Sir G., 103; Jno., 100. 103; 

Mftrc-, 103-4 
Grimaby, 12. 79. 81 
Grimston. GrjmBtoD. 1S7, 266, 2B7 ; 

Jno.. 44; Hir T.. 207 
Grindon. 181 
Oringley. 242 
Grioton. 227 

Grove. 241 ; Itanil., 202-B 
Grjf, 188 
GTygg, Tho.,-i6 
OuiUford, IVU 
Guir!boroii^t!, 270 
GiilJeford. Sii'E., 130-1 
Gimhj. Jno., 4(1 
GuiFt-ne, Dnku ot 248 
GyEilove, Jno., 271 
UybsoD, Tho., »6 
Gje, Wni., 4+ 
G\fTorili', VAir... 207 
Gylberd. Edm,. 11 
Gyldon, Mr., 217 
Gyll, Itic. Ifi7 
Qyllye. Hii' .1.. 171 


Hacke, Eliz.,291 

Hackfoi-d, 1H.'> 

Hftcknpy, 21, 21U 

Haconby. 05 

Hnddiin, im« 

Haflockton, Hi 

Haggemton, 293 

Hales, W 

Halifai, 'Jj 

Halkyngton, Tho., 5.j 

Hall.Halle.Edw.,291;Bliz.,95; Geo,, 
86. 230 ; Jno., 81. 202, 241. 260, 291 
Kavh.,291; Mar8.,240; Mer,, 24^^ 
Rob., 06, 212, 289, 291; Stu.. 21s 
TL0..274; Urb.,202; Wm., 2'.H 

Hallewestoke. 247 

Halton, 114 

Haltongill, 292 

Haly borne, 225 

Halyeatourc, 276 

Hftlyle, Al.. Ann, Ant., Edw., Elin., 
Eliz., Jno.. Bic, Rob.. Wni., 29.5 

Hambleden. 274 

Hamelton, Jno.. 13 

Hamerton, Const., Eliz., Geo., Jas., 
Jmj,.Kath. l^Ofc',, 116-8 

Hsimound, Jno., 99 

Hampalfl. 370-1 

Hampton, 210 

Hfinbj, SO 

Hurforth, EdM'.. 140 

Hiuiktforil, Wm.,248 

HaDley, Rio., 130 

Hansell, Wm., 2«(i 

Hanson, Jno,, 2aii ; Mv. Rob., 290 

Hapenye, Jen., 1S4 

Harbotell, Jane, Mary,Sic.,123 j Wyg , 

Harbury, Hy., 12 
Harby, 84 
Harconrt, Chr., 9fin 
Hai'Lii]i;;LiiLni, itl 
Harebuigh, H,v.,251 
Harebj, Jiio., &3 
Harecastell, Jno., Leon., 206 
HarQeur, 8ii, 86it 

HavHille, Mar;^.,280; Ric, Wm., 163 
HEirHrave, Edw, 202 
Harlnw, 27.5-fi 
Harmswortb, 295 
Harner, Cbr., 60 
Harom, Rob,, 274 
Haromynga, L?7 
Harper, Isab-, -l^S; Bob., 160 
HarHugtoE, Ann, Sir J,, llln ; Jno., 

Harrinfj-wciclh, 204 
Harriaon, Hartvscii, Eliz., 294; Jno., 

Mftrg , Mig., Boll.. 294; Jno., 205h; 

Rob.. 195; Tho,, 199,203,282 ; Wm., 

170. 210 
Havroifatf, 296 
HaiToppe. Edw., 260 
Han-owe, Wm., 130 
Han-ys, IXic, 83 
Hart, Elia,, 85 ; liii!,, 59 
Harthill, 197, 292 
Harston, 240 
Uattlclui'y. 220 
Hartoii. n«o., Jno., Marg,, Rio., Walt., 

Hartquycke, Bar., 165 
Hartvvell, Fr. , .Tno., Lanr,, Matg. , Wm. , 

Harvie, HaiTTc, Sir N,, 190; Tho., 

190-1, 240 
Harworth, 177-8, 267, 286 
Hasaixle, Agn,, 103 
Hastings, 70; Ann. 144ii, 287; Edw., 

75; Eliz.. Fr.. Jno.. Kath., Mart., 

Sir H., Wm., 287; Lady J., 73; 

Lord, 69, 69h, 75, 75?i, 106, 131, 

Uiu ; Sir E., 71 ; Sir L.. 69», 72n ; 

Hie, 37, 72, 73.1, 76 ; Wm., 76, 150 
Hastwhitteil, Wm., 211 
Haswell, 31n, 151 
Hatcher, Jno,, 240 
Hatecliff, Mrs., 62 j Tho., 282 
Hatfeldo. Ey.. 229 

Haugh , Xr. , Isab, , Nle., Tho., Urs., 229 
Hftverholme, 264 
Hnw.Nie,, 18; Wm., 161 
Hawt'H. Will., 49 
Hawes, Ann, Sir J., 136n 
Hawkeswell, ,Tno., 34 

^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ 1 

UQi^kiwuiib, Ciir,. Ai 

H«kMli. 1K7 ^^^1 

Hdwltyii. Mar.. i^C- 

Heileden. m-2 ^^^1 

Htiwuliv, 186. WI, JH'J 

Hesale, 107. 1»7 ^^H 

HBMtell, 187 

BQuyaoiR', Jno., Ilowl., 'J64 ^^^^| 

linwUm, Gi.iil.aa 

Bewale. Jtio.. 10 ^^^H 

Hiiiej, 32;,. 3:i» ; Tbo., G 

Hewer, Awt., ISB ^^^H 

Hftxltoiiue, as 

ileiruU. Uewito. lly.. 177 ; Jdv., DUS ; ■ 

liny. Dap,. lU 

Mr. 134; I'ho., 266 ■ 

Hnjburi], 303 

HewsUT, Cbr, Jer., Jno.. Ric, Wm.. ^| 

Hiijtiok. Mftig.. 266 

279 ; Tho.. 255 ^^M 

Hajie. jno., IflrT 

Uctnm, Sir B. , U3 ^^^1 

Hajtoii, 12ert. 128, 187. aCC 

Heypss, Oec, Jno., 237; Sue.. 9Sfl ^^^H 

Hajwood, AJ.,20i 

Heywanl, Tto., «IJ; Wra.. 123-lt ^^H 

Hcbcham, 'ilZ 

llitk, Tlio.,38 ^^^H 

Hettlaugh, -JS?, 289 

Hunriot, 200 

Hifinna. .Tno., 2M ^M 

ni'bbegon. Hy..Katli.,27J 

Hieilun, Bri,.BUz., Jno-.Wm.. lTO-8: ^^M 

Hcdilinghfim Cartle, 171. 171" 

111 ^^H 

Hed£er, Jno., 196 

Higgee^, Wni., 1Q7 ^^^| 

Hedley, Jno.. 153 

Hildyard, Hy.. 183-4. 305; Jno., 81, ^^M 
1.32 ; Sir E., S5" ; Wm., 1:U ■ 

HedoB, ]35ln, 187, 262-3 j Sir fi., 2olt 

Hedworth, Cnth., Mirg., Bal,. 131-2 

Hillom, Rog., C ■ 

Ueesa, 25G 

Jlilton, Jno.. 83: Itob., 3S; Sir R., ■ 

Heiniiigs, ti7 

3111 ; Wm.. Ul ^^M 

Heliertl. Is&b., Jno., Bob.. SC 

Tlm-ie, Mnt., 170, 308 ^^H 

Hdlifidd, llfiii 

Hhby, 13 ^^H 

H^lhoteoD. Nic, 10(> 

Uirlord. tet,. 18-3 H 

HelmCTS, Hugh, 40 
HeteusUrj-, 18«-7,a51 

Hilte. JQO,,U ■ 

Hob&on, 109; M.. EliK., Bla.. Rob., ■ 

Helsingtdd, i65 

■im-. TIID..1&7. 159, 2m ■ 

Reltington, 98. '•!7>l 

Tloby. ir,» ^^M 

Helya, Ilic..2a7 

lloclisnson, Jno., 374 ^^^^| 

HeminEborough, ISG, ISU, 194, 2fi4, 

HDckoitan, 2^6 ^^^H 

272, 2U'4 

UoJak. iittc.. il H 

Hcmonbe, 117 

Hoiigeson. Uodaljion, HoKReaon, Geo.. H 

H<raawortli, 11.1, 179, 17Dn, 328-4, 290 

237; Hj., 210; Jno., 202; Tho., ■ 

HeceagG, Kntli., SirT., 130-1 

im, n^ ■ 

HeDoinallen, ISS 

Hodirsule. Bob., 1 ^^^H 

Heuty Vm.87n 

Hosen. Mat., Raliih, Bob.. 3e2 ^^^H 

HecryBoa. Kliz,. Jno,, Bob.. Win.. 

HoReaton, 277 ^^^H 

■2*5-7; I'eter. W» 

Hotjrby, Win., &4 ' 

aent. Mart;., 175 

Holdtu, la»: 319 

Hcpteaatall. 2(jl 

HoldBtneaa, 173 

Herbert. Lttrd, lai ; Wm., 87n 

Holes, Andrpn". 267 

Herbori, Tlio., 351 

Holtwav. Tho., 110 

Hemitl. Sym. , W 

Holgate. Hy., 220: Bob., 282 

Hercy, Humf,. mi ; Sir J.. Ma 

Holgb, .Tuo., 7 

HerdiuniU, Wm,, 175 

HolgllJ, Al.. 127; Win,. Ill, IB* 

UecdoD, lti>h, de, if 

Holgrave, Diiv., Bog., Tho., Wm.. 

Hel'efoird, lO-i, 11, '260 

2n0; Wm., 4:t 

H-oron, lly.. Jen.. 171-5; Elia..Edni., 

HolinEBil. Wm.. US 

liftb.. Jiio.. Kiilh.. Mivrg., Wm,, 2&2 

HoUancI, Hy..2ai: Jno. 189 ; Joan. 

Juo„ Tlio.,i7a 

r,3ii ; Laur., IW; Tho,, 58« 

Heiryson. Eal-h., Rob.. 99 

HollfLuret. 150 

Hersy. SU J., 2« 

HoUjm, 175, 2« 

HertbUl. Joli., 201 

Hollye, Elie.. Fran., Sir W., Wm., 

Hcrtilpole, Al., Jno.. Walt., -iO-l 


H«rvyB, Jno., 43 

HoUiie, Holmes, 54: .\nu, Edw, , lt7l! : 

Heryn, Itog,. 2H(; 

Edw.. 105-8; Jno.. T7. 104-D. 3G1: 

He«Rl1, Ann. Mil 

Mftrni.,2G4; Mr.. U'J; Bio. de. IS; 

Heeelryge. (iD-li ; Mr,, 108 

Rob.. 28: Wm..77Ji, 161 

Hubull, Oer.,2Cfi 

n„l. ntl ^^^^H 



^^^" 314 INDEX. ^^^^^^^1 

^1 Hobnpton, 17S. 197 

Hunt, AUoe, Juo., ItHI, 232; Mf.. 9S8 ; H 

^H ETolmiii.l». m 

mo..l^; Bog.. 97 ■ 

^H IfolU, 1X.1 

Hunter. Tho,. 3U3 H 

^H HnlUiorfc Wni.. ^3 

Hunihnnk. 301 ^1 

^H Ilnly ImIrii.), IhI. Hi'> 

Hunllav. ConntMH. Stin ; Jno., 161 ^H 

^H llDljmi, Jno., Will.. :!4'J 

Haaton. 336, 391 H 

^B iiolr«-oii. \f^ 

Hanwiclt, 230, 3011 ■ 

^H llgmildon. ]67 

Hurto, \1.. Akh., Jm., Jn«.. Joan, Bio., ^1 

^H lloo. Hie. nl. 'J 

Bob., Tbo., Wro., 'JTS ■ 

^H Hopwall, Jnn.. -JM 

Kum<>rth, 103 ■ 

^H Hopwood, Rab.. IS3 

HaMev. A.nt,. Mnt.. 313-3: NIe.. » ; H 

^H Boram. Tbo., 131 

Mir J.. US; »ir W., 71 ■ 

^H Horc. Rog., 10 

Hoalnajte. Tho., 27A ^| 

^H norhaloir, 28fi-40 

Hulton. SO. 276; .\iit., %., Jno., ■ 

^H Floniby, lUn. 11^4, IIS; tl)D,,349; 

■Hl-'ii Dr. :}!<-., -JAG; Jiui«, Ric, ■ 

^H Wm., 82, IMD 

Wm.. use ■ 

^H Homishan]}!, SS9 

Uuyobe. Bob., 300 ^M 

^^1 Uotner. Dune. 1AII-4 

HajXe. Kob.. 168 ^^H 
Hyde. Mnrg.. 386 : Tbo.. 301 ^^H 

^^B HariiiagUin, 364 

^H Homlcj, Bog.. 16a 

RjU Piani. 3A9 ^^H 

^H Hamua, 187, 271 

Hjndc. Km., in ^^^M 

^^1 HoTMinaadoae. ISO 

Sjisonnc, Kob.i U3 ^^^^| 

^H Bonitj. 974; lt«b., li^l 


^H HorUia,47, lit, 394; Klix., Ric.. >T0 


^H ilonnittli. Wm., CR 


^H Hoterisetoii. 289 


^^L^ Holhun.lIK: Sim.. AH; 8irJ.,»7 

Idtenham, S67 ^^^| 

^^■1 HottocEdm.. H?.. tta. , R[c.. Wm. . 269 

Ild«rton, Ant,, Tbo., 260 ^^^H 

^^^^^ Houghau, 27S 

U1(I«/. 2SG ^^H 

^H Houghton, ISttn. l« 1 , -IVi. n9. 950. ST^i 

Illingwortfa, Ann, Blis., Bftt., Xtjc., ^H 

^H Elonnatow, 2Ati 

Sir It,. 358 ■ 

^^H Uurin^tun, Jno.. 15. 16n 

Innhnboide. Nio., 304 ■ 

^H Hnwdim. 3S. tR-4. 01-3. 3I]3, 3T3 

tn^linm , Wii ^H 

^H now«, JAB 

Iiieleb3'. ^'nggelbv. Agn., El., Jcg.. ^| 

^^1 Ilovcbj, no«o1o5, M-6 

R»lh..4g; l^irW..'id4 ■ 

^^1 HowctK. Jno., Win., Si 

In^U'toa. 114 ^M 

^m How^c.Bio.. 3U 

higM, 237 ■ 

^H Howgiii, im 

[nginnntlK'rp. 291 ^^^^M 

^B Hovrttfll. Tho., 198 

IngoideaihoTpe, la., liin ^^^^M 

^H Bovhouw. 'J3S 

Ingrain. 276 ^^^^| 
In&peuae. Bic, 36 ^^^^| 

^H Howiwr. Mr..-il>l 

^H Howeum. l^G, IBB 

Inniui.Sii J., ^^^H 

^^B Hvwtlivrup, 'Wiu. . IS 
^m lloxtoa. Wra„ H^J 

Innoldc. Jno.. 197 ^^^^| 

Insldp, Wm.. 178 ^^H 

^^1 Htiekuijion, UDch«i3oa,Edw.,Ric., 280; 

ircUndc, Et.. G«o., lAiir.. 33!> ^^^H 

^H Le(kn..3^3; Mnrf;.. 49, 203 ; Dob.. 

LreloDd, Ry., 303 ; Walt, 194 ^^H 


Ivelitb, Jdo., 331 ^^^^1 

^M HuMvTsmi. 390, 293 

Ivy;, Cbr.. ^^^M 

^H HudleslOD , 394 : Hv, , Jiuie, Joo.. Sir J.. 


^M d6: Sir J., 60 


^1 HiidMii, EJm.. fi«b., -^87 : Wm., 181 


^H Hn«8&to, 17. 197, 398 
^H HalMt«A. Eith.. 120 

Jaokioa, Agn., 273; A)., Bon., SsTT^I 

^M HnU, 8. 0. 12, m 51-3. 54. SI. M-7. 

Ric, 193j Sir W., TO-100; Tho., H 

^H 98^9. UT. t»3. 173. 107. 30&. 2)i2. 

1110, 2S3, 3Se : Wm.. 'im ■ 

^H 3Tl.3S0.3fll 

JakFio, rbo.. 70 ■ 

^M Bai\t>. Ric. 10 

jAki^, Tha,,a83 ■ 

^H Qulton, Bill., W><>., 3«S 

3My. JD9..84 ^M 

^H HamTiwr, Jnc, 905 

Jam«t, Ann. Isab-, Joan. Marg., KJc, ^| 

^H Hundley. Isnb. , 386 

[lio.. Tbo,, Wm., 3.>!( H 

^H Hun^kte. Tlio.. ISl : Wm.. 309. 801 

Jani^BOD, Thc>.,375 ^M 

^H Hunmrford, Loiii, 7Sr : Sir W. d». S7 

Jaqnei. Elin.. Leon.. Wto.. 309 ^| 

., .. 1 

Janrow, Hi 

KInKBiOQ. lEvncexioii. lOlM, 147. -^'<G. H 

ivBiBja. \Vm..'21ii 

Wi t Mar/. 171 ; HU W.. U(i ■ 

JenlcenBon, AUi;«, l<{iU; J»b., W 

Kington, 147 ^^^H 

Jenya, Agn., )S6n 

KlppAZ, litS ^^^H 
Kirk Uolgliton.-Jei ^^H 

Jcuyiaoii, A|;r., Bri^.. Kl., Mitr.RK., 

Bob, Tho.. Win.. 151. 1511. 

feulon. 283, 2^5 V 

Jerard, Eliji., 74 

OjwiUiI. 8^ ■ 

.rtrningbrim, JW. 8-1ti 

Kirkby. Glrby. KirkbTO. 71. 133. 162. ■ 

Jaru so-lent. 31 

1T«>. ia», -.'16-U. -257. y70; Jnc, 17, ■ 

J(!(vau!i, m-V. 118 

19 ; Bliz.. Jno., Itio., 2^11 ; Jno.. 1»» ■ 

JetlinifborO'iigh, 90 

— LoDBdAld. 9!) H 

.TotuBon, JoiiBon, Ad., 106; Agn..Al.. 

Malzgni'd. 24!» ^^^B 

Chr.. EIIe.. Eatb.. Leon.. Wm., 'JAS : 

Uoorside. 17. -il.S ^^H 

AL, AgD.. Atil.. KtU.. Jao.. I>ai».. 

Baienswonli. ->a2, 2;iK ^^^1 

Marv, 341; Chr,. «i; Jb-h.. 139; 

—^ Wh»r[e. ICa, 171 ^^H 

Blc. 160. -iflfi; Bob.. 206: Wi>i.. 

Kirkham. 187. 347. 281; Ju9., U» ^^H 

les, -.^ij 

KirklinRlon, 38, ISC ^^^M 

Jol^ai, By.. 2S1 

EirliKtnll, 113, 3(13 ^^^1 

JofBon, Boll., 110 

KulKten<l. iU ^^^1 

Jordau. Jno.. MS; Tho.. 90 

Kirkthorpo, IM ^^^H 

Kiry, Mr., SS ^^H 

Snaj^gei, Juo.. S43 ^^^H 


Rimit}>, Ue ^^H 

EuaresboiouKh. 48, 98G, S9S, 294 ^^^1 

Kanoia, Ric.. *7 

Ko»sall. SK ^^H 

Kiithetine. (jueen, lir!< 

Knoeton. ISo, '237. 2U0 ^^^1 

Kajle, Mr§., 115 

Knight. Kitygbt. Etli.. Bob.. Tfao.. H 

Kftjg, Hy.. 18-9 

WiD., 140:[T.,2G0: Hok.. ■ 

Kecbd, Jnci., 250 

-270 1 

K^wortb, 93, Ifll, 101 
K«3brokc, 180. IBV 

KnoI«B. Agn., 3U2 

Kuolie, 262 

K«lilhotmc, ^m 

Knopstlwrpp, 27^, 'JRU 

KeWae. im 

Knottealortl,. Jiw. . 27 

Kern bar, Jiui., 325 

Kiiynotoii, Bte., 7S 

Kemmevi, Th».,aSl 

KoyTBtt. Jno.. aiW : air E... WT 

Kempe. And.. 2U : El., Job,, Wm., S, 

Korhnl, Bn.. 167 

«. 7 

EyJuwcD Morotf. 8(> 

E«iiiae>«, Syai.. 207 

Kykele, 71) 

Kendftl, 48, tt7, yT'f-'J'O, !>ln, ^7-6, It'J, 

Kyllmrnc. Hob., IT 

19M-'J, 210. 'iia. :i7T-s, aas. iwi 

KylwolmBrsh, Wni.. 37. S'i 

KenayU, Wm., l.Sa 

Kylviigbftll, Fr., Knth., IBB 

Ktno. Attn, Eliz.. 2>tl 

Symf. 2(14 

KonsiRKlon. 393 

Kymptun, Al.. Jno., 26 

Kent, Enrl. fiftjj; Tho..4T 

Kyniler. Ai't.. 177 

Kentewoili!, lt«;n., 2AL 

Kyacaw&rtb. llic. 24D 

Keelevtu. Ajfii., Win., ti 

li.\1>ljii. MacR., 152 

Ket&Q, 'ijl 

Kyppae, Wm.. 2112 

Syttoii. 187 

KytHon. Wm.. 280 

Kexbv, 164. ai):i 

S/tchyn. Edm.. 2&7 

Key. llv.-gs 

Keylo, Eliz., Mtti«.. Bob.. Tho., 81 

Kibkawortb, 107 


KiRlilev, Prnn., 203 

Kishtelcy, ltd,. 203 , 

Lftbi-cy, Al., Ann. VMz., Bob.. 282 

KtlliHni. 167. iTV 

Liu'iuin, Wm. de. 47-H 

Killiiigton. ^70 

Lacy, .\gn.. Ohi.. Eliis,. Hii^h, Juu.. 

KiUiiiKwoIilsiove. isii. lB3ii 

HarR., Bin.. Sir K.. Tlw., Wm., 

Kibiwick T'c-rcv. Ilia-4. 187 

«4-3: Hugh.Ric. -J46 

KijiiLlton, lUij 

Lambfvrd. Joo., Rob., rhn..WiB..!r71 : 

King, KjBHcUy,, Wiii.,2(J8; Win.,5« 

Nic, 128; Ri«„ 283 

Kingel'by, ;}7B 

Lambert, Wm.. 320 

Kinffntunton, 23a 

Lambeth, 117. 2fl4 

^H ^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^H lAmblon, 44-fii AI-,Jao..Tli«., Wfii., 

LmIw, S45-A 4^^^^^^^H 

^M U; Edm., 168 

Lou, Tho.. Ill ^^^^^H 

^H Laow. Lamb US; Ann., Bej.. 

^H K\ix.. 0«o., [i>ab.. Juie. ar&r.. Boti.. 

Lagtwme, Jno. , tU ^^^^^^H 

Irtje,Bdm.. 10 ^^^^^H 

^H Tbo..Woi., 161 

Irtih. Letgh. 2H3: Om.. 1T7; Wm-. ■ 

^^^^_^ Lamemaii. Thu., 96 

^^^B lAmky. 70 

L«ioMler. 64ii, 70 ■ 

^^^V LuicMler. IIS-^, llBi ChM.. 88; 

I.«tgbtOD BuEsard, 10, ia<F,4«,9H ■ 

^ Win..'J17 

I>inynea, B««.. Jno., Wm. . iM ^U 
Lenou, Mfttg.. 67 ^H 

^^M LandMifatwr. Jno. . ISS 

^H Ijftndford. 2(9 

L«alorii. Sfift; KVu.. 202 ^^^1 

^^■^ lAndrioknei. IM 

L«iwy, Rio.. 67 ^^^^M 

^^^_ rAn«,Joi>..20S: EI..Wm..«-7 

IjctMashnni, i^l ^^^^^^M 

^^^H LaawoMt, S3 

LMtrftuafio, Sir T., HI ^^^^^1 

^^^^^r liADgdAlc, Ann, Wm., TBn ; Ant., Tho., 

Ltthoma. lAO-I. ^^^^^M 

^ aiai Kie., 12i; B*b., 12; Thft.. 

Ii«thtitn, ^^^^^^^H 

^H IX, -ilS: Wni..RO 

Leveii. 'id, 34 Tho., ^^^^^H 

^H Luffinxl . Jno., -i^l 

L«VRnlt]g, ISh ^^^^^H 

^H LsDKfaolm. Jno.. 13 

Xievens. MbI.. 1°J2 ^^^H 

^H Laagbonie, Leon.. 281 

Levenbolbe, ISO ^^^H 

^H Iad|^j, Ja»., SIS 

Levering tou, 271 ^^^^| 

^H LftDgi^ge. Mari;., Etio-. Rob., 910-1 

L«ve8hiini.riiD.,2a T ^^^H 

^H t&Dgtolt, 10>i, d66 

Ij«viahajn, 'i6S ^^^^H 

^H I.ftiit;loD, 1H7: Bdw..GlJi.. Joftii. US; 

L«wiM, Jno, , 'ill ^^^^H 

^H .too. Wm.. 253: Chi.. Ric. The. 

Luwjrn. ILoh., 16S ^^^H 

^H 291:Tb.J.. lin 

LiahQvld, 1, 170; Dr., 63. Kil ^^^1 

^H I^mgwitU. 317 

Liddingt«n, 2m ^^^^H 

^H Imrm, Hugb, S(U 
^H Larkr, Mftifi.. 11)4 

Lieke, Jno., 190 ^^^^^H 

Liilcsbull, 187 ^^^^1 

^H liftSQlls, Rub., Vi 

Limpole, 177-H ^1 

^H Lushefourde, Hy., 213 

Llceoln, 10n'l9.4e, 63». 65, 80-1. 0?, ■ 

^H Luslef.Wm., 118 

134, ISO, 1»S-B. SSI, :i!^7 ■ 

^H Lubtiii^imiii. 277 

UniB, Will. A\<, 47 ^H 

^H LiLspe. Tho.. 14 
^H IiDthbiin-. Bi'I).. 'Kt 

LintoD, 186, ]«» H 

Lister, Lj-gter. Chns., Marg,. Ric. 8ir H 

^H LfttbeU, fiic, £7 

M., Sii H.,33a ■;; Mi.. ISS; Wm.. ■ 

^H Lntbef, Jiio. d», 3 

ai-3 ■ 

^H Lathom, Joa., BilIc, ^B-J 

little BiLddotv, 267 ^| 

^H Lstlion. Ant. , 2S'i 

Littua. 2<tt-9 ^1 

^^^ Latimer. Lonl. iSSu, 5U 

LltLii(tH0, 231 ^M 

^^^H lAtlon. 2ST 

Uoyd, Pet., 181 ^^^M 

^^^H Laumge, Dr,,133 

liockingean. lUS-l ^^^^^| 

^^^^V LaTsrok, Bic. 44 

Lottboaw, 291 ^^^H 

^V Lawsad, Bob., lO^ 

Lagb.Xho.. 95 ^^^H 
iMkUiD. Rob,, Sn3 ^^^H 

^H Lawdftf, Tho, , 71 

^H Lawe, Arch,, Alt. . 173 

Lnila, Wm., 77 ^^^H 

^H Lawliguii, 211 

Ijamlej, Ijntl.. Geo., Jiino, 193 ^^^^H 

^H LawBon, Agii., 182. 2T4; Al., 181-3; 

Lcindeaboroogli, S3-4 ^^^H 

^H BBrb..ia'J; EJiit.. IC-A. 1H()n., 161-3 ; 

London. EIie., Joo., Ra*., Kath., ^M 

^H Elili., 274; Geo,, Ibtl-^; Hj-.. 170, 

Laur,. Oew., 116-d ^H 

^H 181 ; Jan., iei^-6. 380, 1H3-3 ; Jtio., 

Luntti Jtka., 9S ^| 

^1 274; Sir G.. 10(1; titr It.. IHOn; 

Lgoke,Tho.,337 H 

^H Tlio.. 1B6, 1B2 S: Win.. 181-H 

Liopham, 3ti ^H 

^H Lmlon, XH. 349, 29.1; Auii., 155 

Lutbijttle, 350 ^1 

^^V Laybonrn, Jn>;., 93 

Lord. H7., Jno.. 8Bmp..Tbo.,15a: Jno., ^H 

^H LHj'Bonbe, MiirK'> 270 

262 ■ 

^H Lajtoii, 'J61 ; Jno., 19n 

LoU, .Tna, ST ^M 

^H Lenke. 191, &AI 

Loughboiougb, 131, 173-4 ■ 

^^H Lbbvp Fling. 18)4 

Louado, H7., Juo., Pot., 34 ; By., 83 ; ■ 

^H L«G, 261; Mnrg.. 271; Hie, 197; 

Rnb., :^eii Sir (Jec, 34n ■ 

^M Bob.. 321-3 

Louth, Nic. d«. :iO ^| 

^V L<«de*.Ttia. Ifl9 

Iionther, G«of., 29 ■ 

' ^H^^^^^^^^ TWDEX. 817^^ 

Lonehorp. Bob., 81 
LoTfttL", Rob., IM 

Mulling, 17J, 231 ^^^1 

MaUyny, Jno., 7 ^^^^| 

Loveles, Lady. 3!t2 

Mrillom, JiLu., 152 ^^^H 

Lovcll. Eliz., 35, 173j Mand, 35n; 

iMnlpax. Hy., 1 ; Jiio., >)n ^^^^H 

Mr.. Ifl7 

Mfiltby, 911 ^^^1 

LovingtoQ, Aijn,, Jno.. Wm., 287-9 

Multon, 19«, f>I!. -JSU-4, -JSa. 37S. 287 1 V 

LowdVlftln, 178 

R«M.,Th9..35^ ^^B 

Lowiok, aes 

M^Q, Jno., 12 ^^^^H 

LowBd4!,Jer.,Joh., Kftth,, Marg.iTho., 

MiLDEhester, 27S, SSS ^^^H 


MiLTitclil, a«rm..Joh., 262 ^^^1 

Lubbestborp, 71. 7fl-7 

Matitietd. ttob.. 20, 2Uji, 233 ^^^H 

LuGiks, Jiio,, 21B : Miirg., 62 

JIanloy, Li,, jli ^^^^B 

Luoe, .... 3 

MiuiaerB, Jiw„ 01., Hoy.. Sir E., 1B9; ^1 

Luke, Eilai,.Wiii,, 53 

Tho.. 1S4-0 ^^M 

LamJey, LoTd.TJm., 280 

Mu.aaeiiLpd, Keyn., KS ^^^^^| 

Lund. 187; Ad., Al, Ceo., Jonn, Jno., 

^Eanuafeld. 273 ; JosD, 178 ^^^H 

Tho., 988 


Lundcote, 1^7 


Luuatord. la., I36it 

Mnple^lead, ^^^^^^^^| 

Lutitloy. Da7, , 157 


Lupset, 19a-3 

Mupj-lton. ^^^^^^^1 

Lnpton, Jno., Bob.. Roe-, 386 

Um, Hy.. Jno.. ^^^^^H 

LatohuMh, 100 

Miirliery, Him., 39-10 ^^^^^H 

Murciint, Rog.. 3ii ^^^^^H 

Lyall, Dr.. 292 

M>irlLe«l, irsG ^^^| 

LydaeU. The, Ifil 

Mitrfyi), Mi-irti-n. Wni., 107 |^^H 

Lye, 'flio.. Will.. 357 

MArkoline, Martiolui, I3C, lafin ^^^1 

LylbgiTie, Elia., HoV., ItiC 

Hui'kvus, iik., 205 ^^^1 

Lylle, Jao., Joli., Witi-, aua 

Markham, 101, 178; Anns, 103; V 

LyUin, Bio., 193 

MdrR., I21n; Sir J., 201; Sh %., __^M 

Lyiowe, Tho., lai 

luu ^^H 

Lymana. Jno. de, 13 

Mnrlitr, Ste., 182 ^^^1 

Lyuiington, 369 

MiLvlcy. Eic, 205 ^^^H 

Lymm, 247 

Marlowe. Win... 202 ■ 

LyndaU, Ajuie, 3TS 

MftViuyon, Geo.. 'Mii Hy., 202-3, ■ 

Ljnde, Jno., IH 

211-8: Ml'..«77 ■ 

Lyndriok, .5!l 

Mn.raur, Jno., 251 ^M 

Lyndxfelil, 180 

MniTcyR, Agn., Marg.. Nic, l{oli.,Wni., ^M 

Lyng, Jno,, ll« 

270-1 ■ 

Lyiigftrd. (let.. 2fi8 

MaiseCt«r, Kic. 190 ^M 

Lyane. 273, 276: Al,, Ann, Jno., .lul.. 

Mikr^bnll, Mnrcw^haU. Ago-. Al., El., ■ 

Rob., Wm.. 263; Al., Jno., l&U i 

Ilio.,-)'2: Euu., 128; Jno..Sl; Bob., H 

Juo., 168 

153; Hit W., 257: Tlw., 10 ■ 

Lynnrono. Uugii, 218 

Mn-fsbnllcr, VJIi ^^^B 

Lynton, Jno., 10 

MMtbc, ICie., 190 ^^^^^1 

Lyon, Bio.. JfiO 

MaritO)!. -AlH ^^^^^M 

Lyale, Jul,, 2G4 

Miirteii, Uract'. 274 ^^^^B 

Ljtli, aW; Rob., a-' 

Murtiiidulu, Agii., Job,. 282 ^M 

Lytley, Jno., (J5 

Miirtvn, Juo.. 164, 20a, 3W i Bic, ■ 

Lytton.Kob., (13 

■iUG;TW, 'iCO ■ 

Lyvewy, Jas., ti7 

Mnrtfonh, 5» ■ 

Maryct, Wm., 107 ■ 

Ma.soiilde. Jno., 9-6, 29 ; Wm.. 0-fi ■ 


Miii^CBll«.Jno., 2» ■ 

Muhani, 34d, ii^n ■ 

M3ca,alny, Lchiil, IWlii- 

Mm.!), Rob., ea, 217i TIio.. 11. iI50 ■ 

MoHall.Jnff,, nn 

Ma-Hmi^bei<l, Al., Kvrt., Tbo., 290 I H 

MftohoU, Juo..Joh!ta, Mftt., Tho., 1J9IJ 

MibawQttb, t26n ^H 

MartdBBon, Jane. Howl., 188 

Ma.lben.Jiio., ^S? H 

Ma?or, aai 

MntbeHau. Anno. I7S; Gno., 173 ^M 

Makreth. Bob., 109 

Matliew, Will.. 3!) ^^^M 

Mftlburj, 160 

Ma-ttoh ^^H 




Maudealej. Elis., 46 

iUaunaslied, Re;., Hit 

Maupu, Ht., fl 

Maudton, Rio., 12 

Mftwde, Edw., Tho., 216 

Mawn^eby, Mirg., 184 

Mawne, Ib.,33T 

Uawnsel, Bob., 184 

Mavnton, ST8 

MuBtcke, 147 

Main-ell, Edw., 155 

Ma;, Jno., 157 

llajdeUes, 1S6 

Maynell, Bog., 268 

Meaux, 347 

Modcalt, Nic, -219 

Medle;, Ba., 106 

MelbouTDe. IBS 

Melles, 40 

Melting. llS-4 

Hetmerb;, 221, 249 

Melton, 33. 188 ; Dr., 91 ; Sir W., 248 

Mendham, 245 

MeMtt, Ago., Job., Wm.. 274 

Merbery, Jno., 50 

Mereer, Alei., 41 ; Sob., 17 

MeKworth, 59 

Mersk, Acris, 31 

Mersah, 51 

Merton, Marg., 1S3 

Merys, EliB.,22'J 

Messing, 172 

Hethun, Mr.. 217 

Methele;, Etiz..2-25 

Methk;, 68n 

Meyklaj, Ric. 9» 

Meynatl, Mennell, Menyl. Gcr., 37 ; 

Laid, 116 ; Bob. . 198 
Uejre, Mr., 143 
Miebe, Eliz., 172 
Mioholl, Jno., 98, 109 ; Kath., 367; 

Wm., 266 
UicUefield, 350 
Middleborouf^h, 257 
Middlehatn. 296 
Hiddleton. Midilton. 24, 169, 301, 203, 

344,249; Al.,Hcl., Jno.,272; Ann. 

Cus., Geo., 23^; Bri., 135; Cha.s.. 

Jane, Tjoo., Wm., 97 ; Ed*., 89, 97 : 
' Geo.,169; Laur.,237; M»m.,20H; 

Rob., 26, 158, 887; Tho., 18, 20, 

183, 3.59 
Uidharst, 190 
Milboumc, 250 
Milfidd, 187 
Uillington, 275 
Millom, 6»n, 96, 96n 
Miln«, Rob , 46 

Hilner, Jno.. Johan, 257 ; lioh., 'i^'A 
Hilton, m, 187. 252 
Milwanle, El., 138 
Hin<H«, Tho., 18 

Minskip, 253 

Miaterton, 242-3 ; Bog., 266 

Mitford, Mytforth, Anne, Bog., 164: 
Clir., Fr., Jane, Jno., 166-8 
: Mokkyog, Jno., 253 
' Moldson, Alia., 215 
i Moleyns, Adsni, 254 
I Mollens, Mic, 246 
' Molyneux, Ant., Chr.. Dor., Dr., Edm., 
I El.. Fr., Jane, Jno.. Eatti., Rob.. 

Sir E., Sir T, Tho., Wm., 226-9; 
Edm., 151; Sir E., 201; Th., 226-7; 
Wm., 229 

Monghumbere. Tho., 134 

Monkbretton, 116 

Monkrode, II611, 117 

Mononey, Mr., 95 

MoDBon, Juo., 124 

Montagu, Montaoute, Edw., 89, 92-3 ; 
LoKl, 107; Marq.. 129ii; Tho., 50ti, 

Monte&gle, Lord, 111-5 

Monter, Bob., 42 

Monilawe, 345 

Moor Monklon, 289 

Mope, And., 294 

Mordon, Marg., Kic, 247 ; Tho., 43 

More, Moore, 78 ; Deoji, 62 ; Jno., 60. 
77, 106, 192, 277; Mary, 105 (>; 
Bic, 239, 240; Sir T., 251, 277; 
Tho., 62>i, 106 

Moreton, 220, 221 

Morgftn, Jno., 207 

Morley, Fr.,116; Chr, Elu.,Rob.,270 

Morpeth, 161 

Morse, Jno., 192-3 

Mortemer, 117 

Morteyn, Sir J., 172 

Morthe, Bic, 136n 

Morton, 160-1. 230-1 

Mosseley, 287 

Mottc, Jno., 7 

Monlt«s, Wm,. 158 

Monnoeux, Mat., 21 ; Rob., 22 

Mounford, Kic. 56 

Monnteney, Marg.. 128 

Mount Grace, 67, 74, 159 

Mow, Al., 2.f7 

Mowbmy, Jno., 36, 279; Kath., 3§ ; 

Mows, Edm., 266 

Mowson, Wm., 199 

Moyle, Sir T., 196 

Moys, Jno., 29 

Moyser, Jno., 333 

Hunshull. 250 

Mnrrey, Roul., 175 

Mnakham, 279 

Musienge, Tho., 236 

Maston, 187-8, 28» i 

Mustyana, Boh., H* 

Hykill, 160 

^^^^^^^^ INDEX. ^^^^ 1 

Mfliihcira, Aiiue, 189 

NonriiKkin, »a ^^J 

KoolLf, Wiij., 197 ^^^1 

Mjjdmay. Sir W., 232 

Mjlijiibuoii, Saw., IGl 

Kotbury, 10D» ^^H 

Myndrom, Jno., M 

Norfolk, D[i5l.„a7.5e}Uak«,3«,B«n-7 V 

MjTris, Ki«,, ISO 

X^rhua, 187; Sir E,, 1C3 J 

MffseadsD. WO 

Norman, .'Ini., 20!) ^^^| 

MjKyu, 3>ia 

Notmniidyil, Sir J., HO ^^^| 

Kormaalou, 131, IS7; Wm., 2S6 ^^^| 

Koraey. ^6 ^^H 


Mt^tth,Jno..S2; Ur., 307 ^^M 

MwOMvllortviJ. 74. a9il ■ 

NabuTB, 181 

Noflljnmpton, 7(H. IH, 1.B5, 258,368; M 

Nauntoii, 2<0 

Munj., r<7 ^^^1 

Nuuntij, Wm., 217 

Ilorth Biirtan, 2i ^^^| 


Eetaey, 162 ^^^| 

Nedeham, Nio., 15H 

Mimine*. 2S9 ^^^H 

Neleeon, 8ir H., S3 

KorthotpQ, 273 ^^H 

Nesbmn, Uh; 1«S 

Noitljucibisriand, CouiitcBS. 160-1; V 

Nettleton, les 

Ear), 15U, iJiGn ■ 

Nevo.Tho., Ill 

North W«ndBii, 211 1 

N8wiJfl,Nevm.NeToll.ArU.,16t; Ai'ub., 

NoTthwode. 2J16 1 

iVm; Elean..!!!; Rlin., I06ii: Geo,, 

Noriou, 2»7; Chr., 243; Juo., 25i 1 

6fin. 366; Hy., 67: Hiunl., iU-. 

Hurwcll, 2!)(i 1 

Jiuio, Sfl; Jobn, ISiJn, IAOti, 812, 

NiHwich, 2-J2, 377 ■ 

son, -iM; Kivtb., 36'r, Lniu".. 287: 

NoUinffJiftm, 70-1, Sl-2, 102, 132, lai. 1 

Ha., 36Jr, 65)«, 131 : Hie, RDii, llbf i 

UC, lS7-«. 188. 244, 260-1, 888, J 

Sir A., 201, 203, 31^4 ; Sii- H., 55, 

'286. mi. 'J90, ^4 ; Earl, SSn ^^M 

53)1 ; The, 2S, 56, "260; Wui.. 260 

Mowion, 171 ^^^1 

Newark. 84. 132. 127. 131, 226, ■JfiS. 

Nuneaton, 187 ^^^| 

271, 377-fi, 300. aan 

Nunkecliug, 'JO-1 ^^^M 

NewljttW, 21 

Kuii MoDkton, 48 ^^H 

Newlold. 19,5i Wm.. liiO 1 

NyoliQlbs, NychoU, El., 172; Tlio., S7« 1 

Nowburgh. 15Sh, 320n, ^W 

Mybbes.Xe., 387 J 

Newby, Wm.. aflS 


Newcastle. 79, 131, 137, 131, 13a, 


141-3. 1-jln. loa, 1S3, 181. 104-6. 


166m, 108, 180-b, 233-n. "jaO-l. 


2B6-8. ZflS 

Odell. Bliz.. 82-a ^^H 

Nowouiiore, 25(1 

Odihani, Ittib., e? ^^1 

XeweDbiitu, 3Ti Ilua,.Edm., Is-iifane, 

OgJen, Bic, 197 ^^1 

Mury, Bio., Sir W,, SU3.,Tbo., WS; 

O^Ie, Eic, \S1-H; no},.. 188-B ^^1 

Sir W., 178 

Olcer. Hm'!^,, 10» ^^H 

Ncwliktiiee, 1H5 

Okewall, Mr., 2flO ^^H 

NewmiiroliF, Tho., 38 

Okhiir^t, .Itio.. 2.^ti ^^H 

Neniiort, 2*4; Mai'g,, 267 

Okvsbnd^c, r2H (?Uibrldne] ^^H 
Oldbiu-gb, 187 ^^M 

Pugnel!, 97->i 

Newiioni, 85, 79, 3B8, 3111 

Oldynfiton, Bia., 6 ^^H 

Newstand, 1S7, 3»il 

Olyvor, Mr., 223 ■ 

NbwIoq, 119, 157, 185, 326, 2S2, 2&5 ; 

Onlcy.Jno-.Tho., 117-S ■ 

Anne. Briil,, ISjy.. Hoi.. Eliz., Fr., 

Ordt. Bftrt., Hy., ,TtO., 141-3; Hv., ■ 

Geo,. Jno., Kutli., Mich., Mileir, 

mi., ir.7 ' I 

207-10; Eiic, 41 ; Eob., 168; The.. 

OrdsQlI.241 ^J 

18, -20, 20fi, 210 

Orlynnre, 167 ^^H 

Derwent. 197 

Oriuui bii W., 81 ^^H 

East, 1S7 

Oi'iitund, Jane, iTni?, , 136)i ^^^| 

Gftrtli, IB? 

Orre, Jdo.,48 ^^^| 

Kyme. 2*14 

Oratou. 1>45 ^^^1 

Newykc, Bic, 'iSl 

Oi'plngtoii. 2711 ^^H 

Nicliolfton, iHicbelsan, Nicolaou. Jno.. 

C>rw«l1.Jiiu,, 27; Vi'tu., a ^^H 

4$. 16f>; EiLtli., 15(i; MM,, 9S 

OteiDSlbti, 2.10 ^^H 
Oawoldkir^, ISO ^H 

Motile, Dor., 242 

Noddft,Win., igs 

Otky, Xath., 2S7 ^H 



OUelaj, Jd')., -iV.* 

Otterj, 261 

OttriDghun, IkT 

Oulveaton, 1>47 

OiuethoTpe, \><' 

Outhuike.WDi., 23«i 

Oatborpp,Wm., 13 

Outwell, 187 

OvinghAm, 167-H 

Ovtrsatle, Jno., 207 

Owbroagh, 187 

Owen, Sir H., 110 

Owndell. 128 

Oierd, Geo., 183 

Oxford. 47. 56, 100, 127, 131, 133, 137. 
163, 173, 223, 226, 238, 244, 251, 
256, 290-1 ; Earl, 85n ; Coontees, *^ 

OitOD,243, 264 

pACOche, Agn., 183 

J*»6e, The, 252 

Pagett, Bob., 274 ; Lord AVm., 295 

Paghftn, {?) Paul, 196 

F^enbam, Ant., Edm., EHz., Juu.. 

Bob,, 292 
Palin. Rob., 244 
Palmer, Art., 287; Brid., Bobt.. 27-5 : 

ETer., 120; Jno., 95; Lew., 236 
Panter, Bob., 126 
Panteraon, Jno., 165 
Parkehous, Jno., Marg., Tho., Wm., 

256; Bic.,267 
Parker, Parkar, Alei., 116 ; Hy,, 131 ; 

Hugh, 292; Jno., 175, 209, 237, 

290; Rob., 116; Tho., 126 
Parkynson, Bdw., 152 
P&TT, Anne, 88, ^2; Ib., d3n ; Katb., 

87n-8, 94, 199ii: Lord, e7n; Maud, 

87, 91; Sir T., 87, 91, 91n; Sir W., 

87, 87n-8, 90-3; Wm., 90-3 
ParryB, Tho.,289 
Parsonne, Mr., 196 
Parti7che, Mary, 173 
Parrlyn, Tho., 120 
Parych, Jno., 12 
Paston, El., Sir W., 184n 
PaBtje, Bic, 155 
Patenson, Pattanson, Etiz., 142; \s., 

141; Jno., 60; Tho., 141, 155 
Patrike, Blc, 271 
Patrington. 28-30, 175, 251 
Paul, 187 
Pay, Clem., 93 
Paycocke, Mr., 207 
Payn, Bic.,30; Wm., 196 
Payntour, Peyntor, Jno., 67; Rob., 3-4 
Pechy, .Tno.,84, 86 
Pecke, Jno., 88 

Peckhun. Mr.. 231, 390 

Peele. Bob., 196 

Peerson, Pereson, Peirson, Al., 159; 

Jan., 281; Jno., 380; Hi., 103; 

Tho., 262 
Peke, Bog., 197 
Pellam, 216 
Pembroke, Earl. e7n 
Pencher, Tho., 45 
Penshoret, 196 
Pentland, Mr., 173 
Peper, Bob., 45 
Percy, Edw.. 123; Hy., 63, 156n; 

Isab., 156n; Jo«c., 124n; Joyce, 

lM-5; Marg.. 125; Per8.,256; Sir 

J., 156; Sir B., 10411-5; SirT.,348; 

Ste., 13 
Percyvall. Ric, 208 
Pereaon, Ph., 103 
PerkinBon, Is., 170 
Perkyn, Jno., 268 
Pemeys, Jno., 253 
Perpoynt, Eliz.,102; Mr., 242; Tho., 

128; .... 101 
Parrot, Bob., 121, 123, 201, 203 
Peryn, Jno., 196 

Petltt, Pettyte, Jno., 95; Wm., 47 
Petty, Sir T., 269 
Petynger, Nic. 231 ; Bic., 231 
Pe^, Peter, Jno., Lnc, 29; Bic, 28, 

30; Sir W., 234 
Pew, Mr., 66 
Pewdener.Jno., 232 

Phelyp, Philipe, Tho., 27 ; Wm., 32 
Pickering, Pykeryng, 233, 279; Ant., 

82 ; Anne, Elin., Geo., 288; Marg., 

82; Pet., 20; Bic., 35; Sir Jas., 

247; Sir W., 288; Tho., 82, 93; 

Wm., 82 
Piekeringlith, 248, 257, 277 
Pickhill, 200 
Pierles, Jno., 259 
Pigot, Pygot, Eliz,, 216ti; Jno., 28; 

Bic, 71-2n, 73, 73ii, 74-5; Th., 2I6b 
Pilleriion, 147 
Pipewell, 49 
Piron, Eat., 60 
Pittington, 169 
Flantageriet, Lady, 66n 
Plasaa, Ph. de la, 47 
Plesyngton, Jno., Sir H.. 256 
Pionfelde, Bog., 10-1 
Plonghe,Chr., 157-8; Ger., 157; Jno., 

157, 157n 
Plowland, 176, 175n 
Piumer, Her., Jno., Bio., Rob., Wm., 

Plumstead, 26 



IXDEX. 821 ^^1 

Pliim[iton.Agn..'l!): Klix., IHn-P.Mnt 


(ttn., la., Jim.. Hob,. 4y ; Sir W., 


4Hfi; Wm., 49, M», ■iHtf 

BiulntiffR. llHti^lille. Agn.. BmI.. Citth.. ^| 

Plumiilietdd, 177-8 

0<^.. Itn... lUili., 15»; Hj,.73. 7i>: ■ 

Plumctcnd, 271 

Ji>'0., U1--J. 1^^ ; Mnry, no ; Sii A.. ■ 

Plyiuoulh, 370 

115; Hir lioh.. -^n ■ 

Poc'ldcHliMni, 23» 

K»ii*.Td, 217-8, 287 __^M 

PockUy, 1K« 

Kwl7. The. 74 ^^H 

Poolilliieton, 10, 163-S, -i62, 368, -£13 

Stgfi, Jno.. 106 ^^^H 

Pooookei, U»rK.,342 

lUeonhill. Rob.. 12 ^^^H 

Poen. Tha., 100 

R&ine, Cvioun. Qtii ^^^^| 

r«l(j. Poolf. JiKX, flOa-3, 218; Miir., 

R&inliain, -Jta ^^^H 

177 ; liio.. 67 

Rtuuplon. an. 101 H 
llfLtid**, lUn.lle. \n.. Jno., Bis., 860 ^^^H 

I'oLlftH. ltif^.,:!5« 

l\in«n, .Mr. 61 

RiLnwyk. Jno.. lijl ^^^^| 

Pnllitiglon. 2H7 

BttKhHll. 26(1 I ^^^1 

PoUslpde, Mr., an3 

TtiLveQ. llob. dcr, "i'l ^^^H 

Ponifret. &P. ilT-«, 138, 316. Slfiii. 

IUvenR«T. .Till). i1f, 11-2: Bie.,13,a0 ^H 

260, 272 

ItavensUiorj), IKI'i ^^^^H 

Poadee, dlSn 

ItiLicDBn'oi-tli, HU ^^^^H 

PontreU, Nic.SOl 

Rnve. Jno., in;).4 ^^^^| 

Popeson, Ric. 241 

Itiiwrniirsii, J 30 ^^t 

Portor, Api., .Ino.. Jtth., Mnrg., Ric. 

lUweim, A!.. Ar.. Chr., Bllx.. Hf.. ■ 

Thi?., 257-«; Ann, 296: Aug.. 18»: 

iBHb,. Ja)>.. Jno.. Ric. Rob.. Wm., ^M 

Eliz., Tno,, Wm.. aCl); Mm.. 173 

6«; Amy, Clc. Elvn. Elin.. Hy.. ■ 
Jae.. Maty,, Ors.. Bic. Tbo., 26fi ; fl 

Poftin^ton, Itolr., 00: Wm., S2 

poMer, Sir. I., iga 

Avei'y. Rio., -JOO; Win,. 1H. 1» ■ 

Pottos, Ea., 153 

JllVysitlile, 185 ^^^H 

Potyearj-. Wm,. 13S 

Beads, B«de.Kee(te, CI. 141-S} Blii., ^^H 

Povey. Pet., Hfl 

173; l8itb.,3'nS;.Tno.,141-3;Mftr((., ^^H 

rnwell, Akti.. Dar., 197: Anno, aw.; 

141. Will ; Ric. 10, 171 ; Bob- I'Jl ; ^^M 

EIJE., 149: The, l«4 

Mir U., 223: Tha. 141-3 ;WT[i..lil. .■ 

Praye. Jno., Wm., 257 


Predieux, iiciK.. '13 

Rcadrnw. 17 ^^^H 

Praalon, aai.MO; Jno., 86; Maud- 

Redbom, Kiiy, Tliu., 11^ ^^^1 

Bob,. Wm.. asa 

KndM(lnli>, iM ^^^M 

Jaklyii, 117 

Redholme, ^liU ^^^^^^^M 

Prestwjl. Wm., 11 

Hedhonse, nm ^^^^^^^H 

Pricklove, Sir.T.,M3 

Redmayn. ^^^^^^^H 

Prciphde, .Tno . 10, I0« 

Bedmilr, IHS ^^^^^^H 

Pi-oiidfotP. Itol',. 2y9 

B&dwioli. -2.? ^^^^^H 

Pindde. Jno.. \Viu„ ua 

Rcni§lDii. 131-J ^^^^^H 

Pi'u^lhoe, 107 

Rnnnin^ton, 1-S7 ^H 

Fudaav. Hy.. Joan, 1113; Jno., Hlc. 

Itamsby. Am.. Leon.. Lvon. Marg., ^M 

!as: Itoh.. 37; Tho.. l!)a« 

Ra(..200; Jnne, 219n:' Tho.. tSiS, H 

Pulhorou«h. U6n. 117-8. 304-a 

219» ■ 

Puxley. 101 

BoKin, Bob.. 170 ■ 

l^oharde, Wm., 173 

Bettord. W. 211, '2Gi. 2», «», »c»l ■ 

Pye, Jno.. Wm.,'J7a 

R«W»llii7«. ICnth., IDG ^^^| 

Pj'kerlon. Jno., 59 

Key, Cotbb., ISG ^^H 

Pylkyneton, Six C. iTi 

Ruyduii. ^^^H 

t^iicok. Kio.. 116 

Iti'jnm'd. Wm., 'i4i ^^^^H 

rjTDfa, Wtn., -16 

RrynoldrMi. ^^^^| 
Riber. ^^^H 
Bicu'du. Jno., Ill ^^^H 


RiocftU, -iGa, 2G5, a7a ^^M 
BtebordMn, A].,<niT..Cio..Klix., Geo.. H 

QUGtiynbornwe, Wm., ISO 

0»g.. Jno.. Wm., S98-*; Jtw., »1; ^^M 

Qiipme, 132 

Job., JDO.,'niO..Rob..a64; Wta.,88 ^^H 

Qwhylc, .Jnc, li» 

RIobmoDd, 74. 137. 13», SaH. SW, 277, ^^H 
390; Cuiuitoflf. (W ; M&r*., 189 ^^^ 
lUder. Job..fi9i Jno., SS-f 


^M ^^^V ^^^^^^^^^^H 

^H^ lti«vatUx, Idf , Ua-tt 

BuOotO, -IM; litAlt., Bob., iJSC ^^H 

^^^^H Rifge. Ann, V.ilm., Ella., ittiift. Jnd.. 
^^^H Kic. Tho., nrm., 396 ; Rob.. -M» 

RogBvl*?! Jno., 97 ^^^H 

BnspBT. 97a ^^^H 

^^^B BignM. Wm., MO 
^^^m Stthill. Kic.. 2SS 

RiumU, Lord, »l. IM ^^H 

BnitOD, 1»9 ^^^M 

^^^^B SinRboi-ouKb, 197 

Rxaer. Jno., 19^ ^^^H 

^^^H Aipc. 166 

BuUuiiil, Co(iiit««s, ieS-9; Gwl. iM, V 

^^^B Kiplov, !»U. IM 

l»lu. 2rfT; Ni<.,946 ■ 

^ Ripon. (». 66. 7«, JIIS, 90»-e. «(n. 

Bntt«T.ADt..ll» ■ 

^L 238.977 

U;al, IS7 ^M 

^^^H Ruby. -2A4 

Bydjrng. 3S ^^H 

^^^H Hiabwortli. Kfillu. 37 

KjKge. Job., 2IH ^^H 

^^^^ Robert. BobtTlo.'In., 'J«8; Jno,, 8 

RjIbj. Gm. .Hi; Wta.. S04 ^^H 

^^V Itfrbinnoii, I^oUynnon, Bvt>. Obi., 941 1 

lijktOB, Rn.. VVtu.. 53-1 V 

^H Jon.. 3H3. -J^: Jno., ISS, 975: 

BjrpplyngWu, Eiix.. ,lna.,luttb.|,Ilal., ^| 

^H Wm.. j:)?. :J7£ 

lUe., Tho.. 95^ ; Tho.. S3-4 ■ 

^^L itobaon, A.nt.. Jno.. 171 

BfBley. Sit J.. 106-8 ■ 

^^^K Soob*. S73 : Brj., F.IU., Wm., 978-1 

Bjiber. Alioe, Jno., lT5n ; Elie., ino,, ^H 

^^^■BodbcMer. Rob,. IT:^ 

Mfus.. Miiry. Nic. Sir W.. 171-S ■ 

^^H Sock, in? 

Bylon, 396 H 

^^^B BoiUay. 319 


^^^V B«ol)rff, nocolin«, ^liie; fiw«o. 190; 


^V Uri., Gtiy, Jno.. Tbo.. 948 : Sir J., 


^K (»-, Tbo.. 257 


^^^^ HodaCon, Bob.. 31 

Saahec«Mll. .tii».. UM; Hal.. Sir B.. H 

^^^^H^omrs. Ju».. TUo., 'iT9; Joli., Jno.. 
^^^"^ Eic. Wm.. 2!i3 

132: AiL-.. 76: Kii H., 100 ■ 

KHiUkfiml, Ant.. Vina.. Hum!., 216-7 H 

^r lloidc. Ric, S 

iJoukviU-, Mild.. Bic, Uin; Sii R., 313 ■ 

■ Rokcbj. 5;i. JSO ; l>t..iU; Ju-.S?; 

SiMioIcr. ChT., ItO ■ 

^1 Jana, llOn, 111; Jno., Uftii. 163 i 

.SftintomAn. Mrs., H9 ^M 

^K Uur., 168 ; Hie, 161 ; Bir B., 110 

St. Androwe, VA., 103 ^M 

^B UoklB. Jno.. MarR,. Tho-. 256 

Si. i^uintin, Esa,. IVi ^M 

^H BolstOD. Itle.. ISO 

Hales, Oilei. k.. 143 ■ 

^H Romaiiby. 74 

SaliHbur;. ST. Z17. 240. iSl, 3.16-7 ; ■ 

^^1 IIUITIUU). (1 

Eart. aOii, i\iii. lUti; LK<lr, 107 ■ 

^H Roo, Jno,, ItJS. If-l'i 

SaUioia, es ^^B 

^H Roolc«, Itooke^. Jno., ia»; IUb.,:J56 

ijAll. Blc. !l!) ^^^1 

^H Itooi.RoE, IS&; Ann, ,Bf., Jno., 

Ballay. Tbo.. 96 ^^^B 

^H Sir R., 49-30; Lord.l9n, l)«4>i.lS» : 

Sallow, 363 ^^^B 

^H >ra.rK.. 181^; Rob., 391 ; Tbii..25S: 

Haltby. ^^^B 

^M Wm.. 8 

SaMeel, 0» ^^^B 

^M Roncll. Hai',. 281 

SattmarstK.-. Miv, -24^ ^^^B 

^H RoEDUtand, Ikib., U 

.Saliwioh, Sii .7., lltt ^^^B 

^H ItoBhaU, lae 

Salvajn, .^itlvnyii. Al.. El., G«r., !■,, ^B 

^H BosBon. Rny.. 48 

Jno., Sir K.. 31~'J; El., J«r., 160; ^M 

^H Bothbiirj,*J5^ 

Sen., lo'2 ^M 

^H Biithi^i'liain. 63. l!H)ji. aAU 

aampe, Jno., 287 ^B 

^1 Ruthle}' Tpiuple. l(H)i, 

8aiupsoa,Tho,.g8 ^^^M 

^M Bothwrll, 'Jt^M 

Sauckin, ^^^H 

^H Roiid«n. .y.. Jiio,, Bic. :i 

Elandal, UOji, IHk ^^H 

^^1 Bonth. Jno., 23 

BMidfoi-il, Wni., 940 ^^^B 

^H BawSo, Jane, 1^9 

8ui<ilwloh. ^^^H 

^H RowliurduuU'ii. 180 

Siuitoa.Wm. do, 31 -S ^^^H 

^^^^ Iiow!«y, Mfi 

H&pcotte. Hj.. 2^1 ^^^H 

^^^^^H Rowmt^r. 

»avii«». »ir J., lOT; WulL, I8» ^^^1 

^^^^1 Bowse, Agn., Inab, , Joo.. Matg., 99 

Saribu, Mr., 103 ^^^B 

^^^^ Bosbj, 354 

Savili-. SayTdl, Hy.. Jno.. IM-fl; Hj.^^H 
318; Jno., 13a; Loril, 64i); H«l., V 

^■^ Ro?<lon, 79; tub., Jno.. Bio., Bob.. 

Nir U.. 179 ■ 

^1 BuMe, Ann, Jno.. 17S-5: Oliv. . 130-1 ; 

Kavoj, 110-1 H 

^B Wra..Mi 

HuwbRtjr . Tho. , 2^1 ^1 

^B lluilelojiii. 187; Bliz., Bm., Jane, Jno, < 

Sawlc}-, n» H 

^B NIa..Ilob.,Uii).,^VnIt.,'Wm.,12C-S; 

Sawtrj-. 3.17 H 

^B Wn. «7 

Sub;. 254 H 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^" S28 ■ 

^™ Huxuiiikiu, aas 

iiliutl)iu'. Al.. :t!t5 ^1 

HoxJIliv, 268, 273 

.■^iDuprayH. Mio., l^iS ^| 

Huxtoii, liy.. 1-W 

Hliawe. Eitz.. -^8; Hug., Ullj ; Sir A.. l!IIi H 

Say. Boll., lB2 

ShBeii.73. 14.; ■ 

Buyer. <ico., 198 

SU&leld, Al., Edm., Jnc, Kath., Let., ■ 

Kftyton, . . . , lOa 

Nic, Wiu., 354 ; Hob., 271 ■ 

Henlhy, ;i.V 

Hhamckl, 7S. 144-S, ISO, ldL>, £59 ■ 

Stiaiiihlniiv. 33 

Shelfard. 226. 240 ^^^1 

St-arliomuHli, 330. 2M, 874, 373 

Stielley.Jno.. 137 ^^^| 

fteaicrolt, ITln 

Shelton.Wu.. L7» ^^^M 

Hn*nIeburKh,Wta„ 36 

ShelwJok. 196 ^^H 

Sowghani, Em., lit 

Sbepley. 20:2 ^^H 

HcArijvU, Anti, Elk., TliD., 369 

Bliuppurdv. lly,,31t),3eS; Bugli.aOS I'^^H 

Rk]..21!> ■ 

Kofirriiigtoo, 185 

ScQi-lhow. 80 

Shepshed. 18» H 

Suawlon, 187 

HherLiti'U. M. lfi>^. 170. IVEi. SS'l-o H 

Scbjrbuni. Jn«. fle, b 

SliefcratUWiu,. 1112 ^^M 

SaolCB, 79 

Sliurifl Hunan, 216 ^^^H 

SooUold, Chi',, 367 

Shdi'iuglvij, 39 ^^^^1 

Hoolowo, Wm. de. 8 

Slierlnje. 219 ^^^H 

Bcorhoroweh, 187 

i^hernian. Un». . 'JIJ^ ^M 

Stole. Jlio., 3Ǥ 

Sherwodf. 358: Walt.. S2 ^^M 

SuiilioEi, loirr. 218; Jno., Katb.. Itic, 

Shipniao, Jno.. 21i1 ^^^H 

\Vm., 2.50 

SlilptoD. Jnn., 210 ^^^H 

Bcreveton, 390 

SUrbum, 3no. de, 2 ^^^H 

ScropB, Agn., RbI., 274; Lord, 86»'. 

Shidey. Jnne. I4ir It., 323u ^^^1 

88-11. im; Mnrg., 8-1 ii ; Ilio., SM8; 

tiliJtAvooii, Bob., 2T<S ^^^^^1 

SiJ K,, 83 H 

RhclHton, Wni., HK ^^^H 

HcuUliorp. •25>i 

Shoi'toii, Koh.. 2KH ^^^H 

Bcut, Bl,. I)),. 8 

;jhatlesbrDk«, Mir R.. 91 ^^^H 

Seahaiu. 278 

HLuttan. 167: Job., iH«.. m ^^^1 

Beaton, IB6 

Slireboure, Hie, ISO ^H 

Ssby, Tb«3m..67 

Be.lWHb,27a, -286 

ghrewsliutj. Ooimtcss, lOA; UiLii, 6U", ^^^^| 

70. 7$. U4 ^^M 

Ke^Sgofield, 237, 27.1, 28a 

tihrigley, Mnrg., Tho., 180 ^^^M 

Sedleaconibe. 17 

Shuclcbureh , 147 ^^^H 

SdberaG, Wm.. 134 

Slmxlxiroiit^h. Tbo.. ^^^^H 

8eihy,2.4-.5,2fl4,251, 2fiB; Ofo..H3. 

Slbthorpe, 290 ^^^H 

lai; Entli., ise.lttl: ItBr,S6.]l'J; 

Sitkr, Wm.. 34 ^^^H 

TIio., 4 

Sie^losiliorn, isa-!> ^^^H 

ijellaliy. 230. 32611 

SiHstou. UlS ^^^H 

SeUlon, 25-1 

»il^ot, Tbu., 1^9 ^^H 

Somar, Owyii, 239 ; Bob., Vi, :13 

^ilJcetune. S83 ^^^H 

f*Gnrlell.Wm., 35 

Sillcj^wDrth. 144, 237 . ^^^M 

RcQttingley, Chr,, 2111 

ailvoKter. .Ino., 180 ^^^H 

Screton, iss 

SAper. Jas.. 248 ^^^^| 

BeckolO. Kic, lff.5 

SkoUye. Lord, SiJ ^^H 

Seron, Hy., 174 ; Jtu,, 17S-4 

Sk»rl<!, Tho., 27 ^^^H 


.Ssyuioar, Lorii. 1119-200 

HMtelfTi^, Jiio., 2ull ^^^^1 

Bevntclere, Fi-., Tlitb., 172 

Skdton, 02 ; Jao.. 6(i ^^^H 

Sey5. DcK,.2fiO 

IttoJ'olyff, Jiia.. 3»7 ^^^1 

Ssyton, ham. Xho., :271> 

Slrani, Agn,, Eitni,, Edw., ElU,. Hy., ^M 
Jac, Mn.rK.. Ric, Rob.. Tbo., W]u., ■ 

aiiao. 01.. 179 

Shftftou, 115 

711-80 ■ 

Shaflowe.Witi,. 167 

SkevlDRlon, LeoD., 3SS; bir W., iOT ^ 

SbaUora. ISO 

SlUdbraak, m ^^^1 

8hap. 97 

Skidby, 21, Sfie ^^^1 

8bare. lioh.. si 

Hkiplitm, IBA ^^^H 

Shacaloii, 249 

Rhipncfl,. 272 ^^^H 

Shuow, 78n 

Skii>tt>n. IlOri, i!D>S .^^H 

Shurp, 191;,]no., 11 

Nkipwitb, 17; Oar., Nid., 96S H^^H 

H 824 INDEX. ^^^^^^^^^^B 

^^^^ft Bkiwn*, Blti., Iso., 997 

SudIoiJ, 131-2, 248 ^^ 

StBTiMT, Jno., las 

SUnTiopa. Hio.. 101 ; Sir U.. 212 

^^^H Bkjmer, Wnlt.. 19 

^^^H BtTrbrokfl, 99 

3t&])lak«. 78 

^^^B Blkldlmm. 114 

Htanley. 16H, 324 ; Agn., StS ; Edv., 

^^^H Bkttr, Ann*. Tbo.. 2i>S 

111. 115; Elis.. Jno., Job., MuTK.. 

^^^B BledoMir, Tbo., 3(1 

Midi.. Kowl., Wm.. 313 ; By., U6 ; 

^^H filtdiMr*, asi . 281 

Katli.. Ml ; Tho., 197. 212; Sir T., 

^^^B BMchlhoIme Dda. l«T 


^^^r Blei«bls, -iW 

StanarddG. 3m : Rio.. 141. 293 

^V Hliasst.}. ~6 

^H Kmiulwrixxl. Is.. Tdo. , 4 

Stknvlck. UH, 7H 

StApleU)n.Ain..UT>..'W: Um.,l'l]o., 
■Wm.,l!W: ltri..2W; H.E.C., IMnj 

^H Rintirl, Jnn., 'jn-'i 

^H Muc&loti, TV. 2h7 

Su- B. , iSn-V, IV-lo : Bii Miles, 1l»ir 

^H Sm)-tb, Stnithc, .\»tx., 'XI -. Chr.. I'a: 

Stnrky, Lnvr., 115 

^M Elu!.,17:l; llv..l:^; Jnli.,%1; Juo., 

Htntbum. Al., Hy , Kitli., Mug., Bob., 

^H 298; Ur.,2;U4: ltic..l7A.287; Rok. 

Win., 277-8; Hj--. 1-57 

^H 312.248: RiiJ., 13: HiTR..)»>4; 

Staunton. IH5, 196. 271. 280, 2S8 

^M Tho.. «a<I. aiM; Wm., 136it. IM 


^H fSnaJtlL. S2, M7 


^H KiieUiBliDii) . 130 

StK^ueloi'd, Pools. Bl 

^^1 Knfynton, Jno., Tliu , '218 

Sla^nloD, 2S9 ,^m 

^H ttnon-P. I.I., Wtii., I'.Ki; llob.. ISS 

Kteehfoi^, 'JG7 ^^H 

^H Hoirhy.!. Ken., il6 

SlcdemAFi, Tho.. Jdii ^^^H 

^m 8oldOD, 78 

Kteelu. Katli.. JUS : Itic. 318 ^^H 

^^^ 8clel.JnD.. tf 

Htdll. »ic.. »2 ^^H 

^^^^^ BonuriDotM, RqIi.. ID 

Steuham. 240 W 

^^^^f BoBanhain, 2>^2 

Stcton. 1311 ■ 

^^^^^ Sondorv, 40 

3toTOn.-'oii,Rio,.171;l:iirJ.. 183; Wm., ■ 

^1 Sornitt, 19:1 

^73 ■ 

^1 Kotticron, Tho.. 199 

SttTiingf, Thn.. 333 ^^^B 

stiDlngton. -im ^^^B 
SlUwolii. 81, i6i ^^^B 

^M Sothill, An.. Rlis.. Grr., fly.. Jno.. 

^B Job., Rob., Tho.,ti4. tMn, G5. 65n>C 

^H Koulhatne, tI4 

HWckdalo. Alex., 207 : Bio. . H4 ; Tlio.. ■ 

^m K<jiitbaiiit>tiiii, 100. 127 ; Barl, 12&n, 1{)0 

27 ■ 

■ South Bonrle. SU4 

SUkUm»U>u. U-H ■ 

■ Bontbmk, 6. 3n, iW, 117. ^41. 2&7-», 

Stfldurd, Jno.. Rit., Sir W., Tho-.Wm., ■ 


363 ■ 

^H Southwell, r-t.'t. m. so. lia, ■J.'tU, ^.jT. 

Htoke, Btoiv^. Stocks, 71. ri(i. 3»!i-4: ■ 

^1 260.271): Bi)l>...tft-T: Sir K.. 31.1 

mU7... 22311 -.Sim.. 51. IKi.Wi; Nic, ■ 

^H Southwick. 278 

43; 8irJ., 361; Hir B., 174; Wm.. ■ 

^M Spnldiii^. 254 

403 ■ 

^1 Spenoer. Jdo„ SBS : Milci. 121: Tbo.. 

l).._3_t..l. I-IH CI ^^^^ 

■ 384 

DiiulM'nry, 71 ^^^^| 

^H Sperling, Ant., Jno., 211 

^ta-kmoRili?, MiLri.r, , 294 ^^^H 

^H Spriillington. 

Ktokya1e}',Wiii., 38a ^^H 

^1 Hproatlev. 34 

Stole, Wm.. 'Mri ^^^B 

^H t^jirutliuruu^b. Tlio.. 22-3 

St»!] . Tbo. , -JO:! ^^^B 

^H Kproxtmi, lHu-7 

St^rlhnniie, ItjJS ^^^H 

^^B ffpryii^tmui. Sir .J,. IHi 

Storj, Bivrt.. 38^ ^^^B 

^H l^pijcptliorp. Jncj,, 41 

StoKuofu, Htc. 'M ^^^^H 

^M NtAbvilu. Jno. <lc^, 12 

12i ^^H 

^B Slnflon). Euil, i4ii, 5Qn; Hdm.. S48; 

' -uDin-guy, 107 ^^^B 

^1 Knlli., 5011 

Stra);igklhoipD, 289. 296 ^^^| 

^H ^ttiindrup. 247 

MtniitroTLhe, 210 ^^^1 

^1 StnmleUI. -iBA 

Strnij^ivTS, Ann, Ei;!w.,R3; £ljr., Jbs,J^^H 
Lmdy, Hoh-. Sir J-. Tbo., 8&-7; Sir V 

H StaiRford, 48, M, 106, 187 

^B Htancfkh, Dr.. H.'J-S, 21.1 1 .Tno., 114; 

T.. 8Sn ■ 

8trAtri(>1<j, 394 ■ 

^B Wtn.. 17B 

8tratrord,«l, 124-iS ■ 

^B SlitDerton, Jna,,^l 

HVtelly, Cbr., 30i ^^B 

^H bLKUGlliwaile, lifj 

Biteta. »& : Jno., -i42 ; Mmk., 07 ^^H 


^^^^^^^^^^ 1 

^^ Strlokhndv 88; Dtml.. lOB; Jerr., , 

TallMit, Ann, Dr., Klix., Fmiiou, iina., ^H 

Bog.,»S-9; BHW,,S-17;Tho..lH' ' 

Lor.». Sir 0., U4-fil ; Ant., Jni>., ■ 

Stringer, Biy.. "Jh7 

Nio.. 179->i0; Kdin., GiUen, Jno.. ■ 

:*trouBe. Tb{)., ir.3 

Nic.Wm.. tM~l : Jno.. 2J}U ■ 

HlrothM.JoIi., F]iil,/J'ho., 2tia 

Tullioip. TallHiiHa. Elk.. 317: Wa.\i.. ■ 

8turr«!,.Tno.. l!»-iH) 

SOrc; a(.'<>.,Jiio.,SirBol., Wm..3ei ■ 

Stoiton, 357 

TnllumQ, ^Vni., 8 ^H 

StjIeorneG. Illu., Fr.. Jen., J»h.. Jno„ 

Tnllington, 1»7 ^^^H 


Trinin-ortlL, sn.'l ^^^H 

Sudbnrj-, 152 

Tftn£«1d, 42>' ^^^H 

SuiSaley. -JOO; LorJ. IWw 

Thiim, T?i<)., Ifl, III ^^^H 
Tankerd. ^V□1.. 308-10 ^^^H 

Buaubui-y. Hob.. 211 

Soflolk, Date. HOn-L: BkI, 8. M«-l. 

Tastii.1-, ?Gl., ■)().< ^^^H 

Mil ; Mftrj,'.. BH 

Tathani, lU ^^^H 

Sulbj, TO 

Tatbwcll, Jno.. 33 ^^M 

HiilWm, 1:J0 

Talte^liall, 21^4 ^M 

Mondei-liiiti!, ■i7& 

Tav«n>ir, Jnu., 'i, 5 ; Hie., B! ; Knb., ■'i? H 

Sardaviill, Jao., 377 

Tftjlor, TtLJllur, Tu-iilnur. Dan., 168; H 

Sorrflj. Lord. 2T1 

Geo.. Ul; Jiio., 6il; Mnig.. Bob., ■ 

Uuiti'cs. Mann.. 183 

204 ; Mvles. i(m ; Hog., 1S7, 1U8 : ■ 

Sueaux. End, 310 

Sir Ale*., 3S!l ; TLo., «, 81-5 ; Wm., M 

ButbwoU. Uy., ae 


Hutterton, 23f).j 

T&yil«. Wm,. 310 ^^^1 

Sutton, 53, 71. 122-3. 178, im. 313. 

Teffontc. Jno. . 249 ^^M 

381. 255; Jno.. 270; Bio., 23; Wm.. 

Te:n[H;sl.H/..13tlri:Nic.. 114-£;Bob.. H 

3a. 255, 281-2 

331. 340: Sir it., 114 ^^M 

Bonaingtai], LOl 

'temyn. ^^^^| 

Swftleulif, 277 

Terrell. Gr., Bia.. riii>.. »l4-5 ^^M 

Swalodrile, 3^6 

T.:ryngtoD. 2515 ^^H 

S\Yaii,Jiio,.ie 9;Wra.,17a-3 

Tcsedalo, Geo., Jno., Wm., Idi ^^^H 

Swaneseomtie, 250 

Teirin, lUSii, UB ^^^1 

SwBtt, Jno., 264 

Toyswc'It, llil ^^^1 

SwUliopton. 2iH-. Ella., Geo.. RiilplJ. 

TiiarflrciNM. Hy.. 17^) ^^^H 

Sir Pot., 1111-30; Mutr., ilal..llob.. 

T!icA.ll]y. ^^^H 

Bog.. 3*9; Hlia..Oeo-, Bill, Roh„370 

rboddldtlioriKT. '2ul ^^^^H 

Siri lib Dine. Ann. Chr., Kilw., Jno., 

Tbex, 147 ^^H 

E«wl., Sym,. 340 

Tbeydon, \36 _^^H 

Swine. 31n, 271 

TbirkcM, Mnrg., Sir L.. l-Sftn ^^^H 

Swylle, Bob., 237 

Thirkeldo, Uov)l. , 331 ^^^H 

SwniBoii. Th(i., Wm.. 201 

Thirttk. 30, 3f);i-7, 7S. lUS-'U) ^^^H 

Sjbby, Oeo.. 141 

Thiitlcl)}'. ilO ^^^1 

B^ddenliiun, Jno., 21'A 

riiiekton, 27» ^^H 

8je, EL, Ev..Jno..Tho., Wm.. 2«0 

Thompson, Tom9mi.Ctilli..llic.. Man', ^^^H 

Sjeralon, 31)0 

Itob.. 3911: Jno., 13, 133^, 1^. ■ 

SfUthAtde, ISil., SUti 

311.373: Mnrif,. lUlph, 38u: Mig.. ■ 

S^rmandea. Joh., Jno., 'id'i 

33(!: Uot., 45: Ul,,110: Rio., 113 ■ 

Sjmondfbnry, 'i4ii 

29li: SirJ.,Uit-4: Tho., ^^M 

Bjnipaon. Rililb. ICM; Murs.. IBl ; 
Od., 4S ; Itic, -ifi-t ; Itob.. .lil), 390 


Tborc. Jdo.i J'oh.. Win.. SfiD ^^^1 

Sfjua, Jaao, Jnu., Wni,, 3'J3 

ThorlBbve. Ma.rg„ 221 ^^H 
Tlioclelhorp, Jni>,, 37 ^^^H 

Hjngietoll, Tiiu,, 16C 

yj-ningtliwalte. 16 

Thorley, 250 ^^M 
ThomSmsli. Bow].. 89 ; Thn., 249 H 

Syworiie. Jno., io 

Sj'v.ull, AJ.. 13H 

T1)on)E^. 2t) ■ 

Thoinev. 1117 ^M 

ThoinliiU, 131>r ; Dor., 243; ST.,3art: ■ 

UugL. 342 ; Bob,, QH ■ 


Tbomt*n, 71, 77, 106>i. 107-H, 111, ■ 

163, isr., id^. 341,377; The, 13 i-.*-, ■ 

Taohwell, Jno.. !*-» 
Tadoufter. 294 

?^tnixaivl ^^''Ifl ^H 

Wood. -258 ■ 

Talcyll, Itol>., 01 

TbiiroUe, Jno.. SSO ■ 


Thoroton, 18S 

Tharp.We, 210, 2-26. 2SS,3tlT: Bart., 

Geo., 178; Jno., lOG 

— 8iili'iii.249 

Ihcj-pci, Wni.,a2u 
Threlkeld, .SirL..58n 
Threek, Huh,. iH, 28s 
Thribcrgli. -iin-, 31»n 
Throsinorton.Clom.,a98; Jno.,8irN., 

Throprelde, 1B8 
Thropley, 101 
Throwley. 260 
Thru»ton, Sim., Tho., 52 
Thurgarton. 211, 2S8, 278 
Thurland. Edw.,01.,BiQ.,Tho., 244; I 

Jas., Jane, 216; Jan., 201 
Thnrlowe, Jno.,48 
Thurston, Rob., ISO 
Thwaites, Thwajten, Agn., Ant., Chr., . 

El., Eliz., Jno,, Tho., 79; Hy.,Ric., ' 

Rob,, aa ; Mr., 97 
ThwcuRe. Edm., 17 
Tiekaall, 25^ ! 

TUstook, 150 I 

Tintern, 251 
Tinwell, 2»li 

Todde, Eliz., 26G; Sitv., 296 
ToddiDfiton, 132 
Tode.Wm- 170 
Tole.Wm,, 12 
Toller, Jno., 8(i 

Tolley, Ceo., Jno., 211h | 

Tollington, 121 
To!yte,Jno.,Tho., 29 
TomlynHon, Jane, 244 
TopclitI, 2t^.) 
Torls-ston, 360 
Tortynton, 250 
Totenhale, 247 
Tonhton, 79 
Tournay, Wm.,57 

Towiieley.]aab„8ir J.,278! Bob., 172 
Tonmoiir, Win.. 67 
TowWn, 53)1, 63ri 
Toynton, 2S5, 286 
Tro-oye. Wni.,B7 
Traftorf, Edm., 378 
TriLvya, Eie., l-ll 
Trays, Rob., 85 
Treawell, Jnf>.. 7H 
Tritlington, 2-50 

Tropmell.Wiii., 82 
Tnunan,Wm., 213 
Trnssell, Edw., 70 ; Jno., 201, 203 
Tubney, Jno., 62 
Tunstftll, 114, 160, 187, 249, 297; 

Cutli., 98; Dr., 91 

Tapholme, 264 

Tatke, Elia., Wm., 276 

Tomer, Tumor, Cec, Walt., 28; 

Mary, 172 
Tiimlmin, 1K6, lft9 
Turpyn, AI., Wm., 296 
Tnrr, Tho.. 248 
TuCturi'i. Hby., 182 
Tiijdlmiiiiiloii.TUo., 196 
Tw«l«, 11*7 
TwiokenhaiM. 1)67 
TwJHBiltoTi. Tho., 110 
Twyda-jll, Wm., 291 
TwTvill. -^44 
Tyarswell, Bob., 26 
Tyerydge, Tho., 180 
Tyler, Marg., 269 
Tylne, 150 
Tylney, Phil., 248 
Tymble, Jno., 48 
TynmoDth, 168 
O^rvinton, 242 
Tyrwhit, Sir B., 124 


Uffington, 187, 189n 

Uldale, 121 

Ulgathorpe, 178 

Ulleskelf, 162, 162n 

Ulrome, 186 

Ulston, 182 

Ulthawayte, 185 

TJlwrey, 185 

Underwood, Jno., 166 

Unton, Hy., 258 

Uppingham, 65 

Upton, 33, 211, 293 ; Nlc, 81 ; Bic, 6 

Upwell. 187 

Urtord, 81 

Umiond, Jno., 100 

Urswiek. Dr., 79 

Urye, 243 

Usher, Gen., 216; Rob.. 215-6 

Ustwaite, Rob., 80 

Van, The, 197 
Varsall, Tho., 218 

Ysughan, Eliz., lllw ; Jen., 296 ; 
SirT., Uln 

Vaii^.? Kic, 11)'-^ 

Vavasour, Vavesset, 80; Ohr., 293; 

Marm., 162 
Veiiables, Dor., Bob., 128 
Verilsall, Win., 217 
Vernon, Dor., 189h 
Vesoy, Lord, 68 
Veysye, Edm., 144 

TKDRX. S27 1 

rillien. Wm.. ISA 

Witrwicb. Sii-t; T,mI. ISftn ^^^M 

VrInra,JM., 140 

Vfm-yner. Adojn, '.*77 ^^^H 

VyIwB, Si, J., 1S8 

WiisUnnr, Norm., 1U9 ^^^^M 

Vynornl, Jno., 9R 

VViUEand, 1^7 ^^^H 

VViutneH. Bart.. Gtm.. 1S<I ^^^H 

Wtile. Jno.. 242 ^^^H 


Wntiir.Wm.. >«:i ^^^| 

— Ful lonl . 1 >^l\ ^^H 

WiKl>det<dnii, IStlii 

Wath, 3SG ^^H 

WivddiiiKCo". Anne, Bic 137-S 

Wntlcrneon, Hy., 90a ^^^H 

WfiaelioflaB, The, III 

V^'AtnUn, Bo1>.*, 197 V 

WaifeBlev, Mat.. 4« 

Watnn. Kliz.. Jno-.Tho., Wm,, Sttl ■ 

Waghen, -m 

WntMin, Ellz . IW : Brldi;., Bdw., ■ 

WaBMiilTo. Bliz„ Humf., 198 

Em.. Hj,. Mftiy. 8us.. 8ym., Wm.. ■ 

Waholl. nob.. 19 

Sei; Oowl.. SHO: Jno.. 21:2. 2!K): ■ 


Mai.. 3; Mr.. -JOT; Tho., Sl'O ■ 

Wakefield. <Jo. 111:1. 171, ISO, 19-.'. 

Wattes, Juo., 911 ^^m 

2-24 ; Aiico, Hv-, yJM 

Walton, JH), 80, 989 ^^H 

Wftbtrfylii. RiLl.', 170 

Wavcrlev, iitl ^^H 
Wawn,Ellz..Geo..Hy.,3sne,TU(»..S87 V 

WalclL'grave, IH 

WiiliJea, E!iB..8irB.. H-4n; Jno.. 90: 

Wawnei', tilo., ^7 H 

Rog.. 16 

\Vxxhi)liiie. 1^1 ■ 

Waltlin swells, ^71 

Wi^ye, Pet., I'ifi ■ 

W.ttleB, 294 

Wniys. Ant,. EliE., Joan, Mary, IQS H 

WiiltEiby. ITS, 270; Win., L'JJG 

Wayntlist. Wm.. 2S ■ 

WaJep. .loan, 2SS 

Wyftverthorpe. .^3 ^^^H 

Wftlgrnfe, 17 

Webbs. Laur.. 211 ^^H 

WaHiull. Ttob... 18 

Webster. Wm.. 294 ^^H 

Wnlker, Dri.,Rvh.,fi7-S; Cutl»b,,It,ic,. 

WpiWmIibiJ, Wm,, 2tt7 ^HM 

Wm., ■2S-2; Hy.. 273; Eic, Win., 

Wcdaihiinl. L^dm., Jiiu,, JoaUi Mitt. ^| 


Thio.,QGS ^^M 

\V ft! ki-y infill am, 24'J-3 

Wcighlon, 54 ^^H 

WalkinfTtoii. «0, 2-1. ISa--! 

WekcB. Rlc. Stt ^^H 

Wdl, S1U..12 

Welbecke. 27!l; GUIs., 373 ^^H 

Waller. El.. 136w; Bob., 98 

Welboi-Q. ^^H 

Wallcn. Oeo., IHl 

Wellim'n, a ^^H 

WnUiriKwells. 273 

WelFord. 70 ^^H 

WaUtJJ, 132 

WcUiaui, 61) ^^H 

WalHl.ft.ii,"Wni,, ai7 

Well, m'., 377 ^^H 

Walters. Al., 'ihi 

Welli^r, ny.. fl2 ^^H 

WiUthftin. 12. 4»-^, 79. lOT; Jno,, IS; 

Whiles, Cm., 68; Etii.. Lady. 64. 56 : V 

Win.. U 

Humf.. 108-4; Jno., mn; Mary. ■ 

WqIioii. 115. ns^, 20e; AI,.34, M; 

103; 8ii It., H, G4ii, 7Sn; Tlsc.. M. ■ 

Jul., 19; Ww,. 17e 

6^1' J 

Wftlwottb.lSln; Tho.,21U 

Wellow, 287 _^^H 

Wimborangh, 101 

Wells, 250 ^^H 

\VaiiilBs((H-J..Iao., 12-8, 263;Tho..a7 

Wels, EUc. 241 ^^H 

WiHidawonh, 279 

Wolsed. Kic, UO ^^H 

Watoop. 221, 2-1'J; Tho., 109-10 

Welsehe. Hugh. liS ^^^M 

Warde. Edm.. 67; Jno., 81, 154-5. 

VVelwkk, 20-1. S3. 2.5. 17.i ^^H 

'iOi. 337; Tho.. ISU; Wm., 56-7 

Wclwyn, 2Rn ^^H 

Ware, 122 

Weiidhniii, 'J-t.'i ^^^H 

Wai'enai-, Wm., 159 

WondlynbnrKli.Jno. dir. 20. 2« "■ 

Warl;. Wi 

WontWortli.Aitti., Sir U., 123ii; AgH., ^^H 


AI.. Uel.. llv.. Rati:., Mab.. Marg.. ^^M 

Wurkwortb. 157 

Midi.. Tlio., 24fi-a; Prnn.. )l<tr<; ^^H 

Warman. Jno-. H9 

Rlo,, 244: Win,, SBQ ^^H 

Wamcr, Clu.. *4; Wm., 44. IH 

WvoillioiiNcr. 215)1 ^^^H 

Wnrmut. 34 

Worko, 0«o,, .In-.. lUI.. Tho.. 265 ^^B 

WMtor, Ik?, 18!) 
Wiirthill, 2.S2 

Wwrnituin, 114 ■ 
WaiMinKTD, Aab., M) ^^^B 

Wiirlim. 114: Sir It.. ISA 

Wi>M,vii|tton. Wm. <l«. R ^^^H 

^r 828 


^H W«*l. ViisJiK. Alice, EllB.. -Im. 


Willionii, HiikIi, I-1-1 fl 

^H KrOi., 27$ ; Leo., 219 ) Sir T 

. llSi 

WUlianuon, KVu.. 99, 188-1; Uy., ^ 

^B Tbo., itlHi 1 Win.. W3 

Jimc. .I«iik.. Jao., Mnrg., 1^8-^; 

^H WMtbedwm. IT 

Hob., 243 i Tho., 9S, 1.52. 183-4 ^ 

^H Watlorltain, igti 

Wi)liui«to, Ann, .toh., 2/)8-4 M 

^H VVtwi FarldKh. 21» 

Willoogbl;. li>*. -ioi-i. 289: Alice. ■ 

^H WeathMa. 30. lH-a 

Ann, Edw., Eltz.,EI)'n, Hniib, Jno., ^M 

^H WcMlioi^. .rno.. lUo.. Bob.. 


Mnrg., 8ii H.. »lr J.. 131-8 ; Anu. ■ 

^^L Wm.. 3&7 

l-'ra., Um,, By., Marg..BoBU, Sir E., ^| 
Sii H., ijir J., StOOUi Kiitb., K9; ■ 

^^^^1 \VMtm*ji«yn«, lljl 

^^^^^ WiMtminRlor. 87 

Lord. 72, 7»u; Mtoh., SS7 ■ 

^^m WmiinarlnDd. Karl. Mm 

WlUoUghton. 97 ■ 

^H WMton, :]3, 40-1 

WllioD, WyltMHi. Alex.. Bridg., Elix.. ■ 

eieo.,Myle3.; ■ 
Jtio.,lfill; lUl-LI!!,]!)!*: Bic.,l»3-1. ■ 

^H Wesqrs, Edv.. »(i» 

^H WotowuiK. Win., 11 

^M Wellunleii. :l7:i 

241: SuK. 1.1.1. l(!:i: Sir it,. 109; ■ 

^m WMcm, 64 

St«.,-J10; 'll)o..l34, 198-^1 ■ 

^K Werer, Job., S6 

Wiun-i>i>. -Jiis . 

^H Wbftluici. Agii.. ai» 

WllttJiiR'. Eur; of, 187 ■ 

^^1 VVbarniiiin. \Vni , 21 

WiiioliHlc'iinibD, V7 ^M 

^H Whu-rton. Lor.l. Tlio., 194 

Windnor. Wjiiil«(irr. 69, (iiln, 75, 19U. ■ 

^^1 WlloulhiunpnU^nd, "iHQ 

a^Q : .Tdin ^c. Woi. de. -i47 ■ 

^B WliMtloy.lG'l; Aii>i.l!»; Itic..l70.2»S 

Wingc 3S<; ■ 

^H Wboldriiki). 147, 'ITi-Hfi 

WingEeld, tin, 9, «0«, 144h. 145-6, ■ 

^H WlHtlcr. .Inn.. 1,'>h. I'J? 

]4», S4g; Sir.1., Sn ^1 

^H Whiridoii. Ann, Joh.. 'Jtl7 

Wiiikhurn, 3»(t-7 ^H 

^H Wbilllnu. Mr., 134 

Winkerton. ti'JS ^M 

^H Whipp, :!^6-7 

Wi»tow, 76, 2UH ^1 

^H Whitbjr. laa. 2.'>1 . 2.>!l i Jno.. 37 


Witliei'usoa, iid ^H 

^H (le. S^l 

Withenmlok, 1»7 ^^H 

^M WLitcbLircIi. 1<>0 

Witlon. .Tiu>., m ^^^M 

^H Whit«. Whjite, .\^.. Ami, Maig., Sir 

Wt^ddull. Wm., Ill:] ^^H 

^H W., Wtn.. l.lS-4; Uuv.. S7; 


Wcidovill. Hill.. Its ^^^H 

^H Ni«., iiic. I'ha.. •ml ; ,fna., »0. 6». 

^Vu<iroltl(', no ^^^M 

^H 10S,£61.-J67: Mr.. 207: Bob 


Wndvilo, Sir J., Mil ^^^H 

^H Wbithouse. Tho. , UVi 

Wolaston, Tho., :ju ^^^| 

^m Wbltley. 177-» 

Wolfcw, Will., 803 ^^B 

^H Whittbg, Hirll., J3J; 

WoUfttoii, 121 i. I3i. JOO, aOSt-3, 2U, ■ 

^H WblttinHtun. Ui, 174 

2S0 ■ 

^H Whinon, -j&i 

Wollia, Mr.,uil ■ 

^H Whitvrorih. Itob,. 101 

Wglgoy, Card,. llOri, ISSn, IDOn H 

^H WLiile)>. 2T4; Bob., Wm., TN 

WoU-ton, :tQl ■ 

^H Wbnltori. Mn. 'Ml, 38» 

WoltoD. Tli,.2I]S ^^M 

^H WlinttdJi. Ma.TK-, 171 

Waherbiimptou, 1? ^^^H 

^^H Wb^tluore, Jiio., Heg., D 

Wolvtrston, 17-9; Bic, 18 ^^H 

^^1 Wickumbrcus, l^JO 

WoWfiton. -21^ ^^^H 

^^H \Vidmii>r[io]o, 34>1 

Wombwell, Hob.. 1^. 15!lii ^^^H 

^H Wigaii. S7IS 

Wtnaerslcy. 'IIH ^^^^| 

^^H Wiggiston, '^03 

Wooil, Woilu, J:io., i\. 39, 40; Itob.. ^| 

^H AViyhlU, I'.Mii 

Six B,. ISO ■ 

^M Wilbar^toD. 71 

Woodcock. Jiio., 3,^t : Thur., Ifil ■ 

Wood<»D,dei'ly, 14-£ ^H 

^H wiiboi-rvi^e'.-, 'iQ 

WwdbiUI, '242, 1^92 ^^H 

^H Witboie, Jno., Mich., Flitl., Itic, 


WoodhoaHB, loO. 168 ^^H 

^H Tiio..9i5-e; wm..2i3-i;. see 

Wowlnot, Lmir., 128 ; Wm., -^D:J ^^H 

^H Wilde. Wm.. 202 


Woodrove, Job.. '24^ ^^^H 

^H Wtlford,l47; G:itK..'rbo..2S0: Jii.o..*J6 

VToodstuuk. 24-) ^^H 

^^1 Wilkituoa. Wilkjneon. W;1kfn^on, 

WcKidward. Entb., £67 ^^^1 

^^1 Anne, ChriHt., Ftitn,, .Tnnc, 


Wookt. 1B7 ^^H 

^H Svm.. fiic, Thoni., Wm., UQU-U; | 

WiooUoy, 17y. Ul*-.; Amb., Awd., "JW^^H 

^H Hr-r Jul-, it'^^- ''»» ; l«Bb.. 


U7.,Bob., UU5 ■ 

^H Q^S; Rlq., §3 ; K«b., UJJS 

WoolalKnioii,323 ^1 



WooUthorpe. 188 

Worcester, 96. 248 ; CuanteBe, 139 

Worksop, 28, 145, 150, 288, 27'^3 

Wonnlay, Amy, 215 

Wortley, 147; Is., Sir T.,179n; Tho., 
147, 150 

Worthington, Isab., 295; Marg., 144 

Wotten, Dr., 222-3, 234; Jno., 347 

Wraby, Bob., 39-40 

Wragby, 234 

WraDgle, 251 

WreltoB, 285 

Wren, Ago., 151»; Ant., 169, 221; 
Chr., Cut., El., 170; Get., Jane, 
Kath., Marg.. Rob., 16&-70; Wm., 
151, 151n-2, 170 

Wrenthorpe, 224 

Wreeill. 274-6. 288; Wm., 36 

Wright.Wryght, AJ., 45; Chae , Chr., 
175h; Eliz., 175; Jno.,4fi, 111, 175, 
175».196; Kath„171;Ra.,192;Rio., 
196; Rob., 86, 175, 196; Tho., 56, 
196, 286 ; Wm., 152, 157, 196 

Wriothesley, Sir T., 190 

Wroo, Jnu., 59 

Wrynhill, 121 

Wrytte,Jno„ Piers, Wm., 286-7 

Wyat, Sir H., 107 

Wyberton. 248 

Wyburn, Hob., 215 

WycliSe, Ra., 226 

Wycton,'rho., 11 

Wygen, Rob., Wm., 283 

Wykeham, Wickham, 53, 84, 229-30, 
233, 257 

Wyken, 301 

Wykua, Joo., 52 

Wylbome, Ur., 138 


WylliamBOQ, Elean., Greg., 137-8; 

Jno.. 167 
Wylton, Agn.,Wm.,52 
WymbiHhe, Chr., Jane, 270 
Wymbushe, Nio., 42 
Wymppeton, 7 
Wynder, Bumf., 116 
Wyndham, Elean., 105; Edm., 67 
Wynter, Bdm., 38 ; Jno., 10 
Wyntour, Ebio., 37 
Wytherwike, Jno. de, 36 
Wyton, 107 
Wytte, Jno., 19 

Yaroiu, Jno., 98 
Yarrow, 161 
Yailey, Eliz., 126n 
Yeahnpton, 223, 256 
Yedingham, 233,257 
Yelston, Jno., 203 
Yokefleet, ISlii 
Youlton, 186, 189 
Yonge. Agn., 235 
Yoodall, Gaw.,163 
York {pa»».], Al., Wm., 367 
Yorke, Eliz., 267 ; Jno., 21 

Zouche, Hy., 189 




Stanford University Libraries 
Stanford, California 


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